The Upside Of Being A Love Zombie

So we all know the downside of being a Love Zombie but what about the upsides? Former and Recovering Love Zombies: please don’t take this as a trigger lol. But seriously, i can think of two, just offhand.

(1) The development of skills & attributes you might not otherwise have had. Eg; I know someone who became a really skilled motorcyclist trying to impress/get closer to a married Saggo who had implied that their one night fling could in fact turn to more. He fed her obsession, always flaring up whenever she successfully withdrew. Like candida, like the the herxheimer reaction in fact. Anyway, that thing followed the classic Love Zombie cycle and she eventually successfully applied standard F.F.F. Protocol on the situation. But she became brill with bikes and it transformed her life for the better. Some Love Zombies dive into study/therapy all of a sudden and others get ultra-fit.

(2) Sleuthing skills enhancement. The F.B.I could totally recruit Former Love Zombies for their skills in Pattern Recognition, deduction with very little clues to go on & photo analysis – what did the strange expression on his face at the cousin’s bbq pics on Facebook mean? Existential ennui? Marriage break-up? Gas?

O.M.G and speaking of Love Zombies, whatever happened to that lady who wore nappies so as to drive faster cross-country to stalk her fellow astronaut lover?

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149 thoughts on “The Upside Of Being A Love Zombie

  1. ha….. oh mystic!
    ‘diving into study/therapy all of a sudden’
    umm i dove into studying therapy, as a great excuse to receive therapy, ha, it’s amazing, but i do wonder, now that the zombie time is a distant memory, how directly related to past piscean lover my choices were, and how it feels now that im in essay meltdown.. did i really choose from an authentic part of me? hmm
    sleuthing skills already fully in place, but definitely became enhanced
    yes, i do feel i reviewed my life choices and grabbed hold of the reins in a positive way as a result of falling for unavailable man. being in love with love… your love zombie writings definitely helped me stay sane at times for which i am grateful for reality check πŸ˜‰
    gem sun, leo rising, venus in cancer 12th house

  2. We’ve all been there, but now i see how stunningly boring it is being one, i wonder if the fact that you are becoming more obsessive and boring to be around means you continue pouring your energies into the illusionary fascination of the Other Person, rathyer than into yourself and your personal growth and lifestyle. I’m sure that flavours my teenage years, and i probably wouldn’t have been so boring if i had focused more on myself at those times than being a love zombie. By the same token i might not have explored being sexy quite as much either.

    Photo 1 – is it Robert Wagner? Hilarious Unsuspecting LZ Object expression on his face. Just noticed she’s sculling a glass of wine. And that i really hate white court shoes and have tried for some reason to like them over the years.

    Photo 2 is brilliant! What a composition. Mystic have i ever mentioned how your choice of artwork fascinates?

    • Oh yeah the first photo totally cracks me up. Totally Brill illustrative choice for the state of LZ-hood.

      I was thinking maybe Marcello Mastroianni?

    • Gee. Pretty sure he’s the hilarious Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni. Is that photo from a Fellini film? He doesn’t seem to be at all interested in her leg. Probably wondering how she’s going to defy gravity and swallow up.

      • That is Marcello and the film is La Notte with Jeanne Moreau directed by Antonioni

  3. No kidding – I saw this article and hit refresh like 3 times cause I thought I was stuck in the archives. Lol!

  4. Yeah i can’t find photographer credits for these pix.

    But it’s Marcello M

    And re Astronaut Chick – but what is she doing now i wonder?

  5. I think there are def. upsides to being a LZ.

    At the tender age of 15 y.o., I experienced my first love and first L.Z. experience. I trained to try out for the running team because I wanted to spend more time with Sexy-Legs Aqua. But you have to understand I was a complete fat-ass couch potato bookish nerd before I started. Really, it saved my life on some level. I had developed asthma and borderline blood sugar problems from weighing too much. The doctors begged me to particpate in gym and recess. I just didn’t care until I met SLA in Latin class. Nothing else in life inspired me to exercise or move. I was always depressed. I had attempted suicide at 10 y.o. trying to drink bleach because my life sucked, so dying from asthma or from diabetes seemed like a great idea. L.Z. attraction is better than any narcotic. You can’t feel pain running 5-10 miles every day while living off of 2 protein power drinks and 1 sandwich plus one apple/orange/banana per day. You can withstand *ANY* hardship as long as it moves you closer to your goal. You develop super powers like being able to climb fucking Everest with just a PB&J sandwich and your raincoat. As a result, I won many awards for my running skill. I lost weight and became fit. I lettered in 2 sports. My academic record was stellar because it became well rounded from the sports added to it.
    The only bad things that happened were I developed a borderline eating disorder (exercising too much) which consequently ended my career running prematurely due to reoccuring stress fractures of the foot. Also, I failed attracting SLA because I wasn’t his type and I simply did not know how to behave to the opposite sex. (It didn’t help that he was a cruel asshole.) Let’s put it this way, if I met him today, things would be different. I would have the upperhand for sure. He met me in an inexperienced sweet/naive state before life embittered and empowered me. I wouldn’t crumple so easily any more.

    I have learned so many things from my L.Z. experiences in general even if the love didn’t last very long. I wish love didn’t have to be so harsh but at least there is a story to tell and things weren’t boring.

    Scorpio Moon in the 12th house with Neptune on my ASC squaring Venus.

