The Uranian Ultra Transit

Finding Ultra Book Cover Fit middle aged male runningHas anyone noticed that ever since Uranus got into Aries (June 2010) a whole new breed/genre of guys has been sprung upon us? Regardless of their Sun Sign, these dudes are Aries in nature, brash, big-mouthed, brazenly fit, up themselves, pioneering, individualist and determined to take their message to the world. They’ve definitely displaced the older-school guru guys.

I’m thinking Tim Ferriss  Mark Sisson & Joe Rogan & Dave Asprey (the Bulletproof Executivebiohacker’) whose birth deets i don’t have.  Their 21st Century health & wealth tips are complete Nowness, their audience avid for non-stop info and, well, hacks.

Rich Roll is one of the most interesting – he found himself at age 40, fat and alcoholic. So he turned it around and became one of the world’s fittest men. How? Total plant power diet, insane amounts of hardcore training and pure raw engaging the Awesome. He calls it finding his ultra. And given the base he began from, RR has now built up quite the following of peeps wishing to emulate his mid-life success.

Critiques of the guy include that he’s old-money wealthy (he got himself an elite trainer and could afford the time to put into his workouts) and that he was a top athlete at college (ie; he had some sort of a superior muscle memory/habit of training hard to return to.) But who cares? It’s still him putting in the work to radically transform.  He wasn’t hiring anyone to give the grog on his behalf and rise at 4.30am for a 10k run followed by a spirulina smoothie before stretch-down.

Astrologically, this is like an extreme example of the Uranus opposite Pluto/Uranus opposite Uranus transits that occur at about 40 for everyone. It’s like a shrill alarm clock shrieking off in your brain every five seconds: IS THIS WHO YOU WANNA BE?  WELL…IS IT??? WAKE THE FUQ UP ALREADY. There is no snooze button.

You either heed the hyper-urgent individuation call or you look around for a tribe to join that will reflect back your mediocrity as ‘normal.’ This is the classic crisis that hits a lot of relationships around this time – it’s all Uranian. One person often wants to go with it, whilst the other doesn’t. Or they’re both doing Uranus/Pluto, Uranus/Uranus but in totes different ways that they cannot reconcile.

So Rich Roll (Sun Venus in Libra) had this at aged 40 and it involved his natal Mars so he went totally ape with it.


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79 thoughts on “The Uranian Ultra Transit

  1. Love your photo collection Cat.
    As a retired bodyworker with an eagle eye from previous professional incarnations, was curious about your age, so may i say you are in super shape and very best of luck in the athletics…..makings of a champion, Girl 🙂

  2. Since my life turned upside down early last year, I have really enjoyed increasing my fitness. At 48, fairly plump and post three children, I needed to start from the ground up. Pilates has been fantastic, I really needed to reclaim the pelvic floor and core and at 12 months I feel great, even though I have more to go. I have just started running 6kms, not jogging or walking really fast, and that really hurts so I’m probably pushing it. I’m lucky. I’ve got the time and a great running track nearby.

    I’ve really enjoyed Mark Sisson’s blog in the past and admire the commitment to the pale style of eating. I admire veganism too, but I’m still pussy-footing around getting rid of grains. In my family, CFS and FMS is a risk, so going gluten free is probably a good idea.

    When I look at the picture of this dude, I think wow, but also, he is still young at 40 and probably has prioritised so he has few other commitments. What is he? 5% fat? That is bloody amazing – and intimidating. My Pilates teacher is probably 7-10% which is also bloody amazing but actually inspiring. I’m wondering could I ever get to 15%? Now that would be really bloody amazing. It’s coming to this blog that gives me extra motivation to think about what changes I want to make to get even some of the way there.

    PS. Anybody seen

    • I love love love Krista Scott-Dixon and I’ve been following her site for years. Sensible fitness and nutrition advice from someone with a PhD in women’s studies. She beats these new-wave Aries blokes and their commercially-friendly transformation stories hands down.

