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Mars on Neptune, Venus vamping up Uranus, Jupiter & Uranus (yes) – things are changing but because this is the Dark Moon, it’s mostly internal – not yet ready to surface of show itself. But understand: this is profound astro-weirding. So how y’all doing with it?


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100 thoughts on “Psyched?

  1. I had a hell of a weekend. I thought I was going mental, and I definitely have been ventilating some Venusian frustrations. then started to hate myself for being such a bitch – I do have the sting after all. So I re-read the daily mystic (i think it was) about low Neptune, haute Neptune and did the meditation thing. Then read through the missives and realised I wasn’t being that bad after all and there’s a lot of clarity and wisdom in what I had to say. So, I’ve come out of it feeling good, perhaps stronger and liking myself more than I have in a little while. I don’t know if that makes astro-sense, but the scopes and the forum here helped me through the long dark night of the souls. Thanks awesome peeps πŸ™‚

    • oh yeah, and the current vibe for leaving something behind? I think that love scenario is it.

      • Ahhh… Wonderful… softening dropping the self judgement and realising you were on.the right track…. Some bites arehard to chew, some stings stingtwice, or more… If integrity is true for the wellbeing of all.beings surely no harm should be done…

        I was a bit off today, with my passive aggressive self, I know why I did it, and I press myself to learn to face the bully and be more assertive and not to fall into the trap of ill will…. Argggh its hard particularly w so much conflict.

        • “Some bites arehard to chew, some stings stingtwice, or more… If integrity is true for the wellbeing of all.beings surely no harm should be done…”

          So true, Anon, and well said. It’s just tricky when you’re defending yourself in a situation that you don’t feel has integrity. I’m so open-minded, I don’t judge people even when they are exhibiting behaviour that others can’t handle. I just cannot take it when someone tries to dump their crap onto me to to make themselves feel better without looking honestly at their own stuff. It’s my bugbear.

  2. This w/e SUCKED!!! I was on the couch yesterday until around 3 pm then I got my arse up, took a shower and went out. I was in emotional pain. How am I doing with it. Just dealing with the emotional pain. Stepping away from needing approval from my family and saying f’uq you. That is where all the emotional crap is coming from. I am trying to figure out how to get out of that garbage state from childhood to change my relationships now. No LZ action.. that won’t happen with me. Yes, I think about him but that is it!

    Virgo Sun, Libra Rising, Leo Moon,

    Neptune natalling in Scorpio (1st house) / t’ing 5th house
    Mars natalling in Scorpio (2nd house) / t’ing cusp of 4th and 5th house
    Venus natalling in 1st house / t’ing 4th house
    Uranus natalling in 11th house / t’ing 6 th house
    Jupiter natalling on the cusp of 8th and 9th house / t’ing the 8th house.

    So what does Mars do for Neptune?

    • have you just had/are you about to have a jupiter return? (when transiting jupiter conjuncts natal jupiter) that is positive – it’s the start of a new 12 year cycle!

      • Hi PC.. how do I know if Jupiter is a return? And when you say “conjunct” do you mean that since Jupiter natalling and the transitioning J are so close to each other? Sorry.. still trying to piece this together! Thank you!!

      • Ok.. sorry! I just check back to 2001 and yes it looks like Jupiter is returning. It’s funny at that time I was just recovering from almost losing my job, ending a relationship, getting my health back in order and starting a commitment with the martial arts that I was “married” to for over 10 years. Things started changing for me with work, relationships and health again in 2009.

        Work: I was a year away from losing my job
        Relationships: my heart was opened up again for the first time in 10 years
        Health: I hit rockbottome with health but it started me on a new view on life and letting go

        Thanks for commenting. I learned something new!


    • Good for you, Virgo Ellie! I think you should read more about Chiron in the 5th house. It may help you with your need to detach from your parents opinions and give you space to heal. So glad you are working on healing you now! I know it doesn’t feel good, but even if you feel low, you’re on the right track!

      • Thanks 12th!! I am feeling a little bit better today. Boy this w/e was tuff! Rock bottom is what I call it. It can only get better. I might go to a Labyrinth tonight. Those spiritual walks are amazing!

        • bless you Ellie – also maybe see saturn through the houses? saturn in the 8th is a lot about ‘whose in and whose out’ x x x

          • Thanks Quin! Still trying to connect with Saturn to see where he fits in.. not in the 8th house natally so I think he is stuck in my 2nd house as a transit for while. He is natally in my 5th house. Will pay attention though! Thank you! xo!

