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No matter W.T.F is going on, where Pluto/Uranus are zapping you, Saturn…everything – when the Moon is in Virgo like it is now and for the next 40 ish hours, you feel fab from making decisions, sorting your shit, booking appointments, organizing the details & making procrastination the number one demon on your To Conquer list.

During this Virgo Vortex you don’t get to Zen Nirvana by slothing out or leaving stuff to soak, you attain satisfied high via task accomplishment…

Image: Skye Zambrana

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59 thoughts on “Virgo Vortex

    • i’m sorting some music, admin files, clothes, work from home (flooding), new phone, a project plan and strange kitchenware — but then popped out for acupuncture and curry paste — and returned with five books!!! OOOOPS.

  1. …And then it dawns on me why I’m deriving such pleasure from fixing wrong apostrophes and stray commas in resumes.

    Virgo moon 😉

    • There are few things as satisfying as correcting somebody else’s punctuation mistakes 🙂

      • I’m helping with resumes for a few friends at the moment (as well as doing my own!) and it’s been incredibly satisfying playing with font sizes and formatting and little grammatical things 🙂

  2. Popped out for a couple of hours, came home to the Piscean, Virgo Moon man, who has just put up a chin-ups bar across the hallway, so he can hang on it, when he feels like he needs get a good stretch in, and for me to train for Tough Mudder in October this year … Nice one Moon in Virgo. Booyah…
    Spent a bit of time this morning working out our home ‘To do’ list…. shite that needs doing in each room (cleaning, de cluttering, trips to Op shop/Charity store, and then at the bottom of the list wrote ” Write new list when this list is done” .. Defo kicking our arse into gear here.

  3. In the vortex as we speak. Yesterday I got into some long-overdue decluttering. Today I have been to cycle training, done a load of washing, vacuumed and washed the car, donated some surplus household items to a friend and run a few errands. All before work! The email inbox and to-do list at my office are now getting a thrashing. How do I work out when the Moon will next be in Virgo?

  4. Virgo Moons seem to be an almost guaranteed way to break out of slumps for me. The ‘get things sorted and done nownownow’ vibe just gets me going every time. Or maybe it just activates my own natal Moon in Virgo…

  5. Oh I’m jealous of you guys using the Virgo moon to declutter n get organisational awesomeness! Am down with the flu, all plans for today down the drain.

    • I felt like that last week, barely able to get a breath, let alone take advantage of the Mars-Venus (i had visions of those crazy old brit nudge-nudge-wink-wink shows where some old fella conks it in the act. I’m not a wrinkly old british male but it was still a cautionary thought.)

      Try not to guilt over it. Get into Nurse Virgo earthy witch healing vibes and nourish yourself. There’s more to Virgo than decluttering…besides i like Capricorn for real efficiency…maybe see when the Moon is in that for your next round?

      • I love Capricorns. Capricorn energy is intense. I still feel worn out from Mars in Capricorn. I am def going Nurse Virgo for now.

      • haha thanks milleunanotte~ ah, you just reminded me that I can break out the eucalyptus oil + humidifier. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. All I can say is, Saturn, I respect you. But please get the fuq outta my relationship sector as soon as you wish.


    • I have that Old Devil in my natal 7th House. I had to kiss a lot of ugly frogs til I kissed the right one.

    • Sometimes Saturn can bring you a boon too in that dept. When saturn was on my 7th, I started one of the best, longest and most stable relationships I have ever had. He doesn’t always suck, but he does make you pay for it.

  7. I’m worn out. My to-do list can go to hell. I need to NOT do for a little while. I brought homemade cup cakes into the office today. It was nice to do something unnecessary. I need to get social at the office. That’s my to do list.

    I got myself the most awesome snake ring in the post today. Its gold and fits my ring finger. I haven’t worn a ring since I got divorced. Its like I married myself now. Like the Glee character Sue Sylvester. I love that character.

    • fabulous and meaningful! and funny- you were in my thoughts as i drove this morning and i had this picture of you as a snake. as a hissing cobra to be exact… i think your first house libra is seething. like it’s good finding it’s expression in 2nd house issues, but deep down it’s like this work/self-worth focus is fine, but this is who i AM, all stuffed under this virgo. make sure in your socialization kick you honor that and don’t drown it in virgoan service. snakes do not apologize and they don’t serve. they do, however, hypnotize!

      i kinda feel like this is a load of crap and i should erase it, but maybe it’ll resonate. apologies if it’s off or none of my fuqing business. 🙂

      • Glad you didn’t erase it. The snake makes me feel good. I’m so happy I found an artisan who gets the meaning of the symbol. I know I can’t be something other than what I am. The ring reminds me that I am not going to metamorphosize into an alternate being, you know? If that’s possible for me, than it already happened.

        I’m too tired today to put on my happy social. Maybe the bee ring I ordered will give me strength for that. Or Jupiter direct. January has been a very low-energy month for me. But, I know what I am about and what I am not about and am grateful. Trying to stay with the grateful for now.

