Fired For Being A Virgo

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Dear Mystic,

I was fired for being a Virgo.

My boss and HR pulled me into the office after the one and (to my knowledge) only time a client (who phoned in from a funeral) requested I be removed from a contract. The project kicked off on the most recent New Moon. HR noted my strengths and weaknesses said they weren¹t particularly interested in either, that they weren¹t going to provide training on my weak spots or gather assignments for my strengths, and that they¹d let me know if I have my job on Monday.

And, implied strongly, that I¹d better stop looking like I am thinking in the hallways if I want to stay around here. HR noted that I was great at analysis and research and my boss said my work was perfect. As we wrapped up the meeting, HR quipped that maybe I could change my astrology sign.

 All events seem related to the Full Moon in Virgo . Including this odd “we¹ll get back to you” situation they¹ve put me in at work. I am on day 10 on no smoking, constipated, ahead of my Moon cycle, and doing my Saturn hard. I can change like a snake, but I am no caterpillar. Even a Virgo has the right to make a living, no?

I¹ve had colleagues from the past (2001 and 2008 eras) appear in my life in the most synchronistic of ways this week. I am currently pursuing two job leads and have interviews lined up. Is this the Zap Zone pushing me to further phoenix or just Mercury Retrograde Full Moon Hell? And, when do the good days start for Virgo?

12th House Virgo

Dear 12th House Virgo,

You don’t sound quite “fired” for being a Virgo but it’s odd for sure! Surely a “quip” that you should change your astrology sign counts as some sort of discrimination. God, if there was any sign human resources departments were going to discriminate against, Virgo would be bottom of the list, right? It should be a selling point.

Remember the Scottish Male Virgo Cleaner? Marius Kloppers, the soon-to-be Ex head of BHP and uber-Virgo would definitely hire you. According to this article, his Virgoness was not so popular.

So okay, stay off the smokes (for your skin, if nothing else), get a Squatty Potty for the other, anticipate a lessening of tension apres Full Moon and full return to normal transmission after March 18. No point chasing these people down during Mercury Retro, annoying as that is. Is this the Zap Zone? More or less everything is the Zap Zone this year and next. 2015 too. And this year, the Zap Zone is also Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces + Jupiter from mid-year.

The Zap Zone is the Everything. Whatever you’re doing, think “is this Zap Zone compliant?” If it is, you’re doing fab. Please read/re-read the Zap Zone rant to remind you of the basics.

F.Y.I. the Zap Zone is super triggered from March 12…by Mars. 

Also how can you be booted out for looking like you think in the hallways? With “perfect” work? I don’t work in an office – what am i missing and what does everyone else think?


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194 thoughts on “Fired For Being A Virgo

  1. That’s bizzare, Good luck with it, Virgo. Perhaps these people are fuqwits and if you end up leaving, it will be for greener pastures and better opportunities. They sound crappy. Fancy not wanting to maximise your strengths.

    Yeah, the “star sign” quip sounds discriminatory–if you substituted “star sign” with “ethnicity”, “skin colour” or “hair colour” people would be up in arms.

    The ‘thinking in the hallways” implication is weird…how exactly do you imply this? And what does it mean? Surely thinking is a good thing? And what does it matter where one does it? Is there a large red sign at your workplace, clearly stating “Warning! No thinking in the Hallway!” ???

    • The thinking in the hallways was from HR who said she noticed me in the hallways looking like I am “stuck in my mind” and that I look unapproachable. She said I need to find a technique to ground out, that its my problem, and that the company won’t provide any support.

      • Sorry 12th V.. keep on walking. That is bullshit. Any company that does not develop their employees is screwed. Any you know I had to say this but I think your boss has been bad mouthing you for a while now. Why would a client call to see about having you removed and it being done! Or maybe the client never said it and they are using that as an excuse. Grrrr… Fuq em!!

        • I am on the hoochie juice right now.. typos.. Line after “screwed” should say: [And] you know I [hate] … [hiccup}.. sorry! xo!!

      • WHAT, thats insane, im sure your not rude or outright grumpy or snappy(im sure plenty of workplaces put up with people like that anyways), you cant be fired or doced or reprimanded for a vibe, what the hell is that? Thats, just, crazy. That they are even capable of that means it will be the best thing ever if you leave and find something better. You cant control personality, geez, I bet a lot of your co workers have traits and problems that outright hinder the company and cause unnecessary problems, but a, I dont like what I think you look like because it makes me kind of uncomfortable, what is that? man, when people are out to get you, they will make up anything they can, thats all it is

        • This world favors the arrogant extrovert, my employer included. Everyone in there is expect to be a sales guy. I seriously don’t know any work environments that provide creative challenges and are introvert friendly.

          • man,if being introverted and depth oriented is wrong, I dont want to be right, what a sad shallow plagued world they probably live in, if they were really that bad, they might have been toxic for your soul, im not even kidding, thats like a thing, people really can bring you down, and now that your trying to grow I guess they just passed the point of being able to handle it

            • “if being introverted and depth oriented is wrong, I dont want to be right” LOL!

              If only someone could make that into a song…perhaps Fred Armistead…

          • agreed. Esp. in the corporate office world.
            This is an American problem too.
            I prefer friendly introverts any day over big loud-mouthed “know-it all” losers.

      • Hmmm. Sounds like my boss in 2005. Apparently she complained she just couldn’t “get” me and as a psychologist this obviously drove her mad! When you don’t fit into their predesigned box with your name on it they can’t cope because they can’t get a handle on how to control you – so now they are transferring their sense of unease back to you. Run, as fast and as hard as you can before they set about destroying you with mind games.

        • HR people are often a special breed with their own power plays going on…. any boss who is dictated to by their HR department rather than going to the people who ACTUALLY benefit from your work and/or work with you, is a total moron. I hope that this is just the universe sizzling a little bridge away behind you, so that you can go straight on the path you are meant to be on. Now if/when something opens up for you, no regrets whatsoever about leaving these turds.
          Go Virgo Power!!! We’ve all had bumps in the road, they suck, but keep the faith in yourself. Hopefully the bumps don’t go on too long, but when I had an extended period of missing out on contracts being renewed / just general workplace shit that I couldn’t see the reason for, the ultimate reason was to get me onto a much better track. Where I am now, and goddamn I appreciate it !!!

          • Sorry, 12th house! How silly!!! Whatever the issue is, your employer is obfuscating the facts. Or, if those are the real facts, then you are best off leaving (even if it’s a pain to find to new work). Jupiter is expanding your view of authority issues and lifting you away like the hot air balloon in wizard of oz. Presumably to somewhere more safe and sound. Bon voyage and don’t mourn the dull (thinking in the hallways…mutter, mutter…it’s like something from Roald Dahl).

    • Totally bizarre and so wrong. Time for you to know for sure that it is totally wrong too. Shame on HR peep for quipping re your star sign and how you look in the hallway. But you….wot a fabo opp to grab this crap and turn it to your favour. Get clued up and insightful on your rights – you are still employed.. Become the super sleuth that you deserve to be. Use mercury retrograde to investigate, research and learn up, The info will come flowing once you start looking. Get wise to all the Industrial Relations Laws, know your employment contract front to back including the termination bits, and push back to HR by asking them to send policies on everything – from complaints handling (good policy is these should be in writing) right up to and including managing performance. They’ll wonder what’s hit them and what you are up to! You’re just entering the wise and strong zone and you’ll be one step ahead. Don’t leave the job until you’re ready to go. Self employment will def be harder. How do I know all this? I’m a good guy HR (not a puppet for management) and a “done it tuff” Cappie.

    • I sympathize. I just got fied this week by a boss who told me she has a “love/hate” relationship with Virgos. I almost fell off my chair in shock as this seemd so discriminatory and also ridiculous. However, when I asked her what is it she “hates” about Virgos, at least she was honest to say they are too independent and free-thinking. In other words, she’s a control freak and can’t seem to control this Virgo who would ismply preferred to be well managed. So…better days ahead I’m sure. It can’t be good to be around people like this and their negative, self-serving attitudes. In fact, I won’t miss being the only one putting in tweve, fourteen hour days since although she “hates” Virgos, she certainly loves the work we produce! Best wishes 🙂

  2. Wow! This is the one of the oddest HR department I’ve read about. Keep your head high 12th H Virgo, Sun can’t be covered with mud. Line up your interviews, Mystic is right, Merc Rx or not, Zap Zone reigns.

    • I don’t want to poor-me about it, but 12th house sun is pretty good at being covered by mud. Maybe this full moon is the magic light I need to get out from under the darkness. xo

  3. Hi 12hv, I’ve been following your comments re your work with interest over the last few weeks. What I’ve gathered (and tell me if in wrong) is that although your work is of the highest quality your ability to ‘sell’ that work has been questioned by clients and your superiors.
    What this is saying to me is that the culture in this organization is possibly more focussed on ‘the sizzle’ than ‘the steak’ ? If that’s the case then your better off finding work where people appreciate the actual work more than the way it is sold.
    The reality of companies in my experience is that politics plays a bigger role than excellence, that’s why I have worked for myself for many years now. I can’t play those games. My last sacking was at the hands of a coven of virgos who basically told me the same thing you are being told….your work is excellent but we need someone less excellent and more like us. (the wash up there by the way was that sales dropped by 50% but they somehow maintained that after I left things were better ? Ha).
    You weren’t sacked because you are a Virgo , more likely because your just not like ‘them’.
    My advice is to go out on you own. Contract yourself out in your specific area of excellence and make it clear to people upfront what you can and can’t , will or won’t do. That clarity will pay off and inform them that you are a ‘specialist’.
    Good luck 12HV x

    • Thank you! You’re absolutely right! I sent them a note warning them of becoming a one personality shop. No evolution that way.

