Mars Meets Neptune – Venus Goes Back To The Lab

Feel the shift?

Mars is in Pisces and nearing Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. This is, at best, super druidic, like the might of Mars applied to your more nebulous, surreal and oceanic issues. Or of course it could be like an epic bender. We’re all shooting for Haute Neptune, right?ย  No Love Zombie Relapses on our watch.

And actually, Venus in Aquarius (also from today) helps heaps with that: It’s like super-zen objectivity applied to all things Venusian. The mate/date Astro-Scape is morphing, it’s a great time to initiate a change in your relationship policy or refine your attitude.

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Image: Florence Welch by Norman Jean Roy

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132 thoughts on “Mars Meets Neptune – Venus Goes Back To The Lab

  1. I love this pic!!! I want to be her on that horse in that outfit with that storm brewing! Magnificent.

  2. At some point, that Mars-Neptune will be on my moon in Pisces. Kinda scared. Hope I can handle it. Also, I’m a Taurus, so I’m doing my best to avoid love zombie shit. And here I thought things would be easier with Jupiter now direct…

    • They ARE easier, relax. This is not for US – we are gonna be cool & watch the Love Zombies & Qi Vampires from a ringside seat. Make sure you read your rising sign as well as Sun!

      OMG i got a person on facebook telling me off for denigrating vampires.

        • I have Moon AND Mars in Pisces, so transiting Neptune and Mars will be on mine, too.
          Things have been surreal for awhile, and I guess things will get more so..

          I’m Aqua sun, too, so Venus will be transiting there, too.

          I’m just ready to feel good, man, because I haven’t felt good in a very long while….

          Thanks for saying things will be easier, MM! I am hopeful!

      • My head hurt reading her text speak… She needs to suck up some more vowels rather than o-pos.

      • Lol! hilarious …
        Yeh… mystic people who want to fuck with your life and happiness are people 222222.

    • Hang on there Steph! That Mars and Nep is heading for my ascendent!! Anything is possible and can and probably will happen….. I’m literally in training so I can stay haute…. the ‘hardest’ thing I touch is chocolate as I’ve never trusted my ability to come back from anything stronger. We’re not alone here so keep those horns high!! xx

    • Ah cripes, that reminds me that this combo will get onto my Pisces moon too!!

    • I too Taurus sun.. Pisces moon …
      Yearning and pining was soooo 2012…
      Fuck em or we did : )
      Remember that amazing synchronicity and loved filled relationship… Yep : ) that’s our future.. The past is where it belongs.. Awesome brilliance talented inspiring nuturing love awaits …right now they are hoping…praying to find us.. Lol Yep it’s they’re year they are going to hit the f@”& jackpot… Oh did I mention they are seriously hot as well : ) …
      “committed freedom”

    • thank you, everyone. especially you, mystic. it was something that was going to happen no matter what, honestly. it’s a mess, but nothing I can’t get through.

  3. Agreed EG but . . . if you draw a line from her belly button down to the spine of the horse, she’s about 5″ off-centre, plus at the angle of the horse, she would be more forward and not looking quite so otherwordly. Other than a bit of visual cognitive dissonance for me it’s a great shot. Someone was in the saddle when the picture was taken, but it wasn’t her.

    I thought all this Venus/Mars stuff through logically this morning and then lost it again. Probably as they moved sign. So appreciate a bit of clarity. What I did work out just before I brain scrambled myself was that Mars hasn’t been in Pisces ahead of the Sun for at least two visitations if not more and it certainly hasn’t run bang smack into Neptune in Pisces for many more years. Recent experience of Mars entering a sign ahead of the Sun (lagging a sign behind i.e in the twelfth house), is kind of thankless and exhausting. You kinda march on, a bit grim.

    I picked up a book of yours Mystic ‘astro guide’. I’m enjoying it immensely.

  4. ..her hair, stallion, stormy clouds and sword poised – inspiring image. I just had a great [awesome even] meeting, super neptunian in the television industry sort of way and i am feeling the shift from a week of feeling crushed to now being calmly lit up and things to look forward to. Im shifting in all areas – my exercise regime, while gruelling, is already showing results at week 2, my new hair style plan is about to take place next week, new job direction and living with siuations that are so not me. My meeting with an inspiring person, really has had a +ve impact on me.

  5. Hey everybody
    Around Feb 6 Venus will be sextile Uranus in Aries, which will be conjunct my north node. Also Jupiter will be trine transiting Venus plus my natal Sun, Venus and Jupiter. Anybody got any ideas I may or may not have thought of for what to do with these amazing stars? I think I need a plan.

    • I’m not super over all the astro stuff, but just at a glance i’m thinking Uranus in Aries probably already has a plan that will jump out of a box and with the help of Jupe it will be a pretty big box?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Or of course this could just be my fantasy of ‘big things will happen all of their own accord’!