            • well 2nd house is family stuff too, or self worth at least! good luck dear with the self-devi πŸ™‚

    • Virgo Ellie,

      I didn’t realize we were two peas in a pod at the mo–kinda going through the same thing. Finished cutting off the last of my toxic fam last Oct/Nov…and they’re still calling me. lol Brings up all the old crap everytime I see their caller ID.

      I’ll take a stab at your question–what does Mars in Neptune mean. Just remember, I’m no MM!

      Well,(Mars) taking action toward a dream (Neptune). Because it’s Neptune, that dream can be either perfection or an illusion, so be clear about what your goal is to avoid self-deception. Looking at what you have above, your natal placement for Mars is about self-worth and what you deem valuable and since Mars is now transiting your 5th, you’re taking steps to re-evaluate your relationships. Duh. πŸ™‚ You’re aleady doing that, so you’re on your way. With the 4th house transit, I’m thinking you’re going to move. Have you done that already too or is that in the works because you’re also revamping your home life and decor (Venus). Maybe do some home repair/creative DIY projects yourself. Nailing something with hammer can really release some pent up anger, pain (where there’s one, there’s usually the other).

      Neptune transit the 5th, wow, long time transit on your creativity/relationship house. If you go high Neptune, girl, all the crap you’re going through now will so be worth it! Go Low, self-deception, martyrdom, addiction issues (and prolly not yours!), it’s all ugly blah. Rules for a Higher Neptune–no alcohol, it blurs boundaries and Neptune’s already done that for you so you need no help there! Go spiritual. With your Neptune placement, I’d say you could prolly utilize the arts in some way–writing, painting, whatever floats your boat. Yoga is good here too. Also, if you look to Jupiter, you see that where you’re lucky now–8th house. Love the 8th. You’ll be able to plumb your darker nature now to discover why you do what you do. I only recommend this because it worked for me, but therapy helps with destructive home family crap. Not that “emo” crap that lays blame for all your ills at your parents’ doorstep, but the constructive CBT (cognitive behavoral therapy) where you learn new patterns of behavior in place of any destructive patterns you may have learned in childhood. Ironically enough, my Jupiter was tripping my 7th/8th house cusp when I was in therapy. And remember, I’m not saying your crazy in any way, but it did help me finally cut the last ties with a highly dysfunctional fam (w/o the pain, guilt, anger, some exasperation and frustration though!) The 8th also signals other ppl, so a good, safe place to go for help/aid is someone you can trust implictly. I know Scorp is strong for you and Jupiter is in its house, but be wary of estoteric mysteries now since Neptune is in your 5th and you’ll be apt to use it to LZ somebody. lol Only use what you can to achieve a better you.

      Hope this helps. I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way. And again, I’m no MM, so take this as you will. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Blastblessed.. Thank you! Your through comment to my post is so helpful to me AND so right on!!

        Yes, the family thing has been like a battered wife situation. I just feel beaten and forced to think negative of myself. I also feel that one of my brothers has been forced to think that way too. He doesn’t realize it yet. So he and I are battling each other. I have been staying away to him and everyone else. Except my older brother. Although not in constant contact we periodically touch base and I am happy with that. I hope your transition is comforting to you. They say family is important but for me and maybe for you.. family to me is friends I have bonded with lately.

        Thank you for commenting! xo!!

        • Hi Virgo Ellie,

          I’m glad that it helped! I get a tad verbose…I blame my wordiness on my Sag, it’s a bit stong in me. lol

          My sitch was an emotionally abusive childhood. My mom is a boderline personality (think horrific childhood that no one in her immediate fam surived) and my dad is just narcisstic (think Sheldon from the Big Bang theory–without the funny bits). I finally decided enough was enough after years of trying to make everybody happy, because being me, I was the only one responsible for everyone in the fam’s personal happiness and my entire fam believed that. *eyeroll* It was my Saturn return. lol Astro timing is def interesting. After deailng with my initial stress anxiety/depression, I stayed on with therapy to determine why I kept feeling “crazy.” Good thing my therapist had a sense of humor cuz I asked what my “crazy” is (and we all have our own unique crazy). Bitch told me. lol πŸ™‚ She knew what the root of my issues were in less than five minutes, I just wasn’t ready to hear yet. *sigh* I am not going to say she was right, but…maybe she was on the right course. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I stayed and worked through the negative “self talk,” the “biggies” for my self-destructive behaviors, how to feel again since I had become emotionally numb to any feelings that weren’t survival oriented, you know, pain, anger, hate, fear, etc, all those “happy” emotions. I credit my therapist with literally saving my life since she opened my eyes to an entirely different way of living/thinking. So when I say, therapy can be good, I’m more than a little biased.

