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White boots with eyes on themOpen toed Kenzo Illuminati boots – genius – so absolutely Neptune in Pisces. Kenzo Takada IS actually Pisces.


Alternative currency movements – eg; Bitcoin – totally, totally Zap Zone.  People, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

SETIWorrying about whether the SETI (Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) program that monitors outer space communiations could pick up alien spam messages or worse, an alien virus.

art deco art abstact 1915Knowing where your asteroid Industria (number 389) is in your chart and currently. Eg; Industria is currently at 9 Capricorn, conjunct Pluto. Industria is Latin for a stoic virtue in which you “engage wholeheartedly in meeting your obligations and so have the character of an energetic vir”  Oxford Dictionary Of Ancient Rome.  There are also statues depicting her as a goddess with hammer & anvil, sleeves rolled up, ready to get to work.


Image: Hilma Af Klint

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25 thoughts on “Astro Trending…

  1. Love looking this stuff up..

    Industria is in my 11th (natal) and 3rd (transitioning). So, I have the 11th with friends, goals for the future and groups and 3rd teaching, learning, writing, talking and connecting.

    I have to say that Industria is working her ways with my 3rd. I am currently writing procedures on a topic that is something new for me so I am learning.. I will have to teach them to others. I continue in work mode and will be taking charge as I go along. I am meeting my obligations as this job requires and still a warrior as I deal with some resistance to a boss who I just started working with. Things are good.


    • PS: I love the boots. I wish I was crazy to wear them with the nail polish!! 🙂

  2. Mine is in 8 deg Toro. But it’s retrograde. What does that mean? That I’m extra lazy? or have to do work several times over to accomplish something?

    • maybe the couch is now teflon so your ass slides off of it if you try to sit down??

    • hah! we’re pasture mates, my industria is bang on 8 deg taurus as well. pass the chips.

      i guess my work has been a stoic reflection of the calm but productive fury as of late. i’m married to my spreadsheets and statistics. must have excel-rotica??

      • Mooooo!

        as a Libra Sun my productivity is cyclical with bouts of workaholic syndrome and a dormant coma period. I wish i could say I’m a steady worker but I’m not. I work in bursts.

        If Industria is 9 deg cap then it’s trining our natals! woohoo!

        • I’m usually sharper and more comfortable in crisis mode, when projects needed to be done yesterday type scenario, emphasis on a fire to put out. But lately I’m doing more planning and work flows less ready set chaos. maybe that’s the aha moment…

  3. I hate open-toed boots of any kind – form should follow function. Boots should enable kicking-stomping. But, bitcoins…yeah!

    • Industria is conjunct my Mercury at 11 Libra 1st house. How Mercurial can one person be? Chart ruler, MC ruler, conjunct Pluto-Mars, plus Industria. LOL! Should be fun in May when Uranus and Pluto square each other at 11…fuq it.

      • well that’s mind-blowingly, spookily right on. i believe you are being metaphorically bashed over the head by “them…”

    • Yeah, the boots are fug ugly – not only should boots allow for stompin’ and kickin’ they should keep your feet warm, dry and clean. The only thing I like about them is the shape of the heel.

  4. 28* SAG in my 4th house…….yes. Home is huge for me. I like travel too.

    Currently transiting my 5th house… Children! yes.




  6. Also trending: people who will not STFU about their basketball tournament. All day long, people who sit on both sides of me yell scores back and forth, like they are in a stadium. Hey guys STFU & GBTW this is your job and they aren’t paying you to keep track of sports scores.

    • amen
      the only march madness I want to hear about is European hares mating season.

      • Oh it gets worse. Yesterday at about 4:55PM, the two guys who yell scores to each other stopped work for the day and decided to stand right behind my chair to yammer about sports for another five minutes. I was trying to focus on my last job of the day, when one guy shouts at me, “hey what are you still working for, it’s five o’clock.” I said I would have finished five minutes ago if you weren’t distracting me. I am probably going to get fired for saying that.

  7. hum, i don’t know about this industria thing. 10 gem. transiting jupiter is directly on it, at the tip of the saturn-pluto yod, and i’m ridiculously unmotivated at the moment. the only way i can interpret it that makes any sense at all is in the 12th house “what you deny” way. deny that i need to work for anything, ever? think the idea of “engaging wholeheartedly to meet my obligations” is some kind of unspeakable torture? well, ok, guilty as charged. i suppose jupiter is doing his job of magnifying…

    i absolutely adore the pyramid.

    • scratch that. conjunct my asteroid dna. lazy in all other respects but i’m a damn good and enthusiastically serious breeder and feeder. ha! astrology!

    • Snap! 🙂 but Industria is on the cusp of my 6th house, I shall take inspiration from the fact that I am fit for hard work. Transiting Industria on my ascendant explains my Pilates instructor’s introducing some nasty triceps busting moves. Love it! 🙂

  8. Industria is 7th house Taurus (conjunct venus) so I am willing to meet my obligations in regards to love and relationships. Sounds about right, now only to find someone who is just as willing re those obligations 😉

  9. That’s synchronicitous, today read Denise Linn said dreaming about one eye is possibly a sign of past lives in Egypt.
    Illuminati work is a corruption of the magic of secure pleasant order and civilization that Egypt created I think.

    My Industria is in industrious Virgo, 3rd House. Very mercurial also here.

    But perhaps negatively opposing my Juno/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces too.
    My industriousness opposes my wifely qualities? Usually does at some point I guess.

  10. 😯

    I have Natal Industria in Pisces at 24 degrees and is conjunct Pisces Rising at 23 degrees and P.Fort at 27 degrees. Currently in 10th house. 😀