Neptune Potion

Last night i had a dream that the more you looked after your feet, the better Neptune in Pisces would work for you and that the part of your chart ruled by Pisces would function brilliantly. There were other dimensions to the dream but this is the bit i remember. In ye olde astrology, Pisces does rule the feet fyi.Β 

Daily Horoscopes for Monday are up, with a suitably Neptunian subtextΒ  for each sign/rising sign – Mars is in Pisces, moving toward the ruler of Pisces, Neptune.Β  And if you care to tap it, the astro-weirding of the moment is a Higher Magic. Subtle but tres there.


Images: I can’t find a proper source for the foot pic but this sweater is excellent Mars-Neptune In Pisces early a.m running wear, yes?

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68 thoughts on “Neptune Potion

  1. Love the sweater! No more Pisces energy please! I am hittin the blue devil hoochie juice hard since sick pisces came home, then left again! Seriously WTF is going on with pisceans atm??

  2. Got big pedicure plans when I get back to my work house! Mega foot scrubbing and gorgeous nail polish! Hopefully that will sort out my…… Fourth house! Man. For some reason I always thought Aries ruled my fourth but it most clearly and blatantly starts in Pisces. Duh! I shake my head at myself.

    • I’m with you WOOHOO.

      Houses 1-4 all start a third in the a sign and two thirds in the other. Do we just interpret the house to the sign it starts in..

      Or do we heavily take into consideration the other sign that is dominating hum hum

          • A house cusp can’t be intercepted. A sign can be intercepted but the house starts somewhere. If it’s the first or last degree of a sign – the sign is still the house ruler. Intercepted signs are something else.

          • Hi dia – I think that makes you similar to me. I have my AC at 27 Gem. So that means our first house is Gem. Even tho most of the first house is filled with Kataka. If you use the astrodienst website – and go to the tables they tell you where each house starts. Hope this helps.

            • well, if I do that, then that puts my 7th house below my DC… going by the sign of the cusp can’t be totally right either… I have a good friend with 2nd and 3rd house cusps in Leo, 8th and 9th in Aqua, and NO house cusps in Aries or Libra…. so it just makes more sense, universally, to go by the sign that predominates the real estate…

            • I mean I am 100% gemini rising, to the point where I feel more gemini than my sun sign (aries.) But I literally have one arc minute of gemini in my first house. AC 29.58 Gem. if I say gemini is my first house, it completely disrupts the entire chart…..

  3. I love DIY foot care. your feet carry you around your whole life, be nice to them! it’s like my little personal ritual. plus good pedicures are really expensive (where I live). manky feet, long toenails, grime dead skin everywhere, blisters on blisters… seriously makes me ill if I see that sort of thing. unless of course you’re homeless, or have walked from Broome to Bathurst via Tennant Creek with no stops.

    and YES i love that unicorn top for early morning runs πŸ™‚ perfect Mystic xx

    • I like DIY foot care too! Just yesterday attended to my tootsies actually, feeling very aligned with the Pisces-looking-after-my-feet thingy.
      Scrub x3!

  4. Being a pisces sun in the fifth house, I am painting toes gold. Hang in there with Mystic’s encouragement: take the high road. As a pisces I actually feel good for a change, the way I imagine fire signs feel regularly. Can’t we have our time in the sun…. or in this case, the glow of mars and the veil of neptune?

    • I was just thinking about painting my toes a coral pink with gold shimmer! I have Neptune rising conj my Scorp Asc, so . . . yeah!

  5. I just like nice feet! I always have…when i was a young girl, I had to see a guys’ feet before I could make up my mind if I liked him…

  6. yesterday lots of Jelly fish were washed -up on the beach
    then a single silver fish lay half alive on the sandy shore
    so i picked it up from the sand and took it by its tail to back
    into the sea in which it was stranded….at first it started to be
    washed back it looked at me and i swear it winked, then
    whoosh it disappeared. i was so elated that i saved it then that
    nite i dreamt i was high in the sky then dived into the sea
    way out deep. i was worried abt sharks yet it was so healing to
    dive in. looking for pearls in the darkness.

    • O…M…F…G…
      I just saved a quote about pearls, and I came across *that* after a self-reflective thought came into my noggen about myself and my experiences and how it’s about personal pearls. Synchronicity….. And absolutely beautiful what you said re: looking for pearls in the darkness… Light in the dark, yes?

      ?”A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life. It is the tear [that results] from the injury of the oyster. The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life. If we had not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl.”

