The Leo Full Moon Fight Club

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Fuq sharing and being mindful – this is hardcore Scorpio-Leo energy with a Saturn Square and some input from Asteroid Circe, the Original Witch.

Ego, cunning, performance, awareness, using vanity to bust out of a rut, not bull-shitting yourself anymore. The Full Moon themes have been covered in the Horoscopes/Daily Mystic email already.

Here is where you can dish your secret strategy to like-minded peeps, regather your fabulosity and devise a fresh fight or flight plan. It would also be interesting to hear any tales of how the Muggles are doing this Full Moon – yes?

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205 thoughts on “The Leo Full Moon Fight Club

  1. I’ve got a Moon/Mars conjunction in Leo (10/13 deg., respectively), and since Saturn is already squaring that directly, this full moon is PERSONAL.
    All happening in my fifth house.

    I’ll be using my luxe clarifying shampoo first thing tomorrow morning, doing my nails and a face mask tonight. This 5-planet Libra will be doing some major grooming to prep for this Full Moon..

  2. Moon in Leo at 9 degrees in the 10th house. Public Image, Career and Fame… ok. I am being hit big time (I think). I have been voicing my opinion a lot, sharing a lot of my life that I am happy about and then the last couple of days been running into drama discussions with friends. I walk away. So, I told myself to stay quiet this w/e. For some reason I had / have a bad feeling about it. Things had been going so well with me not caring what others thinks and me having a blast. Then Thursday showed up and the drama queens came out. I don’t compete. I step off the stage and let them have it. I will wait to see if something more profound can be relayed to them from me. Something fun and non-judgemental. I think people are little in a “oh gosh would shut up” mode. Ok, I understand.

    Also, feeling a little less confident about me since last year I attended an event after a surprise invite from a good friend that turned into a crazy drunk fest. I had a blast but I am SURE he was like “you ain’t coming again”… so I wasn’t invited this year (It’s this w/e). I honestly am ok with it but I am so embrassed. I was SO sad about where I was at that time of the drunk fest and when I got the invite I thought “OK, I need to get out and have some fun”. I thought it was fun but I was off the mark! What are you going to do!

    Who knows maybe my sensitivity to this “event” I was drunk at and it being here this w/e caused me to sensitive to others (Drama queens).. so here I am thinking the Full Moon in Leo over my Moon in Leo is going stir some trouble with my public image and fame. I just hope nothing occurs with career. So.. let me stick to laying low! Out of sight actually.

    Thanks Mystic for your perfect updates to get me (us) to think and plan.


  3. I was told by boyfriend that I’ve suddenly become all dominant she male.
    At work no compromises or slacking.

    Mantra: I shouldn’t have to tell you… It should be a given. And why are you still standing here instead of getting it done?

    Maybe a little too รผber lord

    • Girl, honestly, i have been like that all my life and never knew it until i ran into trouble with the mediocres in this workplace. I think that i had worked in places where i was surrounded by cool competency and great management so my style and standards never really clashed with anyone, and if anything people joked about it affectionately. Can you tell i used to work with a lot of men? :)

      I will never drop my standards but i am seriously learning a lot about communication styles, and handling people who do not share my standards. You gotta drop expectations and start showing the way in a supportive fashion. This Leo MC Sag Rising Merc in Aries finds this a constant lesson in adjustment! But this Pisces has also had to learn it doesn’t mean my whole personality is wrong and needs changing.

      Don’t know your astro, but if that’s useful in any way, good luck.

  4. Full Moon conjunct Vesta in 9th – square Scorpi Jupiter/Neptune in 12th. Does it matter Saturn presses in on the ASC? LOL! Hair and nails, perfume, check! Mindful pampering!

  5. My Mars is at 7 Leo!

    I was about to do a home hydrogen peroxide hair lightening session when I realised that this was going to turn out CATASTROPHIC and have I not learnt anything from the past about hair colouring and so I settled for a honey, lemon and olive oil hair masque in the sun plus face steaming.

    Leo is my sixth house and I got some news about my hormones from my new doctor who is very Leonic – you don’t interrupt him to ask questions. At all.

    Which did get a bit weird when I left his office not having all my questions answered and realised that he had just been on a tangent rant the whole time about the mind body connection but what about ME????

    • Thank god! The words ‘at home’ and ‘peroxide’ do not belong in a sentence together. I am so, so glad you avoided a Leo full moon hair disaster!

      • There’s DIY and then there are Professionals that are experts.
        A good cutter-stylist is as hard to find as a good doctor.
        If intent on doing a home blonding, then Decore Ultra Blonde 4 is the kindest from supermarkets-chemists.

    • Writing a letter to your medico asking the questions may get the answers you require. It is part of their manifesto to answer questions as part of treatment plan that involves BOTH of you. Have found letters to have impact especially if you tell them to bill you for the time it takes to read it. He probabley wants you to make another appointment for question time, if it is serious health issue,do so, Sunrise, we don’t want a Sunset just yet:-)

    • Blonde at home bad bad bad. Your ultimate choice sounds wonderful tho… Has me wondering if I can do same tonight :-)

  6. This week has just gone by in a crazy half concious blurr. I had a plan re: work and it blew up in my face I had such a downer on Friday. Didn’t know where to go what to do next? Pluto is transiting my 10th house and I am going through a Pluto transit atm so not surprised realisations right left and centre.

    So that night, went completely ape shat with the blue hooch. This new guy started at my work, completely utterly sickly gorgeous speciman of a human.

    Sparks flew chemistry on fire. Totally into this guy. I’ve been recently burnt by a love zombie sitcho with a detached deathly insecure double aqua so am incredibly jaded because of this but slowly slowly opening up with possible love scenarios.

    This guy has Venus in Pisces and Mars in Aqua like me. Is that good?
    We hit it off like no tomorrow. We are also both Aries peeps. I’m feeling his Uranian energy and although I’m still behaving somewhat jaded and guarded it doesn’t affect his advances towards me he’s very open, affectionate and absolutely gorgeous.

    Have I hit the jackpot with him. Like I said I’ve been semi-concious in another realm the last week I don’t know why though? What the HELL is going on in this universe!?!?

    • I sympathize with you on the Pluto front – it’s hitting my 10th pretty hard too. Exactly what you said: Don’t know what to do or where to go!

      • Aw good someone else is in my shoes nice to know I’m not alone! How do I find out how long this transit goes for
        Pluto is slowwww

        • Check the ephemeris on, it’s waaaay helpful.

          I calculated it won’t be out of my tenth for another EIGHT YEARS. Just in time for my 40th birthday. Will have learned all my Capricorn lessons by then, hopefully!

      • Thanks for brining this to my attention! Its just on the cusp of my 10th too! (I know it moves slow but it cant be much longer before it toddles out ?) And YES lots of career push and seemingly no action….. lots of questioning and rethinking and digging deep! ??

    • Abfab, if you come back to read this, mark your calendar for after Feb. 1/2 – cuz venus will be in aqua then and mars will be in pisces, see how that correlates to you and the love interest’s venus and mars? I am predicting bonding, but would like to hear your report

      • Hey :) I know about this coming up in early February I was thinking the exact same thing ill definitely keep u up dated

  7. Of course – came spontaneously to visit my new long-distance love last night who has had major skin issues the past few months (Saturn just coming up to his health sector.)

    After months of suggestion i finally got him to try a non toxic diet. After two weeks doing amazingly eating no wheat, dairy, sugar, no cigarettes or alcohol for the first time in his life – all his allergies started to clear up completely!! (but of course) .. But then voila – last night – he revisited alcohol & cigarettes & today i am stuck nursing him through the worst hangover of all time. Those weeks off he got even more sensitive.

    I realised non stop discussing his health issues these past months (our first months together) has been a bit exhausting for me so i’ve now stopped feeling sorry for him.

    Maybe he’s just trying to get me to buy a nurse outfit (virgo moon) but i’m a bit of a saturn hardass myself (cap rising) so i’m quietly singing ‘you do it to yourself’ round the house (but of course he knows it) & now off to discover the local exercise gym possibilities.

    There is just no way around your Saturn issues innit! Saturn will makes you its whipping boy til you harden up. but wow bodies are amazing.

    • Habits are so hard to shake. We think we can sneak in a quick visit to them, and the Universe/God/the Great Judge in the Sky (seriously, it’s that immature, the ‘thinking’ behind it) will not notice or grant just this one gold pass.

      Having said that, i have been unpartnered for a while because i’ve known i have had some deep sh* to get through and i don’t want to drag anyone through it. Mostly because i know how easy it is to use their care to shuck my responsibility through the hard yards. Even when i haven’t fully realised what it is i’m trying to work on, that sense of needing space to do it has been really strong.

      I have great progress when my partners and i are trying to work on the same kinds of stuff – we really hold each other up. But i’ve found strain when it’s one or the other and it’s not such internally committed progress. I like how you’ve divested yourself of responsibility for his work, yet are still supportive. Good luck to you both xx

  8. Dramas Queens coming out in all their annoying NPD glory. Check.
    Me trying to avoid drunken Drama Queens and work at art quietly at studio. Check.
    I think the Queen Bee is a cancer? Not 100%.
    My “friends” getting mad and annoyed at me for having chronic illness and wanting to devote my time to my own projects/art/music let me know through passive aggressive messages that if you don’t party with them then fuck you.
    Time to find real friends that aren’t vain, shallow, materialistic, vapid drunks, and drug addictions in the music industry. yeah…right.

      • I am with you SR. I just noticed it on Thursday. The BS that drama queens create is completely draining. I will leave them be. I get the feeling that people just don’t understand this Drama Queen concept and how it is a energy vampire. Is it just us and people are just in such denial or .. or.. I don’t know. Drives me crazy.

        One is a Aqua and the other a Libra.


        • I honestly do not know.
          The ones I know are junkies, and severe addicts. I stay clear.
          My biggest Drama Queen “friend” was a Libra with Leo Rising I think.
          She absolutely must be center of attention at all ties positive or negative attention. I couldn’t take it anymore.
          She spent her time gossiping and starting fights an even bar fights.
          I can’t deal with people like that.

            • Ok.. I am not alone in that thought process.

              Still going out tonight but.. trying not to react to anything.