  3. well, my roomies are doing steroids now, and apparently they are trying to convince my 3rd roomie to do it, its all just what I overheard, his main argument was that it was science, its not cheating because no one is competing, and that all the celebrities and athletes are doing it anyways, thats such a cynical way to view the world, maybe a lot of athletes and celebs do roid, but its not even that hard to get muscular, it just takes time, and now this 3rd roomie is interested in working out and they were telling him all these things about diet, so I guess everyone is going to start eating healthy now, well see how long they can do that, and also you shouldnt even worry about diet too too much, you work out, you get hungrier, gross food seems more gross, ease into something healthier, were not robots with inputs and outputs geez, anywho, im betting this 3rd roomie wont be able to keep up the diet, otherwise, screw these guys, in 1 or 2 years ill be super proportionally muscular and wont need a gym or protein powder and my joints will be way stronger and ill have crazy killa abs, like, the craziest abs ever, at the very least, roids cant get you abs, not the abs im gonna end up with anyways, and ill still be eating whatever I want, they probably wont get the proportions right, and their joints will still be weak as shit and wont be able to handle the weight their muscles can and they might even get injured further down the road, yes, it is a competition, and im gonna win

    • Building bridges baby! This is so me the last year.
      I didn’t even know I needed to be around people ‘like’ me, that they really existed till recently, or that I didn’t have to be swimming upstream my whole life.

      It’s like the more authentic I become to my own desires and dreams, the more I attract those people. And it is AMAZING!

  4. Well, plenty of people are stressed and overweight and bored, thus the rise of the Wake Up Calling Arien Type is natural. I also think it is a form of tribal success to generate wealth, now that certain power pyramids aren’t really working.

    However, this kind of martial cheerleading certainly does not work for me, as i think i’ve got enough inner Mars grating various key chart points, and enough Uranus to feel an immediate sense of rising Fuq Off.

    I found Cap’s quietly spoken response to my not exercising at any time enough of a guilt trip. That’s because i respect him. I don’t respect extreme dieting, extreme supplements and general faddish unsustainable ways of ‘keeping fit’. That’s not meant to offend anyone here, but i find it’s compulsive obsessive, rather than properly scientific or holistic. Believe me, i have empathy for the compulsive obsessive 🙂 But i’m standing on the outside looking in on this one and it seems as silly as my Neptch-Hooning it up seemed to sober people.

  5. oh, you have described my 2 brothers to ‘T’ – one is 36, the other one is 43. Both are as you depicted: ‘Aries in nature, brash, big-mouthed, brazenly fit, up themselves, pioneering, individualist and determined to take their message to the world.’ Sometimes they’re the ones calling themselves wankers!
    They both work hard and play hard; i love their enthusiasm but just can’t keep up with them.

    • Yes i like the enthusiasm and passion that such people have, i just hate the missionary zeal turned onto others (unless of course they want it). Mind you, maybe some people need a fire lit under them? I’m not one of those.

  6. I can empathise with this. I turned 40 last year, am still single, and changed work sectors a few years ago so am surrounded by people 10 years younger than me at the same level. This is a real smack to the ego when you are also being given the middle aged title. I have recently committed to regain my fitness ( getting up at 5am every morning to exercise) and am currently working towards being in the best shape of my life.. Damn it, if I am not going to have children, I may as well get the best mileage out of the body I have. I am also starting to hatch a new plan to reinvent my career. Hopefully I will be able to find a partner at the same time. I have natal sun, Venus & mars in cancer, while Uranus sits squarely in the middle of libra in my 12th house and transmitting Aries in the 6 th house. I think I need to read Rich Roll’s story…

  7. I’ve recently had the privilege of seeing first hand a transformation along the lines of Rich Roll’s.

    I have Aries rising. I do triathlons and have done a half ironman event every year for the last six years. I train regularly, eat properly etc and generally take care of myself. I love my training and can’t imagine being without it.

    Taurus Husband (Pisces rising) used to be very active but in the last few years he’d done little exercise, put on weight and felt bad about himself. His self esteem was low and he was in a job that made him miserable. A couple of years ago he made a drunken vow to do a half ironman in the year he turned 50, which was last year. Entries opened 6 months before the race. He signed up, started training himself, changed his diet, lost the 25kg he didn’t need, and generally took control of himself again. He had a tough race, but got over the line and was quietly very chuffed with himself. I was so pleased for him and so proud of what he had done.

    The whole experience was transformational for him. He got his mojo back, left the crap job for a much better one, had nose surgery to cure his snoring and sleep apnoea, and looks ten years younger. Things are the best they have been for ages for him and for us. Taurus Husband now wonders why he didn’t do it sooner, but he was determined to stay fit, well, and happy and a year later, he still is.

    So if you’re thinking about getting fit, do it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what come of it.

  8. wow, where are these men? every guy i know is crumbling, fracturing, losing it. women are flowing with the zap and the men are NOT. think i need a bigger sample though.

    i get uranus-pluto in may. jupiter will have crossed into my 1st and be on my sun… perhaps they will balance each other out. fingers crossed. ha! as if it could be that simple!

  9. “Regardless of their Sun Sign, these dudes are Aries in nature, brash, big-mouthed, brazenly fit, up themselves, pioneering, individualist and determined to take their message to the world.”