      • Thanks Fire Fish. Thatโ€™s a good point. All carefully laid plans since before Christmas have been tweeked and twisted so Iโ€™ve just had to get over my Cappy ascendant and go with the Aqua flow. Sometimes exhausting but never dull.

  6. yikes! most definitely no love zombie. i just came from a date a pisces guy. i dont like him..*sigh* but he’s something that i need. but i’m not attracted to him..what should i know mm? ehhu dont have to tell me i already know now. nite from california, isa

    • Are you serious. Look in the mirror and say again. Honestly hon you sound like a self destruct drama queen…

  7. Just had lunch with a Qi Vamps from hell couple, completely drained and very upset. Any tips of how to shake off their vibes? Salt bath? Garlic necklace?

  8. ohh my sword and my horse! i decided what i need, for life, and for that pic, is a big copper snake necklace. flat, i think. good snake jewelry is rarer than i thought it would be.

    definitely felt the shift. dreads are braided in two and sticking out a foot on each side. and i feel like going out again. nice!

    • Good snake jewelry *is* hard to find. I never did find a necklace I liked. I have half a mind to become a jeweler.

  9. I just had to stand up for myself in a love triangle, wounded woman tries to simultaneously close me out and dump her anxieties on me in a sanctimonious way while philandering husband impotently supports her by staying silent kind of moment. I was fiesty (Mars?) – as in hey, you don’t get to tell this story without any input from me way – but cool and objective – had you considered that maybe this is not about me at all? (thanks Venus). Strange tensions but totally coherent at the same time!

    • I had already walked away from this scenario btw, when he decided to go back to her, but she’s just decided to have her rant now. Funny thing is, I don’t feel like a LZ at all in terms of the guy – they both look pathetic and she has effectively emasculated him now, so he’s not appealing to me AT ALL….However, I am hooked into the drama in that I am feistily defending myself. She’s all preachily casting aspersions my way and laying her version of things on me and I’m arcing up – like don’t dump your insecurities on me, man. Is she doing this so that she can continue to idealise him? I’m exiled/not allowed to speak because I represent deceit and disloyalty in their relationship, but um, what then does he represent??

      • uh oh. I think I just got Neptuned and shitted crazy bats all over this scenario :/

        • oh, they had an arrangement, an open marriage. the problem was we fell in love ๐Ÿ™

        • or it’s probably more correct to say, she agreed to something she didn’t really want.

  10. The only shift I felt was that I feel more miserable than I did last week. ๐Ÿ™

    • I am with you Ms… I can’t stand it! Everything was so up and up prior to last week and then “bang”.. down in the dumps, feeling sorry for myself, feeling worthless etc.! WTHeck.. I am in PMS mode right now but still… I haven’t felt like this since when I lived in my previous location. I was miserable then. I don’t know maybe I am recovering from my over abundance of happy energy.. I was on the go for several months with high energy events. Emotional excitement of new things showing up in my life.

      I just wish I understood more of my chart and how this planet and that planet play each other and cause this….

      ANywho.. hang in there! This to shall pass (I hope)..


      • Thanks, VE. I hope things brighten up for you, too, in the coming days. Things can only go up from here, right?

        Understanding the key source of my misery can easily be unpicked by subjecting it to the Five Whys:

        Issue: virtually penniless.

        Why #1? Left a shitty job the at the start of last year without having anything else to go to.

        Why #2? Was sick of feeling undervalued in the day job. And it was draining my will to live.

        Why #3? My true value lies in my creative abilities, and I’ve been forcing myself to work non-creative jobs to support a lifestyle which distracted me from how miserable I’ve constantly felt from not tapping that creativity.

        Why #4? My creative abilities are the only thing I am passionate about, the only thing I feel I have to contribute in this lifetime.

        Why #5? Because they come from the heart. Unfortunately, they are not developed enough to generate enough income to cover the bare necessities at present.

        Repeat cycle of the last twenty years.

        I’m in the process of smashing up the cycle at the moment, but my Leo Sun is suffering (for obvious reasons), my Scorpio moon is taking me too far inward, and my Virgo Rising is having a meltdown over all the chaos created by the disorganised change.

        Love-Zombie-ing is the last thing on my mind at present.

        • Ms.. I totally understand about feeling penniless. I know what you are going thru. I was working at a company being paid little money and being beaten verbally and psychologically by the senior management team. It was painful. Me sitting at home not being able to get out and living in an area that was depressing. It was a hard transition and I have to blame Saturn. However, I feel I learned a lot. One of the areas that God and maybe Saturn was teaching me was about money. It led me to a new job, with more money and back to my area that I am in love with. So, I am sorry you are going thru this because not having money to get you out of that trapped feeling box is grueling. I haven’t paid attention to your posts here so I wish I knew what type of work you are in. I would like to see if I can help.

