The Moon Of Ages

Surreal fashion art Vogue 1941

It’s another one of those Forever Moons – Void for beyond 24 hours. This one is in Capricorn, sign of Saturn, sign of Success (or status anxiety if you’re doing this low), sign of Tooth & Bone. Health & Wealth come from the same place, one of discipline and a cleverly devised plan that you stick to.

Fast gratification is for idiots, debt is your future sold out already and fat is dreams in storage. You respect Time and timing.

These are the murmurings of a Void Moon in Capricorn. You may be surrealistic but never unrealistic. Sans emotions, you grok your strengths and your weaknesses. You get that you can’t navigate to where you want to be without precisely grasping your current position.Β 

Cleanliness is next to God or Goddess. You project gleaming strength.

You’re not D.I.Y. You delegate what you can so as to do your Awesome. You pay for good advice and you take notes. You’re edge. You don’t need anesthetic for life. When reality bites you bite right back.

You can get psychic around money, hierarchical structures and power. Uranus can square Pluto. Uranus can circumnavigate your house if it wants. You’re ready.

Recommended Reading: Marcus Aurelius. Sun Tzu, the Empress Theodora.

Image: Milena Pavlovic – Hot Pink With Cool Grey – Vogue 1941

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84 thoughts on “The Moon Of Ages

  1. i got so much sleep today it was wonderful, for once, literally the only time I think, my roomates went to fucking bed instead of staying up till 3 or 5, also, I put some spare towels under the door crack so no light would get in, it worked amazingly I dunno why I never thought of doing it before, so I feel so great on top of already feeling great, unfortunately that girl turned out to not be her after all, she was just some random girl with a ponytail, but, the takeaway I suppose is when i do see her again I will be ready, also, it kind of makes sense I wont know when, usually I can see people and avoid them across the distance, but I never notice her till im already right there, if this is going to happen, its not going to be one of those things I can plan

  2. This is probably one of the most knockout motivational posts Mystic has ever written. Awesome.

  3. Beautiful, inspired and insightful. There is wisdom that circumnavigates the synapses and pulses straight to the cerebellum in this post. Im standing to attention, the messages coming strong and clear…thankyou Mystic x

  4. OMG. I don’t know what happened to my bliss, but I came close to slapping a bitch today. πŸ™ seriously.

    No one is going to ruin this groove. I’m way too good for this.

    The way i see it. This is the sign of the next level of success. If people are disturbed then I done good.

    • LOL!! Thanks for the laugh! There have been times I have thought of slapping a bitch!! xo!!

    • Trying to remember to see it that way myself. There are two people in my life who keep finding new and different ways to do me in, and I keep telling myself that it is because I am getting somewhere. But the message does not always get through. It’s not what they do, it’s the fact they’re doing it at all.

  5. Ahhh, so it’s a void moon ! No wonder I decided to hit the beach and dream my little dreams instead of work.
    Most of the personal planets in my solar 12th Pisces , no need to rush , the ocean is beautiful today.

  6. I feel a new level of organization and determination at my job. I need to strength it more. Maybe pushing my Mars approach… just do it. Tomorrow I will pay attentio to that!

    Decluttering right now! xo!

    • Just paid off a credit card. I have another one in my direct view.

      Have been dreaming a lot! Last night was a vivid one. Almost like I was really there.

      Right now going to attack the box of paperwork. Went through clothes last night to get rid of stuff and I head out today and forget the box. Will jump in my car now to get rid of it. Maybe I’ll do the paperwork tonight since I am the mode to relax.


  7. Got stellar feedback at work and had My face lasered today. So, good there. No one has noticed my liquid facelift. I’m sure my daughter would call me on it. But I feel good about trying something new. Meditating and doing releases. Working on decluttering my heart. Funny how it won’t stay empty. New moon is in my 5th house. Planning on cleaning this weekend or maybe making art. An old artist friend has been popping up this week. Perhaps time to reconnect. Not going to push anything.

  8. Can I have the recipe? I want fairy cake though I have no intention of eating them in the gym. πŸ™‚

  9. Hmm.. I just asked Miss Pisces out on a date Friday night. Should I not have done that during a void Moon? I almost asked her out like 3 times and chickened out. When I finally did, of course she was just waiting for me to finally ask.

  10. yah! People who’ve read my posts in the last few days saw me brought low (and gratitude for those who stopped by with kind words, they are really appreciated)….but I did just that MM, paid for healing help and got my awesome back!

    now calm, clear, happy, straight-talkin’ an self-lovin’.

    mojo a go-go πŸ™‚

    have a great weekend and happy new moon everybody xx

  11. Ridiculous quantities of creative ideas so many I can’t keep up. Have a couple of connections now that might mean I can manifest them more easily. Combine with outrageously perfect summer weather, cloudless sky, cicadas, breeze, high 20s temp, I really do need three of me to keep up at the moment. One person to swim, run, daydream, clean the house; one to make calls, emails, planning, send out CVs; and one person to actually do the essential project work in front of me.

