Fab Feb Horoscopes Are Posted!

Finally, a Teenage Lady Pope, just to mix it up a bit.

Okay but seriously – the February Monthly Horoscopes are posted – it’s like Neptune Month out there. Fab for artists, romantics, spiritual seekers, lucid dreamers, alt-dimension trippers, psychics, actors, singers, dancers, druids, film-makers, your yoga practice, shamans, visionary entrepreneurs, meditators & peeps wanting to work with a Higher Magic.

But it’s also basically a non-stop Love Zombie alert & of course those who don’t do Neptune so well could be off the deep end and looking to take some company with them. No, obviously. Those friendly sun-lit seas of Neptune can turn treacherous.

Other than Neptune Waters, there is also a Mars-Jupiter enhanced New Moon (also the official start of the Chinese Year of the Water Snake – it’s a BIG year in Feng Shui), Mercury Retrograde (in surreal Pisces) and a Full Moon in VIRGO…also given extra oomph by a square from Jupiter.


Image: Giampaolo Sgura – Vogue Brazil

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39 thoughts on “Fab Feb Horoscopes Are Posted!

  1. scouse brows & anal beads! Looks like somebody is going to have a good time. πŸ˜€

  2. I’m confused as to the actual beginning of the Chinese new year: is it 4 Feb or 10 Feb?
    I thought it began on the same day as our (well,can’t speak for everyone)/the Gregorian calendar new moon, i.e. 10 Feb…?

    Anyway, I’ve been keeping both dates in mind (thanks for the 4 Feb one Mystic!), and have been decluttering, et al, leading up to this, as much as (humanly) possible at the moment anyway, will do my best and not beat myself up if I can’t get it all done.

    Am having a proper space clearing appt done on 6 Feb, which apparently can go from 1-2 hours. Thanks to the Oracle for this extra boost!!! Besides, I’ve been living here for over 10 years now, and while I’ve been smudging and using a bell, have never had a proper clearing.
    It would be AWESOME to start totally ANEW, with just my energy in here, and not the previous tenants’, which included an ex-partner.

    Here’s to NEWness people, Big Bright Blessings to us all!!

    • Am fervently hoping the Mercury Rx won’t be interfering with my job hunt – it’s happening in my 4th house mostly, crossing back and forth over my moon (but opposing my Sun in 10th bugger….career…..) so fingers crossed. Oh well, I can only do my best! Maybe it’ll give me an alluring aura, hahaha!!!

    • There are two calendars Solar and Lunar- Chinese New Year on 10th Feb is Lunar calendar is and the one that gets celebrated with fireworks etc,

      The Solar New Year (Hsia) on 4th Feb (different to Western solar new year) is the date used by traditional Feng Shui practitioners for placing new annual Flying Star Feng Shui cures as that is when the annual Flying Stars switch to their new annual palaces.

  3. I love the new monthlies!

    This aqua rising will be doing this “wake up every morning and be amazing.”

    And I absolutely love “feng shui your heart” πŸ™‚

  4. Glad for the Neptune heads-up–I’ve been hearing the hooch/space dust calling my name today, but decided to ignore, and channel Neptune cravings into arts/cosmetics. Good excuse to splurge on art supplies, nail polish etc–I did it for my liver!

    Anyone else noticed the spending has been a bit off the charts since Jupiter went direct? Geeze, got to get a grip on the wallet.

    Love the hot Girl Pope.

    Gonna do a major unclutter for Chinese New Year.

    • No i had one of those console myself splurges about a week or so ago and received SIX PAIRS OF SHOES today.

    • I spent a shitload of $$$ yesterday morning, mostly on stuff I really need – which is not quite as much fun as buying art supplies and shoes…

      On the plus side, seeing how much money I suddenly don’t have left now has spurred me to get my shit together to start making some money again (I have been on a much needed extended “live off my savings for a while” holiday since October).

    • Re:spending? Resounding yes! Got some small kitchen appliances, added new staples to wardrobe, and then splurged on little non-essentials. Must. Stop.

    • My spending has been off the charts since Jupiter went retro. Sobering up from my bender now.

    • Yes I can’t buy groceries until next pay day. I work part time and spent 122 on college books, and spent 90 on clothes. The books threw me off my money groove.

