The Living Doll Chick Is A Multiple Leo With Moon in Scorpio

Ukraine-born Valeria Lukyanova has – via a variety of methods – turned herself into this Living Barbie Doll Creature.

She claims to be into astral projection, hiking in the Himalyans and that her spiritual name is Amatua, an Atlantean Sun-Goddess. Right, so new agie and outdoorsie only i’m not so sure her routine would leave time for anything other than facade management.

She has a really interesting fan base, is big in Japan & has inspired a legion of imitators…as well as the very droolingly disapproving rants from feminists & shrinks et al. There also some dark rumours swirling around about her; Vampire, white supremacist, breatharian. She claims never to have had even one blast of botox. Her before & afters are best seen here, along with pics of her creepy-vibing husband Dimitri.

She also says she was born in 1991 but her actual birth date is established as August 23 1985…LOL it is going to be a fascinating Saturn Return.

The lady doll is a multiple conjunct LEO – Sun, Mercury, Mars and Eros and it’s all square Moon/Saturn in Scorpio. No idea of her Rising Sign as no time is given…In the ‘before’ pic, she looks deliciously and genuinely feline young Leo – almost a bit like her fellow Leo Jennifer Lawrence.

What Happened?Β  Dimitri? Neptune opposite her Sun sent her bats? I mean, she does have Uranus in Saggo trine her Leo but this is ridiculous. Thoughts?

Images: Top – Sebastian Faena – V Mag Bottom; Viola

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140 thoughts on “The Living Doll Chick Is A Multiple Leo With Moon in Scorpio

  1. Something about her and her husband and her whole enterprise freaks me out. Not just because of the surface-level creepy doll vibe…like the lies about the age, the past, the surgery, the motivation behind it all. Ick.

    Neptune opposite half your major placements= this?

  2. It’s gotta be revolving around that Saturn. I see her Venus is in lace loving Cancer trine Saturn/Moon in Scorp.
    I understand that Saturn/Venus types figure prominently in beauty pageants according to the astro books. Structured beauty etc.

    Does it just not seem good old fashioned Leo attention getting with a photoshopped twist? I am not bothered by this.
    (But then I do have Sun in Leo, Venus conj Saturn in Cancer & Moon in Scorpio… πŸ˜€ ).

    • I’m not bothered by this either, I actually get it. (Maybe it’s my progressed Leo Asc + Scorp Moon). If she wants to be a Barbie doll, more power to her for living her dream.

      • I agree. Do we berate those who choose gender transitions that allow them to become dolls? fantasy personified. Dollification is actually a fetish.

    • Too. I was fascinated with her photoshoot with another living doll. It’s not my style but it was terribly interesting, possibly because i could not look like that, and Pisceans appreciate the creation of image and fantasy:

  3. it really scares me, not only in a scary looking kind of way, but the part of humanity it takes to be this way, the ugly murky messed up depths that really exist, if its just a thing people like to do fine, but it gives off quite the unhealthy vibe

    • I agree, it’s the murky messed up depths.
      Leo and Scorpio seem like a difficult combination for Sun-Moon in one chart.

    • She has a blank look on her face, I think that’s what bothers me the most.
      If I knew she was an artist and was trying to make others aware I’d dig the concept but I think it comes from a dark and disturbed psyche.
      To each his own though.

      • Yes, I agree scorpiorising. She only ever seems to smile in the ‘before’ pictures.

        I, too, thought that maybe it’s some sort of performance art, but, honestly, it just looks like it’s clearly from a very disturbed psyche (or pair of psyches, more like it). As Mystic said: her Saturn return is gonna be a doozy!

        Her dear husband isn’t really ageing that well, is he? Maybe he could consider a few hair implants, some lipo… etc etc. LOL

        • Husband or pimp I wonder.
          I just don’t get the vibe that this is “performance art” but a fetish.

