I See You Baby…

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I see you baby – shaking your Mars in Virgo arse.

See also: Barack Obama, Jesus, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great…as if they didn’t have enough to do, imagine them also going ape over the details or crap service.

Speaking of Virgo, how strongly St Virgo was Beyonce’s guilting press conference?

The next Virgo Moon is a FULL MOON…heh heh. Don’t worry, i am totally taking this into account with the Horoscopes.

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64 thoughts on “I See You Baby…

  1. Oh no waaaay! So it was the moon! I lied about something a couple of years back at the suggestion of someone else and I’ve always had a nagging feeling I should straighten it out. Anyway, I didn’t and I kinda got outed today. Ah well. Did the crime, do the time. Don’t worry no animals harmed πŸ™‚

  2. Happily for me, Virgo rules my third house: empty, therefore no nasty transiting planetary aspects ever possible! So any Virgo moon etc action only energises my social life and information-exchangey-things. Since my chart is Mercury ruled, this basically means I get to do what comes naturally.

    Plus it also makes a temporary Grand Earth Trine with things in Cap and Taurus in my chart. So I actually get things done and it’s never stressy. but don’t worry, it only lasts two days then I can go back to bed again.

    And, Saggitarius rules my 6th house (where natal Neptune lives). So I am pleased to say that I will never be afflicted with this, how do you quaint natives say, a ‘work ethic’.

    • Hey, I like your style Lady Pi. πŸ˜‰

      Have Mars in Virgo natally, I can work hard, but with Mars in my 3rd, I am not a very powerful physical type. I tend to stay up writing or reading or talking, but not doing marathons or physical labour.

      Anxiously reading my chart now you have broken it down for me. Like you Mercury as chart ruler, howevs, Leo rules 3rd & Virgo my 4th.
      Guess this means I will impulsed to check the family sitch at Full Moon.

      While Scorpio rules my 6th – natal Neptune(in Sagg) & Moon there live there. As I understand it, intense emotions & spirituality in the working house, so that I work hard at that (more like naturally obsessed, so it doesn’t seem like work).

      But Saggi in the 7th House of ‘Let’s Chillax you ‘n’ me’ means I always let go and party at the end of the day.
      NN there too. Life is about the people who I have one on one relationships with. So working non stop would be counter to that I think.
      Don’t feel unduly afflicted with a nonsensical work ethic tbh even with a 0 deg Mars in Virgo.
      But I do feel guilty I’m not! That count? πŸ™‚

      • i think that counts. πŸ˜‰

        i vibe with both of you- to be honest, even the thought of virgo mars makes me sink even deeper into the couch. virgo rules my 5th, no planets (except psyche, fits) but it has libra intercepted within which has serious planets. so while there’s kind of an overlay that there could be interpreted as work (mostly devoted to chasing boys and healthy parenting), really it’s pretty nonexistent. scorp ruling the 6th means obsessions are awesome and work can indeed be done, but uranus and neptune pretty much take the “ethic” part of it away. πŸ™‚ moons are generally interesting at least. but really, i’m tired now just from thinking about it. no guilt.

  3. i love beyonce but i dont feel bad for her. how dare you lip sync at inauguration but your gonna sing live for entertainment. great!

  4. I have Mars in Virgo in 2nd natally, not far from Pluto / Uranus conjunct in 1st so Virgo moons / transits affect me a lot. Last year’s retro Mars sent me quite literally mad. In my life I need to turn my Mars energy outwards or else it burns me from the inside out.
    My greatest fear is that people might think I’m lazy, so I work harder to overcompensate. This is in opposition to all my Piscean stuff that to onlookers could seem like slackness, but in reality is a deeply spiritual visualisation/manifestation practice πŸ™‚
    Any new project starts with a declutter and a stationery order… very Mars in Virgo.
    Today in prep for my weekend feng bender I cleared out a huge filing cabinet, burned ten years’ worth of bills, statements etc. Bikram decluttering.

    • Last year while browsing the ato website i realised i no longer needed so many years’ worth of documents. I lit a fire, burning away merrily when suddenly the flames whooshed up very high and bright and singed my hair slightly. Had forgotten about my accident prone tendencies with flame. In the end i had to use the far less satisfying office shredder.

