Where Is Your Asteroid Apophis – Serpent Of Chaos?

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Asteroid Apophis gets around – he is the Ancient Egyptian “Serpent Of Chaos” – the baddest creature in their pantheon for sure – a baddie on Stargate (see above) and possibly a little bit camp – and the asteroid-most-likely to strike Earth, if one was going to. Note: NASA was worried about this possiblity in 2036 or something but now they are not.

But asteroid Apophis is making a near-Earth run this week and next – in Virgo.ย  Virgoans, do you feel any more evil than usual? There is nothing much else going on in Virgo to mitigate this so i would expect at least a power-show of Virgo Snark?

From this pic it looks like Cat Goddess Bast or Lion Goddess Sekhmet + Maat (the Truth Goddess) were definite defenses against crap from Apophis BUT the Serpent of Chaos was apparently being constantly destroyed and then regenerating himself.ย  So you can look up Apophis in your chart -asteroid 99942 – and see if it resonates. Regenerative, Scorpio, Pluto sort of an energy?

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127 thoughts on “Where Is Your Asteroid Apophis – Serpent Of Chaos?

    • So do keep us up to date of any evildoing Kali : )

      Mine is busy preening itself in leo (do snakes preen?) on my Sun/Moon midpoint. I do indulge in revenge fantasies at times, but am careful about it now, even stray bad thoughts can be too toxic.

      • In my 7th too. Hmm I’m not one to stay “friends”, swinging between love and contempt could be apophic maybe. Damn.

  1. I was hoping for something exciting like Capricorn and in the 4th house but no, it’s Sag in the 9th. Having every single astro point going in the same three signs/houses is getting on my tits.

    • haha, ~getting on my tits~

      I dare say I’m too lazy right now to go to astro.com and look this up

  2. At 26 Scorpio, 7th House, Relationships have always bought about chaos in my life….

    • 7th house apophis here too… conjunct mars in sag. so, yes, i totally agree with relationships bringing chaos. also probably explains ex-aqua’s comment on arguing with me: “you don’t argue, you go to war. total war, scorched-earth policy and nuking everything in the way”

    • mine’s in 7th house, also, and semi-square my Venus…… the 7th house not really being a happy place for me so far (I’m determined that I just have to learn how to work it, unlock something there)

      Can anyone tell me how to find Bast/Sehkmet …. I couldn’t find them in the asteroid listings, or anywhere else on astrodienst….. are they on another site?

      funny, while I haven’t been feeling well, I’ve been wanting my cat close, her presence feels healing

  3. Just noticed that Sekhment and Bast are both in Scorpio, 10th house, and square Apophis. I’ve been considering opening a small cattery, now I know WHY. IN UR 10th HAUS, MESSIN WITH YOUR AMBITIONS.

  4. Six degrees of Virgo conjunct Pluto in 10th. Mommy Dearest! Is this his return?!

  5. conjunct my scorpio moon. yeah i’m pretty hard to kill. I keep regenerating. sho nuff.

  6. oh wow, in virgo, 1st. house does this have something to do with me being so very very cranky today??? not evil though, well, not my idea of evil lol. but just so, so over certain fuqwits and so, so over me faking being nice to people who so obviously i don’t want to be nice to anymore. was blaming it on transitting pluto opposite my natal moon, but maybe it is this guy? fortunately work is very quiet today and my beautiful work colleague has given me a little pack of chocs to graze on, in an effort to keep me sweet .

  7. Apophis Rising! Well, wide arc of 9 deg.
    Apophis in Gemini.
    As Apep, or Apophis, was the Sun God Ra’s mortal enemy, and as a Sun in Leo native, this makes me feel like my Ascendant and Sun are in opposing signs or something.

      • Good one, I like that.
        Tho it is sq Jupe, opp my NN… & trine my Uranus, which actually doesn’t seem like a good thing either!

        • no that is absolutely brilliant!! you are chaos personified apparently. gotta love it. :)

            • I was wondering too, whether Apophis in Leo would be “in the fall” (crosses fingers), which would make Apophis in Aqua exalted. Any Aquas have an opinion on being the chaos-bringer LOL?