      I can’t see the path open in front of me. As nice as it is to think I can go out on my own, I’d have no healthcare and I would still suck at selling my work. I tried freelance from 2004-2007. End-up being a tax liability more than a source of income.

      I did request tea with a nice woman who is a freelance analyst to see how she sells and finds new clients.

      • bless you darling 12HV – sounds totally exhausting and horrible – yes, get lots of good and nice advice about your area. I don’t know exactly what you do so cannot be more specific. I used to rub people up the wrong way in close work environments (4 planets in virgo inc sun) but by managing my phsyiology and being more forgiving of myself, I became a better colleague over the years. hard when you’re surrounded by morans, idiots and underdeveloped psyches lol

        • I am an information architect, user experience designer, knowledge management specialist and user researcher. I hate job titles in my field. They don’t make any sense. But I do have passion for my job. I argue for the rights of end users everywhere – everyone deserves a system or interface that reflects their needs. Lots of businesses get zapped by what I do. Lots of people get emotional and freaked by what I propose. But…its what I am great at and my Mars in Libra loves the big challenge. I just don’t see how I can do the hard, heavy projects on my own. Like I said, self esteem in the toilet. Waiting on a sign.

          • I do similar
            work 12. I design business systems and know how hard interface design can be with clients. It’s so subjective. What you need to do is get one good contract that will see you through. Pick your client carefully. Thats how I started, one client, all else springs from that.
            People don’t really understand how hard user interface design is. My apps now run on, Mac, windows, iPad, iPhone, intranets and internets. Each device renders differently, and are used by all sorts of people. It’s a fuqing nightmare at times.
            The way it works for me is, trust yourself and that trust gives people confidence.
            I know I’m right ! Ha ! They love it.

          • fantastic – perfect for virgo strengths – I work in similar areas and also manage my Mars in libra – defo agree these jobs can challenge peoples’ ideas, especially where they are illogical and anecdotal 🙂

      • Out of curiosity do you know any of there signs? Is there a pattern? The HR person sucks at her/his job.

        • Funny enough – we are being pressured to do timesheets and as a joke (?), the COO sent out a note requesting our phone numbers and astro signs. (This is how HR was able to make her Virgo quip to me). I noticed a plethora of Geminis.

    • What a great comment, David! And so on the money. If HR is looking at you oddly, it means you don’t fit the culture. f your work is top-notch but you feel like you’re lost at sea – time to go solo. Do it! Do it!

      Don’t smoke over it – take yourself out to dinner and make a PLAN – starting with the graceful exit and finishing with your own business!

      Best of luck!

      • Hmmm…I am in the mood for hibachi. Thanks for giving me permission to treat myself 🙂

    • Hey 12th house Virgo …

      I’m with David (and most other folks) … this is not the right environment for you. No point in mud slinging about who is in the wrong, just accept this is the way they are. Empower yourself by making the choice to move on rather than being forcibly moved and humiliated. It shouldn’t be too difficult to turn that high powered analytical brain onto the situation at hand and see that they way to move forward is to leave and open yourself to new opportunities.

      What’s the point of health care benefits if you work in a toxic environment? Set your sights on moving into a work environment that honours your gifts and allows you to be yourself. You need to be surrounded by people who are like “wooohoo she’s thinking in the hallways again …. awesome. She’ll be coming up with some genius Virgo insight that will help the business any day now!”

      You don’t have to generate the energy all by yourself. Ask the universe for help – help in overcoming your fears, help in seeing the truth and help in showing you the path forward. I was in a stuck-as-fuq rut with my business just three months ago. Basically I knew I needed to expand, but I was too afraid to do it and I didn’t want the responsibility – plus I perceived the cost as prohibitive. Anyhoo I asked the universe for help as outlined above. I wrote little notes and stuck them in my “god jar” then left it alone and waited …

      Under three months later, I’ve moved my home business into a shared office environment. It’s a five minute drive from my house and full of other IT startup companies and micro businesses who want to do their own thing without the pressure of enormous overheads. It’s all extremely do-able financially, but within a week I already spearheaded a project that involves a collaboration between my business and another one of the tech companies. It’s so perfect for me that I couldn’t have dreamed up a solution like this by myself … and of course my passion for my work has returned, plus an influx of new projects and clients has flowed in as well.

      The main thing to keep in mind about this “getting your awesome on” and Zap Zone business is that we are not expected to go it alone. Acknowledging weaknesses and gaps in expertise is part of it – as is asking for help from a greater source than you. Once you co-opt spiritual forces and ask to be shown the direction that is right for you, the universe will conspire on your behalf to bring you people, places and resources that will help you on your journey.

      Good luck! 😀

      • Why does it seem “they” are not listening to me?

        A god jar…maybe that’s what’s missing.

        Also, congrats on your success! I know how draining it can be to work from home. Having an office space sounds like it really opened things up for you.

        • Usually “they” seem to not be listening to me because I am still stuck in my ego trying to control the situation and demanding that the universe “helps” me control stuff better. Or win the argument. Or be “in the right”. Or a myriad of other ego feeding propositions …

          Doesn’t work that way.

          When I go to “them” open handed and honest and say something like “right well this is as far I’ve managed to get by myself with my own resources – and I acknowledge that it’s basically fucked. So could you please help me see the truth, give me clarity and point me in the right direction.”

          Then I leave it. No expectations. No brainiac ideas about how things “should” work. And definitely no demands. Just let it go and let it unfold …

            • Less than 3 months … it all started to go nuts a few weeks after I did the “handing over” ceremony. 😉

              Often it helps me to help someone else or do some humbling tasks to aid in the letting go stuff. Focusing on something other than myself and my problems works a treat. It also keeps me open to energy flowing from sources other than myself.

              Be prepped to notice an influx of synchronicity, as well as curiously coincidental meetings and conversations as this unfolds.

              If it helps … pray. 😉

              • You’re brilliant, Prowln.

                I thought I gave it all over already. Pluto transits are hard. Been under Pluto transits for ages. Pluto doesn’t reward like Saturn. It digs up more.

                I feel bad about taking up so much space with my problems on the blog here and in my own mind. Then, I feel bad for feeling bad. Low-Virgo spin.

                I give up. I have no choice but to give up.

                When I was going through my Pluto-square-Mars transit, I was the most raw and authentic I’d ever been. Now, I’m afraid. I’m going against myself here. I have to give up.

                • Don’t feel bad about “taking up space” with your problems here – I’ve been reading all the comments and thinking about my own situation and the rut I’m in, and how I might get out of it… Reading about someone else’s stuff and the solutions lovely people here put forward helps everyone – even if it’s just knowing that everyone finds life confusing and difficult! I agree with everyone above though – toxic work environments are horrible, and i’m sure whatever you move onto next will have to be better. i also heard recently that being unemployed is less mentally damaging than having a job you hate! But by the sounds of it, you’re going to hop right along into something better. Best of luck xo

      • Good on ya Prowlncrab… & Congrats! xox

        That God Jar/box works a treat, doesn’t it!? ; )

  4. I’m finding there is a definite “on hold/we’ll get back to you/we are fuqing with you because we can” vibe about for sure – like we are being forced to be good little girls and boys… or else.
    I know for me personally it’s very important for me to take it on the chin and appear to be towing the line and be all yes sir/no sir – ugh, but my long term goals require I keep my cool.

    • I suspect it all a bit of a drama scene to make me be a good girl and, ugh, that’s hard because they are such unfair “rulers.”

  5. Personally I would line up a lawyer. It is sounding like an illegal termination to me. If your work is perfect then they have no grounds for dismissal. Also you have to have 3 written warnings. Sue them and get the hell out of there ASAP. Life is too short to put up with crap like that. (sorry to use that wrod given your current state). Also a Virgo friend of mine is doing it real tough at the moment at well. Hand in there. The universe has has a plan for you. You deserve better.

    • Thanks! I suppose technically I am not fired yet and they have never given me any written warnings. I wonder if they will give me a dunce cap and sit me in a corner or what. I’m not a very good fool.

      • That is what I LOVE about you virgos. You don’t suffer fools nor play the fool. Never dumb yourself down for anyone.

  6. Oh no! 12th house Virgo! I agree with anon above and davidl. Workplace politics trumps all! And, assuming you live in Aus and aren’t a contractor, you should definitely get legal advice… Even if all it amounts to is a large redundancy package to get you out of their hair and keep you afloat while you look for something WAY BETTER!

  7. I think they’re crazy, OBviously
    i think the synchronicity with running into former work colleagues probably means things will work out, good luck 12hv

  8. What a bunch of assholes! Sounds bizarre enough that it could be the universe trying to literally shove you away from something lame into something way better. I know it’s hard not to take it personal, but try to remember that they’re the ones with issues. Rash, impulsive, no tact. WAY horrible to scare you like that. Discipline you (for what even?) or fire you but this whole fear schtick is total b.s. Yikes! Good luck and I hope this creates an even better opportunity for you.