  4. these people are poor. this is their way of trying to earn a living – exploiting the little that they have. does that make it right ? moon/saturn – someone under all that glitz has done it tough.
    if u have a look at the photos there’s a whole gang of them.

    • this is their way of trying to earn a living – exploiting the little that they have – doing all those procedures, are those good investments? Not saying I agree or disagree with them and what they’ve chosen to do with their capital, but still, it was the way they chose to go.

    • If she’s poor, then I must be close to third world povo. I can’t even afford regular blonde regrowth maintenance, let alone a barbie wardrobe and a boob job…

      • sorry, i was taking the pragmatic road here which i think one of them has done in this case. Dimitri didnt look that bad before he lost his hair .. mieow !

      • The sex industry is often the only way out for some that were impoverished. I wouldn’t say she is poor now. She must make good money to afford surgeries and designer clothes so it paid off for her and her manager husband.
        But at what price her own sanity/psyche?
        Hopefully none, I’d love to read psychologists weigh in on this.

  5. I took a look at the link, and there were pics where the captions said she had no makeup (and no photoshop), um, hello, she still had makeup on. There was obvious eye makeup there, just not the barbie makeup style.

    It’s the vacant looks that freak me out…dunno, to present as if no one’s home, no soul, all that work to show…nothingness? In a parallel universe somewhere there’s a me that buys a real doll instead; at least the nothingness is real.

    • The vacant look bothers e the most too- but to be a doll one must look souless I suppose. Creepy fetish that I am not into.

  6. She doesn’t look very happy, (or comfortable). What an idiot. A toast– “To the idiots.” More barbie than Baribie.

  7. Ugggh so hideously creepy – I’d take a batshit Gemini over a plasticated Leo with seriously warped Scorpio undercurrents any day.

    Yuck. Just yuck.

    • I once had a Leo sun/Scorpio moon roommate. She didn’t have any weird aesthetic stuff going on….just a very classy, regal, attractive woman.
      BUT! Her mood swings could be fearsome, oh lord. We were at a dance club once, I was dancing near her and completely on accident, hit her by way of a flung out arm. She was visibly pissed, immediately left, and once I got home not too long after…..could hear her furiously stomping around upstairs for at least 30 minutes. It was like she couldn’t get over it.
      She was also completely nit-picky and declared certain items of hers “off-limits.” Should never have had roommates.

      • Control issues or NPD? Somehow accidently bumped her was a serious offense?
        Off with her head type of entitlement.

        • I have dated the leo sun, scorp moon for years. Let me tell you, the power trips never end. they must have total control.and they feel most secure when you are emotionally in shreds. also please watch the vice documentary on this one. she is a cult leader. which of course would be required given the rituals of this lifestyle ( liquid diets, etc)

  8. The ex-Leo stalker dude who busted into my moms house while I lived there and left a gift on my bed, which turned out to be a frames photograph of …himself, was also a multiple conjunct Leo w/Moon in Scorpio.

    • mother of god i remember that story now! creepy… and hilariously vain.

      …are there any Leo/Scorpio types who post here? It seems such an obviously negative stereotype that i would like to know how this is channelled Haute, or even simply and well in ordinary life.

      • ME! Beauty obsessive and i get how absorbing it can be, creative etc. But i used to model so that sort of trains you young to take a lot of upkeep as normal, i was also taught (not sure how) that the first thing mentally ill people do is let themselves go, so i take a high level of grooming as soothing and also a sign that i have not gone mad yet. when my gemini ex husband bastard arsehole revealed to me (because his accountant said he had to tell me) that he part-owned a brothel AND HAD BEEN HANGING OUT THERE i wanted to not wash my hair and be drunk all the time. but pulling it together and having self control was a big help to me. but no, not doll like. just the best version of me i can be. but definitely controlling.

        • and all right, what upsets me about Living Doll Leo Girl is that probably heir sex life consists of him putting her in positions and her being eerily quiet and just maybe obeying instructions. FINE if you are into it but it gives me the shits.

