You Are Not Your Mercury Retrograde

Vintage Telephones

SO how goeth your Mercury Retrograde?

It’s in Pisces – so a little bit fickle.  Or, as Pisceans prefer to term the trait, fluid. Liquid. Ever evolving.

My magic mouse was working, then it wasn’t, now it is…you know the drill.

This is a brilliant month in which to immerse yourself in a book or go on a totally different tangent with your writing. Remember: amazing poets are more likely to be born with Mercury Retrograde.

Tomb Raider is back – a brilliant manifestation of Merc Retro – though Lara Croft is Aquarius, not Pisces. She’s Moon in Leo, Mars in Pisces opposite Uranus lol.

Notice also that as this Retro-Mercury is happening as the Zap Zone revs back up, the potential for muck-raking is huge. Remember that Asteroid Magdalena – here and here – is an integral part of all this. Cue Vatican scandal…

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125 thoughts on “You Are Not Your Mercury Retrograde

  1. Got let go from my job today. Severance package has a typo in it and HR owes me an email. Would post this comment to fired for being Virgo post, but I am using my daughter’s laptop and the browser won’t scroll to the bottom of the page.

    • I’m sorry you were let go. It truly sucks.

      I almost posted on that thread because I had a very similar experience once, but no one said I should change my sign. 🙂

    • HOw do you feel about it, 12HV? I imagine it’s the kind of decision you’d have preferred to have made yourself. This is a fresh opportunity for you, and you know you have done your utmost, plus have recently run into some people from the past who could really be re-set people for you. But i also realise you have to pick yourself up from the floor first, and self nurture to gather your powers. Lots of love from me xx

      btw did they come up with something more concrete than they had earlier?

      • They didn’t. I live in the US – there’s really no point in fighting. I have lots of feelings about it. Do you know about the story in the bible about the talents? A master gives his servants some talents (money) and says he will trust them to handle his money while he is gone. Some do investments. One burries it in the ground. When the master comes back, he takes the money from the one who hid the talents to the one who took a risk and invested. I was raised Catholic, and this story always threw me. Its not very Jesus-like, not very “the meek inheret the earth” to say “to those how much, even more will be given and to those who have nothing even what they have will be taken away.” Tonight, someone said that story isn’t about sincerity, its about doing “what pleases the Lord, not what pleases you.” Now, I hate the word “Lord” but I get what they meant. That’s the closest to feel I’ve gotten about it.

      • being brilliant and abused really fucks up your ability to live a life, you know? you know.

        the next step isn’t entirely mine

        • Hi 12hVirgo, Im sorry to hear about your being let go of. I read your other post, and I deeply empathized with you, but I didnt have anything to post about then… Im sure anything that could be said, has already been.
          However, reading the post here about being “brilliant and abused”, that just completely struck a nerve in me.

          Ive suffered something like this in my work realm many years ago, and although I have worked through a lot of it, to be honest it still hits a sore spot in me. Ive also suffered this type of scenario in relationships, especially the last one. Not being appreciated for simply being is one of the hardest things Ive had to go through(especially as a Sag – not being able to be who I am and being abused for it just doesnt exist in my perception of the world). But thats just the thing I realized… until I learn to fully appreciate Everything that I am and remove myself from people and situations that dont support me and Me Doing My Awesome – thats how it will continue to be. My Mars in Virgo has had a hard time dealing with this. I think its my Virgo (My Venus in Cap accentuates this notion though in the realm of relationships) that keeps me wanting to stay and fix something. But fixing cannot change basic human personality traits, fixing is good for improvement, but only when the individual is wiling and committed. At least thats what I learned – the hard way(Im sorry if I sound so naive, but Im just talking about my experience). I realize I had to be honest with myself and assess if these people I am helping are actually seeing and appreciating what I have to offer. Are they truly seeing my truth? Or am I the only one that can see my truth? Do I expect others to see what I can because I myself am excellent at seeing things in others? When is communication not enough, and when is it time to release something?

          What this being said, I know I dont know everything about your situation. And being abruptly let go like this, to be kicked out into the street after giving your gifts is a shame. And forgive my Sagittarian-silver-lining, but I feel strongly there is something out there that will appreciate you much better. Im positive.

          I love a slightly imperfect situation or person as much as the next Virgo… having something to fix and work on gives me a purpose. The questions are, does the other side/party appreciate you as much as you do them, can they do for you as much as you do for them, are they committed to working on things with you, as much as you are to them?

          I know for myself these were the toughest questions to ask myself. Time and time again Ive given and given. I literally know what it feels like to give until your soul feels empty. Not saying that you did any of these things…. but I did, and I learned at a high price.

          I dont mean to dump all this on your comment like this – but thank you for posting and being open and sharing what has been going on. It helps me heal those parts in myself as I reflect on my own experience as well. I truly think this experience happened to release you into something even better. Someone will see your brilliance and want you on their team. You just gotta shine your own light brightly and unwaveringly 🙂 Anybody that doesnt get it – they dont deserve your time or energy.

          • Thanks for sharing. I have NN in Sag 3rd house. I relate.

            Its a deep wound. I realized, thanks to Pluto square Mercury on top of the other astro, I wasn’t really communicating with people around me. Its hard to articulate how it shattered, but shattered it did. Like you said, giving my all to situations where what I am giving is not appreciated or wanted. Matches my romantic life as well.