              • Currently moon is transiting Leo along with Circe in my 9th house right. Saturn in Scorpio in 1st House.
                What kind of witchcraft have I been up to? Dealing with themes of Higher Education, Travel, Expansion, Philosophy.
                Found a great new hairdresser for all things vain and mane. I’ve always had a thing for my hair, I now understand and appreciate my Leo MC/9th/10th Cusp better. Big black sunglasses, cat eye glasses, cat eye liner, leopard coats and either avante garde spiked blonde hair or super shiny long mane.
                I have a flair for the drama but prefer the drama is kept onstage now, not overflowing into my life.
                Saturn is cracking the whip on me to continue the big de-clutter, focus on classes and discipline.
                No longer want to fight Saturn.

                • Virgo Ellie- I think we on a similiar page, love to have fun but hate melo-dramas and drama Queens!
                  Good luck tonight just don’t enegage in any crazy full moon fights!

                  • Yes, regarding on the same page. I like to watch the drama and see how it plays out. I try to predict the outcome to see if I am right. It’s like a game to me. If am drawn in because of a Drama Queen.. I step right out. Bye!

                    Last night was fun. Hung with the girls at a local beach for a fun event, had dinner, laughs and went home. I found some great people to hang out with! We were admiring the Full Moon. I was weird .. the restaurant we went to was short staffed, the hostess quit and their oven blew.. Full Moon in Leo was my thought! xo!!

  9. Full moon will happen tonight in my 4th house, not far from my Leo Uranus/Aquarius Chiron opposition, which is squared by the nodes and transiting Saturn for one hell of a fixed square. All I can think about is moving somewhere far away.

  10. Leo with Sag rising here. I’ve been at work for 1 hour and 15 minutes – an antique/consignment shop – I have never had to deal with so many nutters in such a short period of time.

  11. Erk. Mars conjunct my natal mars … had nasty spat with Aqua housemate when I hired him for a tech project and there was a difference of opinion regarding what constituted a “deadline” i.e

    me = when I say so
    him = when he feels like it

    So I fired him. Well hey it was a paying job – a very well paying job. Then when I rang around to find another freelancer I discovered his quote was ridiculous – almost double what the project was worth.

    Frackin’ peeved let me tell ya!


    • ps. This mars conjunct mars thing has been interesting. Mars in my 10th so right on my MC. The project I was talking about above actually came from a big company with a fuq-tonne of work – something I’ve been praying to find for freakin ever. They appeared right as the conjunction was approaching – and have loved my work so far. Not bragging, just thought it was super-apt for that astro.

      • I had a huge and sudden influx of clients when mars was around my MC prowlers – although there were 5 other planets including uranus and jupiter up there at the time (about 2 years ago) but it was work a-go-go. Although there was a recent 3 month ‘bad patch’ where work suddenly left and none came in (hinging around an eclipse), what I did in that MC phase helped stand me in good stead to haul my ass out of the fire. If you put in the hard graft while it’s all on (because the energy and resources seem to be SO available while it’s happening) you should be able to set yourself up something long term solid. My experience was as soon as everything moved out of the house the work remained but the energy had peaked. I was TIRED.

        Re your housemate – I think there’s been some astro to do with saturn and scorpio which involves finding ‘hidden’ things out. Be interesting to know where his jupiter is at :)

        Wishing you well with it all.

        PS Mercury retro soon – in case that helps with plans.

      • hmm mars is in spitting distance of conjunction with neptune too – interesting re the shady dealings you’ve experienced.

        • Yuh I kinda sensed that this was a particular mars energy that was meant for a short burst of extreme energy expenditure to set a solid foundation for something more enduring. But it’s waaaaaaay OTT to be sustainable for a long period of time. Like every client I ever had or have even provided quotes for has come out of the woodwork wanting stuff in the week where mars went conjunct. That NEVER happens. So I’m belting it out at the mo’ knowing it won’t last forever – then possibly a nice cruise when it goes into the 11th … one can dream ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Re housemate: I’m sure it’ll sort itself eventually but it taught me that a. just because someone is a friend doesn’t mean they have the same work ethic or priorities as me and that’s ok but b. I need to create a stable of reliable tech freelancers so that situations like this don’t reoccur.

    • it’s very hard to hire friends at times or people close because some people take the complete piss when it comes to deadlines vs emotional proxy. I have been ironing some creases in same dept. would have been quicker to get funding and avoid the whole thing. Goodluck.

      • Agreed. It’s not easy mixing business and friendship – often two vastly separate agendas going down that just don’t gel.

  12. Full moon will sit exactly on my natal moon at 7 degrees 8th house. I will be at at party tonight and will keep away from the drama.Fore warned is fore armed!!
    Saturn is also squaring my moon as well. Will continue to do so until the summer. FUN,
    Saturn in Scorpio (11th house) is currently shaking up my ideas of who I want to be friends with, associate with etc.

  13. Leo IC
    and Scorpio Moon conjunct Pluto house 6

    Yeah I don’t know why but I’m a little edgy. Guy was insulting my ego last night. I took what he was saying personal. So I got passive aggressive tone. And he picked up on it. But he should know not to talk to me that way…. After I got off phone with him I chucked it. Trying not to be mad at him, but I am. And chuck my phone again if his text replies are short.Trying to be mature, and wondering when these feelings I have, will pass. Feel like it’s possible I’m overreacting, but at the same time I feel like I have a right to feel a bit insulted.

    Going to a party today, and going all out and curling my hair to see if that will out me in a better mood. Along with a bra that actually fits.

    Saturn is opposing my ruling planet Mercury house 12 right now
    and sextile Uranus house 8.

  14. crawling in my shell and staying there. …creating there…incubating there….

    I really can’t wait until Juppie gets out of the rx shadow. I’ve been feeling not quite myself for a long ass time. Sick of it. I’ve been faking like everything is cool and awesome when really i just want to stay home and cry about how shitty everything (that matters) is.
    When do i stop feeling like a piece of crap? when? No it’s not a physical problem. I’m as hale as a horse.

    • for sure. i really think it’s one of those darkest hour things. which you’re sure is happening until it gets darker… and darker… it’s funny, i bought some cheap curtains a month ago and they came with a boatload of moths whose eggs have now turned into caterpillars in the chrysalis stage. i know i should squish them but i relate so much!! they’re all just goo too. jupiter will be good. you’ve gotta believe. xoxox

      • oh suck! Make sure you cedar spray the crap out of anything that the box came in contact with. A friend of mine unknowingly gave me some too-small-for-her wool trousers that must have been infected with them. argh! spray for months after that.

        • that’s funny- just recently i ordered some cedarwood oil and when i got it i was all wtf- firewood? why did i buy this?? and now it makes sense. i think i’ll have to spray the entire freaking house. oh well!

          and gah as i was typing this a caterpillar appeared next to me. instead of squishing i put it outside. i can’t grow me if i squash every incubating possibility out of worry and fear. that’s what i am wanting to tell you. not that you’re doing that but i have been and where you are seems to be pretty similar to where i am and maybe it’ll resonate with you. i used to suck down spiders and their webs with the vacuum tube and feel guilty for doing it until i had a thought that my particular place in hell would be as a spider whose web was continually being torn down. and then i realized that it was EXACTLY what i was doing in my own life. now i sweep their webs out gently with a broom, with apologies. if there are babies i let them be. it freaks my neatnik friends out but it works for me- my powers of creation have returned. animal medicine everywhere! be gentle with yourself… your mojo will return. and shit! stay home and let yourself cry! and cry and cry and cry! i just had a saturn in scorp feeling that something really deep and hidden is blocking you. big big hugs. xoxo

          • Animal medicine is no joke. I had a renter this summer who killed spiders obsessively. It took awhile to get the energy right in the room after she left. I got a spider bite afterwards. I slept in the room awhile and made peace with the spiders. The bite was nothing serious, but I still have the mark.

            My nephew was scared of them too. But I made him catch one and put it outside. He walked it in his underwear like two blocks away. LOL!

            Its important to remember that we are creatures too. Maybe not the most impressive to other species, but here in our own rights.

  15. Thank you for this picture.

    No heat at home and now no water. A pipe burst after my repair man no-showed. Still recovering from my liquid face lift and the right side of my face is more swollen than the left. I think I’ll be good by Monday.

    Got talked-to by my boss on Friday about my attitude. I get the same feedback every time I start a new project and I have no idea what they’re talking about. I keep working harder, but no one every complains about my work. I think I got it this time: they expect me to be a leader. I have to slow down and bring them along. Fuck.

    I talked to my ex-husband, the Leo. He said I am like those people in Braveheart, the joke we used to tell “Hold it, hold it!” the one telling the army when to strike. He said it also doesn’t matter if you are right 99% of the time, “because sometimes, you know, its just….”

    I don’t know. I’m like an idiot savant. But I’m trying. I’m going to make cupcakes tomorrow.

    • Ps – natal moon 13 Leo 11th house, Lilith 13 aqua 5th house, vesta 11 2nd house Scorpio.

    • very big cupcakes. and big big hugs. pluto in the 4th is stripping you bare. xoxox

    • How are you today? How is the house? I hope you’re having some house luck and some freedom from pain xxx

      • Thanks! I got the water and heat fixed by my handyman. Once I gave up on the warranty service coming through, things improved quickly. Funny – the repairs weren’t that bad/expensive. And my neighbors were really supportive. My daughter had a sleep over and one’s house Saturday.

        I’m totally stressed about work. But…like I told my boss, I’m 38 years old. I’ve given up the idea that everyone is going to like me. Some people are going to think I am a bitch. And he said “Oh, but we’re going to get them to like you.” Really?!? LOL! If he calls/insinuates I’m “Debbie Downer” again, I may punch him in the neck. Why can’t people dislike me for an accurate reason?

        Seriously, I am SO sensitive but I don’t get all this “feeling” stuff about people. Ick.

        I found this awesome artist on etsy. I bought a few of her pieces. She was the highlight of my weekend. I am trying to channel the wisdom of the Queen Bee:

        • I wonder if I am [enter disorder name here] because I really don’t get all the emotional stuff people do with each other. Despite being super sensitive. The sensitivity just doesn’t show, I guess.

          My face…feels weird to have my lines gone. I miss them now! But…trying something new and noticed I have fewer headaches now that I am not folding my forehead in half on the vertical.

