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King Richard III AstrologyGod hasn’t the news taken a strange & macabre twist these last few days?  Call me squeamish but i found it a bit spooky to be confronted with the smashed in skull of a long dead King on my screen first thing in the a.m.  King Richard III has been madly controversial all these years – once accused of having his young nephews smothered in the Tower (to assure his own smooth rise to rule) and then later defended as having been framed.

I’ve read Daughter Of Time – the acclaimed Josephine Tey detective novel that purports to prove him innocent and met peeps who belong to the Richard III society, who seem to idolize the man. This current exhumation (his remains were just found under a council carpark at apparently the behest of a psychic, who said she felt he was buried there) comes just as Saturn is near his Scorpio Ascendent and (this is the bit i love best) with Neptune on his IC, the very base of his chart.

His Libra Sun was opposite his Mars in Aries and he had a Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Leo – his life was indeed martial and defined by conflict, the Uranus-Pluto would probably stop at nothing to rule. Brutal times. So, thoughts? Team Richard?

Laurence Olivier Richard III

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47 thoughts on “The King Of Time – Richard III

  1. Maybe Richard III was also respectful of Pagan traditions where high born boys/men were sacrificed to maintain the crops? The Plantagenets may have been the last of the Green Kings in England. The Tudors were aware of the tradition but failed to follow it.

    • Brilliant! Along with the Saturn and Neptune it would seem it was time. And the lead geneticist is a one Dr. King, the cosmos and humor :+)

  2. Mars in Aries and Uranus/Pluto in Leo make sense – how extraordinary to survive to adulthood, rule and lead in those days with his infirm body!

  3. I find the whole thing brilliant… I mean we’ve all been trudging through our past/sorting out our truth/ taking a somber look at what was and here they dig out a historic truth v myth puzzle.

    And a libra sun? During such horrendous conflict… I always found them to be good negotiators but usually in charge at times when a moderate is needed to keep all the crazy factions together. Much like pm Gillard.

    Had a dream this week about bring left behind. I think it was spurred by watching too many archeology shows. All these people from hundreds of years ago. Just buried somewhere. Dreams forgotten. Deeds unknown.

    That is, until someone digs them up a few hundred years later, from under a council car park;-)

  4. Ok, I’m an American history instructor obessed with this Brit kids’ TV show called Horrible Histories. So, you post on Richard III, this is was automatically goes through my mind. (If the link doesn’t pop up, check YouTube’s first selection for Horrible History Richard III)

  5. Richard III’s skeleton has already proven that at lest in part there was a smear campaign against him. He put forth laws to protect and support the common man. Team Richard here.

    • this is what intrigues me, laws to look after the people and now we see that whilst he had scoliosis, his hump appears to be a bitchy post death tudor thing, outing that as a start points to a lot of potential bs. Amazing it’s taken this long to find him.

      • I can’t help but to think that a ruler in that era who got little to no strategic benefit by giving the common people improved conditions but did so on several fronts was absolutely as good as one could be in that era. The nephews? My guess is that he sent them somewhere to be kept safe from the conspirators who would have consumed them.

  6. Actually it wasn’t a psychic who walked across RIII’s grave the carpark but MM it was a writer who was researching a screenplay based on his life! she was on radio this morning and explained that she had just parked her car and was going to meet a historian who had proof RIII’s body wasn’t thrown into the nearby river as commonly thought. She was walking across the carpark when she felt a shudder go through her and feeling popped into her mind that she had just walked across his grave. 2 years later – and bingo thats exactly where they found him. Go figure

  7. His reputation is pretty much based on Shakespeare’s play, which didn’t paint him in a good light. The reason for this is that Elizabeth I’s grandfather and Richard were at war with each other so it was expected that he be painted as a villain. The Tudors won the war so it is true that history is written by the victors.

    I have heard that he ran a fairly competent government.

  8. It’s my favorite Shakes play, not unlike Shylock or Caliban in its sympathetic depiction. And though it would be tempting to fly RIII’s underdog flag as recorded events seem more an instrument of the victor’s desire to control memory than objectivity itself – I tend not to trust The Man. Monarchopoly has managed to survive, to the detriment of the people, via fetishized unearthing epics such as this. Poor Richard may have gotten a bum rap, but then again maybe not. He’s probably best served as a victim/hero of his own eternal mystique.

    The Saturn and Neptune is so darned interesting though, and that Uranus-Pluto conj to boot. And the remains look absolutely electrifying, is it Leo or Libra that rules the spine?

  9. well that sent me on a 3-hour genealogy kick. distracting and fun! i need to brush up on my shakespeare.

  10. I get the sense Richard III is fist pumping somewhere generally called “heaven”

  11. King Richard the III doesn’t look that friendly to me either, I am really curious how much of it was true or was a smear campaign. Seemed his wife, father-in-the-law and two nephews died under strange circumstances all surrounding him.
    I found dear old Richard in my family tree luckily he is a great uncle and not a great grandfather.

  12. Ahem! One only has to look at the documented history of the Tudors to see who was the real Psychopath.
    If as we now believe cruel and violent behaviour is more often than not the result of child abuse, then Henry VIII’s father, Richard’s predecessor is a much more likely perpetrator for child killer. No doubt the Princes were still in the Tower when he claimed the crown and would have remained an ongoing threat to his rule as they grew to be men, surely there in lies a powerful motive and to blame the dead King, makes for a very reasoned Tudor plot. We know from history the endless lies and confabulations Henry was capable of to get his own way and how little meant to him, once he had finished with them.
    Works for me.
    Perhaps in these ‘times’ we will see more psychic ‘gifts’ come to light.

    • True, true. When Mary was queen, she was advised frequently to kill off her sister, Elizabeth. It’s a wonder that it didn’t happen. Perhaps if had been two men as rivals, it would have been a quick and “mysterious” end to one.

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