      – Stephan Hoeller

      LOVE that you saved the fishy! πŸ™‚

  7. My feet have always been delicate, (maybe over)sensitive, I hate people touching them and they respond well to luxury heels, especially with shells on them. The well-defined arch and the little bumps from ballet are just perfect. I pay for quality shoes. I can run in heels, I love them, feminine. My recent pair of shoes were made in France and have a silk bag for storing them. And all this makes me think I’m describing Pisces energy, not feet.

  8. I am love love loveing everything about this! I have even incorporated the unicorn image into my business branding!! (yes really!) I have pisces rising about to be hit by chiron in March and neptune (a bit further down the track) and of course mars will be in the mix there too!! I’ve finally accepted that I can DO my magic self in the functional world and there is a niche there for me to tap into…. lets see how that goes.
    And as for attention of the feet, well as a fish rising lady I am all about care of the flippers but I’m also watching with interest how my recent wounding of my foot relates to my chiron in pisces transit. (impaled a sparkler wire into the pad of my foot whilst walking on the beach and was trundled off to A& E wearing nothing but a leopard print bikini…..) Go Fish peeps!

    Feeling the liberation and transformation from flakey and odd into mysterious and enigmatic!!!

    • A project manager at work told me she is pisces. We call her “the grill” because she is relentless and detail oriented and, often, right. So, I don’t know how Pisces=flake got started. But, of course, you should be the unique thing you are.

      • uber-piscean bro is one of the most obsessively determined people i know. his methods are decidedly unconventional though. i suppose anyone trying to get him to do things their way might find him flaky, but really that seems like a ridiculous and unfair judgment from the rigid mind of conformist society. go piscean genius and fuq the noise!

        • just realized how much i love pisceans. need to womanifest some into my life!

          • Wow look at the fish love go!!! Thanks gang! Ha! Just got a mental image of Dory and her ‘just keep swimming’ Determination and flexibility here we come!!! MWAH!x

  9. Mars in Pisces in my Tenth house – and yes, I can empathise and detach all at once.

    Being in Pisces, Mars is also square my Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Sun (Sagg), Ascendant and Saturn (Gemini).

    So yes, it’s all a bit mixed up and yet very clarifying. πŸ™‚

  10. Not a feet dream but I did wake up this morning with the resolve that I would give them plenty of pampering.

  11. Pisces rules my 5th house, although the Mars-Neptune biz is gonna lovingly bop my Pisces moon in the 4th house first.
    Different energy, magical energy, I’m open to straight-up pozzo goodness! πŸ™‚

  12. Just had my pedicure yesterday (timing IS everything, yes?) and my toes are now ‘Ramzilla-Rising Red’ (really the color is ‘Personal Shopper’ by Sephora–same thing). LOVING the foot bling with my Pisces in the 12th/Chiron.

    • I am going for my pedicure and will get a red color. I have green on now and as I said to another person who posted red.. I going for HOT red!


    • mine are newly red too- gorgeous and with just a hint of sparkle… love!! i never do red- it’s always grey or blue or green, but red feels so sexyflygood.

    • I just had a red nail pedi too – vibing!

      also loving that food jewellery πŸ™‚

      • oh noes, in my dream last night I was looking down at my toes and the red polish was gone! i don;t know where or what it meant but I felt REALLY exposed…

  13. That’s funny, I’ve just painted my nails Martian red πŸ™‚
    Mars’ juggernaut through Pisces will transit my sun/Saturn/Merc and Chiron in 7th and then Psyche in 8th (late Pisces). I plan on harnessing it. I have no idea what to do, so I’m just going to load up the paint gun, start firing and see what walks out of the bushes in technicolour. Thanks to Mystic’s sage advice about putting a lot of stuff out there and seeing what comes back.
    So this week – a couple of job applications; meeting at uni for a ‘nothing to lose’ request for extended time off while I sort living arrangements, money and divorce; start book proposal for insistent new idea; get freelance admin sorted; go to the beach; hopefully get some sleep and exercise now that my angsting has become an actual decision.
    I’ve been pondering all this as Saturn is in my 3rd until Nov this year, it’s a big house in my chart. Thinking about my limitations and accepting them. I just don’t think I’m cut out for academia, that style of writing, and the solitary life. I’m making peace with the things I’m just not good at, despite how it looked on paper. And there are things I’d rather do. 6th house Aqua just got bored, maybe.
    This is quite freeing and very new. I am shrugging my shoulders and saying, you know what? I haven’t done a great job, I’ve done a semi-ok job, I wasn’t mentally tough enough, I was useless without a structure, I haven’t lived up to everyone else’s expectations of me. Maybe that’s Saturn in my 3rd, opposing my (empty) 9th. Accepting my limitations and seeing them as a deeper way of knowing myself.
    And just looking those thoughts in the eye and noticing that the world doesn’t end.

