We Want Only Privacy On The Cover Of A Magazine…When Your RELATIONSHIP Is A Leo

L'Officiel Kim and KanyeLast time i mentioned the word “Kardashian” here someone stormed off the site in a snit, never to return. Unless they’re an anon. A Keira Knightly post elicited a similar snark off.  I get it. The letter K can be confronting. And now of course here is the probably most egotistical K name person in the world; Kanye.

I know, i know. I love Kanye because of Homecoming and because he references so much ancient mythology in his music & all but i get that he’s a renowned prick. BUT ANYWAY omni-publicized pairs like this one are astrologically instructive as stink so let’s do this.

You can tell a lot about a couple from their composite chart (both charts blended, you can do it via Astrodienst) and in the case of KK and KW – their composite chart is Sun in Leo exact conjunct Mercury.  Their relationship is a big-mouthed Leo. They can’t help it. Separate they are quite naturally drawn enough to the heat and light of public acclaim and attention. Together, they go OFF. Plus the Sun-Mercury is opposite Mars in Aquarius, so they’re eccentric about it and really don’t give a fuq for convention.

KK has North Node in Leo & he has Saturn in Leo – fame feels like a karmic duty to them.

They’re also both super-strong Jupiter people so where-as some minor version of renown, material comfort, creativity or job satisfaction might do it for others – they go completely over the top with it. Some of us might sit at a music awards night, thinking ‘wow Beyonce should have won this, not that Love Zombie Taylor Swift” but Jupiter makes you think it’s a good idea to get up there on stage and lecture-rant the crowd.

You know?

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did mine and girlfriend’s composite chart and just as I expected we have Ascendant Conj Sun in Libra-Venus-Mercury. Sun-Venus-Merc is in 12th (yes, privacy) and Pluto is bang on Ascendant – transformational. Promising Mc (Cancer – ruled by Moon is great and conj Mars). Moon in Gemini in 9th for writing. Whatttdayaknow we have Jupiter in King Lion 11th sector for big fame, yes. XX Thanksyou for this post


I hope their child is strong enough to withstand and then finally to stand independent from the huge shadows this couple casts upon everyone and everything around them.


“kanye is a renowned prick” my thoughts exactly! He just doesnt give a f**k which I think is kind of cool. I think they are a good match, even cooler when you look at their composite chart, fascinating with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo, makes total sense. I’m going to go google some other celebrity couples right now.

So of I have a composite chart with someone with Sun, Venus and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio, I wonder what department we would go off in ???!!!


The origin of the word ‘hippie’ came about from smoking opium as one had to lie on their side with a wooden neck block to elevate their head for smoking the pipe. Consequently a person developed bruises on their hips = hippies. Anyone who took LSD & smoked the bush in the 60’s was called a hippie as back then it created a peaceful feeling-anti-war, anti establishment, un-conditoning oneself from societies rules & regulations and discussing what god was wearing when you went to heaven. It was activation of the pineal gland creating visions of utopia. Rastafarians called the bush… Read more »


I have never heard/read how the term ‘hippie’ evolved. That’s cool. Thanks!


What bad press are you referring to? I don’t see anything.


🙂 I like bubbles.


Have Sun conj Merc in my relationship in Cancer/3rd. Always nattering about our feelings, but we both only get one chance to express it as we both hate rehashing stuff.


so disappointed in him smfh


It’s a really nice photo! This Leo Sun relationship makes a lot of sense. I can’t help feeling like he is too grasping and ..short for her and she seems a little self involved for him. He needs that attention for himself I would have thought! Not that I know, I have never seen the show…

Anyway, I wish them both lots of luck, I would hate to be pregnant and have the avalanche of hate that is consistently directed at her.


Lovin it! These 2 showing the best of each other…& Mystic showing us the best of them!

cosmic fleece

I didn’t know the symbology of the sword prior to this…

I quite like reading these kind of posts…

And in the words of my Great Leo Grandfather ”Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one”.

Keep up the ace work Myst …. PS – Birthday Blessings if your Solar Return has been and gone.


I still don’t know what kim kardashian is actually famous for.


but for the record i am interested in the astro posts on these types for the light it can shed!


