Nonchalance & Reverie: Libra & Scorp

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Two Models Walking I.D Magazine

Love these…I’m with the Libra.  Nonchalance is fabulous.  Nonchalant is Air – Reverie is Water.

Also – cool news – some of you might remember that aeons ago i did a book called Soulmating – about Eros & Psyche? It’s out of print but i’m going to do it as an e-book – like the Astro-Bitch Cosmic Love Tips & Mission Statement Horoscopes – instant download & all.

I have to get it painstakingly scanned and all (it’s LONG!) but the idea is that it will be available before Mercury goes Retrobats.


Auburn Hair Goth ModelImages: I.D Magazine Richard Bush

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73 thoughts on “Nonchalance & Reverie: Libra & Scorp

  1. Imagine how much candy those two collected last Halloween 🙂

    Nonchalance ? Hmmm , well, it depends doesn’t it. Nonchalance about oneself can be attractive, while nc about others can be a bit cool even cruel. Can one of you lit experts give us a root meaning of the word ?

    • I totally agree. Showing you don’t care can come across as uncaring- funnily enough. That floating above all the dirt and grime of other people is self-protecting but I think, at the expense of commonality.

      • I too was thinking along those lines, but then it occurred to me that the fashion industry could be quite a personal assault at times (I am guessing) if one did not remain nonchalant. Essentially, I think I really do see nonchalance as a self defence, and definitely not as a synonym for ‘calm’.

    • here ya go bruh, c/o google search with “nonchalant etymology”

      nonchalant (adj.)
      1734, from French nonchalant, prp. of nonchaloir “be indifferent to, have no concern for” (13c.), from non- “not” (see non-) + chaloir “have concern for,” ultimately from Latin calere “be hot” (see calorie). French chaland “customer, client” is of the same origin. Related: Nonchalantly.

      • Love you wordy peoples!
        🙂 I have a ‘condition’ where I use words without understanding their true meaning. I thought nonchalant meant more of a jaunty and carefree attitude. Will have accept I belong to the reverie dept.

      • funny cos my recent ex did research into and is writing a book on coolness…and yep, Air sign. His nonchalance can be a bit tough to take, ps.

        • that’s true too. a lot of air can be good for some things, but at other times, you really wonder if they are actually capable of human emotion, empathy/sympathy, etc. blessing / curse, double edged sword etc

  2. The Soulmating book is GENIUS!! a fave read, and I still love to look stuff up, and re-read and refer to, after all these years! One of the few books I kept over various house-moves.
    READ it if it comes your way! – Eros & Psyche x x

  3. i agree. merc 8th rX libra trine aqua asc w/ moon. Nonchalance is Key. to playful and fun communication. a nonchalant reverence is good, in recognition of your own and the world around yous’s power

  4. Mystic,
    I recently bought your hardcover book after i remembered reading it in the library last yr. It really brings out the romantic libra in me. I re-read the Eros/psyche pairings and swoon just reading about soulmate love. Btw it is the only book that picks up on low-Capricorn characteristics.

    I am a multiple conjunct libra sun/moon/mercury/venus with a Leo rising. I have a go-to nonchalant face that I use in almost all situations.

    I find that Libras have what I like to call a ‘goop face’ (inspired by gwyneth paltrow) where they look like they are bitchy, detached and judgemental, but really that is just their face when they are relaxed. (Check out madonna’s daugher lourdes she has a goopface). People often think that I look like an ice-queen or that I am putting on a model face. In truth it’s the same face I have when I’m pissed off.

    A overheard an Aries colleague making fun of me so when he waved at me one morning (pretending to be my buddie) as I was walking to past, I ‘Gooped’ him and kept walking. He got upset that he got caught out and tried to wage war against me by contstantly staring at me (he sat opposite me) and trying to intimidate me so that I would react. He seemed to get more and more frustrated that he could not get me emotional like his piscean wife. no matter what he did I would ignore him. Nonchalant libra beats Aries this way. Nothing hurts them more that someone who doesn’t give a fuq.