        I have a lot to learn from snakes…

        • At a party when i was 17, wearing a little silk shift, the party -giver put his boa constrictor on me. It slid & entwined around my body. The snake over silk on my hot young teen body was an experience i will never forget..fell in love with snakes, coulda married it 🙂

  8. Being a Virgo the de-clutter was done ahead of schedule so I took the Virgo moon as opportunity to see my Virgo spiritual counsellor for a guided meditation. Amazing how the word ‘silence’ pushed all the worries out my head leaving me free to go on a spiritual run with packs of animals. So earthy!

  9. I have Virgo rising (Pisces Sun and Sagg Moon) and I am not feeling the Virgo moon’s get-up-and-get-cracking vibe.

    I feel like escaping to kinder worlds right now (drained, absolutely DRAINED by my work environment + colleagues) and am procrastinating like crazy. That must make me a really committed Piscean.

    Very impressed by – and just a tad admirationally envious of – everyone’s very-Virgo energy.

  10. Totally on it! health insurance claims, travel insurance claims, visa applications, adoption documents… I am a paper work machine!!! Most satisfying.

  11. Not feeling the Virgo moon at all unfortunately. Kids go back to school tomorrow and the last couple of days heavy rain just brought us all down. I must get my kit into gear and start working again. The last 5 weeks have been blissful, the family had possibly the best holidays ever, we are working together as a unit like never before.
    I think that Saturn has got to me for the first time in months. Maybe Jupes will give us all a kick in the right direction Friday ?

    • I always go through a bit of a slump just as a significant planet is about to go direct. With Jupes in my 6th house and affecting the 7th (sag moon) I’ve felt a bit odd too. Funny tho with the Saturn thing? … been thinking lately it might be “fun” to go to the gym in the mornings. I never EVER think crazy thoughts like that! 😉

      • Interesting, I have previously noticed that as well but never directly made the correlation that it was a pattern. I’m pushing on and getting things done to bust out of the lazy weekend couch rut but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a lot more physically tired than usual despite getting good sleep. I’m hoping the shift into more Aqua energy and Jupiter direct peps me up a bit after a very sleepy and 12th house oriented January.

        • has it not been the longest january imaginable?!? i’m beginning to think there really was a shift that went down on the winter solstice. like, everything will move at a glacial pace from now on. perhaps to drive home the practice of being mindful and in the moment. i seriously feel like christmas was a LIFETIME ago. it’s been a productive gestation period but if it keeps up like this it will take a lot of adjustment!

          i always thought the planetary crisis right before direct was the definition of stationing. to really drive the point home and make sure you’ve GOT IT. we’ll see. not feeling the virgo moon in the slightest, even as an overlay. interesting.

      • Interesting that you say that.. Been having such a great month+ and today was very sensitive. I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about my job. I usually lay awake for hours but for some reason I let it go and went back to sleep.. woke up and have been ready to cry. Too soon for PMS so I was a little shocked about how quickly my energy level went from sky high to let me run and hide.

  12. Serioulsy! Oh I want to believe Mystic! I really do…. but i’m pooped and stuck and feel like I’ve been SO awesome and worked and networked and inhaled Kale and been brave and yes I know blah zap zone blah but Goddess help me I’d love a leg up (not a leg over I know how you guys love that phrase!) Just a sign (and yes I know you said there would be one coming!) But truly if I clean anything else It will honestly just be more avoiding making decisions that I”m terrified will be the wrong one! Sigh, Yes I’m ranting again, I really do appreciate the space to do this… and It will of course all be ok and my life is actually pretty damn lovely even if none of the stuff I”m trying to get to happen happens…….. going to for a nap now… tomoz Jupe direct…. Yay! xx
    Leo, Pisces rising Venus Virgo, moon Cancer

  13. Procastination is on the top of my list.. UGH!!! I can’t get over how much time I waste. I have been working out which is a good thing but my apartment is a mess. Better than I use to be but I could do more. Decluttering is not the issue it’s organizing and making it feel like a home. My second bedroom is the “don’t know what to do with this stuff” location.. I have a door which is good. Time for a shift.


  14. I know we are talking about Virgo activity but since Jupiter is going direct can someone help me understand how it will relate to me. When Jupiter goes direct do I look at the natal placement or the transitioning placement or both? Jupiter is in my 9th house of my natal chart and is transitioning my 8th. It Jupiter is going direct I guess it will affect the following for me:

    9th house: Travel, Philosophy, Mind Expansion: Jupiter will obviously encourage better understanding of philsophy since jupiter relates to individual meaning, purpise and optomism hope and a sense of justice. ~last night I message came to me that shocked me out of a deer in the headlines view.. I am still thinking about it. The message was “Who are you living for? Are you living to make yourself happy or make God happy? I stopped in my tracks. I thought living for myself and being happy was the most important thing. Re-evaluating things.

