An Aries Woman Founds An Aries City

Melanie Camp writes about being an Aries woman

An Aries woman finds an Aries city!

I am an Aries. A girl-ram who likes hanging with my flock, driving red cars that have angry sounding exhausts and loud stereos. I love my eyebrows defined with a horn like up-kick to them, hell I even have horns. Yes true,  my skull is not oval, I have these pointy bits in line with my ears that jut out at the top of my head. You have to feel them.  They’re surreal, but not, because they are real — a lot like LA.

When I left Oz for LA LA, I wrote a farewell email to a work colleague saying “I’m off to Los Angeles, and I’m hoping to find a place so crazy, I feel sane.” and now I’m here I do feel sane. But not because of LA’s craziness more because of LA’s Aries-ness. In this city, I am not alone. I am amongst a sea of kindred sheep who’ve flocked here in the hope of their dreams coming true. Active dreamers. LA is bold and flashy and people accuse it of being false. Or brash. As an Aries woman, I can relate! 

I am an Aries. A girl-ram who likes hanging with my flock, driving red cars that have angry sounding exhausts and loud stereos.

But how can a someone who brags saying their Botox Doc is the best in town be false? If they said, “Oh Botox? No! I’m lucky I have good genes” now that’d be false. This is the thing with LA. It doesn’t pretend. People come here chasing a dream and those that don’t make it have to ask themselves how hard they wanted it in the first place. Dream chasing can be rough going. But when the going gets tough, think like a ram. Put your head down and charge.

On my first night in this city, I sat looking out over the velvet black at the sprinkling of city lights that shone like precious gems, and I asked, “LA what have you got for me? Do I have what it takes?” LA replied, “I don’t know, give it your best shot. I’m here – what more do you want from me?” And I realized at that moment that LA brings nothing to no-one. LA is the stage, and her props department is well stocked, but anyone who comes here must be prepared to write their script.

LA is Aries. Bold, open and non-judgemental.

LA is Aries. Bold, open, and non-judgemental. Eternally optimistic and ready to see action make dreams a reality.

Melanie Camp tweets @MelSaysWhat and blogs at Mel Says What 

Botox on The Beach

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Aries in L.A. Uranus in Aires hit my Sun/ Moon conjunction and I leaped. Perfect. I grew up here and moved out fast and saw the world and now back. First time in decades. I hated it when younger but now I’m ready. Love it and exploring everything. After past 13 years living with mean Philly attitude , I’m shocked by so much niceness and the endless sun is weird, but I jumped on stage last night for comedy improv and running around Venice this weekend with crazy photographers.

Lady Penelope

Oh this post really got the warrior woman in me going. Love the energy, but also the playfulness.

And what a fab pic?!

I’m a Capricorn in Sydney and I think it’s a very good match. The people are driven, hard working, all striving for success but appear like its all too easy, very casual and with an understated elegance. And I love the electric energy pumping just under the surface all the time….

Flamenco Fish

Ahhh, I just wanted to say – what an awesome post! I have no Aries in my chart but some fab Aries friends … and it’s true I think – what some call superficial, others think but just don’t articulate. Aries does, and don’t they shine while they are at it? The world needs beauty just as much as it needs depth and truth. Thanks for sharing Mystic!


Did LA just get kinder, gentler…because that’s not the way I remember it growing up there in the 80’s. ‘Non-judgmental’? Are you kidding me? That is not a word I would use to describe LA. Maybe you’re mistaking the Californian aloofness and indirectness (they’re not gonna tell you what they really think) and self-absorption for non-judgmental attitude. Really, they just can’t be bothered with anyone else but themselves and if they do notice, they’re not gonna verbalize what they think of you, or your un-cool outfit, or whatever. In California, when people say ‘have a nice day’ they mean ‘fuck… Read more »


SF = entitled and spoiled brats


another good quote about Los Angeles

“I mean, who would want to live in a place [Los Angeles] where the only cultural advantage is that you can turn right on a red light? -Woody Allen, Annie Hall


“The film business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs”
Hunter S Thompson


I could use to meet some energetic people, I keep bumping into talented, but too stoned or drunk to show up to band meetings/practice flakes. Could use to meet a few professional, yet laid back types.
I am a Virgo with Scorp Rising so it’s hard for me to relate or stay in touch with uber flakes.
Maybe I need to meet some fire sign types?
Which signs tend to be the opposite of Aries?


Everything 😉 x

fallen angel

I guess I’ll have to speak for the Other LA – that is, the non-entertainment focused, more space & technology driven, major port city to the Pacific, home to non-white migrants LA. Yep, that side. I’ve lived here for almost 20 years, having moved here at 23 from SE Asia and while LA is the LA we see in the movies and tv, it’s a city that does wear quite a few faces. Sub-cultures are strong here, you could in fact live an entire lifetime not even being aware or paying mind to anything Hollywood or vice versa. You have… Read more »


I hear ya girl….grew up north of the San Fran…

Jepzus we had a huge tremor here this morning in Palm Springs…

But Aries Papa gonna buy me a new car…for reals..Okay, used ..