    • Thanks. I honestly wonder – what is the right job for a Plutoic Virgo? Sure, they are assholes. But…even on astro gaga things when Mystic asks people to place Virgos in an org or some such thing – everyone thinks administrative or support roles and not creative visionary. I have too many Libra planets to survive on a secretary salary. 🙂

      • Look we even get stereotyping here, as it’s kind of unavoidable (a) on a blog with little ‘essay’ space and (b) shorthand symbolic use of signs, as well as (c) the fact that when people are pissed off and emotional about their own personal experiences of Sun Sign X and Mars Y and Venus Z, it’s hard to frame your comments wisely and compassionately about a larger world you haven’t directly experienced. Virgos are people too! You find them in many, many spheres of work at many, many levels. Hell, you’ll even find Pisceans in admin and accounting.

        I’m also in a state of flux about myself. Something has been calling and i don’t know what it is. I want the answer so i can just go for it and make it happen. Of course i have to actually learn it by experiencing, doing imperfectly and relearning. If someone told me point blank i wouldn’t listen anyway – where’s the pleasure of self discovery then?

        I know what it’s like to seek the answer first, but think of your 12th/6th house axis. Our daily living is a prayer to our highest selves. I’m only just understanding the deeper meaning of this because i can’t get it all with the psyche. I have to learn it with my hands, the ritual, the ‘mundane’ is the world i make for myself and it seems like a small world to my Sagittarian Neptune Jupiter Moon, but that’s because i have allowed Saturn in Taurus to lock everything 6th house into a habit. It happens when i’m fearful, and as a Pluto opposition Sun i know deep fears of survival, tested recently by struggling alone for years with bouts of illness.

        As i wish i had done things differently i know also that i have done things just as i was going to anyway, and avoiding a crunch point is not always the mark of success. Had i bowed out earlier, i would have met a different path going to the same place, i suspect. I thinkof other crunch times and imagine what life would have been like had i stayed to more ‘successfully’ manage the situation…and i honestly shudder.

        • I feel like the reminders of jobs past popping into my life have been that – pointing out past crunch points. And I look back at what happened then – I moved on and avoided working the relationship out. That’s what it is….2 or 3 years into a job is when the intimacy issues come out and I get the shaft or evade. Its a pattern. And I want to break it. But I have NO idea how.

          My NN is in my 3rd house Sag. I don’t know how to communicate with others at that level. I am filling the air with my ideas, like a safety blanket. And I want out of the isolation.

          • i think this may be a clue to the way out. your sn is probably beginning to feel the effects of jupiter. gemini, like virgo, has a tendency to overanalyze. brilliantly, i might add- your analytical skills are obviously not in question. 😉 but perhaps in this situation you want to do jupiter, not mercury. you have told me so many times to do my nn. 🙂 🙂 🙂 you’re getting crisis before the delicious ping on the nodes for a reason. broaden your horizon, maybe. think bigger than you normally would. travel. maybe you are destined to move to northern california after all! 🙂

            • Thinking of a trip to Spain I have been promising myself forever.

              I never connected my chart ruler as ruler of my SN too. Thanks.

              • you never noticed that before? ah, the blind spots of the quicksilver mind. it just seems like with your mercury so under stress it is helpful to see who can come to its aid. yes, do your jupiter! spain sounds lovely. maybe time it so you go when the nodal axis gets hit up. and also of course there is the jupiter-law association. if all fails you are supported in that route. xoxo

                • Soon Jupiter will be in my 10th and I’ll be under a Uranus opposing Mercury transit, so I think now is my time to travel before crunch time begins.

                  Funny isn’t it? How blind we all can be about ourselves. We need each other to see our backs, quite literally.

      • Plutonic Virgo here and I excel at admin but refuse to play the ass-kissing games either. Start your own business. Virgos makes great leaders as well. Joan Jett is also a Virgo and you don’t see her in an office but kicking butt onstage!

  9. Some workplaces DO have these large red signs up, but they’re not written or printed.

    These are toxic environments. Unless something major occurs, we’re never quite sure whether we saw the big red sign or just imagined it. And until something major occurs, we’re assailed by this feeling we are not doing something right, yet noone can tell us what it is, if you’re courageous enough to ask for feedback on your work, or even your interoffice politics management. This happens when management operates from a deep place of fear, are untrained in the human skills and have little drive to preserve ethics in a workplace. If you identify these aspects of a workplace as important, yet work in a culture where games, oneupmanship and preserving the status quo of the lowest common denominator prevail, then every day is emotional battle. Your “thinking in the hallways” reveals too much about the emotional toxicity and cannot be tolerated. It’s easier to “fix” individual dissent than rotting parts of a work culture.

    Many of us stay to earn money and the best of us will try to find ways to work around, to be a better employee, to learn from the experience. But key players in this kind of environment operate on a game-playing level that won’t let you ‘win’, not even in terms of dignity. It may not be all of your colleagues, but you’ll find it’s the ones who actually have the power to make decisions and/or allow you to belong. Maybe some colleagues put up the big red sign but management says it’s not there and won’t take it down. You’re shadowboxing.

    An interesting article i read yesterday may resonate with you today:

    My name won’t appear here – i’m exiting gracefully from my workplace. Here’s to your healing, and a better energy in the money transaction that feeds you xxx

    • Thank you. Good luck to you too. The invisible sign – yes! I feel like an idiot savant because I just don’t get it.

      I suppose it is a relief to know how clearly I don’t fit.

      • Also, thank you for the article. It does resonate. My Pluto square Mercury transit is exact on the day of the full moon. Hoping to manage my compulsion in the form of not telling them to suck my dick (I don’t have one) and giving everyone the finger as I throw shit at them on my way out. Going for classy 🙂

      • No, ma’am, you DO very much get the subliminal sign, and realise the sign is idiotic. It may well be that your recent soul searching about how to interact better with others is a good thing for you, but it ain’t never gonna bear the fruit of your Virgoan 12th house wisdom in this workplace.

        At work, it is not just what we deliver but how we deliver it that counts. The office that hired you in all your glory should have supported you in delivering your best. It was in their best interest as a company. May you rise, lady, and may you shine xx

        • Thank you. I would so love for them to embrace my talents. It hurt that they didn’t because I am extraordinary at pulling out hidden patterns. I thought a company that sells that service may appreciate the ability in one of its own (another point I made in my manifesto to them). But my job here is to honor my talents. I don’t see how I can stay where I know I’ve been seen and devalued.

        • Right, list that next to the other unmentionable topics to not discuss at work. Sometimes being all deep at the workplace is not the best MO to assume…especially when dealing with trite and incongruent coworkers or bosses. Better just play dumb and pretend you give a shit.

  10. As a fellow Virgo (Sun and Rising), I can say that hell hath no fury like a Virgo who’s just realized her Olympian work ethic has been taken for granted. Borrow one of Aaron Sorkin’s one-liners and tell your boss, “You better lawyer up, asshole,” while strutting your way out the door, head held high, like the Virgo class act you are. Screw ’em. They can’t handle Virgo perfectionism? Tell them to go hire an Aquarius and see how they like it.

    • Jeez Louise !!…. ease up?

      I mean I’ve got a bunch of stuff in Virgo myself but I reckon most good Aquas focus on their inner Virgo to get real outcomes.. 🙂

      • Hey the Aqua at my workplace does his inner and outer Aqua so well everyone can feel that his ‘eccentric’ is the new normal. His Fixity came up hard against the early Zapping, and you should see him now, moving at the speed of a lightning bolt. If he doesn’t make sense to you, you just know you’re not trying to think properly. His logic is implacable, and his call for revolution is client focused and for the greater good of the workplace. I learn so much from him, i feel he’s an unofficial mentor. The Virgos at work are folk i’ve learned to handle. I think this is indicative of the people they are at heart, not the signs they bear in their charts.

      • some aquas are like workaholics! some like bums. just depends.

        one of my buds had an aqua boss and he would get on everybody’s facebook and announce a prize if people could guess which sport team would win. and when someone presented him with the right answer he publicly verbally chastised that person for spending too much time on facebook and sports, not enough time on work. lol! i swear capricorn bosses seem easy going and predictable all of a sudden….

        i guess you read aqua scopes too. i know i read the scopes of all my coworkers and when i had a boss…the boss scopes too! i do recall aqua…being potentially explosive recently.

        • My boss is like that – he will disagree with someone and then within a few sentences propose the idea he disagreed with.

          • So it’s probably too late to give you tips for dealing with an Aqua boss, but a key way to get them on your side is to break rules that they propose. But you can’t just break any rule. It’s got to be a rule that the boss secretly thinks is “stupid” but he/she can’t disagree with out in the open, but you manage to finagle so that it works for the company advantage. They lap that up like peanut butter.

            but your boss really does sound hopeless if he/she can’t see how awesome you are.