  12. Was born on a Void Capricorn Moon…Can def say it has it’s direction and ambition..Being Void does not mean without direction..Just means a pure state of introspection and inception till comes out and takes over the world..

    lol (Pisces parts and Veenie opposite Neptune will never let get carried away on too an egotistical trip).

    And I swear, if Youtube don’t stop stoppin’ my Robert Plant 29 Palms song I’m going to go ape…Just don’t fuq with my music…you can with many other things, but not my music (Libra 5th house, Venus in Toro)

    • ha! toro venus libra 5th also- there is nothing, NOTHING more sacred than music. my youtube is fuqed lately too. grrrrrrrrr >:(

      well children i guess. but that’s it.

  13. Really feeling all this. I have Venus in Capricorn, Sun in Aqua, looking forward to new moon in Aqua.

    Having a household changeover. Getting a new housemate this weekend. I hope this solidifies my household and the new person stays awhile because…
    Also realized today that the grant that funds my job is supposedly not renewed, so I guess I will be out of a job starting in June. I’m stressed out about that and have already started to look around to see what else is out there, but it’s daunting and I’m scared. I can’t afford to be unemployed… Around here that’s not really necessarily enough time to find other work, especially in my field. I’m feeling a bit paralyzed by all this….

  14. “(or status anxiety if you’re doing this low)”

    Ugh yes low for me…part time job I’ve been at for 3 years is not working out for me anymore, now that I am getting older and am almost in my mid 20’s. Parent’s don’t want to pay for my college books when I take classes now. And that’s fine and all, but now I’m broke til tomorrow cause I finally bought book for class. So I’m starting to realize my part time job isn’t working out anymore. And I’m a “some college” person. So it’s like what “rewarding” full time jobs are out there for me? Yeah…… :\

    And I’ve opened a portal to hell, where I have people come up to me and ask me to sit for their kids. Last year I would for some bratty wealthy kids after work. I already work with kids 5 days a week. I like teaching kids, but I hate babysitting and day care jobs. I know I need the money (well once I get paid tomorrow I won’t be broke anymore and I’ll be in a better stable place)….but I don’t want to do something I know makes me unhappy. I feel like I need to focus on ways to “get a real full time job” That will close the hell portal of people asking me to sit their kids. It’s like fighting off parasites. Sorry that’s just my feelings talking. My cousin told me about a friend of hers that needs a sitter, ignored her cause I was studying, dinner with friends and more studying. So then she texts my mom. Got in an argument/fight with my mom about it. Pretty much told her I don’t want to, but I’ll consider, and I shouldn’t be forced to make a decision today. So then my cousin gives her friend my number. She texts me I ignore cause I was at work all day and I have to cram for my exam tomorrow. But I think I’ll get back to her and say no tomorrow. Many older generations seems to be all about “workaholicism” , and that there is no excuse not to make more money over “happy hours” the and days off, even if it makes you miserable. But then my younger friends are like ” you always are talking about how you hate baby sitting, you should do something that makes you happy.”
    I know that some will judge me for this, but whatever. I wanna change my money situation, but I want to focus on finding a new path. Not something I’ve already done that I know makes me feel dead end, stuck and trapped.

    Also Saturn is transiting/reality checking my 6th house.

    Saturn Capricorn house 9
    Uranus Capricorn house 8 stationary rx
    Neptune Capricorn house 8 stationary rx

  15. bought the cutest vacuum and a heap of sexy lingerie today. does that count as capping it up? πŸ™‚ also threw out the entire old undies drawer- 13 years of marriage with no romance into the bin! and flowers starting to bloom outside. πŸ™‚ i am starting to have a school crisis however. the way forward is clear, but i’m stuck treading water for another year. i just want to get on with it! the new moon will be in orb of my mc and creating a grand air trine with my sun and nn. i feel like the identity crisis management has peaked- now it’s time to get to work.

    • Yep I reckon that counts πŸ™‚ so important to bin underwear from that time. I did the same myself a few months ago and it was so liberating. Got rid of everything my husband would ever have seen me in. I even took to a few pieces with scissors before I put them in the bin. Talk about cutting ties πŸ™‚

  16. I am hating this dark moon! I generally don’t do well when the moon is in Capricorn but this is ridiculous. I’m depressed, exhausted, in a lot of pain (having bad girl issues out of nowhere; 2 periods in one month, wtf), and lost all enthusiasm for life. Just feel like I’m drifting, aimlessly…painfully…

  17. i thought i was mental but it turns out that i iron deficiency
    not able to make decisions even ones like whether to get
    a massage chair for $30, took two trips to get it!
    now even though $$ is tight i wish to go on holiday
    i gotta go by 5 weeks time, sublet room whilst merc goes retro
    leave the day it goes forward oh its too much
    love a holiday, if i took a holiday oh yeah oh yeah
    it wld be so nice

  18. hmmm….
    got emotional last night, but let it go. Distant now.
    Found out my love’s birth time finally!

