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Individuated, rebellious, compulsively groomed and blessed with a fierce work ethic – this is the vibe du jour. The only peeps with anything to fear are slackers or anyone who attempts to wreck your buzz.  This is super-strength positive (albeit weird) astro-weirding. 

It’s also a really good test of how Zap Zone attuned you are – the Zap Zone being the Uranus Pluto square dominating the next several years.

If you’re feeling clean, lucid and fuqing fantastic, completely capable of not only handling current challenges but flinging in some more audacity & funky cool goals for the future – congrats! You’re attuned to the Zap Zone. You’re there. You ARE the Zap Zone. Because you’re getting that the Zap Zone is us, right?

But if you’re jittery and/or scattered with today’s astro, you may need to devise a quick Get With It plan. NOW!  More in the Horoscopes, obviously.

Image: Ajak Deng by Julia Noni Obsession magazine.

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167 thoughts on “Funky Cold Astrology

  1. Your daily stars are scarily accurate. I have to draw some serious boundaries last night. So I am now going to have a rant. I apoligise in advance…..

    What the hell is wrong with men these days? Do they not date anymore? Do you not even get wined and dined before being seduced? Or at least one drink. Is it the norm for a man to just want to turn up on your doorstep for sex no effort required?

    Yes my head is stong but my heart sank way down. Is it unreasonable to expect a little romance? I like romance! So my head is walking away but am waiting for my heart to follow.

    • Anonymous, I am outraged on your behalf. A bit of courtship is actually foreplay! How could your so-called date not comprehend this? I gather some guys think you will claim to be engaged if they engage romance mode, but I think romance and flings are a perfectly acceptable pairing. I hoped you closed the door in bozo’s face.

    • Yep, not a good sign for ‘relations’ later. Probably a 2 min wonder.
      There are plenty of astro references to that kind of behavior in the site annals.
      Maybe search under ‘hunky door stoppers’ , Myst is an expert in the field 😉

    • That’s beyond slack. And not worth wasting your time on.

      There are men who care and make an effort. And they are the only ones worth your time and energy.

    • huh. watches too much porn. lazy. probably barely literate. i feel for you tho, that is a special kind of disappointment…

    • Dude, it is really really bad out there. Sometimes I think that my love zombie tendencies were actually just responses to the anti-chivalry and infantile laziness of American 20-30 something men.

      • *has visions of love zombie apocalypse as braves outside world…screams, people stumbling around staring at their phone.. driving slowly past certain houses… runs inside and slams door shut again, leans against door, gasping for breath*

    • I’m in the process of interviewing for new jobs, hopefully cross country, to just start a new adventure in a location I’ve always wanted to explore. As such, I’ve been in prep whirlwind so this photo will help me visualize and dial up the amplitude for my next interrogation. Ruminate on my Qi. My talents are futuristic, my kung fu is robotic, I am a blade runner.

  2. OMG – I love that photo so much!! Thank you for bringing it to my eyes. xoxoxo

    Processing insights. Love the Picsean energy. It sobers me up. Can’t say I have a plan, but the fog is getting so I can see where I’m at. And it’s the Zap Zone for sure.

    • I want that costume so badly. The cuffs, helmet, shoes, fan, everything. It’s never going to be appropriate for my life. I want to wear it grocery shopping or on a casual Friday at work. Wow. Love it!

      • it is completely amazing!! i want those cuffs!

        it reminds me of a time back back back… i’d painted my visible body silver, face included, and was in a squat doing things. busted by the cops- they SO didn’t know what to make of me… hee hee hee. ah forgotten memories. 🙂

    • I can’t get over the photo. I think because it’s like the ee Cummings poem about a drunken heart suddenly bumpin into the policeman of the mind. Love it.

      • Those are amazing words – what is the poem called do you remember ? The druken heart and the policeman of the it!

        • Gladly! I don’t believe e e cummings poems have names. Full poem is below:

          “along the brittle treacherous bright streets

          of memory comes my heart singing like
          an idiot whispering like drunken man

          who(at a certain corner suddenly)meets
          the tall policeman of my mind.

          being not asleep elsewhere our dreams began
          which now are folded:but the year completes
          his life as a forgotten prisoner

          -”Ici?”-”Ah non mon chéri;il fait trop froid”-
          they are gone:along these gardens moves a wind br
          rain and leaves filling the air with fear
          and sweetness….pauses. (Halfwhispering….half

          stirs the always smiling chevaux de bois)

          when you were in Paris we met here”

  3. Currently working with a producer with Mars in Sagg and definitely NOT feeling serene at the mo. Next project, I’m going to insist on knowing where their Mars placement is. Lol.