        • Where’s your Scorp, TLS? So glad i asked! That’s great food for thought.

          Oh i wish you hadn’t said that (below). i like to think of her as pretending to be on a leash but when the lens is shuttered she stalks off to find her types and has wild free beastgoddess sex. Dmitri has to stay home sorting out the accounts and contract details, and minor home carpentry.

          That fear of mental illness in the effort of appearance is so Leo flavoured. Mine is self deceit as a hallmark of the mentally ill – they never know they’re unwell, it’s always everything/everyone else and inflict great harm on others – so i do the self doubt. A Leo lady who was brilliant to me through tough times counselled me to groom, pamper, lavish care on my skin hair and bod during depression. I always love her for that.

      • OK, I’m also multiple Leo (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Ceres, Pluto). I also collect Barbie dolls, I have a large collection. And I am absolutely creeped out by this. Barbie is a PLASTIC DOLL, not a person. A Leo should look like a Queen, not a plastic doll. It is too weird for me.

      • i’m curious about this too. my daughter is leo sun/8h scorp moon. uranus rising, pluto on mc. she’s amazing and lovely and has such stage presence but you do NOT cross her.

      • I’m a Leo Sun/Scorp rising (with Neptune)/Taurus Moon, Leo and Virgo stellium. and that’s about it. From an artist’s perspective I’m mesmerized by the application, but skeeved out by the objectification . . . and, umm, Dmitri is gross.

      • I’m a Leo Sun/Scorpio Moon/libra Rising. I like her contrat photos, mine or more like, *wakes up with messy hair/walks to fridge/drinks minute maid from juice box* (bachelorette, still single) to, ‘throwing on a dress, putting on some heels, and covering myself in glitter for a night out in town.’
        I don’t really have weird traits, I’m into sports, I love the the philosophy of arts and many other sciences, I was also forced to play guitar when I was younger so I’m gonna toot my horn and say I can give your ears multiple orgasms. People have told me though that before actually getting to know me that I came off as “unapproachable.” I’m pretty outgoing and I love having fun but people drain me and then I need reboot time because people are annoying. My sense of humor is eccentric and I take constructive criticism very well even though I knew it was an insult. Anyways enough about me, I think this girl just has daddy issues.

  9. The main thing that bothers me is the lies. She’s free to do what she wants with her body/image, but the public isn’t that stupid. Don’t say you were born looking like that when it’s clearly surgery. We do live in that kind of world now.

    Leo/Scorp types are can be great people when they learn to respect other’s opinions and perspectives. I know / have known several…

    • Agreed. I have a lot more respect for the people who come out and own the fact that they’ve had ‘work done’ ala the original Doll, Ms Parton.

  10. I really don’t think she is doing this to be beautiful, wanting to be a doll is not the same as wanting to be beautiful. Not at this level.

  11. unsettling in an ideological sense. she’s imitating an imitation of an ideal woman. ‘look at me, nobody can do this better than me’ intense domination = scorpio.

    • Don’t know anyone who would say this is the image of an ideal woman.

      However, I do think her look is really cool, and the pictures of her are gorgeous from an artistic standpoint. Like Erik Sprague the Lizard Man, I think it’s awesome when people turn their bodies into works of art like this, be it a doll, a reptile, or whatever.

      • You’re view is interesting πŸ™‚ The Lizard man is like a nightmare for me (not scoffing or being rude). Things on the body like that (in an intense way) almost give me anxiety. My astro is Virgo Venus, multi-Libra which may explain it.

        • Haha yea, blame my Moon+Uranus exact in Saggo in 11th (plus Aqua rising) for finding eternal costumes like that really neat.

          Of course Saturn in there would prevent me from actually doing anything like that to myself!