  6. I’d like to think she’s read some of the wise inspiring women on the Mystic Medusa blog and is doing a Kerouac style road trip of sorts to Tahiti, Egypt and North Africa, plus Cyprus – a sort of ‘i’ve been to NASA space camp training but i’ve never been to me’ awakening. She’ll get an appreciation for the wider world and her own privilege, then hit the Scheduler in Feb to start really making her mark.

    In reality her best comeback will probably be to write her memoirs and see what cash she can scrape up from the proceeds to botox herself to betsey and try to win back the LZO (love zomb object).

  7. MM – I totally get your point 2. I used to be a Love Zombie – and thanks to the object of my past desire, I am now able to identify the games some boys (and girls) like to play, detect the lies, read between the lines and TRUST MY GUT 100%. Oh, and I was especially good at photo analysis on FB until I deactivated my account … that was my wakeup call – waste of time … I don’t want to go back to LoveZombiedom … it’s just not part of my future πŸ™‚

  8. This is so timely. I am officially a RLZ. I was looking back at the whole thing yesterday and wondering what I had gained from it: answer – I look 100% better than I would have otherwise and I have my shit 100% more together than I would have otherwise. Maybe my 7th house moon means I need to do it for someone else, not just myself; whatever, I know I emerge from the whole sorry episode a better version of me.

  9. as an LZ you can also have hope where in reality there is no hope. eg fantasising all the time whether or not your crush likes you back (when it would be obvs to a non LZ that s/he is ‘just not that into you’, wasting time interpreting all the little ‘signs’ and creating stories. you can create this whole big ‘thing’ for yourself. and it can be quite entertaining if there isn’t anything much else going on in your life at the moment. makes life more exciting.

    and not really a positive, but good for scairdy cats, it keeps you from having to focus on yourself and create an amazing life for you (eg cause most of your energy is focused on someone else and their life)

    (i have done all of the above in the past, but like to think next time it will be different… )

    • Absolutely spot-on Porkchop! My name is Quintile and I have been a LZ since about age 13 and sadly, still struggling with it despite small gains here and there. Got drunk and busted last night and called the LZO, only to have him ‘cut off’ the call (ie it didn’t even get to voice mail). Thankfully I did not send the text that said ‘come over and fuq me’ but I did text and say the call was a mis-dial. urgh. Each day can be a struggle for addicts – my latest self-loathing is thinking I should have had sex with him the first night we kissed, despite the fact that I have to be careful to avoid such rash behaviour because it has triggered ‘too much, too soon’ in the past and seen me team up with inappropriate people. Very over it today and also reeling from the death of a beloved older relative on NYE. Thanks for listening!

      • PS sun in the 7th House; venus conjunct pluto; moon in pisces; neptune in the 8th – all classic, potential LZ aspects

        • Oh but the Power!
          Psychic, sensitive, redemptive, passionate, forgiving.
          What you couldn’t do (once you’ve identified what you really love to immerse yourself in & given it to yourself), wouldnt be worth doing.

        • i have a venus(8th)/pluto(5th) square and a sun/neptune conjunction in the 7th πŸ™‚

          we can beat this thing though! lol

          i have spent a lot of time working on myself in therapy and with books and being single and feel like next time i’m in a relationship it will be different – because i’m different now. my bullsh*t tolerance is zero, and i’m just so much more grown up. next time i’m in a relationship i will be making room in my life for one, not forgetting all about my life and focusing on someone else’s and trying to make them happy while losing myself.

          • it IS progress not perfection and yes, we all have our own lessons and as long as you are not repeating them (well, not too exactly or too often), there is definite forward movement *hugs*

      • oh ouch. gentle on yourself with the self-loathing… it seems the universe was on your side tech-wise. i’m so sorry about your relative’s passing. hugs hugs hugs.

          • i recommend the book ‘facing your love addiction’ by pia mellody and ‘getting past your break-up’ by susan elliot (she also has a website of the same name, which has tons of fantastic articles)

            be kind to yourself and i’m sorry to hear about your loss πŸ™

            whenever i have been tempted to text the ex i tell myself that whenever i’m focused on him, i’m not focused on doing stuff for ME. he is out there living his life, so i need to do the same – because then there’s three people who don’t care about me – him, his new gf and ME. and i also tell myself that if i cave in i am letting him win and giving him an ego boost and i don’t want that as it makes me feel terrible.

            but for ages i blamed myself for everything. with some reading and therapy i learned that you’re only ever 50% responsible for what happens in a relationship, and you should ALWAYS be treated with respect. someone may want to end a relationship, but they should do it in a respectful way.

            the ‘facing…’ book helps you see your relationship patterns. i am a love addict who fears abandonment, and my ex is a love avoidant who picks partners who will be dependent on him but then gets resentful and runs away. it’s really interesting once you start learning about your pattern. it can help you figure out what to work on for yourself (eg for me that means going back to being the strong, independent, creative person i was before i got into a relationship, because as soon as i started dating i started acting like my needy mother, i come from a very dysfunctional family), and it can also help you figure out the kind of partner that will be good/bad for you.

            best wishes and hugs! stay strong re: LZO. you can do it!!!

            • thanks heaps – I’ll check out those resources…yes, agree, that some of it is modelling from childhood that tailors to one’s native astro, perhaps emphasising the ‘low’ aspects; and/or childhood does not equip, or even negatively prepares one, for the particular growth one is destined for. One reason I panic is all the women in my family are single and substance abusing. *ducks*

  10. Shakespeare is one eg of the upside to LZ-ism.
    Volumes, upon volumes of poetry and plays about LOVE BEAUTY TIME, arcane expression, mastery of iambic pentameter and one can only conclude he had it real bad for a Libran once. πŸ™‚

    • Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra are the sublime love zombies – elevate and perfect its art – the fact they’re middle aged and know they’re being ridiculous makes it all the more soul-churning and beautiful. Always want to slap Romeo and Juliet and tell them what’s what.