Being a fame whore and IQ vampire sucking the common sense out of us all

calypso scorp

IQ Vamp! that’s clever 🙂


thank you. She strikes me as a sort of Fame GFC (Global Fame Crisis) – everything that’s made her is actually built on nothing, and then suddenly the Fame Debt is extended too dar, everyone comes to collect and…FOOM!! kardashian implodes, with… zero repercussions for …. anything except the circulation of various trash mags


fuq! Far nor “dar” duuhh


Kim K was/is friends with Paris Hilton. *shudder* You know where this is going right? KK took a page out of Paris’s video past, and an “accidentally leaked” sex tape with a rapper/singer RayJ emerged. Unlike Paris, Kim K worked for a living as a clothing boutique owner and stylist to the “stars–” such as R&B artist Brandi, aka RayJ’s sister. Kim K was able to spin off her sex tape fame into several reality TV shows which gave the spotlight to two other sisters and the momager. I think the two youngest sisters are now starting to enter into… Read more »


thanks bastblessed! it’s the origins that always make me curious. which you have explained. well, at least she works hard. i suppose if i were a boutique owner and had the chance at a squillion dollars, thereby shoring up my retirement plan, i;d probably make the leap too (except probably not a tacky sex tape… :/ )


You’re welcome Pi! Being a history teacher finally paid off. lol

That being said, I’m with you, I’d do the fame game…without the sex tape. The money sounds nice and I could retire in 5-10 years after saturating the market with my image. 🙂 It happened to Paris Hilton, it’ll happen to KK. Or she’ll go the Nicole Ritchie route –finally grow up and maybe find some class. Apparently motherhood does that to some people in Hollyweird.

Electric Eel Libran

I remember back to the Taylor Swift and Kanye imma gonna let you finish meme….

and perhaps Kanye was trying to warn us all? It’s got to be bad karma stacking up for making your money off of other people’s kiss-and-tell embarrassment and sorrows, even it’s just teenage angst crap music.



I don’t like them together. well, I really am just sick of Kim.

Love Kanye (arrogant, yes, musical genius, double yes)!!

It makes perfect sense that their relationship is a Leo. Ugh.

Love the cover. Somehow, even with her in it, it looks tasteful. He has wonderfully beautiful smooth skin. Not like I expected anything less.


can’t wait for their daughter to be born so you can read her chart too. now that will be astrologically instructive. you should do Harper Beckham as well.


I co-sign this.


Hm. Have there been any blog post focusing on composite charts on this site? Because for as long as I’ve known about them, I have a hard time believing them. I’ve seen way too many shit couple with supposedly perfect comp charts, and vice versa. Or is it just the relationship but not the people themselves? And how does the composite tie into compatibility, if it does at all?

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Them Kardashians krazy (or should I say…kray?). I swear the momager lady chose that basketball player she had the over-the-top wedding to as her faux-husband just because his name started with a K. It’s like they have their own personal Illuminati-esque world of signs and symbology or something (mom IS a Scorpio). I dunno why she didn’t marry Kanye in the first place, it is so perfect in it’s own twisted way. Like that Heidi and Spencer couple — I find them creepy as hell but they are so perfect for one another it is kinda sick. I like the… Read more »


Yes, I second that notion on Jodie Arias chart plus synastry. She shares a birthday with july 9? with OJ Simpson and the numerology between the two is uncanny. Oh the terrible nines!

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I didn’t realize she had OJ’s birthday. Weird coincidence!


Yes I too would also be interested in a Jodi Arias post!!! I haven’t looked at her chart but I usually investigate when there is a crazy murder.. Christopher Dorner’s chart is Moon in Virgo opposite pholus, with Moon transiting his Pholus during the murders. Sun exact on his IC, neptune exact opposite merc for that AMAZING manifesto… I am probably way too interested in murder astro… Don’t know if that’s MMs thing though…


Dorner had 10th house Neptune, with prometheus exact on his MC…. and part of fortune exact on his 8th house Uranus… really really really informative chart.


I know, what is this about? did Nick Knight run out of money? at least there is finally an explanation to all this. Leo sun merc jupiter on crack. The blow out from this is going to be epic OR they will stay together forever as no one else cares about ego and ‘gets it’ like the other. Like a bejeweled missing limb.

12th house virgo

It’s a beautiful, sexy picture. I like her hands in it. I hope they name their baby Kimye.


Merc retro has come to my mac.
Logging into Scopes doesn’t work, won’t let me in.
Gravatar not showing new art work. Deleted all cookies as advised.
Booking system at work ‘closed for upgrade’.
Telephone constantly rings with no-one there.
Doctor diagnosed my recent bronchial distress as an actually rare
undesired microbe in my tummy.
O so glad yearly holidays start Saturday when the ‘gone fishing’ sign is
hung out and the only concerns are tides & weather. if we will have King George Whiting for dinner and what white wine to choose. Bliss.


There she is!

But still can’t access my inside astro info.
Merc retro & Virgo void moon possibly says it all.
All that Pisces means good fishing.


I love this post + previous KK and Kiera posts too!! Composite charts are way cool.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Wow. just wow.


Damn it, I love these posts MM, never stop them because of the whiners.

I think celebrity and fame is an interesting arena to learn about astro and what drives people etc. I love celeb synastry, use it all the time to get an idea of what aspects work between people and what don’t. These two are too much for me, too much ostentatious blingtastic OTT fame hungering and press courting, it seems a bit tasteless and out of step with current world economy etc.


