What Can A Taurus With Pisces Man Problems Do?

male model squeezing ketchup on burgerHi Mystic,
Your post Respect for Taureans has got me marvelling (yet again) at just how fuqing eerily accurate your astro-knowledge is. Your dailies have got me jaw-dropping (yet again). You Are Genius!
Anyway, enough gushing, I have a query.  I have indeed  (as you state in your daily horoscope) been fighting a lover turned foe vibe precisely since Christmas. Me Toro, He Pisces. I want to know if anyone tell me what the fuq is going on with Pisceans at the moment? Okay Mars in Pisces. But what the fuq? Do Piscean Boys ever become Men?
Okay, after 8 years together we have had some difficulties of late (mostly financial). We have adored each other for so many years. We have a farm of rescued (some 100) animals. I love him very much, to this moment. The child within him brought the child in me back to life. I am ever so grateful for that. But with life comes responsibilities…At Christmas time Pisces boy leaves for a week with no notice (turns out taking drugs with wayward brother). Two weeks later he comes down with Bell’s Palsy (methinks three all day/night coke benders would lower one’s immunity to the point where the virus (if that is what causes the condition) would take hold). Pisces is on pharma steroids for the inflammation of the facial nerve. Pisces turns progressively psychotic as a result of the steroids (as a nutritionist I prescribed B12 & B Complex daily, plus took him organic blueberry-picking at the local farm on that weekend as the anti-oxidants should help too). On full Leo moon weekend just past (he Leo Rising) goes mental and gets violent (no biggie, I can handle his aggression, we are both male). Things get ugly…

Me, being Toro, digs heels in and states, I will not be with someone like that, what next a knife in the back whilst I sleep? We have no money at the moment on account of he not being able to work (hairdresser).  So Pisces disappears for the last four days (not the first time) and is uncontactable and not returning calls. Meanwhile, for the last month I have been the Rock – working full time, doing everything around the house and farm, making it all as easy as poss for him. And I’m starting to think… Why can’t I, for a change, be the Glenn Close/Fatal Attraction Bunny Boiler? (Not that I would ever boil a bunny, I am vegan, but you get my point?)

So, my question, can any Pisceans tell me what the fuq is going on with you guys at the moment? Or is it just unique to my situation, Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, he being super-sensitive to substances and having steroids fuq with his brain, etc, etc?Thing is, I still love this guy so very much, and I so feel his pain, I so want to help him…I just have too much else to deal with right now (ie, the shared responsibilities he ran away from) to give much of a fuq. Though I am really hurting. And exhausted.

I know Neptune/Chiron (his health/family issues) is hitting him, and this fixed-square full moon fuqer just gone has catalysed things, but why do Pisceans run away from their problems? Or is it just me being Toro not understanding it? We have had 8 years of good times and bad times and always got through them. Or have I just been surrogate mother doing everything for him and it’s my fault for not setting boundaries earlier? This placid Toro is just about ready to gore some bullfighter.

Am I a Love Zombie? Should I let it go?

If you can shed any light, I’d be eternally grateful.

Gypsy Toro Feeling The Pinch. xx

Dear Gypsy Toro Feeling The Pinch,

Thank you for the flattery – it works on me! Unfortunately, i don’t think this is so much about what Pisceans are or are not up to, Mars, Neptune whatever – domestic violence is not suddenly crashingly appropriate just because you’re both men, right?  I mean, did i miss some memo? And i am not actually an expert on Space Dust benders but it would seem logical that it would amplify nerve conditions. Sweetie, Boyfriend sounds like a fully-fledged addict & if this is the case, Boyfriend needs WAY more than organic blueberries, B12 and you gleaning more about Pisces from me and my peeps. Sorry if this is not what you want to hear but seriously?

As for Neptune-Chiron-Mars etc, i have been saying for a while now that (in general) Pisceans are polarizing – either cleaning up their act big-time or embarking on epic sleazy benders of self-destruction. Same goes for where ever you have Pisces in YOUR chart, you know? If you’re pure & authentic there, amazing magic opens up. I am talking life improving synchronicity and noticably enhanced psychic powers. Choose even a hint of grub there and well, you’re downwardly mobile real fast.

So personally, i think you should be outta there – or, as you’ve got the 100 foster animals (LOVE THIS) – maybe suggest Boyfriend looks into some other options. eg: Not living with you till he gets his shit together via N.A. or similar?  And if you’re casting around looking for reasons to justify his violence, hun, you’re wading into extreme Love Zombie territory.  You have a beautiful vibe to you – please don’t become a Love Zombie shacked up with a violent Qi Vampire on Space Dust?