  11. 12th House Virgo… this pisses me off. Do they have performance reviews? Is this a type of business where they know they can rid of you whenever they want? To me sounds like they are intimiated by you by appearance. What I mean by that, because I am a virgo and business is very important to me, is that our facial expressions appear as we are in disgust when in fact we are worried about the company. Well, I am saying this because that is what I am worried about right now. As a virgo we are intense perfectists (hence they say you were perfect). We are no wishy / washy!! The entire company does not have a clear understanding of how to develop employees! Your boss was wishy / washy, giving you misleading comments about your performance and look HR sounds like they were reciting what your boss was saying. grrrr… Nothing pisses me off than bosses who are intimidated by their employees and they use their level to take of business in the wrong way.

    I am sorry 12th!! Glad to hear you have 2 opportunities to checkout. I wish you well.


    • I feel for you 12th House V, a toxic work environment where our quiet talents are not appreciated is like a living hell. I spent 10yrs with a company as Quality Control (Very Virgoan) and was nearly crushed by the pressure (and an unhappy marriage…) I was able to take my long service leave and had the space to look for something in my field (fashion design…..Brisbane is not the epicentre that is true….) that suited me and paid me 10G more a year. That happened this time last year and I am in a much stronger place. I really hope you are able to muster your strength and find somewhere you are the gold they have been looking for! Because although it seems like peering into the dark there really is a better place for you! Stay strong!

      • Thanks for sharing your happy ending with me. Your career switch sounds dramatic – I bet that freed up a lot of creative energy for you!

        I do so want to be the golden resource. I need to stop that wanting and just be present.

  12. You work with morons. I’m afraid the only cure is working somewhere where you are appreciated!

      • i know this wont help you now, but i started working on my self esteem about 15ish yrs ago. what helped was that i kept a secret journal where when people wrote or said genuinely nice AND truthful things about me, i entered that data. i only look at the book when im feeling down but it’s amazing how often we forget how awesome we can be but we entrench in our memories that one time we failed! i forgot about all the cool shit i had done….

        • That’s a great idea. I don’t fret over my success, that’s for sure. But my failures…MAN…I spent a lot of energy on those.

  13. 12th you are too scary for them, too honest, radical & strong. Too many negative subliminal currents are imploding onto you.
    Saw a saying once ‘be as good as you possibley can-without arousing suspicion or jealousy’. How apt is that.

    What Zai said about ‘being on hold-we’ll get back to you-playing games because we can’. Have applied for compensation about my assault & resulting costs involved that my lawyer advised with victims of crime.
    Six emails, 2 personal visits, 2 telephone calls over the last 6 weeks to both in total.
    Answer ‘we’ll get back to you’. The peeps that are supposed to alleviate the stress are now causing it! Just want to know yes/no & how much, how hard is that to answer?

    Good luck in apps for new work in intelligent, evolved environment.
    Another great saying used to be pinned to wall: to get to the top of your profession-invent your own.
    Look to where there is not & fill it. Search the gaps & create from there. x

    • Thanks, Pegs. I have been doing so much inner work and gotten to the point that I realize I MUST find ways to partner with people to have my radical, visionary ideas realized. So, the idea of trying to do everything on my own – I have to temper it with finding the right partners. And I feel so stuck on that. Like I should be getting it but am not. Deep breaths.

  14. Thanks for posting this Mystic. Looking forward to my 5F report. Thanks for the comments and support everyone.

    I can’t enjoy my career by staying in the job I’ve got. I have to make it somehow, but have no idea how. I didn’t realize how bullied and ignored I felt in the office, and they made me confront that. So, in that sense, they did me a huge favor. Now that the cats out of the bag on that one. What’s been seen can’t be unseen.

    Mystic – your dailies are great. Thank you. I will not misrepresent or compromise myself to fit in there.

    • I feel like such a fool. I found an employer who treats me like my Dad did. Break pattern, break!!!

      • There you have it … you’ve broken the pattern already … just by acknowledging it.

        Now you can move towards your next venture… off you go 🙂

        And good luck … you’ve got some more experience up your sleeve now … and you know how you DON’T want to be treated.

        There is no going back!

      • I totally understand. I was bullied by a Virgo boss for years, who told me at one point that “she was a virgo, and was just like that.” She used to bully me over typos, which was crazy because she made them all the time. She has been through many employees since.

        She couldn’t believe I was a libra, and implied I had something sinister in my chart. I have always been very cordial with people, but i wasnt fake nice enough like she is to everyone.

        She followed astrology, but clearly had a very limited view of what it can entail.

        Maybe this is my sixth house south node talking, but getting out of a toxic work environment is so important for your health. When I worked in one I gained weight massively and everyone could tell I was unhappy.

        Good luck Virgo. Follow the zap zone and become independent as much as you can. You will do great.

    • And this is where you find your power – when you realise that the people who piss you off, the people who ruin your day, your week, your life – are actually your best friends, gurus, mentors and personal Buddhas because they teach you what you need to know. Don’t tell them to suck your non-existent dique, thank them sincerely for helping you to see the truth. Then leave and become famous.

  15. I feel for you 12HV. I have natal Mars and Merc in 12H both in Aries! Just wanted to get this out because I have been dealing with it indirectly and directly over the years. It seems as if the sparkle on the paper plus being able to sell yourself gets more rewarded than having that immense work ethic and being able to thrive under pressure. My issues with HR stem from non-profit orgs that are bureaucratic and outdated. Hang in there, I think any 12 house placement is a blanket over the fire, and can be a challenge when you really have to assert yourself and not take any shit. If you are like me, you’re kind of a corp athlete, able to put out fires and report the impossible but have your work overlooked or forgotten because we don’t speak up enough. For me now if there is a problem I say it, and if I don’t feel like I get the recognition, I speak the fuq up. If I think of more I’ll provide more. Hang in there.

    • Thanks, when I speak up for myself they say I talk too much. Ridiculous. I think my Mars in Libra is way more direct when I am defending someone else.

      HR is either a genius who is over dramatizing the situation to get me to light a match to all their crap being as I am the 12th house – the subconscious – of the place. They have a habit of firing their subconscious personality repeatedly. Or, she is a bully at risk of legal action. Time will tell.

      • Or stay as long as you can put up with this squirrel fandango and take some clients with you while getting paid. I know you’re looking for new places to work so maybe even try to turn one or two deceptively or discreetly in your favor. Not sure where your pluto is though. MIght be devilishly fun.

        • My natal Pluto is at 6 Libra and conjunct my Mars (0 Libra) and Mercury (11) . Transiting Pluto is in my 4th house squaring it all. I bought Pluto juice finally. Don’t know what else I can do with my Pluto.

          My AC is 26 Virgo, so Mars conjuncts it. People think I am pissed all the time. I’ve heard it my whole life. I feel stuck by that.

          • I got pluto at 22 deg Libra opposite my Mars and Merc. and transitting capricorn in the 9th house so I’m all fired up about my self worth – fabulous, plus challenging the established norms. What’s been helping me is a lot lot of intense non stop cardio. Too tired to think after cardio.

            haha my Mars conjucts my AS in Taurus so yah, I get the why R U so Serious/Serial?

  16. 12HV,

    Evolve or evaporate.

    You evolve.
    They will evaporate.

    Remember Zap Zone protocal – don’t cling onto organisations or any old paradigms.

    You are your own boss, like you always have been. We have the best planetary alignment to finally ACT as our own boss.

    Go nuts. Do your thing. Eff them.

    Toxic work environment cause prematures deaths (I just made that up) but it isn’t the biggest lie is it..

  17. best of luck with your work situation, 12th house virgo!!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m an introverted data analyst and it is tricky… there does seem to be a ceiling that you reach at work if you don’t want to be one of those people that spends all day in pointless meetings or if you don’t want to manage staff. i just want to do challenging work, damnit!

    i had a performance review last week, and it went well. my boss and i were talking about future avenues for me and my boss said that he wants me to start going to more meetings, being more visible, learning how to negotiate with people and getting a bit out of my comfort zone a little more. he’s an introvert too and his POV is that these are the things that you need to learn to do to move up the ladder. these extroverted bits don’t need to be your whole job, but you need to be able to do them when required.

    my analyst skills are what make me valuable here, but i am thinking about the other bits that he said and what i want to take from them. i am shy and have turned down opportunities here for higher roles because i didn’t want to do the extroverted work bits involved. but maybe i should give them a try… or if i don’t want to then think about roles where i won’t have to do most of that stuff. i don’t need to be a fancy-pants CEO, but would like to get higher paying roles in the future.

    i don’t take what my boss said as criticism though, and really those are skills that would help me in everyday life too. (like the negotiating thing would boost my interpersonal skills)

    • I agree! I WANT to learn how to do better with those roles because I can’t have my concepts created or create on behalf of the end users if I can’t communicate effectively. If I didn’t think it was important to confront my fear/weakness, I would have left my laptop at the office on Friday. I am sure this is all part of my Pluto-square-Mercury transit. I don’t want to be stuffed in a corner crunching data or spend my life in my own, lonely comfort zone.

  18. Hey 12hv, sorry to read about this work schemozzle. other than the helpful comments here, my attitude would be – once you’ve collected severance pay and whatever other entitlements you have – would be fuq ’em, who needs to fight for the right to work with a bunch of assholes? There are better roles out there. work and humanity may suck at times. but you’re bigger than that. shoulders back, smile, listen to some loud music, rock up on monday ready for anything. sometimes it really throws the haters to plaster a giant smile on your face and act like nothing’s going on. that’s not mean to be insulting advice that disregards how you’re feeling, but just an idea to toy with. xxx

    • I suspect they won’t fire me. That would be too easy.