Didn’t crash the Accord but used to love this song on the eliptical… 🙂


lookin’ like elliptical got two lls…lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 😆


Er, make that the San Fernando…

(valley girl and all, you understand…..~not~)

FA, sending you sensi down the 405 (again) x


Same here, Sweetpea! 😀



And now back to my cold and Vicks fuqin’ Day fuqin’ Quil…Takin’ all of my on line fun outta shoppin’ for a car…

Have been sick for a week!

Sucks…Mars in Aries…ha, bring it on…er, please? x

fallen angel

Ohmigod haha.. did you used to have the Valley Girl accent? I was married to a native Angeleno so it’s usually with patient humor that most of the LA lifers sort of nod when LA is talked about and presumed to be mainly about entertainment. The studios are in Hollywood, Burbank and there’s one in Manhattan Beach which is like 2 miles away from me, but for the most part, life is life, we all just love the weather and the accessibility of most things (sand, snow) being not difficult at all. But Melanie is right, like New York, LA… Read more »


Yeah, true…It’s the same anywhere as in one needs to make it happen for themselves as far as focus, determination, etc.

Lets just say however that Tinsel Town’s dreams are not mine as I never wanted nor could I ever survive “living on the surface (mere ego…even tho I jest Aries style alot)…of self”…

Just as I gather alot of us here couldn’t..

But City of the Angels…some are overcoming their fears to tread and I do admire that on some levels of course.


By “here” I mean the blog…x

12th house virgo

That last picture shows that LA has all I need to age gracefully, lol.

12th house virgo

Thank God, its about time I get a written offer. I know its still merc retro, but nothing has been moving. I’m tired of the murkiness. Let’s do this!

12th house virgo

OMG – I just read the dailies. Love the gif! Love that you used the work murk!


Dia Ramzilla checking in! When I recall my visits to LA, what surfaces first are the encounters with the worst scum on earth, from CEOs to pizza boys, getting their dream-kicks by utterly and brazenly not giving a fuq that they share this world with other humans. LOW aries is the WORST OF ALL. But the more I think about it, I DO like L.A.!!! I actually ADORE Hollywood, it actually reminds me a lot of Portland Oregon (not exactly but many comparisons are tres valid) Venice is rad, hell I even like Inglewood. There is total honesty in there,… Read more »


Hmmm, when I was 19 I landed in LA on my way back home to Sydney from the ME. It was supposed to be a 3hr transit and turned into a 3 day transit cause of airline bumbling. I was broke, expecting to be home sooner etc. The only place I could afford a room was Inglewood, this was1979. Those 3 days were very eye opening for a young man from the Sydney suburbs. I arrived there at night and when I stepped out in to the street the next morning (probably wearing thongs and board shorts) I was confronted… Read more »


hahaha I would have loved to see that! 19y.o. DL, boardies and pluggers, strange corner of LA, fresh from the whatever the ME was like back then – hostage crises, peace treaties, revolutions…? and more. what a journey that would have been 🙂


my first trip to inglewood I was seven months pregnant, my flight to LA had arrived at 10pm and my friend had hooked me up with a room at the Inglewood Best Western. Picture me, pregnant and very white, riding the elevator up to me room with five african american girls who were on, I don’t even know, PCP or something. I got settled into my room to realize there were literally no options for food delivery after midnight. I looked out my window and saw a convenience store across the street. I decided that I was not gonna be… Read more »

fallen angel

Fakeness in the hood? Definitely not. If you love Inglewood, then honey I believe you, you really do love LA.


One time my car got impounded in Huntington Beach and I needed to pick it up in Compton…there I was, a white girl in a white mini skirt…I was 19 yrs old too davey..

But hey, I keep a universal perspective and when you do that the whole world is your friend….it just is..Color and all is just ridiculous…love has no color…

Electric Eel Libran

I also thought this post was very “Aries” inspired:


You mean I wasn’t your first Aries subscriber !!??!!