            I was really bullied in my house as a kid. And suddenly 7 year old me who couldn’t find or make a safe space came out. But I am not 7. I don’t have to wait for a grown-up to make it OK for me now. I make a situation safe. Still feeling rattled, but I suspect its detox.

            I’m sure I sound really articulate about it. But its been painful coming out. I’m sure some silent commentors think ‘geeze, woman, go to a therapist.” But my therapist tried to have me institutionalized as a young teen. He said it was to make me safe away from my family. But at the time, he betrayed me. I see that, really, separation is sometimes – often really – what’s needed. Anyway, it helps me to share here and to have others share back. And just be imperfect and human. I think something old and deep is healing for me. And I would love to share that healing with everyone. xoxoxo

            • Share away! You help others reflect on their experiences by opening yours up to others… How else can we truly know if we have fully dealt with an issue? Our emotions that get stirred teach us a lot at times like these. Thanks again for posting, and good luck with everything!!!

  2. An old friend of 28 years was in a fatal car accident Saturday night. We had dated at one time, but I didn’t want that, and he didn’t want platonic. We fought a lot. He wanted to control me and I can’t be controlled. This past December he was very insulting and I’d had enough of him trying to shame me for crap that happened decades earlier and I enacted No Contact. I would not have known he passed away if my sister had not informed me. Interesting that the first thing she thought was I was finally free of him. Yes, he was a bit stalkerish. We’re married to other people, have kids, yet he kept wanting me to risk my relationships with my family for a weekend visit. He didn’t ‘get it’. Now he’s dead. Nothing was resolved between us at all, and trying to confide in friends about grieving his death only garners responses of why would I allow him to control my life after his death. But he’s not controlling me now -he never did; his death was a shock and so I mourn. Why is that wrong?

    Oh, I remembered that I used the Oracle on Sunday and asked about him, just messing around. In a past life together we were students of da Vinci. No biggie, doesn’t mean anything. Later that evening I was reading an article and da Vinci’s ornithopter drawing was one of the illustrations, and it hit me. My friend invented the mechanism for modern rc ornithopter models. He was in the process of implementation of the engineering process when I knew him and he bounced ideas off of me, 28 years ago. It is a big deal, after all.

  3. 1st official merc retro day lost my smart phone most contacts not backed into a cloud somewhere and i use as wifi modem for other computers house as well.

    • Hi Ella – they are on the Scheduler – every Mercury Retro up to March 2014. They’re also put in the Daily Mystic & the Daily Horoscopes & obviously mentioned in all the Weekly & Monthly as well

      • Oh that scheduler is genius! My vague Libran self didn’t even know it existed. I was hoping for specific times for retro though, I will continue my search 🙂 Reason for the panic is because I’ve got a date with man o dreams on Saturday night March 16th… hoping the retro will be waning by then… or perhaps I should change it to Sunday night. Maybe time for a post on Merc Retro and romance? 🙂

        Pisces Rise, Aqua moon.

  4. Communication has just stopped for me right now. No feedback at work. No reply from the recruiter about interviewing this week. Assuming that’s just merc retro on their end. Not going to push right now. Still pursing every opportunity that comes my way and new ones come every day. Still would prefer to not being job hunting during retrograde, but, so be it. Going to have beers for lunch with the sale’s guy and talk business and hobbies. I’m done trying to do anything better – especially since I can come off as annoying perfectionist when really I’m just afraid. Pisces energy is pushing me to flow. New phone interview today with an open source company all about information freedom. Who knows what comes next? I am sure what I am learning now will last longer than this retrograde period because its already been so rough.

  5. My Mercury Retro is not going well… I feel like I’m going mad: bizarre semi-prophetic dreams, fleeting impulses to dump my boyfriend and drive a hundred miles away (or maybe that’s just my everything-in-Saggo wanting to escape?), no focus, strange mixed signals from my Lib/Pisces best friend. I can certainly envision how I’d like to get my shit together but it is just not happening at the moment.

    This is in my 3rd house and I have nothing whatsoever in Pisces, so I really feel out of my element.

  6. i have actually got more done in the past 2 days than i have in the past month. sure, some stuff has broken and i have a deadline next week but that’s what repair shops are for. no biggie. water flows around the rocks. *zennnnnn*

  7. Yah, this Mercury retrograde is not my friend – and in so doing, it’s helpfully pointing out how much better I could be handling things.

    My Pisces Mars is making me all passive when I should possibly be revved up or something. So much going on!

  8. Feeling like I may have made a big mistake. Just submitted and had an article published in an online mag. I’ve always written and enjoyed it but I’ve been struggling to find a good platform. A fairly personal piece with a lot of unsaid revelations (nothing hurtful to others). I was just hit with a bout of inspiration to write yesterday and went ahead with it without stopping to judge or filter myself. Lots of nice feedback on it and yet I feel like I should be more worried with the Mercury Rx.

  9. Oh wonderful idea mm… Its about time I immersed myself in a book and with the continuous rain here, its exactly what I feel like doing! And will plan some writing also… Just spent a couple of hours in the rain gardening, planting seeds, pulling out weeds, cleaning space for new beautiful pots, even got one for a small pond with deep green colour on the inside, its beautiful! And I’d been planning in getting one… There was this great closing down sale. I also got some beautiful plants, including Hawaii’s national plant….

