Being Gemini…In Berlin

You know Geminis are all about the non-stop Growth right now, yes?  It’s awesome to behold – here’s one example of an Ultra-Gemini, working her Jupiter through Gemini transit (till June) brilliantly.

I’m Fiora and I’m a Gemini, singer and songwriter.  I studied classical voice but obsessively loved pop music, I also played violin and I write orchestral music. Fitting into one vocation even just in the world of music was not really possible for me; I get bored very easily and I love it all. Gemini to the core.

I love working with totally different people who are equally amazing in different ways. I am a half Malaysian Australian from Tasmania living in Berlin who speaks a bit of French and not enough German who loves to hip hop dance and sings opera. I write pop songs for other people, sing a lot with dj/producers, write orchestral soundtrack music and am now developing my first proper solo record for myself. The magic of words in a musical flow is definitely a huge part of my life and it was always a dream of mine to be part of a creative community surrounded by inspiring people I respect and love. This – and the one and only Mystic Medusa –  brings me to my next paragraph..

After the double shitstorm of Saturn Return with Pluto opposite my Gemini Sun, I knew I would never be the same. There really was no other choice. Making music by myself just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I was missing my Piscean piano playing best friend who had left to Berlin 5 years earlier when he wrote me to say he’d discovered an international Lieder competition (classical voice and piano ­ random yet totally our thang) being staged in Berlin. We entered and got in the final. The next thing I knew I was in a city where it snows.

Of course the competition was excruciatingly boring and we didn’t get through the first round but Berlin is a multiverse. The week it was over I hooked up with a dance producer who had used one of my ‘toplines’ (singing with lyrics) for a track he had released and made into a bit of an underground hit.

Producer led to record label a ‘n’ r, (the dudes that ‘develop’ artists at record labels) a n r led to publishing companies, publishing companies led to more producers and songwriting which has finally led to my own album deal. Berlin unfolded. In a matter of months I had met more people than I could remember, signed to Universal publishing as a mainstream pop songwriter and was also working with producers from every end of the electronic music spectrum. I started making sense of what Gemini can mean beyond easily bored and distracted. The bringing together of disparate parts to make something weirdly cohesive.

From my experience, the community feeling in Berlin is unparalleled. People are social ­ they go out every night and they go out late. Built for 8 million but inhabited by only 4 million there is plenty of space for creativity. Despite its continual growth, it is still cheaper for me to rent an apartment there than it would have cost me in Tasmania. Because of that there is a constant flow of international creatives that land there to develop their thing. It isn’t a financially wealthy city but rich in optimism and creativity ­ and maybe as a result of the scars of its past it cherishes freedom.

Berlin is spread out and ­ it’s industrial. But what she lacks in aesthetics she makes up for in people and possibilities. Every year my life evolves – deeper, more creative, more authentically my own. Four years on and I’m still not bored. We ride bikes in the Summer, have snow fights in Winter and all year round there is music-music-music.

Every possibility exists in this city ­ if you want it you can create it. Over the years I found my people and worked my way up to now spend my days with some of the most exciting and inspiring producers in electronic/pop music in the world.­ Though it was hard to make sense of for so long – ingesting all those different corners of music has set me up for a very interesting process developing my own stuff. My plan is to bring all those awesome creatives together – mash them up musically in ways they wouldn’t normally do on their own.  Never….ever… boring… that’s fatal for a Gemini.

Last year, one stop out of the center of town, I found a magical apartment in the only building on the street that survived the second world war. Six months later my Piscean pianist bestie moved across the garden and we have a tin can telephone that connects our apartments. We’re building studios and a gym in the rooms underneath and other amazing musician friends are moving in. Fellow Zap Zoner Mysticalites – if you want it, grab it – follow that feeling, coz the truth is – in the Zap Zone ­ you really can have it all.

Fiora Cutler on Facebook

Image: Berlin Graffiti from Fiora.