      I was SOOOO scared when I sent MM the email. But…I’ve crunched my numbers. I faced my fears. And I have the resources to get through this. I will be smiling and looking great in the office tomorrow.

  19. 12HV, I think you’re doing the best that you can in looking for another job. It sounds like this place, one way or the other, is not the place for you.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and see how things go come Monday but it sounds like you’ve been increasingly happy at this place as of late and I think everything will workout for the best

  20. Sort the constipation ASAP!!! Or you will have a period from hell… No doubt it’s why it’s late. Virgo’s not eating properly.. No such thing : ) what’s going on? What are you holding onto.
    Your story is disjointed like your honey.. What are you not getting?
    Apperients you can buy from the chemist. 4 liters of h20 at least. Exercise.. And drop the carbs.. Something is like concrete in there no doubt one of the reasons your living in hell. Goodluck.

    • Actually, the period came early.

      What am I holding back? I don’t know. I am shocked, as I mentioned before, about how many childhood fears/memories this all has shaken in me. I suppose I am healing because its safe enough for it all to surface now.

  21. Oh how boring! It’s like the blog has become all about 12th house V.

    So much over analysis. Do you ever go outside for some fresh air??

    Surprised you’re good at your job when your on here 24/7

      • oh look at the cute little troll. pat pat pat- would you like some milk and cookies?

        • Not a good idea to feed the trolls hiddendragonqueen … makes ’em come back for more! 😉

          • nah they are just hungry for love. there’s plenty of love to go around- it can’t hurt. and everybody loves cookies. 🙂

      • Fuq off, boring troll. You belong somewhere commonplace, where you can rub your single braincell up against other demeaning and cruel primitive types. Subscribers say piss off.

      • Even a pain in the ass bore has to make a living. Saying work isn’t just about work may be great advice – but it doesn’t compute for me. When people say that, they really mean you don’t
        know how to socialize and I know don’t know how to do that already. I don’t know how to break the pattern.

    • Ok… You know what I reckon? Everyone’s pretty much given the same advice. Im on the boss’s side. Clearly your work isn’t the issue, so it’s got to be your personality. The boss is giving hints. Take them!.
      Work isn’t just about work. When you’re in an office it helps to be a little sociable! Can’t you just fake it until you make it??

      • Do you ever hang out with REAL people?, like not on this blog. The REAL world…. and forget about astro for a while. It can’t solve all your problems. Especially when it requires even more analysis. Just an idea…

        • We should never analyse things – thinking only leads to overthrowing outdated notions such as ‘work isn’t just about work’ and then what do we have? Chaos! Anarchy!

          Remember, always sell your soul and personality to your corporation, kids. They’ll reward you in the end (…won’t they!?!?).

        • Analyzing shared problems is how I communicate. Its odd. I’m like a robot in a way. I could turn a potential romantic relationship into a findings and recommendations document. In truth, I’ve done that before.

          I’m not saying I know what to do from here. Certainly you’re right about analysis not being everything. But how to communicate with others? I don’t know. I can’t figure it out alone. That’s all I know.

          I will take more walks and less reviewing of astro charts. So your negative comments did offer me a constructive insight. Trying not to latch on to the negative. I have an attraction to it as if its always more honest they praise. And that’s crazy.

      • Your binary thinking is showing. Do you have an actual career, with enough experience to be dispensing your ill thought views? Your language skills tell me no. Your low level social skills tell me no. You can’t make this any better, and your first comment wasn’t nice, either.

        • How is what Analysed said in last 2 comment ill thought? Everyone is entitled to an opinion & this is their perception, perhaps it’s something that 12th HV may need to consider?

          There’s always positives & negatives to a situation. So right now a negative is being expressed. If this helps 12th HV then great. What will she learn if everything is just put on the boss? Is no one allowed to offer an alternatie view point?

          • Disagreement can be expressed as constructive criticism. I’m sure Mystic didn’t post this simply so people could take potshots. And stop supporting your own comments as someone else.

            • Oh I see, David’s not here so you’re acting on his behalf – telling people to fuq off if they disagree with the crowd. Borrrrring!

            • Perhaps you can stop your assumptions? I’m not Analysed. I’m sure A is more than able to support themself without my aid.

      • Clearly it is my personality. I am human enough to see that. And I feel stuck. Hidden’s comment about doing my Jupiter was more helpful than this.

        • i will take that as in my comment was the 2nd least helpful (which is fine, i’ve got no office experience to share), and not that it is in any way related to the analyzed anon’s asinine spew. poor guy. i suspect we shall see him back with yet another alias soon.

          • NO! That’s NOT what I meant!

            ATD has got a point about hearing the other side of things, you know? I’m so honored by the attention and support I get here, but boss-bashing only gets me so far. I have to find what I can own in the situation and not be victimized. This is MY pattern. And you talking about NN helped, really. And, perhaps in spite, ATD did too. Because, instead of commenting on the blog for lunch, I went out with my colleagues and chatted in the kitchen. I am brilliant at analyzing things, so much so that people under estimate what an idiot I am at socializing.

    • Analysed sweetness, there’s this thing called Free Will. It bores you? Don’t read it. Don’t comment.

      And it isn’t just about 12th House Virgo. We’ve all had permutations of the same scenario in some fashion, yes, there’s a lot of unfairness in the world unfortunately. While I do think there’s a point to what you said about a personality clash, you’re doing it in a way where you’re kicking someone when they’re down for what? Because you have an opinion and need better material to read?

      You suddenly decided NOW is the time to complain about this being focused on someone? Which is odd considering the title post makes it obvious that we’re using a real life scenario to launch into deeper thoughts about life and astro.

      I really hope you don’t find yourself in a situation where you need some sympathy and be shown the treatment you’ve meted. Don’t be so quick to think that you couldn’t be so humbled.

    • the issue here, its seems, is ad over here has probably not been keeping up with 12hv for long and has only read her comments and posts at face value, while the rest of us have experienced 12hvs depth and what not, and know the extent to which she deserves to be trusted as far as what she is perceiving and judging the situation to be, you just assume her recent complaints are all there is to her, yes, it is possible, from your limited perspective, that 12hv is in the wrong, and is actually oblivious and blah blah blah, but the rest of us know she isnt, maybe, if you analysed the situation, without even having to kill it, you would see that all the posters here are familiar with 12hv, and even maybe hold her with some regard, well, new guy, you should have maybe picked up on this, and played along and assumed this was for a reason, having not done so, I have reason to believe you arent even that good at analyzing, let alone to a lethal degree, two, that you lack benefit of the doubt unless otherwise dis proven, a hallmark of politeness, which I guess you lack, and lastly by assuming you have a more correct view on the situation than us, your attackers, the regulars, you are kind of maybe even full of yourself, all these people who like each other and spend time together and have more context and have been here longer, naw, none of them, none, know what they are talking about, they are all wrong, 12hv is wrong, mystic maybe even wrong for entertaining the whole thing when clearly its just wrong, I the person who just got here am right, ive arrived guys, no need to think other things than what I think, all bow down to my correct opinion, its self evidence needs no real argument,
      well, you dont have to be here, if you think your better than everyone here, if it makes you uncomfortable we are all helping one person thats not you, and if everyone here is the type to examine themselves and view life as such a thing that requires reflection and collaboration while you just think it needs you to simply pull yourself up by the boot straps and get it done, go away then, go get it done, you know what worse then people who complain, people who complain about people complaining, on the internet of all places, a place free from unwilling adjacency for the most part, go back on youtube and call things dumb, and post on random articles saying it doesnt even matter to think about things, maybe on your home planet 4chan positing an opinion requires no politeness whatsoever, but here, were people are willing to genuinely open up and share, we expect a little bit more considerations, so you can jusGETOUUUUTT
      and thats, how, you analyze, someone, to death
      *drops mic and leaves*

      • And yet you still manage to get it so wrong *eyeball roll*

        Your entire response is based on assumptions. Even though it’s directed at Analysed I have to say that from my perspective, nothing you said was accurate at all. Your amateurish attempts at witty reply (especially the painfully childish attempt to take on Helter Skelter in a previous post) are lame and lacklustre. 10 points for trying though!

        No doubt this will descend into a ‘fuq off’ fest. All I want to say is not every negative comment expressed here is designed to attack. Sometimes the truth hurts but you learn. None of us here really know what the ‘truth’ is in this situation for 12HV and sure, Analysed may have expressed it in a hurtful way, but there was some level of validity that 12HV took from that and good on you for having the level of self awareness to do that 12HV. Kudos. Hope you grok what you need from this situation & turn it into a positive outcome for you.

