Ten Must-Knows For The Flashpoint Full Moon

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Ten Must-Knows for the Flashpoint Full Moon of late Feb. Not every Full Moon gets this treatment, but this is NOT every Full Moon.

They’re on the Monthly Horoscopes page but the Feb scopes are still there, you just scroll down.

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82 thoughts on “Ten Must-Knows For The Flashpoint Full Moon

  1. Wow i have just popped a note spanning the days into my paper diary.

    I was going to say that sometimes advice doesn’t help because i am (insert astro signature here) but then i decided it is when i am channelling the sign of Idiot. There are some major minefields to lightly negotiate, situational and personal, so i would like to put some aspects of me to bed during the FM Fqery oh sorry Full Moon FlourishOpportunity, right?

    Mystic do you offer an astro bunker?

    • Channeling the sign of the idiot in the form of an idiot-advice-giver or the inside you? Either way, I love idiots.

      No. You can’t pack a single piece of yourself away. Now or ever.

        • There is an edit system , it’s called check before you press :)
          Anyway what would an edit ‘function’ do ? Other than check spelling ?

        • There is an edit system , it’s called check before you press :)
          Anyway what would an edit ‘function’ do ? Other than check spelling ?

          • It would have to be tied to a user profile
            No spell check but the ability to go back and edit (or delete) your own comments. Delete power over your own content is rare these days, but always classy, IMHO.

            • I would love this as I don’t even have Facebook. I have an anxiety attack every time I put something out into cyberspace. Saturn in Scorpio transiting my 3rd means I’ve been poori g intimate details of my life on here. Thank god only astro-freaks like us go on this site so no one I know would ever read this. Lol

  2. still thinking about this FM conjunct my natal venus at 11 Virgo in House 1. Any suggestions? There’s nothing opposing my natal venus but it is square neptune, yet trine MC. I’m hoping it may mean a prosperous job opportunity will swiftly manifest. It’s also the culmination point of a significant piece of work I’m finishing which I hope to be focusing on and push the day job aside for a few days. That’s my plan.

  3. I’m late Virgo-rising which means Jupiter is gearing up to cross my MH. This is supposed to be a career boost time, right? Cause it feels like shit. Client freaked at my findings and recs.The client called in from a funeral and went off for about a full minute 2 slides in. I wonder what his rising sign is?

    Then, my boss is called in to help “recover” the client relationship and he flips out on me post call. He is Aqua with either Mercury in Pisces or Aqua – I’m guessing Mercury in Aqua – he does not seem in touch with feelings at all. Also suspecting he’s Mars in Cap. My Libra planets think he’s an uncultured, brute and my Virgo planets respect him although question the purity of his motives.

    In both cases, the outbursts were unfair. I don’t like being yelled at. Apparently, loads of people are OK with yelling and that’s something I have to get used to. My natal Saturn is in 10th house Cancer. I get emotional over arguments with professionals. Instead of being angry, I cry. So dumb – thankful it doesn’t happen in the office much – but its always right there. Calm, calm, calm, fucking crying. I either attach or defend in conflict, and feel like I can’t do either right now. I’m Mercury and Mars in Libra – I’d tell both sides if I could. Trying to not let it kill my self-esteem. Dreading the exact transiting pluto squaring my Mercury at months end. It feels like a full moon every day.

    • Oh 12th… sorry about that! Sounds like you handled it well by not reacting. Although you said you cried.. did you cry in front of your boss? Just remember that when people are caught up in seeded emotion (funeral) they want to let it out. So your client let it out on you. Walk away with pride knowing that you didn’t do anything wrong. Even though your boss attacked you it does sound like he doesn’t have a clue about “people”. I wish it could be easier but you need to stand up to your boss! He was wrong!! Hang in there girl! xo!

      • I cried in front of my boss a few weeks ago. I’d been out of the office because I was sick, my electric/heat/plumbing/and car broke and he called me in to talk about why I am not in the office more and to speak to me about my “attitude.” And I was just like “Seriously, everything is falling apart in my life on a practical level and who cares who likes me? How’s my work? What are you asking for here?” He couldn’t list anything objective. Nothing. And I was calm about, but eventually cried and he’s like “Oh, I know you’re really a sensitive person and we’re going to get everyone to like you around here.” Pffft. Like he’s my protector. He actually said he’s trying to protect me. From what?

        This is the thing I don’t get about professional settings – who gets to call “attitude.” Because he had a really bad attitude with me yesterday. He ripped my document apart after he’d been given days to review it and said it was fine, then said it was a bunch of nothing. After we regrouped with the client days later, he suddenly hates it. So it was get yelled at by the client, get no reasonable feedback, get yelled at by my boss. I know the project manager was shocked by his attitude. I could tell by the way she recapped my main points for me after he shut me down. I keep getting shut down. And there is only so much I can hold in before I just reek of passive-aggressive smoldering rage and resentment.