              • aquarius is eccentric not chaotic to me…fixed signs…like logic and rationality

              • apophis in aqua actually seems rather scary. brilliant, detatched chaos could be the signature of the evil genius. i’d say dominion in pisces or aries maybe. just cause i can’t see either libra or virgo liking the mess! exaltation in scorp, obviously.

          • Sigh of relief, if Apophis is on my SN, it’s a reflection I have dealt with it surely! Maybe the Uranus trine is like a double bladed sword – balanced to perfection. :)
            I don’t think Apophis as Lord of the Dark Snakiness has a sign Anonymous really, but maybe whatever is opposing the Sun would be harnessing Apophian energy?!!

  8. first house! hissssssss… 0 cancer, squaring ceres. is this why whenever i go to any happy mommy gathering lalala all i want to do is burn the whole thing down? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ seems like a very erisian energy. very apt and relevant and i love life just a little bit more. :)

    • Ha! I think you want to destroy the happy facade at least.. I know I do. 1st House Apophis too.
      Do you ever get those uncontrollable, snaky grins on your face when you see something darkly humorous. Despite my Moon in Scorp, I can’t hide my sarcastic side…

      • totally. in fact i have one about this post right now. :)

        i think we snake goddesses/gods/hm androgynous gems are going to rock this year of the snake. confirmation!!

        • I like that a lot! *said with the accent*
          I’m a certified snake goddess, as am a Fire Snake born during Snake hours. Am choosing to believe what my friend told me that this year is going to be upfront-positive-good for me, wooot!! She knows more than me anyway, what with the modalities she’s studied.

  9. Ha ha! The ‘serpent of chaos’ is conjunct my Venus within 1 degree: 5 degrees Cap and 6 degrees Cap, respectively. …..and so Pluto is now transiting there, nearby, as well as this whole thing is pulled into the ZZ. Just great!

    I’ve certainly had a chaotic love life my whole life, so maybe having the element of chaos on my Venus contributed to that?
    Have had absolutely no love life the past few years ’cause I can’t take it anymore. Sitting on sidelines, too weary, and too old and vulnerable to have my heart broken and life turned upside down yet again…..don’t know how to do it right, either….

  10. Apophis is in leo 8 degrees……….. in 4th hose con asteroid Kar…..
    con ascendant in aries i do things too fast then later think oh no……
    why did i write that……… how daft.
    so i begin to change and be aware as to stop repeating daft -ness

    i read chinese astro 2013 its fascinating as they go by day of birth too
    they add the score fire= etc
    snake year is a challenge wth $ again and health so have to
    get it together, SEE the big pic…..
    be positive and be awake is the best one can do?

  11. Right now,am reading a book called ‘ Nemesis’, about an asteroid on course for earth and what could be done about it as far as destroying it or knocking it off collision course. Lots of technical information on the composition of asteroids. A team of astronomers, nuclear scientists & are called in and one is hunting down, in Italy, a manuscript from 16th century for clues, a man protected by the Medicis at the time & peer of Galileo,
    AND APOPHIS IS MENTIONED BY MM, what a scary coincidence!

      • Bill Napier with a recommendation by Arthur C Clarke on cover as ‘the most exciting book i have ever read.’.
        It’s ok, the technical info is interesting.
        Apophis is doing a fly by closest to earth TODAY.

  12. Well I’m glad to know he won’t be crashing into Earth, but that diagram makes him look to be heading for a Venus bingle..!?

  13. Oh and that bad boy is just about to retrograde over my Asc by the looks of it. Nice, I could do with being a little, well, sinister right now.

  14. Holy Apophaliptic!!

    These two energies have literally manifested today!!!.

    Just as I was about I to open MM’s page today I heard a news story about a mother who heard their cat hissing really loudly only to find her two year old daughter with a sixtfoot python wrapped around her right arm. The snake had bit the girl three times. Should be on the web somewhere.

    As for me:

    I have this sinister serpent sitting exact 25.34 on my natal Aqua mercury 25.39 (4th house conjunct IC and sun 20 Aqua.
    Yes… I spoke for the dark side, a ‘good’ spin doctor for 20 years.
    Have I changed/transformed…oh hell yeh!