          What is your profession?

          • I am a writer.

            I know all this change is a good thing – I am a firm believer of ‘stay stuck and be fuqed’ – but just not having the security of a fortnightly salary has been very hard. I am currently working freelance, and money is on the way, but I just never know when I’m going to be paid, which makes planning anything difficult.

            [Having said that, it has been liberating not to have to put up with ass-hats in the workplace. Seriously, the average workplace is an unhealthy place to spend such a large chunk of ones’ existence …]

            I’ve started looking for another money job again until business picks up, but dรฉjร  vu (followed by disappointment) hits me every time I read a job ad, because my highly calibrated merde-detector can blast through honeyed HR-speak to see what a job really entails. I have enough life/work experience to know when a job will make me want to tear my head off, and most of the ads I’ve read have pushed my AVOID button so far.

            Compounding everything is the restless feeling of always wanting to be somewhere else merged with the burgeoning desire to nest.


            I know things will get better. they always do. But lately there has been a greater proportion of dark to light, and it’s exhausting to be positive about a future that has been nebulous and shifting for such a sustained period of time.

            • Hi Ms. Leo, I just read these posts of yours and I really, really do hope things are brightening up for you soon.
              I’m in a similar boat, having had my fair share of work shit (had to resign from my last job due to work bullying – horrid), plus a few other choice “life challenge” type of events following quitting the job.
              I can SO relate, and wow, you put it so eloquently here “I know things will get better. they always do. But lately there has been a greater proportion of dark to light, and itโ€™s exhausting to be positive about a future that has been nebulous and shifting for such a sustained period of time.”
              I mean, you’re a writer yes, it’s that it resonates bone-deep with me, so thank you for verbalizing my often muddled thoughts since last year.
              I’m also with you re: being selective with money jobs, that while I understand it’s important, I am aware of its pitfalls even more now, as the last job nearly cost me my health.

              While I don’t know you personally, here’s to us discovering much, much more light in proportion to the dark.
              Good luck with the job hunt to us both! They’d be lucky to have us, with a new workplace that resonates and aligns more with our selves. ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Yes, absolutely, here’s to brilliant new opportunities to put our talents to productive use for the benefit of all! ๐Ÿ™‚

                And thank you for your kind words – sometimes that’s all it takes to chase away some of the stormclouds ๐Ÿ™‚

                Having been through a short stint of workplace bullying many years back (the place I worked at back then was so bad that my career counsellor quickly became my personal counseller and was constantly gobsmacked by the things I’d bring up at each weekly session), I know how horrible it is. It takes a long time to rehab from something like that, but when you do, you are often wiser and stronger, and can smell a dud job situation from a mile off. Congrats to you for walking away from it and reclaiming your personal power (and no doubt, sanity).

                I’m feeling more positive this week, although the $$ that have finally come my way seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate (necessary stuff – no room for luxuries anymore). Kinda sick of feeling like I’m hemorrhaging money all the time, even when I’m trying to be careful.

  11. No LZ relapse but definitely a hooch is juice one. At this rate I’m going to have to join AA. Grrrrr. So mad at my lack of self control.

    • I used to be an AA hater (and I still am in some regards) but there is something really cool about having a place to go full of strangers who get nothing out of it but sincerely want to help you. I went once with my sister (NA, though) who is a recovering addict and she was right — I didn’t want to admit it but I felt better after!

      I have tended to go too far into party mode once a year in the winter time (probably depression) and each time I would say I was gonna stop, fuck up epically one more time, and then my own guilt would drive me to set and reach an even longer predetermined dry stretch rewarded with some kind of material object I was lusting over at the end of it. But the initial promise and fuck-up always was a critical step to get me to be serious about it the next time so don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re ready when you’re ready. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • J’adore AA! Everyone who is anyone is off the turps nowadays. It used to be that you would go to a party and the power brokers or beautiful people would be on the balcony smoking getting wrecked. Now they are the ones in the corner drinking coffee or mineral water. EDGE is in baby. AA is the last real democracy.

      • I agree, I’m off the substances. They have simply lost their allure for me, but I am totes enjoying the perks. Could be saturn in Scorpio? Something to do with Neptune? Whatever it is, I’m sort of grateful as it hasn’t been hard for me at all.

        Anyway, meditation is my new high ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I know my source. Being single + social norm to drink = typical Gen Y binge. Just hoping I don’t go lower Neptune….. :/

          I don’t even enjoy drinking. In fact, I hate it. It’s just there… With my friends. Grrrr. And I love my friends.

          I will just have to exercise more self control.