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Well done Fiora! I just listened to ‘waiting for the night’ and it’s awesome! I don’t usually listen to that style of music, but it’s a great song. Inspiring that you went out there into the world and made it happen 🙂


oh aqua, yes us gemini’s can be so ‘look at me’. I’m more than sure it’s annoying, but you may be glad to know we pay for it in private. That drive and obsession that makes us ‘something to look at’, wakes us up at 3am night after night until it comes together. I am days away from bringing together 20 years of left of center experiences that against all odds I set out to delve into, and pure bloody hard work, and I am having the most insensible nightmares every night, waking at 2 or 3am for intense self… Read more »


Born To Die In Berlin

cosmic fleece

Coolio Charles, seen the Ramones ’bout 4 times, loved them as a teenager/early 20’s. Was actually in the shower this morning thinking if i got another dog (blue heeler), i’ll call her Sha-la, so i can sing to her Sha la la la, Sha la la la la ! xx Love love love their cover of Chinese Rock, and also Danny Says …


Gem rising Libran gdaughter was born in Regensburg Germany. Been twice. Lovely country.

Jupiter Direct is separating from my Progressed Gemini Sun in 12th, 3 degrees, I think..But going direct in 12th seems fitting for clear dream I mentioned to Tof S over on the Toro thread.

It’s sextile Aries Merc in 10th, 5 degrees with trans Uranus obviously.


Oh, suppose most of that should have been put on the Jupiter thread…

cosmic fleece

delicious ! i love the cans and string imagery. brilliant piscean to gemini communication. (sister & her bestie combo – both aqua rising, it’s another planet And so beautiful to watch such light gentle juggling banter). hoping there’s some time for you to keep a little journal / visual diary of sorts, a little cartoon you two on the tin can would be an amazing time travelling device for memories in the future. really stoked for you that you are living and breathing such an amazing life. go get ’em Gemini Girl !! Ace. *Also, might i suggest, that you… Read more »


Sell me a story
Inspire my life

Sometimes even when you suspect you’re on the receiving end of spin, its nice to imagine being spun around in its cycle. Adventure. I cant afford a plane ticket, and i wont be singing as im tone deaf! but theres something out there for me… calling….so onwards and upwards to create my own adventure.
Gems are good at prompting us to shake off the dust and open the curtains….


I hope this doesn’t happen to me when Jupiter reaches my sun!


Friends of mine (three artists) have lived in Berlin in the last few years and while it is cheap rent, the cost of living and remuneration/wages are equally so. Its the new bohemia. You can exist, yes, and happily, creatively, but for only for so long. But can you advance? Pluto in capricorn is saying keep on top of kidding yourself.


that was me.


this is exactly the same story as the saggo in nashville. sorry but I don’t see how these girls are “super working their astro” it just sounds like australia is a crappy place to be a musician….


It’s not my cup of tea either. It’s a nice escape tho. 🙂


: ) yes good to hear ways of the gem! It would be so exciting to be in that life…. Maybe…. Maybe not… Hangin around musos has always included a large dose of unhealthy lifestyle whichafter wrecking myself on, don’t think is very cool at all anymore…. Or fun…I know some are straight edge and oh how I wish I’d known about that earlier….

Please help with any anti-jupiter-getting-bigger and bigger ideas…. I’m desperately trying to keep it off as overweight already, but it seems breathing is making my jeans tighter by the day…



*Moves to Berlin*


my sentiments exactly


I LOVE Berlin. But then I loved Germany in general.

I have thought about upping sticks to go there… But now I’m on a path I couldn’t justify the move.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Oh wow, this is so wonderful!! So happy for you Gemini of Berlin!!
So magical…

We’ve Zap Zoner Mysticalites! Love it!!!



Another Gemini

Thank you Mystic for posting this. It is tres telling and inspirational. I was just telling a friend that I feel like its spring already. My spirit is skipping and I can taste the excitement, electricity and possibilities in the air. And as cold as New York is at the moment, I don’t feel it.
Definitely relate to the post


Who cares about more Gemini “Loook at Me” crap. Boring, they invented the word with their game playing alice in wonderland crap.


