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Wow how much – seriously – has our culture been morphing since Uranus got into Aries mid-2010? And for the purposes of this post, i am leaving Pluto in Capricorn, the Zap Zone and associated Global Financial Fuqery right out of it. Though you can go to the G.F.F category or read Feng Shui Your Wallet if you’re interested.

But innovative, future-seeding, iconoclastic Uranus in Aries, home of the brave & sign of the brazen, self-creating pioneer? Well, okay i am thinking that we have, are having and can expect still more major morphs in everything: Love, Money & Health being the three most obvious, though of course there are more.

There is now such a schism between mainstream media/conventional wisdom and what a lot of peeps think/feel/believe that the latter two have become acronyms: M.S.M & C.W.ย  Meaning that they’re generally kind of analogue where-as we all know we need to be thinking digitally now.

Paleo, Ultra-Vegan, Intermittent Fasting & a whole host of other similar movements are turning the government/agriculture mandated food pyramids on their heads – like literally, basically. Bodywork, Nutrition Knowledge & our basic beliefs have evolved at warp speed since 2010.ย  Personally i’m warping it even more by managing to be Paleo-Vegan (yes, i know i would have gotten eaten in actual cavemanly times) doing MMA and the super-magic network chiro.ย  These guys are doing techniques that just were not known of a few years ago. And the idea that a lot of us have been deliberately hooked on carbs to sedate & fatten us up is hilariously Uranus in Aries. So, i guess, is Crossfit. ‘Holistic’ as a buzzword has been replaced by “Hardcoreness.’

There are a LOT of peeps out there articulating the brave new Uranus in Aries money ethos – The Fastlane Millionaire guy being the most obvious and current manifestation of this idea that you can’t trust the MSM or CW on finances. Other tenets: that the sharemarket has become this machine run/1% benefitting nightmare that the populace has pulled out of except for when they’re forced into it by law and that the model of going deeply into debt slavery, work your arse off doing something you hate and then bunk off for 30 or whatever years is basically flawed. See also Macrobusiness, Four Hour Work Week and Zero Hedge.

Love-wise, there is a groundswell of peeps coming through who find conventional relationships claustro and are devising their own, more real romantic/sexual/mating/dating scenarios. From chaste so as to get fit & rich to polyamorous, living-together-apart, single but with a discreet lover…it’s all happening. It’s driven in large part by the increasing independence (emotionally & financially) of females. Hard to be a Love Zombie if you’re genuinely self-reliant and can afford to go shopping, see a shrink or school and raise your kids on your own.

If you clicked through to check out all these links above, you would have an epic swift blast of Uranus in Aries for sure. In fact, DO it.

But also what are your thoughts?ย  We’ll rest when Uranus is in Taurus…March 2019. If we can keep up this pace of Awesomeness (and obviously we can) imagine how hardcore we will be in 2019?


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150 thoughts on “We Are From The Future

  1. Mystic you totally rule – thank you soo much for these AWESOME links!

  2. Uranus is my life coach. I’m a happily mortgage/debt-free newly single mum bringing up my two boys and relying on me, myself and I since 2010. I have created an exciting new business feeding off of the change situation here in ChCh, post quakes, and recently began a ‘friendship’ with a gorgeous Sagg on a no drama, attachment or needs basis which is working out very well, after dealing to a few negative beliefs. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Uranus hits my Aries in 2014 but the entire transit has been a radical rewiring and major upgrade transition so far for me.

    • high five to you for transmuting the quake into something empowering and liberating – you are some good medicine for that place x

    • TMGO – Your comment has reasurred me that the dreams and plans I have are indeed real and very possible. So thank you.

  3. The mass protests against the rape and murder of an innocent woman in India is a perfect example of a paradigm being turned on its head. I’m so excited that Indian women are finally finding their voice.

    • yes – that too, ditto with the protests about the Jill Meagher case…As in why was the perp allowed out to be trawling the streets for his next victim.

      • Was he? I’ve had a news current affairs fast I did not know this but it does not surprise me! While I don’t abide by violent punishment, I read somewhere “what would it be like if perpetrators had severe physical punishment such as cutting off their penises, would I’d could this prevent the prolific amount of rape and sexual assault on women and children” I wonder, it might be worth trying …

        • I doubt the threat violent punishment would prevent rapes/sexual abuse; if anything, it might mean more rape and abuse crimes ending in murder so as to reduce the abusers chances of getting caught.

        • I just want to be clear, this anony comment about cutting off men’s genitals is not the same author as the initial anonymous commenter above or below – but is a different anonymous. thanks.
          – from Sunset

          • ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would prefer it if we avoided barbarism as a means of punishment also.

  4. I love transit of Uranus.
    For me, it’s really just about growing up and living, breathing. I’m not earnest and I don’t want to see everything as profound, intense, hardcore or awesome. It’s merely about becoming who I am and I can be mild, safe and steady, and take risks, evolve, be content and complex but love family, best friends, lover with all I’ve got, and thats alot. I’m living in an environment that still supports a number of illusions and delusions and it doesn’t support me as much as if i were a man – just reading about some horrific violence against women around the world, India etc …….

  5. My kiddo was born in April 2010 and, I mean, alarming speed of life changing? yes. As I figure out on my own how to give her the best life, turns out that I’m learning how to take care of/be myself for the first time in my life. Looking forward to UR hitting my natal Mercury, Mars, Sun, and then Venus over the next few years. Massive Motherhood Identity Revamp and Self Expression Explosion.

    • go you! ๐Ÿ™‚
      “massive m/hood identity revamp & self expression explosion”

      • I’m putting that quote on orange on my desktop, too. A huge thing for me to conquer is I hate hate hate getting up in the morning, AND orange is the color of the flower tattoo I got to represent my spirit. perfect!

        • Uranus is on my Mercury right now…Not to boast…as Aries are known to do, but, New Years day I was up at 4:30 am and went walking and then did my meditation and then did massage sheets all morning and chores…

          Today was up at 6 and did my walk, etc…

          I love mornings…I love going to bed early and getting up early and getting as much out of my day as possible. May be an Aries thing but this year I am going to kick arse with my goals… Romance is just a side line…and a fun one of course but I got things to do!!