          • ah, you’re young woohoo, go out and have a good time but remember to consider what that means to you and be good to yourself too. there should be room for both ๐Ÿ™‚

            you have plenty of time to straighten up, I’m Gen X & single & it’s taken me till now to manage it xx

      • Actually I find Prosecco (italian style bubbly dry to very dry due to it being grown at high altitudes) to be a lesser evil, as it were. Low alcohol and sort of the step between soda water and champagne. If I have to drink it is an almost “healthy” alternative to full-on stuff. Mind you, this is from me who considers Campari and soda to be a health drink and sings the praises of anything bitter or herbal, albeit in alchohol! Having said this, I have to admit that I rarely drink- probably because I live in tropical Australia where the consequences of uncontrolled drunkeness are only too apparent. Mostly I drink lemongrass and nettle tea which, incidentaly, is fabulous for the complexion – hydrating from the inside and possibly exuding some sort of oil ,
        Friday night and this afternoon are the exceptions to my non drinking since early Jan. Blame it on ol’ Neptune.
        This gemini gal has had a very productive weekend – cleaning and throwing out.
        I have made 4 loaves of dark gluten-free bread and watched kids play sport and the West Indies v Australia Cricket on tv. Feeling very, very Zen and giving thanks for Jupiter in my sign!

  12. well, I love cuz it’s just about on my Midheaven/Sun/mn midpoint opposite Pluto. feelin’ the transformation for things nebulous coming down to Earth or at least meetin’ it half way in the ethers…

    Spoze sitting in a parking lot at one in the morning to use the wireless means I am certainly not utilizing my discipline to write…The whole idea of not re-initiating the internet connection at home was so I would be more disciplined.

    And so here I am in a parking lot at one in the morning.haha…I’m a hopeless junkie…

  13. Mars-Neptune approaching my Mercury in Pisces just in time for my birthday. I am already feeling it. Today I wrote this letter to my mom that I don’t know if I will ever give to her but I sent it to my best friend as I think it explains so much about who I am because of my inner life as a kid and what my reality was like (I had very intense OCD and self-harming). My friend called me up an hour later crying saying it was the most beautiful thing he had read…we are close because we have similar perfectionist hangups and I think I said something that he feels but as a guy has a hard time admitting.

    Anyways, powerful release around really primal stuff was the theme of today. I didn’t even plan on writing this thing, I just got out of the shower and felt compelled to start and could not stop. Feeling drained but free, like the illusion of having to impress her is over and now I can go forth and be what I want. BLACK SWAN MOMENT.

    I’m gonna try and ride this writing wave now, I’ve been blocked when it comes to getting into the flow of writing when it comes to filling out a detailed outline. Maybe my outlines are too detailed?

    • I will check that out! I took some screenwriting classes which helped me a lot with structure and making me see the path to completion (which I struggle with) but I think they majorly impacted my ability to freewrite without overthinking. It’s been awhile since I read a writing book and something more encouraging as opposed to hypertechnical might be just what I need. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

    • hey, thanks for the tip re: bones….making note now. writing big research report and the structural stuff is the hardest/scariest. little things can be filled in later, right?

      • I’m the opposite I LOOOOVEEEE the structure stuff! But this is my problem; it’s rooted in perfectionism, which is lame and anti-writing period.

        Whenever I write a philosophy paper I make a detailed outline with references cited, with a screenplay it’s the beatsheet, scene list, character analysis first. I spend time on it, make sure it’s perfect and detailed. Then I begin to write, sentence by sentence, and I am not really able to move onto the next one until the one before is forsure done. So instead of getting volume and then cutting down and restructuring, I am pruning the sentences as I go and obsessing. Then when I get stuck I get REALLY stuck.

        PLUS: The fact that I have such a detailed outline makes my brain think I’ve finished it when I haven’t! I think a trick to writing and loving it is surrendering to the surprises that pop up and leaving some mystery for yourself by being flexible.

        This method works well for philosophy papers and I am often complimented on how “polished” my work is, but I think it’s a total buzzkill for fiction and that is where I need help and to modify my strategies and methods.

    • but it’s OK, am in a head-space equivalent to anti-LZ. It’s like one of those blue bug-zapper lights you see in old fish and chip shops, outdoor bbq/eating areas of some campgrounds, you know. No LZ thought is safe…. I had a thought the other day about love-related paranoia… “The most important thing is not giving a shit.”
      Gold. Thanks, brain.