      Last year’s retro Mars in Virgo hurt my head a lot too, as it pinged off Lilith and Pluto. Virgo stuff is very hard on your Pisces Sun. There’s too much self guilting and social guilting (from within, though, of course). I think that’s why i get the shits with lo-Virgo narking. It seems smugly unaware that anyone else might have high standards or an inner critic, too.

      Therein lies the key, though: how can i turn my Virgo planets to Haute Virgo? Do you think that is possible for a Piscean? Or only if you’re the delusional Neptunian kind like, say, L Ron Hubbard?

      • I dunno Mille – I do it with varying degrees of success. I too battle with self-guilt constantly in that really picky, obsessive Virgo way. I have to work my grand earth trine or else I go nuts on a variety of levels. I think at times I think I’m doing haute Virgo when really I’m just working my arse off trying to win approval/status.
        My Leo rising is concerned about your hair, post-conflagration πŸ™‚

        • He heh it was several months ago and my hair grows super quickly, in fact i cut it every four weeks to keep it from taking over the joint, even now that i’m growing it!

          It’s that ‘undeserving’ piscean guilt playing on the virgo criticism/perfectionism. Thank you for articulating tha5t. I’m going to try to incorporate this into my w/end Six Steps to Soul Supremacy. Like the good little mars in cap that i am. Of course the Piscean in you understands that ‘6’ was a randomly generated number and each Step is represented by a tall slender man with a white teeth easy smile, possibly wearing fur and sequins, and a ‘fro. Or Bootsy Collins.

      • What is haute Virgo? As for lo Virgo seeming “smugly unaware that anyone else might have high standards or an inner critic, too” – I don’t know. As a high/low Virgo myself, I never feel smug about people not having standards. I feel frantic to have standards met, whether people know/agree with/or care about said standards or not. Whether I get “credit” or not. I LOVE when it goes well, when pieces on a project fall together. Its happened a hand full of times in my life. THAT’S the reward.

        Its not judgement against others having standards, but a desire to see my vision through to the end. And, yes, I get kind of selfish on that sometimes – the idea of the right concept. But who doesn’t/wouldn’t, you know, if they care to create something new?

        The standards are a pressure I put on myself and – oddly – a way I show love. But, I don’t have to EARN love or acceptance. That’s the old wound. I hate to think that my desires come off as “smug” when its vulnerability. But, it does. I know it does.

        For me, I am realizing I just have to keep it in balance. I’m not going to be different. But I don’t have to put such a false sense of urgency around things. I have my passions, others have theirs. Que sera, sera. I’ve never been Master of the Universe.

        • Mmm ok i have tended not to bite at whole signs before because i get that it’s going to be hard not to see it personally. But i am thinking of a little posse of people at work. I never knew their signs, i only knew their behaviour. Now i know their signs since they all had their birthdays last year, and they proudly identified as Virgos.

          I was pretty surprised that they were all the same sign. Even more surprised that they don’t exhibit many of the great things about Virgos. They never, unlike you, seem to rejoice in things going well, and they don’t put any effort into ensuring that it does, except for themselves.

          Yes, we all vascillate between making our qualities a strength and allowing them to be poorly focused. But i don’t think this makes you or anyone especially prone to be being Haute/Lo. I think this is consciousness in operation. I believe the expression Haute and Lo refer to people striving, and being aware – not to the relative success or failure of that.

          It’s true that i’ve posted about it recently a bit. This is because i’ve realised i have been taking responsibility for behaviours that are not mine, wondering what is wrong with me or how i can be better. I like the ‘how can i do it better’ part. What i am trying to do is mark out where the poor quality interaction can be improved by me, and what is in fact not mine to take on.

          But i understand you’re feeling it, and i don’t need to mention it anymore. I suppose i could have tried to journal it but i needed also to hear some honest opinion that wasn’t my own.

          • I certainly wasn’t put off by anything you said. Just kind of journaling myself I guess, sharing what I understand about the sign from my side. I don’t know how I’m doing with it, just throwing it in the mix.

