Astro Bats But It’s Just The Beginning

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Tree in forest

The current astro-weirding is just the beginning of something big.  Tap the Saturn-Pluto sextile  – putting down roots, becoming more grounded and with a focus on stamina, discipline and doing whatever the fuq it takes to reach your potential.

Or go bats with the Retro-Mercury/Venusian Voodoo.  I mean, why NOT eat marshmallows (ironically) for dinner and send your Ex flowers as a freakout? Right? No, wrong. Look either way this astro is bats but the the former is productively bats. Like training camp bats – not psycho-nutter in purple nylon bats.

The next Daily Mystic email  is all about the Saturn-Pluto sextile and how to work it for enormous powers of will, clarity and general Awesome. Fast too.  Easy? Lol. Let me give you a swift hint of how I’m doing it: Hot Hatha, Fasting, Bulletproof Coffee, Standing Desk.  Yes processing non-stop psych realizations sans carbs is a bitch. But genius.

Ladies & Gentleman, pick your astro-side and check the Daily Mystic for Weds if you’re doing Saturn-Pluto hardcore like me. How are you doing?

Michelle Pfieffer drinking milk frumpy

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160 thoughts on “Astro Bats But It’s Just The Beginning

  1. I’ve been doing the saturnine-pluto description in your post and i didn’t realize i was doing anything.. yes ive been workin hard

    • Me too! I’ve been forced too cuz I had a lot of stressful things come down at once. So….I just put my head down and have been powering right on through it. I feel like a badass…yes, I have some cracks once in awhile and I give into frustration. But….I am staying the course, yo!

      • Wait. Ive been doing hardcore for months! *sigh*

        It seems to be a way of life. But balance is my quest. Balance in all things

  2. Team Saturn. I’m naturally so bats that at this point it’s a survival choice.

    This post made me think I’m gonna start going to hot yoga again. Bikram gives me thunder thighs but I feel soooooo good afterwards. As long as I don’t overdo it I’m sure I won’t bulk up all crazy like last time (I was going almost every day!).

    • I re-started Birkam but also restarted smoking. I got three classes in this week, but need to take today to rehydrate fully. It does feel awesome. But it is also easy to over do. Listen to your bod and you’ll get it, right?

      I read on another site ( that its important to keep the energy moving with exercise the early part of this month so you don’t feel slamed later when things jolt forward again. So, try to get some exercise, whatever it is. xo

  3. Knuckling down (without realising the astro motivation for it!) on various art projects, surveying my soon to be busy work/biz/study realms and seeing how it’s all lining up in the direction I want to be heading in. And will be full on.

    Also binging on delicious chocolate cake.

    Best of both worlds? :p

  4. I think Retro-Mercury/Venusian Voodoo has chosen me. Shit with a former Virgo friend/crush is completely out of my control now thanks to overly protective and slighty-buzzed Scorpish Cancer friend. I’ll try to do Saturn.

  5. Acting like a feline – manners, evasion, minding my own business and not getting worked up unless there is a direct threat to my tail :-)

  6. Saturn-Pluto straight on through till morning! Craving candy and refusing to give in. Obsessed with treating my body with the utmost respect.

  7. Go Team Saturn. I’m doing the SAME Mystic – fasting/hyper-coffee/theta-gamma-binaural beats/primal/mega-doses-of-transdermal-magnesium and sensible OPTIMISM.


    • Gah! What am I saying? Last night I fired off a snitty text message to Mr & Mrs Potatohead who are now pulling out ‘we have a baby on the way’ as an excuse to be two months behind on child support and say no to children’s requests for things. By snitty I mean fully enraged.

      THEN I couldn’t resist the urge to contact Mr Inappropriate Crush and get all emo. FUQ!

      Well, at least I’m staying disciplined with my health and career.

      • lol, that’s more like it… 1 was giving me a scumbag complex 😉

        ps. empathy for having to deal with actual scumbag $ sitch x

    • Hi there – can you tell me more about transdermal magnesium is it a patch or something – sounds great and I hate my current magnesium powder – urgh

  8. My stomach is rumbling from newly implemented dietary changes but I am carrying on!

  9. Pluto is about 9 degrees away from my MC/10th. Tuning the craft and wanting to achieve something greater. A lot’s been developing here, it’s in flux still on where I’ll end up job wise, but excited and anxious at the same time, the focus has been surgical. But, I’m kind of power hungry. I’m being ever so cautious though, not to overachieve then have the whole thing crashing down again. Anyone else kind of power hungry, alpha and craving blood? The daily intense workouts have been keeping it in check. In stalking mode I guess. Too soon to tell if the bats won’t get me eventually this month.

    • Just caught part of Casino Jack and prompted me to look up his astro chart. Pluto opposite MC in Virgo. lol. “I am Jack Abramoff and I work out everyday.”

  10. what if we’re oscillating from one end to the other at discrete time intervals?

  11. I’ve felt pretty positive effects from this.. been working out, eating healthy, and just living. having a good time. Feeling and processing my emotions to the fullest without being a nervous wreck, like I had been prone to be in the past. I’m digging it.

    • Really happy for Sabrina!
      How nice is it to be living as a fully functioning healthy human avoiding all toxic and poison sh*t whether it be liquid, human or emotional form!
      Getting our awesome on as I say 😉

      I’m enjoying just ‘living’ too.

