What Rising Sign Is Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama in red dress at inaugural ball with her husband Barack holding her handWhat rising sign is Michelle Obama? Any take on the Michelle Obama astrology is frustrated by there not being a public birthtime. But, here are some ideas. She is clearly a fierce presence – Capricorn, you understand.  But no birth time that i can find – so frustrating. For instance, depending on her birth time, she is either Moon in Pisces or Moon in Aquarius.

And of course, no birth time means no clue as to Ascendant or Rising sign.

But I’m shooting for Aries – yes red dress at inaugural ball kind of triggered this. But it’s also the biceps – total Aries indicator. And Aries Rising would bring her nicely into line with the Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto till 2016), which you would imagine she would be feeling quite personally.

She’s got Jupiter in Aries so Jupiter Rising in Aries – fits. OR Mars in Aquarius Rising…?  Aquarius Rising is a neat fit with her husband being Leo.

“We need big change, not just the shifting of power among insiders. We need to change the game, because the game is broken. “

Michelle Obama


Thoughts on the Michelle Obama astrology?


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Curtis Loys Jackson

My two cents worth…lol

Anyone who can see auras, and has a chance to see her in person, look for a lot of red, indicating Aries Rising, (along with her Capricorn orange…)

In addition, look for any shade of blue, indicating Aquarius Moon. (Probably mid-range blue, indicating emotional balance…)

Or, if that fails, look for Ultraviolet, (looks light grey,) which would indicate Pisces Moon. However, considering her forceful, but balanced emotional nature, this is highly doubtful…




or maybe Cap rising with Sun and Mars in 1st house


Yah, so this is NEWS. But, it’s good: The First Lady tucking in like a soldier in the mess tent, and the EYE-ROLL that launched a dozen GIFs.


aqua lion

she couldn’t have a pisces moon (even with the cap sun) I don’t think. in my, ok, limited experience, pisces moon people are the clingy, want to be looked after, don’t really want to deal with the real world (want a partner to do that for them), dreamy types. From what I know of Michelle, she was a whip smart lawyer a few streets ahead of Obama and she was training him in the law firm where they met… and he had to work to get her to go out with him. Doesn’t ring Pisces Moon to me. sorry to… Read more »


Sorry to dissapoint you but according to her chart, she has her moon in pisces. Otherwise that would mean that horoscopes are incorrect. The data is all there.


Def aqua rising or some aqua to balance his leo. We re talking B I G here so its got to be compatible. i mean can you see John whatshis face and Jessica Simpson as no. 1 & 2. no sireee


Surely if she had Jupiter rising she would have made some Saggi style trip by now? Or have I missed something?


Aqua rising which would mean that Mars is rising I think would fit better as she doesn’t seem to have the cardinal square tension. Would the moon then be in her first house too? Though if its in the 12th it may fit better, as I do think she is deeply compassionate , even if she she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve.


Beautifully stated willowwolf. She is definitely not the “wear your heart on your sleeve” type at all.


Aries Rising, Moon in Aquarius, and that would put the moon bang on the MC/tenth house…Perfect for first lady beloved by public


I think she is Aries rising. Because of her strength, the red dress and her no BS attitude.


I reckon she’s Aquarian rising. She’s TALL and there’s the slightest hint of sparkle in that red dress. Her outfits are always “classic with a twist”, mark of Aquarius dual rulers Saturn and Uranus. (As an Aquarian, I can’t understand the ‘hippy chick myth’ around how we dress. Check out Mia Farrow, Jeanne Moreau, Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Redgrave) Her husband is a Leo , so Sun in the 7th ,and her Jupiter in Aries would be placedin the 3rd house -local community environment. She’s known for promoting and campaigning for great things like backyard and community gardens. She’s growing one… Read more »


Leo rising, aqua moon. I think everyone’s pegging aries because of the Capricorn influence, but I think Leo makes far more sense for her.


I reckon Aqua Moon for sure. She’s for the people. She’s out on her own as the wife of an American President. Not sure about the rising sign. She always looks amazing, and she has definitve hair……………… I wonder if she’ll enter politics in her own right aka Hilary


Aries Rising.

I know this is a Michelle love fest but there’s just something about the lady that I can’t stand. There’s something about her that seems overbearing and while pretty in her own way she is not classically beautiful to me or feminine in the least. Most likely not Libra rising or even Gem (can’t see her being an air rising)!

Saq maybe, aqua maybe not, Leo, wouldn’t rule it out. Def fire sign.


I don’t love or hate her, either way. She’s interesting. She seems very much a woman to me. Though it’s interesting femininity for you is not associated with strength, strong features and ambition. But that is very much a matter of personal taste and attraction, so is your own astro something that finds fire too much, or Aries in particular?