            I feel like the first Pisces I understood was Whitney Houston. She had a need to feel anonymous sometimes, but its not anonymous, its…. I can’t quite articulate it, part of the collective.

            There is something to the 12th/6th house axis. I’ve learned a lot about the energy from interacting with you and David.

            • Oh i’m so glad, 12HV. When i have written these things i HAVE thought of you and flinched but then the need to write this out has been more important. Ha ha Whitney Houston! We sure do have some troubled souls in our sign… you guys only have Charlie Sheen! Yes, the poor woman…being part of the collective as a performer is a perfect and dangerous energy for a Piscean. I had the beautiful buffer of big bands, as well as possibly my strong fire. If my fire didn’t protect me from drowning, and it mostly did, then my band mates were just quietly there, suddenly, by my side. I got a lot of attention i never expected since i was focussed so fully on the actual performance. When it finishes i’m satisfied then suddenly WHOOSHHHH a wave of public energies at this 12th houser, they all want to know you and touch you. This is on SUCH a small scale! Imagine the vast vast scale of Whitney’s audience. Yes she wanted to feed the collective but it ate her.

              • Exactly. And she never really lied because even when she did, she only did because it felt true, the different history. But, she hated being the “Whitney Houston” that was held apart from others, above and beyond.

                Its funny how differently we can all take the same experience, you know? Success. All that. It can kill.

          • I remember reading your comment about your work style and you never knew it was a problem until you worked with mediocraties, and that resonated with my current situation. So this is the second time I’ve read one of your comments and your points are on cue, for me the ‘taking responsibility for others’ – I work with a Virgo Sun & Mars in Virgo and they are shifty (Neptune opposing?) and don’t like Leo energy.

        • Don’t forget also that i mentioned how healing and supportive your words have been to me, as well as my Virgo sister’s. That is not old stuff, that is very recent.

          I see you both struggling with certain aspects of yourselves, but it’s not my concern at all. It’s not inflicted. And it’s a struggle i admire and understand. What you have chosen to give to me in my struggle is pure Virgo, and i am completely grateful for it. I want to delve into what makes Virgo function well, and function poorly for my own chart -= i need to work on the 6th house, as you know, but also 10 and 11, where my own Virgo is. I don’t know if i’ve done it that well at all. Chrysalis summed it up articulately in a couple of different threads.

          Please don’t take my non personally directed comments to heart for yourself, 12HV. I don’t do that for Pisces comments others make about people they personally know, but at first i had to learn how.

          • No – not at all, love! Its just…I’d dissect and digest my own head if I could. I covet criticism, critique, what have you. In the end, I have to accept how little I control. And be happy and excited about that. Bottom line.

            I’m older now. And I realize, you just have to work with people and your connection to others is what gets you through life. Objectively. These are new realizations for me.

            I do think something shifted in December, even though the 2012 talk had died down. Something moved. And I think we are all finding our sea legs at the moment in this new reality. I’m trying to understand Pisces as much as you Virgo.

        • Whoah! Sorry but you put so much food for thought in what you say, as well:

          Vulnerability comes across as smugness.

          That is a powerfully self aware comment. I like it very much. This will help me do what i’m aiming for: have some compassion in my interaction with these people, without muddying into making it my ‘fault’. Draw better boundaries.

          • Yeah, I’m intense. Maybe you can come give employee sensitivity trainings at my office next. No one else seems to get it.

    • oh I love a good filing cabinet cleanout.

      I am going to use merc retro in 9th to organise (read: paste into three large notebooks) all of my notes, ideas, insights, random thoughts, etc. started a few years ago and have a bit of a backlog again.

      Also mille,I never replied to your reply to a comment of mine a few posts back, about the jupiter retro-blues and strange dreams. I wanted to say thank you for such a thoughtful reply – i ran out of puff to respond. xx

  5. Nooooooooo a FM in my 8th house! I’m sick of being called ice-queen when it comes to intimacy.

  6. What do I look at to see how the Full Moon in Virgo will affect me:

    Virgo Sun (12th house) with Pluto, Uranus, Mercury (11th house)

    Maybe this is my problem.. I am go SO down and out right now. I just want to hide.

    What does the Full Moon create during these times.. good or bad activity?