    • i wanna hear more too.. do u get tired? how is focus vs. at a normal desk and chair?

      • I use a tallboy dresser, resting the keyboard ergonomically below elbow height on the 2nd drawer. I can slide it away when done.
        I love standing at computer that my hips are not pinned down in a chair. I can swiggle, do the odd squat, crunch my abs, sidebend etc while I am typing and watchng the screen. AND I switch sometimes to using the mouse in vertical along the outside of the tallboy.
        It is also literally easier to step away from the screen, than when sitting.
        Correct footwear or floor surface to absorb weight is important if you are either out of shape or overweight. But it is so good for your muscles. Sitting has to be the curse for the bowels, spine, and all the organs that dwell in the thoracic cavity ( I think that’s what it’s called )
        I am a convert but I don’t spend all day here. About 4 hrs/day.

        • Twinfish, I can believe you feel so much better standing.

          I need something for a professional city office, so dont think the tall boy would cut it there. It would be good to find a company that specialises in this type of fit out.

        • that’s genius, im gonna try out my dresser tomorrow. thanks for the reply

          • Okay it is my usual table – runes carved into it and all – with a little table on top of it. And i have a sitting/standing stool for when i get tired. it takes some getting used to but WAY better for your Awesome, says Aries Pilates Instructor. Google health problems with sitting or something if you want to freak yourself out. Oh and standing burns heaps more calories!

            • I am currently standing at my makeshift desk, too! It changes the energy flow and productivity in such a profound way. Oh and, made a budget spreadsheet for the FIRST time in my life. Ruthless in terms of taking care of my career and finances (but in a kind way). Let’s GO team Saturn.

              Funny, I was kind of dreading this after reading the Saturn in x,y,z sign scopes a few months ago. Now that I understand it just “is” how it is … it’s easier to embrace. And thrive!

            • It’s much better for the alignment of the body in gravity. A colleague had one custom made some years ago for her workspace but it was fixed into a standing position, which presents problems if you are at a screen 8 hours plus a day. I’m so pleased they are being manufactured with the adjustable height. I have arthritis which results in me being in pain most days when I work at the keyboard, a bit of a problem since that’s inherent in my job. I was in the UK last month studying and the University’s standard desk height was lower than it is in Australia and I had much less pain.

              Thanks so much for posting on this one, Mystic. I have a new job so am going to ask my employer for one of these desks.

  12. If I were to give up my carbs under this Astro fuqery I’d have to kill myself.
    That is all.

  13. Standing desk, yes. In fact, since the Virgo full moon, it has drawers and thus I have rediscovered the cedarwood floors to dance on. And not eighties style dancing/thwailing, I am doing body movement as a discipline. The wall mirror no longer an adoring fan but a teacher.
    Am more verbally restrained and am finding in conversations that people are showing me the underbellies of their lives. I love that stuff. ( I do have Jupiter allover my 4th house at the moment with 4 planets, including Saturn in it, so that figures)
    Saturnian refinement is starting to show in my eyes and in my gait, even though it’s all been an inside job.
    Venus only getting a lookin as the woman who stopped a trailbiker in his tracks with a videophone on a walking track in a conservation area. Am sure that was Venus weirdness to him, and I now may have a reputation in this small community as an ecoterrorist, but…I’m not married to the postcode.

    Have had travel wanderlust of late. Checking out living in places like Portugal- for Fado music, or Finnland- for sustainable design, or Thailand-dedicate myself to mastering Thai massage arts. … Saturn is transiting my 9th and part of me is looking for “the way” or something.

    I have had a food fail today but it is waaaayy too sickening to mention. And rather out of character, so am just moving on from that …ick.

  14. Uh! Sex without love,
    Love without sex,
    Romance without either.
    sigh, I guess I just keep my head down, on my solar return,
    and do Saturn instead. It does satisfy on some level.
    venus conjunct sun, love poems to mercury, moon in sag alas.

    • I concur my friend, I concur. Sex/love yes/no – Venus tripping out to the max… Integration requested please!!!

  15. Really love how clean and extreme you take things MM!!
    There is this effervescent mutable quality I feel emanates off the blog.
    It’s so cool, all these pathways to transmuting the ill effects of the world. In my mind experimenting with our physicality is a specialty of yours.

    Then another part of me is like – relax and enjoy Earth while you can!
    It’s a world of material warmth and sacrifice, sure, but when you die you can float in glittery clouds of Beingness above the horizon line. 😉

    But then naturally one person’s pain is another person’s pleasure! I can enjoy your path vicariously while perhaps I feel like honouring my connection with this reality by indulging in it.

    Partly because there is so much pain here on this planet already and because I am running on a different track.
    I would feel unbalanced by Hatha, standing, fasting…I am busy chasing or flopping, overly supple anyway and meal times are spent keeping the food contained in one spot of the room while I hurry mine down (hm perhaps I need to change that at least?).

    By the way, whatever are you doing with your hair these days? After the challenge of no shampoo, I was wondering what you settled with as a method. :)

  16. standing desk, check
    bullet proof coffee check
    stamina check
    doing whatever the fuq it takes to reach my potential check
    others just not getting it and being polarised – check

    If it wasn’t such a dreadful outfit I’d tell that lady to stop spilling milk all over it.
    As things stand, it’s probably not worth crying over.

    Cringe worthy- lame ass joke – check!