        I mean – I don’t think I get to decide that people in offices don’t yell at each other and mess with each other’s heads, right? I’m old enough to see this is kind of normal in client engagement. I just can’t seem to find my style of handling this, of self-assertion without martyrdom or crying victim.

        • Ugh… I was a boss and OMGosh it was painful. I was taught that the employee is always right. I was able to handle objecton to my plan(s) from my employees but Managers were ALWAYS at fault.

          Yes, it is painful when you have a boss who can’t handle it because you know more. Bottomline that is what happens.

          12th, I think with everything that you have been harboring outside of work is hitting you hard. The boss might be a little frustrated because they might be all work and no play (Honestly, I am like that.. but I cannot react like your boss.. I was trained not to and I learned my lesson).

          I am sorry 12th. Hang in there! I wish I could instill removal of the insecurities but to me it helps build up my performance. “Ok, what do I need to do to correct myself”..


          • I know that I can’t just tip-toe around the attitudes of my colleagues and clients. At some point, I have to herd them my way. I sell concepts and my sale’s pitches (they aren’t called) haven’t been going well. How do you get concepts created? I have to do better on that. That much I can own, I have to own, Virgo-style.

            But the rest? I am at a loss. How does one deal with a Mercury in Aquarius/Mars in Capricorn Aqua boss? Good clients come and go, but animosity between colleagues lasts until the next job. And, honestly, my industry is small – we know someone who knows someone from coast to coast. I don’t feel like hoping around for no good reason, only to end up where I started again.

            • !2th, would it help to tell you sqillions of peeps are freakin’ out
              Tell YOURSELF it’s not YOU, it’s OPS (other peeps stuff) downloaded, be aware of that & print the word ‘detach’ in capitals on paper closeby your desk or typewriter :-)

    • 12hv,

      So sorry the call went badly. It’s beyond frustrating to want to defend yourself and not be able to. All things considered, you handled it the best way you could. That client was most likely going to find fault in what you presented no matter what.

      I mean who calls into something from a funeral?! Odd. Sounds as if they had their knickers in a knot from the beginning, and bosses always have to save face (their own).

      Try to forget about it. Tomorrow is another day.

      • Just saw the post above about the meeting with your boss. Ugh!

        I hate bosses that backslide and have no backbone. It’s all too easy for him to say that your work sucks now despite having approved it before because of the client. Expected but disgusting of him.

        So annoying. Wish I had better advice to give but all I can say is hang in there and make any necessary changes to the work. You need to show them that while they make things personal you do not take things personally (even if you actually do). I hate to say it but I would become effectively efficient ice queen in this scenario.

        • Thanks, Gem Crab, that’s just what I was thinking – Queen. The scopes advise do the details, so I can focus on revisions and doing the work. I don’t take it personally – the work – but the attitude builds up like plaque. I have Mars conjunct my AC and Pluto conjunct Mercury all in my first house – if I am pissed, people notice. Even when I am not pissed, people notice. LOL! I have to not only play Zen, but deeply vibe it. I tell you – my self-esteem is getting kicked in the crotch right now. BUT – I have quit smoking so I know I can control myself.

          I thought Jupiter coming up on my MH would be good times. Maybe…I had a dream the other night that I was driving to a client meeting and was excited and suddenly the widows all went black and I couldn’t see where I was going and just kind of drifted. That’s where I’m at right now.

      • Who *does* call in from a funeral? I wonder what his astro is. So exceedingly strange. As soon as we walked in and I realized we had to pitch to the IT guy I knew we were screwed.

    • 12HV, i’m sorry but your boss sounds like a really patronising and emotionally needy/manipulative person. When you mentioned earlier about how he wanted to get people to like you, i thought this was weird. You know i went through some hard times with a group i worked a project on, and all that time i wondered how to make myself easier to get along with. Hey unfair on myself but at least glad i went through some sort of self searching. But at no time have any of my superiors explicitly said or even implied that i need to change my interaction or manner.

      My boss’ boss even said that healthy disagreement and varying points of view were the reason different types of people are asked to work on a team. So if people were going to get personally offended by my criticisms or disagreements that was not the right attitude for them to have. My immediate boss said we don’t have to like each other or be friends, we just have to work together. Basic civilty and respect.