  12. Maybe she watched the secret of beauty and took it literally, they say beauty can be defined as looking close to a baby or the features, small nose, big eyes, symmetry of face, good for her if she is happy, but it looks like she’s a characature? Of her former self. Lets face it we all have a hang up feature whether we admit it or not, she obviously has the money to create her image, like Michael Jacksonish a bit?

  13. AGREE that she was gorgeous beforehand – hope the work brings her the gold she’s seeking and not just wearing

  14. this is not going to age well, i doubt she has the psychological strength to mature and it does not like that dimitri prick (betcha he paid for the surgery) is going to be that much of a support once she hits 30. as a leo with scorpio moon i would love to support this like art, personal choice, convention bending but it just feels creepy.

    • I so agree. “Famous Internet person,” says the site but in the battle of pores vs pixels I think we know the winner in time. What will happen then?

    • Yes her personal story might be the creepy/sad part. I don’t read that story in the doll shots but in the other ones, with the Readers Wives style domestic suburban house background (love the mustardbrownfloor tiles and black wardrobe in the mismatch leopard lingerie shot!) and presurgery pics.

      Still, i’ve never tried to make a living in Russia or the Ukraine, and girls i’ve known from there are hard as nails. Good fun, but tough.

  15. I know i have loved at least one Gemini since reading a very old post of Mystic’s regarding doing the zodiac wheel, but i can’t actually remember who he or they are.

    So i just think of a Gem man i work with who has a quicksilver taste in music, liquor, youtube, series (cannot actually watch a film), fishing, brewing, drinking, altering lifestyle periodically. Brilliant networking and diplomatic skills. Utterly kind soul who rocks up and helps people in crisis – as long as they’re the Gem’s mates, not dropkicks. Married for years, and often takes heaps of man-time trips when possible, just because the moody but affable bastard needs it. Highly dependable right hand man, but attention span of .. well, a Gem!

    Loyalty and commitment are not really equal to attention span. Different qualities.

    • holy shit i haven’t even read this post yet – how did i post on here??? ha ha SORRY πŸ™‚

      • Bloody Gems, so quicksilver you can’t even talk about them without them slipping right off the page & on to the next…

  16. Well i like her before shot too but i think she (and everyone else) should please THEMSELVES about how they style or even create their appearance. With her astro surely that is her honouring her own choice right now? It may change come Saturn return but it will be no less valid than this one.

    • Well said Mille!

      People are so quick to judge, and project their own ideas of what is right, of aesthetics, of standards of beauty, and what perceived psychological dysfunctions might motivate a person do do this sort of thing onto people into body modification (whether it be dollification, tattoo’s, piercings, implants, for the purposes of art or fetish or whatever).

      Women should have the right to express themselves in whatever way they see fit, whether that be Bimbo, Doll, Dominatrix, Warrior Woman, Slut, Stepford Wife, Business Bitch, or what the fuq ever. Just because it ain’t ‘PC’, doesn’t make it wrong.

      Live and let live.

      • Awww come on!!! The chick is obviously psycho bats. No woman with an ounce of self worth or even a skerrick of intelligence would consider that doing this to herself is ok. Soz but I believe in drawing the line somewhere and the somewhere in this case goes along the lines of “would I be ok if my daughter did this to herself?” No freakin way would it be alright.

        • ps. and if some creepy early-male-pattern-balding-fat-bastard was behind her transformation I’d punch his frackin’ lights out.


          • bravo! πŸ™‚

            To each his own, but sometimes excessive plastic surgery is a cry for help. Hopefully, she has a supportive family or friends that love her just for being herself.

        • Soz, got to disagree. Each to their own, but I know plenty of apparently sane, highly intelligent women (and men) without self esteem issues who have had far more radical body modifications than a boob job and some Barbie make up – just because they can.

          Statistically speaking, there are probably more insane psycho bats chicks roaming the planet who look completely normal. I don’t know the intimate details of this Barbie chicks life or mind so I can’t judge her as psycho bats based on her looks and internet persona (neither of which are my taste or thing). She may be psycho bats, but on the other hands she may just be highly creative and theatrical.