  16. Feeling totally aggro and tired of bullshit…….this full moon is in opposition to my Aqua Sun.

    • Happy Birthday Anon. May the bullshit disappear wherever you see it and joy return.

  17. Vesta and north node in Leo in the 12th. I am curling the mane and going out tonight to a party.

  18. Unless I can get an appointment on Monday I’m leaving the haircut for another month. I’m a last minute kinda girl, but last time I had my haircut on a Leo Moon (must be two months ago) it worked out reasonably ok.

    Nowt much happening with me personally but my housemate/GP/landlord has been having quite the time of it with his two lovers who narrowly missing each other yesterday–well not that narrowly. The first stayed overnight as she usually does, the second arrived mid-afternoon, and they duly disappeared after a black tea drinking ceremony. And I laughed because it is funny. Apparently both know (sort of) of the other’s existence. I suggested a threesome, sardonc like and this idea was noted and subsequently trashed. I think Docs have good pulling power? They must, he is no spring chicken–man in his sxities, public enemy No. 1! The second is a Cancerian she turned up last full Moon too, kinda testy, she’s taken to saying narky type things to me ‘how lucky I am’ and how overwhelming generous of the ‘Doc’ to take me in she ‘couldn’t stand’ to have anyone living in ‘her’ house. Oh ffs. She makes cracks that are designed to penetrate. Kinda soul fracking. I think she has Scorp rising. Scorpios are kinda obvious at the moment to the trained eye. lol. But this is not what I was going to say.

    ‘Jesus’ –or tall, beardless Jesus lookalike- type, a patient, turned up again the other day. He seems to have something of an esteem problem; when I first met him a couple of weeks ago on the verandah. He seemed very unsure of himself, very quiet, almost painfully shy, The other day when he breezed in again unexpectedly the Doc ‘out’, I asked him what Sun sign he was and he said Gemini and then told me the date, time and place of his birth. I’m not sure if he was wondering if I was going to come up with an answer there and then, Anyway, –Triple Gemini. WTF? Sun Moon, Rising.

    He asked me to go and see The Hobbit (said he didn’t want to go alone, (hey thanks for that)) and I said No thanks (co’s I’d heard it was crap) but I’d see the Life of Pi again. It was a bit weird. His motives. He was asking me because he didn’t want to go alone, wanted to ‘be seen’ with a respectable date and that I should be flattered he asked plus he is quite probably a Tolkien MIddle-Earth nutter having a Chiron return and wants to reconnect with his druggy past– hence the thing about seeing a scholcky blockbuster. Hmmm. First date I’ve been asked out on in a few millions eons and I say no because I really don’t want to see The Hobbit. Which undoubtedly will be my saving grace. He’s way to Yin for me I can tell that straight up. So I’m glad, His Sun was in the 1st House according to the time he gave me, but when I met him one of the first things I thought was ’12th House Sun, hence the amazing ‘shy’. Which reminds me I know a triple Leo who is the same–amazingly self-effacing and seemingly ‘shy’. She’s a New Zealand born-Chinese, Flamenco dancing, Yoga devotee, masseuse. What a girl!

    Ok clarity gotten. I think.

    • So he just called in again and I had another look at his chart. Hmmm. Learning, learning, learning . . .
      Computer says, composite:

      Sun in the Eighth House *Sun Conjunct Mercury *Sun Conjunct Venus *Moon in the Ninth House *Moon Conjunct Mars *Mercury Conjunct Venus *Venus in the Eighth House *Jupiter Opposition Ascendant

      He wants to see the Life of Pi.

      Fuq. Tanks be to the great and good Lordy that I”m perfectly happy NOT to fall in lerv.

  19. Full moon slap bang on my natal Jupiter in 12 house. Mad hair. Spending this long weekend mostly with my self and loving it. No drama queens allowed. No qi vampires allowed. Feeling focused.

  20. Well I threw a badly timed tantrum. Via text. Ho hum. First time in years. In my defence, the moon was squaring my moon, mars, venus in a fire heavy chart. Almost inevitable ego driven text-bytes of rage.

    … learning to manage neptune rising … what a fuqer that is.

    • I spat out my tanny on Thursday. Got around to apology yesterday. All ova before the moon was full, except the fallout…anyway, I feel calm and self-responsible again!

      • o that’s good!

        am not rushing into my apology – one day, but for now, just letting some air into the space that blowing up has created – i tend to brick in my frustrations for a looonnnnnng time

  21. My aqua asc is: 7:47…this is going to be an interesting two (wringing my hands–with a witchy look on my face) weeks.
    The white peacock is me dealing with the most arrogant colorful regular peacock that’s stayed in my life for since 1998…and won’t leave–he will be greatful to do so shortly—YES !!! lol

  22. Aaarrrrr Iphone5 Sounded good when they offered me upgrade……now stuck without any itunes on my ancient laptop and NO music. My phone is my everything and was so old (3) that it no longer upgraded etc now cannot for the life of me get an Itunes 32bit setup to sync my phone and cause my phone is my external modem it is a chicken egg syndrome……after hours on a apple helpline (now I need lifeline helpline) I still have no way to get online to get itunes set up to sync my phone…….now have to physically go to a Apple store to sort it out. Even my niece cannot do it so is not just me…..

  23. Well I’ve really got into this Uranian energy. These past few days have been bloody marvelous for no particular reason. I’ve just floated along with a smile on my face for the past few days. I’ve found that rather than treat me like some sort of inane idiot, strangers ( i.e. people in shops etc.) have responded quite enthusiastically, which has just boosted my good vibe even more. It’s not that life hasn’t had problems or been difficult – I’m just cool & detached without even trying.
    Weird thing is I usually find Aqua & Leo energies difficult – not just ‘cos of the aspects between my Scorp & virgo stuff, but ‘cos of my resistance to them because of people I’ve known – mainly my mother.
    But curious about all this, yesterday I realised that my Libra sun & mercury in the 11th ( in some house systems), so I’m guessing I’m aligning with this for the first time or for a very long time and loving it :-)

    • OK so Circe 6% Leo in the 9th, Mars trine my Sun and true node over my ascendent heading towards Neptune conjunct Venus.
      Do you think that adds something to this bliss?

      • Just found this ( on !)
        ‘When the North Node transits the Ascendant, the individual is in a โ€œcoming outโ€ phase. Personal timing tends to be fortunate, and there is a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Things begin to click, as there is an air of self-sufficiency, with others responding more readily to any personal efforts undertaken by the individual. Those born with the North Node conjunct the Ascendant are always noticeable for these dynamic qualities, and others are quite willing to follow their lead.’
        Right on! :-)

        • Libran gdaughter has her Kataka NN 0 deg (an Aries Point) on her Gem 28 deg Asc…Of course she’s special.. :)

          • Hey Sweetpea, I have Kataka 0 deg NN (conj 29.59 Gem Venus and Kataka 0 deg Vertex and 3 deg Mars!! x

            • 4th/5th house though, not Asc though it trines my Pisces Saturn conj Asc :-) Where Neptune is sitting right now

              • That would explain your busy love life as the Vertex (fated situations) and NN would bring in peeps esp at the Aries Point (Kataka 0 deg and/or all Cardinal points at 0 degrees).

        • i have certainly noticed it in lunar return charts. how cool to have it always!!

  24. Well. After my big sooky post about my Love Drought on another post the other day I decided to embrace my single status. I mean, if this is the rest of my life am I going to live every day complaining about it? No.

    I looked into my chart for the full moon and saw that it will happen in my second house. Some further reading led me to look into my 5th house (my second house ruler, Moon, is in my Venus/Libra ruled fifth house).

    Voila – realisation that I need to go out and get more FUN. Of course this is going to be a different kind of fun than I’ve had in the past. Saturn is transiting my fifth (opposing my sun) for a while yet.

    So yesterday evening I took my Little (Big offspring were busy and Middles are still visiting with their male progenitor) to a free outdoor concert (The Potbelleez) and fireworks. I’m telling you this is a step forward as I usually avoid the crowds and any kind of community event (Saturn in natal 11th).

    Today I plan to come up with some other routine-breaking activity with the Little One. No more hiding at home feeling powerless, lonely and isolated.

    This may or may not help with second house stuff (where the full moon is happening in my chart). There is no planet in the second house to express, so I’m going with the depositors.

    Something has gotta give. I’ve been struggling with second house stuff forever. I’ve reached the point where just cannot go on working working working and seeing very little reward. I just manage to get by and give my children what they need but it is all very much ‘here & now’ and leaves me very vulnerable… I am a very intelligent and talented person with a major blind-spot when it comes to money and I need to SEE what I need to do. If this were one of those full moons where I could make a wish that would be lovely. But I reckon with Saturn there it’s a case of putting elbow grease in.

    • I can tell you’ve been decluttering. You have more space for joy to enter your life than you did a few weeks ago.

    • check your solar return chart TA – I think you’ll find some interesting things going on in your 2nd and 8th xxx

      • I looked into both last year’s solar return and this year’s and while there’s Pluto in 2nd for 2012 and Uranus in 2nd for 2012 (Solar return on 1 May so now within range) there’s nothing much going on with 8th. My spidey senses are telling me that Uranus transiting my Venus on my birthday may bring surprises though.

    • This is brilliant! A huge shift after all the decluttering, and then doing something different. Love it.

  25. Less is more re those drawn to lifestyles of drama and vacuous aspirations I find lately. Maybe that’s saturn in scorpio talking… although the guttering was blocked by nesting birds so we evicted them – does that count? Am kicking back enjoying the sextiles, quintiles and trines. No recipes for soap to report here.

    • :-) I do believe that Pluto ( and therefore Scorp) has an afinity with drains & many Scorps seem to have an affinity with birds! So of course it counts!

      • you’re right willowwolf! I do have an affinity with birds, and someone doing an energy healing on me the other day saw me transform from a sparrow with a broken wing to a hawk with strong wingspan, gliding above :)

  26. it’s on my Natal saturn in my 2nd. so aspecting all my outer planets too.