  14. Universal

    There was a bright flash, most who saw it, didnโ€™t know what it was.
    A celestial event, herald or haven, proof that the universe is working as it should.
    But two saw it, two from two different places on the map, they were the same as most, didnโ€™t really understand what it was.
    The universe wasnโ€™t conscious of it either, not in the sense that we are, we humans.
    But, with the benefit of hindsight, did not a new beginning take place, a story within the infinitesimal universe understood as we do, we humans.,
    A simpler story than the universe could tell, a story that the universe just couldnโ€™t understand, not in the sense that we do, we humans.
    On a colourful planet in the Milky way galaxy, with a Star called Sol, and an array of massive gas giants and cold and hot planets for company, on Earth.
    We who look outward to the stars while searching within, we who look out for our twin, something the universe doesnโ€™t understand, not in the sense that we do, we humans.
    A story so simple, timeless and essential, a part of our DNA, part of our being in the sense that we understand, we humans.
    A fragile and strong existence, a boldness and fear, a place in the scheme of things and a place apart, apart from other humans and as close as we can get.
    A simple story.
    Boy meets girl.


  15. Nothing was happening then Jupiter went direct and planets started shifting and everything felt different. The moment Jupiter was directing itself I was on the phone, at 3am, to my Aries ex. He who makes my heart ache every single day. Weirdness. I thought I’d feel better knowing he seems to feel the same way but it’s awful. Anyway, I’m trying to stave of any LZ behaviour, I’ve been LZ’ing about this one since last century and I’m fairly sure I feel much more rational and fatalistic about the whole thing but at the same time I just want to walk the 300+ miles to where he is and tell him to just be with me, once and for all. There literally isn’t anyone else I want to be with! Ugh.

  16. Super Bowl Sunday in the States. The ultimate Maya experiences. People watch for the adverts! LOL! Think they’ll be extra cool this year?

    Courtroom warrior Sun/Pluto Leo husband has Pisces Moon/Mars. He’ll be glued to games.

    Hoping Venus in Aqua helps my decluttering mojo and follow through. Sentiment stymies order and progress. Literally living with heaps of books from ancestors. Too many!!Found a science text from 1897 with a hand written translation of a Latin poem to a daughter of Lesbos!Go Grandma!!

    Celebrating Candlemas!

  17. Feel the shift -yes? sudden plethora of men, all younger, euro and hot.
    Am I suddenly omitting a secret pheromone? Rewards for cutting out the ex? sniffing the happiness and well balanced nature a certain capricorn has left me in, secret venus woo woo I know nothing about? god knows, but it’s to the point of unusual like you go home to check venus transit. Maybe it’s the astro making men more forward. eh.

    I’ve been drinking the last 2 days but its social not low neptune. Today is Saturday and it’s for Saturn alright.

    Had a dream the other eve I was in an esoteric school and I flew to the top of the ceiling to show I could fly and to show my power. I exploded into full force and came to clear a haunted house and take on a darkness that was disturbing my group. full on. Life does not seem quite real after all the sobriety of Saturn.

  18. I feel the old love zomibe stuff kicking up for sure. But…maybe someone else can be a love zombie for awhile. Over me or not. And I can just be satisfied that I am spending time here alive.

    One youtube video leads to another and I found myself watching a woman talk about a book she wrote on the history of celibacy. She said by the end of writing it she decided to go celibate herself because relationships are so intense and “Unfortunately, I can’t be interested in them unless they are.” Maybe celibacy is the answer? Its true I haven’t had sex in years, but its been more because nothing has been adequately intense enough in real life. And even the intense moments haven’t been adequately intense enough – materially. Maybe I should just choose to be free of the manifestation of romance and get on about being happy with my life. As it is. Right now. Google researching Mario Kart so my multi-Aries daughter can unlock all the characters on the wii this weekend. My life.

    • I love mario kart, but haven’t played it since the nintendo 64 days! What a healthy way to go monk!

      • I like Super Mario Bros 3 myself. But, got in some Just Dance, feeling like an uncoordianted fool – so much so that even Aries daughter is minorly wowed by my bravado.

  19. Definetly feeling the shift today … the last couple of days around Jupiter station and the planetary voids have been ‘orrid. At least I did take some realizations out of it.

    Btw of Love Zombies and stuff … which astro combo would make a guy go into attack mode after all you did was “Hi!” from the side with promptly turning around and walking away?

  20. Yes, feeling the release of pressure and the finally the resolve to get out of the funk. Neptune has always clouded everything I’ve attempted to do, like the detrimental effects of wishful thinking and idealized impracticalities. Lost a big $ account and have been grieving over it ever since. With neptune, it’s hard to even recall how I got into this mess. Thankfully, there are many helpful sextiles to my neptune and mars, providing the necessary fight to get out of this mess. And going through this alone – Saturn in 7th house, has added a thick layer of resilience. However I do wish on some level, someone would LZ me just because it would feel nice to feel a tinge of desire and warmth, but I’d rather have the logical clarity and all my energy is being directed into career searching around the country.