          • Highly creative???? You’ve got to be fuqing joking!!
            That’s insulting to creative people who have talent. What exactly is she contributing to society??

            • I never said she was contributing anything to society, but as long as she’s not going around hurting people, who really gives a fuq?

              Creative talent is highly subjective. Turning your body into a work of art is pretty creative as far as I’m concerned – even if it is done in bad or questionable taste.

  17. oh i believe her when she says she hasn’t had botox yet. Even at 27 why would he need it? Looks like it’s a lot photoshop and makeup. but man she’s going to age poorly.

  18. After so many years of being exposed to porn and beauty ads, what else do you expect? This is what we believe will help us find satisfaction and love and it just leads to endless sexual objectification -but who can unprogram themselves to think that way? Anything else is just plain boring and ugly now.

    I do think that scorpio is the culprit of this dolly look, though. Its pretty, but sadly it is not real and can be misconstrued and total lack of values… invites people with no values into your life. πŸ™

    • People that are into it have good intentions I guess. Its innocent to want to look pretty. Just worry for people going through so much trouble.

    • Emily, Scorpio has nothing to do with the “dolly” looks!

      That look screams LEO!!!! The Scorp moon just gets obsessive about it.

  19. a lot of judgement coming from places of privilege here. why don’t we discuss how gross and icky it must be to be a mail order bride next? what deep psychological flaws and low astro a woman must have to want to escape that part of the world? c’mon.

    • and personally i think it’s kind of cool. artifice is artifice, at least it’s honest.

      • I agree. Artifice is art. I wish people would consciously own how much work goes into maintaining a facade of any interest. Its hard to be interesting and gain an audience, but most people poo-poo that fact away with judgements or, you know, morality.

        • Not all Artifice is Art and not all Art comes from Artifice.
          There’s some Art that comes from a deep place of honesty, brutal honesty and authenticity.
          I fail to see what she does as Art.
          Fetish/sex industry yes, not Art.

          She won’t admit to the plastic surgery because it will shatter the facade they are trying to create.

          However, it does bring out a great discussion of cosmetic surgery (enhanced beauty vs. natural) it will only get worse in the future unless there’s a backlash.
          Yes, with images of uber glamorous porn and anime/porn I expect we’ll see a rise in this look.

    • yes i feel that too – in my world it would be a choice coming from a different set of privileges but it would represent escape for me on a psychological or sociological level. In her world she chose this to escape more basic struggles. I realise that there may be people who post here who have also had struggles with basic needs, but i don’t agree that to cheer yourself on for your own life decisions means to limit others to making the choices you have made yourself.

      I think that a glimmer of this can be seen in the shot i mentioned before, with the ugly mustard flooring and the furniture framing the shot. This is so ugly and raw that i love how it challenges glamour/porn shot precepts of luxury. The background of earlier photos tell quite a story.

  20. I visited Kiev once. At the hotel lobby, next to my table, there was a couple. He was European, she Ukrainian. He was boring beyond imagination, his talk yadayadayada. She too was bored, but politely looked out of the windows. The night before, at the hotel elevator I rode with a woman whose legs were likely at my height.

    Many of the post-Soviet countries have a population with excellent education. If they are engaging in sex trade, migrating to other countries as care takers of other people’s dependents, brides, or even trying to reach fame by looking like a stupid Barbie doll, that is not because these people are freaks. Most likely they live in a system that no promises are made any longer. And they, like everyone else, need to survive.

    It is a contract. It exists between the young Eastern brides of very elderly Western males you see at the BKK or Dubai airport. It exists between a female Moldovian MD migrating to Middle East to take care someone else’s demented mother. It is a contract of survival.

    Whatever her sign is, the signs of her socio-economic environment is much worse. Did you know in one of the latest elections in Ukraine, one of the candidates tried to change his name to “Nobody” (as typed in the ballot) to be elected?