    I don’t really get this semi-aggressive approach to self-make-over-ing. I know Mystic’s making a point about the fixed sign thing, and this could just be me of course. But since the madness of last year, I realised very recently that I have to actually change how I am in the world, and firstly how I am towards myself. There’s no “Pre-death Pi” to go back to, because it doesn’t make sense to try to tunnel my way back through the landslide – for now at least. It makes more sense .. is easier, to go forwards into new territory. So, that’s cool. I realised that I actually need to be gentler on myself – rather than castigating my inactivity and complete absence of inspiration; forcing some kind of “MOVE, FATASS! CHANGE YOUR LIFE, LOSER! AND WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE THOSE THINGS WITH THE STUFF YET!?! FFFFUUUUuuu …” mentality on myself. It’s kind of how I used to operate and maybe that will work (?!) at some stage in the future. I mean, even Love isn’t capturing my imagination right now (like others were saying in a post a week or two ago).

    Having re-read the post – using vanity to bust out of a rut is actually something that’s going on for me! Maybe that’s one trick to working Saturn in second house Leo :) Also, not bulshitting myself – what I wrote above fits in a way actually, yes.

    Also if anyone’s reading this far, I had two dream episodes last night which were saying *something* just not sure what. Here they are (probably missing a few bits).

    1. I had a supermarket roast chicken (you know the hot-food chook thing) in my top-right dresser drawer. I knew it had been there for ages, in FACT its use-by date was 2008. I was trying to conceal it in the drawer as I didn’t want the Ambivalent Leo to see it when he came to stay. Then he noticed it / I decided to make a point of it – joking around “omg, I can’t believe this is still here! look at the date, omg hahaha how slack am I ..” etc. But for a 4-yr old roast chicken it wasn’t a stinking decayed mess, it was fresh / good condition etc.

    2. I was reviewing the pin-board I used for my uni study, where I have a calendar, study guides, (in real life) etc etc. Desk was a mess, I hadn’t visited it for a LONG time: absence, neglect. (that’s real life too). I was trying to print something – a guide to a subject I was enrolling in – and the lecturer (?) spoke to me with a list of questions about how much I knew about the topic, did I realise that [something heavy and serious can’t remember], etc. I was cool – gave my best answers, yep no worries. then cut to the thing maybe she was talking about. These are the words I describe: mine shaft [chains / tyres being used to move things up the shaft?, gulag, prison, underground, complete darkness. I was inspecting the place or was somehow visiting, but not a person trapped / working / prisoner in the place. It wasn’t a bad-dream feeling, but it was grimy and a bit intense. I had a lantern and was standing in front of two guys and a girl, like your average 20-something year-olds, who were leaning against each other sitting listlessly on one of the tiers/levels of the steep underground shaft. I knew there would have been others as this was a very deep, place with a lot going on. they were on squalid barely recognisable blankets, they were utterly filthy, had been there for a long time. I didn’t recognise them [the girl had straight shoulder length light brown hair tho? go figure] or feel “I have to rescue them” , strangely enough. I was concerned for them in a sort of detached way.

    I have the Gulag Archipelago next to my bed right now, maybe I somehow worked that into my dream, but since I haven’t actually started reading it… tenuous link.

    OTHER thinking is that this is a dream about pluto in 7th house squaring Uranus in my 9th? tha’ts the only way I can connect uni study with some kind of hell-like scene….

    • oh pi, darling, as you can see from below i SO know where you are coming from but i can’t really explain why, unless you’d like an explanation involving some rather surreal elements with strong food/supermarket links.

      Firstly, for some reason, that chicken in the drawer seems parallel – not same but parallel – to the mandrakey fleshy parsnippy thing my clone self in disguise of helpers were growing. OK i can’t rationalise this with any eloquence so let’s just communicate Piscean to Piscean on this one.

      Secondly, i FEEL you about the poush-push-push vibe of self growth. For me, my whole lesson here is to back off, ease up, be very gentle with my growing self. Acceptance helps my new clarity of awareness sit with me and actually stick around to make longlasting changes. I am decluttering but i always have, and so what i have left to do is not easy. Who cares if Chinese New Year comes and goes and i’m still working my way through it on and off? I’m not Chinese! Who cares if i haven’t worn it in 2 years or whatever, i’ve been known to revitalise something well made and beautifully cared for even a decade later!

      When you rescue some little person that has been living in the dark you don’t blind it by dragging it into the light and scrubbing it in a hot bath with dettol. No you lead it gently, take food in to it, let it trust you and love it by accepting it as it is, filthy and pale, not filling it with shame for itself. Then it will emerge strong enough to heal well and use its strength.

      Sh* i just wrote that last part and THEN read your second dream. OK so it’s fine not be a rescuer as well. You can leave them be; if they need to come out they will. Some things in life are meant to be in the dark. Awareness does not always mean bringing them out to stay in lit up life. But being aware stops the power of the hidden, if it’s no good.

      And you didn’t OPEN the book? Am i right that this is Solzhenitsyn? Love his writing but hello Pisces lady, you be careful what you put next to you when you sleep. As if you need to open the pages for those ghosts to come into your sleep.

    • i reckon using vanity for constructive change is the one good thing about leo saturn. it’s the only thing that gets me moving! what you said about the death process, no going back, loving yourself first… and how much EASIER it is when we finally stop clinging… it resonates deeply. thanks for writing it. xox

    • Wow great dreams. An embarrassing chicken in your sock drawer! I love a dream with a sense of humour, the second one– not so funny.

      Agree we can’t self-flagellate ourselves to change just end up loathing ourselves all the more. Self-acceptance is hard won these days when we’re told by the advertisers/writers to be better, faster, fitter, thinner, more beautiful more fuckable. Geez. Not sure exactly how you accept yourself. Don’t look in mirrors, don’t read fashion magazines, don’t compare yourself to anyone? Keep saying ‘I approve of myself’ over and over and over. A self-fulfilling affirmation I find –usually results in me doing things I ‘approve’ of when I just keep repeating this every so often.

    • I am having makeover 7th 1st pluto thing stimulated further by this weekend and the FM in the 2nd being amazing touch about values in love and the self than expected money stuff.

      • Bless Pi – first, I too totes relate to the personal-devi stuff – just feel like cruising and not worrying about all my transits, what to do next etc atm. pisces moon + rising. just trying to do haute neptune, bottom line!

        cool dreams – if I may…
        1. something ‘cooked’ or hatched in your higher consciousness (top drawer) round 2008 that you thought was perhaps no longer relevant? but its fresh and edible still. you’re self conscious about it vis a vis the Leo and maybe trying to pre-empt it’s appearance with humour – THIS bit might be the message – don’t be self conscious about what you have cooking in your higher consciousness.

        2. sounds like a pre-semester dream lol – yes, learning and acquiring knowledge does need prep and descent into the plutonian/capricorn (mining) realm, it requires grit and intensity – but you sound ‘different’ and ‘more aware/conscious’ than the your average cohort. the blankets? perhaps they are ‘wrapped up’ in themselves??


  27. PS. Mystic, help! I can’t log in any more. I changed my user name to log in recently and now I can’t get in with any combination…

  28. Hello Leo Moon over 9 house, trining my Sagittarius Neptune Jupiter Moon conjunction in 12H and my 5th house Sun. All a bit of Pisces/Leo/Sag energy. Meanwhile transitting Neptune is squaring all of my 12th house of hoodoo. And transitting Jupiter opposes my 12th house.

    i dreamed about singlehandedly redesigning a tropical hotel atrium while simultaneously doing an ancient dance of seduction. I was using glass sheeting and bolts of silk with large designs, not to decorate, but as organic material to grow (protect and provide nutrient to) the new aquatic plants, flowers and fish, and start plant life up the walls at the edge of the water feature. Then i began to dance while completing the work. It was a very ancient dance, and i called it up from a very past self.

    Later in a back room, two helpers, who were actually me (with less of my mind – sort of like the thousand mickeys that mickey mouse gets to help sweep in the sorcerer’s apprentice) but in different bodies showed me their latest vegetation efforts. It grew in front of my eyes and looked like a mandrake but it was fleshlike, nestling in wet earth. There was a root system like parsnips that curled through the soil through something it fed on then back into the top of the plant. It was a little bit repulsive (plant roots and vines have always freaked me viscerally), and i wanted to close the door of the backroom but i knew it needed watching lest it grow bigger than ben hur.

    This is only going to get more woo-woo as the Moon’s transit opposes the asteroid witchery with Venus IC and NN i’ve got in Aqua, and goes over SN at 23 Leo. What the fuck WAS i in a past life???

    • Whatever you were in a past life was-is you. Maybe the dream is about your health? At least, that’s what came to my mind.

    • You were creative. Powerful. Foreign to this planet? Use the force Mille! Handy & potent abilities surfacing, yummo.

    • cool dream! i never feel qualified to comment on your posts, but i just wanted to tell you that the words you have written here on this blog (not just this particular post but the grand sweep of them) have helped me more than anything i’ve read in years. so, apologies for hero-worship, but thank you so, so very much. xoxox

      • jeebus! are you serious, hdq? thank you so so much for the compliment, i never feel like that person.

        Do you ever wonder what each person here actually looks like? How their life actually looks? I do. The thought of meeting any one excites me profoundly. But then i think perhaps the person looks like someone you never look at much – and the thought blows my mind!

        Pisceans as a general rule should resonate, understand and it’s true we do, but i also judge and have prejudices, and am scared and closed and frightened and proud. I find it mind and heart shaking coming here :) I don’t reply to everyone either, as i often don’t know what to say but i absorb a lot and think very deeply about what has been said, and what my first impressions and reactions were.

        Why are you Hidden, Dragon Queen? A long time ago you mentioned something about ancestry..?