  19. When I first saw this post yesterday, I thought “I’m going high Cappy dark moon.” Then it was put to the test as soon as I got to work. I dealt with a drama queen drunk who was upset I didn’t freak out over her “spilt beer” and found out that one of my fave customers died unexpectedly Monday night/early Tuesday morning. I kept it together and worked through the night with a minimum of feeling. Nothing really damaged my calm. I also came up with an “escape” plan for my current sitch (I want to move to a different area a few hundred miles away, but I don’t have the money yet) and since the events above didn’t effect the long term plan, I just let them glide right off my back whereas before I would be upset (esp. over the death). I even stuck with my diet. *eyeroll* I despise diets.

    Totally focused on the future, not immediate gratification, that’s for sure.

    • OMG i was just thinking…!!!

      I have just made a major life decision so i’ve been busy riding the emo waves of regret, zen, surge.

      Quit my beautiful “rare as hen’s teeth” (keep hearing in the past month how the job i have is the best in town in this field) and about to give notice on place. Divesting of all but the ABSOLUTE essentials. I’ve been hanging on to things to give me a sense of comfort and place in a place where i have had loosening ties. A lot of it is sentimental. Taurus in the 6th.

      I’m starting at Ground Zero.

      Haven’t saved for this. Haven’t planned for this, but have certainly been subconsciously planning for ‘something’. My slow decluttering is now a Uranian Life Morph.

      Uranus opposition Uranus
      Uranus conjuncting Merc-Chiron
      Neptune square Neptune
      Jupiter opposite Jupiter
      Everything in Pisces – ha!
      Also just realised my progressed Ascendent is in CAPRICORN…well hello Pluto πŸ™‚

      Goodbye, goodbye…welcome HOME.

      • Hey, mill, if 12th house doesn’t mind my horning in, glad your’re okay. Uranus opp Uranus huge change and transformative juncture to lead on into the more authentic self of purpose. And you are being completely authentic to self by doing so.

        We’re with you luv. x

        • “rare as hen’s teeth”..haha, never heard that before…Chickens ain’t got no teeth eh?


          • It’s a very common Aussie saying Sweetpea. Same with “flat out like a lizard drinking” when one is really busy. πŸ™‚

        • My darling Sweetpea, i love the connections and the love i share here. It has kept me going through darkness, and i have been learning SO much about people and myself in relation. And oh yeah, astro.

          There’s something very special and collective 12th house spiritual connection about this whole blog.

          Only Mystic Medusa could have created this, and i often wonder what darkness Mystic went through before the light of who she is and what she is here to do dawned upon her.

          • Crazy,you know today,I thought the same thing…That for being 10 yrs younger than me, she’s got it…

            Very spesh our MM is.x

          • Agreed. But…I am attached to individuals here too…however unattached the form. At least, I can see the duality in that – externalized here – instead of the internalized duality I played out for so long.

        • Your horning in is always welcome around here. I am laughing at the idea that I somehow control the conversation here. LOL!

      • I thought if something happened I wouldn’t know or be able to support you and that sucks. Clearly I am attached to you because I missed you. We must be a similar age as I have several outer planet transits going on. Transiting Uranus in my 7th house will exactly oppose my natal Pluto in the 1st on the day of the New Moon.

        I don’t know what to say about your changes. Only that I support whatever change will help you connect to you and accept-express your unique selfhood.

        I have Uranian Scorp popping in strong on the woo-woo channel and, more tangible, got glowing feedback at work this week. No change as dramatic as yours. But the same Universe holds us.

        If you happen to find yourself in east coast USA, I’d love to host you.

      • Wow Mille! That’s pretty huge, babe! Like 12H I have been wondering where you’ve been and hoping all was well.
        You sound so free and ready for this… and so totally in line with all the astro. So pleased for you that your decision has brought lightness and optimism…. any plans / vague glimmers of what comes next? xx

  20. LOL, getting the timing belt on our car replaced this next week.

    This moon isn’t as bad so far . . . I’m usually easily set off for crying jags, but I’m good atm.

  21. Mystic drew The Tower for me in the Future position of last year’s Get Scorped consult.

    Pegasus recently said she had a flash that i had to leave job or home to get better. I was frightened and panicked at the thought. I felt, “But that is all i have right now!”