  11. since the moon is now in scorpio lets not forget the lesson that even YOU can be an axe murderer!

    here is a can of gasoline, pour it all over yourself, now BURN. gets you where you need to go, with a maximum of pain and delusion. but oh it hurts so good.

  12. Yeah that was Astronaut Lisa Nowak. I checked, she plead guilty to battery and got 1 year of probation, and was discharged from the Navy. It looks like it got fixed to make it go away quietly.

  13. Photo 1 is just a scream in the context of this post (and generally) and I think that all LZs should print this out and stick it on their mirror with a little handwritten note – ‘This is how others see me right now. Is this what I want them to see?’

    Number 3 advantage is that you lift your style, assuming of course that the object of your affections is not some slob.

    Number 4 advantage is that when you start listening to love songs a lot because they are in tune with where you at least are at, you realise they have a purpose and some meaning. Ok, so I’m not talking about the Pina Colada song (a classic of the genre), but really good love songs.

    • you know, it’s almost worth it for the music appreciation angle alone. forget the thin, single, motivated, and hot part… icing on the cake. what it’s really all about is how exponentially it makes your heart grow. and music is the perfect vehicle to bring it to instant consciousness. oh the swoony depths!

  14. I too had to make sure we wernt in archives! So it’s not just me then? Many years ago I dwelt upon the some faux rock god libran for a staggering 7 years! I dates others, busied myself generally, through out that time, but it took ages to get over. I think it was because he was very good at keeping me holding on when it suited him. I thought I was being soo evolved, (freedom, no expectations) but really I was just pandering to him because I wanted HIM sooo badly.
    So 10 years after my Recovery & a diasterous marriage breakdown w a psychopath( really!) I was very suprised to find myself besotted w younger , Extremly hot crush, who I bedded, and have then proceeded to fantasize about for 14 days!!!! I think it’s loneliness talking, really. It’s great to feel desired, but then it stops, and it’s like I want that fix again, even though I KNOW it’s crazy!!!! He exclaimed he’d love to muck around occacionally, and the alarms went off. I was very proud of myself for saying no. But then, I changed my mind. Embaressing Half drunken face booking ensued. He basically could not be less interested! I felt like crap for a week, then I thought, fuck him, and started making fabulous plans, schemes, and generally excessively loving myself!!!!! Rock on ! Xxx

  15. I lived for a time with a Leo lass who . . . well I’ll give her away if I say what she did. Anyway she learnt how to surf to keep up with the not so celibate, rock star, ex-Junky, book thief (!). She must have had a 12th house Sun she was remarkably mild-mannered. We were at Narrabeen one day it was cold and grey the surf was rough and big. I said to her are you are you going out in that?? She was. She didn’t seem by nature to be risk taker or particularly brave, but LZombiedom made her so.

    • Sometimes i reckon it’s like the adventure you are secretly craving. Thankfully we all live and learn. I think for me, it’s about really knowing myself. And patience. Deep down I dont believe I’ll. BE alone forever, I know if I wait great things will happen, I’m just sooo Impatient!!!

  16. “what did the strange expression on his face at the cousin’s bbq pics on Facebook mean? Existential ennui? Marriage break-up? Gas?” – LOL. Love this! πŸ˜€

  17. Matt Johnson therapy all day,

    Post love zombie

    ” the fire is out”

  18. Still though, the worst part is, I mentally KEEP GOING! Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe he thought it was cute, and he is currently devising a way to get w me? Then I’m like, wtf????? Back and forth!!! Aaarrghhh!!!!

  19. Yup, I think it made me a super sleuth and super intuitive, pattern recognition, visions, identifying a pic of someone I never met that was stalking me, lol, healing the unhealable. Graduating my soul…I seriously dislike saggo men now.

  20. well having just spent 6 days in a van on an epic LZ recovery mission with my past LZ obsession (now cruisy F* buddy) as the driver/mechanic/sometimes lust object I have learnt so much that i wish I knew when I was a 5 star LZ.
    I learnt patience patience and more patience, allow the person to be, don’t pressure, don’t be clingy just flow with each other… Trust your instincts above all.

    • thanks for that – calming advice and a reminder that its actually about NOT trying to control and micro-manage, but allow the Other to be x I think it was fallen Angel who said once – respect their space and silence?

  21. OMG, that first photo brings back some classic LZ memories… Tragic as it is, I recall an incident in which I did basically exactly that!

    It was initially, meant to be one of those agile yet graceful ‘handstand/walk over/feat of incredible flexibilty type of things’ (WTF?!) but as it turned out, i somehow managed to incorporate THE prized flat-screen television into my act & we (His prized flat-screen television) & I crashed memorably to the floor.

    HE the ‘Hot Aqua Hong Kong Actor-Martial Artiste-Ryan Phillipe look-alike ‘…

    & I the Libra Sun, Leo Moon, Cap Rising, usually very pragmatic & reserved, Natural Therapist, OBVIOUSLY so high on pheromones that my Cap Rising was rendered completely useless.