        • well of course i’m serious! i have saturn in the 3rd- i can’t tell a joke or a lie to save my life! :) i didn’t mean to imply that you are anything but human, in all our tricky complexity and myriad selves, but that both your writings and the larger set of soul picture-journeys they inspire vibrate on this really deep and delicious frequency. they’re like incredible music. so very piscean, so very 12th housey, but stunningly real and unfluffy and exactly right. just beautiful, really. thank you.

          i definitely wonder what people look like!. i don’t think there’s any way not to… but i appreciate the safety of anonymity. too many ingrained judgmental behaviors, both towards myself and others. there are other places to work on those! it is an interesting place, this, where the soul-mine digs so much deeper. to meet someone in real life would be such a trip. on one hand it would be amazing! and on the other, perhaps a little too close. knowing someone’s astro and processes is so intimate, you know? nothing a bottle of wine and an afternoon can’t solve, though. :) as for passing people on the street, it is an interesting thought. part of me thinks that anybody who is doing the work is readily apparent to the soul-senses. the other part acknowledges that there are layers upon layers of unprocessed filters, and how dare i be so judgmental and presumptuous!

          ah why am i hidden? every time i think i have an answer, something else pops up. i’ve always been painfully shy, yet older people are drawn to me and place me in positions of authority. i think i’m blending in, when really, i’m quite noticeable, and, depending how big the town is, work to make myself even more so. and then cringe from the attention. why?? is it in the past? i know i was SOMETHING, many somethings actually, and i’m obsessively drawn to the ancestors, but, like you, the specifics elude me. also, i feel so strongly that i have a destiny, and that it is too big to comprehend. anything less would not satisfy. real, or delusions of grandeur? i don’t know. so i wait, and hide, and work on myself. it feels really necessary at this time. 12th house work. it won’t be forever. in 10 years my progressed sun and rising will go into leo, and i highly doubt i’ll want to anymore! isn’t life supposed to begin at 45 anyway? :) public life for a strong woman anyway?

    • the whole thing sounds so sensual – transforming mineral matter into living animal-vegetable form – amazing!

  29. Natal Leo Moon, 6th house. Yowwwwww. What a day.
    Pluto Boy took the brunt of it, good thing he’s equipped with all those Scorpionic qualities – really knows how to hold fire and match intensity.
    Not sure I’m still the same person I was when I woke up this morning.
    Feels pretty good at this point, crisp and ready for the New and Now.

  30. So I had a dark Leo FM sitch. … I’ve been a fool, blind and I got played. I found out how ruthless and insecure (= dangerous) a Libran male is, like a low Libra Scorpio combined.
    I’m still processing and gathering my strength to restart, gain my balance and catch my breath.
    Mystic, your scopes for Leo Rising are spot on.

  31. Is conjunct cusp of 3rd house at 9 deg so I’m throwing it in there conj. natal Uranus 12 deg trine Sun/Nodes/Merc and trans Uranus.

    Saw my girls today. Spent half the afternoon with Kataka and new hubby and second half/evening with Gem daughter and family.

    Super fun and think that fits in with a short trip (3rd house).

    Kataka changed headlight for me…Yes, right one was out so after lunch her and hubby guided me to auto store and got device to change the light and she did it…ha…(fits with the 3rd house too).

    Had a fit of the giggles and said that it reminded me of that song “One Headlight” by The Sun Flowers and Kataka said “Mom, thats The Wall Flowers”…do think me quite mad really.

    Now if only I were in the mood to get on the freeway and drive the hour home…Maybe a midnight movie eh? Interesting to come back to my old neighborhood…3rd house too…I don’t miss it, too conjested.

  32. Sun in Leo, Scorpio rising. And my name says it all. If this is the not change about to boom then it’s never going to happen.

  33. Pisces son in law has trans Neptune on his 8th house Sun.

    He is not terribly happy at his current job. He manages about a half billion dollars for a tech company out of Thailand but offices in Irvine California…I add that bit as it illustrates the managing of other’s resources…And Venus in 8th conjunct Sun…He has a Masters degree in finance and is obviously no dummy….

    Told him I’ll look further into his chart. Wonder what this full Moon did regarding his Leo Moon …

  34. Just battering down the hatches literally here in FNC for cyclone weather upon us . Leo in 6th but just lying low and recharging

    • I hear you! I’m in Bris and the force of the wind and the amount of water out there is rather harrowing. Lying low and drinking wine… in between ducking out into the very scary night to retrieve fallen tree limbs from the road in case unsuspecting drivers crash into them.

      Hardly befitting of Leo in my 11th. Oh well. Nature is demanding centre stage at the mo!

    • yes, it looks crazy up there. even the BOM radar is out of action. hang in there! pi x

    • Natal Leo Sun 12 deg and Circe at 6 deg (both 6th house). Goddess what a day. Leo son (12 y o) on flight to Brisbane from Melbourne (all other S E Qld airports closed due to this ex-cyclone Oswald (what’s with the ex bit – it’s super scary out there). Drove with Gem bestie via freaking bayside Bris suburb (to drop Gem’s friend off) from Goldie to Brisbane airport. Then got lost in almost zero visibility, Gem unable to navigate with my iphone, whilst I’m internally freaking out that my (LEO) son would be left alone at airport but miraculously ended up on M1 again in the right direction. Could not believe the airport was open at all, super scary. Son said all the passengers applauded once plane landed after scary flight (heaps of turbulance etc). Then drove through floodwaters to get him to his father’s – only road flooded, not crossing waterways. Then sped away from worst bit of storm as it hit Brisbane with it chasing us back to Gold Coast. Live on 26th floor of highrise , have been in cloud nearly all weekend but winds tonight super scary. Never been so happy to be home.

      • Should note that in the past week I have got through so much administrivia it’s not funny. Money flowing in instead of out and super organised for start of new semester (yes studying again this year!) Gem bestie huge factor (he likes to think it’s all him) but Mystic’s astro FABULOUS reason – I mean I LISTENED!! And tricky LibranLove in his place! Chasing me… xx

      • we have 90km wind gusts here. pretty scary too. no way going out in it. front balcony windows nearly blew in and are barricaded up. never seen anything like it an I’v’e been on FNC 16 years. so thankful to the universe we have power nad not in flood danger.
        I can’t even look outside-too scary

  35. got bodywork for the first time ever. honored the egyptians as they’re all in leo on my ic. had way too many breakthroughs to even begin to go into. the sun and mercury have been hitting sensitive spots for a few days. past life shit, young life stuff, college stuff, marriage stuff. patterns. amazing how one simple revelation can rewrite an entire life narrative. saw the present pain as a mask for the deeper pain, and in one fell swoop, healed a lot. and forgave. it’s all come out of the one line in the jan horoscope: “what have you done for jupiter?” and my simple seeming answer- trust. hahaha simple fuuuq. the process from that line is changing my life. and full moon on my vesta as she went direct! i got my priestess powers back!!! hadn’t even realized they’d gone missing until they appeared and i was like ohhhhhhhhhh. whew. possibly the biggest week of soul growth to date.

      • i’m not sure i can really express it coherently, but i’ll try. please bear with my 12th merc and 3rd saturn ramblings- neither are any good at putting emotionality into words. also, it’s deeply personal, so take anything that resonates with you, and discard the rest. obviously. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        so of course it began, like everything lately, with me thinking about why my recent karmic love affair failed. it failed because i didn’t trust him, and invented scenarios in my mind to reinforce that. so the question is, why? rewind to 13 years of marriage to an alcoholic with whom i never knew if he he would be fine, or psycho. i was never able to relax, ever. and much deception. rewind to prior ex who was physically violent, not to me, but to himself and to our stuff. hm. at this point i’m thinking, yeah, it’s all a manifestation of your self-destructiveness, you silly girl. hm. rewind before him, and oh, there’s naive trusting college girl me getting raped. OH. trust issues might be from RIGHT THERE. it’s something i’ve glossed over and never dealt with… i’d never even spoken of it until i casually mentioned it here last month. on the lines of “oh, statistics say it’s 1 in 4, which means it’s really 1 in 2, and really on the spectrum of assault it wasn’t like it was a stranger in the park, so what’s the big deal? it’s part of being a woman in today’s society.” gag choke gasp AH. perhaps i am not so profoundly self-destructive- perhaps i am deeply wounded. so after that revelation i had to rethink everything. and i came back to this self-blaming thing. he raped me because he thought i was a slut. and i suppose in the eyes of the world i was. so why? because i had always traded sex for love, and had slept with a hell of a lot of inappropriate guys, and been wounded by the equation not working out. i was idealistic and naive, not realistic. so, WHY?? and what i came up with is both my libra nn and my toro mmv. the gateway to emotional intimacy apparently for me is physical intimacy. i don’t care how much of a best friend and soul sister you are- if we haven’t had sex i won’t share my core with you. so there it is. i’ve spent lifetimes being emotionally independent and my soul knows it’s time to let someone in. this is my lesson for this lifetime. it’s a fuqing hard lesson, and one i consciously have rejected. so many walls up! SO! once i grokked that, the trust issue became clearer. first, i have to learn to trust myself, my knowing, my instincts. no more second guessing the depths because they’re too scary. second, i have to learn to trust the process. get a handle on my extreme control-freaky tendencies. i may know that something will happen, but i don’t know when or how. no more oracle romantic possibilities question! forbidden. then, third, i have to learn to trust men again. hello 5-8 pluto square a degree off! i see you! it’s all going to take a long time.

        oh the final straw was friday, mercury was trining my pluto, and i went to a tarot reader. she told me exactly this, and no more. and then i had to pay her for telling me exactly what i already knew.

        so that’s my story. yours is no doubt different, but i think if you look back you’ll find the core of the distrust. it’s so easy to be cynical, cause shit, what is there NOT to be cynical about? but on some level it is deeply destructive. don’t second-guess your knowing. work with it and grow it. goddess i hope this should-be journal entry helps you! it has helped me to write it out and share it immensely. xoxox

        • two more things. one: this has all come about since i moved kali out of the kitchen to directly above where i sit now. yes. and two: this song has helped me immensely. i’m pretty sure i learned about it here- anais mitchell hadestown- music for pluto transits, no? doubt comes in.

          • Hi hiddendragonqueen.

            Much of your story resonates with me – but my violation was a childhood event – I’ve slept with an army of men in inappropriate or self-diminishing circumstances and was married to an alcoholic for 13 years as well. Finding my power now also. Haven’t really associated it so strongly with trust in the same way that you have…my last karmic love affair went under with me trusting too easily and too much in something that was promised and not delivered. I am however, coming to a new level of faith in the unfolding of things as they are meant to happen and not trying to push them into being so hard.

            Anyway, glad to hear you’ve had such a fantastic week and are manifesting so many breakthroughs xx

            • Wow both of you – i’m sure you know some of my tale as i’ve flung bits of it throughout my time on this blog.

              All i can say is may we find our strongest faith and trust in our dearest deepest selves, and forgive her even more sincerely for her humanity, even more quickly than we’ve jumped to do for any man (that is, ‘other’ – not gender blame).