        • I dunno who helter skelter is, if your talking about that one anon, it was aqueloscorp, so, its more than just a random anon thing, it has to do with this other time way back, it was kind of lame, and I admitted that later, maybe I was assuming, but im probably not wrong, perhaps what ad said could lead to valid points, but where it was coming from was very clearly a shallow face value take of what 12hv has been putting lately, if someone else made these valid points elsewhere, it would be fine, but it was a kind of mean, WHATS THE POINT OF THIS WHOLE POST, but it was a whole post, and they could just skip it, thats the level to which I was attacking, yes, it was lame, but whateva, nothing is wrong with devils advocate, or pointing out things no one else has, or making points that make people uncomfortable, but I dont think its ok to be an ass, if you just being an asshole, sure the random words coming out of your mouth, taken by another person could be made into valid points, but if your just being an ass, you werent making those points at all, then your just being disagreeable, sure I am annoying sometimes, but only at the assholes, also, a point against you, I dont understand your defense of this person, when technically I am defending a person, who deserves defending more? someone looking for feedback and opening up and actually responding to what people are saying and willing to take valid points, or some random asshole, who make a point no one else made, I guess, but I should be annoying anymore, I guess, and from the looks of it, I am going to assume again, that neither of us wants to argue, cuz i dont, its a few times too removed to matter anymore, there is a difference between correct treatment of people who open up on here and making legitimate valid points, at least I think so, maybe you dont, oh well I guess

          • the way people say things, and their motivation is just as important as what is being said, to you, the point made was valid, to me, the thing behind it was, im rude, this is dumb, to me, thats invalid, I was being lame about sure, but its true

  22. Mystic: I think you need to remind us all of the office horoscope types.

    12HV: your strategy in dealing with the company is to make sure you get a sufficient payment for getting out of their hair so that you have the financial freedom to explore the current opportunities, without the need to grab the first thing that comes along. Drink heaps of H20, workout to work the tension out, a BDHJ moment (minor) is permitted in the circumstances (but not if it will make you take up the Death Sticks again). Look after yourself.

    I was once sacked on my birthday. My birthday! To do this to an Aqua Rising/Gem Sun! And I was terminated for reasons that had more to do with the insecurities of the CEO than it did with my competence.

    I was told six months later that the manager I had raised questions about was dismissignated due to some wee spot of fraudulent conduct. Dismissignated because several peeps higher up the totem poll were also implicated.

    I was told two years later by the person who had to hire my replacement that it took them a year to find the person – and they hired three people when they did. Sometimes employers just don’t recognise when they have good people because the good people don’t fit the cookie cutter mold.

    Good luck babe! You’re a Virgo – you can make this work for you!

  23. as horrible and shaking as it is, it’s probably a good thing, you know? a fitting farewell to your uranus transit. you’ll get to heal your father wound through the easier medium of your boss, you’ll get to embody all the depth and authenticity and power you’ve accumulated through these last few years of pluto, and you’ll get to own that 0 degree mars once and for all. hopefully too you’ll get a chance to rest and take it all in too. you’re shedding your skin at a rapid pace- it’s pretty awe inspiring. strut your stuff tomorrow morning and smile. you got this. xoxox

  24. Good God, I’m late to the game dealing with you know, noxious substances in our products etc. but HOW awful 12th House darling. I do agree with lots of what’s been offered already, the toxicity of the environment, how this has refreshed your perspective and even whilst panicky, made you own and confront self-esteem issues.. which btw is always an ongoing job really, nobody ever really arrives there, dusts their hands together and goes DONE.

    Obviously as a Virgo, this is even more intensified. Since you (and some of us Virgo Risers) already come with a built in self-rating system that’s likely harsher than what other people come up with, then you get a situation like this and the go-to response is to double/triple up on the analysis as well as possibly further pathologizing the “how could I have missed it, how did I not know” etc etc bits..

    However, I also totally GET the process of acknowledging the workplace as it is, while trying to respond to the larger scenario of what to do about your life vs just your job. That is knowing that your job as difficult and unpleasant it has been has so far somewhat aided your current direction. As a Virgo Rising, I really find myself balancing the NEED for details & a back up plan, even if I don’t end up using it. It’s all part of the processing.

    While you ponder your next steps or feel your way through it (difficult but sometimes even more necessary than an actual plan), I’m going to offer something that stuck out to me:

    The Getting Back to You Bit. I think this is both a scare and delay tactic. The client complained, they need to be able to say, we’re addressing the situation by dealing with the person in question, and chastising you was their way of proving some kind of corrective action. Except. It’s also very likely they may not be able to replace you with someone as good or as brilliant with the details on the project, this points to your boss’ comment that you do excellent work. So the question on their end is, how can we keep this contract happy while trying to “officially” replace someone whom we know can really do the work?

    They could possibly be thinking up a new structure to where you can still feed into this, or waiting out the situation with the client. Of course, I could be wrong. It just sounds to me that given that they can’t actually fire you for shoddy work, they’re trying to find a way around what could be a poor personality match with the client, which really is THEIR oversight if they assigned you to it. I’m in California, which is a state you DO NOT have these sorts of conversations with unless you’ve got an employment mediator on call.

    I would be interested to see what they do next, because this whole business of delaying it and making you suffer over the weekend, seems to be more about what THEY need to do on the contract than just you. You’re just the convenient scape goat in this whole scenario.

    I mean, really if you were so unapproachable or unpleasant to the point that it was an issue, they should’ve addressed it earlier. NOT haphazardly put you on a contract with a sensitive client. Let’s just give credit where credit is due.

    Even if the advise can be taken to heart generally as a good point of improvement you’d have gladly undertaken on your own, there’s also the fact that there is a limit to how you can bend people to a certain change. For instance, the intense detail skills you have may not always jive with the kind of relaxed stance expected from someone who asks less questions and more interested in “just getting along.”

    I work in regulations AND marketing, a lot of what I have to say doesn’t sit well with clients or my boss, but through time (a lot of it) doing the right thing has always proven to be my saving grace. Don’t forget that through this all, your sense of ethics, your thoroughness and your service to the higher plan for what’s best for the client even if they can’t acknowledge it, will prove you well through the end, whether you stay there or not.

    DO start documenting the entire thing and making sure you get the line straight between what is your remit (the project, interfacing with the client) and THEIRS (assigning the right project managers, communicating parameters, etc). Hugs, darling. I’ve no doubt you’ll get through this, even if the How seems a bit confounding right now. xx

    • “There is a limit to how you can bend people to a certain change.”

      This is very true. In fact, i think the picture Mystic has used illustrates this idea.

      Certainly, in my own travails through the office politics minefield, i found that the struggles i went through to make changes within myself paid off in that i have better relationships with many other colleagues. What i couldn’t change was the mindset of the small group of bullying people, and neither could they, to the detriment of their project and their professional credibility. They went on to expose themselves to higher levels of management, and finally to a number of other people who have to experience the frustration of trying to use the material they have produced. On a greater scale, the project itself has been clearly mismanaged from the start

      I think your idea of documenting as well as mentally defining management’s role in assigning client to contractor and taking effective corrective action is helpful in determining what “can be changed between here and here.”

    • I’m glad you mentioned the inner Virgo critic. Nothing is ever as bad as my self-judgement would lead me to believe. Thanks. Xo

  25. Dear 12HV
    The process of how we voice ourselves in the world is an ongoing one and can feel like we stuffed up when we still don’t know ourselves that well and are getting a lot of confusing signals from others about how they feel in response to something we did. So don’t be so hard on yourself. it’s a life long or lives long learning.

    Something has happened here where you have only been given part of the picture. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to sniping from HR. I don’t know if this is your or them, but I also wouldn’t discuss astrological traits in the workplace (do that here :)). Get on with your other work conscientiously and find a good time to talk to your boss about what happened with this particular client. Explore what it was that led the client to lack confidence.

    If you are dismissed, ask for verbal reasons (take good written notes) and then also ask for a letter giving reasons in writing.

    There are plenty of opportunities in the workforce for introverted creatives. So I would agree with others here that your workplace isn’t a good fit for you at the moment. There also sounds like some hysteria on your part (not all virgos are victimised), which I know isn’t helped by feeling like this whole situation is happening out of your control and other people are playing with your life. Try and use your introversion to your best use and pull yourself into more composure. Do you have family you can talk to? I hope so. xx

    Best of luck.

  26. Well maybe you threaten them and they are just using a bullshit excuse?
    People who deep down feel inferior or know they are in some way usually try to belittle people who display attributes they feel they lack in?
    Remember stay stuck and youre fucked, so maybe its them need to stay where they are and you move to the new now?
    Maybe your boss and hr person are having a secret torrid affair and being paranoid they think you know:) so they better help you on your way
    Remember the saying MM if its exhausting its not right? Good luck to you maybe this is a little push, so to speak?

  27. It’s funny how the HR person said you needed grounding, and yet change your star sign – hello! Virgo, EARTH sign. Perhaps not as fixed as say Taurus but I have not known Virgo to be lost in the clouds. Even analysis paralysis will be worked through (eventually) with a virgo because they are dogged determined, until it’s done properly…

    I reckon this is a Saturn in Scorping episode. And once it has finished crunching through, the results will be diamond like.

    Hang in there!! 🙂

  28. I’m not a Virgo but I had the same sort of issue, faultless work performance but I p-ed off the boss because I didn’t go to morning tea every day, I missed the Christmas party (how dare I) and I looked unfriendly and unapproachable because I was always concentrating on my work. Oh and apparently one morning I walked past someone without saying good morning and they made a complaint. It was so ridiculous because I work in a high stress job with a lot of media backlash but my boss hated me because I was working instead I’d socialising. He said ‘I don’t like you, you don’t fit in here and I’m going to get rid if you’ he also said he didn’t like my face because it was too serious, he suggested I try harder to smile and look pretty. I voluntarily moved on. I used that comment by him to basically force him to support my transfer out of there. Best thing I ever could if done. I got away from the idiot boss and all of his little idiot clones. Sometimes you just don’t fit in somewhere but in some places its a good thing, who wants to fit in with a bunch if idiots? Not me.