  17. I’ve been trying to prepare for this feeling of something coming, but I don’t know what it is, so uneasy about preparing, don’t know how…

    I’ve been drawn to attempt to feng shui my home for wealth and prosperity since I may need a new job soon. I spent the whole afternoon down the Merc retro rabbit hole in Chinatown looking for art with fish and/or frogs on to put in entrance way….supposed to increase wealth. I ended up buying a crystal to hang in the north side of my home, supposed to help with career. Also trying to furnish my home….funny, it’s basically an empty house…lots of changeover and transition. It’s exciting to furnish a house but I don’t have much money to do so, and I’m always afraid of having too much stuff because I might move, so it all feels like a liability and too much commitment, too.

    Stressed out, though. Trying to take care of my health. Going to therapist and acupuncturist this week. Had brief massage today. Trying to eat well, but doing a little bit of dark chocolate, still, and some pasta, and a bit of alcohol along with the healthy things. I’m quite thin and do a lot of walking for transport (this is a walking city) so I do seem to need some carbs.
    My mind isn’t clear, though. Too many things up in the air and too much input…..I hope I can piece it all together and triumph and prevail..

    • I am with you flowerchild.. I am trying, eating right, trying to stay focused but my mind is FILLED with thoughts. I even left the stove on for about 15 minutes. Didn’t even realize it. Not good.

      I hope this too shall pass because I am very sad and feeling like everything is falling apart. Work, romance and health. Those are the 3 we need. I thought my Saturn run was over.. but I guess it is still here and/or I am missing the point with Pisces!

      Hang in there. I am actually looking for your other post about no being able to be close to others because of childhood crap.. off I go!


  18. Am back to morning 5 Tibetans ( have been slacking off if late…spontaneously started again this week) and one month into intermittent fasting which has had great effect on me…. Had no idea I could have so much self control!

    It is the processing of still lingering emotions re past relationships that is difficult but doing my best to forgive and forget. I know this has to happen to feel free of the hurt – Scorpio moon and Virgo sun are dragging their feet…

  19. First of all I love the top pic!

    I’m option one. Month of no alcohol, healthy eating and bulk exercise. Knuckling down and work… But still failing on trying not to be in “office bitch” mode. My co-workers are batshit, lazy and incompetent……. But the rest of the office doesn’t need to know about

    No Venusian voodoo, just watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl and SATC on repeat. *sigh*

    However, male friend tried it on the other night. We had some drinks and I crashed out in the spare room. Not different to the past….. Oh except this time his wife was out of town. His children were in the room next door! Told him to fuq off! Awkward because we work together too. All men are scum. Things like that sometimes make me happy I’m single.

    (N.B. to Universe: NOT happy being single. Please bring me perfect man)

  20. In the moment of devising a new strategy of how to be, and thinking about bringing out the inner-bitch, I realised MM must be consulted. Read the blog, check. Read daily horoscope, check. And there’s my girl Lilith popping up on the side, a blog focus from last year. Perfect for my moon in Taurus and Venus retrograde in my natal sun. Perfect for my desire to let go of past love patterns and love zombie behaviour. Her themes have been running rampant in my head this past week or so. One of my cats is called Ishtar and she gets it because she knows you can be both the Goddess of love and of war. Thanks for the inspiration, it’s divine.

  21. I have never worked out the way I have been for the past few months, eating healthy for the first time in my life, and just working like a machine. Accomplishing goals like knocking pins down! Its gotta be the Saturn over my moon (direct at 10 degrees). You guys think its fated? Pisces sun.

  22. I’ve got Pluto-Saturn trine natally so my key here is actually not to go overboard. In the last five days i have learned some practical biz skills very quickly and fuq me it’s addictive! The Saggi gambler in me freaking LOVES it, and my Pluto Saturn trine with Mars in Cap, given a little frisson shall we say by a Pluto Mars natal square is totally driving to WIN.

    Then i have to remind myself i’m on a deadline, like a REAL deadline with EVERYTHING, including the final projects at work (which i made myself and committed to myself), and cannot afford to play too much, nor to jeopardise energy. I have to commit to SLEEP. Grounding, recharging.

    • Well i CAN’T sleep UNLESS i go overboard first. There’s work to be done. Ain’t no Seven Dwarves round here.

  23. Imagine Die Hard, but set in a house that has become part art studio chaos, like the art-room stores cupboard exploded onto the floor. And instead of Bruce Willis, it’s me, a Pisces. and instead of a blood-stained singlet, it’s an ink-stained singlet. And I’m wielding skeins of yarn, not a handgun. BUT we’re both saying YIPPI KI YAY MOTHERF*****R.

      • YES! (I say, with natal venus sitting pretty in the middle of my aries stellium) .. with dark ink deep into the nailbed of your fingernails for days!! Aries don’t scrub it out midweek – it’s worn as a creative badge/warpaint, unless there’s an red carpet night looming!

        • Hahaha! I did notice today that nails of one hand look like I haven’t bathed for days. Bad! Bad! It really is only ink though. I forgot to dilute it when I was using it for a thing and I almost dyed the entire garden black :O

  24. I am saturn girl all the way now I’m back at work – sensible, ordered, organised, clear, can-do, impressive, charismatic, funny and relaxed – making everything easy. I almost don’t recognise myself.