    8th house: Sex, occult (like Scorpio.. which I don’t understand) Jupiter will also encourage me to better understand the sexual and/or occult area of my life.~ I have been evaluating the meaning of sex! What does it really mean to me! LOL!! A lot but without it what does it mean!

    Am I on the right track? Jupiter has been retrograde since October 2012 so I guess that means that those areas of my 8th and 9th house have been held up? Is that correct?

    I am trying people.. I am trying! xo!!

  15. People don’t take us Virgos or our attributes very seriously! Virgos, for some reason, don’t conjure the most invigorating or sexy of images like Aries or Scorpio. However, our lot includes Sean Connery, Sophia Loren, Cameron Diaz, Lisa Ling, (Charlie Sheen is our wayward son), and more very talented, versatile and beautiful people. It goes to show that when we have our stuff together, it radiates and we simply have time to enjoy life!

    I previously read that a Virgo was originally a pretty lady of age 15, a now-mature maiden who has entered womanhood (also known as the type of women that all the modeling agencies hunt down). The Spanish and Latino countries actually celebrate a the 15th birthday with a festivity called quinceañera. I guess Virgoan attributes may be too subtle for more bombastic types (and perhaps cultures) to appreciate.

    • I am and especially used to be a massive Virgo fangirl! ^__^ My little sister is a Virgo and I always admired her for being simultaneously very grounded and intelligent but also adventurous and in the moment. My triple fixed sign glacial introvert nature prevented me from having this vivacious quality that she had. I’ve noticed that many of you guys have that chilled out love for life and lack of pretension, some of the funniest and FUNNEST people I know are Virgos and I’ve met many brilliant Virgo artists as well.

      I also think Virgos are very sexy because they are NOT OBVIOUS but have a very seductive undertone to all that they do. You guys are persuasive and charming. I dunno…I have really strong opinions on Virgos because I think that they are misrepresented more than any other sign (unlike Taurus, which is dead fucking on every. single. time. lol). To me Virgos are like Saggitarians but with a more polished, calculating shell on top. I admire you guys for your ability to enjoy the world and the present moment but still be crafty bitches (seriously, I mean that as a compliment! ha). Virgos are mysterious, always surprising you, and have many layers, and to me that is what seduction is all about! Plus you guys smell good. lol

      Wow, I guess I just wrote an Ode to Virgos. All my best female friends have either been Virgos or Capricorns (another sometimes misrepresented sign) and many of them have felt shafted at their astrological descriptions so I felt it was time to stick up for them or something.

      • I am fans of the sensuous yet earthy grounded Taurus friends I have and the eccentric Aquas!
        I have many Virgo artist friends too and they aren’t always prim and proper and boring old stuffs. ha ha!
        I have Virgo Sun, Scorpio Rising.

    • Leonard Cohen, and Nick Cave (Sun and Moon) are both Virgos. I know they probably aren’t to everyones taste, however, the ability to plunge way down deep to the darkness and bring it to the surface and light, sing about and paint it into such a vivid visualness has a raw sexiness.
      Never under estimate a Virgo, they will pull their sleeves up and get stuck right in to the nitty gritty grime of any kink, situation and usually calmly too…
      Respect the Virgos !

  16. New Life Rule: Only write out five year plans and update year-long goal breakdowns when the moon is in Virgo.

  17. maybe i am feeling the moon a little. i’m sitting in a coffee shop seething after realizing that i DESPISE the class i just got out of. the professor has this approach which she says is formulated to teach us to think, and it’s so patronizing. it’s like being in special ed, and i can’t intellectually engage. just fuqing teach!! i dropped it after a month last semester because i was so mad. i can’t drop it again. shallow, shallow, shallow. give me something to chew on! arrgh

    • actually the level of incompetence out there today is stunning. if this is where the virgo hyper-criticality comes from, i get it now. why is it so hard just do do something right?! virgos, much compassion for you if this is something you deal with daily, and admiration. i have unfairly judged you all.. whew.

  18. Loving this Virgo moon. I had to work late last night and got home to a messy house but cleaned and tidyed until I went to bed. A date tonight and have hair, nails, shoes, makeup and underwear all immaculate. Virgo rising.

  19. yup cleaning up.

    But i also put myself on the line. *gulp*
    I hope I don’t get shit on. Because that’s what normally happens in these situations. That or ignored…

  20. Erk, I have figured out the last few months that Virgo moons generally don’t agree w me. They oppose my Pisces stellium and then hit right on my Pluto/Uranus conj in 1st. I retreat into details/slog and that helps enormously, but sheesh, the glumness that settles. Forensically catalogued, alphabetised and correctly punctuated analyses of shortcomings in 1st and 7th houses. I do get a lot done, in a Chekhovian ‘work will save you’ kind of way, but fuq, the bleakness. The good news is that I now know it will pass, so I just slog through it. Looking forward to Jupiter direct in my 10th.