    What was I thinking!!? : /

    Although, in my defence, we DID meet just after ‘Studio 54′( the movie) was released & I HAD fallen particularly hard for Ryan Phillipe at the time… To the extent, that I specifically put out an (LZ) intention to the Universe asking for a “hot naughty boy who looked just like that!” (A hormone induced moment of extreme superficiality) … & VoilΓ , within a week I met Hot Aqua Guy.

    Then shortly thereafter the dissolution of that union, I fell in great admiration with my Leo Bowen Therapist, who was the retired Chief of the Fire Department.
    So I put out to the Universe for someone just like him, but younger/around my age.
    A short time later I found myself being swept off my feet by the Hot Spanish Leo firefighter, who was not only a firefighter just like my Bowen Therapist, but also had THE EXACT SAME BIRTH DATE (14th Aug) albeit 30 years apart.

    Then, I identified that I really enjoyed the tender attentiveness of Leo Firefighter’s Venus in Cancer + the warmth of the Leo Sun & his European styling ; )

    So I sent out to the Universe again, for a Sun in Leo Man, with Venus in Cancer, & European…

    & VoilΓ  a short time later, the French Leo Engineer arrives with his Venus in Cancer.

    In retrospect, & having now come to the realization that I’ve manifested all that I asked for, I’m amazed at both the Frankenstein-esque nature of my relationship creations (which i admit were strangely effective, although largely unconscious) & the major Love Zombie/Soul mateship vibe i projected onto the unsuspecting objects of my
    (My Venus is in Scorp/Mars is in Aqua)

    Needless to say, i’m taking some time out to digest the B.F.O’s (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) that Mystic mentioned were en route re: relationships….
    & have become (if not more careful) certainly more aware, of (the power of intention &) what i wish for.

        • Yes, funny tho how they were all sort of ‘astrologically’ based intentions.

          Perhaps they’re the most powerful ones… Y’know, the ones where we suds out the sort of vibe/feeling we want & base our desires/intentions on that.

          I do know tho, for a fact, that not many people tend to realize or utilize their ‘Divine Support’ or Guides or the Universe or whatever, when they wish to manifest/co-create something. In fact many very rarely ask for anything, help, whatevs, at all.

          Could this be why they’re not manifesting all that they could?!

          It’s a two-way thing, we’ve gotta ask up, otherwise we’re still only gaining access to 10% of anything… ie: Our brain, universe, everything.

            • i dunno, i do all that but my results aren’t quite so fabulous or tangible. you have an amazing ability, really really!

          • Interesting – I have to admit I am afraid to really ask – I’m gonna reflect on that today πŸ™‚

    • Love this SI. Yes, we can get all we want with undivided intention.
      I remember the 80’s when women started making lists about all the requirements/ tackle/ etc. that made their perfect match. So funny and interesting. Have you ever seen the original movie Bedazzled , with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. You must see it .
      Your Dudley. πŸ™‚

      • Haha! Thanks David…
        No I haven’t seen it, but youve inspired me to go hire the DVD & kick back with a refreshingly cold juice & tonic water for a nice relaxing arv.
        After all, what could be better on yet another 40C day? : )

      • I love that movie…. Peter Cook is so cool and evil in it. And it has an interesting message to boot!

    • Isn’t it funny?… I never really considered myself a manifestor at all, let alone a ‘powerful one’!

      (Which is really initiating some soul-searching at the mo.)

      But it’s only just dawning on me, as I write this now, that if & when I do finally clarify what I want & intend that (a mean feat in itself for the Librans among us who are rarely decisive about anything)… It does actually come about!

      Y’know what??!!
      Think I’ll go read ‘Think & Grow Rich’… I’ve only ever flicked thru it, but with these newly realized manifesting powers (Thanks to transiting Pluto thru my 12th H, unearthing hidden treasure… & I kid u not, they’ve been totally hidden in my unconscious)
      I’m going to get some decisive & focussed intention happening to manifest the most beneficial things for the Highest Good of All.

      “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go”…

      Ps: Have just recently created a ‘Universe/Goddess/God box’ where I write down & place everything I want Divine support/intervention on, be it the clearing up/healing or resolution of an issue/relationship/whatevs or something I’m manifesting.

      Will share my findings if anyone’s interested & would love to hear other’s experiences with this, or any other experiences of manifesting.


      • I have had genuine success manifesting career and domestic things using a vision board – I reflect on what I want to manifest in the next 3 months, and collage it and hang in my studio. This has been very very effective – I’m just too scared to put a man in the middle/priority position. Interestingly, I did one about 18 months ago, put 3 male figures to the left to represent the 3 complicated situations I wanted out of my life, and put a image of a masked man in there too just because I liked it (diving goggle mask LOL). I just realised that the goggles and hair in the image are exactly the same of the current LZO has (his glasses are shaped like goggles). hmmm. What do people think about the ethics of putting someone you KNOW in an image board? It is wrong??

        • I don’t think its a matter of ethics, but free will. You can’t override a person’s free will. That’s why its best to keep it more vague, general.

          I have a hard time doing this. Too mutable. I don’t know what I want. Whenever I say/thing I do, some douche bag who fits the description shows up, lol.

        • it’s funny you mention this- today, before i came here, i took the picture of my lzo from last year’s vision board and the one from my altar and burned them. instantly a sense of relief and freedom. i think it is a hindrance to a real relationship if anything… it certainly manifested him, but it was like the 4 of wands. completion, but no room for growth.