              For some reason i keep having this vision of me taking the hand of a little girl, a teenager, just me at different points where i’ve been fragmented, holding hands as we step forward. The 14 year old Kali girl does not want to hold hands with anyone. I tell her if she wants to know true power as a woman she has to take mine.

              Here’s to big bold wishes xx

                • yes- it is that fierce, wounded, defiant kali girl whom we have to be forgiven by, and to forgive. because we, our adult self we, were not there for her when she needed us. we failed her and she failed us. it cannot be anything but a simultaneous forgiveness. she is so angry, but she wants to hold the hand so badly. all begins there. we’ll get there, beautifuls. we ARE getting there. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

              • So beautiful. I have actually gone back to young me in meditation. I didn’t change her struggles, but I was there to say we do eventually get free.

        • Thanks for sharing this. I understanding it – letting go of the old wound. I thought I was doing better at it – but I still have my own. My family was…its hard to describe. Not physically abusive. But very, very mentally and emotionally abusive. I was really upset about getting feedback at work AGAIN that I have a bad attitude. Because I don’t feel bad toward anyone. Its like somehow I present as someone I am not. I think it has to do with the communication patterns I grew up with. I dive to the deepest agenda item, the ultimate “what’s going on” in each interaction and feel urgent need to “clear” it all. Its unnecessary now. My life isn’t at risk from someone’s delusion any longer. So, I am going to try to remember in each interaction that no one is purposefully doubting me or looking for something to criticize or figure out what I care about so they can hurt me with it. Its like, the older I get, the more I realize how cruel my family was. I don’t really know how to trust – people are wrong about what they say I am feeling and thinking. But I have to find away to be more approachable. Ugh. Kind of ranting, but you sharing helped me realize the “trust” you’re talking about and I’ll try it too.

    • Bodywork will do that – emotions and experiences rising up to be dealt with. Such massive breakthroughs… intense but cathartic. Compassion to you as you nurture yourself through this process.
      Also, no accident that this has happened since you shifted the picture. xx

      • It is in the fascia, the membrane around muscles, that memories are stored (refer psychoneuroimmunolgy by Candice Pert explains it) and bodywork releases those memories.
        Have found that Hot Rock Massage is quite amazing for absorbing any negative energy stored in the body as they are made of basalt from volcanic rocks.

        • Thanks Pegs I will track some of her work down. I tackled it a while back but it didn’t make sense to me then. I don’t know much about this subject per se except how it affects me when I get massage/osteo. It’s quite profound and in fact when I feel myself slipping back into the black hole I know it’s time for an osteo treatment.

        • Pegs – I wish you were local. I’d schedule an appointment with you. I store a lot of old stuff in my face, neck, upper back, and lungs. I feel it there – old stuff.

  36. I’ve been dealing with stuff on the psychic plane for over a week, as in lots of mutual reception-type communication. I’ve been grieving hard but not sure why it’s affecting me now. Also, my old, old kitty died today. May the earth lay light upon thee. (Leo Sun, Scorpio asc; my natal Neptune conj my asc and is in direct opposition to my natal Moon. Probably adds to the ‘ON’ feeling.)

  37. north node 7 leo here folks… Sekhmet conjunct south node.

    I’ve been sitting here hands on keyboard for like ten minutes trying to best summarize my crossroads with this Moon, my post-apocalypse hope, my grief and shame seen and understood, my old snakeskin in the dust, my love in action, my shining lotus diamond in the mud.

    but all I can think to say is, the Sun on my south node dragging me down! No matter how much I achieve I still find ways to believe I suck. Man what a crappy transit. At least I am aware of it and know it will pass and remember to be proud of how far I’ve come in such a short time. And with Theodora there too, there is the encouragement to cease to identify with old karmic patterns- she speaks to my journey, rising to power from nothing, from shame.

    I recently discovered my north node is conjunct my dad’s Sun conjunct Apophis, opposite my mom’s venus. Mom and I both have one-degree conjunctions of Apophis and Ceres(hers in saggo, mine kataka).

    Full Moon square saturn is an aspect I am really feeling too. The Marylin Monroe aspect. Great vulnerability and great strength working together as one and the same.

    kind of random thoughts but there it is.

  38. Close to my natal Mars. Been battling with myself… I’m putting on weight and not exercising enough. Very dissatisfied with my bod. Constantly having to reassure myself that love is on it’s way. Gah! I want to phoenix!!

  39. given I am in the wild weather state and the wet season has hit – this means only one thing for a Leo Moon chick – humidity….which of course spells the end of my fabulous hair. Straightening irons work, but very soon the humidity fights back and the wispy curls return……plus the ultra wet full moon ho-humm…

  40. Flooding weather cancelled mega active social weekend planned, and instead am clearing, cleaning, organising, feeling soooo good to get on top of these things, beauty Leo secrets, well for me Leo is in my tenth so getting myself organised at home so helps to get more strength within my daily work life, lovinit! Also I have to add I hung out with the loudest frog song today!

  41. Just several hours before the FM in 5th house, I folded into two as soon as I realized I had been engaging in a superb act of self bullshitting. Seeing crumbs when there was nothing on the plate. Just when you think you will not walk that way ever again..It rears its head.

    Fortunately experience also teaches us which weapon would be the best to kill delusion.

  42. On full moon was blessed with a most talented client who helped me to re-appreciate what we are capable of when we are ready. What a trip!

    Painful contrast to my mother’s recent rejection of her Self & the misery she embraces.. freedom to choose is a right to be respected tho.

    Embody Love is my new mantra. Can’t go wrong there.

    • Embody love is a beautiful mantra to have. I’m going to adopt that mode of thinking too!

  43. I was ready to hit a bish. Ferocious lion energy!! Anything I’ve been lying to myself about came out, and I was pissed and ready to change. I feel better today, making action steps toward the good stuff :)

    Dang leo! RAWR

  44. Full moon in the 1st house. This weekend has been an emotional hell. Ever since Jupiter went retro in Oct (when my Aqua ex and I parted ways), I’ve spent months in vain trying to figure out where I went wrong. I’ve been accommodating, supportive, gave him space when he asked for it, was his shoulder to cry on when he needed me.

    I finally admitted to myself this weekend, that in his eyes, I will always be his friend, his back up girl and his side chick. I need space from him. I shouldn’t drop everything to be by his side, only for him to swan off when his hour of need is over. I can’t keep investing in a situation that won’t change. I have to be selfish and preserve my heart. I have to stop being a doormat when it comes to him!

    My first love (Aries) and my big love (Piscean) have also featured in my life heavily this weekend. The Piscean actually apologised to me for mistreating me and asked for some advice on his new relationship. The Ram admitted that he never realised how good he had it with me.

    So after all these declarations and realisations, I channelled Leo. I had my haircut, painted my nails several colours to resist the urge to call/text Aqua and indulge my LZ and have been reading a lot of your past blog entries so I can better understand my natal chart (Sun Merc Jupiter in the 9th so the learning is helping too). I have cocooned myself at home and have minimal contact with anyone.

    I’m sharing my realisations with this community because as well as lingering love issues, my intuition is telling me that a lot of people in my life have secretly been enjoying seeing this emotional downfall play out, particularly because throughout last year I reinvented my career, my living situation. I hope this energy wears off soon!

    • My ex Pisces actually came back three yrs later and apologized too…But he had still not evolved enough..

      Nice that you got the validation from both your ex’s tho. You must be a great catch!

      Yes, be absolutely selfish when you need to guard your heart.

      ~She knows your life, she knows your devils and your deeds.

      Go to him, stay with him if you can but be prepared to bleed~

      (Listening to Joni Mitchell..)

      • It was nice to get the validation but I felt a slight stab of jealousy, dare I say it, knowing that the Piscean has evolved and someone else is getting the rewards.

        Damn social networking. I should have banned myself from that too. Just logged on to read a message that had come through, only to see on my news feed the Aqua flirting with a woman I always felt uneasy about. Brilliant. I’m feel all kinds of awful again but I guess it reconfirms that I need that space away from him.

        • And Sweetpea, Joni Mitchell really does know how to speak to the soul during times like these, doesn’t she?

        • you poor love Little Fish. Aqua men seem to be able to move from one thing to the next with so little trouble to their heart, don’t they? Whatever is before them enthralls them, that which is out of sight, out of mind…

        • totally. the best thing I did was delete my ex aqua from updates. no one will respect you as a lover if you don’t want to come first, but you don’t need that right now. The thing I noticed with aquas is, you do the down time, the good thing, you heal then when he needs love/attention/wfts comes back like the space is the same one you left, meh. Love with the door open is possible but its respect that makes that the difference between awesome lover you don’t have issues with to doormat to his ego. Put the love back in you and demand nothing less. Your work will pay off, getting over people is the best revenge and gift to your heart. Congrats on the fab haircut. x

          • Thank you Calypso Scorp and Ms. I’ve never dealt with an Aqua before and I hardly have any air in my chart, with the exception of Chiron in Gem. So I really don’t understand his ‘logic’. This weekend was awful but its what I needed. As the Anonymous writer above stated, its time to embody Love. Of course I still love him but love has to begin with putting me and my needs first.

            I have spent the last 4 months making excuses for him when the truth of the matter is, I’m not entirely sure he understands his own needs (Aqua Sun/Pisces Moon with his Moon square Venus Sag – veers from wanting lots of space and freedom but then when I give him that, interprets it as me not caring). You’re right Ms, what it boils down to is respect. I think he’s taken me for granted and I have allowed him to at my own expense. Time to move onwards and upwards and begin a new adventure!

            Sending my love to anyone who has been affected by the cyclone Oswald.

            • I’m not down with astro blame because people have choices on how to deal but it’s all about boundaries, which are a form of love, but not the kind everyone wants to talk about. That’s the respect part. Without turning this into a giant rant I think there is far too much nausea induced pandering to the needs of boys who cannot articulate themselves properly and it’s up to you to figure out where you are at in the evolution scale. You can get all peace, love and mungbeans of forgiveness later when you have kicked the hell out of your boundary works then give him back his lessons whilst you go about your own amazing life complete with hot new hair.

              p.s I am inspired by your hair story xx

  45. Wow. Good weekend. Made major sudden decision to go study a completely new thing. Will be a total career change and after so long of having no good idea what I wanted to do it just clicked and feels so it! Stoked! Thanks for today’s scopes MM solidified that I’ve made the right choice. Adious shallow world of media hola holistic medicine!