    Sorry for the rant. I guess I am showing signs of my progressed Sun moving to Leo. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, it would also help editing my message before posting. Apologies for typos, grammar mistakes, etc.

      • I gotcha! When I met my west African male order husband in a third dodgy country, he had a photo in his wallet of a girl from the Ukraine whom he had rescued. He himself was living and working illegally on the streets of said third (very dodgy) country, and she had approached him with her husband whom she ended up running away from because she had been forceably married to him after he found her in a brothel in , oh, ok, Istanbul. My beloved had fed her and sheltered her but when it looked like she was going to have to go back on the streets, he saved up all his money for a month and bought her a ticket home without telling her. He was in tears when he told me what she’d asked for to take home to her mother- 10 kilos of rice. He said he’d never believed such poverty existed outside of where he’d come from.
        My point is, quick to judge, I don’t think many people here have much idea of her background. I mean, I don’t either, but given the strike rate for Ukrainian girls I’ve met overseas, I’d say possibly kudos to her for maybe finding a way out. And if this is not the case, and I don’t want to be presumptive, then kudos to her for doing whatever the fuque she wants with her body. Of course, there is always the third option, exploitative abuse, but I don’t know if that’s for any of us to say, might leave that up to people who actually know her personally.
        Her appearance leaves me completely cold though.

        • It’s amazing that kindness is found in human souls quite apart from the fortunes of their circumstance. Russia and the Ukraine have always been hard hard places for women, more than is seen. Your husband sounds so kind…you’re not married now i guess.

          • No, not now, but this was one of the reasons I married him. He had so little and yet he’d still give it all to a woman whom he knew he’d never see again. The marriage couldn’t and didn’t last for a number of reasons, but I’ve always been grateful for what he showed me and the world he took me into. And for our wonderful kid!

            • You also are a very kind soul, Seabird and it’s lovely that you appreciate him for what he was.

        • Good point about Eastern European sex trade, mail-order-brides. I’ve seen it for myself when I lived there and is hard to imagine being stuck in that position.

          If anything a discussion has been started about the objectification of woman as living dolls.

  21. I think what she’s done is empowered herself using the resources available to her. I suspect she has a stinging wit. Shows talent. If anything, putting on make-up like that takes a hand steadier than mine. And the discipline to maintain that body type – surgery enhanced or not – is pure powers of Saturn. Who was she going to grow up to be anyway except someone’s Barbie doll projection? Sex trade, wife trade, women in her nation are often dupped and sold – as has been mentioned. Its empowering to own the costume. And its creative. She made the projection real. Again, I think its talented and funny – but I am a Virgo and everyone knows Virgos are no fun. Really. Maybe they get my humor in Japan πŸ™‚

      • my Pluto is in Virgo too and I love dark humour but this isn’t funny at all.

        To each their own.

        • Anonymous, i do hope you don’t think i’m astro-serious. Pluto is an outer planet, and doesn’t relate to sense of humour particularly. I enjoy 12hV’s photo art and think i get her ideas on the construction of a persona and why it is funny/fun to her.

          • I also don’t get why no one can see her as the power behind her own throne. Like a Broadway star of some sick reality drama. Instead, people project that her man is the real power, her pimp or whatever. Why? She’s got the spotlight. She’s less likely to be sold into slavery when she’s the face, the object that is both being sold and she’s selling. An no way does she go around dressed like Barbie 24×7 just cause she takes pictures like one. I don’t care what the press says. She can go incognito anytime. The fact it riles everyone so much – gender projections and pimps and children and all that DANGER – is funny.

            • Modeling may not be the hardest job in the world, but doing the doll face takes work. That blank stare that’s so disconcerting. It SHOULD be disconcerting. I think its clever.