        • I don’t know about wrong, but what I really Love about Vision Boards is that you’re putting really clear intentions out there, so they can be manifested in the BEST WAY FOR YOU.
          ie: Who am I to insist on having a passionate affair with Joe Bloggs down the street, if the Universe has sussed out that Brad Pitt is a far better match for me??!!

          I like the magic & miracles that are possible when i let go of trying to micro manage everything & open up to Divine wisdom & infinite possibilites.

          I’m over the limitations that come with having to control every little thing. I intend “Loving, healthy & Highest Good” in everything I ask for & then let the Universe do its thing.

          • Oh, the other thing I’ve learnt re: manifesting, is to ONLY focus on what you DO WANT, not what you don’t want… Bcoz it’s the focussing (whether positive or negative), that amplifies & fuels the results.
            ie: a focus on negativity/problems, cultivates more negativity.

            ie: A friend wrote a list re: what she wanted in a partner & added “but NOT bald or balding”.

            Needless to say, she got everything she asked for AND he was completely bald!

            Such an awesome example! I just love it.

        • Too specific I think. it seems to work better if you ask for the qualities of x, be it looks, warmth, devotion, whatever it really is that you like about them, then it gives the universe room to give your request back to you. If you are insisting that it can only be the one specific person, then you aren’t really opening to receive…

            • thanks everyone for those thoughts, and the riff on manifesting – I’m gonna take this advice on board – too little time/space in 2012 to do much more than crisis manage, so its about time I took some agency! x x x

  22. Um…. the upside of love zombie is that all the hormones are pumping through the body, and all of a sudden one looks hot (unless of course it is a pathological case and all ugliness has already ensued)… but the initial lz motivational stage is even proned to increase weight loss, be great in bed, sexy as fuq, have lots of fun, dance all night, yes do acrobatic tricks (btw I woul dlove to be able to do that, its one of my goals for this year, without the alcohol)…. make lots of new “friends”… break down shyness barriers – with drugs or alcohol…. actually say no to those social obligations that one really dosnt want to go to because one is obsessed with love zombie object of interest…. actually not even say no, just dont go… (total bad form, but freedom!!!!) ….

    Yep nup its all downhill from there…If only we could bottle it and just dab a bit on every now and then… I need the motivation!

  23. Well, I have done extraodinary things being a love zombie, and whilst knowing it was mad, have alllowed that exceptional energy to propell me into all kinds of before unknown places, opportunities etc. I have literally travelled to the other side of the earth and landed in amazing situations, nothing to do with the fantasy, but always worthwhile in the end.

    For me it has been ’emotive’ that is ‘moving’ energy. Like when we take a chance…. and the unexpected transforms us.

    So – no – not all bad, just never, or, almost never, what the impetus was focussing on.

    Go chance…..go openness…. just don’t do a fatal attraction, bunny cooking kind of thing.

  24. Wiki: “Unrequited love has long been depicted as noble, an unselfish and stoic willingness to accept suffering. Literary and artistic depictions of unrequited love may depend on assumptions of social distance which have less relevance in democratic societies with relatively high social mobility, or less rigid codes of sexual fidelity. Nonetheless, the literary record suggests a degree of euphoria in the limerence associated with unrequited love, which has the advantage as well of carrying none of the responsibilities of mutual relationships: certainly, ‘rejection, apparent or real, may be the catalyst for inspired literary creation…”the poetry of frustration”‘.[10]
    Eric Berne considered that ‘the man who is loved by a woman is lucky indeed, but the one to be envied is he who loves, however little he gets in return. How much greater is Dante gazing at Beatrice than Beatrice walking by him in apparent disdain’.[11]”

    • Yes. Fantastic info and so true. Now lets talk ‘Romance’, where the Fuq did people learn that one ?
      A guy buys you roses and lights your fag and bang your a gonna ?
      Fuqing ridiculous , and so prevalent in western culture. We love this stuff, lap it up.
      While rolling the end of my mustache, I poor you a cold glass of champagne in the den, your 12 red long stemmed roses in the foreground glisten with fresh water vapor. I place my thumbs into my waistcoat pockets, revealing a very expensive watch. Then with a knowing glare and a smile I remove a diamond ring and place it on your finger….gee, what else could a girl really ever want ?
      But you say no ! Tears well in my eyes as I call the servant to get the car to take you home.( Yes , it’s a Bentley.) Little did I expect your betrayal that very night with the chauffeur at the late night jazz club. Did you have to invite the whole band home to your apartment that night ? And … Would you reconsider marrying me ???? Oh and sure you can keep the ring, if you promise me… one more night …cue Phil Collins

      That’s the end of episode 1.
      The title . Romance Really Sucks.

      • Yes beautifully written.

        For me, a ‘True Heart’ connection (mutual) &/or raw pheromone attraction (also mutual), always trumps the glitz, glam & other machinations of materially fabricated romance…

        And that’s even with a Libra Sun & Leo Moon, who Goddess knows, has a highly amplified appreciation for ‘Beauty’ generally & ‘Beautiful Things’.

  25. Having massive computer problems atm – my 7 year old laptop is refusing to age with grace..Trying to replace it before the next Merc retro.So this will be short..

    But oh my, the first pic summarizes the Everything. I spent two years in LZ prison, the benefits began when I turned my attention to myself. If your mind can obsess with another person, why wouldn’t that person be YOU?