      Being told you need ‘protection’ then yelling at you? Sounds like an emotional control freak. If he were a woman, one might say drama queen, right? If a client brings the heavy, sure, your boss needs to accede to client demand, and that is part of the grind of the boss’s job. He may need to make some of those demands on you and others, but yelling at you is not supportive. Honestly, i cannot recall ever being yelled at in the workplace, and i would never expect to be. It’s enough when someone is angry or stressed – it’s clear enough.

      Plus, even as a hot tempered Mars double t -square type, i have to say it is so not the done thing to explode at work that i also have felt more close to tears of frustration than aggressive outburst in the workplace. I think that’s normal. I’ll admit i swear and stream some crank at times, though never at aggro volume and i try to choose my sounding boards. Not great but apparently it’s kind of funny, so at least i know it’s not brutal and i would never dream of directing it personally AT anyone. In fact, certain people have been more scared by my silent ‘looks’ than any speech, apparently. Not scared enough not to tell me at some point, i note. If you were a bloke would your boss have made a big deal of ‘protecting’ you from your own personality, or yelled at you? It all sounds patronising.

      Big hugs for you, and sorry you’ve copped the raw edge of unfairness.

      • He is a drama queen – full on. One of many in my office. The “good” ones are. They fuss and fight and shout and tell people to shut-up and they make people worship them for it. And I am a good one. Why doesn’t my 12th house Leo come out and put on her Queen? If I am going to work with a bunch of creatives, I have to Queen it out, right? Saturn in 10th house Cancer retreats into inner child mode. I can’t just pander for a head pat, I’m better than that – my talents deserve space and respect. Saturn’s the highest planet in my chart. I only have Saturn and Moon in Leo above my horizon. I’m an introvert. And I am good at my job. And I can’t do my job without working on a team. And any team that is capable of “getting” my concepts is capable of ripping them to shreds with questions and temper tantrums. Same as it ever was.

    • im sorry to hear about all that 12hv, I imagine its near impossible to deal with an abusive boss, whenever people cross the line with me I just disengage from within, become very silent and listless, still do everything you need to do and do it well, but maybe you need to turn cold to him, ice cold, no small talk or smiles or niceties no nothing, if hes going to be a shit you dont have to be nice to him, he has expended all factory level base line consideration on your part, you do what you have to and thats it, dont give hime the weird power tripping satisfaction of emotional reaction or involvement, you are now a robot to him, its all just endless rope to metaphysically hang himself, hes making a fool of himself even if no one notices, just step aside, defend yourself to the degree you need to, dont help, and let him hang as thing unfold, I am not dealing with the situation, and I know its tougher than maybe I am speaking to, but no one has to like you, least of all horrible mean power abusing people

      • like, another way of putting it is just becoming extremely apathetic, still do your work, but dont even participate in conversation(just the bare minimum, shrugs even if you want), and eventually he might be like, are you upset, and just deny it as unenthusiastically as everything else, he no longer exists to you, if you have to survive such a work environment, this might be a way to do so, use your judgment of course, maybe it is not the best way, also its kind of pass-agg, but when I do it its not out of anger, its to avoid being emotionally involved, some people dont deserve it

      • like, when if you had to deal with a crazy person, you wouldnt reason with them, you just nod your head until you can get away and just be so low energy they cant possibly violently react, any thing else will just frustrate

        • I’m considering a brief conversation such as “thanks for
          your feedback but next time can you give it to me before we meet with the client?” but, you’re right. People like him don’t really care about being considerate and always expose themselves in the end. Best to disengage.

          • good luck 12hv, maybe thats how you reclaim your marsian power, being above it all and libra detached, balanced in the face of opposition, again, im not you and dont know how easy that is for you, but whatever you do im rootin for ya

    • Anonymous – you are completely correct – i had just done the Feb 2014 Scheduler & my mind was on Chiron from then – fixed now…thank you!

      FYI 11 is still completely within orb of this thing…

    • Well, that’s a difference. Makes it conjunct my 6 Venus in Virgo 12th instead of directly opposing my Jupiter 11 Pisces 6th.

      I don’t know what to make of this moon either way, honestly. Its too personal.

  4. I’m starting my graduate job on the 25th, now I’m nervous. I was hoping to just wing it!

    My sun/moon/mercury/venus all intercepted in 2nd house with Virgo on the cusp.

    Thanks mystic for the list!

    • It is definitely not broken but if you’re not logged in, it will prompt you to log in…Or subscribe…As the Ten Must-Knows are on the Monthly Horoscopes page

  5. Last night, dreamt I was in Alcapulco…the waters were calm but there was smoke from fire…all was not as it appeared to be. Think that is what is going on internally as far as feeling driven to accomplish some things…

    Saw “Silver Linings Playbook” late yesterday afternoon. Not a big movie buff but it keeps me outta trouble when I get off work at noon Fridays and when I watch the Academy Awards I’ll know what they’re talking about because I will watch if I remember to. Saw Argo some months ago and it brought back memories of ’78-79 being 18-19 yrs old and engaged to a Persian. At the beginning of the movie it shows the uprisings…Saw Les Miserables awhile ago also..