But okay, it’s the Moon in Scorpio & i have had like a 1000 coffees – what does everyone else think? Am i being too judgmental here?

Image: Rhys Frampton – Essential Homme

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I have so much to say in response to all this that I’ve taken time to say anything at all – which doesn’t mean that its an improvement 🙂 Thank you davidl for being the voice of reason here and bringing things into balance – like you my husband worries about me when I’m getting buried under mountains of paperwork & financial jugglings! He is also on steroids for COPD. yes it has made him aggressive and also paranoid, we have worked with that. But what I want to say is that long-term relationships are hardwork. Things happen – life… Read more »

Older/Wiser Virgo

The best advice I ever received was this:
Never kiss an ass that’s shitting on you.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo



Thats the best advice you ever had ?


Who are we to decide if someone is an addict or not?

Alanon family groups is a 12 step group for the family and friends of alcoholics and addicts.

The central message of that Alanon is the “we all have the power to make our own choices”.

You have the choice to stay, you have the choice to leave.


Alanon family


If only blueberries picking & the vitamin B’s could fix the ills, what an easy world we would have.

MM's Angel Tauro

Kick him to the kerb. Don’t be a co-dep love zombie. You have a life to live. Without bruises of a physical or mental nature.


You are a mess honey..even if you wanted to leave this man you are not prepared to do so. Stop making excuses for you and him and please stop airing your private (very identifiable life I am sure) to the poplulus…and looking for blame. Astrology is a tool..that is all..it can be uncanny and telling especially by MM..but it does not replace free will, choice and morality. Go work this through in a structured way… say with a psychologist….and don’t expect miracles on day 1….it could take 18 months… Break free from your past and your perception of the stars… Read more »


I don’t know if your area has this, but I’d recommend Codependents Anonymous or Alanon. They are 12-step groups, and even if you don’t believe in a higher power, they are powerful sources of support and insight. Although Alanon is about loved ones of alcoholics, but it can apply to anyone who is close to someone with a substance abuse problem. Best of luck!!


Oh Gypsy Toro, you sound like a beautiful compassionate soul. If I were in Australia, I’d so aid you with the animals (I foster too!), but I’m a straight girl in the States–too far to help physically and again, I’m straight so I’m not hitting on you. 😛 That being said, I do have a few of points. First, someone above suggested a website to establish a charity to help you financially with the animal care. That’s a great solution. With your background in the animal rights community, I’m sure there is someone willing to help you establish that. Second,… Read more »


You clearly have a beautiful parenting instinct that extends to your partner. Most likely, his behaviour will get worse but if it makes you happier to stay with him than leave then stay. Get some professional support, draw upon that of your close friend and have your eyes open to the long term picture. Dark behaviours to avoid include blaming your partner for your unhappiness; drawing into your dilemma friends and new people who choose a more harmonious way of living and who will feel the energy seeping out of them just listening to you but at the same time… Read more »


Fellow Toro here & all I have to say is “Run, Gypsy, run!” We bulls stay in meadows too long after the grass has gone to seed, Take those seeds & plant another meadow ‘cuz the one you are in is filled with merde.

I don’t say this without experience. I am guilty of several similar misjudgments & after more years than you have invested, I eventually walk away…it will be tough but letting go is one of Toro’s life lessons!


Yes, this is one of Taurus’ worst traits: sticking with an untenable situation out of some misguided sense of loyalty, long past the point when you should have quit. In fact, long past the point EVERYBODY is telling you that you should have quit long ago.

Taurus is very loyal but you have to beware of people who don’t deserve your trust. Some will earn your trust and then abuse it.


Totally agreeing with Helen’s logic. Toro you need to look at the bigger picture as an outsider and know your worth!

Wouldn’t be Toro’s be affected by Saturn in Scorpio, I should as hell had a hellish time when Saturn was in Libra being an aries.

gypsy toro feeling the pinch

Yup, I cannot tolerate crap in relationships, with old-task master fuqhead Kronos/Saturn opposing in my 7th. It still hurts though. Right now it really hurts. I have spent so much of my life alone, that doesn’t frighten me, but I thought this one would work. It still could. If not, I am happy to be alone with my animals. (Obviously still needing a fuq now and then, lol).