          Now as the therapy was going on, I did start setting boundaries with my fam which lead to me cutting them out almost entirely. This included ending an emotionally abusive marriage while in grad school, learning boundaries with, well, everybody, and how to treat myself with love which is more difficult than you would think. After being healthy for many years now, dealing with my fam is like dealing with a starving bunch of hungry, steroid-infused Qi vampires. This is not a Sag exaggeration. My friends, who became my surogate fam like yours are doing for you, will not let me go into the vamp den. AT ALL.

          My youngest natural bro is the worst Qi vamp of them all–he could be the poster child for Qi vamps. It’s way too long to go into here, besides his crazed drama could launch a new reality TV show complete with jawdropping spin-offs and I don’t want to lose that potential revenue stream. Anyway, he’s been calling lately and leaving crazy VMs and texts filled with non-stop with the Qi draining drama. I’m frustrated, and don’t respond to him because that’s feeding the crazy (and the vamp too). You can’t change someone else, even your family. That’s if you want to change them. I did all that hard work those lazy bums can do it too. So I suggest don’t battle with your bro, what does it really accomplish? No really, ask yourself that and you’ll see what I’m talking about. πŸ™‚

          So I can litterally say, I’ve been where you are–sorta. I emphasize so much with your sitch because it reminds me of where I was about eight years ago. It hurts, it’s confusing, but you can make through. I did. I’m sorry to say that there is no shortcut for dealing with the pain. Feel it now so it’s not some piece of coal that become diamon-hard later. I’m the most content I’ve ever been so while it was the most painful portion of my life, working through it was the biggest blessing in my life.

          Still sending positive thoughts your way. :)xo

          • WOW! That’s amazing. I’m going to try and write my story like that one day. Thanks to you both

  3. intense!
    realisations, taking action to bring about change, people are edgy and making things happening OR not getting with it

  4. I am sort of limbo-wacko-ish. Listening to TripleJ full blast – trying to get those laughing Irish eyes outta mg skull! He’s such a typical Gem – does not answer sms’s for days . I think it’s good manners even though I get all cranky pants when people pester me with too many sms’s. So I feel tis fair to expect an answer ASAP to 1 SMS! Have you heard Pink’s latest album- some fab stuff to listen to & stop one being a dreaded LZ..Sia too is trea fab as is Lana Del Ray. No blue hoochie juice tho am craving it…..

    Need to declutter- where do I begin? Feel like dragging it all out onto the nature strip & putting a “Free to good home” sign! Grr!

    Btw Mystic thanks do much for the 2013 Mission Statement. I got both -Sun $ Rising- great to refer to in WTF moments! Btw thank you’d sweet cherub for your fab-o Mystic postcard saying thanks – tres, tres sweet. Xx

  5. Sucky weekend, but Monday things feel much better! Inspired, creative and having a fab makeover – neptune transiting first.

    Also been finding all the things I have been looking for, for said makeover, cheaply and naturally, and I’ve been looking for years.

    Careful what you wish for!

  6. All I’m seeing is prophetic dreams about my last day at work (does the fact that I’m a nanny working for the sweet children of a psychotic family count as a relationship that’s over, as mystic put it?). I gave my notice Saturday night. So how does the astro fit? I know Neptune governs dreams and Venus, love (all kinds? Or just romantic/erotic) and Jupiter, career but not 100% on how it all fits together…

  7. I’m having a bad health flare up bought on by having to take more antibiotics for my stupid skin and feeling hyper emotional about such intense contact with my Aries ex. I know it’ll pass so I’m just trying to be good and stay calm. The Pluto square to my Venus has just come into a 2 degree orb, I’m feeling it, guessing the ex contact has something to do with it. Our relationship is very Plutonic, perhaps this transit will either force me to let go of all hope once and for all or be brave enough to tell him how I really feel (I still love him, a lot) without fear. Our psychic (we summon each other in the most bizarre places, situations, timings, really weird) connection was really in play this week, I lay awake all night thinking about him so strongly for no particular reason, thinking that I just wanted to hear his voice. The next night he sent me a message, bearing in mind we have no regular contact at all, with his number telling me to call because he wanted to hear my voice. Must be Neptune getting involved!!