I know, there’s always some hippie with a knot in her organic cotton recycled knickers every time anything pop culture astro ref comes up as it’s not spiritual enough for them but the same astro investigation into their last 18 failed relationships is just fine. K is for ?


Bwhahahaha exacto!!


lol yeah like pop culture is not ‘pure’ enough or is too obvious etc. funnily enough it wasn’t until i started studying art that i actually ‘got’ pop culture. not just in the pop art whatevs but actually how it stirs people up, reveals their values (ok, say The XX vs lady gaga, *watches people froth*) starts virtual fist-fights on blogs etc lololllol plus i love anti-art for how it confuses and enrages people and challenges ideas… where was i ? oh yes ok so so a newbie at all this, but i do laugh at the frothing rebellion against… Read more »


this is Pi comin straight atcha

Electric Eel Libran

nothing like Pi in da face! =D

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

lol wasn’t there a post on this where there was a term for this kind of person? like gargoyle or something? basically the stereotypical uptight overly serious hippie.


they’re the ones who stare blankly / pitifully at me correct me (irl) when I am making a flippant remark about crystals or buddhism or something and they think i am some kind of boorish fuqwit who has clearly no idea [lol maybe i am, who am i to judge when there’s people here to commune with spirits and see ghosts] but man they should take a look at my bookshelves, Flake Inc [well, until I got annoyed at all the new age fluff and culled to a small handful of essential reference texts]


Yes i get a few of them explaining basic esoteric concepts to me. They mistake my flabbergasted stare for incomprehension and strive harder to make me understand. I don’t even discuss astro, although for some weird reason i’m comfortable mentioning stuff to the cynical Aqua scientist, who doesn’t believe.


ironically it’s the scientists who should really be maintaining the most open minds. all this “unprovable” shit really pisses me off – what’s the last century shown if not that we have discovered things in all areas of science that we could not have even postulated at one time or another.


“Gerberas” and “pterodactyls”.


ha yeah i’ve totally got gerbera pillows in the back of my hybrid car. BUSTED. De-hippied by getting rid of some of the other floral decor. What can I say, people keep giving me gerbera stuff and I love it.


K has been recognized by marketers as the most ‘sellable’ letter in the alphabet.

In Jewish Mysticism, the two letters of the word “kaf” are the initial letters of the two Hebrew words: koach (“potential”) and poel (“actual”), suggesting that Kaf enables the latent power of the spiritual (the potential) to be made actual in the physical.


what a great reply

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

That’s cool! It’s like the XOR function of the esoteric alphabet. ^__^

I had synesthesia when I was a kid (it’s faded) but K always was deep purple and had a regal, confident tone to it.


I have synesthesia – K is deep magenta for me 🙂 weird brains!


Royal blue and brown for me.


Burnt umber for me.

Electric Eel Libran

kakkoi! I’m so glad I switched my name to something with a K. The letter M never felt right.


One wonders if KKK knew about its selling potential. Perhaps this was why it got such a following rather than rampant racism! Lol

But I honestly hate the Kardashian K obsession. I often imagine Kim demanding everyone turn normal C consonant words into K words. Krumpets! Klick! Krap! Khlamydia!

I bet she will call her baby ‘K’. But spell it just ‘Kay’.


She’s a lot taller than him isn’t she? (haw haw haw)


“Fame feels like a karmic duty” with Saturn in Leo–I hear THAT. I feel very bothered that I don’t have fame yet, even though there’s plenty of reasons in life to want to duck that bomb.


i’m curious about any insight you’ve got into kanye’s chart. he was born 4 days before me so we have pretty much exactly the same chart- though i notice he missed out on the 13 degree hitler saturn by 11 mins. the wounded little man drive for glory is very much there though, yeah? his pisces moon is interesting- in the bucket sensitive spot. astrotheme has his lilith wrong, but still. tick the moon into toro and the merc into gem and that’s me. oh why am i not a global superstar/fame whore??

Electric Eel Libran

What is a Hitler Saturn? One in Taurus?


13 leo. i’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time poring over the charts of historical figures looking for synastry. does anyone else do that??


yes & i happen to have a hitler moon. lol. 6 or so degrees of cap : )



I am getting off the internet now.





Electric Eel Libran

LOL! This topic is hilarious.

You should do serial killers too. See if people have a Bundy Mars or something….


i have done ted bundy. he has SATURN IN LEO!! also pluto. pluto at 13 degrees. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!? mars at 13 sag… somebody here has to have it… 😯


Shit i’ve got Saturn in Tau. Harbouring no megalomania nor genocidal tendencies.


Ditto.. Big pussy actually


: ))))

Double Happiness

kk looks just like Beyonce in this pic….


Looking forward to the hissy fits…



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