Scorpios Are Steampunk But Capricorns Are From Mesopotamia

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Recycled Metal Capricorn Sculpture

Obviously i am too clutter-phobic to have sculptures as such but these (from Kreatworks) are genius: Steampunk, recycled metal (literally from useless old trash nobody else could use) and they get the Sea-Goat aspect of Capricorn. Always impressive.

You see, Cap is not just our fave lean, mean and keen Mountain Goat, all chic, cheekbones and ferocity of cheekbones. Caps in mythology always have a mermaid/man tail. They’re MAGIC. They’re other-worldly. They’re linked into Mesopotamian Creation Myths. They’re, like, Babylonian.

They’re the Sea-Goat. A myth is not something that never happened – a myth is something that is happening all the time. Like Capricorns.

And here’s Scorp…I think there should be a little flame down the side, hoon car style, to represent the phoenix. You think?

Steampunk Scorpio sculpture recycled metal

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35 thoughts on “Scorpios Are Steampunk But Capricorns Are From Mesopotamia

  1. I didn’t know that about Capricorn. Thinking of the caps I know tho it makes perfect sense.
    I’m going to be reading David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, the art of stress free productivity for the next five days. Just downloaded the audiobook. That, exercise, hydration and sleep hygiene are my full moon priorities ..
    I’m really looking forward to the geek fest πŸ™‚

  2. Double Capricorn here … Thank You Grand Mystic . I sometimes feel so misunderstood . Yet know deep in side the Mystery is no Mystery just Life happening right Now ! Your words Inspire ! Gracias !

  3. I LOVE the Capricorn one. I love Capricorn and Sea Goats. SOOO mythical. I wish I knew more Caps in real life. The ones I do know are so reliable and loyal and hardworking.

  4. I am a goat trying to forget a scorpion…we met briefly at the start of the year…and had a lovely, fun (yes fun) week or so together. Separated by distance, time zones and my inability to just let things happen at their own pace, I shut down communication thinking that was for the best. Felt crazy stupid in love and umcomfortable with that coz one sided …i try and try, but I can’t forget him,..and then this post ….I have to stand by decision…time will dim the connection… But … But…those Scorps can be pretty darn unforgettable steampunks

  5. Holy…..

    As SOON as Saturn went into scorp I started spotting scorpions in the house…..I had never been so exposed before…..crazy…

    That was my major evolve or evaporate realism

  6. When Saturn went retrograde this week in Scorpio, I almost stood on a scorpion on the floor.

    Hello Rescue Remedy!

    And when Saturn went into Scorpio last year, I know someone who got married and a scorpion bit him on the leg at the ceremony.

  7. I love Steampunk. I think its a realm that very much dwells between Cancer and Capricorn. Capricorn brings the whole Time element as well as the Victorian element (very Saturn), and Cancer brings the vintageness of it all. As well as the feeling of collecting/hoarding(Howl’s Moving Castle, anyone?)

    I think theres traces of Aqua and Virgo as well, but mostly I think its a Capricorn/Cancer axis type thing.

    • Yep,
      I intuitively think of foggy Neptune moving from Aqua into Pisces too…timings about right.

      and whats not to love?? : Steam (elemental/unbreakable/ sustainable
      and Punk ! (nuff said)

      creative young-uns forging ideas. I think its great.

      • oh and Solastalgia….
        getting a bit of practice imagining a world without oil and all its mainly toxic by-products has gotta be a good thing. πŸ™‚

      • Seriously! I think Steampunk just hits a lot of the major planetary energy in my chart. Love how it mixes elements of the past with a hope for the future in a way… Reminds me of something my inner voice told me once: “Looking back to move forward” /// Illustrated in my mind’s eye as a mirror placed in the middle of a path, you think its only reflecting the road travelled thus far and you cannot move forward because it is blocked by the mirror, but if you look again, you see a road created within the mirror that still moves forward to a parallel dimension…Such is self-reflection and awareness of the path you travel, and wisdom is gleaned that can help you forge a new path forward… whether or not this makes sense to anyone, its one of my personal mantras.