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

What is your rising Toro? I think you said your Virgo moon was in 3rd, so….Cancer? Just wondering, if it is, that would mean Cap Pluto is/would be in 7th house. And nothing like Pluto to do a thorough job when visiting…

Ignore if my calculations are wrong. 🙂

gypsy toro feeling the pinch

Gemini Rising


I agree, when Saturn was opposite my Aries Sun conjunct Mars, I felt like a deflated balloon!!!!!

gypsy toro feeling the pinch

Aain, thank you All for your supportive comments. Okay, davidl actually beat me to the point I was going to make myself. Pisces is not an addict as such.Things have been shite lately and he has escaped with “benders”. Hell, I am not opposed to the occasional bender myself, Pisces and I have done it the past, but they were PLANNED, everything else was done, it was a planned night of fun. And we had fun. To be repeated within the next 6 months to a year. I have been drinking a few glasses of red wine myself most nights.… Read more »


hope things change for the better for you and the Pisces, gypsy toro. take care.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Yep, you can’t make someone learn, I’ve learn that too. You can be with someone as they learn their stuff but you can’t learn their stuff FOR them.

Totes agree re: general pharma, have you checked out that book Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre? Sure the industry does have its benefits, I don’t doubt that as have been the recipient myself, but it’s gone rampant with many, many examples of the classic deception + corporate greed. Balance anyway, along with some distance.
(Which is what I mentioned earlier, some distance is good.)

gypsy toro feeling the pinch

Doctors getting financial kickbacks for every immunisation shot into a child? It’s fuqed. Natural immunity is best, I have never been immunised in my life, I have stepped on rusty nails, been bitten by dogs, had gashes. There is nothing wrong with a child putting some dirt in their mouth, it will do them well. They don’t ned a bubble around them. Pharma has benefits yes, I don’t discount it totally, use where appropriate, but why would a doctor prescribe antibiotics for a viral infection when antibiotics only kill bacteria?…and we just blindly take them, knocking out our intestinal flora,… Read more »


I so agree about eating dirt. We are far too clean & sterile.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

With me, I’ve never had flu shots, and I got them anyway, two years in a row. I hadn’t experienced real, kicking your ass flu, so that was an experience and a half!
Now my body knows what it is.

And Pegs, there was a study done in Germany where they studied city toddlers and those raised near/on farms (where dirt’s more around basically) and yep, the dirt helped build up the country toddlers’ immune systems. Too clean is not healthy for us.


Good luck Gypsy Toro, make sure you look after yourself!! x


Dear gypsy toro, you might not even have time to open a can of beans right now, but have you thought about some crowdfunding (let us know if you do!), or fund-raising through your local shopping centre, maybe markets, … Get some vet science students (noticeboard at faculty office) to come out with you just to have some on backup..(even tho as u say, that’s not the hardest part)? I am so happy that people like you exist . A friend of a friend also in Vic rescues animals from abattoirs or unsafe situations and takes the Most beautiful photographs… Read more »


Just read you, we have had the same thought about sponsorship to ease the finances. Brilliant solution from one animal lover to another.


🙂 12HV suggested kickstarter, there’s also Pozible although they require some sort of return for the $, not impossible, just needs some brainstorming! hey we can help!


good luck, and love, and safety!!!!


hey gypsy toro, if ur around syd and need some help with the munchkins on the weekend, let me know 🙂 i (and coy) love helping out with lil ones… although i am toro, pisces rising vegan gay 30 something, i have no substance issues, etc..!

gypsy toro feeling the pinch

Thank you for the offer lyouke! I am in melbourne. I will be okay with the physical side of looking after the animals, I will cope, financially I am somwhat fuqed at the moment, but I will will work that out too. I am vegan gay 30-something as well, your thought is very sweet.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Hey Toro, I’m in Melbourne. If you need some help, gimme a shout, yeah? It’s a genuine offer. My non-human animal schnukems have been rescues as well. Even through the financial hardships (was very nearly homeless last year), taking care of them was prioritized. We are their guardians after all.

I mean it with the offer. I don’t offer shit like that unless i mean it (Scorp rising, allergic to bullshit). No strings either.

Best of the brightest of luck to the kids!!!

gypsy toro feeling the pinch

Thank you U&PV! I will be okay physically. Like I said, the ponies, sheep, goats, ex-battery chooks (and turkey!) will be okay. So will the cats. I feel for the dogs mostly. They sleep in my bed (some peeps might think ugh! at that) each night, I am having to leave them for 11 hours a day for work(with toys, chews, cardboard boxes to destroy . They are feeling it most of all. I don’t think I could ever part with them. (Not sure who is going to let me live in their house with nine dogs!) I asked Pisces… Read more »

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Absolutely, they keep you going, I totally get that. <3

12th house Virgo

Maybe you can set up a website or something and take donations for your pets? Not sure if that’s something you are already doing, but I’d totally throw some dollars in for your cause.