    I’ve got a lot of emotions unresolved at the moment but have done something I don’t think I’ve ever done before, I decided to contain my emotions, continue w work and things I enjoy, and book in time w my counsellor to process the emotions… I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do this in my life! my emotions usually dominate, interesting considering I have moon and mars in Pisces!

  10. Nasty but part productive. Painful realisations about time spent, creative and what manifests after grueling times of slog when people have their own intent on top of yours. If that wasn’t enough, recent landlord money fuckery has left me broke rationing out my food until Thursday and seeking legal advice with no time spare and a beautiful lover who rocks and does deserve my attention while I have to overspend my time dealing with Fwits who can’t manage themselves and taunts at my success from ex fallout whilst I manage my food situation, how demeaning!. Fury in bolts of high, taking MM advice and trying not to go off anywhere but forced to make a statement and wondering HOW to state my case without gimping self nor WW3. Scream into a pillow, It may not be to my benefit to go ape astrologically right now but I certainly have some situations to contend with, then I will take myself out the back and slap me for having such delusions about my self worth that I have ended up wasting nearly a year of my life on promises and “advice” when I thought I was doing the right thing.

    • I have images of you screaming into a pillow then lifting your face, mouth full of feathers. Sounds like a fucked few days. Sorry xx

      • I’m not into fucked for no reason, I can see what is going on but at the same time I feel super in the middle of something I can’t see the whole picture to yet. I’m not even posting the whole sitch. It is fucked but I am not fucked as it’s making me get my fight on and ruthlessly cut out, well nearly everyone tbh and be beyond super self reliant. Super humble on the support team who have my best interest and giving nothing anything else, its not malice its just I am not a well of endless empathy to drink at my own expense just because I care about people.

      • working through my managed rage list now. flying through, spanking the bank and hunting my estate agent after this. operation liberation from bs. thanks mille. xx

  11. Hmm…… this is the Mercury Rx where I am totally getting my sh*t together? I dont know whats so different about this one, but I feel like something just totally kicked me up the rear side and something is constantly in my ear telling me to get it together – quick and meticulously!

    I spent the last night totally re-labelling, re-filing, replacing documents in my filing system /// did a second round of clutter and crap cleaning after the Lunar New Year(somehow I found 3 bags worth of stuff to rid myself of, who knew?) /// vaccuumed twice over in one day /// getting health nutty and went on a sweaty hike /// signed up for that yoga class Ive been meaning to for the last year and a half /// committing to losing those stubborn 15 pounds that I lost hope on /// have a gazillion post-its neatly lined up on my desktop reminding me of current projects/balls to juggle /// going in for a second interview to another company where I have plans I would like to hatch /// thinking 5-10 years ahead for the first time ever /// totally rebooted my perspective on money/spending/saving, where I spend it on and who am I supporting(my expensive flashy car is going to get turned in this year for a nice, sporty but very practical choice) /// where I want to be and how it looks in the next decade /// and kicking all haunting Love Zombie memories of the last 10 years to the curb without even a last goodbye. Whew!

    I dont even have any planets in Pisces(in my 9th), and I have Mars in Virgo, but its far from the degree of the Full Moon(my Mars is at 23 degrees). Im not complaining though, Im just thankful for the push. The future is looking brighter as Mercury Rx plods along… this is not a usual thing for me – all the Mercury Rx’s Ive known of(ever since I learned about astrology several years ago), have been haunted with fear and tons of delays and messed up equipment. Somebody turned off the switch or something!

    Though the last time I pushed myself like this and got my sh*t together was back in 1997-8, and I lost 60 pounds in a year and worked my a$$ off on my portfolio and got accepted to my top choice college at the time. Huh. Like I said, Im not complaining though… I needed a major upgrade. Pluto was hitting up my Sag stellium + Vertex while my Saturn Return was doing his thing too – all in my 4th and 5th houses(where the majority of my planets lay). It was like a decade of hell.

  12. Fuckwittery huge at mo, avoiding drama queens male and female, remebering your advice beware due to full moonery, zap zone, merc ret, sat sq jup, omg glad when tension is released.
    If i cant convince them i will confuse them instead.

  13. Look how many planets in Pisces!
    With that vibe who cares about techie kaputness, or much else, dreams are more interesting than waking reality. One way to visit old friends & relies, cost effective too.

    Found copy of Lady of Avalon, what an appropriate dreamy time to read it. Must re-read Forest House now, the prequel.

    Having viewed the 2 series of The Borgias recently, nothing much has changed in the Vatican since then, just more hetrosexual back then, or more cached (as in hidden).
    The ZZ? ALL will be revealed. Wait till all the details come out, and they will. Makes a good case for Buddhism, does Roman Catholicism………..