          And going to do them… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Go All Peeps…go… Aries in the ZZ over and out x

          • yeah must be an Aries thing because I like staying up late and getting up late ๐Ÿ™‚

            I am so NOT a morning person…. I’m in my element in the dark and the stillness of the night, and just ADORE the sound of the wind rustling through the trees after everyone’s gone to bed. Divine! :D:

          • ho ho Merc in Aries here too…i’ve been sleeping in last few days…til 8am. My natural pre-illness alarm clock was 5. Childhood: woke every morning at 230am.

            Very annoyed if can’t do exercise housework finances writing and astro before going to work. I think some people think i get up late, because of the hours they see me.

            • sleeping in til 8am! Hahaha…
              I’m still in bed. When I’m not working, I like to get up between 9-10am. I need my 8 โ€“ 9hrs sleep. I’m a good sleeper and dreamer. Neptune conj Sun maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚

              • I’m jealous! Cos now i need that much sleep too but it’s elusive.

                I know many Scorps who sleep well. Do you think Fixed signs tend to sleep beautifully? Oh wait – not many Aquas i know have a stable relationship with Sleep.

                • yeah I reckon you’re right about the fixed signs. I know so many Aquas, Gems and a few Librans who constantly complain about insomnia. I guess it’s hard for the air signs to turn their brains off. ๐Ÿ™‚

                  I hope sleep comes for you soon and you wake up in a state of bliss… like cats that stretch after hours of lounging around ๐Ÿ™‚

                • Hah! ‘Stable relationship with sleep’! This aqua certainly doesn’t. 5 month old babe not helping but find I generally function best with 6-8 hrs. 8 is impossible these days but feeling pretty good if I get 6 hrs in a row!

                • scorps and toros absolutely. deeeep dream time. i do best with 10 hrs minimum. but i imagine the fire and air of aqua-leo tempers it quite a bit for them.

        • Yes I will put it on my desk also. Orange is a great colour. Gold, sea blue, emerald green, back/white are my fave colours. Red also, but best for my notebook cover.

  6. Yes, all ears for all this new, really self-empowered thinking. Connect to natural food, to your body, yourself, etc.

    I do feel wrong-footed though when someone tries to inspire strength by completely blaming the preceding generation. My Aries brain can’t spare the energy it takes to blame something in the past for anything. I just want to ditch it and move forward.

    Blaming some vague idea of ‘them’ feels like worshipping at a grave. Just give me my lettuce, dude! I’ve got things to do.

  7. Some great reads in this list, Mystic – Hardcoreness is particularly fab with wisdom that extends beyond the workout.

    • …i have workout fatigue just from reading about it. Fill me with evocative music, feelings, spontaneity, inspiration, self-expression, authentic moves & I’ll bring Uranus in Aries into my freedom loving body & on the floor!

  8. I’m cleansing myself my house my life. I’ve been doing it for years always developing to a new level…. I’m yet to have a complete break from sugar, dairy, caffeine and negative thoughts… But working on it…

  9. Hey, I’m having a Mars opposition Uranus transit right now. I just checked, it is really REALLY exact this very moment, less than one arc-second orb. I am absolutely not going anywhere by car for a while. I noticed I encounter people who road rage at me during Mars/Uranus transits and I’m not even driving aggressively. Well, not THAT aggressively. Well, not that aggressively, for ME.

    • i’m having uranus opposite mars, and one interesting effect has been to understand the difference between things happening TO ME and being more assertive and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN (natal mars in libra in the 8th)

    • I have that square natally with opposition Uranus Merc and what an aggro driver i used to be. One year i nearly lost my license from all my red light fines. Used to have a hard time not mouthing off at cops as well – called on all my powers of Piscean – big eyes no mouth.

      You watch, staying out of the car won’t help. You’ll be having footpath rage. I’m terrible for overtaking people…on foot. A big tall guy at the airport recently laughingly called me a bully after i sideswerved him through a very narrow gap between him and the wall (with my wheelie) – erm, inside the aerobridge! Can’t believe myself when i do things like that -a compulsion i normally try to control. I laughed back, said, “You’ve got my number!” then hotfooted it ahead.

      • I’m not even leaving the house this weekend, so no footpath rage. I’m not really a very aggressive driver, hell, I have Mars in Pisces which is pretty passive, and with my Mercury (god of short trips) in opposition to Neptune so I’m more likely to be daydreaming than raging behind the wheel. I thought I learned aggro driving habits when I lived in LA, but when I made a trip back to LA and rented a car, people constantly honked at me for not driving aggressively enough.

        I will note, however, that on Friday, I got on the freeway going to work, and two cars ahead was a State Trooper. I had to stay under the speed limit. I was watching out for him, because on Thursday morning, he was parked on the shoulder as a speed trap, and I blew by him at 85mph. I was surprised he didn’t chase me, but I was only driving about 5mph faster than the other traffic.

        Hey quintile, that is an intriguing comment, on the Uranus Mars opposition and whether things are happening to you, or if you are making them happen. Could you elaborate on that? I once had an astrologer note my Uranus in the 12th house, almost near my ascendant, and say that I would always be surprised when people lashed out at me and I would never see it coming. That is still open to interpretation as to whether I am inciting it inadvertently, or if people just found me as a convenient target.

        • hey charles, my ex who has the same algol moon as you and uranus in the 12th is like this- he’s always feeling victimized because people lash out at him out of the blue (to his perception). but at least for him it’s because he’s so change-averse that he unconsciously ignores all the little signs and subtleties. a good bash on the head is all that gets through. cue shock and awe… for NOBODY but him.

  10. Merc at 0 deg Aries so had my conjunct back and forth last couple of years. I am communicating in a new way that seems to scare older folk while inspiring the youngsters, it’s been brilliant. It’s now conjunct my MC and heading towards my sun. Astrodienst describes Uranus conj MC as ‘revolt’ and as I’ve said here before I’m ready willing and able to do whatever it takes to overthrow the reptiles that have been running the show for too long now. Viva Uranus !! Viva la revolucion !!!

      • The more the merrier i say. Let’s have that coffee soon ? We could go shopping for guerrilla greens and berets ? Start on a manifesto over a few espressos and fine Cuban cigars ?
        There is a lot to be done , I’m thinking deep purple berets ..so many details to be hammered out. x

      • .. I’m even more revolting!! – uranus & pluto conjunct my MC .. with ‘apollon’ thrown into the mix too!! .. so that this revolution will look beautiful too (in a ‘patternista’ mathematical kinda way) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I have saturn going over my MC this year which means conjucting my mars-northnode-saturn in 10th. a shot in the dark, opening possibilities, opening networks for career transformation goals.