    • Ok, I need my pedicure so I am going for red. You and another person posted red for your nails! Time to go from sparkly green to HOT red! LOL!!

    • i always thought i would be an academic. it was almost expected, family of them and all that. then it dawned on me (as part of a larger set of realizations) that one, i was likely not cut out for it (lack of discipline and solitary focus), and two, i didn’t want to be. i love the trappings, but, at least for me, the meat isn’t there. academic research in a probably completely paradoxical way feels shallow. ivory tower and all that.. not that there isn’t amazing work being done, but where is the connect with the boots on the ground? this feeling has been reinforced lately with my re-entrance into that world- being told “oh, this would make a great thesis” cements my conviction that NO, i do not want to write a thesis- i want to HELP people. tangibly. cap ruling my 9th and saturn in my 3rd give me a zero academic bs tolerance. if you’re going to have a big professorial ego, you’d better be able to back it up with substance, not just a big vocabulary. ack, i’m still processing this weeks events it seems. anyway, i wrote this out to congratulate you on your peace with where you are. it’s not something that should need validation, but those credentials are powerfully seductive. good on you for following your heart. you’re free, and you’re deeper than all that! xoxox

      • Thanks hdq, I appreciate your comments. I am at peace with what I’ve decided which in a very mutable way is to throw it back at them and see what they say.
        I love my academic friends, they are bright and so determined and courageous, particularly with what’s happening in the humanities in my town. Once I got past the fact that I am not ‘lazy’ – I do have discipline, in fact I’ve completed a big creative work and I’m proud of it – but right now I desperately want my life back. x

  14. Hmmm. Pisces rules my 7th house. Keeping my feet on the ground in that area of life has been a problem.

    • i can’t quite wrap my head around my 11th could possibly be grounded. it’s the uranian house- lost in the ethers!

      some cool realizations in there, cattiva!

  15. I had horrible dreams last night. Probably because I read about Pippa Bacca for the fist time. She was a Sagittarius Italian woman who decided to do a performance art piece with a friend. Their plan was to hitch hike from Milan to Israel wearing wedding dresses that they would symbolically wash when they arrive to wash away the legacy of war. Her whole premise was that people are nicer in one-on-one situations – so she and her friend traveled separately at times. She was raped and killed in Turkey, like a recent American woman traveling alone, which is how I got to Pippa’s story.

    Sometimes, I forget how mean people can be. Mean isn’t really the word for it. My dreams reminded me – there are people who really want to hurt others and brag about that.

    Anyway. Feet. I’m so lucky I have nothing better to worry about than pedicures and feeding my daughter today. So blessed. xoxo

    • 12th house Virgo-reading your story made me so sad for Pippa. I too strongly believe that people are generally nice and always expect the best and generally do get the best. I feel such a kindred heartache for Pippa; for when I first read the whole idea I thought, “How wonderful” with a delighted smile-then read on…..:(
      i just don’t get it…however I continue being the change and I hope that the person/s responsible will reap their due; a hundred fold.
      Sagg Sun, Scorp Rising, Gem Moon

  16. Love pedicures and that ankle bracelet is adorable. I have always wanted a toe ring, forgot about it and now you remined me..

    I have a St. Patrick’s Day green nail polish on right now.. why that color? I have not idea. I felt like I was stepping out.

    Chiron and Saturn are natally in Pisces, my 5th house. Mars is on the cusp of my 4th and 5th house.

    So, does Chiron encourage romantic relationships or what is this planets influence? Or how can I find out the description of this planet. I have a description for Saturn, Neptune..etc.. but not Chiron.

    • Chiron is the wounded healer. Mystic has written a lot about it, so you can use the search or google. Chiron is like a baby Saturn in that it usually indicates an area of restriction – think the wound that will not heal. I actually think having Saturn and Chiron in the 5th would indicate a lack of romantic relationships or children or creativity or whatever, or at least difficulties and deep lessons through those things. Sorry, not romantic stars on their own, but Mars on the cusp should give you the determination to power through challenges.