    Anyway, at a point in Silver Linings Zeppelin’s “What Is and What Should Never Be” comes on…

    Full Moon will be on my IC 5 degrees with Pluto opposite all the stuff going on in Pisces…Feel great tho (albiet physical aches and pains from working so hard)..but mentally/emo.. good.

    ~Kiss the wind see it spin sail away leave the day way up in the sky..

    But the wind won’t blow…really shouldn’t go…Only goes to show…~

    bop bop a do oh… :)

    • Seems this full moon will anchor the feelings of having to stand alone as I do my spiritual work 4th/10th house axis…

      Not that I have not cried over that in times of despair, but if we don’t do it, who will?

      ~So if you wake up with the sunrise, and all your dreams are still as new…~

      Then you have to live those dreams. As Aries, I gauge my well being, upon arising, on how willing I feel to still do my dreams…

      • And no, I did not always wake up feeling so grand, you know? I drank to numb the pain.

        There were times I hated my life…very unusual but it’s darkest before the dawn… hang in there…x

        “What should never be”…no, the world like this should have never been and it must be reversed now..

      • “I gauge my well being, upon arising, on how willing I feel to still do my dreams”

        I do the same. And, while I could say I am motivated, I am running out of dreams. Really. I keep recycling them and each time they come round I wonder why I ever had that silly dream. And its dangerous. Because if I lose that connection to the impossible, I lose everything.

        • A Stevie Nick’s song comes to mind reading 12th & Sweetie, think it’s ‘Rihanna’.
          Thunder only happens when it’s raining, Lovers only love you while your playing….what’s the rest of it?
          ‘Have you any dreams you want to sell’, something like that.

          There are dreams, there are visions, there are plans, there are aspirations & inspirations,then there are daydreams, and of course then there is our day to day reality
          Put them all down on paper, make them into 12 slices and label them what you want exactly and in what colour and at what time.
          Then prioritise them into time frames.
          And Sweetie, Mother Spirit says ‘eat more greens & whole foods’, buy a jiucer & blender to nourish yourself by taking the time to balance your body mind to fast track your spiritual desires and your book you want to produce for your children & their children’s children.
          Buy a little pre-loved Vespa, a 250cc motor cycle for fun & wind in your hair? :-)x

          Justa Sagg nibbling her fuchsia coloured toe nails while her foot is in her mouth.

          Sigh, it’s Sunset, Gaia exhales.
          She had a close shave with the asteroid miss & the meteor attack.

          • Dammit, my new subscription doesn’t keep me permanently logged in.
            Might be time for me to email Myst’s techno wizard for the key as Steve Jobs is unavailable. Says one who believes in direct contact & has ‘take it to the top’ as a business mantra.

            • Who else said the same thing about signing in every time, another mouthy Sagg or Gemini
              or was it the Leo.

              Pure Libra, allow me to introduce myself, you would be amazed at who reads Myst’s columns apart from those who love to write & read worthwhile writers who are our social commentators, researchers. Those who tune in to the zeitgeist. But you are safe here as many of us here have much to hide & many secrets :-)
              What do they say about giving heart? You are giving the Pulse of Life. We don’t do zombie or ghoul, so you are protected. Librans are as almost as honest as Saggs’, ad sometimes need protection from themselves or a warning to others before they voice…lol

          • I watched Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy twice this weekend. Brilliant how the answer to everything is 42 and they must build a super computer to find the ultimate question. So it is with me and my dreams. I just want peace. That’s not much of a goal. Anyway, I do believe I crapped on about the login issue too. Prob not related to the new subscription but a wordpress update or some odd cyclical glitch.

    • He’s my hero. Anytime I see one of his photos I have a visceral reaction and want to look longer. LOVE him.

  6. The full moon will conjunct my natal Pluto at 7 deg Virgo in my 3rd house. Anyone have an insight ? The ones I’ve read seem extremely broad. Maybe it’s just not a major transit .

    • close encounters with drunks on public transport, secrets or intrigue with neighbours, brothers and sisters coming to light, saturn is also trine the chiron opposing the moon so maybe these will be cathartic and bring reassessed boundaries for the community or siblings and help you at a deep soul level – saturn being in scorpio and retro at that point in time. Situations relating to publishing and communication with the outside world are highlighted but mercury is retro so possibly you making sweeping declarations about deeply held beliefs or emotions to do with events or traditions from the past? I dunno those are just guesses. let us know if any of it comes to pass.