      • I’ve never heard Saturn referred to as an ‘opener’ before but it will definitely bring focus.

  11. I wouldnt take that book “the end of men” too seriously, the assumptions and conclusions it makes are not too, I dunno, sound, I am sure woman are more independent and what not, but the extremes that book go to are a bit much, and kinda bordering on the man hating side of feminism, and the author writes for slate and makes some hasty shoddy conclusions in articles on there as well, like, things are a bit more complex then manly jobs are going away, we dont need men any more, things are a lot more complex, she kinda makes it sound like the end of these jobs is making shittier people(men) when really they are as shitty as they have ever been, middle class disappearing is more of a thing then just men jobs going away, I feel like its a normal same old same old where have all the good men gone deal weve heard before but blaming it on the wrong things, granted, I have not read it, but there have been enough excerpts posted on slate for me to be irked with what she writes, so, it probably is getting better for females, but dont just go around saying something is wrong with men or they are becoming unnecessary, I would like to think the humanity is spread evenly across genders, for good and ill, what do you guys think about all of it? Its an argument I hear a lot, and it kind of scares me, I cant even properly address it because I am not even an adult, and talking about gender stuff when its kind of still being figured out and things in society are still being renegotiated makes me nervous, I feel like the problem quality wise might have to do with the fact guys still have to go after girls, and being good at that doesnt necessitate you being of decent quality as a human being, so you can be properly won over by a guy only to find out hes a total loser, and you wont even be able to tell until its too late, so if guys can still get girls and be shitty, well, they kinda will then, or at least the ones that are already that way, me and my friends were watching peep show(its a sitcom, not what the title entails at all), and I realized jezz, one of the characters, is like the biggest lose ever, but all of his ability and allotment of consciousnesses barely manifests and comes together to barely be able to get hot girls on a weirdly regular basis, like, seducing is the only thing in life he is good at, and that must kind of be hard, just ending up with guys who end up being total losers, I wouldnt say more guys are losers now all of a sudden though, just, there is this weird awkward period we are going through right now as a society, I dont have an answer to it, but I wouldnt equate it with the end of men either, its hard on this end for different reasons too, what do you guys think about this stuff?

    • like, there are two arguments for this problem we have, one side says its feminism fault, and that it unknowingly threw out of wack something that was meant to be, and the other side just blames men, it just points the finger at them and says, man up and… stop being, so, shitty, be a team player here, which to me is a weird thing to say, hey criminals, stop, doing…. that, its bad, its all these criminals fault, yes this is a problem, but people dont just, ya know, stop causing problems, they just kinda keep doing it, I think maybe we have always been this immature and unevolved as a society, its just now when we are going through the motions of progress, it becomes more visible and painfully obvious how immature and unevolved we have been this whole time, like it was time to step up here, it was assumed people would step up, and then they dont, and now we are noticing how bad its been this whole time, its time to evolve all together, and, well, there are some growing pains to be had…. right?

    • hey, yeah I think those kinds of books are just a bit of a hand-grenade-lob into the general population to get a reaction…start a debate, etc. It happens – there have been other controversial books out there e.g. equating race or gender with brain size or intelligence, bla bla…codswallop right?
      There might be some facts and figures in there, but carefully chosen / curated by the author to build an argument for something or other that can be easily met with other data / logic / philosophies that contradict those ideas.

      capitalist societies need a middle class to survive (creates political stability because people generally have what they need and are wealthy / healthy enough to buy what they want) so I don’t think that’s going anywhere too soon.

      from what you said I can see how she might be making a case, but let’s face it, she’s on pretty thin ice and it’s more about the idea than the reality, and personally I quite like / value having men / male energy around me, to write off an entire gender isn’t my idea of fun.

    • It’s not feminism’s fault. If you pop onto a feminist blog you might find as much debate amongst feminists as to what it means; there are different ways of thinking within the ‘movement’, as it once was.

      But it’s not men’s fault wholesale, either. Blame is so useless in a non static situation.

      I think the problem is that people still aren’t seeing each other as people first. Presumptions of character based on gender, or interpretations of character based on gender abound. Just as you can’t really tell what an individual is like based on the generation they belong to, though it COULD be a marker, depending on the person and what they have chosen for their identity.

      We still have a long way to go for female equality, and that’s on the quality of life front. So when it comes to work and economics, crime and social issues like parenting, we still have research dividing mubers by gender. But i think too many research tables divide by gender needlessly – it may be driven by marketing, which certainly seems a little stuck in the dark ages – or is that a great swathe of the spending public stuck there?

      It may not be the facts or the truth we get when we set up our questions based on assumptions. There’s a word for this in science, and it applies very much to qualitative research of the kind that social sciences use: experimenter or research bias.

    • Your right David it’s not a great headline or really a great story.
      I’m so tired of separatist thinking.
      Can’t wait till people get over their identity framing as a man or a woman or a gay or a black or white or a jew or a christian or whatever.
      It is just a way to blame others for the situation you find yourself in.
      Times are a changing and that change needs to happen quick smart but it won’t. People have a huge investment in their identities and prejudices. They like taking sides, makes them feel like they belong to some A team or other.
      I’ve had enough of feminism and patriarchy . Im personally looking for people who have transcended these thought forms and are thinking in more universal ways.