      • Ok.. that makes sense. Very wounded I am so I don’t deal with it. I just accept it and move on. I am not bitter about it at all.. I just get scared very easily. Maybe eventually I will learn how to deal with it because I am definitely in the learning process.. evaluating me and how I relate to others, what do I see and how does it make me feel. Still in the learning process!!


        • Also, you may need to separate yourself from how those issues were handled in your own childhood so you have space to heal/be wounded. Good luck!

    • I have Chiron and Saturn in my fifth, too. I had always wanted lots of kids (I also wanted to work for NASA, lol), and I have birthed four babies, but I was in such a bad situation when Pluto conj my Scorp-Neptune asc/opposite my natal Moon almost 23 years ago that I was overpowered for my two sons; lots of mental abuse occurred. Wounded? You bet! Still feels just as fresh as it did then. Still have nightmares, still have panic attacks, still grieving. It will never go away and all I can do is accept it as part of my psychic makeup.

  17. Dealing with foot drop from a botched overdose attempt in my left foot/ankle. But has caused me to reevaluate the priorities in my life. It feels very neptunian. And of course I still smoke pot with sexy men. I can’t help it. I’m like the modern day Colette. Girl can’t help it indeed. I live my life

    • Is there anything better than smoking pot with sexy men ?? I think not! Time to hook up with the sexy virgo who loves to massage my feet me thinks πŸ™‚

  18. Foot care? I can barely stand having my feet attached to my body. I think of it more as hoof care. At one point, I spent more on Podiatrists than any other medical specialty. My hooves have ground many pumice stones to a smooth surface. My usual foot care tools are an X-Acto knife and acid.

  19. I’d pick a good massage over a pedicure anyday. puts me to sleep and revives weary heel arches. Fantastic dream. Pisces is the end of my 8th mostly 9th house. Both apply.

  20. Ha, I loved unicorns when I was a kid. I went to NOLA when I was fourteen and purchased a large unicorn engraving print. I still have it . . . hanging in my bathroom! I’m too embarrassed to put it anywhere else, but it’s too large and the frame is too ornate to put into storage. It’s a nice reminder of my idealistic fourteen year old self, before shit hit the fan.

  21. I have no Pisces planets but I do have Neptune conjunct my Scorpio Sun and sextile Pluto. Right now transiting Neptune is hitting on all cylinders, exactly trine natal Neptune and opposite natal Pluto. I’ve always been fond of my feet and I love to take good care of them. My feet like to be free and barefoot or shod in really beautiful shoes and boots. I’d treasure the bejeweled adornment in the photo – that’s something!

    • We must be close in age. My neptune in scorp about to trine Neptune while opposing Pluto.
      I haven’t worn closed shoes for a long time . I’m a sandals man.
      A couple of dancer friends always comment on my perfect feet. No grinding or scraping etc necessary when you don’t suffocate them.

  22. Years ago, my feet were featured on a foot fetish website fondling a watermelon with my toes.
    Feet represent our sub-conscious. Nourish your feet=nourish your dream state, emo-life, great mystery.
    Enjoying foot banter and all discussion Pisces, dispelling what seems to be ubiquitous label we get for being flaky. Fish don’t demand worship the way other signs do.
    Sure I don’t know where I end and the world begins, (boundaries are my kryptonite), but I can spookily shift into cold-fish mode and detach no effort. Saturn conj. midheaven also helps ground the dreamer.

  23. Love the pic, Mystic!
    I am just sensuously turned on by my lovers feet. It surprises me in the moment . Very Delicious !

  24. Hmm, maybe I DO need to get my toenails operated again, though I have been putting it off.

    Interesting as I was scrutinising my shoes for comfort levels yesterday. Shoes have been on my mind a lot this year.

    I think I also need to dig out my much-loved ankle bracelet. I’d forgotten how much it meant to me.

  25. hilarious-i’ve just started seeing a podiatrist! and yes i do think looking after your feet is the foundation of good health/hygene πŸ™‚

  26. Wow that’s amazing. Foot been bothering me; aggrevated by walk to bus stop to work! Pisces in 6th house!

    If feel better than walk to work and daily routine (ie 6th house) better


  27. Did mani pedi Saturday nite and painted them all sea foam green Sunday a la Libran gdaughter’s crazy color kit she gave me for xmas….

    Kit called “Love and Beauty” she’s double Venus ruled…and color kit was from Forever 21 store..ha, cute.

  28. Venus Pisces house 10. This post made me trim my toe nails. Wanna paint toes later too. Only had time to do my finger nails yesterday.

    I would wear that sweater. It’s cold over here, recently bought a pink floyd sweater.