    • Oh hon, reading that I just want to sit you down, make you a cup of tea and tell you it’s going to be ok.

      I don’t know your history with this guy but sounds full on.

      Don’t lose yourself while making sense of it all.

      • Thank you, thank you. It’s a very long history, almost 18 years and I’m only 32 so, long time. I’ve absolutely lost myself in the past, done some pretty serious Love Zombie behaviour but I’ve learned many a lesson. I know it will pass again because it has to but while I wait I feel like I’ve been knocked into another dimension.

        • Do you think you could tell him that keeping in touch makes it hard for you to heal and move on, because you still care about him so much, etc.? This would let him know how you feel but that you can’t be available for him to stay in contact.

          Maybe this would get the Aries to thinkin’?

  8. it seems like a bunch of energy but I am up for it..I do think I shall keep my eyes and ears open today and work on some things to de- clutter myself at work..too much time spent nurturing. You cannot nurture everyone…
    thank you My Mystic!!!

  9. I spent most of the weekend on my fat behind eating too much chocolate and watching bad tv. I needed to keep the hell away from people.
    Because the second I dared set foot into the world outside my door (this afternoon) the f bomb came flying out my mouth so vehemently and destructively that such a rampage was not seen since the carpet bombing of Dresden.
    I have no tolerance for rudeness, selfishness, scatty brained navel gazing aimless half wits or rude service staff.
    This aqua/Virgo/scorp combo is putting all her mad hellcat back in a dark bag and staying hidden for another week.

    No amount of camomile tea, incense, bath salts or meditation is going to help.

    • And I should clarify that my frustration is in no way directed at anyone here. I come here for a reprieve from all that irks me.

  10. makes sense to me…I’ve been forgetting small but important things, experiencing random minor set backs (car door wouldn’t close this morning!?), and the atmosphere is thick with an ominous feeling of change.
    Anyone have tips on how a Libra/Cap Rising can cope?

  11. Had bad dreams again last night. I realized, after a few hours of being awake, that I was interacting with my own opinions and judgements about people.

    My daughter is so wise. She told me this weekend:”Everyone in the world is crazy, you know that?” And I said yeah. And she said “You know why? Because crazy is an opinion. Everyone is smart and beautiful too because those are just opinions.”

    Trying to drop all opinions or at least make them good ones. Whatever you think of others, you think of yourself. That’s just how it works. And being critical is just no fun.

    • you are right 12v. Being critical is like road rage (imo), the only person who’s getting worked up/ wrinkles / grey hair / a sour face is the person critiquing / raging etc. it’s wise to choose peace! people are who they are and we can’t change them (without neglecting all the cool fun stuff we could otherwise be doing with our own lives).. Be a shining beacon of love and fun and leave the criticism to the art world πŸ™‚ xxxx

  12. feel ok. i try not to get too excited about “positive” transits because i get let down so easily.

  13. Since this Neptune/Chiron/Mars opposes my Sun and Mercury in Virgo, it’s been an interesting time. Also, my progressed moon is at 3 degrees Pisces. A bell is ringing, and it’s saying I’ve developed my instrumental/ masculine/ leadership abilities quite well, along with my mental acuity. Now, I have a feeling (!) and desire to pay more attention to my feminine side in regards to giving and receiving, and to listen to my heart.

    The reason I developed the brain stuff was because I always wore my heart on the sleeve and was always getting hurt. Well… maybe now I don’t need to get so extreme but at least let that side of me breathe.

  14. Me too. Felt myself slipping back last week, was not walking because I stayed up too late each nite, not eating properly and drinking wine again….

    SO, yesterday I set up my writing space, went for a walk, meditated and read some old spiritual material I came across while going through some containers.

    Feeling fab….back on track…

    • Oh, and trans Mars on MC opposite natal Pluto…yes, tons of energy and no conflicts of any kind (one way that energy could manifest), but I desperately need my back adjusted…tomorrow…7 hrs massage today.

      Learned how to back up my writing files to an external cd/dvd writer yesterday. Yes, Aries took the time to read the directions! lol I’d had the thing nearly three years now and had bought it for another reason. This way tho, I won’t have to re-write my book ever again…On chapter 4…Just copying from printed out pages that I have a little stand for as I go.