    • I think it’s a factual, valid observation that men- en masse- cannot or will not adapt to traditionally feminine roles/professions like women have been adapting to the male roles for the last thirty years. It is truly baffling to me why there aren’t more male nurses. It has nothing to do with the job, but being assoiated with the word NURSE, breasts, breastmilk. This is incongruous with the myth of manliness. There is no manly way to say “I’m a nurse.” “paramedic” however, there is a good old fashioned boys club, where you can have 1/4 the skills of a nurse, answer to no one (no need to develop workplace relationships, maintain communication skills or emotional intelligence, or feel inferior to doctors) and generally behave like a frat boy on your down time, and still be treated like a hero alongside firefighters and police. I am speaking from experience as a female ex-paramedic. Men -en masse, not you personally love- are clinging to the defunct, putrid old ways and it reminds me of when my kiddo has $#!t in her diaper, and runs away when I reach for a freshie and the wipes…

      • look at south africa… after apartheid now there’s a new caste of whites living in destitution and poverty because they were totally unprepared to make it on their personal merits, as opposed to just guaranteed a good job and home cuz white., meanwhile there’s a new class of affluent natives… its the same with men and women. we are for the first time moving into a society truly based on individual merit and most men seem bewildered and lost, and are failing to adapt, they are so accustomed generations deep that a man is guaranteed certain things in life just for being a man. …

  12. Re the end of men – she is not actually saying men end – that would be AWFUL…it’s about the end (thinks the author) of a certain style of patriarchal society and making the point that post-internet women are thriving as never before. Obviously many men are too but the old model of being a guy (eg; Mad Men, to take an extreme example) is not working well anymore…some men – i think her example is white, rural/regional older guys with anti-gay etc etc attitudes are having some probs adapting to this new world. eg; they can’t accept a younger woman out-earning them via her internet biz AND being gay or not married, whatever. The title was – i read an interview wirh her somewhere – picked by publisher to get attention…really it’s more about the THrival Of Women

    • well, that sounds okay then, I was probably reading sensationalist articles too, on top of it being a sensationalist title, I thought it was saying men were getting crappier or something or it was blaming them somehow, like, they werent surviving in some way, which is hard for me to grasp how much of a thing that really is, maybe I should do a bit more diggin next time i s’pose, you probably read it, or read more about it then me, so I will politely defer to your choice of books, sorry about that

      • of course there are going to be sensationalist articles on something with a title that can be construed as such. Why can’t the authoress use Men, in terms of a concept as we know it, in the context of the erosion of the patriarch and how that definition is being challenged. Conceptually it’s something affecting us all.

        As someone who has been part of the queer movement for a long time (despite that I am with men now in the main, though I have not changed my spots come self), I welcome the debate and intellectual challenging because this daily mail style reaction to separatists running around saying we hate men is such a tiny, tiny percentage of the feminist arm that it just a distraction from the actual content being discussed.

    • It’s not just women; i am astounded that cultural fringe issues i have tried to speak about in company and got shot down in flames for say 10-15 years ago, are now openly discussed, openly supported, increasingly seen as real and normal.

      On a generational note, i think growing up with that openness is a major difference between Gen X and Gen Y yet a positive that is actually available to all of us who use the internet. I think these are very exciting times – turbulent in some places but somehow a relief and a new normalcy that was really always there in others.

      It will be nice though when it moves off teh interwebs and more firmly into daily face-to-face life. Uranus is ideas but i hope Aries gives it more actual LIFE.

      • Hi I have read a few random posts where you refer to gen X and Gen y and the differences. Although we are of the same generation some of the things you’ve said have been not been true of my experience. I wonder if some of the things you refer to as generational may actually be more cultural / geographical / social? Or maybe the generations have something like decans and you are from another decan of Gen X? I dunno, I struggle with generalisations. Glad you’re finding the world a more open place though. That’s the best outcome ever.

        • Hmmm, how interesting. Thank you for mentioning this: i used to be very anti-age. Now it’s popping up in my posts? I have an Aqua friend who talks Generation all the time, like for the past two years! It has made me really aware of this, because i instantly rejected the idea, but in order to see what it means to him perhaps i have taken it on board too much. I’m probably also reading a lot more on this topic because i’ve been trying to grasp it.

          And yes i’m generalising heaps, of course, when i do that. It probably even contradicts my own experiences but i feel very cut off from my past at the moment. Although i don’t know specifically what you mean, i’m very glad you pointed it out. Thanks!

        • Yes, and lots of individuals did. I am talking about growing up as a generation within a whole societal context, one’s media and sum of communities that make up a broader picture of say, the state or the nation or even what is seen of major cities.

          That notorious generational post from last year saw a lot of people taking generation comments personally, and dishing them out as well. I don’t intend to do that.

          I appreciate that these generational and contextual differences may not be perceived by all, and of course i’m interested in disagreement, but my comment is meant to be bigger picture, not individual.

          • Aha, gotcha, no worries mille.
            And Pegs, Madam X counts! And sounds like an awesome super powered hero! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Increasing independence of females emotionally and financially is good. Man hating is bad.

    • yes it’s awful – and blinkered to what some people are really doing out there

    • Oh….and the weight loss industry would have to be one of the biggest anchors for women today. When will we be able to accept woman’s body as it is without the the crazy gym/diet driven tight abs and a hot arse!?

  14. I think the new stuff about the pointlessness of long hours of cardio fitness is part of this too. 30 minutes a week of 30 second interval sprints is all you need, and maybe another 30 minutes of some light weight training. Body shapes are really weird at the moment. The thin looking celebrities have unattractive ropey muscles from overexercise.

    People were more slender on less exercise in the high fat/protein 50s and apparently the stuff about people doing Much more exercise then, or in other culutres is a myth. In fact if you have to walk 20km per day for water then you really genuinely need some grain in your diet so you don’t waste, otherwise zero grain and an hour a week of “exercise”. Actually I would love to see the whole exercise industry go bust along with the nutritionists. You can do the exercise you need by doing tasks, overconsumption followed by pointless energy expenditure in a gym is just WEIRD. Unless they hook all of those machines up to the electicity grid in which case, by all means, though the whole Matrix/Hamster aspect of that should give you pause. LOL.

      • Fitness Hamsters – lol ๐Ÿ™‚
        I am philosophically opposed to anything called a ‘treadmill’.

    • Good points here. Your 100% right. Why must we always go overboard ? Cause the real health issue is mental illness and no amount of gym or supplements is going to fix it . Do people realize how mental it is to go to some air conditioned hall and walk on a conveyor belt backwards for hours ? Then go to the ‘health’ food store and spend half your wages on pigs colostrum to increase your qi ? It’s totally crazy .

        • oh, i get it – I was reading UP not down the posts and yours came first in this thread – I actually stopped dead in my tracks and had to read it again and then realised there was more above hehehe

            • it’s the odours that prevent me from entering, that and the imminent threat of fungal infection and hepatitis should I accidentally imbibe someone else’s sweat – someone less healthy but fitter looking than I. Suspect it’s the Virgo stellium and the neptune in scorpio in the 6th combo that works all that up into a lather, that and the bad experience I had positioning myself too close to a large woman in lycra at a jazzercise class in the 80s. My friend always wanted to do things that OTHER people were doing. Even convincing us it was normal to dance in a line to the soundtrack of Saturn day night fever. Those were the days.