12th house Virgo

PS – Maybe kickstarter.com?

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Great idea!!


I sympathise Torro I really do – have the almost same thing ( Sans animals) but with a Cancer guy who likes the hard liquor and is not working (an actor) – we own a house together and have been together 14 years…..try and not engage with him when he’s on one – talk to him only when he’s normal and maybe suggest some couple councelling….Gotta be worth it right?? Many blessings to you xx


i been with two fish in this life one for 15years
once toxins are in then see the other side of their way, not good for yo.
I know how sweet they are yet not there when yo need it.
If he not go to N.A save years of heartache and go on a holiday or whatever- take a break for gods sake!!!
fish get bored with reality after a while and if not channeled into healthy hobbies
then they will take yo down, down, down dont rely on a fish- find a nice virgo


Firstly I don’t agree with just about any one above. The occasional bender doth not make an addict. Most of your problems relate to your financial situation ? Then get help right there. Find a good financial councillor, this can make a huge difference to your sad pisceans sense of hopelessness. I know in my relationship (15 years) that financial stress causes my wife incredible worry (kataka) while I’m a bit more blasé and in the end I worry more about her than the finances. Him being aggressive is obviously not a good sign but it’s level or pitch is… Read more »


I agree with you- there isn’t any mention about this behaviour happening before, and if its him freaking out as a result of the financial and other stress, it seems a bit rough to ditch an apparently happy 8 year relationship rather than look at the sources of the problems and try deal with practical stuff first.


Get rid of them?
Fantastic advice. Not.


Sure, that was a bit harsh. Just the wrong words there. As toro says below, maybe some fostering out ? Must be a big financial /emotional burden. Though don’t get me started on the fact that Australians spend about $5b dollars a year on pets. While dumping thousands of the poor darlings when they have had enough fun. And should we continue to turn a blind eye to the fact that feral/domestic cats are destroying certain types of native wildlife to the point of extinction ? Sorry to get off the core subject , I didn’t mean get rid of… Read more »

gypsy toro feeling the pinch

Hi davidl, all my animals came from neglect/and or abuse. I will never let them down. Pisces is a grown man and can/can’t? look after himself. These animals have been through hell already. I will make sure, if need be, they get the best. Eg, little Jack Russell Maggie, she died a couple years ago, I jumped the fence and “stole” her from a situation best described as human-created hell on earth. She was tethered in a sand pit, no kennel, out in the elements, barely fed, covered in fly-blown dermatitis, no fur, nipples shrunk up, being sexually molested by… Read more »


What a wonderful person you are! Warms my heart that does … I am a huge softie for animals and human abuse of them makes me want to scream.


So the gerbil story isn’t true 😉


Blessings upon blessings for you Gypsy Toro for what you did for Maggie.
I love you!
As for your bloke, man to man relationships are usually not s long loved as yours is, and i say IS, not WAS.
Can we start a small donation fund to assist you, i will be the first to commit a few bucks a month, 100 peeps @ 10 a month gives you 1000. Even half that will pay for food & vet care.
THAT is real help, in a real way that may make a huge difference.
Myst??? Est Possible?


I’m Pegasus, where’s my gravatar.
Bleuberries foreva 🙂


That kind of occurred to me too dl. I mean there was no mention of any drug probs before xmas. So this was one bender with bro, then max fallout. I agree that the piscean’s behaviour is not acceptable, but dumping? addict? after 8 yrs of possible normal-ish r’ship? hmm. I would go with the give/get space&time option, if you can get some help with the critters. And those finances. Also, like you say, he can’t take advantage of you without some kind of conversation. For a balanced person who was suffering e.g. grief or depression (you know), taking on… Read more »

12th house Virgo

I agree, an 8 year relationship is important. But fearing for your life is unacceptable. There has to be borders – healthy borders – for the relationship to heal. Maybe it won’t heal and maybe it will, but just rolling with a domestic violence situation isn’t fair to anyone involved.