  14. Everything is very practically oriented towards folding up my life neatly to accompany me or blow away like dust, it’s all papers and insurance and scanning and tax and cardboard and dates and backups and

    and all i want is to BE MAGIC PISCES

  15. guys, *biggest sigh ever*, I just had another realization, I know I know, another one? ya, another one, its bigger then the other ones too, im not gonna be on here for a while, I have, to do, something, I dont want to explain things anymore, im tired of it, your tired of it, basically, I have drifted off to sea, all by myself, way, off, to sea, in the middle of nowhere, and I just woke up,
    no one is going to be able to help me on this one, its a weird one, trust me, ill find my way back
    thats all, Ill see you guys later, you have all been super great, and helpful, and wonderful, and the biggest internet assortment of evolved people there is, I think of myself as humble, but to consider myself one of you guys is perhaps my only act of hubris, you guys are crazy great, im just some 19 year old who can out think most people, but you guys are the real deal, the only thing impressive about me is that I was able to fool us all into believing I was an opinion or view or help of equal weight to you guys, if anyone even did fall for it, ill just step away from the grown up table now, I can talk the big talk, but, now that I think of it, I never really offered as much to this table
    stay classy everyone, your all gonna make it through this assorted astro weather like no one else, I know it

    • Hola david i was a young precocious out-thinker skipping grades (and skipping class) too. I feel way less intelligent than i was back in those days. You need a good memory to hold onto your intellect and mine got torn by trauma (well, boohoo, right?) – when it works it’s legendary otherwise i can forget your name even if you’ve been working side by side with me for the last 5 years 🙂 Weirdly, there are times i post somethinhg and think Ah that’s going to be one of things that sits unread or skimmed at best, but they always turn out to get some reply or thanks.

      You’re a Pisces. We’re so full of reflection i don’t think we see ourselves too well. So don’t apologise. You often articulate far better than i do how i actually feel. I suppose that’s weird too but it feels normal. I just can’t be bothered to break it down for people half the time (irl not here so much), which is fortunately my Merc in Aries talking or just being Piscean with a shrug of the shoulders and a flick of the fin. Beats my Sag blowhard bugle anyday.

      I like reading your words. I do think you contribute. Don’t be a stranger, don’t do anything too rash and undoable, and good luck xx

      • “You need a good memory to hold onto your intellect and mine got torn by trauma”

        nooo! this scares me. 🙁

        • my memory was torn by trauma too, but my hard earned wisdom has done more for my peace of mind than my intellect ever did 🙂 also, I think the old brain is working just fine, only in select areas 😉 (yours too Mille x)

        • Well i also spent some time deliberately trying to erase a photographic memory over a couple of years systematically and let the psych i saw know i had become schizophrenic. He said i wasn’t i just obviously walked myself into hell and out the other side. I saw someone else before him who said i was too smart for him and would convince him i was fine when i wasn’t so he referred me. (Thank christ because he had a pastel shirt with a white collar plus a toothbrush mo and i knew it wasn’t going to work out.) I see this willpower in you, Rache. You have nothing to fear in that regard, as you’re doing this completely aware. Just as i did.

          • just been musing on this some more….and I think the ability to critically consider is much more valuable than and not dependent on memory, and actually it’s kinda nice not being bogged down by too much mental clutter?

            • Mental clutter aplenty here! My close fam often boggle: You don’t remember XYZ??? Yet at other times i blow their minds with some of the things i remember. Ma says i can’t possibly as i was far too young. Was going to say it’s my recent memory that’s whacked out but i think it’s more a matter of self trust. I make lists so i don’t forget then i realised a few months ago where do these lists come from? I never forget. I need lists to make sense of the clutter of ideas…natal Uranus opposite Mercury. Ha ha here’s the funny bit…natal Neptune trining Merc. Things just falI into the sea at times, and a random tide will wash it in. I suppose my memory’s not that bad, there’s just more in there than there used to be. I’ve been surprised by what i’ve recalled with Merc Retro, when i couldn’t quite ‘see’ those details earlier when i was trying to access specific times in my life on purpose.

              So trauma can erase short term memory but only for the time needed to protect the mind. Upon thinking about this further (thank you for flagging it) i think i’m more astro afflicted since i’m no longer traumatised. And there’s more in my mind than just the shittery from the past. You might be the same (or similar)?

              • I don’t know Mille – I can’t read my chart like you can! but….possibly. I still don’t have a great memory and there’s an occasional tendency to vagueness. There was childhood trauma induced memory repression followed by years of simple lack of presence that hampered memory retention.

                Like Rache I do enjoy and value conceptual thought, however, it doesn’t satisfy me like it used to and I’ve become interested in other forms of enlightenment, other ways of knowing which feel more satisfying in a wholistic sense. My intellect doesn’t feel as sharp as it did when I was younger but I think I have a more nuanced and sophisticated capacity for processing now – which is probably just about age and experience 😉

            • This is true! Which is why that Eternal Sunshine movie probably hit such a chord with people…like it or not, traumatic memory loss exists at all as a self-preservation system and is life-giving in that sense I guess. I definitely have, at times (okay mostly Love Zombie times) wished for some kind of partial lobotomy.

              And yeah, I agree. I think if I had to choose I’d probably value that kind of wisdom that little kids and senile people have more. ^__^ But intellectual exploration and creativity that is conceptual in nature is an attachment I have…

            • Hmm, recently you were chatting to Tropic about your chart and i think we have similar bits, like Mars in Cap and…i can’t recall (seriously! sorry!) do you have Taurus 6th house or Saturn there?

