The Leo Full Moon Fight Club

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Fuq sharing and being mindful – this is hardcore Scorpio-Leo energy with a Saturn Square and some input from Asteroid Circe, the Original Witch.

Ego, cunning, performance, awareness, using vanity to bust out of a rut, not bull-shitting yourself anymore. The Full Moon themes have been covered in the Horoscopes/Daily Mystic email already.

Here is where you can dish your secret strategy to like-minded peeps, regather your fabulosity and devise a fresh fight or flight plan. It would also be interesting to hear any tales of how the Muggles are doing this Full Moon – yes?

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199 thoughts on “The Leo Full Moon Fight Club

  1. Ahh, I just got paid and it’s wrong, so very wrong. I knew a full moon in my 2nd house was too good to be true with only an amazing reflection on my value system.

  2. This full moon has been really intense for me. I got a lot of closure with the Leo ex husband without realizing that I needed it. He’ll always be my family because we are raising a girl together. Its just so different than expected.

    I feel the heat of the Pluto square my first house Mercury. Mercury rules my chart, sun-sign, AC, and mid heaven. And its conjunct Pluto first house natal. I had to get up and pace after writing that. Do you know how hard that is to have in your first house? Not poor me-ing. But – I make people uncomfortable. I can’t work harder at that because its not me – its people. And working harder means digging deeper which no one wants. I get obsessive. Objective. And it doesn’t matter if I am right. It doesn’t. I have to work with people. I have to make a living. But I can’t live delusional. Its …my past…my 8th house Aries chiron…how I am wired…how I was created – same as a dragon fly. I didn’t choose it. And I can’t change like a caterpillar. I can change like a snake. I can become more myself.

    The Pluto Mercury square scares me. It really does. But I’ve lived with Pluto-conjunct-Mer my whole life. I’m learning that transits that provoke a natal aspect bring more clarity. I can’t quite articulate it. But its a feeling, like “take a bite of the dog that bit you” kind of thing. I hope I can clear this.

    • Really glad to hear about the closure 12hv, πŸ™‚

      and wow, didnt know you had pluto merc in the first, maybe thats why we get along, I am pretty mercucial and have the pluto merc trine, I couldnt even non obsessively communicate with people till like just last year, probably why I felt all socially weird and needed to quarantine myself until I sorted it out, finally learned less is more, and to say things and keep it ambiguous and let someone else sweat about it, but I have a pisces merc so thats diff for me probably, cant imagine a conjunction in virgo, really hope you get to the bottom of it 12hv, I know how tough it can be with too much mercury, a little lesson I learned myself on merc recently, was that mercury is a wonderful tool, but it cant get you everywhere, there are some instances you have to take risks and trust in things that arent logical, roll the dice even if you dont know the odds, or have faith even if it dont exactly know the odds ahead of time, thats jupiter, blessed assurance, maybe it doesnt have anything to do with you, and if so sorry for the random advice im not one to be advising you, your probably at a different stage of it than me, anywho, hope it works out for you 12hv, youve got this

      • and also, dunno if youve seen it, but theres this show peep show, not what it sounds like, and the main character is probably the best example of pluto mercury I have ever seen, plus im pretty sure hes virgo rising, its pretty hilarious, like, one of the funniest shows ever,hes super extremely obsessive and over thinking, its on netflix and hulu(for free) if you want to check it out, promise if you see one it will make you feel better about yourself, but anymore than, like, 2, and youll start feeling depressed

      • Thanks. It was a surprise. I was talking to him about the heating situation at my house. He said he’d go into the store and make a scene. I said I’d do the same, but I wouldn’t get my way. No one would want to help me. And he said they’d help me. And I said, I know, why do you think I married you?

        I told him about the feedback I got at work. Its been the same feedback all my life: I have an attitude. No one can describe it other than its there. And I know it is. But I can’t change it. He said, its true. I’m straight forward. And right. And that other people have a responsibility for that too. And look at our daughter – she believes everyone loves her because that’s how she’s treated. And I knew, he was reaching out to the wounded girl in me. Because no one ever treated me like that when I was little.

        Its humbling to know that wound is still there. I actually have this conjunction in Libra. Virgo is on my AC, but at 26 degrees. Most of my first house is Libra. Mars at 0, Pluto at 6, Mercury at 11. I also have Vesta at 11 in 2nd house Scorpio and Jupiter at 11 6th house Pisces. All those 11s got kicked up this full moon. I can work myself to death. Mars on my AC makes it so I can go so long and hard before I notice I’ve over done it. And, at some point, I just have to be me. Likable or not.