    Here’s how its played out astrologically and in my dream time.

    Btwn 2006 and 2008, when Pluto was making tracks now transited by Venus, it was also beginning to square to my natal mars in Aries

    At the same time: Neptune was transiting my sun, IC and aspecting mercury and the serpent and opposing my pluto in Leo on the MC.
    To make matters even more painful, Saturn was siting on my MC opposing Neptune et al, making it look like a sewer rather than a well divine spring of family origin.

    After ears of working 10 hours days, sometimes 7 days a week, completing an MA with High Distinctions (of course…), ending a marriage, an absence of play and love, denial of the nice voice saying ‘what they’r’ asking us to do doesn’t feel right, can we do some other job’?
    Me saying…’no I need the money, Ive got a lifestyle, hair and looks to maintain, you’re dreaming again, happy creative ethical jobs are for the poor and deluded, so shut up!!”

    Then boom … it was personal meltdown time lasting longer than I care to recall My mind swam in total chaos, I had a thin grasp on reality, forgot how to do the dishes and stashed my PJ’s behind the couch every morning after my shower, according to my loving friends who looked after me during that time.

    However,. some really nasty people and situations attached themselves to my uncertain sense of reality, and by 2008, there wasn’t much left of ‘me’.
    During this time I had numerous snake dreams, one where it danced around me and bit me on the back of the neck leaving , which I later found out, is sacred.

    After a long time I got better and needless to say no longer work enormous hours for dubious institutions doing bad things with words. And my spiritual side is strong and well evident.

    So how is my Apophis behaving now days? Ive moved across country, a journey so painful it felt like of was doing it on my belly.
    I’m silent most of the time, I’m learning to tame my anxieties and fears and work for myself in a kind of portfolio way, doing a lot of things that I love and do well and getting paid for it. All out of a little home office. Natal Venus 5th Pluto squaring) Bastet , bless her, is transiting my Mercury/Apophis as I write this.
    Im beginning to write again, and learning to love the deep stuff.

    Im currently coaxing the talented 16 year old artist in me out into the present day.

    Apophis visited me in a dream recently,.

    I was flying, I heard a campy (yep, true) whispering voice say ‘follow me I’ll show you the way’.
    I ended up on a beach (symbol of where the conscious and unconscious meet), next to a tall tower (tarot and real ancient serpent towers) made of sand.
    A green snakes head popped out of the upper window and I began to have sex with the snake, half way through I wrestled loose, hit it over the head with a pink slipper (ah humm) and flew of with its shed skin wrapped around my wrist.

    A few weeks later, I woke to the feeling of somebody jumping onto my bed. The light came through the blinds revealing a black cat. I began stroking it and it play bit me, just before it stated talking to me.

    I cant remember what it said but I was sitting up, mesmerised and listening v very intently to what it was telling me. Ive dreamt of cats a lot lately.

    So, the Bastet /Apophis is currently happening for me.

    Ive been told that I have had many Egyptian lives. Reflecting on my life experiences since 2006 I reckon that the Apophis ( my Mercury can surely speak for him) is ultimately a healer and the snake often confronts Sharman initiates. Its bite is like homeopathy, it’s concentrated venom breaking down old, embedded venomous beliefs, habits values. It’s phallic, its masculine.. maybe too much thinking like a bloke, breaking free of masculinist ,constructed realities.

    I’ll wait to see how the Venus transit over this old, Pluto trodden track plays out in the context of what Ive learned

    Bastet – she’s strong, feminine, protective, abstract, laid back , creative as a litter of kittens twice a year, playful and smart.

    Yeh… that’s me.

    • I was reading a book called ‘Shamanic Voices,’ interviewing mostly American Indian, Mongolian, and South American native shamans,and they all seem to mention getting ripped apart by spirit eagles, jaguars etc. in their vision quest as part of their initiations into shamanic life, which btw sounds like a hard path to walk…

      • Ive only started getting interested in Sharman thing in the last few months, But I know that birds often represent messengers and messages and yeh I definitely felt like every cultural self concept I had was being ripped to pieces and that is so incredibly frightening, but all that was preceded by snake dreams, perhaps the catalyst for all that self demolition.