    Any current LZ out there – appreciate your immense capacity to love. It is hard to get by in these times. Just make sure the other person deserves your love. And that is the exit ticket. Once you get out with the necessary lessons tucked safely in your pocket, your next relationship will be like none other – you in your full power.

    signing off before the laptop decides to freeze itself. πŸ™‚

    • My old PC finally died during the last, recent Mercury rx; to be fair, Pepe was 6 years old. I was so sad, still have the hard drive in safe keeping.

      • The funny thing about computers/laptops is that some of us spend a lot of time looking at the screen – retiring them feels like saying goodbye to an old friend, who has seen us in various shapes – in bed hair, bad hair days, in pjs, eating something, drinking, checking the screen intently, reading, etc. πŸ™‚

    • if a true l.z. directed love attention at itself, it would become a narcissist. and there’s too many of those out there if you ask me. Just keeping the L.z. stuff turned down or off is really the best way.

      • wordpress ate my comment — Shortly: Using the same surgical skills that I used on the LZ target on myself, I discovered my relationship patterns – yearning after someone who is not around was safer than going into a tangible relationship. Sometimes self-obsession leads to understanding self better. πŸ™‚

        • i think that would work for peeps having a L.Z. transit or those interacting with someone who is causing a transit, but for us native L.Z. it is a way of life. like those people at the makeup counter who keep trying to sell me pink-toned makeup to hide or blend the yellowish cast to my skin. I’m like that’s its normal colour. I know it must be unpleasant for you to look at it but I’m yellow tinged. That’s how it is.

          • I’m born to be self-obsessed: Mars-Pluto-Merc in the first house. I think this place is a hall of mirrors and everything leads back to me. All is way, blah, blah, blah. πŸ™‚

            • heh me too. jupiter and sun rising. sun on the 1st side. soooo easy to be self-obsessed. but denying it only makes it unconscious, which is so much worse for everyone.

            • yeah plus an unhealthy love for yourself is not better than an unhealthy love for others. It’s unhealthy no matter what.

  26. You know, I’ve just been reading this ( and worked out my own phase, and it occured to me: would a Love Zombie experience seed itself during a particular phase?? Just a theory, and not a very well-formed one at this stage.
    I mean, yes, even with, for example a full-on Venus-Pluto-Mars schemozzle situation thing going on, synastry and composite-wise, would it still have quite the same effect during a last quarter or balsamic phase??
    Am no Mystic when it comes to astro but what do others think? These new things have a harder getting started during the finising phase of one’s progressed moon during these cycles, I would think now that I’ve gained some new understanding.
    Anyway, just a thought. I’d like to check for my own experience circa 2006 about this theory of mine, but have no idea how to atm.
    Cripes, getting late, gotta go to sleep.

    • yes i think some people get transits or just LZ with one person, but others are born into it. I can only think of 2 relationships that were not predominately L.Z.ed and even those…had a tiny touch of it.

    • whoa. that was a fun little bit of astro-geekery and holy moly, i discovered that not only did my lz start on a massive pluto-venus transit, but my prog moon was brand-spankin’ new (6 degrees off) and FOUR DAYS into leo. can we say cracking the heart wide open?? i never had a chance. i think this theory is fully valid (with a sample population of 1 πŸ˜‰ ).

      • Mine was also around the time my progressed sun moved into my 1st house. I still call the overall experience Plutoic

      • Sometimes the only sample you need is yourself, innit? πŸ™‚ You’re your first astro client, and a life-long one.
        “Astro-geekery”, love it, I (astro)-geek, therefore I am.

  27. I’m so gratefully for these insights. It has been soo long since I gave way to these feelings in myself. It’s awesomely fun and exciting, but what if I am rejected? I know there is a perfect Shakespeare something about the delicious agony of it all. It’s so gross! I like my romances sharp and to the Point!

    • rejection is fine as along as it is direct and happens soon, what i hated were guys and their indirect rejections…wussy shit they do to make it seem they are “nice”…. so they disappear, don’t text or call back, avoid, and so forth. In my new wisdom i have now labelled these under REJECTIONS instead of letting them feed an unnecessary fire. I can let go.

      • YES!! letting it drag on and on and on under the guise of “nice.” so you have to be the bad guy. bollucks! grow a spine, men!

      • good point – my current LZO is very honest, at least I do know that – mmm, maybe it will turn out ok….*off to lala land again*

  28. So, being an LZ taught me that my consciousness contains the BEST drugs EVER! I have a friend who goes to lots of shows. He admitted to me the other day that he’s all like “that show was amazing! that band rules!” but its really because he was on so many “good” drugs.

    I did ecstasy with him and some friends the other night. I’ve never done it before, but I’ve said “it was like I was on ecstasy” before, so I wanted to compare. Being an LZ gets you WAY higher than ecstasy. And, ecstasy is gross as it cuts a cord between you and your feelings, whereas in LZ land you are SUPER feeling.

    Consciousness can do anything! Its amazing how good we can feel and what we can know and all that. Being an LZ gave me my senses for the first time, really, since I was a child. But, it isn’t about the LZ object anymore than the band my friend listens to being the thing that gets him high.

      • Right!?! He’s all justifying the habit and I’m like “Dude, I am not arguing with you or having any bathed in baby Jesus’s blood come to God moment. All I am saying, is its cheaper and a way better high to work with your own energy.” People get WAY to hung up on the particulars of any given emotion. LZ-dom helped me through that.

        • I have a theory that love zombie dom can open you up to a stash of love that you can dose yourself with on-demand like. It scared me at first because if you drop LSD or similar, you know how long you will be tripping – plan your day around it. When I was a LZ, it seemed endless but no one seemed to notice how high I was. Its just consciousness. Now, I am kind of light tripping all the time, lol! I mean, I learned I have to ground out and not get manic, but I can feel WAY better than I ever imagined possible.