  46. I put my phone on silent from ex drama and had a great weekend, I went to the sea with the smokinghotcapricorn and chilled in the company of my gracious host. Full moon square did not create angst but rather enlightened me about the past and authenticity in a way I could not have expected. All very strong themes about sexuality, love and the true self. I have a lot to ponder this week.

    • great Ms – how lovely!! I’ve had a nice time too – spending time with my indigenous family as this weekend is Australia’s national/survival day.

      • It is situations like yours I hope that people take into account and become the dominant cultural perspective one day instead of this gross display of stupid misappropriated nationalism in a desperate attempt to have an identity whilst conveniently ignoring the violent history in which it was acquired, vile. Glad you have your family doll. Quintile indeed xx

  47. Not feeling the “Fight Club” aspects. Maybe because I have no time and already cut ties to phony friends. Have felt a bit of a personal loner vibe, except for my amazing time with the Pisces beau on Sat nite. :-)

    I have energy only for things I want or need. (Being mindful to keep up with and be available for REAL friends) No time/energy for anything else.

    Never complain, never explain, as I recall Mystic saying.

  48. Ahh, I just got paid and it’s wrong, so very wrong. I knew a full moon in my 2nd house was too good to be true with only an amazing reflection on my value system.

  49. This full moon has been really intense for me. I got a lot of closure with the Leo ex husband without realizing that I needed it. He’ll always be my family because we are raising a girl together. Its just so different than expected.

    I feel the heat of the Pluto square my first house Mercury. Mercury rules my chart, sun-sign, AC, and mid heaven. And its conjunct Pluto first house natal. I had to get up and pace after writing that. Do you know how hard that is to have in your first house? Not poor me-ing. But – I make people uncomfortable. I can’t work harder at that because its not me – its people. And working harder means digging deeper which no one wants. I get obsessive. Objective. And it doesn’t matter if I am right. It doesn’t. I have to work with people. I have to make a living. But I can’t live delusional. Its …my past…my 8th house Aries chiron…how I am wired…how I was created – same as a dragon fly. I didn’t choose it. And I can’t change like a caterpillar. I can change like a snake. I can become more myself.

    The Pluto Mercury square scares me. It really does. But I’ve lived with Pluto-conjunct-Mer my whole life. I’m learning that transits that provoke a natal aspect bring more clarity. I can’t quite articulate it. But its a feeling, like “take a bite of the dog that bit you” kind of thing. I hope I can clear this.

    • Really glad to hear about the closure 12hv, :)

      and wow, didnt know you had pluto merc in the first, maybe thats why we get along, I am pretty mercucial and have the pluto merc trine, I couldnt even non obsessively communicate with people till like just last year, probably why I felt all socially weird and needed to quarantine myself until I sorted it out, finally learned less is more, and to say things and keep it ambiguous and let someone else sweat about it, but I have a pisces merc so thats diff for me probably, cant imagine a conjunction in virgo, really hope you get to the bottom of it 12hv, I know how tough it can be with too much mercury, a little lesson I learned myself on merc recently, was that mercury is a wonderful tool, but it cant get you everywhere, there are some instances you have to take risks and trust in things that arent logical, roll the dice even if you dont know the odds, or have faith even if it dont exactly know the odds ahead of time, thats jupiter, blessed assurance, maybe it doesnt have anything to do with you, and if so sorry for the random advice im not one to be advising you, your probably at a different stage of it than me, anywho, hope it works out for you 12hv, youve got this

      • and also, dunno if youve seen it, but theres this show peep show, not what it sounds like, and the main character is probably the best example of pluto mercury I have ever seen, plus im pretty sure hes virgo rising, its pretty hilarious, like, one of the funniest shows ever,hes super extremely obsessive and over thinking, its on netflix and hulu(for free) if you want to check it out, promise if you see one it will make you feel better about yourself, but anymore than, like, 2, and youll start feeling depressed

      • Thanks. It was a surprise. I was talking to him about the heating situation at my house. He said he’d go into the store and make a scene. I said I’d do the same, but I wouldn’t get my way. No one would want to help me. And he said they’d help me. And I said, I know, why do you think I married you?

        I told him about the feedback I got at work. Its been the same feedback all my life: I have an attitude. No one can describe it other than its there. And I know it is. But I can’t change it. He said, its true. I’m straight forward. And right. And that other people have a responsibility for that too. And look at our daughter – she believes everyone loves her because that’s how she’s treated. And I knew, he was reaching out to the wounded girl in me. Because no one ever treated me like that when I was little.

        Its humbling to know that wound is still there. I actually have this conjunction in Libra. Virgo is on my AC, but at 26 degrees. Most of my first house is Libra. Mars at 0, Pluto at 6, Mercury at 11. I also have Vesta at 11 in 2nd house Scorpio and Jupiter at 11 6th house Pisces. All those 11s got kicked up this full moon. I can work myself to death. Mars on my AC makes it so I can go so long and hard before I notice I’ve over done it. And, at some point, I just have to be me. Likable or not.

        I just had Saturn roll over all this stuff in Libra. Have Uranus in Libra too – in my 2nd house. And Pluto square my Mars. So, I feel you on the Mars issues you’ve been working through too. I certainly don’t feel “better” or “more advanced” than you. Being human and connecting to others is hard. And my first/second house Libra wants that. But I am Mars-Pluto-Mercury. Virgo Virgo rising. Even my daughter says, Mom, I know your stories, their really interesting and I love you but boring. Its exhausting to plumb the depths constantly, but that IS my shallow. It just is.

        • really glad to hear that 12hv, sometimes its surprising how you can create a working relationship with someone you wouldnt want to have to deal with otherwise, in a way, the fact your enemies or start on bad terms kinda makes all progress weirdly earned and assured

          and also I know EXACTLY what you mean, not the same, kind of in a, why do people see this thing in me, I know what they mean, but no one can explain it and I dont know what im doing kind of way, but not about attitude tho, and also what your daughter said, my friends and other people are always super interested in hearing about all my junk, but after a certain point its understandably exhausting, with my friends I keep it to a minimum, but even with that they say things like, they would pay me money to record my whole day and nararate it or something, they didnt mean it literally, but they were trying to explain themselves, like, what the heck goes on with me, the peeks they get are so, I dunno, they wonder how deep it goes, and also heres a 7th house tip(it sounds like your having 1st house problems) sometimes you have to be tactical with things, or agree with people even if you dont agree with them, or pretend to be wrong, or even purposefully nonchalantly say the thing you know is wrong but is of little consequence and your sure its the common misunderstanding held by others,or just plain ol agree with things you dont even really think, I know it sounds kind of slimy, and I dont mean lose your back bone or lose your principal, its a weird line to walk, like, if the situation doesnt matter, sometimes just agree, or, disagree, but be vague and flighty and display you really dont want to get into it, kind of disagree lightly, if it is a situation of consequence, state your case, but also show, you might be wrong, and if they dont want to listen then you dont care, unless your in charge or take charge, then thats somethings else entirely

          • like, with pluto, you have to pick your battles, and you might need to be covert in a different way, as long as you never lose your intentions, and give people a chance, then you cant go wrong, so on the inside be true to yourself in pluto merc fashion, but you might have to play politics to put it into play, just always stay true to yourself, and be willing to give up the things along the way that dont matter

            • like, to keep from the dark side of pluto politics, be willing to lose ahead of time before every encounter, that way you are not obsessive over the situation and sacrifice your principals, instead keep in mind the internal is the most important and being true to yourself, but outside of that some covert ways of doing things is within bounds and maybe even fair

          • I know what you are saying is right. Its such a deep old wound with me. Its almost comical. I mean, my Dad was paranoid, thought my Mom – mother of 8 – was a whore who wanted to kill him. Stalked her and tampered with her car. Constant psychological games. Hired detectives to follow her and recorded all phone calls to and from our home. THAT was my domestic reality. How non-real is that shit? It keeps dawning on me how bad my siblings were to me. Because in the midst of the drama – I didn’t know. I still don’t know when someone is being nice to me or someone is being mean. These are opinions: nice and mean. I don’t understand them.

            As a child-teen, they wanted to institutionalize me. How 12th house Sun is that? My psychiatrist said I should lie on the phone since they were listening. They didn’t care. Why play it safe? Dr. said he wanted to institutionalize me to protect me from them.

            Its an old wound.

            That’s the story of everyone. Protection. Protecting all these things that don’t matter.

            What does it take to be safe around here? Its never a given. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

            I know I have a false sense of urgency about matters. A compulsive need to make things clear. And it doesn’t serve anyone. But how I can see a battle I can lose? I lose them all. There aren’t winners. I’m not here to win. I’m an idiot. That’s what I have going for me.

            When it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. The battles to lose. I don’t understand people’s reactions to things that don’t matter. Or to things that do. I am ignorant.

            It hurts. But its…I didn’t pick this. Why should I chose to be insane? They say I’m crazy anyway.They have to make room for my kind of crazy now. I fucking earned it.

            • And, more over, I mean no harm. I really don’t. I really like everyone I work with. For reasons they may not want to be liked, but that are likable anyway. I don’t want to sound hard. I’m sure I do sound hard. Its really just a matter of intensity. And if I try to hide it, I get sick. It doesn’t work.

              • I hope this Pluto square Mercury transit helps me see a new way. I know with Pluto, I have to remain authentic. I hope Jupiter going direct brings me positive vibes.

            • I understand what you mean trying to be extra clear to account for your previously spy like existence, hmm, your right, you cant hide, your not a pisces or anything, I dont mean hide, I guess its just a less is more kind of thing, most people cant handle a direct line to pluto, im lucky I have found friends that do(all more plutonian then myself), I guess all I mean is be political in how you are direct, if that makes any sense, like, kind of give them an option, eventually they will learn not to take you on too much, say what you think, but dont explain it, give them that look if they challenge, and kind of be like, do you really want to get into this, eventually people will learn to avoid what they are not ready for, and you have to surrender the rest, so its a matter of going deeper, to the point even if people dont know what you mean you are still ok, does that make sense?