Femininity is greatly associated with strength! Please don’t misunderstand me not liking her as not liking strong women. Huge fallacy. She is not every woman. Femininity has it’s own strength apart from masculine strength just as feminine beauty is different from masculine beauty. She reminds me of another first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt but with a much better wardrobe. I find Hilary Clinton more feminine and she’s just as ambitious and strong, no? I’m fine with fire, all my significant relationships have been with Leo or Sag, no Aries though. I guess I just don’t really care for Aries. It often… Read more »


Yes i get it. I think i see what you mean about both Michelle O and Aries. I like quite a few Aries people, esp women, but there are a couple i know that grate with their overbearing competitiveness and pushiness. If they could just back off a touch and listen properly i think we’d get along better! Eleanor Roosevelt…crikey moses, i get it, i get it.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

I dunno, for some reason she vibes a bit Aqua to me, all that challenging of status quo etc.


i have to say leo rising. she vibes solo leo to me.


I’d think Aries just because she worked in law. She could also be sag- she grew up riding horses and is very tall. Also very unaffected for a woman in her position. Another possibility is that she shares her asc. sign with the president’s moon, sun, or even asc., since couples often have that kind of connection. Gonna read the comments and see what the consensus is. 🙂


I say Mars rising. 🙂


Love her new bang look. Yes, Mystic…Aires! I have bangs too… 😉 But I really need to get into red more…I do an awful lot of black.

12th house Virgo

Aries makes sense. Aries hate bullies. DC…I get where it seems like being President means you can challenge the status quo, but being the first black President, being young-ish, being outside the Old Boys Network – Obama has taken a lot of bullying in his job. Anyway, I got to see her in person at an event. She is *very* statuesque so having strong Aqua makes sense too.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

OMG, she’s 49?!?!!!

I know, I know, she’s famous for her arms and my conscious brain knows her age is around Barak’s and everything but WOW! She looks mid to upper 30s.


Mikey Lutin always says that she’s brighter than Obama and commented the other day, “Boy, can she plan ahead, as you will someday see.” Bit ominous, no? Anyway, that probably doesn’t help sussing out her rising sign, it just underscores her Cap Sun.


Yes, Michael loves the First Lady! I think he may even have a little crushy-crush (lol). He’s had a lot of interesting things to say about her. I’ll be very interested to see what may come of Michelle and her life after her husband’s presidency… I’m thinking she may be Scorpio rising because of their intensity, energy, and discreetness. I’m intrigued because she succeeded in Harvard Law, a very Caucasian, upper-class, East Coast world while she is midwestern, middle-class and African American. It wold take intense confidence and ambition to get through that (oh, yeah, and she’s also very smart… Read more »


This is all Cap: long-term strategy, taking the job seriously (no matter the job), and the patience to hold on for what’s truly valuable even if it’s not on anyone else’s priority list. Working hard, hard, hard to make it from the bottom. I would vote for Aries rising, with the Cap Sun keeping it in check. Aqua Moon for the humanitarian instincts. Now that Pluto’s on her Sun, Uranus is pushing her forward and Neptune’s no longer fogging her motherlife, this woman is totally on track for The Revolution. AND LORDY, she’s well placed for it! My worst thought… Read more »


Oh, and with Pluto in Cap now, she’s turned Scorpionic. Cap with a sting in its fishy tail now. 😉


Pluto in Cap… Good point!!

My thing about Aries Rising is she’s quite discreet. Sorry, but I do not know a single Aries who is discreet (anything from being verbal, a person of action, to running around nude, for some reason Aries and being nude goes hand-in-hand :D. Maybe it’s because Aries is the first spark of life and we enter this world unclothed? Lol…).


Yes, but it’s the difference between Aries SUN and Aries Rising: no matter how she first comes at you (directly), she is ALWAYS at bottom, a Capricorn.

Aries just creates a Cap with even less tolerance for BS. But as she’s been on a steep learning curve since 2008, she’s learned a thing or two about holding those arrows notched until she knows the heart of her target. And then her Cap Sun says, “Steady now. The time will come…”


I’m Aries rising and I can’t really connect with your description, Anon. I am super discreet, but I’d agree that discretion in general is something that develops with age. She’s had some time to develop into her role and given what it is and that Cappy focus, it’s unlikely she’d display extreme traits for which she might be criticised or attract too much attending to herself.