        • Shit music! ๐Ÿ˜† That’s the deal breaker for me. Cannot tolerate it even for a second! Grrr. Even when I’m shopping, if i hear something I don’t like, I have to run away.

          Haven’t been to the gym since the 80’s!
          If I have excess energy I just go for a run in the park and it’s FREEEEEEE ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I am that annoying person that shops with headphones if forced supermarket and not my awesome local grocers

      • Yeah and on the mental illness thing, going into a room full of strangers, not introducing yourself and then expending pointless energy inside your little bubble of anonymity would once have been considered really strange behaviour, but now it is absolutely normalized to conduct our lives in parallel without making any attempt to socialize beyond the limits of our restricted sets of (vetted for beliefs and socioeconomic status) friends. It’s madness, no wonder we have a mental health crisis.

        One of the first films Nick Broomfield, who filmed docos on Sarah Palin and Aileen Wuornos, made was about the demolition of tenements in London in the early sixties and the absolute distress of the people living there who saw, not buildings, but communities being destroyed. And they were right. And watching that film now it is really stunning to see the diversity of people there and the sharing of their lives. There has been a concerted attempt to demonize the poor as backward, venal and racist by inclination, but where there is community and lives are genuinely shared, in fact there is far less conflict and far more acceptance than in suburbs where we value stuff over relationships. We have lost the ability to relate to people who are not like us, it’s really sad, instead we squat inside our little boxes while people struggle and die 20 feet away without us even being aware.

  15. Being chaste is also not giving in to the LZ. It can be about taking time to get to know someone and feel comfortable – rather than working that out later..

  16. MM… love this! I have always felt in a different world with how I am handling my current game of love. No one understands it but I do.. I feel you are confirming it for me. xo!!

    • Yah right, take one line out of a post and twist that to suit your situation while conveniently missing the major LZ warnings you have been given many times over the last few months. You need help VE or your just teasing in the worst way. Look, I have to admit you lost me when you touted that Sara Pallin evil bitch as a better bet than Obama a while back and I questioned your sanity. But really I just couldnt ignore this post or leave it any longer. Get help or if you choose not to, please try and add something to the discussion here other than your relationship miasm. If your 14 please disregard what I have written above.

      • Love zombies will go to great lengths to avoid facing the truth! She doesn’t think she needs help. She’s been “cured” apparently by commenting here and boring everybody to tears in the process.
        I like what Mitra said on the other thread – “nothing NEW about being obsessed with someone”

    • Virgo Ellie, never trust anyone who says “no one understand but I do” even if you are the one saying it.

      The astro is not supporting your relationship to Toro-Gem. Its been destroying it in layers. October was a big hit. The energy of that connection ended in a way then. You can gift his moon or whatever, but you don’t even really like him any more. You describe him as a man boy you pity.

      The feelings are real. Love and depths of the Universe and all that. We are all feeling people around here. Welcome to living with your emotions. Get used to it.

      It isn’t just about asking yourself what you really want here. Although that’s a good start. Its about realizing you can be content, right here and right now. Its OK to be happy right now.

      If the vision of the world you hold in your heart is this mystery relationship, than that’s your creative right. But you’re involve with a wounded child and that child is you inside you. Best to be a grown-up and heal her.

      If the vision of the world you hold in your heart is filled with wounded children,…who can ever tell you you’re wrong?

    • I have to agree with everyone Virgo Ellie. I thought I was a deluded Love Zombie but since you’ve started posting incessantly I’ve felt positively normal… Which can’t be good because I’m not normal, haha!

      I’ve been similar to you. I wasted my life away on a guy who wasn’t there. I always had a reason for him to get away with it (not that he was getting away with anything he was living his totally separate life independent of deluded me) – he works hard, he’s a family boy, he’s a Pisces. It’s not that he didn’t want a commitment – he didn’t want to commit to me. Which I realised six months later when he had a new girlfriend. Pining ended there. Realisations started there.

      I thought I was living my life, doing the things I wanted and I was – but I was only half present. In my mind I thought about him. Everything I did, thinking about him.

      I don’t want you to look back six months down the track and realise you cheated yourself.

    • i’m not sure that making it open-season beat up on ellie is either kind or necessary. we’ve all been LZs, and those who haven’t will be someday. not everyone finds such a supportive place as this blog to express it. learning to deal emotionally with uncertainty and ambiguity in love is a torturous thing for a fixed moon, and it’s nice to have an anonymous outlet to hash it all out on.

      having said that, i also have to say this: even the most flighty of geminis will have made a commitment after 3 years if they ever intend to. perhaps you are in this as much out of your own fear of commitment as anything. perhaps you are sabotaging yourself out of lack of self-worth (you have said this is a family pattern, yes?). fantasy relationships are great as they give you something to be happy about when the world disappoints, but you can’t stress too hard about them. if it’s pure love, leave it at that and don’t worry and nitpick it! you can’t micromanage this. can’t strategize and look for signs… it’s full faith or nothing. and if you’re going with full faith, which it seems you are, perhaps you can chill about him and just, you know, shoot the shit with us. philosophize about something else. let us let him go. you know? xoxox

      • “iโ€™m not sure that making it open-season beat up on ellie is either kind or necessary. weโ€™ve all been LZs, and those who havenโ€™t will be someday. ” – THANK YOU!!! There’s a difference btw being cruel to be kind, and simply being unkind imo.

        While admittedly I’ve been away and unplugged from MM-world, what I’ve been reading in making my way back into MM-dom re: VE makes me feel queasy.