    Natally an Aqua Sun, at 2008 my Sun progressed into Aries. At 2010 I started doing sports (well martial arts) seriosuly for the first effin time in my life. Still at it 🙂

  10. Oh yes I’ve noticed. Every man I’ve been attracted to these past few years is like this. Is it possible to partner with such a person? Cause I’ve had like, zero success 🙂 They’re just too fast!

  11. “Rich Roll”…? otherwise, I *rechecking book cover* totally approve. Although he wouldn’t really be up for a late night cognac and petit four. = down side

  12. so I have natal Uranus at 6 Libra, and Uranus is now at 6 Aries…..I guess it follows that I am having my Uranus opposition, like, NOW?

    • YEP!!! – me too, opposite my venus. Natal venus in Libra 7º . Hmm. interesting….

      I see you got the gravatar sorted 🙂

      • I did! thanks Tropic 🙂

        Only my birds ain’t cute and colourful but I’ll work on it….I had coffee with these ones a few months back.

        So, should we compare charts more? Or let it unfold organically?


        • Organically. 🙂 I got you’re a Toro moon and rising. I’m Saggo moon and Cap rising.

          I should get off blog. I have homework to do.

          Ahhh, coffee. Heavenly. 😛

          • yeah, me too! some work, that is….when you get beck you can tell me what you think the Uranus opposition is doing to you….could it be the reason I can’t have casual sex anymore? 😉

            • nah, that would be Saturn opposing your Toro moon and Asc!!! Uranus is hard to predict but generally it’s quick and sudden like a lightening bolt! Revolutionary, radical, freedom loving type of energy.

              I’m definitely open to some casual sex with Uranus opp my venus. 😀

            • ah, so the best I can hope for is structural abstinence interrupted by occasional and unexpected strikes of wild abandon 🙂

  13. Tim Ferriss is a poseur and his slow carb diet doesn’t work. There. I’ve said it.

    Also: I’d like to see some success stories for fat 40-something women who are insanely busy and have 3 kids. I read the best review about a book by some Guru (soz can’t remember who – but a Spiritual Type) – by a woman who said something along the lines of “I bet this guy doesn’t work three jobs and has a husband with ADD and a fifteen year old son with Austism”

    Just ONCE I’d like to see a book like this which hasn’t been dictated by some rippling type who has come down off the mountain to shake his locks at us and tell us how we’re doing it wrong.

    And lastly : Mark Sisson is HOT !!! That bloke has a banging body and he’s 56 !! And that’s the ONLY reason I read his blog – that and the fact that he’s quite thoughtful and thorough when it comes to food myths.

    Paleo doesn’t work for me either – I get all crazy about brie and mozzarella.

    What I need is “The Amazing Diet for Not Losing Weight While Eating Chocolate and Cheese and Guzzling Cheap Champagne. And Exercise Is Right Out. But Your Life Is Fabulous Anyway.”

  14. It sounds like such a Libran thing to want to transform himself into an ideal of perfection. But it ultimately is a fantasy that masks insecurity. I honestly think anything taken to the extreme is unhealthy.

    I am not attracted to men to work out hard because past a point it’s vanity. Vanity in men is such a turnoff, as is arrogance and Aries men.

    • My venus in Libra agrees. Give me a skinny, lazy artist / muso / writer type any day. Gym bunny’s, extreme sports and adrenaline junkies need not apply 🙂

        • yes!! always have, always will. They can be skeleton thin, I don’t care! I hate muscly manly types. I think it’s because of my Cap Asc – I like skin and bones. Haha… 🙂

          • ya but how common of a thing is that do you think? and maybe its your cancerian dc, cancer can be the skinny artist/writer type

            • I never consider my Cancer dc. My Cap asc doesn’t want to know about it. Haha! I’ve never dated a Cancer guy or found them attractive. Too clingy. My Saggo moon is squared by Uranus in 11th. I need a LOT of space.

              I’m sure there are plenty of girls who like skinny guys. Musicians and artistic types are never short of admirers.
              You just have to find the right person who’ll love you for you and your personality and amazing qualities, not your body.

            • I guess thats a good point as far as musicians, oh well, whatever happens happens, I have had two super hot girls(like, out of my league, and I couldnt believe it) interested, but so far every time a pretty girl is interested I cant do anything about it,like they are jogging by or something like that, its like the universe is teasing me, probably eventually things will work out tho, thanks for sharing tho, its comforting, even though im still skeptical about how common that is

            • +1 for skinny guys. broad and muscley… shudder. and i have a sag dc. though i don’t tend to date my dc- it’s more of a transit and synastry flashpoint.