    I use the goop all the time. If a guy hits on me when I don’t want attention…gooped! If I’m playing hard to get…goop! If I am trying to act more professional…goop!

    When a Scorpio says they they love ‘reveries’ what they secretly mean is that they love ‘revenge fantasies’!

    • “When a Scorpio says they they love ‘reveries’ what they secretly mean is that they love ‘revenge fantasies’!”


    • I have Mars-Pluto-Mercury in first house Libra. I must have a goop face because people think I am overly negative. Part of the reason why I wanted to get botoxed, so I’d lose some forehead expressiveness. I never considered looking pissed characteristic of Libra. I figured it was Pluto. Maybe that’s as whimsical as Mars-Pluto-Merc in Libra can get: goop face.

    • This is perfect. For a moment, with your mention of the library and romanticism, i thought you might be a dear friend of mine… you have described one of his expressions perfectly, his face in repose. I love how i can ask him a question or say something and his face frowns in gentle consideration or breaks into that dazzling Libran smile and laugh. I find it hard to read the goop face.

      And you’re right about enraging an Aries. I made an Aries buddy once by ignoring and thus, infuriating her. It was like it was her mission to win my friendship; she couldn’t leave me alone.

    • Now, now. I must protest at all this stereotyping of, and projection onto, Scorpio!

      Libran’s using goop face and delighting in the results because “nothing hurts them more than….” is just another form of revenge, is it not, given that the desire to hurt back is the essence of revenge?

      • It’s seems as though you are the one projecting, perhaps I hit on truth.

        There is a big difference of intention by scheming revenge which is a pro-active act and a libran nonchalance disengagement. The former has a sense of entitlement to actively bringing others down with them and is essentially destructive. The latter is restorative in nature and assumes a state of self-preservation. It’s more zen and accepts that karma will take care of any perceived injustice (or perhaps this is just maturity).

        The essence of revenge is the act of Inflicting punishment on another as a retaliatory measure fuelled by spite or vindictiveness. Libras have no such instinct when defending themselves by ignoring childish behaviour.

        The aforementioned Aries felt hurt all on his own as a consequence of not being able to bully another and hung himself on his own rope.The only delight was in not assuming the role of victim and investing any energy playing into an Aries mental script that asserts their own superiority over me. Libra delights NOt in taking power away from another but in defending their right to their own dignity. Libras see revenge as tacky and childish. We are a classy bunch.

        • “libran nonchalance disengagement”

          Ugh! Precisely why this Scorp hates Librans. They’re shallow & superficial & COLD!!! Hate that word “goop” too

          • Ugh! Precisely why this Scorp hates Librans. They’re shallow & superficial & COLD!!! Hate that word “goop” too

            What a “deep” thing to say..

        • LOL, peace, sister. I’m not sure what you think I am projecting – I’m not even a Scorpio!

          Your claim – and that of a few others here – to know what is going on in the proverbial Scorpio head during reverie IS nevertheless a gross generalisation, and it must mean that you’ve met a few “lo scorps”.

          Sorry to hear that, but don’t write off the whole sign on that basis! God, on that basis – meeting a few “lo” types – I could have written off Librans as….well, never mind….decades ago. But I haven’t!

          Instead, let us – in the supposed Libran spirit of balance and fairness – say vive Scorpions and vive Librans! We’ve all got both of them heavily influencing at least one house in our chart…

          • Hey Fi,
            Read my comment back..didnt realise it read so defensively. Was just exploring the concept of revenge Vs. coolness. Didnt mean to offend. I assumed that everything I said comes out sounding detached and objective just because Im a libra. hahha

            To all female scorpios out there: I secretly admire your ability to not let people get away with the hurt they inflicted on you. i.e. Brandi (the scorned woman whose gorgeous gemini husband cheated and left her for Leanne the virgo insecure country singer) has released her tell-all book today including how she charged a vaginal reconstruction on his credit card after he left her because he had commented how she wasnt was she was before having children. Scorpio women do to men what the rest of us only dream about in revenge fantasies. Go strong scorpio women!