    Then I came home and ate somethign called a Dutch pancake the size of a 20c piece that alone contained more oil than the 5 pieces of pizza that preceded it…. d’oh!

    Now, how does the fasting/hyper-coffee combo go down? Doesn’t that alone send one bats?

  25. Fasting? You could be right. Aries Pilates Instructor just told me to get my hand off it, that the brain needs glucose (aka food) to function. There is no escape from good habits, consistent clean eating & moving more. The standing desk, however, she thinks is genius.

    • I’d think fasting is a better idea when the demands on one’s time and energy are much lower. Fasting would also trash your moods too non…? low blood sugar plummets into the Abyss.

      • unless it’s Adrenalin that’s keeping you going. hmm. other than that, thank you for the Yoga reminder Mystic..I am very much neglecting Haute Neptune and my 12th house, where jupiter’s staying for a while longer.

        • Well running on adrenalin is hardly healthy! It releases cortisol which creates free-radicals. Not good!
          What’s the point of all this torture anyway? Everything in moderation I say!

    • maybe you could just pop one of those glucose tablets kids used to take to athletics carnivals win the 70s 😉

      I’m too afraid that fasting would last only until it had to be compensated for with a carb bender…

    • Brain goes better on KETONES Mystic – did you know that there is new research which hopes to prove that ketogenic (i.e the body’s naturally evolved method of energy delivery which kicks in when not ‘sugar-burning’) diets are the answer to preventing neuro-disease such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and such. They already know without doubt that ketogenic diets are neuroprotective. Children with epilepsy are cured by getting off carbs completely.

      So pfft to the Aries Pilates instructor. Glucose & the brain is conventional wisdom – not the biohacking you do now.

        • Someone pass Anonymous a jelly bean please? He/she is having a blood-sugar-low mood swing.

          Oh and Honey who said that carbs are evil? Not all carbs are born equal, you know, but evil? Here, have another jelly bean. xx

          • I don’t need a dose of sugar thank you! and i KNOW not all carbs are born equal! It’s just the way people carry on here all the time with their holier than thou attitude about their diet and what they’re eating or depriving themselves of. It’s so freakin’ BORING!!

      • My theory is that the magic happens in the stomach . If that fire is burning properly you can eat just about anything and obtain enough nutrition and correct body weight. Studies have also shown that taste is the initiator of good digestion and assimilation and that by getting your fair share of the right flavors keeps your digestion and nutriention in good order. We are over nutritioned in the west by miles.
        Fasting in my books should only be used as a reset not as part of a routine.

        • Yes, I agree to some degree… I eat balanced and carefully but not extreme in either way…. But I must have some blocked fire (interesttingly none in my chart except Chiron in airies) because I find it difficult to lose weight despite excercise and careful diet… Maybe my attempt at professional fire today is required more often… If I could do boxing every day I reckon is lose weight…

          • Look to your stomach health and the way you eat, don’t eat any nutrasweet sugar replacement, it coats the stomach and degrades absorption , absolute poison. Let your food digest without pouring lots of cold water in there with it. Remember its like a furnace in there when healthy , burning up impurities and leaving the essence of nutrition.
            The other thing to look at is gall bladder. If its a bit clogged you’ll put on weight etc because its not processing fats well enough. I’ve used the ‘olive oil gall bladder flush, method before and it worked a treat.
            I can explain what you do if your interested

            • Hey David… Yes no cold water ever, always room temp even in hot qld… Gall bladder cleanse is that the Epsom salts one? I haven’t done it but do know it, have done a lot of cleanses over the years… I’m starting to think its cortisol related… Going to ask Dr to do some tests… And keep working on it : ) joy is important I remember

            • I can personally attest that the gall bladder flush I did “cured” my seasonal allergies. It took about 2-3 rounds to get the max effect about a 3 months apart.

      • Really? That is extremly interesting. You got an article on this because Aries Pilates INstructor freaked me out a bit with science

        • Do you mean pseudo science or science so focused on a narrow breadth of factors that neglect to take into consideration some other functions that network into the digestion-elimination system? I don’t mean to sound dismissive but i find fads just that, and i believe something like fasting is perfect for a Full Body Mind Fast context – like a retreat – proper no input time. Body’s an organism; think Ecosystem – think tribal wisdom connected to the true ebbs and flows of nature, not first world disconnect scrabbling for the hard and fast solution. Mind you, my 2nd and 6th houses are Capricorn Mars and Taurus Saturn ruled respectively, so perhaps that wisdom suits my own body. I prefer to read medical journals and science journals, and for holistic balance i rely on undiluted ancient esoterics. We’re only rediscovering in that area.

          • I mean science, mill-Darling. I read the journals and research articles too and sacred texts too (I’m called Taurean Alchemist – Mystic dubbed me so – because I study alchemy). I agree with you that the body is an eco-system – it is a micro-cosmos. As such, there are still discoveries to be made. xx

          • Full respect to the Alchemy of Taurus, TA, that wasn’t specifically directed. It is a general comment about making these crucial decisions based on one person’s say-so, or bandwagon jumping. And i can’t imagine a Taurean making an impulsive decision.

            So, do you think fasting suits everyone? For example, i read a lot of weight self judgments even here, but what about ectomorphs/mesomorphs or however it might be termed, those with fast metabolisms, other kinds of conditions, like insulin related etc?