I was in a five year relationship, with someone physically aggressive but not technically violent, and we had a daughter, and after five years of aggression, threats, excuses, and insanity, the shit hit the fan and I had no choice but to get a restraining order against him. I had thousands of dollars invested in our joint entrepreneurial projects and I lost everything. So, when I said “make excuses until it is too late or get the fuq out” I was speaking from experience. (astro: his sun 28 Cap, my sun 27 Aries, and the night the shit hit the… Read more »

Gypsy Toro Feeling The Pinch

Thank you all for your kind & supportive comments! I will post an update as soon as i’m done feeding all the munchkins (& myself)!


Oh wow how I can empathise with you Gypsy Toro. I am a fellow Toro who’s been waiting on a Pisces man to grow up for too long. Finally decided to stop waiting at the end of the year after relocating countries for him, after 3 years of long distance and a fairytale romance. Fairytale romances however do not pay the bills and especially not when you are living with a 23 year old Piscean bass player. I was bearing the financial responsibility (as well as any real grown up/admin matters) all on my own and he would come out… Read more »

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

you are my life twin.

and yeah, i think taureans get really attached because they don’t invest until they’re sure. i am pretty guarded about who i let in and not so into casual dating or sex despite not being against it morally or in theory…


Yes! The initial caution just leads to an ultra level of commitment (and potential heartbreak). Hard to meet a person who truly connects on a soul level so it makes sense that we take a leap of faith and make the investment.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Domestic violence is never ok, regardless of whatever transhit is happening. Go protect yourselves and the rescue schnukems!!! Boundaries: physical, emotional, psychological, etc. Please don’t think that time alone is a good measure for a relationship – like you said, there have been both good and bad times. Even if you can’t decide right now whether to end it or not, at least get proper distance, and marshall your herd of supporters!!! (soz, couldn’t help it) Call the police if you have to – don’t put up with drug-induced bender shit. (I’ve been on the receiving end of one, so… Read more »


no Mystic, right on the money as usual. When a lover expresses themself by being aggressive and physical, but DON’T ACTUALLY HURT YOU, it can be frighteningly easy to shrug it off. Toro will be making excuses until it is too late or get the fuq out.

fallen angel

Gypsy Toro Hun, I think you already know what you need to do.. I mean, do we really need to draw an imaginary line down your email, because it’s all right there in black and white. I think what you’re feeling is torn between the goodness of this relationship as evidenced by the past and it’s alarming inclinations towards an unstable future. Leaving labels behind, I would say anyone who’s been in a long term relationship understands how extricably woven one’s existence becomes with another, so much so the question of leaving them, is like asking if you should be… Read more »

fallen angel

Sorry, promise. Overwork causes dyslexia. Seriously.


You may be dealing with a walk in. Those drugs can loosen the link between soul and our body and while someone floats out in a bender, voilà they’ve acquired a roomie.

Saw this first hand with Neptune/Sun friend and other Neptune /Pisces strong folk.

Where your Chiron is =why/where you make exceptions.

Your animal angels/babes are so lucky!!!

Plan for the worst and take him out of the picture so you save your health and live sanely.

All blessings to both of you!!

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Hrmmmm. This timeline is freakishly accurate with my fallout with my (Pisces) ex. He had autoimmune problems flare and got on steroids for them in December, then just peaced out to India randomly without letting me know around Christmas after we were talking potential reconciliation which hurt me and made me cut off contact. Earlier in the year he wanted to take me to Varanasi and heavily insinuated that that was the place he wanted to pop the question after almost 3 years of long-distance with 3-6 months leases together and then 3 months off back at our respective homes… Read more »

viva el toro

i am a taurus sun with pisces rising and am having this struggle internally at the minute, with taurus wanting work, security and roast potatoes and pisces fluctuating between monastic-crossfit -paleo-vegan or drunken- trysexual- hedonistic- party- beast.
Its fun to mix it up.


The writing is on the wall.. literally ^^ up there^^ Without going into it too much what you’re dealing with – been there.1 year ago -nearly to date I ended it with my libra qi vamp. 9 years of being on an emtional roller coaster (by choice mind you) breaks you down while you somehow manage to convince yourself can solve all of their problems. You can’t. Get out now. It’s tough at first.. however I know you’re strong because not many can stay in a relationship with these unintentionally manipulative double standard junkies for so long. & when your… Read more »


Gentle Toro Man – I too think Mr Pisces is displaying classic addict behaviour. Often the hardest thing for partners to understand is that the most important relationship to an addict is the one with their drug(s) of choice. Next is their relationship with other addicts in their circle. Close personal relationships always come after those two. You need to think carefully about your own boundaries around his behaviour and what is, and is not, acceptable. You need to tell him what your boundaries are. Violence is never acceptable. Take care and keep yourself safe.