              But anyway, i was really thinking that yes as we get older (i don’t know if i can say i’m growing up!) we process differently. It’s easy to be sharper when there’s not so much experience and knowledge tucked into the grey matter. A neurolinguist i had the pleasure of listening to recently said the neurons that fire together, wire together. This means that the brain operates not in areas as first believed but as connections that fire acroos different areas of the brain, joining them. We create connections all the time. So i believe that we find new ways to be effective as our lives change. Calypso, you sound like a wise Scorpion indeed, and you know that is way more fun and way more satisfying. Besides, Scorps worth hteir salt always go for dfepth and substance.

              • Thanks Mille, for the lovely comments. Yes, depth and substance…the nth degree 🙂

                Yes, I have Mars in Cap and Saturn in Taurus opposing the sun in my sixth house – hope that answers your question in a helpful way!

                AND I have Gary conjunct Theodora too!! LOL

                • 😆 Have you had the Empress and the Tradie moments, too? Seriously the last one i had was a complete wtf and one of my buddies still shakes her head about it to this day. Also my taking him along to a wedding where i was Maid of Honour wrecked the Virgo bride’s photos and she was very cross.

                  My Saturn in Tau is my 6th, and Mars in Cap is well, i say 2nd but astro dienst says it’s just in the first house. 1st house Mars makes sense but sounds a bit full on, and it’s less than a degree off the cusp of House 2.

                  But i digress…where’s your Merc and where’s your Neptune? That’s more likely to signify memory weirding.

                  • OMG YES!!! to Emprss & Tradie question! In fact he called me tonight (haven’t even been in the same state for 18 months. I was a very, ahem, gratifyingrelationship…but I couldn’t have taken him anywhere.

                    Neptune in Scorp opposingmoon in Toro and doing one of these * with Pluto. Mercury in Libra conjunct Jupiter and Venus.

                • Merc ocnjunct Jupiter and Venus – wow! HOw nice is that? No, i don’t think your Merc’s afflicted, unless you get misunderstandings caused by overenthusiasm or guessing ahead. I’m sure this conjunction is inspirational, encouraging and beautifully articulated in comms and attitude.

          • haha i relate! i have seen psych people a couple of times in my life and always convinced them i’m okay on accident because i can express myself clearly and i’m not in denial about the bad parts of myself, am open to the possibility of being delusional. maybe it’s a defense in itself. but then i try and explain that i am NOT okay, i scare myself sometimes, and i’m in a lot of pain…unfortunately nobody can help but yourself and the goodwill of friends at that point i think. there is no magical solution. only way out is through. sounds like you know better than me. 🙂

            there was an awesome play i read about the famous logician Kurt Godel and how he died from starvation because he was paranoid about being poisoned. sometimes i think a mix of both smart and crazy is the most impossible of all cases…

            • I don’t know better, it’s just i was 16 at the time, and i’m way older now 🙂 And yes i was so lucky, i saw toothbrush moustache once and was highly unimpressed, then i got to see this brilliant man with an awesome sense of humour and deep kindness. Jupiter in my 12th house…lucky with shrinks? 😆

              Now that play sounds more like the obtuse dumb logic of my genius first father. I shake my head at the label ‘genius’ cos i know how shtoopid he was.

              Seriously, i have had the fortune of finding the best mental help without having to search (and they say i’m not mental but i like to go in to check having grown up with someone suffering psychopathy.) Plus, you know, 12th house stellium, it’s kind of like insurance.

              The pain one causes oneself through no fault of one’s own is intense, Rache, and i do fervently hope you find the right person to help. I know how lucky i am in that regard, as i’ve had friends fall off and the professionals they’ve seen don’t seem brilliant, and they NEED to be! May you find a smartie-pie shrink with a heart of gold to match you xx

    • yay! have a spectacular vision quest of however it happens, and then come and report back to us. many blessings- i’m excited for you!! this full moon is all over you, huh. don’t sweat your humanness… you’re brilliant. xoxoxox

      ps i hope the troll didn’t get to you. think how much power you have that some random dude on the internet would invent like 5 fake names and have conversations with himself just to talk to you. pretty weird. but own that power! and get back soon… your perspective is vital around here.

      • May I again clarify that I am NOT Analysed using a different name!

        Also, for the record, I’m a dudette.

        Yet again, more assumptions. I really do not think that anyone would go to those lengths to speak to David. Sorry, but he’s not that worthy an ‘opponent’.

        In any case, enjoy your sabbatical David.

    • But I love you here and will miss you if you go. Is this about the nasty troll? Thanks for defending me. If you really need reflective time, I understand, but I am not tired of you and will miss you if you go.

      • BTW – watch this video on taming internet trolls. You know Analyzed to Death? That’s the conversational tone of family meals around the kitchen table. We had dinner every night and if anyone talked to me it sounded kind of like that. But, that’s not what’s happening now. I’m safe here now. And you sticking up for me helped me realize that. Thank you.

        I’m learning I can swim away from conflicts. There’s lots of Pisces energy now. Don’t go too far away. We did great things with the Pluto generations post, remember? xoxox

        • There are things I would never have learned or realized if you didn’t communicate with me. There’s no rank here, you know? xo

    • Don’t take it too seriously david and whatever you do, don’t stop writing it down. come up for air once in a while. All the best to you. This lyric just did a flyby across my prefrontal and it goes like this annie lennox lyric “it’s only castles burning…” This is my soundboard too, thanks for providing such naked candor and that lent me a voice to speak up.