    • Hey Gren, I like what Robin Roberts said yesterday on Good Morning America…she quoted her now deceased Mom…

      “Make your mess your message”…ha, I liked that as know what you mean on many levels lovely. xo

  21. An email entitled “integrity” just arrive in my inbox from him
    This is it
    No point talking the talk.

    I have a partner. I should do the right thing. Not live a secret, spilt off life. I should be with one thing. Or not. Not half way. Right now I am half way.

    I need to get my head together. Be real and true. To me.

    Not sure where that leads me to eventually. But it is the only path to contentment.

    I’m going to be quiet for now.

    • I felt the same toward the sag sun/cap moon – that he was the perfect audience. But he’s not. He’s just a dude living his life. And all my depth and intensity can’t be poured into one idea of a man or relationship. It’s hard to figure out how to spread it around. More and more, I don’t really care. Not about ideas or writing. I care about peace and harmony. Not very sexy.

    • Your note to him was very classy, btw. Perhaps turn him into an animal totem – his energy type, but totem energy, not future? That’s how I dealt Uranian scorp. I realized he was an anaconda and that I needed more snake energy. Sounds like sex but it’s not.

      • I love this idea! Now to figure out the energy type I have been drawn to and manifest it in myself….

        • I guess mine would be the bull. It’s surprise all my ex’s had Taurus moons. They progressively have become more and more bull like too. *sigh*. No more bulls.

    • empathy empathy empathy empathy empathy. geez, you sound heaps like me, are you a Scorpio? Also, this sounds so much like the saga I have just been through I cannot tell you. although i was on the right side of the distance and there was kissing and shagging. well done on the dignified email, now, don’t do what I did and follow it up with less dignified ones. stay strong – you’re right, he might come back…I think I just smart-arsed my chances of that happening right out of existence (and it was a real chance).

      btw, I think the chanting could be doing awesome things…I’m have a new daily meditation practice and I’m working on my thesis after years of no-show.

  22. Still in stuck in the mud of worthlessness.. ugh! I honestly thought about going back to bed! But I will take a shower and continue cleaning up my apartment mess.. a.k.a decluttering. Since I am so sad why not cry over a messy place. LOL!!

    I guess Jupiter is not my friend. I have felt this low in over 3 months. Oh well!!

    • ๐Ÿ™
      I wish you were my neighbor and we could have an anti bed-slug support system that involved cheapo Korean spas and cappuccinos as motivation to get up and face the day!

    • I dunno how your expenses are but man(!) I’ve been getting massages on days I feel intensely down. Deep tissue massage. And after I drink heaps of water and conk out. I know you don’t want to be in bed, but this is restorative!

      My friend told me it was a frivolous expense and I’m wasting my money. But DAMN! I haven’t cried for weeks now. Not even after common trigger texted me and stirred up (not so) ancient angst.

      Decluttering is definitely on my list! Back at the family home this weekend and I just have so much junk!

      • I hate when people bring the judgement for paying a lot for bodywork (especially when I’m not the richest person right now). Like congrats if you’re life and moods are so locked down that it would be frivolous and not affect you, but for some people (usually sensitive types) it can pay itself off just through the mood boost and mental clarity/productivity that it brings. Bodywork is more than just 60 minutes of pleasure and relaxation, the effects can be felt for a long time after!

      • I know what you mean about a massage.. but I am actually looking for an acupunturist to get me relaxed. My boss referred me to one and I don’t care how much it costs but I need some meridians released, charged or exploded.. I don’t like how I am feeling and PLEASE don’t let this Jupiter direct until June 2013 be the case… I am just so sad! Digging deep for realizations and such and I know when I get out of this it will be a blast but I just don’t want this to be a Saturn return of some sort.. THAT was painful.

        So, in relation to a massage I consider an acupuncturist my massage therapist.. give me the needles!! LOL!!

        On my blue hoochie juice bender right now. It just makes me cry that I feel is a good thing.. releasing something… no LZ action.. Well let’s see what tomorrow brings.


    • love drama dragging me down a bit, I feel it too….but I’m gonna take inspiration from you all, meditate, get up, have a shower, make a coffee, clean the house, drink water and who knows? maybe my daughter will give me on of her cute 5 year-old handed shoulder massages. it won’t be deep tissue, but it’ll be healing in another way ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I smiled when I read your post calypso.. A 5 yr old can definitely get your out of a slump. I wish I could hug my nephews and niece.. Love abounds with a 6, 4 and almost 1 yr old.. <3


        • Hey! That could be where my massage needs started. When I was ten my bro was five and I used coax him into walking (yes walking) on my back!!!

          I was never one for baths, but when I couldn’t afford the massages there was nothing like a hot Epsom bath full of eucalyptus oil. Delicious! (And a good book and two litres of water on hand…. I would spend a good two hours in there!)