            I am also intrigued by Sisson’s advice and its intended target. He’s certainly experienced in training and fitness. But i couldn’t find any specific quals other than biol, and i think i’m skimming or missing something.

            Genuine qs here, TA. My astro reference is to explain my attitude, not imply i know better or know everything. Just to say I’m rather cynical…i’m Mutable; i can be convinced.

            • Mill :)

              Yes, I think fasting suits anyone unless they evolved elsewhere in the universe.

              But I do think some people find it hard to adapt to fasting – if one is accustomed to using carbohydrates for fuel (that would be most ‘agricultural’ humans) it is much harder to endure the initial ‘switching over’ to ketones and can cause flu-like symptoms. But the healthier the diet to start with the better. Plenty of clean/unprocessed foods and above all healthy FATS.

              Post is getting a bit skinny to go into the science of grains and ‘anti-nutrients’ – some other time :)

  26. I should’ve known better!! I did read the dailies, but I let out the fire! And I can’t quite work out which weird influence this was… In retrospect I was not that intense, but I was responding to anothers intensity! we consistently come to head’s w each other, w two very different ways of working, one prefers almost military precision and control, (taurus) and one flexible, go with the flow, inclusive (mutable of course!) I’m the mutable and of course if someone puts a rock in my path – I find a way around, that’s my skill, however I instead picked up the rock and moved it! ha can u imagine! …. What frustrates me is I was too busy to deal w this but feel I got dragged in… This is my learning and was made clear in the horoscopes to stay out of it! I think!

  27. Is Mars (transiting) opposing Mercury; Mercury transiting opposing venus –
    (a) good,
    (b) great,
    (c) bad,
    (d) hot (and weird?)
    (e) all of the above

    Seriously I would appreciate anyone helping me out.

    • there’s no ‘good / bad’ as such. there are several posts back there somewhere where mystic talked about different ways to live out a strong mars placement (or something). awareness of self and others is the key. I would google each of those phrases (transiting mars opposite mercury, etc) and look at sites like cafeastrology,, bob marks astrologer to get a good understanding of how this might resonate in your life. good luck!

  28. I fee like i’ve been in Saturn Boot Camp since 2009 – I gym twice a day – no carbs for 2 years – lately i’ve given up alcohol (just 2 glasses of wine at weekends) and the smoking stopped almost 3 years ago…. Just feels like normal to me now…..Though I’m starting to wonder if I am perceived as:

    a) Sanctimonious or
    b) Dull or
    c) Both

    I never feel like giving myself a break either – i just keep going like some kind of machine as i’m scared of the alternative….ie FAT


    • Oh love I know what you mean… with my Saturn on my first house for this transit I’ve found Saturn dosn’t care how other people perceive me, and therefore a lot of space for self entertainment with the usual Saturn suspects, excercise and admin, and time… Sox about sp mistakes… On ph in bath, can’t muck around… Relaxation is a discipline, and from this spectacular freedom!

      • Wow you’re brave i’m Sag influenced i would never have my phone anywhere near the bath. i thought i was flirting with danger reading a borrowed book in there (borrowed from a Scorp, right?)

  29. I’m definitely going merc retro Venusian over the top . That’s all happening in my 9th house, and I’ve allowed it to totally rule.
    Saturn and Pluto , pfft..get real, next week maybe.

  30. Hmmm.. I keep thinking about this bootcamp theory but it is slowly happening. Have been juicing the last week and will start up again on Friday. Did well with not drinking as much until Saturday and I have been staying late at work a lot. Even last night I thought to myself
    I like working late.. then I won’t be dillydalling on the computer when I get home not doing anything with my apartment.. I NEED TO WORKOUT though. It is on my mind and I am just talking myself out of it. ugh!!

    • Let me add a response to things going bats. I so don’t catch on quick enough until after I read other’s posts.

      YES.. everything in my life is going bats. Work, romance and health.

      Work is very challenging right now. My boss is on my case because she is pregnant and I just got there. She wants me to do everything yesterday and I am trying to get a hold of everything they have. Feeling insecure.. big time and evaluating what I want.

      Romance: LZ here still lingering with the toro/gem. He removed all of his friends (some of them mine) but kept a couple of mutual friends from FB. I found out yesterday the reason. Why he couldn’t tell me directly when I sent him a private FB message I don’t know. But again feeling insecure or evaluating things.

      Health is on my mind because of a lingering diagnosis from 2009. I am juicing and see an immediate response that I am happy about.

      So.. I am struggling because of the inconsistencies!! Yikes.. I am a Sun in Virgo girl (needs structure) wit LIbra rsing (needing connections)..

      Can’t wait for the Cosmic charts MM is doing!!


  31. Oh man, guys. I had a conversation with the ex that just a month or two ago would have sent me into epic love zombie tantrum…but this time I let myself cry for about three minutes, got bored, and fueled that anger and hurt and fear of the unknown into some epic work! Polished a web project for work, started another personal one for writing I’ve been meaning to kick off, and have a confidence/I-did-the-right-thing high now!

    Team Saturn! :)

  32. Hardcore bootcamp bats! Egg whites! Espresso! Ashtanga! and don’t forget to sleep, alot!

  33. For once, I am happy if the Venusian action works out as a commerce situation for me. It is my 6th house. I am so not love zombing over any one or thing. I’m reading “non-violent communication” in hopes it will give me the skills I need to make it through this Pluto-square-Mercury transit alive.