    • I think Mars in Pisces is the worst, although I am really enjoying Mars in Pisces at the mo

      • Egad! That’s another one to avoid :D. Well, at least for this Mars in Virgo Scorp 😀

  4. I have literally never felt better, I just feel like for the first time I can see things for what they really are and just be myself, I have no anxiety, total lucidity, I dunno, and then weird little synchronicity things too, AND
    while on the bus I just was noticing how different everything was(it was this weird feeling in the air, what followed felt like something out of a movie) and I saw that girl im basically in love with from afar, I tried to catch up to her, then realized it would be kind of weird as a stranger to just stop her from behind and I wasnt entirely sure it was her, same hair and style of clothes, but I couldnt be too sure, she goes to class right next to the class I go to, tomorrow im going early and im going to sit at a table near the entrance so I can see if it is her, it feels like the universe is working differently, and im ready for this, but I dont even know what im going to do if it is her, ill just have to hope she notices me, and act from there, if I smile at her, and she looks away or something then I guess thats it, wish me luck guys

    • Good luck, sweetheart! I feel magic in the air. Can’t say anything will work out. But it feels good anyway. xo

      • go for it – better to know if she is interested in having coffee, than living in limbo – and if she is not, well you WILL survive and make room for the next top chick to cross your path 🙂

        • thanks everyone :), its weird, when I first saw her, she seemed into me, but its a year later, on top of the fact she might be kind of angry I couldnt even look at her(I looked cold and under control, if I was nervous looking she would probably get it, i just worry she would be upset at “indifference” when really I was just trying to not have a freak out) and didnt do anything about being in to her, whenever I saw her since, she would be sitting somewhere and I wouldnt notice till I was already right there and of course couldnt react right with all the intensity, but now, if I saw her sitting somewhere, I would go up to her, I know that for a fact, but she wont be sitting, shell be walking, and she might not notice me, figures, in spite of all of that, im ready, and I feel there will be magic anyways, and if not, ill be ok

          • prepare a few nice comments – and don’t over think it – you’ve seen her around, you think you took a class together, how are her studies going?

  5. No! Not feeling clean, lucid and certainly not fantastic. Bubba enforced sleep deprivation torture is driving me out of my mind! Oh for even 3 hours sleep in a row. Why can’t I even nap? Mars in the first?!

  6. Btw – dug up my FB files to discover the date I reconnected with Uranian Scorp. May 16, 2010. Satrun had just crossed my AC, Pluto my IC, Uranus my DC, Jupiter on my DC and Venus on my Midheaven. I’m not love zombing out. No emails or whatever. But…fuck. I love this guy and it’s a nowhere situation. I guess all part of my self development.

    • Those are heavy transits – no wonder you fell hard. I had something years ago after pluto conjuncted my moon (can’t even call it more than a fling but had this intense psychic connection too) – took me two years to get over him! And it never even really got off the ground after so much initial promise. Never been like that before or since. Hang in there! Sending you hugs xxx

      • Thanks! That’s good news. Same situation here – never got off the ground. Honestly, not sure it would be wise to let it. I’ve been hiding the feelings from myself, but I sat with th tonight. Was nice to get the clarity. Hopefully closer to over it.

    • Thanks, HDG and Q. What’s weird – I was a year into a rough LZ situ with an ex from my deep past – same era I knew Uranian Scorp from – when I reconnected with him. I didn’t notice at first. Didn’t let myself. I didn’t think the Universe would throw me back to back soul connections like that. I suppose they’d been there all along.

  7. after being literally shocked and unnerved by my mystic-subscription-feng-shui consult (apparently everything was awful), not to mention very sick after too-big-a-weekend, I have embraced the feng shui recommendations – have swapped 3 rooms around this morning, and slept in the best-of-the- options-for-bedroom last night and do feel better! I did a room re-arrangement in July, and though it LOOKED better, its true that since then I have made silly mistakes at work and in relationships, and been actually really struggling 🙂 Even since I ordered the consult, 2 areas have totally ramped up very unexpectedly. Prob doing TOO much too soon but I am a busy woman and trying to take advantage of de-clutter before new moon

      • MM posted about it a while ago – can’t find the post, but the link above should get you there – consultant is Sydney based but does remote consults and offered a deal for Mystic subscribers in January x x

    • yes, not much time left- eek!! consult and resulting results sound brilliant!

      • it was actually really confronting esp as I own my place so not that easy to move on – but it did actually explain quite a few ‘issues’ around and in me – good luck 🙂

      • thanks C – I was so wuzzie about it when it arrived in the inbox, but was encouraged by your sanguine and positive approach, and I took a few days to digest then went back for the details. Interestingly the 3 bad spots she identified (well, worse than the others lol) were the exact places I argued with the MIA Libra when he visited – and I do know he is pretty psychic (lots of scorp and 8th H) – here’s hoping use feng sistas get a few more opportunities to evolve now 🙂

  8. Uranus on my MC in Aries. Fuq the matrix drone hard work concept. Pluto in cap is playing second fiddle to Uranus this time , tidying up the mess it made last time it was in cap, quietly and efficiently eliminating the old powers that it established. Who and what is going to fill the vacuum ? Uranus knows.