        Maybe its Sharmanic/Alchemical /Underworld Pluto as snake, then eagle before transmuting into the phoenix ?

      • Makes me remember a super vivid dream where a baby owl attacked my hand. I jumped a mile out of my bed & started shaking the covers trying to find it!… o yeh & then there was the time the indigenous fella climbed through my window & clocked me on the head with a wooden club. Its funny now…

  15. Interesting that Apep is a fallen sun god! Sooo Satan.
    Funny how different he is to the Wadjet in her feminine wisdom and patroness quality to Egpyt.

    Apophis/Ra/Bast seems like the balancing act of Sobek and Horus Ra, the ancient and new, the need to reconcile our opposite within that is used in the Anubis Oracle.

    I bought the Anubis Oracle the other day, it’s actually I really thoughtful card set, I recommend it if you are looking for new cards.
    Been meditating with a card to see how the energy speaks to me and found it lovely bridge to the Egyptian frequencies of energy/pantheon.

    So nice how his balance seems to be Bast, she really is a potent symbol for love and strength.

    • Sorry A, to carry forward a snippet of conversation from another thread, I was asking you about Patricia Mercier and crystal skulls. Well, her book was a good read, though her website was kind of disappointing (we are spoiled by how good MM’s is I daresay). Another book i read on Crystal skulls detailed their discovery etc. Have an interest in what could possibly be ancient knowledge/technology resurfacing.

      But, as you work with crystals, what does one do with for eg a rose quartz wand with a pointed (faceted tip)? i really do like crystals, and have started trying to program them, but I don’t know what to do with them actually.

      • Thanks Veronica! Will check her out.
        I suppose you could use a rose quartz wand for directing the flow of energy. Being rose quartz it’s natural and inherent program is the love vibration. So directing love toward things/beings, protectively encasing the self in a pink love bubble? (Negative energies find the love vibration sickening)
        I think wands are useful for helping you focus your thoughts/intentions. I don’t use them too much, but I do have a super beautiful ever so slightly citrine 12 sided Pranic Healing Vogel type Crystal. http://www.vogelcrystals.net/pranacrystal.htm
        It’s sweet as honey and so powerful. I was the first person to go through a new shipment and went through 300 wands to find it. Love at first touch!

        • Thanks, A, the impression I’m starting to get from what you say, and the books about crystal skulls, is that one really needs to use the intuition mode to be able to tune in to their information and energy. Like, you can’t come at them with logic like a computer

          • Re crystal skulls, the owners wanted to put them all together to see if they would speak to each other. There were supposed to be 12 of them around the world in different collections.

        • Andromeda, you may like a an oracle book i have called The Eye of Horus (an oracle of ancient Egypt). It comes with a bag of stones with glyph representations of the gods/goddesses.
          The visualisations that are in it are some of the best i have come across. My new project is to amalgamate 5-6 of them into one almighty spoken word guided imagery
          meditation…just because i can :-)x

  16. LOL for real the asteroid posts are always synchroncity for me! apophis natally is conjunct 7th hs leo south node, opposite bast conjunct aqua NN. in chinastro i’m a snake too. lillith in scorp sextiles my VIRGO sun conj mars so i was meant to see this like quadrupled right now!! i should probably look into bast/apop mythology n figure out how to balance my selves out haha. be more basti? ALSO weird asteroids for me: dionysus exact on my descendt, opposite muses euterpe/terpsichore on my aqua asendant.it makes sense because i <3music <3dancing & <3wild boyz <3<3

    • Maybe its exactly the right time to adopt a cat, from animal shelter and watch for/manifest good karmic NN conditions in your life.

  17. Conjunct Mars in Leo in the 8th, quincunx my Cap asc…I used to have a LOT of snake dreams…it got to the point where if I was bitten in the dream I’d be like yeah, whatevs, I can heal myself…the cool part was that I developed a 6th sense for snakes (the slithery ones) in real life, was very helpful for when I was living in the bush. I have snake as a totem, ssssure enough.