    • 12th.. How did it go with the interview? Not sure if you are in the US or not so I am little confused with the times etc and I haven’t had time to go through the thread! :( xo!!

      • Merc retro delays – got a note that they had to put off their internal meeting about my candidacy until yesterday (said they were going to have it Friday) and would call me today. Have an in-person interview with another place scheduled on Wednesday and a phone interview today. I’m trying to relax into the idea of having time off in the meantime. Thanks for thinking of me!

      • Well, I got my second verbal offer from the recruiter! He’s got a few more calls to make, but I’m still in the running. Fingers-crossed!!!

  34. Must be because Lilith is about to kiss my Asc that I spent a good amount of time today youtubing Catwoman in all her manifestations 😉

  35. I know about and astrograph et al. but how do I find transits of asteroids and such? Lilith, Bast where are they now?

    • On, go to extended chart options. At the bottom there is a link to look up asteroids etc. It opens in a new window. Find the ones you want to chart and check them. If you want to see transits, select natal and transits from chart options.

    • KittyMoon….I’m home sick from work today too…You and love feel better soon luv x

      I’m library hopin’ meanwhile hehe…

      Last time I was home sick (in 6 and a half yrs mind you) played on line all day and was like “what snack are we havin’, where is my juice and what cartoons are on?”

      lol…totally Arien

  36. Just read the Daily and have to have a spiteful whinge. Sorry.

    If he, who made a change by leaving town and his job to go back to his familiar old life, gets some sort of Saturn-Pluto reward for his life change after well then seriously FUQ THAT.

    I know this isn’t the correct use of the current astro energy, but I needed to let it out somewhere. My personal friends are astro sceptics…. They jut wouldn’t get what I’m on about.

    • I hear you. The only bold change I made in December was investing in a second TV and a Wii. My daughter is into it, so there’s that. Otherwise, I’m on the loser side off all the woo-woo astro. :-(

      • In Dec/Jan there were no big changes I wanted to make. I wanted my love to stay, so I declared my love… That was the only scary change to my MO. He still left.

        Congratulations WOOHOO you’re Saturn-Pluto reward is another year of being single while fending off creeps and stalkers. Woooooo!

        I did want to apply for the city based version of my job – but company budget cuts meant they got rid of that position for 2013. So much for that. I like my job, just not to goons I work with. So I’m not quitting because of them!

        Other than the joyful laughter of a child, I wonder what the reward is for buying a Wii. I suppose you could invest in one of those Wii vibes or whatever they are called 😛

        • I bought Wii fit. There’s a Wii vibe? I need to look into that… I felt a pinch of envy when you mentioned warding off stalkers and creeps. At this point, I’ll be happy to have a job. I hope the company I interviewed with gets me an offer soon so I can stop interviewing and start working again.

          I swear…one of these days we are going to cash-in on the love astro, right? RIGHT!?!

          • Yes bring on the good times and big live for the Virgos! For crying out loud!

          • I had to laugh a little at your envy of creeps and stalkers. Nothing to envy, trust me. Although that said, I don’t currently have any, but this seems to be the town where they all come to find new prey. Only a matter of time.

            I really hope you have good luck on the job front!!! Let’s say that this is your new Saturn-Pluto structure. New YOU job, perhaps…. New cute coworker 😀

            • One of the billion times I hit the oracleit *did* say I’d meet someone once I got a better job position. No choicebut to be true now! Lol!

  37. Hmm. I feel like Ive been doing Saturn Pluto since December…. 😡

    I broke up with an ex in late Dec., that was resurrecting the Love Zombie in me. After that I made some very big promises to myself, fueling all the hurt and pain into constructive outlets… most of the energy went to my own health/well-being and my career.

    I dont feel much different right now… if anything, I feel like I was ready for this wave to wash in :) Ready and waiting!

  38. Been having lots of insights lately about my natal placements and unraveling my personal history in order to heal.

    Today what came to mind was my Venus placement. Sometimes I’m so like a Virgo, but I’m an Aqua sun, Pisces moon and Crab rising so I was like, why am I so Virgo sometimes..?
    Just remembered today I have Venus in the 6th house……duh!!!!! Venus is in Capricorn, too, so that could give the Virgo vibe even more gravitas, eh? Anyway, my Venus is my most aspected planet, too….it opposes my ascendant, it trines my Jupiter, it sextiles my moon, it QUINTILES (exactly) my Mars, and squares my Saturn (urgh!), and squares my Uranus (wink, wink, nod, nod!)
    My Venus is VERY busy…. I’m also a health obsessor and I work in healthcare and nutrition as well. I think my Venus placement has made me a bit austere in this regard as well as in regard to romance and relationships, though sometimes I briefly swing to the decadent side due to all the Pisces I have in my chart (I like a bit of alcohol) and that Uranus square (some interesting times in my sexual history)….ok, that’s it, I’m understanding my chart on a deeper level today…..thanks for reading. :)

    • Wow! We have some similar planetary placements. I have Cancer rising, Venus in Capricorn and Venus-Saturn square(my Saturn is in Libra) and Venus-Asc opposition like you. But I have Mars in Virgo and I definitely feel my Mars is very strong for some reason. My Venus makes lots of aspects, but not the best kind… Its squares my Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Yikes. Fortunately, my Moon helps out with this because it trines all three of those heavy duty outer planets while being in Aqua :) Youre an 8th house Sun, correct? Im like your shadow in a way, Im an 8th house Moon :)

      Ive been having insights as to my personal placements lately too(coincidence?). Even in my dreams Ive been told where to look. Have you every tried looking into Sabians? I think the Pisces part of you would have a kick looking in to that stuff. Its very… neptunian, that stuff.