12th house virgo

Of course she meant every Aries subscriber is the first Aries subscriber. 🙂

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

bwahahha but of course.

astro-logic 😀


damn right lol!


fuq yeah Aries! about finding a place crazy enough for you to feel sane – I UNDERSTAND! But in my case it was finding *people* crazy enough to be sane, as the place itself was so isolated we were the only 20 people for about 80km in any direction – true 🙂 ..and it was renegade bliss. I always seem to have fun and luck when I am living out of my home town (where I am back at the moment). I think I like blazing epicentres of existence (Paris, LA – never been to LA btw – and I’d… Read more »


blazing epicentres of existence also including non-western cities 🙂


Dude, that’s my new mantra … Blazing Epicenters of Existence …


How inspiring! I had another loony attmept to smack me down and put me in my place this weekend for being too much of an aries. Having a grown woman scream ‘F*CK YOU’ in the middle of a dance class is quite shocking. This lady hates me because I am open and easy going and HAPPY! Wow. So I have been feeling a little frazzled. This wee piece of writing makes me feel so much better. We can’t help being fantastic can we? Is it conceited to think you are awesome, to love life? I think the lass (all I… Read more »


Surround yourself with Aquarian buddies, I find they genuinely enjoy full on Aries energy, and nothing shocks ’em


Hmm between Aquarians and Librans, I know some of each that adore/worship Aries power, likewise some of each that think our brashness makes us “Tacky Jackie”


saggi? they’re good for handling Rams. maybe it’s the Livestock synergy – see also Taurus, Capricorn 😀


I just had a thought – maybe this is why pisces and toro get along so well – surf n turf! bahahah


it’s a hornicopia of awesome

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

I’m adoring Aries energy right now. It serves me well.


Sort of in the vein of wishy washy over-abundant pisces vibes but must mention how freaky and delightfully accurate the oracle has been lately. Now the pragmatist in me says this is a result of a cosmic communication with the universe reflecting the reality I already know is the highest option back at myself. Thus when I test it with: do i continue lusty dangerous affair with A? or keep nurturing soulful deep connection with B? I get answers like “with no string attached, its impossible, etc. for A. And for B I get “this is your soulmate” over and… Read more »


just read astrbarry’s take on Mars in Aries and I agree it’s exciting. I welcome it after the overload of planets pisces. It’s time for firey action again!!


I love LA, it has a beach where one can cycle or rollerskate their way along the espy in the warmth of the sunshine which is out in winter too. Mel is right about LA. But I love NYC also, its harder and tougher, and your boss is definitely meaner. I love an edge.
Congrats Mel on making your dreams come true and on being an awesome Aries!
I’m hoping to permanently reside on the east coast by August.


Very much how I see L.A. as well. I’ve always explained to my non-LA, European family and friends that LA is what you make of it. Every morning you wake up to a blank page. It’s simultaneously and inspiring and exhausting thought.


my cityyyyyy!


hahahaha love the juxtaposition of the two businesses in the 2nd pic. absolutely perfect. 🙂

i spent 6 weeks in la once. it ate me. oh well!

aqua lion

love LA also I was only there for 5 days a fair few years ago, but I loved the vibe. What I loved probably most was that it was NOT glamorous, shiny, perfect (image of Hollywood from abroad) but very gritty, everyday, down to earth, and as Mel says, a place where you have to work to make your dreams come true. But I could feel myself being inspired just being there. As a mega-Leo with most of that in 6th house, the combination of stage- theatre – films – creative work plus WORK – just the inspirational environment –… Read more »

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

YES!!! I am from Santa Cruz and moved to San Francisco for a few years. People from San Francisco think they are so much more artsy and cultured and smart and “real” than LA but I found San Francisco extremely pretentious and try-hard-y. Really fake and everyone is afraid of one another. I lived in LA for the first time in my life in early 2011, only briefly. I loved it. Everyone is alive, they’re trying to make stuff happen, they’re confident and invest in themselves because they have to believe in themselves to make it and people actually do… Read more »

Electric Eel Libran

I had a similar experience in San Fran. I was told by many of the artsy-elite that i would love it, but i did not. It’s not just you. People are so angry stomping around really fast on coffee buzzes, so preoccupied with themselves. I couldn’t wait to leave. But great sushi and art places.

I can’t wait to visit LA. I’ve been told I’ll either love it or hate it.


SF has its merits (such good food, it’s mind-boggling, such a great transportation system … great access to nature up in Marin County), but there is a level of pretentiousness that’s tangible.

I would happily take LA any day of the week.

Electric Eel Libran

oh totally…best sushi i have ever had was in SF. I was amazed to find out that saba actually tastes good and doesn’t stink. And yes, not really needing to drive anywhere was a relief. I really liked the public transportation system. The smell of the Pacific Ocean which smells different than the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico. Really good things there, it was more the people I was disappointed with which is why if I have to go West Coast it will be Seattle or Portland. I can’t wait to go to LA. because I haven’t tried it yet.… Read more »

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Yeah, it’s the driving part of LA that really kills me…and yes, it’s basically a paradise for coffee and food lovers. I <3 Ritual coffee.


yeah, good beta, I’ve been wishing for this job callback from san fran but maybe i’ll need to reassess. Never been to either, I’d rather stay away from pretenses and I’m allergic to hipsters. i’m the gritty space cowboy type. I’ll try LA first. I almost got to move to san bernadino but that fell through. anyways, I spent the last year in the rockies, time to give the coast a try.