  29. Hey 12HV babe, I feel for you. Do you have practical support? Even if you are let go there is supposed to be severance pay in lieu of notice, that kind of thing? The HR people sound beyond toxic, not to mention unprofessional. Have you documented the processes of their dealings with you? I understand all of the comments about seeing the bigger picture and being a good fit and all that, I really do, and yes I agree with that but I also get the very real practical issues that you might now face.
    You are very smart and resourceful so you’ve probably considered everything that I will say here, but – join professional networks, meet recruitment consultants, call on old contacts – it all helps and it enables you to feel more in control of a hard process. Plus call on whatever support is available to you, even if you’d rather not. People in your life may surprise you x
    I learned about office dynamics the hard way, after many years I have learned how to be myself in an environment that might not be my optimal environment. It is a hard balance but mutables often do it better than most. Blessings babe xx

  30. Wow, what an interesting thread to home to! My advice: be clear eyed, look at the beast for what it is, acknowledge its power but then turn your gaze and get your strength from the beautiful things in life, the things that swell your heart and make you want to dance and sing.

    Given the pluto in Cap era we are living through of course we are all questioning our daily devotion to/ructions within the corporate body that is ON THE WAY OUT.

    The towers are crumbling but there are individuals (bosses, HR etc) that have so much invested in the tower they cannot let it fall. They may not be as bad as everyone reckons…just scared and maybe even scared for you.

    We are in a mega and prolonged transition period but people have to still work for their daily bread. I am a favoured slave in the corporate world and a multi Cap, I have worked myself into a corner but still I hang in, at the moment (just at the moment) there is no option…apart from loving other parts of my life…and I am so thankful that this era had made me really look at what actually matters…if work was so wonderful I may never have looked beyond it…

    So, get what you can get out of them…lose the battle and win the war…real life is out there…focus on that…just put on your overalls and dig the ditch they want you to dig, and smile the way they want you to smile…while you’re doing so, dream dream dream…and cherish the wonderful world that is waiting for you to notice it…

    I suspect there will be many more posts like this…the corporate body is in dire need of detox/rehab/purging. Those of us that are sensitive and genuine about our work will continue to confront gobsmacking idiocy (like: “change your star sign”). In a way, when push comes to shove, it’s quite an exhilarating challenge to stay true to who you are, somehow, yet get through the daily carpet bombing of your psyche by the powers that be (for now) and actually get something done.

    Meanwhile, lift your skirts and get on with it…you can’t change them…and that’s why they’re in such trouble now…hugs (wanna borrow my stapler?) xxx

    • Thanks so much! This is lovely.

      I am an idealist. I want to heal the corporate body. Remake it. That’s my work. To make our systems reflect the needs of the users they represent. That’s how I use my Mars in Libra – fighting for end users in interface design. I’m glad to be clear on that. Because I thought I was lost. But it fits my 12th house Sun. You could be using something I created and never know. All my creations are temporary anyway.

      This company is resonating like my family so strongly it must be magic at work. The CEO is like my Daddy who ignores me and lavishes attention on the guys (my brothers). My boss is like my bulling brother, who mocks my posture in the halls and calls me Debbie Downer. My former boss is like my Mom, who isolated me instead of helping me find my own space in the household.

      Its ending now. Whatever happens, that pattern is ending now.

      I started on this journey of healing a few years back. I prayed to the Universe to help me heal my father. I got the words back “heal yourself first.” Perpetual wounding. Its like the story that never ends. But…being it is so absurdly apparent, I feel near the end of something.

      Thanks for the support on here.

      • I just want you to know, you are not alone. As much as you might feel that way now. There may be other people sitting not too far from you, who, in their own way, feel isolated, compromised and yes, just plain confused and hurt. Corporate functionaries are masters of the mixed message! You are obviously “the talent”, otherwise they would just dispose of you. They clearly don’t want to. Anyway, stand back and observe for a while, and don’t let them stop you from doing what you are good at. Choose your battles wisely. xxx

        • Thanks…yes…they could be a few desks away. I am going to walk around a see if I can find them and share the good cheer you just shared with me. 🙂

          • If I had my own business (which one day I will) I would always make sure I had a Virgo on staff. They are talented, great workers, and tell it like is (in the workplace anyway).

            And, if you’re trying to do the right thing, nobody is more loyal than a Virgo. Loyalty rocks! xxx

  31. Dear 12th house Virgo: As someone who spent a number of yrs in HR in a large org, specializing in all matters related to the executive levels including performance issues and those who were organized out of their positions and dealing with the fallout of same, my perspective is this:

    1. Don’t panic – as difficult as it is, be serene, hold your head high and maintain your dignity and class at ALL times – this demonstrates loudly and clearly that you are in control of yourself and whatever negatives they or the client holds of you, THEY have it wrong.

    2. Don’t point fingers – yes, the client and HR etc, the whole situation may be wrong/unfair BUT it achieves absolutely nothing to fight back in this type of situation b/c fighting/blaming/complaining feeds negative time/energy/spirit that is best spent on nurturing yourself with positive/healing time/energy/etc. Try to look at it as someone who knocked you down in the playground while you weren’t looking and ran for cover – yup, it’s crap, but you get up, dust yourself off and go on.

    3. A door that closes does so for our own good – this is NOT pie in the sky stuff. I dealt with plenty of execs who thought their careers were over when their jobs went up in smoke – with the right perspective/attitude they turned a negative situation into a very positive one. They found themselves ‘liberated’ from their previous situation into one that might be very different but which ALWAYS much more positive in every regard.

    4. You are NOT a victim – eliminate all those thoughts from your mind. This situation is simply the launchpad into a move that you would not have made without this ‘push’. Go after it and claim it. That’s what distinguishes winners from losers – attitude and action. Create your own luck, be a winner.

    My Best.

    • Thanks! So nice to hear from a pro on these issues! This blog is amazing!!!

      I am rising above blame as much as I can. I brought some brownies into the office. I have no reason to resist being pushed out because if its happening, its because I don’t fit here. But I do have talents that apply here too. So, trying to keep that balance. Because I feel like where ever I go, I will have to deal with my personality problems.

      • Awesome attitude regarding an awkward situation. Brownies, to boot? Brilliant touch. I’m sure they didn’t see that coming!

        You’re seriously handling this in the best possible way but … I would continue to look elsewhere if possible.

        I forgive but I don’t forget and their behavior and wording with you has been unbelievable. They clearly aren’t appreciative of what you bring. I don’t even know your Aqua boss and I find him irritating.

        Good luck and keep up the positivity.

  32. I kind of feel the same way about Virgos……..picky matchy matchy clean freaky nightmares……Just saying

    • That’s ridiculous, clearly you have never worked with a Virgo clearly. In the workplace, they are gems! I tell ya.

    • I don’t feel a particular way about any sun sign. I did when I knew less about astrology, not like I know so much now, but with time I realized it often had a lot more to do with other aspects aside from their sun. Most of the time sun was not even a factor …

      In theory, other water sign suns and I should get on wonderfully but it often takes more (much more) Fire sign suns LOVE me. Go figure.

  33. Sending support and best of wishes to you, 12th House.
    Intense passage right now, this Virgo Sun (do I also share Leo Moon with you?) is riding the Zap as well. Can’t even tell what it means half the time, had my meeting with HR letting me know I no longer had a job due to cutbacks. I ended up working a shift the very next day, and have had plenty of hours as a sub… they even gave me a raise. ????
    Then there’s flu turned to pneumonia, Pluto/Uranus issues with my fabulous children (thought we were done with that after last year’s roller coaster). There’s more, too…. could probably write a book. Yikes.
    I certainly hope things do even out a bit after March 18th.
    ~Regards from your fellow Virgo-under-fire.

    • Thanks for sharing. It does feel like Virgos have been under fire lately. My job situation sounds oddly like yours in that there are MASSIVE disconnects in what’s being communicated. I was told I MAY have a job on Monday, and here it is Monday and no follow-up meeting.

      Judging by the scopes, sanity should be coming in April. I hope you find yourself in a job that values you then too.

      • Yes….. it seems that right now it’s more difficult than usual to assess something as ‘bad’ or ‘good’. I’ve stopped even trying to apply appropriate concern (worry!) to seemingly disastrous changes/events/developments….. as they will probably have morphed into something else by the next day or at least the next week. 🙂

        • Yes – and I do share your Leo moon. All this Pisces energy – Pisces is my 6th/7th – has got me flowing with conflicts instead of resist them. No choice but to surrender to the process, no good/bad about it.

  34. 12HV, a thought struck me that by eliminating smoking from your life you’re fenging your body, so to speak, and that this latest development in your job is an expression of the chi beginning to move. I don’t know if that resonates with you, but I don’t think it’s coincidence that cleaning the muck of nicotine out of your lungs is also helping you to clean out similar energies in your external world.