        A love zombie can only wake up when she/he decides to wake up – those who have been there KNOW this. Until then no amount of cajoling, attacks or whatever is going to wake her up. She moves on when she moves on. Since when is being an LZ a rational experience? Again, if you’ve been there you KNOW this.
        I just wonder if some who’ve given advice are getting annoyed because their advice seemingly hasn’t been heeded, or because they see VE “waste” her life away (hey, they’re lessons, in that sense is it a waste? And yes, I KNOW some lessons are so fuqing hard it’s very tempting during darker times to see them as a waste) or a combo of both??
        From personal experience I know it’s a challenge to love and be accepting; at times a stern word may be needed, at other times the only thing to do is to be accepting with no judgement (discernment yes, judgement no – for me anyway) because I’ve found ultimately it’s expending effort that involves one’s ego, then it becomes a mirroring experience – is the annoyance because her preoccupation seems a waste of time, or because your preconceived ideas as a good listener have been busted/you couldn’t live up to it yourself or, again, a combo of both?
        It’s also challenging to acknowledge being exasperated when genuinely caring for someone and see them do smth that you think is so bad for them, and at the same time to be loving and compassionate. (I know from experience at the mo since a Kataka bestie’s going through a stagnant phase, very much of the ZZ universe, and I fear for him, though at least he recognizes he’s stagnant. At times he alternately lashes out and puts that wall up higher – thanks his Kataka sun and Cap moon! – so I’m trying my best to be compassionate and loving while at the same time making it VERY clear where my boundaries are; don’t mess, even more so, with this reborn Scorp-rising…)

        If it gives you the shits, don’t read VE’s posts – no effort expended, done, dusted. Yes, I realize it’s easier for me since I’ve only made my way back to MM-land recently, and I gather VE’s made lots of posts so I’ve missed the bulk of them, but really, applying the discipline to oneself is all it is, since at least there’s a rational choice available to be made.

        (And I’m not saying this just because she’s a Virgo, in the event some think in such a simplistic manner.)

        P.S.: If shell happens to swizz by and reads this, darls, when you get a chance shoot me your new email, mine is chocolatesoccer5(at)gmail(dot)com. Hope you’re doing well post your PhD, beautiful soul! Thought of you since next door’s kitty has been visiting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sorry folks. I am not a dwelling on this guy in hopes he will be in my life. What I am dwelling on is how to improve myself. This guy is teaching me how to look for it and I love him for it. I will always love him for it. I know he doesn’t want me in his life and as far as I know from December he has someone in his life. I should find out who it is soon. Once he told me I was wished him well and I have been on my way. Nothing has stopped me. I am out and about meeting knew friends, wanting to try new things and my job is great. How can you all say I need help. I am not sitting here waiting for him to call. He is with someone and it is not ME.

      I find it interesting when I am beat up about respecting someone who I admire, this toro/gem and Sarah Palin as my last hit. Why can’t I admire certain people on my own time without being beat up about it. I am not crazy.. I am a human being who has found some peopl to have some great qualities to what I am looking for.

      WOW.. I appreciate 12th, Quin and some others … but anyone who says I need Help… I throw that ball back into your court because you don’t have an open mind to others having a different perspective to yours. Just saying…

      Sorry Mystic. I love your entire site and I will continue here.

      Peace to you all.. I love where I am right now no matter what some of you have said. This is the happiest I have ever been in my life even with this toro / gem! He will be stapled on my heart as somone who brought to me some wonderful changes that I hope to take to then phase! <3

      • Hi Virgo Ellie. I don’t think you should stop being you. And I think you are interesting. I don’t like Sarah Palin, but I think its interesting that you do. I won’t argue with you about that. I’m more interested in your relationship to true power.

        I think we have some common astro. Both Virgos. Do you have Venus in Virgo or 12th house too?

        I track the cycles. And I think we’ve been on a similar one. But I’ve let go a bit more. Its a fine line between enlightenment and total delusion. They are dangerous powers to play with. Like drugs. My friend came over the other night. He does lots of drugs. He was full of talk about how men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. How men just don’t deal with emotions. I asked him if he had mystical experiences on drugs. And he said yes, of course. And I asked him if he thought it was the drugs that gave him permission to have that experience? Why couldn’t he have it anytime? It is his consciousness after all?

        His eyes shook. It made me want to laugh. But its scary to get past our own bullshit programming. Like there is nothing left.

        Its burning, burning, burning love. But…what’s that got to do with Toro-Gem? Don’t let him be your drug, he’s just a human. xoxoxo

        • I am at heart a Sufi mystic. Have you read Rumi and Hafiz? Some of the poems are brutal. Its rough to stay in love.

          “โ€˜O sweet beloved,
          you are the refuge of my soul.โ€™
          He said, โ€˜If you belong to me,
          donโ€™t talk of your own soul.โ€™
          I said, โ€˜Why do you cut me
          with your sharp words?โ€™
          He said, โ€˜My words wouldnโ€™t hurt you
          if you werenโ€™t in love with yourself.โ€™”

      • Thanks 12th!! [pulling out my folder on my chart}.. My virgo sun is in the 12th house. My venus is my scorpio. so.. I have always felt we have a lot in common.


        • I remembered you had some Scorpio but I couldn’t remember where. Venus in Virgo is can be “all or nothing” and I imagine Venus in Scorp can be intense too. With Virgo – its hard for us to let go and allow ourselves a new experience. We never give up! But…we never really commit to ourselves, often. We take the servant role. That just won’t do when the Universe is made of love. Any time you think of the wound of the beloved, use that light to find the wound within yourself and heal your self. Always heal your self first. xoxo

  17. “Hard to be a Love Zombie if youโ€™re genuinely self-reliant and can afford to go shopping, see a shrink or school and raise your kids on your own.” —

    This is my new life goal in a proposition, a-fucking-men! I feel like feminism has backfired but there is a next wave just about to pop off…

    • I think the next wave of feminism will involve men and by that I mean be led by feminist men [alongside feminist women].

      • Yes! I agree! Restructuring and respect. But individual empowerment.

        I think the next wave will also respect the inherent differences between men and women (equality does NOT equal exactly the same!) and social structure will change so that individuals who choose to become parents have much more community based services to help so that women don’t have such a pressure and a burden…having to choose between career and family…

        But yeah, time for women to stand on their own and be supported and rewarded for doing so! All full time jobs should have free childcare, no question.

        I’m 25 already and I can’t fathom how my friends my age with children and mortgages and full time jobs do it all…

        • not backfired, just an ebb and flow. each wave brings in more humans and sets the baseline higher. it’s really beautiful. i absolutely agree that the next one will involve a lot of men, respecting and celebrating our differences. and cheers to a change in parenting/childcare responsibilities. they’re doing it already in scandanavia… now the rest of the world needs to get on board!

  18. Yep, loving it. Specially the food thing. Because people are just getting really Bolshie, they’re like, to hell with that, I’ve felt sick for years and the answer is this fricken naf food pyramid and medication. NO IT’S NOT!!! But wait, on the web, there’s people doing stuff, questioning the ‘science’ and telling us that possibly, it’s just a bunch of crap.