    • I know eventually Uranus will make a move for me too, but it is tense keeping the space-vacuum open. Hope something brilliant manifests for you.

      • Thanks 12 x paddling onto the back of the uranus wave right now. See you on the beach.

      • I may not have explained myself very well there.

        Just Mysts comment about ‘work ethic’ and that statue.
        Just seemed like a Pluto in cap vibe , not Uranus in Aries , not sure why .
        God forbid I will and have never been a drone x
        When are we going to have that coffee ?

        • I’m due in march/april for MC conjunct. love reading your words, feel very much the same, I am cameo’ing drone for health reasons but pro set up coming along even from the depth of illness from my bed. x

          • Come home Ms ? February in Sydney, remember ? Neptune rules . I don’t know how your surviving in that place.
            I wouldn’t last a month. Look after yourself treasure x

            • I wish I had a home but it was made very clear to me that it was not a home. London is a port town and I will sail one day but I need to invest into here for now. I need to be near Europe at least for now. xx

            • I agree about return of MS to the land of milk & honey.
              Ol’ England ain’t what it used to be BUT there sure is magic there,
              i hope still, despite the population going a little crazy.

        • you have a good memory! 😀

          I don’t know, work ethic means anything as far as im concerned.

          sort of can see what you mean tho, pluto in cap is more like corporate / institutional restructure / destruction, uranus in aries doesn’t even register that there is a corporation or institution at all worth thinking about maybe?

        • oh and coffee, lol forgot to comment on that 😀 I don’t know! whenever i am going for a run southside and somehow recognise you in a random piscean recognition way!

    • David whenever i see Uranus mentioned it reminds me of
      of the dude (memory lapse) who wrote Nova Express & Speed, a line i read when i was a tender 23 yo that said ‘take your metal asses back to Uranus’. Dunno why, just a memory embedded?

  9. i am a valkyrie. 100% and this realization fixes my self image problem with bigness that i’ve had always except when artificially model-thin via space dust. cool. i will stop trying to make myself small because i’m badass and yes, men are intimidated by me and fuq! they should be. there’s somebody out there who’s my equal, i’m making a resolution to not worry about it any more! also, i realized last night as i chopped firewood and made a fire in 5 minutes flat as i’ve done all winter that i do not NEED a man around for anything. i’ve been needy and scared my whole life and i feel like i’ve been given such a gift to finally be able to embrace freedom. whoooo hoo! and my new hair is excellent. 🙂

    • Wow this is resonating for me. I understand yr inner struggle, but I so agree that your being comfortable with yr visibility is a key. Atm been struggling with putting a photo on my flyers, can’t decide if it is cos am not at my ‘perfect’ weight or because I find therapists with winsome photos tacky or because I am afraid of being visible.
      Anyway, you are clearly awesome & pleasantly Uranian what with the squats, silver paint & individual point of view!

      • hey thank you! i’m so very ruled by uranus above all… it’s wild and spastic and saturn is helping me to integrate and love it. yes!

        being comfortable in your own skin is so basic and yet so complex. i definitely empathize with your struggle too- not only do you have to be good with your public image and it’s possible disconnect with the private you, there’s the professional element too. intense! all these judgments we place upon ourselves that on a conscious level we know are shit but we’ve internalized anyway. it’s easy to hide- it’s safe. it’s not tacky (i lol’d at that- so true!). but eventually we’ve gotta break out or else we wither away. good luck and many blessings on your journey! i’ll walk with you in spirit… baby steps and regressions, but forward in the long march. xoxox

        • As i told woman unhappy about a relationship breakup, that woman used to need men for sperm & support (and protection from other men), but that changed hugely, we don’t need them for those reasons anymore, so a whole new dynamic is at work.
          This makes them feel a little superfluous hence the trouble they give us 🙂

    • ‘she who cuts wood gets warm twice’ – one day you will wow someone special with that fire making skill – in the meantime you can keep yourself warm 🙂

        • ooh nice! i also love. and i realized with the fire- it’s vesta going back and forth over my ac! mistress of the hearth- so perfect. and also i am embarrassed by the years of whining at my ex- “waah, i’m cold, make a fire, waaah.” it’s not that fuqing hard! 🙂

          i am amazing. so are you! so are you all! so are we all!! why can’t we believe it always? even and maybe especially when feel like we suck soooo badly. harumph. process.

            • Sounds like we are a tour de force. We have always known that though,or do we need reminding.
              WHat woman said ‘ i need a wife’?
              Oh it was Angel of the Fall!
              I use a company called ‘Hire a Hubby’, for maintenance & lifting heavy objects.

              • I need Hire a Hubby when I was married. Now, whenever I hear about my ex doing manual house/yard work, I laugh and laugh and point at him and laugh.

    • Love this hdq. All of it is brilliant. My Leo rising saves extra special applause for your fab hair xx

      • thank you! prog leo moon conjuct saturn atm is happy too, though telling me, “girlfriend, you should have done this a LONG time ago!!”