  5. Fantastic! I am attempting to finish writing a kiddies book, set under the sea of course! Retrograde mercury in Pisces is just the thing, Virgo’s keeping me focused and when you mentioned 5 degrees Gemini on your last post, I was particually happy cause that’s where my natal mercury is πŸ™‚ These stars seem made for writing. Now I just have to use this astrological boost to finish the damn thing! And avoid my neptunian vices!

  6. Hoping the Neptune vibes and natal Mercury retro are more healing than hedonistic.

    I had a breakthrough in January and some closure and feelings of forgiveness, support, and love these last few days (not without some re-traumatization but I’d rather have this than be stuck!) but still have been feeling a lack of concrete momentum in my life and a lot of isolating behavior, low physical energy and passion. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I am seeing this all wrong and the lack of vibrance is a step in healing in between the anxious state and the creative and productive state where one feels an emptiness at not feeling the unconscious or automatic intense feelings that were there before.

    I’ve avoided therapy but I know that outside understanding is a critical component in this whole trip. Found some material from Adult Children of Alcoholics and was blown away by it, pretty much everything describes in the book applies to my past and my struggles now. A friend was talking about how he only really became himself when his parents passed away…I don’t actually want my parents to die (!) but I don’t want to wait until they do for them to stop affecting my psyche so I am going to check out a meeting next Tuesday and hope for the best!

  7. Loving my scopes for this month! Today I got my postcard (thanks Mystic x) and some free homeopathic calm pills in the post. Tomorrow my lounge suite gets delivered so I can have my impending peak experience in comfort & style – mind you, after 3 months of sitting on the floor, actually having a lounge to sit on again might be my peak experience!

    • woohoo!! I’m excited for you Saturnalien! πŸ™‚

      Natal Jupes in Toro in 4th house here.

      Yes – what Ms said!
      I freakin’ love my sofa.

    • Actually sofa shopping sounds like great fun! Especially after not having one for three mo. And considering how you think you’ll be celebrating…peak experience indeed!

    • Yay, I haz a lounge suite! Actually it’s more of a project than a lounge suite (antique, needs re-upholstered at some stage), but my kitty cat, my bum and my aesthetic senses all approve so I’m happy!

    • Wow, 3 months!!! Your bottom must be pretty happy πŸ™‚ like you said, and your cat.

  8. man in feb-march everything is gonna be in pisces, if there ever was a sudden change in fortune, its on its way, and I have never felt more ready for things to start happening, lets do this

  9. “Teenage Lady Pope” is the funniest thing ever written. Oh look, it’s a teenage lady pope. I don’t know why I think it’s so funny. Ah dear πŸ™‚ Love your words Mystic! Love this blog, it makes my day!

  10. bring on the neptune! after finally recovering from the lz sickness i think i’m immunized for a good long while. love the lilith validation… one of my breakthrough insights was, “you don’t invoke lilith unless you are willing, 100%, to BE lilith. she does not fuq around with dilletantes.” GOT it. and funny about getting an ego- i dropped the awful class yesterday even though it is the only one i actually needed to take this term because i realized it was an either diminish my light and brain cells to follow regulations vs. shine and have faith in my intellectual abilities and do it my way situation. mercury trining my sun and NN said go for it. ego=grow!

  11. Frick! All good, all good. Just said goodbye to the cyber blow job addicted rock musician with a girl friend (cue tear cos there was more than that going on between us.) But thanks to Mystic’s relentless carping (lol) about LOVE ZOMBIE action. Byeeee! So, as a prowling uber PIsces, let’s see what else might be going on out there – and look! Whoo-pee!
    “Fab for artists, romantics, spiritual seekers, lucid dreamers, alt-dimension trippers, psychics, actors, singers, dancers, druids, film-makers, your yoga practice, shamans, visionary entrepreneurs, meditators & peeps wanting to work with a Higher Magic.” Alright, let’s be happening then

  12. had the most amazing snake dream last night – first I can recall having – with my brother and his children, we first encounter a lot of bats and the kids are frightened but I point out that they are not after us but after this insect (they are flying quickly past us but do not come near).

    next thing this snake rears up – a thin snake black and brown – and my brother yells ‘everyone just be still’ – the snake comes and rests its head on my shoulder. I close my eyes and breath calmly. And that’s how it is when I wake up.

    not after an interp BTW, just sharing.

    I’m a dragon in chinese astro and am in the process of establishing a new biz (Gem sun and Aqua rising). Feels apt somehow that I’ll be okay.