          Been thinking about drugs and consciousness quite a bit lately. Excuse my rant. I wish I knew how to help more people get on their natural high. Problem is, people have beliefs about themselves. Ugh.

          • please, rant on! i for one am quite interested in how to access these drips. as my recovery progresses i find i am totally lost as how to be thin, sexy, etc without the juice. the second phase of recovery… the rebuilding.

            • OMG – you TOTALLY got dosed the other night confronting that dirty word “artist” did you not? You are totally capable of getting yourself in the zone. Paint the pentagram on your wall if you want. Get off on you. Its right there. And you don’t need drugs to give you permission or access to that. Its all you, you hot artist mother woman.

              Actually, there are some methods of meditation that can help make it more of a practice. But trusting in the flow of your emotions is a baseline practice. Like, getting in the zone and not judging, just feeling, and not acting out or running away either. Some feelings are good and some are crap, but you can deal – already have dealt – with that. But isn’t that what an artist does naturally?

              Important thing is to ground frequently when you start getting in some manic art state. Grounding is just taking your socks off and putting your feet on the floor and pushing energy out and down. Its important to just be content, balanced, and not too high. But its all free and you.

              • Breathing, eating, sleeping, shitting – these are all spiritual practices. Deep inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, belly breaths. Get the fire in your belly open and chill. Little light buzz.

                • ah, lovely. these are all things i already do, it’s just about practice and confidence. and practice! cool! totally doable. and YES i DID access it the other night! though i was not remotely sober. but ok, yeah, take that and run with it! and heck yes ground it constantly. this is the lesson of my saturn-uranus at the moment too- ground it. make it REAL. thank you you amazing treasure!

                  i didn’t paint the pentagram which is good since my landlord unexpectedly came over 2 days later. phew to that. instead i took the manic mars energy and combined it with my diy punk sensibilities and chopped bangs into my hair. oy. venus void oops! oh well. when venus goes into cap i will pony up to the money system and get it professionally fixed. ha!

              • You can also fantasize. Pretend you are on a island and are the goddess that you are. What do you want? Feel that power. No judgement. Follow it out. Ground it out.

                I suspect you need to get wasted with friends cause you take on too much of their crap. You’re open, but you have guilt issues or something around your authority. You have to protect and defend your power. You really are a goddess.

                Interactions with others are disorienting and will be. There’s a split between what they feel like and how they act and when someone is fantasizing about licking your foot is when they’re most likely to lash out in a venomous evil way. Just stay cool. Know yourself. Love yourself. And show the world what a rock star looks like. πŸ™‚

                • i suspect you can get inside my head so well because we have lots of synastry. at least i know i have noted it several times. it’s freaky and cool what you wrote because it’s so very true. yes, i take everything on from my friends. they come to me for therapy and i am a damn good therapist for them but boundaries are a definite issue and i haven’t figured them out yet. exhausting and makes my debilitated pass-agg mars get all wacky. or that narcissistic rising i noted above. or both. somehow i’ve gotta learn to own my power. it’s partly the mind-body split, which is not just a gemini thing but a jupiter rising insecurity thing. all i ever wanted as a kid was to be small and normal… no. i will never be small. even thin i am just gigantic. which i am trying to rephrase as statuesque, like an enormous athena statue or something. i turn heads, and i even try to, but then am embarrassed by it. hiding is not a possibility but it’s such an ingrained behavior. no more! i’m working on it. prog moon into leo the last 9 months or so has been a wake-up call. prog moon and rising will enter leo in 4 years or so and then it may be on. own and be jupiter. own and be jupiter trine pluto actually. and marry uranus. it’s coming… πŸ™‚

                  • the guilt is a good ol’ catholic upbringing. can’t be a powerful woman in that paradigm. fun!

                  • You don’t get to pick what you are. You own it. That’s it.

                    Was raised Catholic too. Must be part of our synastry πŸ™‚

                    The church is so repressed. Makes for hot, twisted fantasies.

                    • heh yeah, 12th house twisted fantasies. gawd it’s nice growing up!

                  • I’m a head getter-inner. Hope its not rude. A friend the other night was crapping on about how he’s not on Facebook cause he wants to control what people know about him. Makes me laugh. Who we really are is a secret we only keep from ourselves. Total mind fuck. We’re all free here – not just working our way towards it.

                    • The Catholic stuff is full of useful archetypes, if you can just not take it personally. Let it be scray and exciting or whatever. Its just an interesting vocabulary of imagery to play with.

                    • that’s funny about fb. really there is no better way to create an artificial persona. i took a profile pic a few weeks ago and i was like, “i do not know who that chick is but she is gorgeous! i think i’ll become her.” the world sees us for what we put out, and without ptting out it takes the few bits and mentions and constructs a persona from that. i’d rather have control, personally.

                      i appreciate your head-excavation abilities. they

          • wow. that is exactly how it is when you are in L.Z. mode. It’s like you are tripping and everybody around you doesn’t notice. For whatever weird reason they think you possess superhuman/supernatural traits just naturally. They don’t realize you are half tanked up on lfe….

        • Wow.. interesting. Maybe that is what is happening to me. I am so in love with HIM who doesn’t want me and will eventually come down off it! But then again.. what he is teaching me is to love myself. Oh boy.. now I have to figure this out. Is it I love HIM or is it I love ME.. eye opening thought for me! Kinda chuckling to myself! I feel like I am in a philosophy class! I am gonna start writing like Carrie in Sex in the City. Every thought that came across her she would start writing about it. LOL!!