    Here’s how dumb I am. When I was living in the Middle East, my diet consisted of local meat, local fish ( a LOT of that), local milk (wouldn’t drink the store milk which meant I went without for 5 months of the year), lots of vegetables and lots of fruit. And bucketloads of coconuts. literally bucketloads, because it was one of the few things that grew fresh there all year round, they were cheap, and by god they were tasty. I would eat about half a coconut a day, and frequently drink a litre of the water.

    And I rarely ate sugar because I just didn’t ever go near shops that sold sugary things, doing all my shopping in the souq. And I never ate bread except for my darling Sri Lankan housekeeper’s deep-fried pooris of which I would eat a plateful.

    I felt and looked effing amazing, but I kept being worried because I thought I was not eating enough grains. But felt and looked amazing, right.

    Fast forward 12 months later. Back in Australia. Feeding on bread and pasta. Not feeling great, piling on the kilos, getting sugar craving, blah, blah, it goes from bad to worse, under pressure I just eat crap and my body breaks down and then my mind follows. Bleaaaaagh.

    I don’t give a rats arse what anybody says, I went back to Paleo 3 weeks ago and I am back to looking and feeling amazing, hyper-alert, long attention span, skin is really clear and super smooth, all the nagging aches and pains including the super-arthritic damaged big toe are on their way out and grains and sugar can just go to blazes.

    Plus I am cooking amazing stuff. And I would say my carbon footprint has probably dropped by about a third, because I’m pretty much eating only local again (with the exception of the coconuts, which I simply can’t live without).

  19. THIS Is the bit I love about this astro right now.

    I must admit it’s been a weird time for wins and losses here. I made so much ground in some ways and was heavily punched in the face in others… BUT I am so turned on by all this movement towards self sufficiency and getting rid of vile powers and how hard they infiltrate. I was born for revolution so I love this anarchic shift, despite the process it’s taken to even pave the way. Come end of Jan i’ll be singing a different tune. Site will finally be finished after being dicked around for over half a year and I can focus on being self employed again.

  20. I’ve sworn off working with the government and gave up a hefty raise to avoid working with a defense agency. My new client is in the pharmaceutical industry, which is the most ruthlessly for-profit business I’ve ever known. Terrifyingly for profit. In any case, they are actually developing a new business model. Start-up, super nice people, with a desire to share info with people who need it. I mention it because we’ve seen so many business models crash/change/evolve once the distribution channel changed (news, music, books online). And its just the tip of the ice berg. But, really, we need to be creative and inspired, now more than ever. It takes a lot of discipline to not fuel one’s self on hatred and righteous anger. Hatred and anger is so traditional old school. But, its possible to be new, yeah?

    I don’t blame any generation or gender for the situation we’re in. I think we’re in great situation to change the world and every single individual contributes to that.I’m an independent woman. And I love men now more than ever because I love them for what they are, not what I was taught they represent.

    Freedom for all!!!

    • “We could make an epic catalog of male achievements, from paved roads, indoor plumbing, and washing machine to eyeglasses, antibiotics and disposable diapers. We enjoy safe, fresh milk and meat, and vegetables and tropical fruits heaped in snowbound cities. When I cross the George Washington Bridge or any of Americaโ€™s great bridges, I think: men have done this. Construction is a sublime male poetry. When I see a see a giant crane passing on a flatbed truck, I pause in awe and reverence as would for a church processions.” — Camille Paglia

  21. Let me count the ways Mystic has changed my life since 2010…

    * Cleaning by moon cycles is bliss made possible by her insightful scopes
    * Decluttering is a path to personal freedom (note – if you hold an object and think, “maybe but…’ toss it)
    *Glamor is a kind of protection and respect and everyone can be glamorous
    * There is pure magic in every day objects and routines
    *This community is fuqing brilliant and I am so happy to know where to go to hear tales of personal evolution from others. Sometimes, in the day-to-day zone, I suspect nothing is moving. Than, I read something here and feel I am not alone. xoxo

  22. Hmmmmmmmmmm

    Well what I have lost or am rapidly losing interest in is:
    Money obsession; debt; sex; constantly having to “do”; my emotional crap; too much thinking; complexity; body obsession; food obsession; actually any obsession

    What I’m growing more interested in:
    Art for art sake; intuitive knowing; just “being”; simplicity; gratitude for the fact that I actually have food and a reasonably healthy body; self forgetting; helping out others just for the hell of it; joy; god


    • Agree Prowln!! So over the food/diet/exercise/money obsession. And the striving to achieve some impossible ideal.

      Bring on Uranus in Taurus I say! Aries energy is exhausting and so shouty, and i dont like being told what to do or how to be (Saggo moon in 11th square Uranus). Had enough of the Anthony Robbins style of “awesome” crap. Everyone on Facebook thinks they’re a motivational guru at the moment. Can’t stand all those “stay calm & carry on” quotes. Ugh! Buzzwords are irritating.

      I’m tuning into the subtle, dreamy vibes of Neptune. That’s more my style. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m thinking by the time Uranus hits Taurus, peeps will crash on the couch and go “WTF was all that about!!!?…. pass me the pizza” Lol

  23. Feeling so fabulous!
    Wake up you ARE the sun in your eyes!
    I feel I am from all time lines at once, across all time and space. The once and future Dancer of the Cosmic Dance.

    My lesson this year past has been coming to terms with the cycle of death & life on Gaia. She taught me to love my survival skills & not be ashamed that I needed to eat her children the animals, to love them as I sustain myself with their blessed forms.

    To see suffering and not die within every time. Instead to know all creation is born every minute and reborn anew at life’s end. It is endless rebirth in fact! So don’t be afraid of your Death.

    But still my heart must open and open and open for every slight pain or injustice because that is to share and to love. I do love endlessly and unconditionally even as I flare smarting from the scratches, slings & arrows of outrageous fortune.
    Glorious are the long days at the end of time. I know this because I felt the pressure of your arms hugging me and felt real physical love.