      No, no easy way out…Spirit got my nose to the grindstone if I want to shift and transition…

  15. Is it bad I’m loving the weird? lol I’ve got a really strong Neptune (in the middle of a triple conjunction with the Sun and Moon, both of which are conjucnt 7 astroids) so it kinda feels like home. πŸ™‚ I’ve suddenly got more energy and I’m super stoked about the future since the conjunction is on my Midheaven.

  16. Craptastic! I forgot to add that my Midheaven is natally ruled by Pisces. lol

  17. yep… feeling pretty insane… when is the good time to let loose on these internal realisations? keeping it in is doing my head in!!

  18. Had an INSANELY elaborate, vivid dream and when I woke it immeditely vanished, and I only remembered the most awful part. you know how dreams will release the images you are energetically scraping out of the back of your brain? ugh. awful. but, as always, I bow to the wisdom and mystery of Neptune.

    • thats really really weird, I had a bad dream too, I never remember my dreams and I never get bad dreams but sure enough I had one, it was weird and emotional and intense, and the strangest thing was it was like an explicit playing out of how I used to think, and then I violently “defeated” it I guess, and at the end I was crying(in the dream) and it was this big thing and then it ended suddenly

  19. I noticed a major and positive energy shift on Monday – doing Saturn conjunct MC at the moment and that early Neptune and the other things in Pisces are about to trip off a series of conjuncts for me – Pisces is 1st/ 2nd house. Having planned out work year, I’m realising it’s a marathon, not a sprint and to build up routines to keep it all hanging together.

  20. head down into a new course as is the lusty leo too. So we are on the same page at last . No time for other people’s drama or intenalizing or nuffin

  21. truth be told, i’m feeling low and crappy!
    For me “it’s mostly internal – not yet ready to surface of show itself.”… I can’t stop ‘internalising’ and it’s doing my head in. Waiting for the clear way forward.

  22. I have mars/neptune natally… and no I am not taking this well. Noticing weird synchronicities. Very tormenting.

    I had harmony in my head for the longest time and I feel like a mess, very suddenly beginning last Friday.

    I feel very in a haze and have not touched any of the dream weed and only a swig of the blue devil now and then. How much longer do I have to look forward to this? Things were just going so well.

  23. something is happening, but I dont know what, I am changing somehow, and it feels maybe even partially against my will, it feels, it feels like something is in the works, its weird, for the first time I am finally at the bottom of what I have been trying to unravel my whole adolescent/young adult life, and right at this moment i am also totally alone, when I finally have the change within to best deal with people, I have run out of people to deal with at the same time, there was this cyclical thing with me, a new group, and then I dont fit in, eventually leave to new group, and just by chance I have to leave this most recent group and I think maybe the only college friend I thought I had is blowing me off, and weirdly, I dont even care, this is the thing I have been scared of this whole time, bottoming out socially, the thing I have been frantically self analyzing with the purpose of avoiding such a fate, and it ended up happening anyways, and finally I dont feel like I need anything or anyone anymore, I feel ok, I finally profoundly feel ok, I spent so much time trying to decide things, trying to be objectively the best appearance wise for example, sunglasses or no sunglasses, sunglasses or no sunglasses, one of them is better, which one, which one, dont want to waste, I have to pick the best, or seeing other people succesfully being themselves and panicking and wondering maybe I picked the wrong way to be, but now, I feel like those things dont matter, im not panicking over either/or anymore, weather its better that I am not acting or weather I should act, it doesnt matter, nothing is wrong with me, and im pretty ok, and sure enough out of the heavens I got these really great “things” I dont want to elaborate because it doesnt matter, but basically my old problems are just totally magically solved, two deus ex machinas for separate problems, almost like a reward it feels like, so yah, times are a changin, you can feel it

    • I feel what you’re saying. Not sure I could prove that with words. But a lot of things that went wrong the last few weeks and the dream last night pushed me into a worst case scenario of sorts, over and over again. And, so what? You know? I’m OK. I don’t know what that means as far as what’s coming from that, but I do feel like something has changed that won’t change back.