            • I’m a Saggo rising/ Libra Sun with Venus in Virgo and will not date severely overweight guys. If i have to keep myself in shape, so do they. But yes, I have a preference for bookish, intelligent, lively guys who are either thin or athletic lean muscle. I don’t like super-muscle bound or fat body type.

            • “If i have to keep myself in shape, so do they”

              Haha… couldn’t agree with your more!!

              Mars in Virgo.

            • it all makes sense… how can i have wild sex at the top of a 14er if he’s busy having a heart attack or lumbago pains? his lifestyle choices inconvenicing me i tell you!

        • I find those guys who do weightlifting SO repulsive. Ugh!! Those thick necks and biceps do nothing for me. I’m into faces and minds, not bodies.

          • I like fit for a purpose.
            Like when they have toned arms because they work in a physical trade and/or do regular rock climbing. Thick and big just make me think of protein shakes and guys who fart more than should be humanly possible

          • I like it when they have proper muscles.
            Like those guys from tv who have no neck muscles but massive biceps? They just take steroids and play with weights.
            Good musculature is balanced and based in reality like doing a sport or dancing style, not gym work. It’s not about size, more about what is done with those hunky bodies… Mm. I don’t care about the brains though..
            I just care if they have a clean and clear energy field. But a nice brain and body are assets.

        • Skinny guys with muscles… Tall skinny guys with muscles….ahhh

          Tall skinny guys with muscles tend to have hmmmmm and be really good in horizontal undertakings (and vertical and… Oh you get my drift)

          Yes, skinny guys are pretty high up my list too, I don’t really dig the built blokes. Skinny guys with muscles, yep, I can fall easily! Fret not David!

  15. Was just reading The Iron today yet AGAIN for inspiration. 🙂

    The thing that inspired me the most about Rich Roll was not the athletic accomplishments themselves so much as his story about insecurity leading to alcoholism, losing out at a major career as an Olympic swimmer, and then coming back years down the line to reclaim his true self and spirit at an age society deems “over the hill”…and all because he really listened to his intuition talking to him and honored it through commitment. Kind of a its-never-too-late-to-be-happy but you gotta want it!

    I perused his chart and if I remember rigt there’s quite a bit of Virgo? Would line up w the semi OCD-ness and hardcore drive.

    I also like that he competes mostly against HIMSELF and that the ultra marathon community is so supporting of one another and not grossly competitive.

  16. 😯

    I get this, well the running part anyway… I don’t do green smoothies.
    I have Uranus rolling around my second house. Late 2011 (Mars return) i started training every single day (including the days I was sick) and committed to being mostly vegetarian (i eat fish once a week, no eggs but I do have dairy). For the last year I have ‘broke myself in’ as a full time runner. I now run a comfortable 5km a day and I’m working on pushing that to 7km on some days. Some days I could just keep running, I absolutely love it!

    Natal Mars in Virgo conjunct Saturn 6th house

  17. Wait, I lie. I did see a Facebook post on a marine trainer and his crazy workout session. Can’t recall his name but many hits on the utube link and watching his fitness routine was like being hypnotised.

    Going off now to google rich the roller

  18. Ooooh! I wouldn’t know. You’re my only source for pop trend info and you hadn’t mentioned them before. Def agree with the midlife transit thing. I’ll be fitter at 40 or dead.

    • I actually am/was fitter at 40 than when i was a teen. I was thinner as a teen but it was that sort of fragile thinness one can only achieve with deliberate starvation and too much exercising. but it didn’t start at 40 y.o.
      no. it started right after my shadow saturn return, which supposedly happens to people about 3 yrs after your actual return according to some peeps.

  19. My saturn return was very disruptive and powerful, finding out about it at the time was how I found an interest in astrology. The other doozie was uranus/uranus opposition, for me the late 1990’s. Thats when I went from carefree bush living solo man to marriage, family and city life. I’d say that transit is as crucial as saturn return and possibly even more earth shaking.
    I’m still living the life that that transit established.

  20. I’m out of the loop on popular gurus … It’s like they’re not in my field of vision.

    But- at work one male has started a wave of anti fructose/ unfittness fear that only the men have responded to. There are about 5 who have suddenly given up smoking, started hitting the gym and limited their conversational topics to optimum calory output v input and waist girth. And these men would all be considered the most far “gone” in terms of health.
    I say good on them for giving the life turnaround a go. Two are having very good realistic results and its good to see their change to a more positive demeanour. One is suddenly calmer like he’s discovered zen after a life of ADD.
    The last two. Well, one is a neurotic mess waiting to crack any moment. It will be spectacular. The other is the initiator.