              • like, in most cases, going that deep doesnt matter, so you have to give up trying to convey it to others, all you have to convey is a warning, this goes deeper then you may be prepared, challenge at your own risk

              • It does make sense and I know what you’re saying is right. I don’t want the spy drama with no stakes, you know? I don’t want that…its just like my family is a bunch of archetypes. Not personal.

                Adyashanti the American Buddhist talks about how he was lucky as a kid because he recognized everyone was crazy. And I was lucky too because that was true. I just didn’t know how true and right I’ve been.

                I just want someone to speak plainly with me. No reason to spy. Just ask. Let’s just do our best.

                My standards of best are ridiculous. I don’t need to work harder. I am good at my job. My Saturn first house transit got me clear on that. I am a consultant, so my reseacher and narrative-drawing-out qualities work for good too.

                Thanks, David. I know its the advice I need to take. I have to let it seep in. Again. And again.

                • spy drama with no stakes is the perfect way of putting it, if you make the leap I am trying to convey, people will give your words more weight, more power, you wont need to explain yourself, people will just know your on to something, and if they choose to not listen so be it, you wont suffer fools, also it might free up that libra youve got, its probably suffocating under the weight of all this, it just wants to be nice and polite without having to wade through the other stuff, and Im going through stuff I know, but am trying to act out too, well get through it, theres no turning back

              • Plus, its like right on my AC. All that power right there. And I’m 12th house Sun. So, its…weird. Like power no one can deal with. And I can’t just gun it and try to do good all over the world cause that’s annoying.

                Its so much simpler. I have to trust. And that hurts.

        • DO you mind if i jump in? I have Mars square Uranus opp Mercury square Mars, then Mars square Pluto opp Sun sqaure Mars. It isn’t the same, i realise, but my intensity and not-suffer-fools-gladly type has not always been very easy for relating casually. Socially i had heaps of strong friends who loved me but i noticed they would often step between me and more easygoing surface types, whom they knew aggravated me. At work, though things are really different because you have to mutually get things done and you cannot just ignore people there. Let’s add my Merc in Aries to the mix…

          Insincere pretense of tolerance backfires on me every single fqing time, just to make matters more difficult :) It seems like the harder i try to get along the more mistrustful people get. My face shows something they can’t understand, interpret personally and can’t handle. Then i read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and the part about overcoming the “putting out fires” work method made sense if i transferred it to the social aspect of work.

          So instead of trying while there’s something at stake, i tried to change how i communicate when there’s nothing at stake. When things go dipshit at work, i’ve already bulit better relationships so it’s not a weak point that will crack under stress.

          I love my space and you would often find me with headphones on or a frowning curt response to someone’s chitchat. In fact i was famous for unwittingly ‘doing a deNiro’ – “You talking to me?” with probably that same look or tone, right?

          Now i make sure i have little chats with people i normally avoided, not just people i love talking with. Those chats have to be sincere, and i have to make sure i can respond too instead of trying to slip away from anything too personal (sometimes this takes some prep!). I still often need to close into my own bubble at the start of the day, so i say a big cheery Good Morning and pop on my phones. It’s important to follow up at coffee with a quick chat later. Recently i even talked with some of the gals about my idea of studying, and they had some terrific ideas – i don’t have to take any of it on board, but the point is i would normally not even ask these people. I make sure i voice some of what i genuinely admire about others instead of keeping it to myself (this Venus Saturn square grew up without compliments so that was a big one to work on).

          I haven’t changed – i still need my space and i still often wear headphones and sometimes sit alone at lunch (though people always come and sit by me or talk to me when i do – i’m a Sag Asc after all :) ) I’m Uranus opp Merc and Merc in Aries – it’s so hard to keep up with my ideas and thoughts and list of things i think need doing, so i truly need that space. But there are people at work who were very estranged from me in the past and can now understand there’s no malice or snobbery in it – even the Virgo chicks i mentioned on the other thread :)

          You cannot be insincere. I can’t even imagine you giving lip service, 12HV ! You have to stop thinking of people as in your way or creating a lot of irritating buzz that drowns your inner sound (that may be just me – change to whatever it is for you). Accept that some people probably need your patient guidance in another language. They can help you speak it, too. They are in their job because they bring something to it in their own way.

          If you like the Bee idea, just remember humans love the hive and the hexagon and the honey and the heirarchy, but it’s aspirational.

          • thats some good advice too, I never had to deal with a work setting figuring this out, just school, building a rapport even if it feels weird at first can go a long way, and it doesnt take too much, small talk, humor, but if you have been working there for a while suddenly being different is a thing to navigate, just bit by bit try for some unrelated small talk I suppose, complaining about something no one likes is a good way to do it, kind of a comradery kind of thing, it can go a long way

            • Yeah my friends at work know me as positive, funny and thoughtful, but i figured the others found me harsh and critical so i tried to establish better rapport over yummy things – nice places, their families/children, food, travel talk, some surreal story i made up about how the photocopiers work, a new word, some random facts – i’m actually a good conversationalist in a way as i can natter on – everything’s a story! But it’s a side i only used to let those close to me hear. It’s hard to drop the expectation that others understand you as well as you read their energy. And it’s hard not to feel you’re dumbing down. But you’re not – you’re meeting them on a different field – and that’s smart! I figure if i can talk to strangers, which i often do and quite cheerfully, then i can release the expectations i have of people to work as i do, and just have some random fun. As i mentioned once, i have Lilith in Virgo in the 10th House. The Bitch is in the Details! She’s good for me, balancing that Pisces fin-flicker, but she clearly doesn’t play well with others. I answer to an Aries at the mo. Everyone adores him but he’s pretty blunt too. It’s all in the manner…he has always conversed in a friendly and warm fashion with people so when they work on his team they’re not put out by what he’s actually telling people to do. He runs a tight ship!

              • Thanks. I appreciate the truth in what you guys shared. Honestly, I push myself too hard. Its all Virgo. I show affection by working harder. My Libra is lost. I think I’ll do staff interviews for marketing. I have loads of unbillable hours this week and it will force me to talk to people and shut up and listen and learn from them. They are all important to my industry. You’re right, Mille.

                But, seriously, I’m right all the time – lol. And I’m mutable so when I’m wrong I’m right again because I see that I was wrong now, right? Ha! I like arguing with colleagues. I should do it for fun.

                I have trust issues with siblings. I’m carrying some kind of invisible grudge I need to drop. My brothers are mean to me and their meanest came up in new ways this year. Got to let it go. I have 7 siblings and I can’t handle staying in touch with any of them. They just make no sense to me and I don’t trust any of them with emotional intimacy.

                So much Mercury stimulus for me right now! My NN is in 3rd house Sag. I think I’m unraveling something. I want to get along with others. I don’t just want to be right.

                Did you read the Bee dream story? Amazing. She sent me more of it. Would share it all here, but I am already ranting. I love insect wisdom. The Queen Bee is wise. Today, I got my snake ring in the mail. Its amazing! I love it. It was wrapped in layers of purple. I unraveled it, put it on and fell asleep feeling safe and protected. I can only be me, shed the past, transform into more me. Whew. I can do this! ha Having an amulet feels nice. xoxox

                • It was hard to learn what the atmosphere of surveillance at home did to each individual’s mind and emotional intelligence. I tend to forget not everyone had that psychological training as a child. I’ll tell you what – I get to the bottom of narrative. Obsessive. I try to obsess productively.

                  If that’s my specialization, I’d like to use for helping people heal. To have healing interactions. At least I have good intentions on my side. I have to stay true to that.

                  I’m going to re-read what you guys wrote here tomorrow at work.

                  • you heal here 12hv – you’ve often said just the right thing – sometimes not even to me, but i’ve picked it up and it’s been helpful.

                    i got teary reading about your siblings – my sisters mean everything to me -that’s why i was reading a wet comic in the storm – one of my sisters had sent it to me as a hell early birthday gift and it got soaked in my mailbox – can’t waste her gift! My Virgo sis just told me how deathly ill she was a little while ago. I was shocked – you Virgos – so independent! She could have gone…

    • full on full moon!

      this onion is what i need to ask you: why are you not your own boss?

      • This is what the Universe has told me lately – sometimes you need help. I do SO much shit on my own its ridiculous. I go, go, go and am my own boss in lots of ways. I am a consultant. I work for billable hours. I constantly do projects at home. I work all the time. But…sometimes, like when my heat and plumbing fail, I need people. Sometimes I need to miss work. Sometimes I need to fail. And I need people to be compassionate and patient with me. Not because its important conceptually, but because I’m human.

        This artist I found wrote about how she had a dream interview with a Queen Bee. The Queen Bee told her

        “The Bee Queen went on to say, “I want you to learn something from me: the next time you find yourself in public, in a crowd, wherever, I want you to pretend that you are the most desirable, most loved, and most important woman in the room.”
        She saw my look of horror at this suggestion and said, ” Of course you don’t really believe this! I’m just asking you to pretend. See how others respond to you and treat you when you do this. I think you’ll find the results eye opening.”
        “I am the Queen of the hive. This is not subjective, or opinion, it is simply the truth. I know I am meant to be the object of desire, love and respect. Let me be your example and teacher in this.”

        I’m trying to go with that. “I know I am meant to be the object of desire, love and respect.” I didn’t realize how low I felt until I realized I didn’t expect that.

        • I become boss of all sorts of things I have no business being bossy about. Its ridiculous. Pluto.

  50. Well, I didn’t really want to admit this, but the main insight was a feeling of guilt/being gimped plus a heap of paranoid, possibly mugwort-enhanced paranoid dreams. New motto: NEVER COMPLAIN, NEVER EXPLAIN. Thou shalt not gimp me, and I say NO to guilt–it only gets in the way of The Awesome.

  51. A woman in my tiny town of 800 drowned on this Leo full moon. A rogue wave took her off the beach.
    Our town is sad although she didn’t know many people here. It could have been any of us. My heart goes out to her boyfriend and parents.

  52. Fell victim at a dinner party to one of boyfriend’s female besties incredibly bitchy comment towards me at dinner table. Table stunned. Me too stunned to tell her to shove it. Seems I’m interfering with her social calendar by being around.
    Not too sure how to handle it as the BF loves these peeps.
    Wondering whether to dump him and his stupid nasty friends.

    Btw, issues the whole ugly episode raised in me seemed really chironic.