    • Maybe its time to adopt a cat from an animal shelter and manifest some good NN Karma and make the balance you want symbolic in your life.

    • Yes snake sense is a funny one. I’ve had it a couple of times. I feel it at the back of my neck, it’s really wierd. Once when one was actually hanging out of the rafters, watching me. and the other was in King Brown territory in Oz – quickly sidestepped the small patch of long grass I was about to walk through..

      • yes for me, just a subtle feeling that I’m in company, though if I was to ask the question “is there a snake about?” the feeling is clearer.

  18. that is so weird, I just woke up from a dream where a snake was coming to attack me. I only have one kind of snake/deceit dream and it always has a certain tone so I know it’s not usual good snake tones. Every time I have been done over by someone hard I get this kind of dream. Thought I already had ben so I’m a bit hmm

    • Darling, you know some of the most deranged peoples are very charismatic & interesting…at first before they are revealed to be totally off.
      A lick for your wounds. There will be more but you will be better prepared in future. x
      (auto word spell wrote ‘peppered’, yup that too :-).

  19. Nah Mystic, no last-minute Virgo snark, just no more Virgo martyr – KICKASS time!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Well there you go, my Apophis is in 10th house, at 8 degrees Virgo!! Conjunct my sun.
      Am about to have my Apophis Return?
      Is there such a thing?

      • I’ve defo been regenerating, esp. since rebirth a few days ago, but have put that down to my Scorp rising and Fire Snake disposition.

        Hm, so, (brain whirring), in my career I have regenerative powers? Although, being a serpent of chaos in Virgo…organized chaos?? Hahaha!!! In my last job I defo did that.
        I’m stumped for now.

    • I have some wild memories if this on the big screen at Schonnel… Hahaha probably should not have mixed it with the other kind of blue juice

      • OMG. I saw it at Schonell (UQ, right) too! I didn’t notice anything untoward in the audience night I went though ; )


    conjunct my Sun and Mercury in Pisces.

    now I have something to hang my “walking chaos / trail of destruction” hat on ๐Ÿ˜€

    This means it also pings off the other sun-merc angles (Asc, Jupiter)

  21. Also did anyone notice that although Apophis bypasses earth, it passes / intersects VENUS? not that I have bothered to check the source of the image etc.

  22. Oh My GOSH! Here goes…

    I have Apophis in Scorpio in the 8th house. It’s trine Capricorn and Pisces. Also semi square Pluto, Jupiter and Venus all around 1 deg
    Semi Sextile Uranus also around 1 deg AND
    Quincux Saturn at 1 degrees

    And yes I am a Scorp sun! Would really really appreciated your thoughts on is, thank you :)

  23. Found it.
    cat saves baby from snake….life imitating the God’s

    Just as I was about I to open MMโ€™s page today I heard a news story about a mother who heard their cat hissing really ……

    news.yahoo.com/…/python-baby-mom-wrapp… – United States

    • aGreed foolish as I am instinct is wild as my Pluto and I smell phoney everywhere! I hate initiation imitate Ah Good yeah but not quite coca cola more diet pepsi. I rather feel betrayed in this moon! Why poke a lion draped over a stinging tales tales telling. Have to calm down.

  24. On my Mars in Scorpio i think. Fairly sure i had a one night stand with this guy in the late 80s, nasty piece of work but you know…gifted.

    mystic thank you thank you thank you a 1000 times for the leo dailies on weds

  25. Great photo!

    Apophis is natal Virgo 12th house conj NN + happily aspected to other celestial bodies/bitch goddesses, though sq Bast + asteroid Lilith. I’ve always attributed my lurking viper whip to a seething Virgo Sun, but perhaps it’s Apophis.