      Drift at peace warrior…

  16. the other night i was haunted, there’s no other way to put it. the memory of a college friend/occasional lover who died whipped up like a storm at sea and i mooned over him all night. we never even dated- just some drunken hook-ups, but i always had a thing for him, maybe more than any other guy in that time period. i looked him up when i got on fb years ago and found out he was dead and thought, of course. figured he was a sag and died at age 23 in a freak skydiving accident in costa rica or something- he was such a polyamorous sag who had that zest for life thing DOWN. came to visit me once on rollerblades. but he was a VIRGO and died a week before his 30th bday. saturn return not so good. totally threw my story i’d painted off! i can’t find out any info, and it doesn’t really matter. just a mercury retro ghost, but wow.

    otherwise, my brain is a block of wood. my new friend is moving to california! apparently meeting me is fateful synchronicity for her. it feels like it to me too. and she comes with the message that loki is dancing with us both… and all my cynicism disappears and i believe it completely, no questions asked. like i already knew. i don’t dance with male gods… besides pan and of course the planets… but apparently now i do. it’s all so connected…

    • My Virgo friend died similarly at 29…had an adventurous life and a huge heart and he died saving a stranger he randomly met while hiking when the tide came in. Got swept out by the sea. 🙁 Sometimes I think that the brave and the good really do die young…

      Maybe your haunting has a hidden message of some sort or is coming up to make you think about something in your current life? Sometimes I will remember Sokhak and I think of it as a reminder that time is slipping away, be present and be good to everyone in every moment. Awareness and respect for life and each other.

      • oh! i can picture that so clearly! the hautest haute virgo expression of service and absolute love for humanity… wow, thank you for sharing. i can easily picture a narrative like that for yann too, and it gives me peace.

        it’s all coming up i think because neptune is beginning to sextile my taurus. i swear when a planet touches that thing my life goes poof! but it’s such a good poof- neptune. in the flow. definitely telling me to be present and aware. vulnerable and open. and live again. but it’s such a tender little shaky state. or maybe it’s just venus in pisces… which is just excruciatingly beautiful as is the moon tonight…

    • This happened to me once. A Taurus boy I never quite got with came to visit me in my dreams. The next day driving to work it was like he was there in the car chatting with me. It was nice in a very strange way.

  17. Growing up watching my dad and uncles play the games, I wanted to be Tomb Raider when I was little. My NN is in Aqua and my Mars is also in Pisces, conj my Asc. Great role model pour moi!

  18. i am feeling haunted by a love thing i thought i was over a long time ago. this is the last thing i need. i feel sick with heartache. there is no way this would ever happen again or should even happen, impossible but still i yearn. What is the antidote to mercury retrograde?

    • That’s the worst…when it’s over 100% but then you’re like “why am I fighting what I really want?” But you don’t really want it if you’re real with yourself.

      Especially as I grow older and more jaded and disillusioned with the modern topology of the dating world…dating just seems like too much to worry about on top of life?! Maybe that’s why I fall into these long distance relationships and travel romances.

      • Ahh yes.. I remember our shared predicament here. I am struggling with this. The break ups happen for a reason but then everybody else seems to pale in comparison.

    • Hmm. You know LS, sometimes the antidote might be to indulge the heartache a bit. Not (necessarily) to the point where you contact past lover, if that is an inappropriAte thing to do, but just live in the feelings. Music. Write them a note (NOT in any communicable format – word doc yes, draft email or sms NO) and then sleep on it until after merc direct, then re-read it, if it still feels right then think about that that means to you (then remind yourself why it didn’t work out if you have to). I don’t know what else works… Distract or indulge via good films, cosy nights with close friends or offspring, go withj the flow, it’ll change form sooner or later. pi xx

  19. This Mercury Rx is in my 8th house. I am starting to understand that one of the challenges of Mercury Rx is not to act in fear of it. It’s so easy to want to freeze in abject terror over everything once Mercury Rx sets in, as if there is some unspoken command to cease everything in case of a disaster.

    I’m taking the age old advice of Mercury Rx or revision. Revising, relaunch, rethinking my image, job, writing, blogging, social situation etc.

    Taking my time. The danger of hitting upon something new is to always want to rush and leap into it nownownow. No, now I am content to wait it out a bit longer and let things stew and simmer a while longer, at least until the Rx is over and then see what it is by then. In the meantime, lots of journal writing, tracking inner thoughts and processes and capturing rad ideas. And trying not to put foot in mouth.

    • Right there with you on that. Its funny how when a problem arises, sirens go off like “THIS MUST BE ADDRESSED NOW” and that’s almost never true.

  20. How goeth my mercury retrograde …….. HMMMMMMMMM

    Well let’s see:

    – got a bazillion “urgent” missed calls and emails from one of my clients last night requesting urgent changes to a website which is going live today and has been heavily promoted in the media including an online booking functionality. The changes related to the actual booking system data ….like WTF??
    – so I went in to work at 4am to get their stuff down and harassed my poor developer to get out of bed and get onto it asap
    – meanwhile the entire Westpac banking network was down nationwide yesterday. Reasons unknown. I felt like telling them to get their IT dept to schedule in Merc RX on their calendar and top up on support staff during that time
    – also the SMS provider for the online booking thing is down. Reasons unknown. Can’t get hold of anyone in tech support.