          Thanks! xo!!

          • Love is a feeling. Not a person. Not a Me or Him. Love is a state of being. Being horny and passionate and confident and firey and emotionally accessible – all that all the time. Its not what we think ourselves to be capable of and maintain polite society. But what about our society is polite?! LOL! BE love! Your mind has surprisingly little to do with anything around here. Intellect doesn’t help in these matters, it actually hinders. xo

            • Yes. The unconditional love for Him or Me. It maybe both but I honestly think it is for me! Which is a great feeling and why I feel so high. It is amazing and have never experienced it before. Kinda like freedom. I am enjoying it.

      • I’ve found I don’t need drugs (alcohol etc) to get high, am just naturally that way. Then my naturopath confirmed it for me. πŸ™‚ I was like, yep, knew that all along. He’s fabulous btw, amazing man.

  29. We are all slaves to our desire.
    It was once explained to me that desire is like trying to find a small object with a flashlight in a large darkened space. You’ll never find the object your looking for but you may find the light switch. Ummmm, this can take a loooong time.
    Although I truly and undyingly understand that desire is my dragging chain, Prahupada taught me that long ago.
    So why does life constantly remind you of them like all the time ? It’s a great puzzle that I’ve finished, messed up and finished and messed up…you get the picture.

  30. I want to share some words from the only book that really helped me through my LZ phase. I KNEW it was some mystery of the Universe, and my Mars-Pluto-Mer starting at 0 first house Libra wouldn’t let it go.

    This is from Nature of Personal Reality. I like Seth Speaks too. In the other books, the authors kind of lose their shit all over the manuscript. Story is they channel Seth from an alternate reality. He’s an intelligence. Whatever. I don’t claim to get it.

    Anyway, excuse me taking up the space. Just want to share so the person who needs to read it will, today or some other day. I’m a huge fan of evolution.

    “Perfection is not being, for all being is in a state of becoming. This does not mean that all being is in a state of becoming perfect, but in becoming more itself. All other emotions are based on love, and in one way or another they all relate to it, and all are methods of returning to it and expanding its capacities…

    You must first love yourself before you love another.

    By accepting yourself and joyfully being what you are, you fulfill your own abilities, and your simple presence can make others happy. You cannot hate yourself and love anyone else. It is impossible. You will instead project all the qualities you do not think you posses upon someone else, do them lip service, and hate the other individual for possessing them. Though you profess to love the other, you will try to undermine the very foundations of his or her being.

    When you love others, you grant them their innate freedom and do not cravenly insist they always attend to you. There are no divisions to love. There is no basic difference between the love of a child for a parent, a parent for a child, a wife for a husband, a brother for a sister. There are only various expressions and characteristics of love, and all love affirms. It can accept deviations from the ideal vision without condemning them. It does not compare the practical state of the beloved’s being with the idealized perceived one that is potential.

    In this vision, the potential is seen as present, and the distance between the practical and ideal forms no contradiction, since they co-exist…But your love can get lost if you concentrate upon those variations that are less than idyllic.”

    We’re go creators of the galaxy and love is our rocket fuel! ENJOY it! Don’t sweat the small stuff, just bring on out your hot, sexy, awesome.

    • Thanks for putting this up.

      I did chakra course, and wow, did NOT , could NOT foresee the fruits that awaited me at the conclusion of it. One of it was that during a healing session (as part of the course) I felt myself filling up, like a cup being filled, I was welling up all the way to brim, and I finally GOT it: I love myself. Just like that. No one can take it away from me. And I didn’t need artifice stuff, e.g. any kind of drugs, to grok it (again, never been much of one to use any kind of drugs, coz I figured, why not just get there directly?)
      That, and other goodies, were there for me. I was in awe all the way home, how strange this feeling was, and I finally grokked it.

      • Xoxo. Now, can we get the rest of the species to get over their bad trips? Lol. Everybody wants (has) love.

        • Yes totes! It’s like that Osho nugget gem about seeking “enlightenment” – there is no seeking, it’s in you all along, you just have to find it or peel the layers or smth similar to that. Soz, can’t remember the exact thing atm.
          And how whichever teacher one chooses, they’re not there to give it to you, merely to guide you.
          Yeah2x, like that Rumi saying, there’s a full bucket inside of you don’t go around empty! Not anymore!!

    she wild i was acting crazy too as as we leaving we had talked to cancer who was off to a late nite dip in sea
    i and sag and her and cancer all go to the sea
    i and sag stay on beach he kisses i
    friend gets with cancer on beach its over in 10 secs
    i ask her if it was worth it she say she got a cock in her
    as for i have to get treated fr depression
    have been a shocking weed addict
    so have lost it ……will get it back
    all the dancing showed that gets ya high
    friend was taken aback how i was great co
    for her as have been down long
    as whole love story never worked
    it is depressing as sick of base chakra
    that is all it is
    i down as i seen HELL as scorp con soth node 8th
    sex is cheap these days
    who wishes to be a piece of flesh like this??
    the reason we all are here
    need to heal need to get to the source
    ego – sex- i so sexy- in the end old
    i wish for GOD
    real love only

  32. i’m coming out of years of zombiedom by studying music and psychiatry! i’ve turned into a studying machine. it’s an incredible turn-around.

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