    Right now Apophis is on top of my Sun at 0 and conj Saturn within 1 in the 11th. And despite an upbeat serpent chaos transit also sextiling and trining Bast + Sekhmet, I’ve had a terribly morose weekend and have been wondering where all the sparkly 2013 Qi that followed from 2012 had gone. I just hung up on biz partner/ex- am cRAnky as a mofo’, and efforts at my usual St. Virgoan/Libra public happy face ain’t working and can’t seem to hide the return of all too familiar depression, rancor and suffocation I thought I’d successfully put to bed a while ago. It came on suddenly and I’m sure it’s temporary, but I feel psychically and physically caught and can’t seem to put 2+2 together to rescue myself. Blockage, quicksand, whatever, it happens I know. It’s just such a luxury NOT being oppressed by your own erstwhile baggage that its return is dreadful – like prison after being outside all day, freedom = illusion and all that. I’m chalking this up to my impending Apophis return, Lilith and Plutonic fuquery in my chart and not to mention my total crap food immersion these past few days, Lol! I’ll blend some greens, do some sudoku, get some sleep and hopefully wake with more clarity. MM is always talking about the shite-awful molt process, maybe this is what mine looks like?? if so, hopefully I’ll be shedding the old or evil shit for new gloss. Also, transit Apophis is square natal Pallas (and her transit is opp. Apophis), maybe why I can’t seem to tie my own shoes or connect the dots at the mo…..?

    Belated birthday wishes to Roger Keith Barrett <3

  26. Apophis is sitting at 5 Leo in 5th house, all prim and proper == no conjunctions, no pinging to axes. He must be bored out of his brain. :-)

  27. I’ve no idea where Apophis is, but God i love MM quote re “Sonder” in tomorrows horoscopes.

    Lets never underestimate the power we have on oursleves and others, always, it is magical x

  28. Apophis in Cancer 3ยฐ11′ 6″ in the first house Conjunct Mars at 6 degrees (I would count it) But also conjunct Urania in 1st degree of Cancer also in the first house) Sextile Jupiter in Virgo on the cusp of my IC (3rd house)

  29. conjunct Saturn in Taurus 6th

    as soon as i have painstakingly established a new order or developed a habit, or cast a working spell i need urgently to do it all differently…thought it was piscean or mutable. It doesn’t matter if the damn thing is working for me or not, something in me has to raze it clean, fq the routine

    Flanked by Saturn to the left and Nefertiti to the right, all one degree apart. Square Venus, Isis and NN (i made an Egyptian asteroid chart for myself once – i’m not adding him to it) Sure placed like a demon troublemaker from hell.

  30. Seriously!!! ?? Holy snake skin handbag…. As if I dont have enough squaring Uranus Apophis is squeezed in between saturn and my moon at 14 deg Cancer in the 5th…..And my venus is in Virgo…
    Half of me is worried I should be amping up the cleo eye makeup and increasing the offerings on Basts altar (yes I have one of those) the other half of me is thinking …. hmmm kinky sex transformations on the way….. or is that Neptune looking for a new way to be delusional…..
    Thanks for the heads up MM xx

  31. Conjunct within 13 minutes to Pluto in Virgo on one side and a degree to Uranus on the other, all retrograde in the 9th house. Obsessive interests constantly being destroyed and regenerated in another form. Heading for an Apophis return sometime soon, will my current astro obsession survive?

  32. Aqua – Ninth house – same as my natal Chiron, but nothing else. So I regenerate through learning ?

  33. Actually, forget about the aspects akin to my chart – how old is that NASA picture? It doesn’t look like it’s going to hit us, it looks like it’s on the path to knocking venus off its orbit!

  34. I have Apoph at 22 24 Scorpio, 1st house, conjunct Venus 22 22 Scorpio and Nefertiti 22 22 Scorpio. Thoughts welcomed!!

    • Bast is conjunct Neptune in Sagg, 2nd house. And my mother has just reminded me that when I was about 8 I was fascinated by Bast, convinced I’d been an Ancient Egyptian in a past life and wanted an Abyssinian Blue cat. Still into lapis lazuli..

  35. Natally in my 9th in 1 deg Virgo, semisquare the Moon and Venus.

    I’m thinking it’s gonna be a kind of cranky week or so.

  36. Apop is at the tail end of my 7th house at 16 Virgo, squaring natal Saturn in Saggo.

  37. I say totally yes to the Plutonian/Virgoan energies Mystic…

    It’s 29 Aqua 9th house side of my Pisces MC/Sun-Mn midpoint… conjunct Aqua Chiron 25…trine Gem Mars Asc 25/26…

    BUT, as it is close to MC, is opposite Virgo Pluto/IC…that is the key I think.to the regeerative powers for as I heal and transform/evolve…I can relay that to others thru healing work….