Electric Eel Libran

if you haven’t tried it yet, astrodienst has a map feature where you can see what planetary lines go through what cities relative to your natal chart. If you choose the Scalable Google Map you can zoom in really close.


hmm, I guess SF is close to the chiron/MC line. Sounds a bit like rejuvinating the part of my image lacking the recognition and individuality it needs. NN type of prominence.


Ohhhh. Think I need to try that one.


feel the same way. South Park described it fart sniffery.
Very pretentious unhappy people. Sadly enough.

12th house virgo

Interesting. Last summer I tried to relocate there. It’s on my Saturn line. The company I was in negotiations with went out of business. I really dodged a bullet on that one.




I live in SF and had avoided moving here for decades and finally ended up here. Like my English friend here says, “this city is so up itself!” …..and it is. Really bugs me, there’s a harshness here too, and it’s damned expensive, but I’m here for now… *sigh* I lived in Santa Cruz for over 20 years and didn’t want to leave or have to leave but chose to leave for career purposes. I miss it…. 🙁 Grew up in LA and lived there only as a kid and teen, so don’t know what it’s truly like to live… Read more »


Despite any Virgo who tells you Lake Mead’s gonna dry up, cancer from smog, no good neighborhoods, expensive as hell, traffic, gas prices-I could never live in Boise. This ram is here with the crazy, deluded, arrogant, yet diverse and real LA. So true. If someone says they got good genes, BS! If they’re still a virgin, ha BS! I feel safer here than down south any day.


Mmmm, nice description. I’m an LA transplant from NYC and the minute I got here, I loved it. It’s a polarizing place … either you love it, or you hate it. It’s definitely a city full of dreamers, and there’s an optimism that comes from others, too … they’re like “Pursue your dream … happy to connect you to someone who knows someone, who knows someone … but what happens after that is up to you.” On the other hand, all that dreaminess can make some people feel like LA has the ultimate slacker vibe. Meanwhile, I’ve been offered the… Read more »

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Yeah, I love that everyone wants to help! Most of those offers will be a bust but the culture of people trying to hook one another up breeds a lot of amazing synchronicity, even if most people are flakes.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

I don’t know if you’d like Sydney. We try to be friendly and practical. We don’t like bullshit or bullshitters. There’s plenty to do and see here and it can be both hectic or quiet depending on the time of day/day of the week/what’s going on. If you can handle a place where lots of shops are shut on Sundays and if you like nice green parks and lots of tiny municipalities all squished together like their own little towns (each with a pub, post office etc) then Sydney might be for you.


I reckon a year in Sydney would be alright for A NY/LA girl! You could organise your weekends to take little trips out of town and do some exploring. There is a lot of natural beauty around Sydney (in Australia generally) and you could fly to Melb or Hobart for the weekend. In terms of art galleries and museums, and restaurants and fashion, you would have seen it all in NY (not that it is bad in Syd, butthe population is much bigger in NY)….here the food is good and fresh, summers near the beach are great. Different beach life… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

You will love it! At least my friends who are here from L.a love it but they live in Bondi or Tamarama. And of course shops are bloody well open on sunday, where is that they are not?


Thanks all of you for your responses. 🙂 I moved to LA because I fell in love with the idea of nature and the city coexsiting, if that makes any sense. Yes, it’s a smoggy, trafficy, Botoxy place, but in just 20 mins or so, I can get into a mini forest, or some great craggy rocks for a hike … and in just 2 hours I can hit a vast desert to chill the fuq out. So it sounds like Sydney might be similar … I’ve heard that the food scene is great (natural & organic), which is important… Read more »


And that was me, up there. Posted too quickly …


Flipping LOVE this attitude, incredibly invigorating. Loveitloveitlovit.
I cannot flipping wait for Mars to VaVaVoom into Aries! I’m very watery, with my Jupiter in Leo trining my pisces moon and my neptune, But I’m a Saggo dammit, and I’ve certain incendiary needs, ya know? I’ve been drowning with all this Pisces energy and I’m ready to rocket to Mars.


Mel is right LA is for active dreamers. You can be inactive dreamer but you’re going to go home with your tail between your legs. It’s a hustle here – all day everyday. I moved from OZ too (doesn’t everyone, no one who lives here is from here). Professionals with an intense work ethic can really thrive but they’ll work you from A to Z and then back again. It ain’t for the faint of heart. I think people get easily seduced by the big glitzy flashy dream but if you don’t have the stamina it’s going to grind you… Read more »

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