Fire & Air + the Love of the Public

Helen Mirren sitting on throne regal So I’ve mentioned Ms Mirren and her Leonic regal elegance before a few times but never have I seen her look SO Leo as she does here.

Madam has got almost the perfect astro for an actor; it’s not just her sexy Sun-Pluto in powerful performance Leo. Successful thesps tend to have a loaded 5th House – she’s got Chiron, Neptune and Lilith there in Libra.  Gemini Rising for the Power of Glib and epic observation powers.

Plus those with enduring fame have often got some inner planet tucked cosily up in bed with the Midheaven – Saturn and beyond there can equal infamy but for the love of the public, you can do no better than Moon-Midheaven, which she has…in Aquarius.

Barely any Water or Earth, she’s all Fire & Air.

Image: Mikael Jansson US Vogue

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35 thoughts on “Fire & Air + the Love of the Public

  1. Loaded fifth house – but with ‘difficult’ planets – Saturn, Uranus & Neptune. I am also a Leo Rising which rules the fifth. Plus Venus conjunct my Midheaven & Sun in 10th. I, too, am all fire & air. Love Ms Mirren – she’s perfection, and ridiculously talented. I do wish she’d stop playing the bloody Queen though.
    It will come as no surprise, given the above, for you to read that I hope to be a famous poet and performance artist.

  2. Loaded fifth house here – Libra moon, pluto, uranus, and lilith. Prolly not quite the right combo for an acting career. I like being out of the spotlight, myself.

  3. fire + air += enduring fuel fire needs air to survive and air needs fire fr warmth. get it ? neither do i . My head is so fuzzy today. I’ve been luxing in my bedthrone snoozing in this wet weather.

  4. I have been more than a little frustrated with my fire and air combo dominating my chart (and most of it is cardinal), I have some water (true node, uranus, mercury and lilith) but sadly no earth except for chiron..

    Now with that moon midheaven conjunction (mine is in aries) as well as sun-pluto (in libra here) and a loaded 5th house, I simply must get famous lol

  5. Gem rising – epic observation powers??? I disagree. Most Gem risers I know have attention span of a gold fish. Too scattered to really notice anything

  6. Does anyone remember how she got caught by the papz it her swimsuit and looked mega svelte and young. Knock-out. Wouldnt it be a horrible curse to need to be energised by fame, with moon/sun in 5th.

    I honestly hate that Im all air, so restless. I think its a curse to specialise in an element, how to you ever feel sane?

  7. Am a watery Leo with Gem Rising. Scorp Moon, Merc, Venus, Sat in Cancer, Jup Pisces.

    My 5th house is Libran ruled, but sadly – it is empty!
    (Except for the asteroid Isis).

    Jupiter 10 deg from MC, Juno 8 deg.

    • Whups, didn’t mean to just give dull deets, hit send with a kid perlonking on me..

      Was gonna say, I would imagine fame to be a horror. But Helen just exudes wanting it and dealing with it so honestly and elegantly. I love her hutzpah!

      My Aqua sis is all Moon in Gem, loads of Sagg (but cow rising, Merc in Cap) with the SUN conjunct her MC. In the 10th House! In 1 degree of the MC!
      And the NN 9 deg off the MC.

      She is a great (and somewhat dangerous) Facebooker, she always knows how to express the right amount of personal/non-personal (except where it comes to her ex).

      Really wish the Aqua Sis would transmute her stuff, she has the astro of Champions, Pluto in the 5th.
      Tired of seeing her hide her light under a bushel.

      • pluto in the 5th- i think we can’t act. or have to be the most authentic, brilliant actors ever… no inbetween! no superficiality! nothing but the deepest method… the light will be hidden until the bushel explodes. 🙂 which for your sis, it sounds like it will! 🙂

        • That sounds about right! She is all cool Aqua..WTF was THAT? at once. 🙂

          I wonder if it is Pluto 5th that makes for the ability to build walls with blather. Cos she is great at that too, talks so much that you don’t have time to access the actual feelings.

  8. She was on the Graham Norton show last week flirting outrageously with (sorry, can’t remember his name) American actor half her age talking about how he named each of his testicles. One was called Mr. Ethan Grobenhauer, or something. Helen leaned over and said, ‘Gosh, what a mouthful’ and let her gaze linger on his crotch. He spent the rest of the interview in lurrrve!!

  9. Oh totally, look at that setting! Helen comes up 1st as older woman crush in England hands down. She drips haute sass.

    I have a loaded 5th house and did some acting and did a couple of films though I prefer to be on the other end I did I love being on stage, my moon is trine MC and my mc is conjunct ceres. Feed the public? energy drinks?

      • Not exclusively, but as long as it makes one look nicer and feel more confident it certainly could be.

        Leos have too much energy to age, so if it starts to show, it’s all about making the outer self match the inner perhaps

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