      All in all, I think Saturn-Pluto just wants to make sure we are getting what we need to forge ahead! And I am grateful for all that comes my way for sure. Thanks for sharing btw, hope you didnt mind my sharing too.

      • Whoa, that’s interesting, we have so many similar aspects, and my Saturn is Aries, opposite of what you have, and my Mars is Pisces, opposite of what you have, too.
        And yeah, I’ve got 8th house Sun. My sun energy gets buried because it doesn’t have that many aspects, yet both my Moon and my Venus have a lot of aspects. People always think I’m a Pisces, which is my moon and which is also trine my ascendant. I do feel the 8th house, though. Aqua sun with a Scorpio edge……I can be a real cold b**ch with a stinger!

        Venus square Saturn is a heck of a thing, isn’t it?! Geez! How have you experienced it? I’ve experienced it as not being loved by my family…or more so being deprived of love…emotional abandonment.

        I find it interesting that so many of us are having these insights, so thanks so much for sharing! :)

        • You know what I just noticed.. lately I have been noticing similarities I have with others a LOT more than others – and these are strongly synchronistic type experiences Im having. I mean, with you, you really didnt have to start talking about your placements and stuff(lots choose to be private about it), but you did, and voila, I totally noticed it because I had a lot of shared aspects! I wouldnt have posted anything unless you said something!And also in another scenario today, I was looking up Four Pillars stuff(Chinese astro), and I was looking up info based on my chart, and I ran into a thread of a woman that had the EXACT same birth date as me and our birth time was less than an hour away! I practically fell off my chair at that point. I was able to glean the info I needed. I mean… what are the odds, right? Ive also been running into people from my past… but thats part and parcel of Mercury Rx.

          I definitely feel stuff is going on… cosmic stuff in the larger background, very strongly leading me to things lately. Very uncanny.

          Regarding Venus/Saturn… its been difficult. I think because my Venus squares Pluto as well, thats what made my childhood not only filled with emotional coldness, but also abuse, unfortunately. I find this past of mine doesnt help me in the relationship area very much :/

          • Yeah, I think all the planets in Pisces has made things very merge-y lately. The dissolution of boundaries and all that. The communication has been instantaneous via other means, like telepathy, rather than words and hashing it out.

            So sorry to hear you experienced abuse as well as emotional coldness, which is like neglect, really, if it’s coming from your childhood caregivers. :(
            I know the feeling, having had an alcoholic mother…she wasn’t there for us. Anyway, of late, I have been staying out of relationships because of course it just brings up ways of relating from the past, from family of origin. I’m trying to heal all that stuff as I’m kind of ‘frozen in time’ with it all and it prevents me from getting close with people. I have also learned to be alone, though, and find strength and rejuvenation and freedom in solitude. So that’s the positive flip-side.

            Wishing you well.. :)

            • Alcoholic Mother, flowerchild, me too and feel abandoned on so many levels. I have NEVER be in a relationship where I have felt love. I know now what unconditional love is but if it were reciprocated to me I think I would freak out. But maybe I need it because I know what it feels like!

              So, anyway, I just wanted add me to the list here.

              Virgo Sun,
              Libra Rising
              Leo Moon
              Planets mostly in Virgo and Scorpio.

              Right now I am struggling big time with how I am perceived and how I feel about myself. Hence, why don’t I have friends, a boyfriend and why is my job all of sudden going sour. I losing confidence and it brings me to my upbringing. You should hear the discussions I have in my head with my Dad. [sigh].. I am tired!


              • Hi VirgoEllie! You know whats so funny…. I seem to attract a lot of Virgo/Scorp combos in my life/interactions I have a couple that are very good friends with me 😉 Its very nice to see you share on this thread too :)

                I feel you on the freaking out if real love was reciprocated to me part. Thats so me. I guess Ive been so used to abuse, I have just been going after men that I knew subconsciously wouldnt give me real love. It was a vicious cycle for along time. Something happened to me and clicked in December though… I made a firm decision of no more. I broke up with an ex and have been pouring all that love I would have given out, into myself, and all I can say is WOW, I feel like a frikkin flower in full bloom over here, hello!

                Anywho, I wish you the best in your endeavors… xoxo.

                • Thank you H.E. I appreciate your commenting and acknowledging my post. This pas week has been very revealing.. I am so afraid to be vulnerable with anyone. I even picked on why I am nervous about being vulnerable with girlfriends and realized that it has a lot to do with my mother and the self centeredness she had while I was growing up. With things that went on in my life and how she handled it I don’t trust her. I am bitter towards her and get SO angry for how she treated me and till this day she thinks she is the best. I moved away to stay away from the negativity she draws and again this past week has me dwelling over who I am and why I continue not to be happy with who I am.

                  Thanks for posting!! xo!!

            • Thanks Flowerchild! Wish you the best too. Our journeys may have been darker and more difficult in certain ways than others… but I am positive that it will only make our rainbows at the proverbial storm that much more vibrant and beautiful 😉 xoxo

              • Wow, thank you H.E. and Virgo Ellie for sharing your experience. So much of what you both shared is a reflection of my own experiences…..including having a difficult mother I could not trust and so now difficult friendships with women. The patterns in family-of-origin stuff can be so pronounced, even in adulthood.