          • Yup.. eucalyptus oil is a must! I have several bottles of it. Use it everywhere. Thanks for reminding me of that energizing oil!! xo!

        • thanks Ellie ๐Ÿ™‚ I oiled, braided and put a diamante clip in my hair to clean the house too – it’s helping!

  23. The Pisceasoning has begun. Oh I am so attracted to Pisces Girl. I figure by the time Mars conjuncts my Mars in Pisces in a couple of weeks, I will be irresistible.

      • I am working on it. I just got her phone number a couple of days ago. But I feel weird, she just barely meets the old half-your-age-plus-7 rule that I never believed in anyway, but this would make it an awkward office romance. Oh well, other people are already pointing out to me that she’s acting like she’s got a crush on me. I better not disappoint them.

        • You better not disappoint us either! ๐Ÿ™‚
          Who gives a stuff about age anyway. Vivienne Westwood’s husband is 25 years younger and they’ve been married for 20 years.

          And “awkward”… don’t worry about that either. Mystic said ’tis the season (or should that be Pisceason? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) for unconventional romance.
          Keep us posted!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Huh? Suggestions of unconventional romance is just the sort of thing I’d expect from Mystic, but I don’t recall hearing anything specific. Where was this? Were there some specific aspects, other than the recent Scorping?

            • I think her advice had to do with the transit of Venus-Mars in Aqua – innovation/strange love stuff.

            • MARS in Pisces +
              VENUS in Aqua =

              surreal enough

              add the Aqua Sun & Merc
              fold in recent Moon in Scorp
              a good pinch of Jupiter in Gem for seasoning

              serves 2-4

          • Tropic of Scorpio thanks for posting about Vivienne Westwood. Go for it Charles- life is too short methinks. I am such a hypocrite though as I have been angsting over a gorgeous much younger bloke pursuing me. I am 51 he 38 & I saw no point as what happens as time marches on? I come from a fab gene pool, so don’t look our age. I was emphatic with my ” no thanks” when 25 yr olds approached me. I showed them my license then they understood why I was freaked out but….. This Irish lad sure consumes my thoughts no matter how hard I work on focussing on anything but him! He’s a Gem – refuses to tell me year – all he will say is he’s in his 30’s. I am hoping its 38!:(. I am Sagg Sun Gem moon, Scorp rising. So MM ma darlin girl thanks for the warning…. Bloody hell …..aaaargh!
            Sigh! I love having the privilege of sharing in all your wonderful posts fellow Mysticites- to read & feel them- though i dont feel free to respond at times as i am not as erudite & as hilarious as so many of you.Thank you. Xx : >

            • Life IS too short. I recently had the curious experience of reviewing a letter from my attorney to an insurance agent, which contained an actuarial estimate of my expected remaining lifetime: 25 years.

              • Charles, your attorney is tres odd to even write such a letter! Scowly face! Prove them wrong and make it 50 more! ; >

                Good luck with the office romance and just forget about the awkwardness thingy! Please keep us posted….

  24. Speaking of that pix with horse and sword….At coffee house indulged myself in a tarot on line reading…I do one card only..

    Asked what a certain someone thought about me… Got the Knight of Swords…(Rider Waite deck)..

    Then asked what I needed to know right now…

    Got the Knight of Swords…

    Umm hmm, good confirmation that I spoke my mind and truth.

    Some crazy shit there but not surprised..Deal with it baby… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. It’s a shift in possibiity, for sure! A clearer image of the door I am approaching and will go through mid-year (at the latest). There’s a distinct pressure that’s rumbling and paining me about the place I must exit – “stop mucking around and do it already gal, lest it eats you alive slowly”.
    A shift from tension, to finding a balance. Hands on steering wheel. Relax, take the foot off the accelerator so as to carefully navigate the entrance and exit from current path and once I’m there safely, plunge foot pedal to the metal again and go hard.

  26. Venus will be transiting my natal Mars and Mars will be ALL over my ascendant and Venus.

    Things are definitely a bit hyped up at the moment, I long for zen like energy – maybe that’s my cue to invest in some Haute Neptune activities.. hmm…

    Will do! Xxx thanks MM as always.

    Ps. felt that Love Zombie shift last night, so did a lot of people. I had to secretly giggly to myself as I watched the Zombies hoard around!

  27. Had to go back and read one of Mystic’s earlier advice for Aquas (printed out at the time because I thought this might just come in handy) – if you’re feeling bitched up or paranoid re biz/career, you’re doing it all wrong. Literally a wave hit me Friday evening and soaked up too much of my Qi yesterday.

    Mars-Neptune conjunct will also be conjunct my Natal Saturn which has just come off a trine with transit Saturn which is now exact conjunct my MC.