      • ha, thank you. 🙂 i would have a niche in society, and my love life would be a lot simpler if i did. hm, that’s probably not true. unfortunately i love weenie tall thin artist men with dreamy eyes far too much. open to all possibilities always though! 🙂

        • This joke is very sexist but i love it:
          What does a lesbian bring on her first date?
          Her suitcase.
          Stats say that many women jump the fence when in their 50’s.
          It takes that long to spit the dummy i guess 🙂

  10. I am feeling very clear and wanting to “get on with it” in my life. When on my own, left to my own devices, I get a lot done and am very efficient and have some great ideas to expand my business that I want to implement this year.

    I’m still susceptible to qi vampires, though. It is a life-long pattern I think due to being a child of an alcoholic, which sets me up to be a co-dependent. I also live in a city where there is a high level of alcohol and drug abuse and it is almost celebrated. I’m getting sick of being around it.
    I’m just not around the right people, I think.

    Anyway, today I was supposed to go to tea with friends to celebrate my birthday and through a series of events, we wound up going to a bar instead. I really wasn’t interested in drinking alcohol today, especially in the middle of the day.
    The situation today made me feel sad and frustrated…. At the time, I just didn’t feel like I could say anything, but in hindsight I should have suggested we all get together another time….
    One of the friends taking me out to tea has some physical pain issues and some trouble walking. She also takes an enormous amount of different types of medications, as well as drinks a lot of alcohol and smokes a lot of pot. One can easily see in her all types of drug interactions going on, one of which is dizziness which, along with her physical problems, contributes to her falling down a lot. She fell today right before we went out and so she felt that she couldn’t walk to the tea cafe, which was fine, but we ended up walking to a bar instead and she drank a whole lot of alcohol and took her narcotic pain medications with that and just rambled on talking the whole time. The whole afternoon became about her instead of celebrating my birthday.
    Her fall wasn’t that bad and if she had wanted to just rest at home that would have been fine with me, but the amount of ‘medicating’ she did after that fall was really unnecessary. What it has taken me a long time to realize is that my friend is a full-on alcoholic. I like her, but because of my family history, growing up with an alcoholic mother, it is really not healthy for me to be around this friend. It all makes me depressed beyond the current situation so I know it is tapping into unresolved depression I have about my upbringing with my own mom. Ugh……hell of a day I’ve had.

    I came home from all that and just tried to turn it around for myself and I cleaned my house and did things that made me feel productive and organized.

    • oh dear – sad insights on your birthday – many many happy solar returns from me at least and PLEASE ensure the next few days you do things that you really like and that are nurturing – can you make a list and move through it? the friends on drugs/booze is a harder thing but main point is you have a heads up that this is not for you – PLEASE do not waste any more time with people who do this excessively. I am sure if you get into your work, and accept other invitations and get out and about you will meet sober, creative and grown up peeps – feeling for you and *hugs*

      • Ditto, quintile.

        Yes Flower Child, there are many people out there whose company you will enjoy. It is most important to protect yourself from those who will take advantage of your agreeable nature.

        Happy birthday. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day for you.

    • May this birthday be the start of new opportunities for you.
      You sound like you’ve worked out what you don’t want… And the influences that impact you in a bad way.
      You took your day back when you got home in your own way 🙂
      Blessings for the year ahead xox

    • sorry to hear that flower child. I hope you can find a way to spending less time with the friends who prefer to drink too much alcohol, and more time with people who do the right thing by themselves and others…

      it’s hard, to look back on our upbringing and feel regret, or loss around the experience(s) that we would have like to have shared with our mums / dads.

      Happy Birthday + birthday hugs + cups of tea for you. xx

    • happy birthday and many blessings for a healing, clearing, and full of love year. xoxo

    • Child of flowers, you have evolved waaay past your current friends, sometimes as heartbreaking as it is we must remove ourselves from their personal pain, emotional or physical, it only exacerbates old memories of your family, effects & affects.
      It IS about YOU so go do some hardcore physical training to change your body thereby changing your mind.
      You also may have some deep rooted anger issues re alcohol. Detox the body will detox the mind.
      Drugs & alcohol are so passé now tell them.
      Bon Courage.

  11. Ok, so I’m a little jittery but I’m trying to get with the zap zone vibe. I just emailed my boss my job resignation tonight (am in the U.S.) and I accepted a new job offer (which is contingent on a background check; so not worried about that).

    I’m nervous because I know my current boss is going to want to discuss why I’m leaving in the morning at work and the truth is simply that they’re all a bunch of eff ups, who are dumping their work on me, and I can’t stand it. If I hadn’t been running away from one ghastly job I would’ve never considered working for them. They were like my “re-bound job”.

    I’m just not meant to be anyone’s assistant unless I think I actually have something to learn from them and this set is just not it. I mean I’ve been in the non-profit sector for five years now. My expertise is beyond making copies and tedious data entry. Ugh, it sucks being young and so unsure about everything. I pray that the next job is “it”. It feels like it, so we’ll see.

