Astro Bats But It’s Just The Beginning

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The current astro-weirding is just the beginning of something big.  Tap the Saturn-Pluto sextile  – putting down roots, becoming more grounded and with a focus on stamina, discipline and doing whatever the fuq it takes to reach your potential.

Or go bats with the Retro-Mercury/Venusian Voodoo.  I mean, why NOT eat marshmallows (ironically) for dinner and send your Ex flowers as a freakout? Right? No, wrong. Look either way this astro is bats but the the former is productively bats. Like training camp bats – not psycho-nutter in purple nylon bats.

The next Daily Mystic email  is all about the Saturn-Pluto sextile and how to work it for enormous powers of will, clarity and general Awesome. Fast too.  Easy? Lol. Let me give you a swift hint of how I’m doing it: Hot Hatha, Fasting, Bulletproof Coffee, Standing Desk.  Yes processing non-stop psych realizations sans carbs is a bitch. But genius.

Ladies & Gentleman, pick your astro-side and check the Daily Mystic for Weds if you’re doing Saturn-Pluto hardcore like me. How are you doing?

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146 thoughts on “Astro Bats But It’s Just The Beginning

  1. Jupiter conjunct Sun/Mercury. Check. Uranus sextile Sun/Mercury. Check. Mars, Moon and Neptune being touched by a lot of stuff in Pishies. Check. Progressed Moon about to go into 1st House. Check. A year ago it was merdesville, but I think I’m going to be ok. I have gone from feeling invisible to something just subtly clicking into being. Think I just hit the Zap Zone. Or is it a Dr Phil Zone, ‘you either get it or you don’t ‘ is his maxim.

  2. bring it! bring the bats astro; bring the cocktails with olives; bring the long hours working schedule, bring the birds, bring the honeymoon.

  3. Hopefully, I am on to something very good in my career and work. By transit, Pluto is in my 7th while Saturn straddles my 5th and 6th houses. Vibes (astro and from elsewhere) tell me not to try to do anything alone but to instead create alliances, and we can go far. So… the new and very potential job will have me being a part of a group what will reconfigure services for a large organization… Oooh… interesting stuff!

    Michael Lutin said something about the process of elimination being kinda slow. I hope to Hades this Saturn retro thing can flush a former romantic partner out of my head for good! (No, no stalking behavior has been involved on either party’s part unless the dreamscape counts… just lingering thoughts and feelings that had taken a long time to fade).

  4. I’m doing batso, in a very Capricornian don’t-your-dare-interrupt-my-work sort of way.

    – Working until 2am or even 5 or 6am is the norm. Only to be told by my partner that I have it easy because I work from home — hello, someone will be sleeping on the couch from now until infinity.

    – Neighbors harboring fugitives is also the norm. Got to call the cops this morning before 8am.

    – I don’t seem to be happy unless it’s snowing. If it’s not blizzard conditions, it’s a fail. Also: turns out, sitting naked in front of an open window when it’s below freezing is totally refreshing.

    If I die of pneumonia or overwork or having my neighbors shoot me or if I end it all in a duel to the death with my partner, none of these would feel especially surprising at the mo. But if I survive? Watch the hell out, I’m going to be bulletproof.

  5. Yup! I bought a 38 pack of redbull at costco and have one every morning. I have an exam this week, been working mine and extra shifts at work. I bought no “box meals” when I went shopping. So after work it’s either leftovers or cooking. I’m glad I’m starting to cook now, but damn it would be less time consuming if I had a box meal, and in a long distance relationship and we talk everyday on the phone. After that I stay up and study and go to work in the morning the next day. I can’t wait to sleep in this weekend.

    Mercury right now is exactly Squaring my asc, and sextiling my Mercury