    That’s just the past 12 hours …………….

    Oh and there’s a massive cyclone brewing up north that is giving people the heebie-jeebies.

    Good thing I still have my sense of humour about me.


  21. Been sick and feeling terrible all weekend, but today I got out of bed and got some work done.

    Went to my first NA meeting last week, planning on going to another tomorrow just to keep on track and feeling supported. Isolation = no accountability, and as I keep raving on about I don’t want to take chances.

    Hoping to get back into a hardcore daily writing practice and I’m starting B-school in March and have some SEO and marketing pitches to make some money this month…step by step. It’s boring times but it’s what I need and I know it will start to pay off by summer!

  22. Haha! Was going to buy an Xbox for the girlchild today, very late santamas prezzie, and lo, there was a giant huntsman in the car. We aint buying nothing today!

    Will explain to her the astro is no good and we have to wait two more weeks!

    Going to sort my receipts instead. And bake friands….

    • Oh yes the giant spider in the car! This happened two weeks ago, and as it started crawling from the dash towards the steering wheel i turned into a carpark, checking the rear vision for anyone behind me. Stopped just in the nick of time to stop it crawling on my hands, only to get it out of the car with my bare hand. Kept driving like this just happens. First lights i reached i suddenly thought, Mm that was a bit weird and lost it laughing.

      It took a while to undersatnd you’re not baking friends. So far electronuics and comms are ok but i’m reading funny and my typing has become speedier on one hand so things are out of sync. Maybe one hand is a huntsman 😯

      • Bloody hell! But – think I’d do the same – senseless to scream like a girl and block 3 lanes of traffic just to remove a spider that’s as big as the palm of your hand – you sort of go into ’emergency response’ mode and get rid of the critter before he takes a shine to your face or something ..

        • I think i may have quietly said to it Not In Here. It was something like 11:00 on a weeknight and i was driving a back street. Easier dealing with it myself in a deserted underground carpark than attracting attention and having to deal with that. Just opened the door, ejected it closed the door, checked the mirror and kept driving out of the carpark.

  23. My friend Miss Pisces had her solar return just about 3 hours before the Mercury station retrograde, within an orb of 2 arc-minutes. She’s a Gemini ascendant. Ouch.

  24. It is right on my ASC – dreams are epic and confusing … I wrote about one to the person who was in it, turns out my dream was his childhood

    I will see what I can write with this Rx.

    • My dreams were very epic and Piscean the last few days…always that way when I am sick for some reason.

    • I can say I’ve rid my coraline like dream scapes filled with sinister button eyed dopplegangers of relations past trying to needle me in. Where they offer me sweets and baked good. Almost got me whew.

        • I took the sugar cookies to go and told them they were a bunch of loons. Nah it usually fizzles out. During the last episode, I could see the spider behind the curtain and big pair of scissors like in the Big Lebowski. crazy trip indeed.

        • You have no idea, I wonder if it’s the fact that I have very small amounts of water in my chart so all my daily emo-takata issues gets retro-reformed in my subconscious at night. It’s always relationship driven like former lovers projected in a nefarious light or anamorphic perspectives. Mostly stuff left unsaid or undone, very universal and unremarkable really, but somehow I my psyche likes to reference movie titles in my cinema memory bank via REM and alas creates this crazy 1st person shooter fantasy. I really wish I could hit record and see it all. Anyone else have psuedo netflix xbox play dreams?

  25. At work it has been ridiculous—especially with IT. The question is not “is anything broken?” but “Is anything working?”

    For me it hasn’t been too bad–Pisces rising. Stuff like running out of petrol next to a petrol station, that kind of thing. Lucky, mystique enhancing lateness. All good.

  26. I’m having a horrid time. Feel so so low. Am most of the way through writing a screenplay (short, all in rhyme, warped fairy tale that’s becoming increasing darker), waiting on funding news for another script (I NEED the $$ because i’m broke) and then this morning, something in my brain has switched off. Just like that, I’ve got this horrid feeling I’m officially over films. Over it. Life long dream to pursue film-making has just evaporated.

    Maybe it was the icky Oscars last night? I don’t know. All I know is that I feel so blah and utterly exhausted all of a sudden with something that has always made me feel so alive – kinda like the day you wake up, look at the person beside you and think ‘what the hell am I doing with you?’ Yeah, that.

    Maybe coffee and lemony biscuity treat will perk me up. Weird, I had the longest, best sleep in ages last night. Perhaps good sleep works to my detriment? I guess the rainy weather here isn’t helping.

    Merc retro in my 6th. Full moon in my 12th. Pluto smack bang on my IC (which I don’t really understand…) All resulting in general ‘over it’ vibe? But if I’m ‘over it’, what is my new thing? I need a thing. I’m a Cap! I need a goal!!

    • Quick channel it somewhere. Ever try Origami, and not just boring novel little cranes but do an all out 80 fold power animal or epic tessellation. Lots to Google and unleash your paper shaman.

      • I have an origami book! Done. I shall try that! I just rearranged my bedroom and that made me feel a little better. As a Libra rising, I’ve got compulsive aesthetic realignment syndrome – gotta rearrange the furniture, the cushions, the magazine stack 😉

        • Oh yeah the good thing about paper folding is you can completely hyper OCD and get it to your ‘aesthetic realignment’ liking before you finger press it into submission. Its way easier on the furniture than dragging it all about.