    • wow well done – it might be good to calmly and gently but assertively let your boss know why you are leaving – might have some impact for those remaining?

      • Thank you!

        Those remaining are the reason why I’m leaving. They’re a miserable and lazy lot. Everything I would say to improve work conditions they are already aware of but in order to do so would require that they change and each do more work.

        For an office of only 10, they sure do love their hierarchy! Why should the directors and associates do any work, including basic training, when there are assistants to do all the menial things that you a) don’t want to do, or b) don’t know how to do and never showed them how to do but, eh, they’ll figure it out.

        Outside of the paycheck this place was a waste of time and I don’t want to spend a moment longer than I need to there.

        I’m so over them but I’ll try to be calm and gentle. So not me in situations like these …

        • yes. fuq that noise. good for you for realizing your value and standing up for it! i betcha your new job will be brilliant. good luck! xoxo

        • great – and of course I don’t know you so didn’t mean to presume your character, but having left you can be 100% upfront about what’s wrong in your opinion but not stoop to conquer, as they say 🙂

    • Good for you on finding something better. The thing that bothers me is that “bosses” never pay attention to their employees and “check in” every once in a while to see how things are going. It’s all about the employees so you better keep them. She shouldn’t be surprised.

      Good luck.. being nervous (jittery) is good. You energy is brewing to excel.


      • Thank you!

        I can only hope it proves to be better. I thought this place was better than my last (and it was in some ways) but the colleagues and work didn’t pan out.

        My boss checked on me only to give me more work to do which often were tasks that he was asked to do. He wasn’t much of a leader, just an orchestrator. Despite being there for almost 4 years, he didn’t know how to do a single task that I was assigned. When I asked basic questions, I was repeatedly told that my predecessor “magically” completed these tasks and that no one knew how to explain how she did what she did.


        I love your comment about “energy brewing to excel”!

  12. ergh. i didn’t need to hear that….I don’t get what’s going on but everything feels like struggle to me atm. I am doing hard yards all over the place – no fags for 7 months, no dream weed for 9 months, now I’m off the blue devil hoochie juice, up at 5 fuqing 30 every morning to do walks or yoga, swimming, cleaning, decluttering, meditating, frugality like I have never done (out of necessity, casual worker out of season), no interest in pursuing random venusian action. All of this I have embraced, thank you very much Saturn. Although I do, admittedly, have a small internet reliance.

    I have had a hard week – last minute trip to the family law court with bitter crazy alco ex, kids back to school and into the least desirable classes without their friends, the bread line looming, a very bad post-relationship exchange – and I am SNAPPING. and not in a good way.

    I am clean, but not clear. Feeling the strain of time, demands, lack of resources, catching a few bad breaks.

    Then again is it all perception? Succumbing to LZ rap? I am obsessing about that situation because it has gone so badly….and I snapped. I am on a longish journey towards love, compassion, grace and other forms of positive expansion and yet I feel like Linda Blair today.

    Is there a loophole in this cold Zap Zone funk?


    • That’s a lot going on… but sounds like you’re managing it with honesty and dignity. Good on you. I know it’s crap going through but I bet you’re doing better than you think you are. You’ve probably earned a Linda Blair day or two 🙂 Love and strength to you x

      • gee – that IS a massive list of achievments – well done and no wonder you’re feeling a bit low – *hugs*

        • thank you lovely people.

          You would be partway right and I appreciate the reminder that I am not a complete fuq up. I am normally stoic and resilient. I have worked hard to move away from abuse, achieve serenity and cope with some pretty difficult situations.

          what worries me is that I have been reacting to some LZ prompts harshly myself, I can’t tell if I have been sticking up for myself or a completely batshit crazy and mean bitch. It’s the poison within, eating me up 🙁

          • oh honey, you’re so in the thick of it, and you’re DOING it, and i send you huge hugs. unbelievably hard and the days of despair seem to go on forever, huh. i think people that are normally stoic and resilient seem to fall harder when we do- maybe so we can allow ourselves to deeply feel the pain and be vulnerable and accept our brokenness. the more we’re broken, the more completely we can create anew. the lz poison seems to be a pretty definitive way of doing the destruction part. it WILL get better. in the meantime, allow yourself to be an honest and perhaps batshit mean bitch. call it integrity. xoxoxo

            • can you take some space from it – try and ‘police’ those thoughts – time will give a perspective on it and doing the LZ will vibe them out anyway

              • PS if its REALLY bad put their name on paper in the freezer – I guarantee it works to get them out of your mind

                • lol! thanks for that Quin, awesome suggestion….but guys, good news! I am like, cured! I had some energy shifted and all that stuff just went away for me….so irrelevant 🙂

                  ALso thanks HDQ, I loved that idea about integrity – I think it was spot on actually x

  13. Today I am compulsively groomed, the work ethic is feelin’ pretty rock solid. I feel super capable and fit and ready.. HOWEVER…

    How attuned to the Zap Zone am I really as I alternate between the above and being a super hot jittery/scattered mess on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.