Hee hee hee…. That’s pretty funny…. I’m a gem and I agree, gems can be so narcissistic…. But I think there is an opportunity for moving beyond that and truly giving cred to the amazing groups of disparity that come together in a gems world at times… It feels like magic when it happens, and actually I think it is about everyone else which is what the gem gets off on, not really themselves…. That sounds a bit Leo bragging to me ; )


Belonging, creativity and connection. Berlin, my family’s home. They once prospered there too, amongst it cobbled streets. And then they headed east.

Mel Aries Girl

Woah intense x

Confused Gem

This is inspiring. Yay for Jupiter and the Zap Zone!


How beautiful and inspiring!!

Perhaps this is shared inner wisdom that comes about after working nicely with a Saturn return!!

12th house Virgo

Wow! Love this. Always great to hear from someone living in the flow.

And this bit – I don’t know if its because I have so much Mercury in my chart or what, but I TOTALLY get this: “I started making sense of what Gemini can mean beyond easily bored and distracted. The bringing together of disparate parts to make something weirdly cohesive.”

Glad that the pieces are fitting together so beautifully for you.

Mr . Cap

Thanks Mystic , inspiring !!!


oh god. I can’t work out if I am crushed with envy or inspired because this totally taps into my love of randomness, bringing disparate (as she says) ideas together to make very excellent things, and flipping head-first into a creative scene, not to mention the music scene. I thought I was doing well on hustle but I have only scratched the surface. Sydney is feeling smaller and smaller or maybe it’s just me trying to work out where to reach out next. I want a team of producers in a boardroom or on the other end of my special… Read more »

Mel Aries Girl

Totally agree, the ‘scopes are so much more awesome. I felt like they were written especially for me, my Sagg rising and Sagg husband. Crazy accurate!

Gemini 1001

From one million times Gemini to another in parallel but same universes, i hear you and applaud you with great smiles and voracity…. I got it and heard it and feel it xx


and touche



So needed this. Thank you.


Just lovely. Makes my bones squeak.

Virgo Ellie

WOW… Thank You this beautiful story. How exciting. I am miserable right now and you just brought my spirits up!

Congratulations on a divine plan and now connection!! xo!!


Wow! How inspiring! Having lived in Paris in the late 90s, I can relate to the sense of freedom of exploring and making a city your own that only comes when you come at it afresh, either as an outsider or as someone who has successfully detached from their stale old perspectives. You go, sista, and sing your heart out to the skies in joy! I’m feeling it.


Yay Fiora! I am another Gemini Tasmanian who left the small island.- home of my family for 6 generations! Growing up in a small town prepares you for anything and anyone. After years overseas in tropical climes -(mainly on small islands ) am now living in Northern Australia . (One of my best friends -German, tells stories of time spent with her Grandma and her aunts in the divided and later undivided Berlin.) Jah Bless!

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I loved this so much!!!

“Fellow Zap Zoner Mysticalites – if you want it, grab it – follow that feeling, coz the truth is – in the Zap Zone ­ you really can have it all.” — just the 3AM anxiety/insomnia message I needed right now.

fallen angel

Ditto, when all those nameless gremlins are keeping you awake, it’s fabulous to read this. Tres magnifique. I have Saturn in my 5th right now, can-have-it-all dilemma is haunting that house.

But with anything, it’s all connected. We really can’t create a whole if we can’t embrace all of it, every joy, every challenge.

Mel Aries Girl

Amazing! LOVED this too 🙂 I’m especially excited to know I’m not the only one who gets 3am anxiety gremlins. I find they haunt me most when I am not paying enough attention to a creative idea that wants to be more than just an idea 🙂


Yes! I have that right now, and you put it perfectly – creative ideas begging for my audience & direct attention – & asap!! Kinda annoying at 3am, but hey, worth embracing!

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