definitely cleaning my act!! fuck that! i might hit the bong once or twice but i’m focus on getting my shit together. i have to (:


Toro! You need to atock up for yourself and stop bending over backwards matrix style for him. You are not his mother but his lover! Where is the respect for you as the other half in this relationship! I agree with MM – Prehaps a diff living situation till he gets his shit together, time for your precious self to heal from what I could imagine to be very rough on your self esteem and faith in the relationship, your about to go all bull up on his ass. My ruling planet is Neptune. Venus and ascendent in Pisces I’ve… Read more »

fallen angel

The bull up his ass bit is awesome. That should be a Toro patented saying.


I think so too 😉


Sounds as if this Toro should be doing a little de-cluttering……starting with the (ex)boyfriend. Everyone deserves to be loved and nurtured and it sounds like the opposite is happening in your life at the moment.

It’s amazing how good you feel after a good de-clutter! Good luck!

12th house Virgo



Unless he can clean his act up, I’d have to agree with fencing him. Once someone develops a substance abuse problem, they almost become completely different people.

I’ve worked in banking for some time and seen many relationships crumble due to financial problems. It’s really sad actually. I hope he snaps out of it and focuses on getting you both through the hard times. If he can’t, then you may have to soldier on without him or you may be dragged in to his mess.

I genuinely hope things turn around for you in this scenario.


Oh your letter was so sweet. I think you must be a very gentle person. But regardless of gender, don’t put up with violence in any form, even pass agg. Really really really – get outta there. Guy sounds like an addict, I feel your pain, we’ve all been there and hoped and hoped, but…. Let go and get him out of your life and concentrate on the personalities that really need you (your animals need you far more than an adult male) and don’t let yourself get walked on, not because you’re not a gentle soul, but because it… Read more »


Nope you are not being too judgemental Mystic. You are being spot on. Being a Piscean and what’s going on with the astro is no excuse for acting like a complete c*** Toro friend – your Piscean fella is an addict and you are doing him no favours by mopping up after his shit. Enabling addicts only perpetuates the cycle for longer. What they most need is a big fat wake up call in the form of “feeling the consequences of their actions” … kick him out pronto. Do not put up with this shite. Tell him to get help… Read more »

12th house Virgo

She’s right. Unfortunately, losing the love of his life (you) may be just the consequence he needs.

Take care of yourself. There is no reason why you should expect yourself to be able to handle domestic violence. You’re a grown-up now. You can make peace for yourself and your animals. Wishing you blessings and healing. xoxoxo


I agree with you taking some space from him, ie. he finds a new home until he’s welcome back. If nothing else it will give you some time to figure out what you need to do, at best it may even sound a wake up call for him. Plus despite all the work that will leave you with (not that it sounds like he helps much at the mo) you will probably have a lot more energy without his dramas dragging you down. Rally your friends and family of the heart and ask for their help. It sounds like you… Read more »


The Saturn in Scorp is in your 7th house of partnerships, right? Yeah, the planet of time does bring his scythe down really hard. I married a Pisces, so yes – some DO become men. He has Toro rising, though, which gives him a steadiness (and stubbornness). You are worth less drama. Look at the animals around you. They just BE. They live and be. It’s time to get some living and being in your life. Give yourself a mental and emotional vacation from this guy. Be uber-healthy, get plenty of sleep, and spend time with your animals. Then you… Read more »

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Toro, I think picking organic blueberries with someone who attacked you does seem a little Love Zombie.

I’d be getting the heck away from him, living my own life. You deserve so much better.


Oh Mystic’s advice is perfect, Gypsy Toro, and as another Piscean can i tell you no matter what is going on with any sign, drug benders steroids and psychosis overrule any astro effect. And amplify deep shit to betsey for a Neptunian at the mo. I have witnessed some amazing health problems in some of my former friends, both physical and mental. There’s always another ‘reason’ but really space dust is the common theme. 8 years is something to honour, for sure, but not just from the stoic and generous Taurus. There is no excuse in the stars for dishing… Read more »


You deserve better than this. There is NO excuse for violence. I don’t care what this guy is taking. Ditch him ASAP before this turns even nastier. It is not your reponsability to fix him. You can only look after yourself (and the 100 animals). And yes he sounds like an addict.


Toootalllllly withMM, please protect yourself and your animals!! they need you safe, and he sounds sooo unsafe. Are you isolated from friends and family? Can you get some loving supportive people around you?

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