      • ya exactly, over and over, almost like my, I dunno, the exact things I always was avoiding, and they just happened, but it was ok, and I didnt care, im moving on or something, its like all the metaphysical things I wanted but didnt think I could get, I got, and all the physical social things I never wanted to happen did, but I didnt care, it feels meaningful, I hope something biggers around the corner, but honestly, for the first time im ok if it doesnt

        • like, inside things I didnt even think could be solved, just kind of casually did, it felt like a generous reward for all the stuff i went through internally, like, it wasnt for naught

    • Is Saturn on your moon? This situation happened when saturn was on my moon. It was (eventually) a great thing as I reconnected with people who were my tribe. But it took a long time, a meltdown or two and intense loneliness. But I have not looked back. You’ll find your place, have faith. Also it is ok to be different. Embrace this as it will prove to be your biggest strength!

      • not really, inconjunct, its trining my sun and mars though, I had like 5 destructive intense realizations, then I felt destroyed and like my nervous system was fried or something, spent the whole day just laying in bed and listening to music, and had like two softer putting myself back together realizations, now, its not realizations, its more like, I dunno, like all the ingredients are starting to come together finally or something, and thanks, conceptually I knew that, but just recently I have started feeling it deep on the inside, like I was embarrassed of myself and distancing myself from me, but now i dont feel that way, I was distancing from the good stuff too, thanks anon, happens to be just whats goin on with me right now :), even if its kinda lame and simple

    • David, do you feel like you struggle with extreme perfectionism issues? What you’re describing with the sunglasses on/off/on/off/on sounds a lot like how I used to be and am if I don’t actively monitor myself. I would be late everywhere, on the floor crying over not being able to decide the most basic things in life and the people around me just could not understand.

      I’ve realized that it stems from very deep inside me, some place that is the oldest and most basic reality from which my self developed. I had OCD and was a skin picker from my earliest memories; my parents were very hard on me and I felt like if I wasn’t perfect I would not get approval and love.

      But what I have to continually tell myself and work on is knowing that all of this is false! The irony of this kind of thinking is that eventually it all gets so entangled that instead of being perfect you struggle to be anything at all, do anything at all, finish anything at all, or say anything at all because you’re so afraid that it won’t be perfect so why even bother. I’m not saying your situation is just like mine but the sunglasses example really resonated with me because it’s such a strange problem to outsiders who do not have it, so I thought maybe you have similar thought patterns or history as I do.

      “Power is being told you are not loved, and not being destroyed by it.” — Madonna

      • thanks Rache, its never been so bad to keep me out of the house(there were times it got close with my hair tho, which is really difficult at times), but thats exactly what/ how it would bug me, I dont feel like that anymore luckily, I dunno, I was always trying to find the “right” thing, and felt like I could never find it, after a certain point I cant tell, but I was intensely sure it was one or the other of whatever it was and felt I needed to know, and if only I could find out, but i just feel finally like it doesnt really matter, thanks tho, my friends never got why I would freak out over certain things, and thats nice to know im not alone over things like that, while it was happening I would just beat myself up over such a lame feeling dilemma

  24. πŸ™‚ not sleeping, working like a maniac and falling in love…. very restorative πŸ˜‰


  25. I too feel like something has shifted, but no weirdness or ‘crap’ so far…makes me kind of wary, maybe mine hasn’t come home to roost yet?! Feeling pretty good as of NOW.

    P.S. can any knowledgeable soul inform me as to what my focus should be with my Pisces in Chiron in the 12th house? Thank you kindly.

    • I am no expert but my tuppence worth: Pisces is the natural sign of the 12th house and Chiron is the healer – so perhaps some soul/interior life issues? Spirituality? Journalling? Meditation? Any of that resonate?

  26. all over the shop me! fab weekend in the country at a festival and totes Uranian as the AWOL Toro from 2011-2012 turned up and we had a lovely time – felt fab to finally really connect. Then I did moon/rising-in-pisces-tears in the morning and he did moon-in-virgo-I-am-here-to-work but we got over that. Funny thing is that I put him literally on ice last June to Nov, and it really must have worked because he told me he wanted to make contact at this time but couldn’t for fear I would be too common-sense about things (long story). Also when Jupiter went Retro in Oct I contacted him and gave him a piece of my mind – so its also seemingly jupiter-direct influenced. I’m pretty sure I have grown and matured these last 12 months (thanks saturn) and hope I can cope and not go LZ – have to get over the cystitis now lol.