          • BTW – Pluto conjunct Mars and Mercury, so I do take it more personally. I don’t know this woman – what kind of person she is or how she feels about her body or her man or whatever. I see a performer. Maybe she gets the joke of that, maybe she doesn’t. How many sides of a woman does the public really want to see anyway? I hadn’t heard of Cindy Sherman until I started doing portraits and people said I was like her. Really? Its all been done. We know who the good girls are, right? Nothing like a female to welcome projections.

            • I love Cindy Sherman.
              The difference is she doesn’t permanently alter her looks.
              Cindy plays a part like an actress for her self portraits temporarily. She’s been being pressing social buttons for awhile. Cindy is very clear about her messages through her interviews etc…

              I personally don’t care for the Barbie Doll look. Nor see a point. Fashion, modeling is a whole other industry.

              • I suppose I just mentioned Cindy Sherman because she’s the only artist who is female and leverages the wit of identity construction under pedigree. In other words, she’s legit. She’s transcended the boundaries of identities created by externals. She’s the creator instead of the perpetual victim. I don’t see Barbie girl as any more of a victim than Sherman, although they clearly have different styles.

  22. Guess it depends on the motivation. Doing yourself up to look like a doll, via photoshop and makeup can be a fun little “artsy” statement.

    But when it’s your permanent “look”, alarm bells start sounding. She looked so much better before! Free and happy.

    Dimitri has creep written all over him.

  23. This Cap Asc, venus in Libra, Mars in Virgo says NO!!!!!!! 😯
    And all that gold…. so tacky.

    She was much prettier in the before shot.

  24. Messed up! she looks like a blonde Japanese anime doll. And I see why her eyes look dead due to those contacts someone mentioned. Creeepy!….

  25. It first seems like it could be performance art? Like a very apt critique of the horrid/sexy/appealing/awful pressures on women that her (often obviously shopped) photos present?

    But she can’t smile genuinely … her “smiles” look so awful I think she really is dead, not just cleverly performing deadness to make a point.

  26. what of the fitness of these automaton replicants? they are going to break, quite literally.

  27. Really enjoyed this thread, so fascinating to see what comments were drawn out by Valeria’s image: it’s been enough to confirm this is an art-form of sorts for me.

    She is hungry and downtrodden! She is a freak!
    She is a slave! She is abused! She is a self-abuser!
    She is artificial! She’s an artist!
    She’s subverting the dominant paradigm!
    She’s desperately adopting the dominant sexual paradigm!
    She’s an attention seeker! She’s a victim! She’s a pulp vamp poser!
    She’s a Leo! She’s Saturn’s Bitch! She’s Pluto’s Whore!

    But mainly.. she is photo-shopped. πŸ™‚

    • “But mainly.. she is photo-shopped.”

      yes! Interesting comments. I am going to research more about her to seek out her artist statement and interviews.

      • What godess in her right mind would issue an artist statement? She needs the plebes to believe πŸ™‚

  28. This gives me flashbacks to that Beverly Hills woman who got plastic surgery so she would look like a cat. Wow. The line between going all out for individuality or attention is absolutely blurred!!

  29. Rumor has it she wears aesthetics so she cant smile. I personally think she’s just trying to hide her vampire teeth, doesn’t really go well with her whole barbie look if you ask me. My neptune is opposite my Asc. should i be worried ? anyone?

  30. I’m also a multiple Leo (venus conj sun conj asc conj mars) with Scorpio Moon (conj Pluto) and I can relate to her, I’d totally transform myself into a doll if I had the money. Looks are extremely important to me and I’d love to be very expressive, weird and striking.

    I absolutely hate it when people say that maybe she’s an artist critiquing society’s obsession with looks or whatever the fuck, why is all art critique? Why would you change yourself into something you don’t like? Idiots, just take it as it is: somebody enjoying themselves and being what they actually want to be. It’s fucked up that people expect everything to be a hateful critique, what about actually enjoying life? And I really wouldn’t take any psychologist etc seriously if they were worried about this. I guess I have a bigger perspective than many because of my 12th house planets (Mercury, Venus, Sun).