  7. my asc, sun, moon, and merc, are all gonna be hit hard by all this, exciting, but I dont even know what could happen, I have just been emptied out and dont have any more college friends, kind of more isolated then I have ever been, but not in a bad way, more like I have been cleared out mentally and now I have a clean slate on lots of other levels too, but, I have no idea how anything could happen now of all times, ill just think of it as being open for something magic and new, but well see

    • Love the brooding head shot David, please tell me this is not your girl googling look. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • haha, ugggh, does it really look brooding? What do you mean my girl googling look? Your worrying me, I know your lightly teasing me, but I have no idea what you mean, WHAT DO YOU MEAN???Like, that time I wanted to find that girl I like, or do you mean, models or something(i dont even google girls), and why does it matter what I look? Im not upset or anything, but you kind of freaking me out know, that whole thing everyone else can see but I cant, ill just assume its not that bad and I just dont get it and am being too literal and over thinking it, I shouldnt of put this as my gravatar uggh

        • Hey, no-one wants to see obama’s face. We liked yours better, dont change just because a hypocritical Aries (who won’t show his own face) remarked that u look brooding. I liked the brooding, it made your comments sound austere and thought through. Its hard to put my face out here too, but I know the astro community don’t judge. Just wanted to let you know that you are beautiful and have a very symmetrical face that makes me jealous that I don’t have an air sign rising.

          • I just didnt even mean to look brooding and im just scared I look TOO brooding, like, people always tell me to lighten up or that I look sad when I am totally fine, its just one of those things, and I dont really think im good looking, im decent, but I think I look kinda weird if anything, its just one of those things that gets me thats all

            • Used to hate when people said that to me…can’t they rearrange their own face? If how you’re feeling matters to someone, can’t they just ask how you’re feeling without turning it into some kind of control exercise?

              Of course, Davidl is teasing you which is quite different from telling you to change.

          • davidl changes his grav fairly regularly, PureLibra, and one of them HAS been his own face. I think it’s always him or his sons in the grav.

            Before i commented for the first time on this site, i had trawled the archives for astro purposes, but i also got to know the character and some of the story of the longtime commenters here. Commenters’ history and evolution are amazing when you put the bigger picture together, and i find my Merc in Aries/Sag multiconjunction instant face-value-reaction somewhat tempered by broader knowledge.

            Davids both, as you were!

          • Hypocritical Aries? Harsh. DavidL has shown his face around here more than most people actually…

            • ya, davidl doesnt mean any harm, I was just over reacting, I knew he was teasing, I just over reacted

            • Hey,

              I said my comment in jest. Just teasing. I know he is an aries and was tryin to pull off an Arian tease cause I thought that DavL could haddle it. i thought I might stir shit but I didnt think anyone would take me seriously.

              1) Davidl or anyone on this post should feel no pressure to put their face on here. Whether he has put it up in the past or not. thats really irrelavent because there is no integrety in exposure.

              2) DavidL’s obviously used the word ‘brooding’ harmlessly and David5379 understands this now. I think DavidL is great and I dont have to prowl previous posts to know this.

              3) DavidL Please know that I was teasing and that its difficult to be sacastic in a playful way in a typed format. I tried to overcompensate so that David5379 wouldnt feel less selfconscious. Didnt think it would sound like im throwing u under a bus (just like u never thought anyone would think anything of ‘brooding’.

                • If I knew DavidL ate a cheese sandwich, I would say “Dont listen to an Aries who eats cheese sandwiches” and this would be considered benign sarcasm in my circles.

                  • And then someone would comment that in fact he eats ham sandwiches and it was only that once that he ate a cheese one actually and I would find myself makig a public sandwich appology.

                    (Ps. Im playing. Love this blog community. I fear boredom more that disharmony.)

  8. I got 5 planets in Virgo (Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Uranus, and Venus, which is at 7 degrees), and I am going to try and resolve the situation already brewing and turn serene by the end of the week. If even its just a resolution for my sanity. Thank you so much for the top ten tips, the help me manage the crazy.

  9. My Mars is at 7 Virgo. I have a lot of stuff in virgo. I am pretty nervous about how this is going to make me feel. Does anyone have any practical advice?

  10. I have a question – I have Mars at 23 degrees in Virgo. I know thats far from the 7 degrees of Virgo this Full Moon is at, but Ive always considered the entire sign of these things are affected when it comes to potent lunations… maybe not as much as someone who has Mars at 7 degrees exact, but still worth considering for me. Whaddya think, should I even be concerned?