    Is it the mutability…. or WHAT? Why can’t I just be consistently awesome, I really do try.

    Anyone else having the same issues?

    • Yes. I’d love to tell some great ZZ story about how I altered my life into my dream. But it’s all internal. Some days I feel I am living my dream, and others I feel a scattered mess and stuck.

    • well, actually, yes GS Virgo! see post above…I am losing it today, yelling, crying, and missing my cues to to something good for myself. But yesterday I got up for early yoga in the park, performed well at an important meeting, my kids are well-fed despite the cashola hold-up.

      my stress threshold is feeling low.

      good work on the good days 🙂 (probably should tell myself the same thing!)

    • something is happening for me around time. It has been taking me AGES to do things like cook meals, little bits of work that should not take long etc. this week…and when I feel time pressured I crack…maybe just an indication of the intense internalisation of stuff that has been happening this week?

  14. Wow, I love this pic!! It is like an Ancient Alien came to Earth to see what the species she had seeded were up to. Meanwhile the human species looks kinda between pissed & confused.
    Tres Uranian!

  15. Uranus is opposing my 4th house Pluto in Libra. I am fine, but don’t know if this could represent family? Is only the moon yr mum in a chart?
    Can 4th House = Mum?
    She is a multi-Scorp. My sisters currently are thinking a mental health clinic. She can’t drink a cup of tea for shaking, lives in terror & has lost 10 kgs. It’s depressing.
    I wish she would let me help her by intervening in a shamanic sense but she won’t give permission (catholic).
    What to do? (sends love, supports sisters, twiddled thumbs).

    • 4th house can represent Mom. It’s naturally ruled by Cancer, same as the moon. Sorry about your Mom. It’s a shame. I find I am often given the lesson of standing back and letting someone choose their own suffering. You can’t take a person’s will away. Not saying you’re trying to, but sometimes it would be nice.

      • And thanks, re 4th can be the mother too, wasn’t sure. My 4th is Virgo ruled.
        Last night I had a dream mum came to me and said, “Look I have a cancer in the hollow of my hand (in palmistry it is the ‘wishing well’ of the palm, designates a character that wishes but doesn’t achieve). I must go to Lourdes”. I told her it was a good plan and she should have me come with her to hold her hand (helping hands, healing hands!), Then I hopped off a bridge and had to step over a deepish hollow where there was a trickle of river. I think I was in Garabandal.

        I kind of like the idea of making her spiritual journey physical. Am thinking to suggest it…

        • Your seeing has a different language than mine. I see that your Mother wants to be as brave as you. The only way she can have bravery is to face her own journey. There is love in that for you. Blessings.

          • That’s lovely 12th! I just want to support healing on her own terms and think she would love the idea. But in her current state, it might be a lot.

    • Sounds like you are doing the right thing by supporting your sisters and sending love. Your mum needs you all to take charge for her so she can live her life as comfortably as she can. Take care.

      • Thank you guys. Spirit sends me Ganesha visions where he just does gestures, shh, and invites me to dance. A heavy plodding dance! Very earthy and physical. I know, I know, I get that I should just be present and loving, it’s so hard though!
        It’s the worst, watching knowing you could help and can’t. Bollocking free will.

    • Citizen: “I’m sure you’ll find everything is in order, officer.” *waves cosmic fan in front of police officer’s face*

      Officer’s face turns blank, nods, says robotically ‘Yes, of course madam’ and walks away as if nothing happened

  16. OK, I seriously need a little help here. I’m a Gemini and with Jupiter back direct in my sign, I should be rocking, right? I’ve also been with it and preparing for the Zap Zone ever since MM started talking about it. I’m Aqua rising and highly plutonic as it is, so I’m not concerned about change. Already RADICALLY changed everything in my life 2 years ago and things just keep right on evolving.

    So….today I was told that I’m “probably going to be transitioned out of my position” at work. This is cold water to the face, out of the blue. I’ve only been in my position for 6 months. We just had company-wide strategy meetings 3 weeks ago where we all sat in a room and did workshops and kumbaya’ed for a week til we agreed on new direction. Said new direction was already part of the presentation I gave, so clearly I’m already on board, right?But now all of the sudden they’re talking about eliminating my position and whole TEAM altogether to bring in some mythical outsider VP sort to come in and save the company which is in both an identity and direction crisis. It’s a small company that still acts like a startup but has been around for 6 years now. I was the expert brought in 6 months ago to save everything…sans onboarding, communication, leadership, the proper team or tools. I still managed to build some things, my team loves me, and I’m well-liked in the company. Yet now I’m the fall guy?

    Tomorrow I get to talk the CEO into letting me keep my job. FFS!!!! Advice/approach is most heartily welcomed here, my whole life is on the line. Already found out landlady is selling the house I live in, so I am scrambling to save up the cash to move whilst paying all the bills cuz the boyfriend is getting his own business going. I. AM. FUQED.