            • Beautiful response PL; the very best of gracious libra!
              (ps, I should fess up – while I am technically not Scorp, I do have Venus conjunct Neptune on a Scorp ascendant – and SOOO wish I could be truly nonchalant. Even at 50, I haven’t mastered it. Do my best to fake goop face when necessary, but apparently, my eyes go really dark when I am upset and give me away!) x

  5. *Jumps up and down excitedly* as that ebook sounds ahmazing. That”s the most animated I have been in a while.

    When I do nonchalant (moon, uranus and pluto in libra), people go out of their way to get a rise out of me, They don’t have to try too hard as the blunt, loquacious possible overkill (sun, mercury, jupiter and neptune in Sagg) soon kicks in. My Gem rising and saturn put their own splin on al of the above.

  6. oh fuq. sorry but the first thing that caught my attention was the GIGANTIC TYPO IN THE QUOTE wtf was the editor doing when that one went thru? aaagh spelling srsly

    • Perhaps they were in a reverie or they discovered their error but were nonchalant about correcting it.

        • One thing I can’t be nonchalant about is the typo – I realise it is probably part of the statement and that this probably says more about me, than Louise and the magazine editor – he he. But If it’s your favourite word……..

          .. bigger arenas for nonchalance ..

          Love the sound of the soulmating book.

    • I did have a little giggle to myself … “it’s her favourite word, but she can’t even spell it. Bless.”

      • lol, I hope she doesn’t have that tattooed on her arm…

        ps, I know a Libran who can’t spell, are they really mean to be good spellers?

  7. also i liked that soulmating book, found in a second hand bookshop long after it was out of print, then after reading and absorbing what it had to say, decided it could go back into circulation along with a pile of my other more esoteric books. really wanted to refer to it recently, glad you’re making it happen!

  8. Gotta give the young ‘uns a break,

    Tryin’ it on or just tryin’

    so beautiful they should just get awy with almost anything

  9. How dark is the moon? I’m over soul mates. I mean – so what if souls are mating? I went through 35 years of life slightly obsessive but not really noticing it. Married for 11 years. Then – ba-bam! Soul mating for the last 4 and with two different guys. And, for my Libra stellium, it hurts to know that even soul mates lose intensity given enough time and healing. There’s no ideal romance when rubber hits the road.

    I’ve been thinking about Uranian Scorp a lot. His Jupiter hits my 5th house. I think I am having 5th house confidence issues. I have to be self-sustaining there. My Lilith is there. The new moon will be there. Burning papers, decluttering…this too shall pass.

    • BTW – I am sure Mystic’s writing on the subject is great and applaud her for getting the info online. Don’t mean to sound negative about her work. Magazines and books are so last century. Information is now and she has the goods. Glad she’s sharing with more people.

    • i have to tell you, every time you mention uranian scorp i get all gooshy. perhaps the sexiest moniker evah…

      i agree soulmating is not as fun as the fantasy. as painful as it gets, actually. two in four years is heavy stuff, man!! saturn in libra isn’t healed yet. this work… this life… xoxoxoox

      • You think I would have had sex with him, but it just never aligned.

        Saturn in Libra…pfftt..this is second house Saturn stuff. Self-esteem, budget. I need to focus on what I control around here – such as what I consume. I need to get on a health kick.


        • no sex?!? noooooooooooo! i guess that is one thing my soulmate shite brought me- the best sex of my life. i’d never believed in the concept of making love before him. my eros and his psyche were officially mm sanctioned magic- sextile in cap and scorp. his eros/my psyche not so good- leo and virgo, though they could be counted as very loosely conjunct out of sign- 9 degrees. no, leo and virgo just don’t get along, period. dammit memories, GO AWAY. i’m supposed to be getting on with life!

          • Somehow I think it was healing for both of us to have a connection that didn’t have manifested. I can let go and honestly say he never did anything unfair or bad to me. And he can know that some female in the world cared for him regardless of his dick size or sexual skills. Its a spiritual romance and the energy is so refined I don’t think its possible to manifest. Its kind of sweet and impossible and I am increasingly OK with it being just that. Eventually, I will have sex again (or so I keep telling myself).