        I can watch Howl’s Moving Castle once a week and enjoy it every time; even though its not “technically” steampunk, it has a lot of great elements of it. Hmm. Reminds me, going to go watch it now.

  8. I don’t think you folk are tracing steampunk to its origins properly. It’s not “fashion”, it’s just been appropriated by fashionistas coz it looks cool. The best steampunk-inspired piece I’ve seen lately is the film Hugo. It’s really a sci-fi genre about what might have been if the digital age didn’t happen.

  9. The beautiful evolving Capricorns all have mer-tails. I recognise their fishtails. Perhaps that is why i have special relationships with Caps: they do seem dour or serious but i just know they’re not, and we always have playful conversations, though about very heavy things, i suppose. Their mournful humour is absolutely hilarious, as it is a recognition of metaphysical truths and the physical layers of life that wrap around those truths. I always find them very gentle though steely with life itself.

    When i first read about the mer-goat it seemed far more to tell the whole story about Capricorn. I like the idea that myths are happening all the time. It explains a lot of the bizarre synchronicity.

  10. “A myth is not something that never happened – a myth is something that is happening all the time. ” now i never thought about it that way. excellent.

    steampunk, um yeah i guess? I’m not big on contrivance in fashion, yes i know it’s more than garments but still. someone enlighten me if i missed something…

    i like the idea of the scorp having one segment of shell coming off / semi melted off / heat distressed, with precious stones / metals underneath.

    • that’s not quite true. i do get contrivance in fashion. i mean, high heels, makeup, accessories, it’s all the same just a different colour. but i think i am too phobic of ‘movements’ and fitting in, needing to belong to something strongly enough to care much for any trend / subculture in particular. not that i am being asked to care.. anyway.

  11. ooo yes to the hooncar flames, I am scorp (moon) & capricorn (rising) & I love both of these, I feel both these aspects of me very energised with the mutual reception thingo going on …

    Just reflecting on the seagoat now, its always confused me a bit because of the difference between mountain climbing & sea swimming – but of course the mountains are under the sea as well, so the seagoat would naturally climb/ swim around undersea mountains, I get it !!!

    • Wow! You make that sound obvious but I never got this either. Thnk u!

      I just found out that the Piaces glyph was actually two tails in the opposite direction as the myth is about the tails of the two fish getting tangled. I had previously thought they were the fish headsor gills)(

  12. The best thing about having Capricorn rising & Saturn in Aries in the 5th is that it gets better with age…even ageing becomes a non-linear eternal process, where timelessness seems much more meaningful than dates & years…

  13. I like Steampunk (on other people) and know some Caps who are fond of it.

    It doesn’t make sense to this Virgo though–the past, the future, fantasy–sorry, too airy-fairy. And the Pisces rising says–what’s the point of fantasy when magic IS real—we don’t need to fantasise about imaginary pasts/futures when there are other dimensions to access now.

    Cool scupltures though. Love the idea of re-using stuff creatively.

    • As soon as I saw the title of this post, I thought, “I don’t get steampunk”.

      I remember a friend of mine had a steampunk themed party and all I could think of to wear was a black corseted dress with tons of gold saftey pins, Doc Martens, and swimming goggles … Uh…yeah.

      I find it confusing to say the least but I dig the scorpio statue, just have no idea where I’d place it in my home.

    • gosh you’ve just pinned something so true about the difference between piscean magic, and fantasy – thank you. It has always irked me to have some actual magic referred to as fantasy or illusion; i just think, you poor ignorant dolt, so it is a power you’ve never used or witnessed.

      Saw ‘steampunk’ in the title and thought oh fq me if i have to look at an octopus cthulhu clock part piece of crap on this post. But then i spend more time on Regretsy than i have on Etsy over the past few years.

  14. That’s so awesome!

    I’ve always considered steampunk to be more Virgo than scorpio. The partakers seem more exacting than what was passed off as goth.
    There was this DIY punk asthetic they thought that could not be reproduced easily as easily as Hot Topic produced “goth look” clothing and a need to distance themselves by wearing more brown and rich metals, so thus the mass exodus.

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