    Good luck with your next steps and keep us updated on how everything goes.

  35. You guys, I feel like such an idiot for filling up so much of the blog with my drama. As an update for my lovely friends here – HR and my boss ignored me all day. So, I worked on my resume and had a long lunch with colleagues. Holy Mercury retrograde from hell, right? How many days does this last again? Pfftt…

    • 12HV, you sound like a total sweetie. I don’t really get some of your intimations that others find you difficult. Seem totally with it to me….people can be the worst, you know? And workplaces, well. Little pits that amplify power and interpersonal dynamics.

      I gotta run right now, but I think you’re under immense pressure with the quitting and the moon – keep on with the quitting, love yourself!

  36. Sounds like…um, feels like a soul to soul communication, they are pushing you out before the space ship blows up, something like that.

    Anybody who doesn’t want you, doesn’t know you.
    Also a chance to sharpen up whatever you need to do, the phoenixing whatever.

    I got fired from a job ONCE. One of the best things that happened to me.
    I took on a project that I was too good for. Learned lessons about being more present (also the need to be more present when choosing work).
    People I would never want to work with again, yada. It all worked out.

    Sound like you may have been shuffling your feet until somebody gave you a shot in the solar plexus and you went ow, ya, my kingdom is over THERE.

    Waiting for things to happen so you can move foreward is somewhat victimy behaviour you know. (Not that that applies to you necessarily.)
    Just saying.

  37. Sorry, so much good advice here and I’m just going to add 2c more and I haven’t even read the rest.

    Just – please don’t act from a sense of “not having enough” (healthcare or whatever else). You need to look after yourself and also look after your sense of abundance right now.

    So go and do something that makes you feel abundant, being a virgo I’m sure you won’t go overboard, but a new hairstyle (=investment), massage, pot of flowers for your kitchen or a really nice meal out with friends would be good for you right now. Let the other stuff wait, treat yourself well and it will help you maintain proper perspective.

    From a Leo to a virgo (but so much 6th house, am practically a virgo so I get it)

    • I owe a lot of steps forward to Leos in my life. I have moon in Leo.

      Weird, weird times. Excuse my foul mouth a second: I didn’t tell them to suck my dick today but I showed them my balls by being composed today. THEY have to make the move now. And I know I have support behind the scenes. I don’t have to talk about it. I only need to act on the opportunities that come my way. I think I’m getting this Pluto-square-mercury transit. 🙂

      • BTW – acting on opportunities that come my way includes networking, updating my resume, and returning inquiries from recruiters.

  38. They are likely hoping you will quit due to all the mind games, and are doing due diligence. Cheaper & fewer legal issues for them. Would that explain anything?

    • ps am super sympathetic- and sure you will end up better off in the end. The world needs your skills to be used fully 🙂

    • Yeah, I got that. But, oddly, I feel empowered. Because they can’t get rid of me so easily. But I can leave whenever I want. All documentation is on my side. They did’t even document the ambush on Thursday. So, technically, I’ve never been given a warning. My resume looks great. I’m Virgo-ready for the Universe to put the right opportunity in front of me. 🙂

      • Is your south node in the sixth or tenth house? I think such placements point towards troublesome work environments and bosses.

        • I hate those undocumented little meetings so much. I always send an email saying ‘this is my revollection of our meeting on blah blah and this was the content of the meeting. Please make any changes or additions and I’ll keep both recollections in my personal records’. Arse covering I know, but those meetings and all the crappy things they say can suddenly disappear into thin air when it suits your boss. I’ve learnt the hard way to keep records of every meeting or ‘chat’.

        • SN is in 9th house Gemini. I have Jupiter, Juno and Ceres in 6th house Pisces. Venus and sun in 12th house Virgo make a Yod with Jupiter in the 6th. Jupiter squares Ne

  39. Honey, I can decode for you. You are smart and the client feels dumb. So does the HR twerp. So does your boss. Go. Find people who love you for being smart. They do exist.

    It’s a pretty cruel world for smart girls. I used to get terribly upset over not fitting in at work and also being told the same. Unpleasant.

    Eventually I have found amazing people who think that I’m just awesome and they can’t get projects done without me. It really helps that they seem to have not fit in anywhere else either. My work history has scarred me so much that I won’t got on their payroll but am orbiting them like a satellite: I am only ever going to be a freelancer from now on. It is very scary at first but when you see it working, it gets exciting. <3

  40. Hey Mystic, love the image with this post but we need to give 12 HV a boost with a slightly different version, same look of composure on the face, but middle fingers extended to the front, flipping off those workplace meanies.

  41. So, I did get fired yesterday. The whole show-down was so Pluto-square-Mercury during full moon in Virgo and everything in Pisces. HR told me “You want structure here, you need structure to feel safe. This is a fluid environment. No one knows what they’re doing.” How Pisces is that? As soon as she put it like that – I saw everything differently. I saw their side of the story and how irritating my attention to process and details had been all along. I thought it was a value add! And, in truth, it had been. But at the cost of my relationship with higher-ups, which is what really matters in the end. It was so clear, so deep, and set off massive pattern recognition for me.

    Maybe if it weren’t Merc Retro amped by Mars it would have gone slower. I would have taken the feedback and tried to change. But…I am a Virgo – that full moon lit who I am. I love process. And I am Pluto-Mercury in my natal – I do deep solutioning and have a lot to say about how that needs to go. I can’t just Gemini about selling interfaces like disposable diapers with a smile, keeping it light. I just need to find the space that values me for my deep-thinking, process-oriented, deep, lasting culture-change slant. Applied at some knowledge management jobs last night and already had a phone interview there. Haven’t landed on my feet just yet. But…

    It started to unravel at work rapidly once I put a Himalayan salt lamp and some bamboo stalks on my desk. My office mate even called the lamp the orb of evil because EVERYTHING started breaking down for me then. Repairs kept me out of the office. My absences were used against me. All hastening the inevitable departure from a toxic environment – just as many of you said.

    Doesn’t change where I am at now. But I do love process and it seems there is one at work for me. I don’t really know how I am going to handle explaining my employment status in interviews now. They gave me a chance to resign, but why kid? If your resume has a gap, it shows. I suppose I will handle it honestly, explain that I got fired for the reason the new place needs to hire me: being a Virgo.


    • Hey, I just answered your post on another thread, without twigging that you were the same 12th house Virgo with this situation, the other day (Doh!)

      Wow, so stuff has moved. You actually sound clearer and happier for it. The bamboo and lamp thing is actually hilarious…. toxic boss might start getting clues when you have to bring in buddhas for all corners of the office.

      And obviously it has brought a realization for you too – they are fluid, they like fluid. Fluid’s great, if it works in the particular business/situation. There are certain practicalities of life where detail is important (like, kind of a lot of them) and you think they would appreciate someone doing that aspect of the job properly. Well, whatever, they haven’t given you somewhere that you could meet your full potential working FOR them.

      One hell of a week it’s been – so take the time to look after yourself and gather strength. The universe sounds like it is working for you, its just doing it in mysterious ways as usual.

      good luck ! wish you some little positive surprises…

      • Thanks. I feel really afraid and insecure still. I know its on the up. I had a hard time getting out of bed today. Was going to start a self-defense class tonight, but I don’t think I can face it. Maybe yoga for now. Or just feeding myself and cleaning. I do suspect once this mercury retro is over my colleagues will realize how extreme they were. By then I’ll likely be in a job more suited. It’s not where I am now, but the next step I take from here that will tell the story of my career. Uranian Scorp contacted me the night I got fired. I still think that’s a nowhere situ. But it’s true how sex and money go together. I needed to declutter my job. Now I’m in a shaky detox mode. Nervous about interviewing tomorrow.

      • I read your other post. Thank you for that. I have been here before. You described the spot well. It sucks while it lasts, but flips quickly. It’s frustrating. I had dreams that warned me of what was coming. But lately I can’t remeber my dreams. Anyway – thanks for reaching out like that. It helps to know there are others out there.

  42. I can see that you are really stressed and full of fear at the moment, but this is an opportunity to face the fear and realise that everything really is ok. So you don’t have a job anymore, so you might have a ‘hole’ in your resume. Don’t worry about it. You have the entire universe before you. Just spend some time going ‘yay, I don’t have to go to work right now’. And then let yourself dream of what you would really love to do. Not in a minutiae kind of way, but in a stream of consciousness kind of way. Allow the greater force to take care of where things want to flow, don’t indulge the little ego self that thinks things have to be a certain way and tries to work everything out and control it. Enjoy the wide-openness of all that is. And then everything else will take care of itself.
    And lastly with the fear, just sit and look at it with all of your attention. Not, ooohh I’m scared and I’m going to distract myself or fill myself up with obsessive thoughts. Instead feel the sensation of fear in your body and simply allow it to exist. You will find that if you give it 100% of your undivided attention it will eventually show you the root cause of the feeling, and then it will dissipate.

    • Thanks. I def did need to spend time with my fears. Not saying I am over them. But letting it be.

      Today I had an interview. The office is beautiful. They have processes and core values and methods and thing my Virgo-ness craves. The recruiter told me the interviewer said “I want her on my team.” Whatever happens, happens. It was a nice day.

      Funny fear…once I let (or had no choice but to let) it over take me, I realized where my power was hiding.