    • Aye, equilibrium girl we are astro twins, I’m Libra rising too so that puts all my planets is the same houses as yours. That Pluto on the IC is pretty crappy. My family calls me 1,500 miles away and I’m in a funk for days. They aren’t even terrible people. I just need space I think. Saturn is Scorp is the 2nd house is draining the bank account and that Virgo 12th house just ain’t in the mood. Thankfully, I was productive today and that always makes me feel good.

      • I mean our transiting planets are in the same houses…lol. My astrologer friend was oooing and ahing over that Pluto on the IC thing, and I was like “whatever, everyone just do what you are supposed to do and don’t have any accidents.” or else…..haha

    • How about explore the possibilites in being ‘over it’… Visually, writing / screenplay, sound. Photos, sequences. Like a sofia coppola mini-tribute. The atmosphere, the visual story. It doesn’t have to be a blockbuster, just something for you. Keep it simple – go avant garde – like ‘what can I express in one minute’. ….perhaps
      Pi xx

  27. the lights flicker, the internet comes on and off, my signal comes and goes, its windier then like I have ever seen without rain, bikers literally had trouble even moving, that part was actually kind of funny, the wind is so strong it tore of the top to my roomies ice cooler, the bank couldnt contact shared branches today, and they didnt even know why, my new credit card arrived tho, but because of the wonky signal I had to run inside and outside back and forth, she couldnt hear me due to lack of signal inside, but also had trouble hearing me with the wind outside, luckily im like super fast so it wasnt even that bad, and I still havent been able to get groceries, but since im not working out and still recovering from being sick i need less food anyways I guess, otherwise, dunno, I thought something might *happen*, but I feel different, a lot different, I looked in the mirror today, and realized I kind of dress and look like my friends, who I always thought were way cooler then me(not like I imitated them, more like I have progressed myself to there level, lets say) and that felt good,
    today reminded me of when I was a kid, for some reason at one point I was trying to memorize monsters inc, so I would replay it over and over and over, but part by part, I gave up though, the only part that I remember was when they are in the locker room, and the purple one, whatsisname, approaches mike and sully, “here that?” and mike listens naively, “its the winds of change”

  28. this merc retro is going over my midheaven, which is FRESH off the third hit of a chiron retrograde.and a mars transit… so yeah… lol… am in kind of a weird place re: career, single mom transitioning out of homelessness and all. but for the first time I am realizing
    so much of my life spent pursuing “success” as defined by others/family/society, doing things I thought I was supposed to be doing, and then all my “free time” spent going out to bars, drinking, cutting loose, to escape. Time wasted twice. But there is a Future. In. Me. It is humanly possible to create a career out of things I love, things I would love to do all day. Super crystallization of ideas in the last couple of days alone. I heart you, Merc retro.

    Seriously Merc Retro I heart you. The last one transited my natal Uranus and the one before transited my natal north node. Since that time I have completely turned my life around from hell to awesome, with the biggest transformative leaps happening during those Merc Retros. Really excited to see what happens with this one.

    (was not born merc retro btw. all inner planets direct, all outer planets retro. ramzilla, twins rising, libra moon)

    • Hell to awesome…respect! Escape is not an easy path to deviate onto, but it does ease the temporary pain, as long as you can get back onto your main road. Amazing Merc Retro transits, dia.astro.

      • now I am not in any way implying that these merc retro transits were awesome. they actually sucked. Merc retro over my north node saw my daughter’s dad give her a bloody lip and I had to get a restraining order against him, which altered the course of my karmic patterns. Merc retro over my Uranus saw me get some counseling from a guy whose main experience was with Veterans with PTSD. I had horrifically difficult breakthroughs in this therapy but emerged with a greater level of understanding myself than ever before (this merc retro ended less than 24 hours after the custody trial, which I won easily.)

        Merc retro is brutal because you are seeing things as they really are (technology is unreliable… my job is more trouble than it’s worth… folks are fuqed in the head, etc) People just try to “bite the pillow” and cry, “fuq merc retro!” get your head out of yr ass folks! Seeing things as they really are givs you the power to do something about it, most people just don’t have the balls or ovaries to claim that power.

        • “Seeing things as they really are givs you the power to do something about it, most people just don’t have the balls or ovaries to claim that power.”

          Hell yes! I know that’s true. Never associated it with Merc Retro before. Cool!

  29. On my mercury retrograde I need to send an email to someone important about a new job. Le sigh.

    Pisces is in my seventh house.

  30. After my little job expo on the weekend I realised what I did and didn’t know. It was more like a dry run as the place empty after White Night in the CBD till 5am. Thank Goddess! Speech making (my co-host lost his voice) and the rest was all up to me too, so really the situation was a blessing!

    I will actually be writing a manual for a part of my work that isn’t quite as clear as I had thought. How Merc Retro is that?! Revision and rewriting.

    This Mercury is all over my natal Jupiter and is about to cross my MC.
    Love that you make clear I am not my Merc Retro, ‘cos I would be a bit down if I was!!!

      • 😉 you are right pegs, I had a little overreaction tbh.
        My co-partner in the process showed his true colours and they weren’t very loving or light. It made me realise I have to be brave enough to strike out on my own. He in no way represents my world. Now to tell him…

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