      • And I wish I knew the CEO’s sign….but I don’t. Suspect Aries or Leo. Potentially useful tidbit: I worked with this guy and my other direct manager 15 years ago at another company – but not directly. Maybe this is a weird Mercury retrograde mindfuck of a situation?

      • Hey DM you will be surprised what is on offer. a job is just that a job. you will have many things/angels/friends etc to guide. Many friends and strengths you may not know about that will be ‘ the wind beneath your wings’ serious

        • Thank you so much for that reminder, leogroover. I have just started putting the word out about my situation to friends so maybe I’ll get a lovely surprise. Appreciate the words of encouragement.

      • You will be alright on the night DM even if the company won’t!
        Businesses are tending to knee jerk responses to their financial input, clutching at straws.
        If you go,let’s hope you get a nice severence pay.
        Look at it this way, exciting change of job & residence coming up perhaps. Being a mutable is a bonus in being able to roll with the punches (as long as they don’t KO you 🙂

    • Ok, so they bought you in to ‘save’ things 6 months ago and now they are bringing in another ‘savior’ to fix things. Well I’d say that in the scheme of things no company wants 2 saviors. The mystery person coming in is replacing you.
      In their minds you didnt ‘save’ them and won’t.
      Its unlikely the second guy will save them. My instinct in this situation is to suggest that the key management, as in CEO etc don’t have the skills either. I smell desperation.
      In the short term attempt to convince the CEO that you can work effectively with this new guy and that you understand why he is being bought in (even if you don’t).
      Explain how you will work with him, and the benefits of this to all concerned. Benefits as in $ , not esoterics.
      Second, if this doesn’t seem to be working, explain how you will take a lower paid role to ‘show them’ that your skills and ideas will turn into $$$$ , be specific .
      A desperate CEO needs people to bring in real $$$ in difficult time. That’s the key to retaining your job, explaining that your not just some ‘ideas’ person, but one that improves the bottom line.
      Good luck x

      • Ive been in your position DM, it’s hard being responsible for turning companies around.

        • Thank you, yes this is great and I was thinking similar things. I know I need to SHOW CEO how I can bring in money and move that bottomline. This is definitely a desperate move on their part.
          I also don’t want to devalue myself or seem desperate by taking on lower pay….but we’ll see. Bringing in a VP over my already senior status means they’ll be paying someone like almost double my pay so it’s not like they’re saving themselves money by getting rid of me.

      • As an addendum to what david wrote which is very poignant, I want to say that HE IS FUQED. Really, your executive leadership is under bottom line pressure, but he is probably aware of your grand expertise and is questioning his own ability? Just maybe this outside interventionalist will remove an obstacle to his pride. You should bargain for maybe a pay cut with work from home abilities, then pursue another job asap. Looks like you are getting taken advantage of. Now they are tossing you out because you pose a leadership threat.

        • Yes, I definitely pose a threat to some people in leadership there, but not the CEO. There’s an “artistic type” whose job overlaps with mine. He’s been at the ocmpany since the beginning and has this weird control over everyone – they actually call him the “guru” and kiss his ass. But he’s a complete egomaniac dick with zero people skills. He expects everyone to submit to him and I was never having that. SO I think he has a lot to do with getting me out.
          Eh, today i’m over it. Started out arguing with the CEO about the decision, and after awhile I was just like “I don’t want to keep arguing with me. let’s talk exit plan.” Gave in and let go of a job I thought I should love but never did. Too fucked up…the company is in crisis.
          Anyway, I get to continue as normal for a couple months with the understanding that I’m looking for another job. Now that that’s over and done with I feel released and very happy to be getting out of that nasty, aggressive, backstabbing environment. 😛

          • It will be for the best DM.
            Sometimes being out early from a sliding company is a blessing in disguise. Good luck with finding a better place for your skills and also they should be paying you at least 3 or 4 months pay, without you needing to be in there ? Talk to a lawyer, get your pay and get out of there . If not, your just dead man walking and giving opportunity to the ‘guru’ for further back stabbing. Get tough with them, it will shake them up and get you more time to find something else.

            • Yes, this is sound advice also. I think I will talk to a lawyer and see if I can get severance out of this as well….that’s one thing that was never discussed.

  17. As usual, zapping away at work being awesome despite challenging circumstances. As usual, shitty love life.

  18. Ex persistently trying to get back into my life…trying to look at everything objectively and focus on me. Some lame school admin holdups (am done with courses but graduation paperwork taking forever as I did units in a different country) and a painful IUD mishap this week that luckily didn’t do any damage but was and still is hurting bad. I feel like I kind of spaced out this week but I’m going for a spa day and a training sesh at the gym tomorrow so hopefully that is the recharge and re-motivator I need!

    • IUDs suck. i pulled mine out and was on a natural high for a week, my body was so grateful. blessings for your healing and an end to the bs!

