Where Is Your Asteroid Apophis – Serpent Of Chaos?

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Asteroid Apophis gets around – he is the Ancient Egyptian “Serpent Of Chaos” – the baddest creature in their pantheon for sure – a baddie on Stargate (see above) and possibly a little bit camp – and the asteroid-most-likely to strike Earth, if one was going to. Note: NASA was worried about this possiblity in 2036 or something but now they are not.

But asteroid Apophis is making a near-Earth run this week and next – in Virgo.  Virgoans, do you feel any more evil than usual? There is nothing much else going on in Virgo to mitigate this so i would expect at least a power-show of Virgo Snark?

From this pic it looks like Cat Goddess Bast or Lion Goddess Sekhmet + Maat (the Truth Goddess) were definite defenses against crap from Apophis BUT the Serpent of Chaos was apparently being constantly destroyed and then regenerating himself.  So you can look up Apophis in your chart -asteroid 99942 – and see if it resonates. Regenerative, Scorpio, Pluto sort of an energy?

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126 thoughts on “Where Is Your Asteroid Apophis – Serpent Of Chaos?

  1. Not feeling the snark coming on just yet…Apophis transiting my 10th house. Natal Libra/12th House 13 degrees. Chaotic Karma?

  2. I love how blythely the kitty swats the serpent. “Really, I can’t be bothered but, oh well, for the planet…”

  3. 24 deg gemini sitting right on my venus.
    tenth house.

    what does this mean?
    and my partner has venus 21 deg gemini

  4. Apophis sits just a bit off of my mercury and loosely trine my ascendant. He is currently transiting my 10th house and wouldn’t you know it? I’m about to start classes in massage therapy with a hope of working in a hospital to help the wounded heal more holistically. Mercury hands and regenerative snakes abound.

  5. Apophis is in Cancer, squaring my Moon (exact within a degree). I am currently having therapy which revolves around experiencing stored emotion & it definitely feels like chaos. Please tell me that like Saturn, once you ‘do’ a square, you become an expert at it?

    • Oh & he’s currently sitting pretty in my first house…! Positively, yes I am transforming the way the world sees me deal with emotions, change, regeneration & chaos 🙂

  6. Issues are harder for others I can master a skill by looking at the inside of my own box or should I say glass held in front of me? I think I saw a documentary on cliff notes I shouldn’t read the book then it will coax me to read up on further possibilities! Wiki is written for me!

  7. Mine is 17 Scorpio, conjunct my Ascendant (18 Scorpio). No wonder chaos of everyone’s male shadows from their past lives, are always attacking me. Now i am a Black Shaman Exorcist. Thanks Apophis – I even had to cut off your head with my Tiger Apprentice females.