    • Also thank you for the lovely idea of telling yourself at work that you deserve respect, love, interest(?) I can’t remember exactly the words. I thought of your comment when I was in a awkward social sitch in which I would normally get flustered – it totally helped! I became calm and even a little confident and next thing I knew people were pestering me with questions. I am really the shyest extrovert.

  7. i was shakin my virgo sun conj mars butt in the mirror like 1?2? minutes before i decided to check this out…HAH!!

  8. From my own experience, Mars in Virgo’ gives an eagle eye
    to any flaws as they want nothing to mar perfection.

  9. 6th House – the house of health.

    I love that I’m looking into this a bit more. My health has been atrocious the last 2 weeks and it is all self-inflicted blue hoochie crap and shat.

    I’ve vowed to give it a break, I feel better already.


    I don’t feel sorry for Beyonce… Honestly this St Virgo crap really pisses me off. I feel like it’s just ‘re-wording’ the situation so that they’re shun in a better light.

    Shut up. And get over it.

    Guilt trip pfft don’t try!

    I’ve had many Qi Vampire Virgo girlfriends.. so excuse the bias lol

  10. Virgo is my 3rd house. Pluto there and will conjunct the full moon. Must say that my experience of working with virgos was initially positive but within a short period of time I realized that even when proven wrong Virgo finds it hard to admit the perfection they sought was far from perfect . By grouping together in work situations they support each others separate view of perfection to a degree I couldn’t take. Silly Aries says “hey, that didn’t work ? Let’s move on” Virgo says to themselves “this guys gotta go”.

    • I suppose perfection to me is only possible through serendipity. There must be a degree of random “other” . Planning for it , besides being a joke, is madness.

      • haha, funny.

        Like someone once said about writing a book “you can edit forever!”


        Think the dipity part is key…just gotta sorta go with the wave baby..

        Or we can simply do “dip”…Or add in the “shit”…lol

        Like Beyonce but think there was a bit of damage control goin’ on up in thayr..

        And I don’t care who is singin’ at the Super Bowl…won’t be there, cept maybe the Ty D Bowl…



  11. The other night my multi-Aries 7 year old took my orthopedic pillow because it was in one of her pillow cases. I went looking for it and found her asleep on it. So, last night, its Friday, and she slept with me. I was all “do you need a new pillow? was sleeping on my pillow better? does your neck hurt?” guilting-out over having a more expensive pillow for myself than her and she – God bless her – said “Mom! You’re doing that Virgo thing again.”

    • PS – She has a moon in Taurus, which is why I think she had to take the pillow since she thought it was hers.

      Knowing astrology really does help in relationships, when both people are committed.

      • Cute…Toro Moon gdaughter, 11, has begun to pull away from her Mom a little, as they do. One day she wanted to get in bed with Mom and cuddle but said “just don’t tell my friends”

        • I’m enjoying the snuggling for as long as it lasts. I’m lucky she’s Toro moon.

  12. This illuminati puppet douche,
    While one mans at the park with his kids – im working
    While one dad stays home on his daughters first period – im working
    When one guy takes extra time off for his wife in the hospital- im working
    When the other guy meets his grandfather for his 50th

    Im big wille style workin.

    Illuminati triangle in the corner, – not working.

  13. I have jupiter saturn and mars in virgo so bullshitters beware. I do not fall for genocidal scams false gods or secret society propaganda.

    Going without sleep and food is quite neurotic, unless your a secret society hell bent on people slaving away at the cost of there own health and sanity.

    But we dont have one of those tiny little nusances do weh?

  14. Natal Mars in Virgo here and I totally agree with Will Smith. I’m not particularly talented, or any more talented than my peers, but I DO have a formidable work ethic. I’ve never known where it’s come from, I just enjoy it. I really get off on attacking a project and seeing it come to fruition. As a freelance writer that means i’m generally pitching, investigating, generating, researching, emailing, writing, and reading more than my peers. So that means more tends to come to me in a ‘you get what you give’ kind of way I guess? Where I differ is I sleep and eat very, very well. I’m a Taurus after all. The difference is that when I’m ‘on’ I make it count. When I’m off, I’m in bed eating pasta.