                Yes, profound healing and realizations going on all week for me, too….thanks for sharing the road to clarity with me!

                I love your image of the rainbow at the end of this storm being more vibrant and beautiful after coping with so much…..thanks for that gem, H.E.! :)

      • LOVE the sabians. My MC is 26 Gemini which is frost. I saw a write up that suggested that placement coupled with a Leo moon indicates Ice Queen potential with far reaching impact for words. So…maybe I should work on my ice queen demeanor?

        Tons of childhood wounds coming to light for me too. Kissing them goodbye, one by one.

        Healing times for us all, I hope. Otherwise this Pisces synchronicity stuff is just mean.

        • Haha, for some reason the Ice Queen thing just totally tickled my funny bone – not in a bad way. Like, it totally intrigued me and just makes me feel all uber powerful and mischievous.

          I think whats great with Sabians, is that the words work with you individually in a very deep place only you really have access to, methinks. In that way, there is some very interesting wisdom to be gleaned…

          Im glad you are feeling and doing better, and healing… Healing seems to be the theme of the day for so many of us. I think we will all come out so bright and shiny after this. Well, at least we better, after all this Pisces and Saturn/Pluto crap! 😛

    • Good for you! What is your sign and other placements? Just curious as to why you are having a great time and I am struggling big time.. painful stuff! But glad to see some are having a good time!!


  39. The Daily for Wednesday is so applicable to my life right now that it’s downright eerie. I applied for a job in December and will most likely be receiving an offer during the next two weeks. Great to have MM’s interp of Saturn-Pluto as a point of reference in a time of so much change.

  40. well well well – look what December dragged in??

    December I started working towards an exhibition – it opens this friday – yesterday I sent the invite to all contacts (too lazy to edit and no qualms about who knew) but lots of lovely replies, and yes, from some long lost relationships, no dramas, just unexpected sweetness because you get to see how healed you actually are, from whence you came and all that.

      • thank you dear mille, gotta sing out those affirmations when they arrive eh? actually last week, was not in a good space, lay in bed and kind of forced myself through giving thanks for everything, eventually getting brave enough to thank the shit for making me wiser … ha

        actually, this may interest you, a couple of years ago, the scrabbling dirt years, i had a two dreams of preparing myself for my wedding, at the time they mystified me by their location. my new job, quite a big role in my scape, is based at that exact location. heaven forbid, married to the work (6th house loaded)

        • oh dreams can be too funny – i think they have a cheeky sense of humour – but being wedded to a job is not so funny. Commitment, well, that’s nice.

          Yes, last week was sort of like that for me too. It was a little toughie.

  41. Jupiter conjunct Sun/Mercury. Check. Uranus sextile Sun/Mercury. Check. Mars, Moon and Neptune being touched by a lot of stuff in Pishies. Check. Progressed Moon about to go into 1st House. Check. A year ago it was merdesville, but I think I’m going to be ok. I have gone from feeling invisible to something just subtly clicking into being. Think I just hit the Zap Zone. Or is it a Dr Phil Zone, ‘you either get it or you don’t ‘ is his maxim.

  42. bring it! bring the bats astro; bring the cocktails with olives; bring the long hours working schedule, bring the birds, bring the honeymoon.

  43. Hopefully, I am on to something very good in my career and work. By transit, Pluto is in my 7th while Saturn straddles my 5th and 6th houses. Vibes (astro and from elsewhere) tell me not to try to do anything alone but to instead create alliances, and we can go far. So… the new and very potential job will have me being a part of a group what will reconfigure services for a large organization… Oooh… interesting stuff!

    Michael Lutin said something about the process of elimination being kinda slow. I hope to Hades this Saturn retro thing can flush a former romantic partner out of my head for good! (No, no stalking behavior has been involved on either party’s part unless the dreamscape counts… just lingering thoughts and feelings that had taken a long time to fade).

  44. I’m doing batso, in a very Capricornian don’t-your-dare-interrupt-my-work sort of way.

    – Working until 2am or even 5 or 6am is the norm. Only to be told by my partner that I have it easy because I work from home — hello, someone will be sleeping on the couch from now until infinity.

    – Neighbors harboring fugitives is also the norm. Got to call the cops this morning before 8am.

    – I don’t seem to be happy unless it’s snowing. If it’s not blizzard conditions, it’s a fail. Also: turns out, sitting naked in front of an open window when it’s below freezing is totally refreshing.

    If I die of pneumonia or overwork or having my neighbors shoot me or if I end it all in a duel to the death with my partner, none of these would feel especially surprising at the mo. But if I survive? Watch the hell out, I’m going to be bulletproof.

  45. Yup! I bought a 38 pack of redbull at costco and have one every morning. I have an exam this week, been working mine and extra shifts at work. I bought no “box meals” when I went shopping. So after work it’s either leftovers or cooking. I’m glad I’m starting to cook now, but damn it would be less time consuming if I had a box meal, and in a long distance relationship and we talk everyday on the phone. After that I stay up and study and go to work in the morning the next day. I can’t wait to sleep in this weekend.

    Mercury right now is exactly Squaring my asc, and sextiling my Mercury