I didn’t say she was a battle-axe. 🙂 I said she’d be direct = forthright, to the point. And I think there are plenty of instances where this shows. Of course she’s discreet. She’s a well-trained lawyer who knows how to hold her secrets. But when she speaks, there’s no mushmouth, no mamby-pamby. The quotation above is a perfect example. Obama the Leo, on the other hand, had to learn to become an inspiring speaker. A Chicago journo who’s followed his whole political career recently said that when O began giving local campaign speeches, he could suck the air from… Read more »


Just a wild random meanderings here … I definitely think she’s got major Aqua going on, based on their story before the presidency etc. And she TALL – Aqua rising tends to be tall. She’s not been out there vocally enough to be major Aries. Her Cap is so so in control. Having major Aries planets/points squaring her Cap, it would have been (would be now) difficult to tow the line so much as a president’s wife would have to (being the independent intelligent woman that she is). AND I LOVE her new hair. Venus in Cap atm; where’s her… Read more »


I’m a Aqua rising FF and I’m like a giraffe altho I prefer gazelle like ha! the Oz in me just barrels though and is a bit clumsy.


I meant the Ox – the Ozzie Ox


Love it LG 🙂


Aqua Moon to fit in nicely with his Aqua Rising, I think even without that Democrat red dress Aries Rising would make a lot of sense but I could also get down with Leo Rising actually. I come from a family of Leo women and my three best female friends all have Leo Rising, just something about her way with people.


For example the way she hugged the Queen and is very touchy, feeley with people in general. That’s not a very Aries trait, I’m Aries Rising and I’m not like that all.


I vote for Leo Rising, too. Aries Rising seem more practical and matter-of-fact in their fashion choices. Only a Leo ASC could rock evening gowns the way she does.

And it would mesh well with BO’s Leo Sun.

Depending on the ASC degree, it would put her Sun in the Sixth House, right?, which also seems to fit.


This is hard – Leo rising totally makes sense too. She seems used to the spotlight and capable of making jokes or whatever needed to keep the crowd happy.


Yes, but Cappys are actually funny. And smart Cappys are REALLY funny. Sharp.

if you know here history, she wasn’t always so handy with a crowd. She’s grown into her role.

Compare her to Beyonce. B has the Leo Factor in spades. And Leo Rising would NOT have Michelle’s no-muss, no-fuss hair. NO WAY. Hair is Leo Rising’s signature signboard. Sag rising couldn’t rock the tailored style Michelle prefers. Sag rising always has something out of place and looks absolutely hog-tied in tailored clothes.

It’s the Fire. That’s all. She’s got FIRE in her rising sign.


Agreed, def fire sign rising!


I like the Aries Rising idea, mostly because I am one (ha!)
Very proud of my – and the First Lady’s – fantastic arms.


Scorpio. Aries are too impulsive – I don’t see her as impulsive.


Cap Sun counters the impulsivity. Will always check the first reaction.


Very true – I think it’s just that a lot of the looks she gives remind me of Hils.


Sorry what or who is Hils?


Hillary Clinton. 🙂
Hils, or Hilz.


Hmmm – I like 3:22 AM on Café Astrology giving our First Lady 1 Saggo Rising and Ceres near her ASC. She ROCKS food and fitness!! That gives 25 Aqua Moon.

Mindful and attentive to detail, she doesn’t flap/drop her guard or chatter. Warm, elegant, grown up. Saturn/Moon in Aqua. She puts large groups at ease as well as working person to person charm.

Virgo on the MC gives that squeaky clean vibe Americans crave. The Mommy thing.

Perhaps a cast off family bible can tell the birth time.

Grateful it’s not four years of Romneyland!

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

As I was going to bed I suddenly thought Sagg could be a possibility too. All the Sagg women I know are really tall!

And yes, the healthy food endorsement and insane fitness levels are also Saggittarian-y.


She’s gotta bit of the Sagg twinkle. She certainly seems to give off some fire.

electric eel libran

Im going to guess Sagg rising as well.


…looks way younger than age.
….shows off shoulders and has classy but athletic style.
….she doesn’t just lay about. her movements are restless in a meandering wy, not the impatient gotta get stuff done aries way.
….works out but not super competitive. my mom is a cap with aries rising and aries moon. even though she is near 80 she still wants to race me. She goes full tilt! shevstill rus 3-5 mi a day.


Sagittarius! Interesting. I have shoulders and biceps too. Maybe Obama is holding her hand like, Don’t trip, Michelle.


I could see Aries rising. She turned a lot of people off at first actually, because she wasn’t demure enough– headstrong, outspoken, frank. I love her.


i say aqua – red is a left wing as well as an aries thing…


Don’t get how you ‘change the game’ while being the Logo of the game.