  19. Yesterday I got myself in gear with my job. I am trying hard to get focused and get some things done. Been at my new for 3 months and although I am happy I feel like I am not doing enough. (Virgo perfectionist) Yesterday I felt a little more in control and organized.

    I don’t know if it’s the “I don’t give a f’uq” attitude that started the other day but one of my new friends really ditched me last night. WTHeck.. I don’t deal with that very well. It was her birthday and she was having a party. I honestly don’t know her well enough to know what her birthday means to her so she should have told me. I got there late (more to the reason as to why I was late) but when I got there she wouldn’t even talk to me. Ok.. see ya. Here is your gift and nice card.. See you the fuq later.

    I don’t think I am jittery or with the zz . I am kinda in evaluating everything mode. The job took center stage with positive energy so let’s see what happens everywhere else. It’s just weird.. I had a wave of new friends show up and it’s like they are all gone.


    • PS:.. thinking of taking a day off during the week. There is a cruise line (small one) that has day trips that I want to take to just get away.

  20. Well tZAP> tZAP> tZAP! It was US all along. And you know what? Deep inside, we knew that.
    It’s the “Surfacing” experience (<~ hey – Sarah McLachlan?) that unveils through the arena of 'time' (Saturn).

    Anyway, I just wanted to share something else we knew/gno:

    We Are Free.

    But just to make it legal, lawful, and unrebuttable:

    x Namaste x

  21. totally all over ZZ not sure what I’m doing right but def not getting sucked into firends dramas is the key.

  22. Clarity, vivid intense dreams, taking new classes and avoiding qi vampyres.
    De-cluttering toxic things, people and habits in my life. love it!

  23. How superficial am i when a spend up at Country Road has lifted my spirits.
    Retail therapy sure works on me.
    O and had a 2- man- massage a few days ago, one doing my legs, the other my face & head. Floating i was after. AND it was offered weekly as part of my
    renumeration. Money or massage? Why not both!
    Who’s a Lucky Sagg.

  24. “The only peeps with anything to fear are slackers or anyone who attempts to wreck your buzz.”
    OH YES
    So many people at my work are getting fed up with this girl who started a few months ago and as already took about 15 “sick days” and people having to cover her for her ass. (she can’t even go a week with out calling off!) I over heard higher ups talking about her not working out too well. So she is likely getting talked to, warned, canned, or all the above. And since we are part time teacher aides we don’t get paid days off, and we get lots of unpaid days off. So I don’t get this chick.

    Ugh yeah I NEED the money bad right now and I’ve been saying yes when people need me to cover their ass. Such a shitty work week. Such a murphy law for me, the week I have my exam is when people decide they need me to cover their ass. Every phuckin time! Can’t help but see some of my co-workers as parasites sometimes.

    The past few days have been so draining, that I have a migraine. Feel like I can’t cram anymore cause it’s that bad. Wish the herb was fully legal here. God I think I’m phucked. The exam is tomorrow morning.

    Gem Asc
    Aries Sun 11
    Scorpio Moon 6

  25. It is strange the decluttering, embracing change energy has been strong for awhile. I thought it was because my birthday fell on Chinese New Year this year. I have had it in my head that it meant that I needed to embrace the year of the snake and the concepts of snake. In otherwords i have been assuming that i need to shed, reinvent, learn to be able to laze in the sun and be ready to strike at all times. I have spent the last four weeks repairing, maintaining and de cluttering all three of my business premises and my home, ten hours on my three year old son’s playroom and bedroom. It has been huge, a tad expensive thanks to painters, carpenters etc. Everything is looking good, clean tidy and serene. The next part of the project is me I have my personal gyrotonic sessions organised, regular massage, pilates and quiet time. Bring on change and personal responsibility for what ever happens

  26. Truly since viewing Jupiter in the night sky a few days ago, my emotions have done a turnaround. Jupiter reminded me of the bigger picture, that my personal angst re my ‘husband & wife’ team besties, has dispersed because i realised in 100 years it will matter not one iota.
    Have been biding my time re a full commitment to the body guru, observing,listening to feedback, wondering if he deserves me, if he is the Real Thing and my conclusion is YES, so will give it 100% instead of holding back with promotion & PR. It’s taken 8 months to decide this and feel it is the place for me.
    Do you know it was Femme Ruthless tin LA that turned me onto BG after google mapping how close it was to where i live and thinking i could do with a massage, yoga & personal training, after she visited the Mayans
    (or was it the Aztecs?) in that Chicken Place with pyramids down Mexico
    way. HOWZAT!
    Jupiter in my opposite sign of Gemini, yup, it’s growing corn.

    • Fitting that Jupes would remind a Sagg of the bigger picture, huh Pegs?

      Seeing life from that perspective helps me too and just crossed my mind today..Jup in Sagg…a saving grace..

      • Actually, have a couple other planets in their Saturn in Cap and Venus in Toro….

        Doesn’t hurt…Found a twenty dollar bill in the dryer today..For as much as I wear black, apparently green scrubs are a good thing..

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