    • Oh wow q, love your work!! πŸ™‚ deep breaths, no LZ for you – just lots of water and cranberry juice lol
      Saturn through your 8th, yes? Maybe his return is a self-affirming sign at how well you’ve taken the Saturn lessons on board, set good boundaries etc. xx

      • thanks for the comments Chrys! sure enough the paper in the freezer does work. But my feng shui consult said my flat ‘is so challenging anything will help’ – bit off putting really. How was your house when you had it done? x x x

        • Oh goodness – well at least that’s honest and anything you do feng-wise will improve things! πŸ™‚ I reckon the simple act of paying attention, buying flowers and opening a window must infuse any space with better vibes, and the power of remedies and intent will augment that.
          My consult was fab, lots of good ideas that I’ll implement over the next couple of weeks. Nothing wrong with the house so much as the arrangement of rooms is not optimal. I can’t do much about that but will do what I can, and focus on my own thoughts/intent.
          Thanks for good wishes re my work. I feel my uni mental block dissolving. In true Piscean style I’m handing the decision back to the boffins, and to Fate, and have made my peace with whatever happens. It must be the right decision for me as I’ve slept really well the last couple of nights and am making plans and organising files for new work projects, getting my Mars/Pluto/Uranus in Virgo on the case xxx

  27. I am having relationship problems with my closest friends, questioning the friendships that are over 20 years duration. Angry, feeling the friendships are unbalanced in the giving & taking. Being critical of them because of feeling hurt and not saying so, which is harming me instead of speaking my truth and actually saying to them what distresses me.
    Where would i look astrologically to help explain this?
    ‘My love is like a wounded deer seeking refuge in the forest’.

    You asked.

    • 11th house – friendship; 3rd house – communications; 7th house – relationships; 12th house if Mercury is there.

    • Pegs, thats the shits but RA’s advice good stuff. Are you Anon, or is that someone else?

    • I went through very similar with Saturn in the 7th. It was awful at times but ultimately liberating. The worst was wanting so much to say something and have it all out but knowing it wouldn’t have helped. There were too many things left unsaid earlier it would’ve only looked petty. So I needed to learn about assertiveness and boundaries, thanks Saturn! Oh and therapy helped, I love therapy ; ) All the best Pegs, the pain around friendships is really hard. Hope it all works out fine though x

      • Sweetie & friend, thanks for your acknowledgement.
        Checked transits & nodes searching for astro explanation & nothing jumps out but a friend, a Virgo,(my 1st boyfriend in fact) i called interstate last night to have a sook to, said go outside & look north and there was Jupiter so bright & sparkly gave me such a lift plus perspective, a bigger picture, that’s what Jupes does & did for me..
        Guess i’m a bit of a push over with those i love-like, i jump when they say, always ready to help.

  28. Fairly awesome actually… All things considered I’m doing amazingly..

    Working really hard at my creative/musical project and it’s producing phenomenal results.. Considering how often I’m in a ‘creative block’ kinda state this is a REALLY GOOD THING!!! πŸ˜€

    Lots of internal thought shiz being worked out too, so thats awesome.

  29. How am I doing with this energy? Surprisingly well. I feel like a huge block has cleared. I feel so free. Making plans for the first time in a year.
    I have the chance of a couple of weeks of full time work in an area where my experience is patchy, which is fantastic as I can use it as a CV boost. Got fab cheapish rate from tradesman fixing water leaks in my prosperity sector lol. Plants I bought to boost prosperity sector were spontaneously discounted.
    I keep asking, no beseeching, the universe for guidance and you know what? I think it’s coming through the music of Regina Spektor and Joni Mitchell. Truly. Coincidences too weird to go into here, but I’m accepting it. So right for me on a multitude of levels. No I am not under some lo Neptune influence πŸ™‚

    • great news you’ve moved on the feng suggestions – and fab fab fab about the work!! well done x x

  30. All over the place!!! The weekend was spent with fabulous women with great positive energy, and then I let myself succumb to emotional abuse / button pushing from the soon to be ex.

    From there I spiralled into LZ madness – but resisted the temptation for phone / text contact. The revisited Aqua/Leo lover/friend (my first true love from 25 years ago) decided to pursue a “relationship” with another woman (rather than the affair he was having with me) a few months back, but we’ve remained in contact ever since – the chemistry between us is incredible, and it’s like going into detox when he’s not around. It messes with my head, as he does the usual Aqua “run away” thing from time to time. And then in the last week, and particularly from yesterday, he’s back from whatever “stuff” has occupied his head space. Like no time has passed – very frustrating, but I let the whole Aqua thing wash over me now. He’s back acknowledging all the things about me he loves, while acknowledging all the “complications” with this other woman – waiting patiently for him to realise what’s right here before him, but I’m still getting on with life in the meantime. But it just feels like it was before the other woman now for some reason?