    Then i thought, well the panic and the clinging means something very deep but still i did not face it. I was so ill recently and so alone that i made a call home in deep distress. I live very far from my family, Sag style, but also Sag style many of the good buddies i made here were also people with a go-get-’em attitude who…well, went and got ’em, by leaving town and going abroad. I love the people i know here still but have been too unwell to nurture a network, and 12th house style, have retreated. My 5th house (where my Sun is) has suffered as I have had to quit performance and art, in order to devote my dwindling energies to keep on keeping on. I thought if i could just apply myself, mind over matter (Mars in Cap) i would regenerate (Pluto trine Saturn).

    • You can’t do mind over matter anymore. You have too much mind. When will you enjoy matter. Let the ability that got you to where you are now nurture you. Blessings.

    • lovely Mille, huge stuff .. are you thinking that your sun’s flames need to be fanned? that tending, give little bits of fuel to your performance/art may be the re-generator of health? (in a newly clear, clean hearth?) xx no rush though … you do have time

    • “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…” (I just had a little Nina Simone moment for you.)

      Way to rock a Pluto transit Mille x

  22. I’m glad it’s today reading these and not a few days ago, as i can let you break my heart pleasantly with your loveliness.

    I love that Nina Simone song. It’s from Roar of the Greasepaint (way to a Sag’s heart, right?) “And this ol’ world is a new world and a bold world…And i’m Feeeelin’ GOOD.”

    Plans? First plan, get well. Put some hard work into learning how to relax. This will be the first mind fq.

    I feel that it is my planning that has allowed me to cling to a dying paradigm of ‘self sufficiency’ which is really only isolation. I am afraid to return to my strange home city. Some of you live there! I had a rich and full life there, but a weird one. I cannot stand the stillness but i need stillness. I think i just need to let the usual Uranus Mars square i live with crack my stubborn mind and set heart open again and allow opportunity in to the space.

    My beautiful friends, whom i made sure to keep letting know how much i love when i left, yet whom i have given radio silence for almost two years, are suddenly there, welcoming and waiting back home. My friends here are encouraging and supportive. Noone has questioned my decision, except my boss. But his boss was great. Both Scorps, one Haute, one Grey Lizard.

    I will be cared for by an Aquarian and a Libran during phase one.

    • If you are at all like me, the need to be nurtured by others must have been really difficult to confront. But I am so glad there is a group waiting and ready to take the lead. I hope while healing you have more time to pursue your passions, even if only in your minds eye.

  23. 12 HV, i am so touched that you asked after me, and your care. Believe me if i could magic myself to the East Coast i would love to see you.

    So you’ve got glowing feedback already?? How quick can a Mutable be? The trick will be sustaining the new thing you’ve got going on, i guess. I’ve got good feelings about that one.

    Funny how as your energy and glow gets turned up, there is someone ready to feed off the channel.
    Beware the Uranian Scorp. There’s a heartbreaker in this…but you might be surprised to find it’s you. Scorps on the good foot do their life morphs incredibly but there is a plethora who appear to have it together but in truth have Stayed Stuq, will Stay Stuq and will certainly be Fq’d.

    • I have to present my findings to the somewhat difficult client on Monday. So, we will see how that goes. I can bite a person’s head off while holding my tongue between my teeth. But I think that is exactly why they put me on this project. The client is totally neurotic. I don’t think anyone would mind him getting nipped into place. Even as I try to be kind and gracious and not say more than necessary, the strength comes through. So, I am sticking with my drive to say less and say what I do say with the intention of softness. Pluto square Merc exact at the end of the month. I feel like I am prepping for an exam – one of several.

      I have set an intention each day before entering the office – I am there to help others. I am there to help my colleagues. We each work alone, sort of, on various project teams for limited times. So its easy to just get in a perfectionist loop. I didn’t realize being hard on myself showed as being hard on others. Now I do. No one has any interest in seeing me fail, so I can drop the drive to exceed.

      Uranian Scorp…psychic connections with others are hard. I would enjoy some company in real life. Not just 12th house stuff. But, with him, the connection is so clear that if there is a conversation to be had, it can be had in that space. Synastry is just disappointing to know in situations like these. My psyche conjunct his moon. His Eros and my Psyche in Aqua – would like to be able to play with that in real life. But I am not chasing or demanding his time. I know from a past connection how much it hurts both people when you know the love is there and you keep throwing yourself against a closed door. The Scorp told me he’s “a loser” and that he’d be in touch when he learned how to deal with himself. Can’t say the conversation has changed. He feels he has once chance to get it right, and from what I can tell, no plan. Either way, I can’t have his realizations for him. But I do learn from how he communicates. He says it once and does not repeat. Something to put in my Pluto-Merc transit binder.

  24. Why Cattiva Jones, do i not see you as a fairy cake kinda woman πŸ™‚ Do love a paradox.
    Suppose you know Psych’s are are rumoured to be the most crazy of peoples on 2 legs.
    Do enjoy your writing style.