    I’m just loving the hot hunky bloke who’s started running past my house at 6 each night with his shirt off. I appreciate his work. And him sharing the result with my eyes;-)

  21. I dunno… how do you know were not getting RICH rolled…. get it… like rick rolled, but… never mind
    my favorite fitness person is vass the super saiyan on youtube, the dude is crazy, I do his workouts, bodyweight stuff, it takes longer to get muscular, but is better for your joints and stuff compared to weights, and also, being able to do a planche push up is just the coolest thing ever

    • also, the anon harassing me elsewhere is aqueloscorp, just to let you guys know, you can tell because she makes weird digs because I have a gemini moon and insults me based on the fact im a young amercian and dont have an aquarius sun and am not dedicating my life to eco terrorism like a good human being absolutely has to do apparently or else they are the shallowest thing ever, also the weird incoherent pettiness,
      go away aqueloscorp, you dont even have good conspiracy theories

        • really? That…. just makes me regret the whole thing then, now it feels just dumb, I thought I was having fun irritating a feminist bookstory(that portlandia skit) type women being all passive aggressive and judgy, if its just some dude im arguing with then its just dumb, I take everything back, I hope thats not sexist or something that I change my mind now i know its a guy, and I dont know why I assumed that, I guess it just reminds me of teachers I have had who I hated and argued with, but either way its dumb, and I should feel dumb, uggh, im sorry guys

          • Heh heh heh. You’ll have to do worse that that to get hooted out of here 😀

            Oh and the bodyweight stuff is FAB. I started with “The Convict Workout” and then got “You Are Your Own Gym” – gotta look up that YouTube Channel

            • thats so cool somoene else is doing it, ok ok, I started with convict conditioning as well, trust me its not that great, overcoming gravity is where its at, its expensive, but its like a college course amount of info and its all good, otherwise that guy I mentioned on youtube has ebooks that are really good, anywho, important thing is, keep reps below 10, or 12 if your a girl, once you can do 3 of something you can progress to it, and I would advise to ditch trying to do one arm push ups, start doing planche work/ planche push up work(it takes longer, but its better), and then also you have to do these workouts 3 times a week apparently instead of just once a week like cc tells you to, you can shoot for whatever skill you want, but skill work (learning a handstand or planche or whatever) takes time out of gaining strength, so just choose a couple that will have you well rounded and stick to those, how long have you been trying bodyweight?

            • the only thing that sucks about all this is it takes, like, a year or two before you can do anything cool

            • I’m a *Woman* 😀 but I’ll bear that advice in mind !

              I’ve been doing it for about 6 months now – but I’ve had three children via Caeser and am fabulously fat and unfit, so I’m going really slowly 😀 😀

              I can only do four full pushups, but am doing well on the wall pushups and door pull ups. I have to be careful with the squats – I can’t do the sitting on the edge of a chair and pulling my legs up – that buggered my back & my Chiro told me off. He said to just do the full squats.

              I’m aiming to be able to pick up one of my kids and run 400 metres with them, rather than do cool stuff. I’d be totally useless in an emergency right now and I need to be fit and strong in case something goes wrong.

              That YouTube guy IS cool though !

            • ohhhh ok, well rehabilitation wise convict conditioning is a really good one then, and I bet the bridges help backs a lot, just keep at it and youl get better, and dont feel bad, that chair thing was weird for me too, not on my back, just a weird progression, good luck tho, its really neat to hear someone else into bodyweight stuff

      • Hey sorry WHO IS HASSLING YOU? What have i missed? Please can you or someone else please enlighten me – you know i hate it when someone turns the comments psycho

        let me know asap pls

        • in some one of the other posts some anon was being weird with me, and I feretted out its probably aquelascorp from way back when, whatever it was its over now, I was saying lame things back and arguing, but I shouldnt have, next time someone is being weird with me ill just ignore it or tell you, dont worry

  22. I don’t think its a Uranian man thing. I know women reinventing their bodies at that age too. It’s certainly a thing.

    Personally, I’m 38 and going through midlife Uranus/Pluto transits now. I realized I was looking forward to menopause and throat cancer. I’m adjusting my lifestyle accordingly. I don’t know why life goes and for as long as it does, but it does. No point in being a lazy ass while I’m here. Life is physical.

      • Ooooh! I wouldn’t know. You’re my only source for pop trend info and you hadn’t mentioned them before. Def agree with the midlife transit thing. I’ll be fitter at 40 or dead.

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