    And all this while I’m home hunting, selling the family home, sorting out shared parenting, property settlements, caring for my son through the process of divorce… and still hoping that Mr Aqua/Leo comes to his senses. And I’m avoiding the hoochie juice… for now!

    • wow – full slate alright πŸ™‚ sounds like a wound opened up but you can rise above it, he has come back. good luck πŸ™‚ PS very similar to my own weekend with Toro (Aqua rising!!).

  31. not feeling good at all. crying a lot and hating life. got no clue why. saturn in scorpio 12th house and scorpio moon i guess. ugh.

    • bless you – can you contact a friend or do something really nice for yourself? I find rescue remedy every hour excellent when I’m melting down πŸ™‚

  32. I’ve been throwing out old underwear and bought a whole heap of new underwear. Nothing feels better than wearing new underwear. Haha. That’s about as intense as it’s getting for me.

    Saw HEAPS of people from the past on the weekend. No change to my routine, but they were all everywhere. Even my first ever love. Ha! It feels good to feel nothing about people gone by.

  33. Day before birthday. I always remember being pensive during my birthday when I was a kid and for some reason getting into trouble on it a lot.

    As an adult it’s usually been a similarly awkward day/time precipitating or causing major changes directed internally. Examples: having sex without consent by an abusive ex when I was 17 (later choosing to turn him in to the police for domestic violence), a 21st birthday party where I realized that all my friends at the party were just there to party and that I did not want this lifestyle and wanted real connections with people (broke up with boyfriend that I had been living with for 3 years and that whole social circle, lived alone for first time), 23rd birthday where I decided I needed to get away from my life here altogether and take some time to think and see the world (bought a plane ticket on a whim with no money leftover in my bank account and was gone for two years).

    Now I see how I was always entangled with others and running away from literal situations in my life. Maybe this year I can run away from my destructive self in the only real way which is by changing inside.

    But for tonight I just feel like wallowing in bed and watching baby sloth videos on youtube.

    • many many happy solar returns Rache – and yes, own your b-day and have an excellent time of it x x

    • Aww, Happy Birthday tomorrow…Reading some of your post, sounds like you certainly deserve one girl x

    • Ah! Happy birthday, re-birth day!

      Baby sloths are so cute! If anything will soften the heart, they will!

      • I swear they help my insomnia like nothing else. Seriously! I dunno why but they make me feel relaxed. If I can’t sleep I pop half a melatonin, watch a baby sloth video and fantasize about the day I will finally hug a sloth. lol

        • Oooh! Good tip! Baby sloth vids for insomnia… I’m going to try it. I’ve been having insomnia recently, and I’ve not really had it before, so it’s been disturbing.

          I take one St. John’s Wort capsule before bed, though, and that helps.

          Aw, that’s so sweet to think of hugging a sloth! I bet you could arrange to do it if you wanted to!

          Have a fabulous day!

  34. Yeah, it is weird, but it feels like myself, too. I have Moon, Mars (conjunct MC), and Chiron all in Pisces, and I have Sun and Merc in Aqua.

    I do feel like I’ve been in a haze, and my mental concentration hasn’t been too good lately.
    It was my birthday last week, and I kept it pretty mellow. I was very moderate with the alcohol. I’ve got a couple belated celebrations coming up this week, too, during which I will also be moderate with alcohol. I give myself a two drink limit these days, otherwise I feel sick and fatigued the next day.

    I’ve been feeling both really good and really bad lately. Feeling really content and grateful and then having these feelings of total dread and irritability, and depression… Just trying to surf it all….

  35. I do feel like something has shifted and it does feel significant. I feel like a blank slate, I’m in a bit of a daze and not sure how I feel, who I am sort of a vibe. Like being on the cusp of a new phase but not having a clue what it looks like or where it’s heading. A bit disconcerting tbh. Freakily the Toro rising scope said this weekend was great “for getting the guts to kill off some crap coupling.” I did it Mars style, killed it dead. Guess this is my brave new world. I should be excited but the dark moon on my sign might be doing some dimming? Anyway, my plan is to sleep, meditate, clean and declutter my way through it and to trust that the new world will be bright and fresh xx