  10. I actually have your book mystic, its really good, probably the best description of pisces ive read, it captures, I dunno, it capture something nobody else gets or touches upon, I feel like most books its like, pisces is kinda like this, but also, who knows, also its pretty funny, and im a sucker for the whole soul mates thing, it was one of the most reassuring paragraphs I have read, that whole rant, that love isnt some biological evolution thing, it was nice to hear someone else making the argument

  11. How strange that I was just reading your Soulmating book last night. It really is insightful, and so accurate.

    Even weirder: The ephemeris in that book has me as a Psyche in Aries while astrodienst has me as Psyche in Taurus. (I’m right on the cusp.) Yet when I read the description of of Aries, it fits me more than Taurus. “Cosmically activated by bloodstone.” Yep, bloodstone is my lucky stone.

  12. In a low way, nonchalance can be a cover for a liar… Observed it first hand, and lately too 😉

    • Some people have nonchalance and some have their totems..ha

      Agree nonchalance can come in handy in certain situations for sure, but it’s like a castle built on sand if that’s your main MO

  13. Fave word is nonchalent… not nonchalant… do we put that down to the Libra or the editor? Did Scorpio set that up for a bit of… well, ‘reverie’ ?

  14. I have your Soul Mating book too, MM. In fact, it’s been by my bedside the past few weeks. (Every now and then it takes a trip down from the book shelves and takes up residence there.) I find it’s one of the best for figuring an intangible but absolutely bang-on something about people. Hidden sides to personality. And like David I love the Piscean descriptions. Last night I found myself reading through the Eros in Pisces descriptions for each Sun sign. They are are officially HI-larious!

    Btw I love the way some of your turns of phrase from the book have subliminally entered into my way of thinking & expressing about the signs/character traits!

    One thing I wonder/infuriates me is why Psyche seems to take up mega sojourns in.. Scorpio? I kid you not, a good 70-80% of my friends, family and acquaintances have Psych in Scorp. To my little airy trio of Sun Lib, Eros Gem, Psych Aq it’s like a psychodrama horror movie plays out every time I’m thinking Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hoh well…

  15. helll yeahh to the MAX
    these are 2 beautiful states of feeling
    not only is that freaking spot on timing but
    so is my desire for the soulmating guidance
    thank you mystic

  16. i think lately my least favorite word in the world has got to be nonchalance. it’s been my defense mechanism for much of my life- now i see it as a prison. burn that fuqer down!

  17. I’m surprised at some of the stuff that’s been stirred up around a couple of young ladies offering soundbites about themselves…………
    So, sun/merc 12th house Libra here, PLUS massive placements in scorp (8 in all, incl. moon, AC, Neptune, Mars, and Venus) so I didn’t question what either lass had to say. For me, nonchalance in a libran way simply means keeping a cool and balanced perspective, trying to see in a broader way what is going on in the moment, rather than succumbing to the emotional maelstrom that we so often mistake for (and use as verification of) being alive. It’s kind of like the “count to 10” trick, just wait a moment, and things will look different. Here’s another cue, Libran shopping: Even if you’re all excited about the first face cream with the lovely label, step back, and read the ingredients of several, then cooly decide which is best. For a Libran, we are so easily swayed by the “air” of a situation that it can be folly to be impusive in our interactions.
    Now, onto the Scorp: reverie is an interesting word for her to use, there’s a component of appreciation in that word, but the way it FEELS is like hanging out in the watery world of impressions, which are packed with so much more info than outer senses and intellect provide. So, internal, feeling, spacing out if necessary, but sonar travels vast distances in water, and this is home base for a Scorpie.
    Having said that, does any of us think a couple of twenty somethings with a mic in their face is a master of linguistics? Not like they even wrote a whole paragraph, or had a chance to expand on whatever the question might have been. It’s fun for us to bash it all about, though, and get a chance to talk about ourselves (I feel better for it, I can tell you!).
    Oh yeah – reverie definitely can also mean plotting for power or revenge, especially when Mars is playing, but don’t tell, it’s a secret………..