    Rest of MM’s advice: have to learn to channel the Scorpio energy. Haute not low.

  28. Venus will be transiting my Descendant; Mars and Merc Retrograde with be on the Vertex in Pisces in 7th; connecting with Uranus on my South Node … I could keep going with more, but I already see where it’s heading #EXCITINGTIMES

    • King neptune on my vertex to add to the foggy blur of heightened artistic focus in my life right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Damn, that’s so true. I do most of my best writing when it’s to my ex, my best friend, or the professor-turned-fling-turned-friend. And yeah, I’ve totally done the last-minute swap where I dump in my own email instead of whoever I was intending to send it to.

    Back in August I had an intense email volley going with a guy I had a weeklong hotel businesstrip romance with for two months after…

    And my ex and I were semi-long distance; we would live our lives for 2-3 months then meet up together for 2-3 on and off. I first met him for two weeks in a foreign country and then it was a month apart before we saw one another again and I think that that month apart with the email flurry was the reason I really fell for him. I have Venus (chart ruler) in the 8th house conjunct Neptune & Uranus, probably making me very prone to the shared imagination side of relationships. And Mercury in Pisces in the 12th. I don’t think I could date someone without that mark of intensity, and it gets me into a lot of trouble. But I’m trying to flesh out my life outside relationships and anchor it down with career stuff so that I am less prone to get carried away.

  30. Yes, I’m feeling the shift, mainly through the realisation that I am a workaholic under pressure and need to change that now.

  31. So, I just had a major meltdown. I was inspired by calypso scorp
    to start cleaning.. So what happened. I haven’t put up my pictures in my new apartment and I am trying to follow the new Feng Shui rules for 2013. I went through my paintings one being of my Grandmother’s house. My Grandmother, on my Mom’s side, passed away when she was 103. Although my Mom thinks she handled everything correctly I disagree. During the month of December in 2006 my parents received a call from the nursing home saying my GM may not make it until Christmas. So what did my parents do.. nothing. They said because they had responded similar calls before and nothing happened they were not going to go see her. She lived several states away. SO, I got in my car after work on a Friday night and drove down there. The home had a beautiful condo for me to live in and I hung with my Grandmother. I read the Bible to her and although she didn’t know who I was I spent time with her. I had to leave obviously but I left Thankful that went. She passed 6 months later and left me a lot of money. Needless to say I had no idea and was Thankful I went because I would have hated myself for receiving the money and not really spending a lot of time with her prior. So, tonight while cleaning I found her painting and I was able to hang in a perfect place. I completely lost it with crying. For me these types of spiritual contacts, as I take it, are overwhelming… it’s like my Grandmother want me to feel her presence and now she will be around more visible with the painting in my bathroom. I will see it every time I get out of the shower. It is a beautiful picture of her long curvy walkway to ther front steps. She loved her garden and always kept it glowing. I use to think I was in the Wizard of Oz when I walked it.

    So anywho… maybe I needed this meltdown to know how lucky I was with my decision to go see her. I needed that cry and so I think my Grandmother knew it.

    Thanks for reading!! xo!

    • ๐Ÿ™‚

      ah, glad i played a small role! I know my grandmother is watching over me, and I’m sure yours is too.

      103 is an impressive age! my other grandma is about to turn 102, so i have the longevity gene too xx

    • That’s a lovely story Virgo Ellie, I’ve had times when I haven’t said goodbye because I was too scared or too much time had passed since I’d last seen the person, and it is something I will always regret. I said goodbye to my dad, but not to a person who was a friend with whom I’d lost contact.

      Anyway, I’m so glad you feel her protective presence in your life still.

  32. The few friends I had left are gone. Politely choosing to stay in the old ways. That’s okay because they didn’t get my new, flashy ironic sense of humour and I was bored. From now on – creative people only.

    Ancestral patterns are showing up where I can get a good look and do something. Cannot pretend, deny, make the best of any longer, I’m HERE. I know what to do.

    Almost pulled an “Into the Wild” today. (LUV that movie, hard on the head.) But I’ve had so many “Into the Wild” experiences my whole life that it’s just time to…keep out the Qi Vampires no matter how glamorous and how hard they bang on the door and…just go get rich.

  33. I’m glad mars has moved on out of Aqua (my natal sun, mercury & Venus in 7th), can get some regular sleep patterns going again. Hello Venus! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. DIGGIN the venus in AQUA! just realized i’d rather date the sky than a person. rather the sunshine and moons glow get inside my heart <3 <3

  35. Wow, talk about feeling Venus is Aqua—I am SO detached, objective and zen re: matters of love right now!!! Brilliant. Explains everything.

    As for Mars in pisces? Feeling some kind of amped-up power, just got to stay off the hooch.