  24. clicked through those links you posted– particularly like “hardcoreness” and the part “By having the courage to fail before you succeed. And by trying.” That seems to be what the “zap zone” is all about– realizing that success takes time– maybe not for some, but i can for others– and realizing how important it is to be brave and strong and learn how to deal with setbacks. And to realize the importance of continuing to try– yes it is important to be realistic and to try new things the next time maybe– like changing your game plan and learning how to adapt to the situation. If it doesn’t work out, then fine. But it is always good to try to and to have the courage to fail before you succeed. otherwise, it’s like having all trines in your chart and no squares… you need the squares so you can become a stronger, more compassionate, and more enlightened person. A person who has experienced both hardships and successes in life and has, thus, lived a truly full life.

    • Amen!! The enlightened rallying cry may be “Are you ready to fail again?!? Roar!”

      Lowered expectations sound like a bad thing. But…it’s really about realizing you don’t know what will happen and enjoying the adventure. Love what you shared.

      • It helps that my Aries-Gemini daughter is SUPER into bravery and the unexpected. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. because i am half taurean and i LOVE you all, i’m sharing my absolute favorite music of the moment. anarcho folk punk is what it’s ALL ABOUT, and aries uranus is the most brilliant astro energy ever. when it hits pure and right it’s better than any drug, any natural high, anything. and i don’t know why but it feels so much like me, my ideal self among selves. also i love how the world is FINALLY getting on board with zero hedge, et al. finally!! i need to get on board with the diet though… carb addiction is a fuqer. signed up for the bulletproof guy’s newsletters, it seems like his approach is one my scorpy 6th can totally hang with. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou0w40EtMDA&w=420&h=315%5D

        • tis what i’ve been doing. i tried to paste the longer url from the youtube embed link this time. maybe embed is not the right term- what i mean is put up a big box with the vid in it and um… stuff. oh well. thanks!

          • it’s fine, really. If someone’s interested they’ll click on the link. No need for the big box!

            • I don’t know how NOT to get the big screen. Sometimes it happens and sometimes the link appears. I’d prefer to share a link than visually clutter the page (my comments can be clutteringly long as it is ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  26. Love paleo – hate the shit breath. BTW it was my ultra conservative specialist that put me on to the paleo way. I agree that there is truth (our experiences) and then there is bullshit look at me aren’t I the clever one with my food pyramids and links to agri business.
    Anita Moranji wrote after her NDE that it’s what we tell ourselves about food / exercise that determines it’s impact on us. We know when good base food has been fuqed with we just get so many counter messages telling us we don’t know what is good for us.
    Hardcore our commitment to being true to ourselves and chill with the details

  27. YAY!

    Well done Mystic on achieving Paleo-vegan status – that is truly awe inspiring. I’ve thought about it as I was vegan until age 34 (sudden pregnancy-induced urge to eat meat and have been carb-free ever since) but cannot get enough protein as soy is off limits.

    So I stick with Primal Blueprint as outlined on your link above (marksdailyapple.com) and have been doing IF (intermitttent fasting) for over a year now and really love it. My whole tribe is now gluten free and paleo (no mean feat in this day and age as children are total carb addicts). Even my Piscean sister has adopted the Primal Blueprint – almost instantly dropped 10kg and looks years younger. Of course they all draw the line around my very disgusting practice of making bone broth (SO good for arthritis-prone peeps as it restores collagen so dammit I will keep it up even though it stinks out the house).

    Yippee for paradigm shifts – have always questioned CW (Mercury trine Uranus at Aries Point). God I love the internet. SO damn easy to learn about new things.

    I cannot imagine life any other way. Rest in 2019? I suppose we’ll all have earned it by then.

    • do you know about vital greens pea protein TA? I’m not interested in any of that obsessive diet crap or the gym – ie: I’m not the classic target market for this kind of stuff, but it’s GOLD if you’re really busy and you need to keep the energy up without having time to cook/eat breakfast. Just bung it in the blender with a banana and bob’s your uncle. Also their mix that has all the other things in it is yummy – has pictures of blueberries etc. on it. mmmm

      • Didn’t know about it until you mentioned it A.

        I WISH I could just swill a protein shake (or spirulina/wheat grass etc). I can’t drink anything but black coffee or water – it is weird. I put it down to ScAries Mother force-feeding me this horrible concoction made from brewer’s yeast, apricot nectar and yoghurt as a child.

        But if I could do a liquid supplement I’d have to stay off the Pea powder as peas are on the Paleo no-no list for various reasons. Yes, I am one of those obsessed health nuts :).

        • ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just over hearing people bang on about their diets – first world issue etc. check out the video link below. But you are spot on – the texture would make you gag – it’s a shame tho, it’s the go to beverage for busy bees.

  28. Thanks so much for these links, Mystic, really useful!

    The book that was a game-changer for me is called ‘Good Health in the 21st Century’ by Dr Carole Hungerford. Dense but really well researched and accessible, it exposes all the merde about big pharma, illness and mass food production. I also have a fantastic naturopath who is down to earth and all about diet/what we can do for ourselves.

    Simplifying has been the key for me and the great thing about the proliferation of information is that people can pick and choose according to what works best for them. There is no hierarchy of information any longer. I find I do better on a vego/fish/legumes diet… too many grains and I become a food zombie. Fogged thinking, intuition shuts down, bod bloats, mood plummets.

    Getting rid of chemical skin care, deodorants etc has been enlightening. My skin is the best it’s ever looked, I am using less, and it’s so much cheaper.

    • I’ve ditched the expensive skincare too and only use stuff made by a naturopath and it’s like I have lost years off my face and I never get fry skin any more.

      • oh yeah that’s meant to say dry but fry works too. Am looking for some hemp oil it’s meant to be a good sunscreen and I also want to use it because I want to support the people bringing this new phase of acceptance of the plant into the mainstream. I never use the SPF stuff I suspect it’s toxic and it depletes vitamin D. I just avoid the sun on the days when it’s too much and wear sleeves etc. Seldom get sunburnt. Does anyone know of any good hemp oil products?

  29. Yeah, I guess they’ve gotten more mainstream cred lately.

    However the masses in my town are busily subsisting on cheap junk food and will probably continue to do so ad infinitum.

    Please don’t be so hard on carbs. We don’t all have systems that can deal with with carb-free-caveman diet—If I don’t eat carbs, I go into a diabetic coma.

    A truly awesome book is “Honey Mud Maggots”….GREAT stuff. It will get you smearing saliva on your wounds and urine on your face like nothing else! Seriously, mandatory reading.

  30. Complex carbohydrates are good to me and I in turn like them. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the book rec, will check it out.

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