But of course she has two young daughters so regardless of what she knows, we need not fear she will ever use Cappy powers of leadership to tell it like it is & bring down the system. 🙁

I vote Libra Rising. She ain’t stupid. I am sure she knew what she was getting into & I bet she likes it martial & crazy in her 7th House…

Mauvellous Capricorn

Completely agree. 🙂


Got to say it freaks me out to see people adoring this stuff. It seems so completely contrived. They are both smart, so either they are completely aware they are puppets or they grin & bear it because the alternative is… Aaron Schwartzing it. Bringing information & tools to the common man? 50 years in jail. I’d rather be dead too. Meanwhile the banksters run free! “Despite the fact that HSBC admitted to laundering billions of dollars for Colombian and Mexican drug cartels (among others) and violating a host of important banking laws (from the Bank Secrecy Act to the… Read more »

Mauvellous Capricorn

Find a hobby 😉


🙂 Yaa…

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I’m gonna say Aries too. She’s definitely got an extra edge that many Capricorns with other placements simply do not. And her face looks a bit Aries to me too, Aries often have a strong/wide chin and kind of a square face shape.

Maybe the Aries rising would also explain the uber-compatibility with Barak’s Leo/Aqua-ness?

I love the story of how she brushed him off when he first went after her…very “Why Men Love Bitches”. lol She definitely has a play-it-cool and I-love-you-but-I’m-my-own-person vibe. Role model!


I vote Aries. Watched their appearance on the view a while back.
he described her as smart, ambitious but completely impatient with how slowly political wheels turn. She wants results and she wants them NOW.
They’re an awesome couple. Both smart, fierce but also focused on their family.


What is the big O’s astro? it might give a clue


love her btw

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

He’s Leo, Aqua rising and I think moon in Gemini?


and having a 12th house Pluto transit, pretty much since the first electoral race, his decision to enter which was against Michelle’s wishes initially. But she got with the program in a big way and now, with Pluto crossing her Sun, she’s the battery he needs to keep fighting against the numbers in Congress.

Virgo Ellie

I do enjoy seeing Michelle. She is a classy lady and deserves to be displayed with such honor since she is beautiful. That is what is holding up that couple. Her beauty and class. xo!!


I wear a lot of red. And have an arm/bicep thing. It’s the mars rising that does that.


That does that in me that is.


That quote about the game being broken, and not just insiders having power, is Aqua revolutionary all over. Then again an Aries might talk of power, and game. Plus, i know she’s got Capricorn Sun to guide her but nothing about her seems remotely kooky or eccentric which is something you notice about even the most staid Aqua. Aries chicks i know may rock a strong colour but never actually break fashion rules, actually quite conservative in terms of design. Some of them also tend to do the one colour outfit signature, as it’s ‘more eyecatching’ (explained by an Aries).


I was looking at the pictures here. I think she makes quite an individualistic statement in what she wears, given the limitations of the job.


Interesting slide show. Yes she’s got that Aries eyecatching look. It’s individual, personal and very easy and confident. It’s a confidence that you know is the reward of hard work. …Or do you see the individualism as Aquarian? I also think her body language with her husband is how i’ve seen Aries chicks with theirs – i work with a lot of them. They do this thing where they are part of the husband’s space or make him part of theirs, and it is definitely a visual statement to others, couple power! They are very proud of their partners, and… Read more »


Aqua rising means Leo descendant (usually) so they’re supposed to like their partners to be eye- catching/powerful (like a Leo) and be proud of them etc so that could fit too…


Sorry does that make sense – just finished long drive not sure if brain working properly!


Also aqua rising would fit with her interest & push for social change etc


Yes of course! Any sign can be proud of their partner, humingbird. The difference is in the manner of expressing this pride. With Aries it’s very physical and connected to how they APPEAR. This may not be consciously manipulated, you know? Whereas Aquas connect to their partners very much on a mental level that if you notice it is like THRUMMING. One Aqua frined is married to a Leo, both achievers, but the Aqua is SO proud of the Leo, he constantly explains exactly why the Leo s achievements are so great. So does the Leo! In a warm and… Read more »


She looks like she’s levitating . . .I loved his 100 day speech to the Washington Press Corps. It was one of the wryest best stand-ups I’ve seen. Very, very funny, With [her] ‘right to bare arms’ quip. Plus the one about Cheney not being able to make it because he was ‘Making friends and shooting them’. It was seriously good sadly they pulled if from youtube.

They are so gorgeous these two.

I’m guessing Aries, with an Aqua Moon but that’s a complete guess.


Yes she does! Levitating I mean…


Yep. Agrre.Aries Rising, Moon in Aquarius, and that would put the moon bang on the MC/tenth house…Perfect for first lady beloved by public


oooh, love the quote. love the dress. love everything.


Yeah, she’s brilliant, so right. Fab shade of red that.


yes, beautiful woman, great quote. Love red!

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