    Cool Myst, thanks…x

    • And oh yeah, in the middle of coming out of chaos/burning down/destroying my life into rebuilding again so can relate to that.

      I think it might be important to understand that we are self destructive at times, for a reason. Something I’ve thought about…x

      • The only thing is, I also feel, is can we pull ourselves out of that self destructive phase in order to rebuild…

        Or do we stay…our spirits, destructed?

        Some don’t pull up and out…Those of us who can must help the others….That is the crux of my purpose anyway..

        I know I’m a pain in the ass Aries but came across this old goodie recently..Just apply it where needed…like a salve or band aid…And DO IT…x

  38. ah ha! Apoph conjunct Saturn in Scorpio on my midheaven. and the Scorping synced perfectly with my first Saturn return. I feel special.

  39. Apophis is 21 degrees Virgo loosely conjunct my Vesta (Virgo too!) in the 4th house. It makes sense. My childhood home was chaotic to say the least, but interestingly Apophis is quintile my Sun/Bast/Sehkmet conjunction in 6th house Sag. (I’m keeping the quintile orb to 2 degrees which leaves out my neptune aspect of my Sun/Bast/Sehkmet by a degree or two. I like. It’s keeping the chaos down! Not that Neptune would notice.)

    Not sure how to read this one! lol I’ve def undergone alot of change and used chaos to my advantage to transform myself into someone better. Kinda like a phoenix. Huh, interesting. Didn’t realize it until I typed it.

    • * that Neptune aspect is a conjuction btw! I forgot to add that…it’s part of that natural Sun/Neptune accidentally hazy thing. :)

  40. definitely scorpio vibe for me….i have apophis in gemini trine pluto in scorpio…apophis conjunct mercury and mars all in the 8th house along with eighth house sun gemini.

  41. Not feeling the snark coming on just yet…Apophis transiting my 10th house. Natal Libra/12th House 13 degrees. Chaotic Karma?

  42. I love how blythely the kitty swats the serpent. “Really, I can’t be bothered but, oh well, for the planet…”

  43. 24 deg gemini sitting right on my venus.
    tenth house.

    what does this mean?
    and my partner has venus 21 deg gemini

  44. Apophis sits just a bit off of my mercury and loosely trine my ascendant. He is currently transiting my 10th house and wouldn’t you know it? I’m about to start classes in massage therapy with a hope of working in a hospital to help the wounded heal more holistically. Mercury hands and regenerative snakes abound.

  45. From “I fucking love science”:

    In half an hour (now) the Slooh space camera will be showing a live broadcast of the flyby of potentially hazardous asteroid Apophis.
    Aphophis is classified as “potentially hazardous” because a study in 2004 predicted a 2.7 percent chance of it hitting Earth when it passes within 22,364 miles (36,000 kilometers) of us in April 2029. Further calculations proved that this was not the case, but astronomers continue to monitor it carefully as it’s due to make another close pass in 2036.

    To watch the live broadcast see here: http://bit.ly/12jrtgj

  46. Apophis is in Cancer, squaring my Moon (exact within a degree). I am currently having therapy which revolves around experiencing stored emotion & it definitely feels like chaos. Please tell me that like Saturn, once you ‘do’ a square, you become an expert at it?

    • Oh & he’s currently sitting pretty in my first house…! Positively, yes I am transforming the way the world sees me deal with emotions, change, regeneration & chaos :)

  47. Issues are harder for others I can master a skill by looking at the inside of my own box or should I say glass held in front of me? I think I saw a documentary on cliff notes I shouldn’t read the book then it will coax me to read up on further possibilities! Wiki is written for me!

  48. Mine is 17 Scorpio, conjunct my Ascendant (18 Scorpio). No wonder chaos of everyone’s male shadows from their past lives, are always attacking me. Now i am a Black Shaman Exorcist. Thanks Apophis – I even had to cut off your head with my Tiger Apprentice females.