        I just had Saturn roll over all this stuff in Libra. Have Uranus in Libra too – in my 2nd house. And Pluto square my Mars. So, I feel you on the Mars issues you’ve been working through too. I certainly don’t feel “better” or “more advanced” than you. Being human and connecting to others is hard. And my first/second house Libra wants that. But I am Mars-Pluto-Mercury. Virgo Virgo rising. Even my daughter says, Mom, I know your stories, their really interesting and I love you but boring. Its exhausting to plumb the depths constantly, but that IS my shallow. It just is.

        • really glad to hear that 12hv, sometimes its surprising how you can create a working relationship with someone you wouldnt want to have to deal with otherwise, in a way, the fact your enemies or start on bad terms kinda makes all progress weirdly earned and assured

          and also I know EXACTLY what you mean, not the same, kind of in a, why do people see this thing in me, I know what they mean, but no one can explain it and I dont know what im doing kind of way, but not about attitude tho, and also what your daughter said, my friends and other people are always super interested in hearing about all my junk, but after a certain point its understandably exhausting, with my friends I keep it to a minimum, but even with that they say things like, they would pay me money to record my whole day and nararate it or something, they didnt mean it literally, but they were trying to explain themselves, like, what the heck goes on with me, the peeks they get are so, I dunno, they wonder how deep it goes, and also heres a 7th house tip(it sounds like your having 1st house problems) sometimes you have to be tactical with things, or agree with people even if you dont agree with them, or pretend to be wrong, or even purposefully nonchalantly say the thing you know is wrong but is of little consequence and your sure its the common misunderstanding held by others,or just plain ol agree with things you dont even really think, I know it sounds kind of slimy, and I dont mean lose your back bone or lose your principal, its a weird line to walk, like, if the situation doesnt matter, sometimes just agree, or, disagree, but be vague and flighty and display you really dont want to get into it, kind of disagree lightly, if it is a situation of consequence, state your case, but also show, you might be wrong, and if they dont want to listen then you dont care, unless your in charge or take charge, then thats somethings else entirely

          • like, with pluto, you have to pick your battles, and you might need to be covert in a different way, as long as you never lose your intentions, and give people a chance, then you cant go wrong, so on the inside be true to yourself in pluto merc fashion, but you might have to play politics to put it into play, just always stay true to yourself, and be willing to give up the things along the way that dont matter

            • like, to keep from the dark side of pluto politics, be willing to lose ahead of time before every encounter, that way you are not obsessive over the situation and sacrifice your principals, instead keep in mind the internal is the most important and being true to yourself, but outside of that some covert ways of doing things is within bounds and maybe even fair

          • I know what you are saying is right. Its such a deep old wound with me. Its almost comical. I mean, my Dad was paranoid, thought my Mom – mother of 8 – was a whore who wanted to kill him. Stalked her and tampered with her car. Constant psychological games. Hired detectives to follow her and recorded all phone calls to and from our home. THAT was my domestic reality. How non-real is that shit? It keeps dawning on me how bad my siblings were to me. Because in the midst of the drama – I didn’t know. I still don’t know when someone is being nice to me or someone is being mean. These are opinions: nice and mean. I don’t understand them.

            As a child-teen, they wanted to institutionalize me. How 12th house Sun is that? My psychiatrist said I should lie on the phone since they were listening. They didn’t care. Why play it safe? Dr. said he wanted to institutionalize me to protect me from them.

            Its an old wound.

            That’s the story of everyone. Protection. Protecting all these things that don’t matter.

            What does it take to be safe around here? Its never a given. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

            I know I have a false sense of urgency about matters. A compulsive need to make things clear. And it doesn’t serve anyone. But how I can see a battle I can lose? I lose them all. There aren’t winners. I’m not here to win. I’m an idiot. That’s what I have going for me.

            When it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. The battles to lose. I don’t understand people’s reactions to things that don’t matter. Or to things that do. I am ignorant.

            It hurts. But its…I didn’t pick this. Why should I chose to be insane? They say I’m crazy anyway.They have to make room for my kind of crazy now. I fucking earned it.

            • And, more over, I mean no harm. I really don’t. I really like everyone I work with. For reasons they may not want to be liked, but that are likable anyway. I don’t want to sound hard. I’m sure I do sound hard. Its really just a matter of intensity. And if I try to hide it, I get sick. It doesn’t work.

              • I hope this Pluto square Mercury transit helps me see a new way. I know with Pluto, I have to remain authentic. I hope Jupiter going direct brings me positive vibes.

            • I understand what you mean trying to be extra clear to account for your previously spy like existence, hmm, your right, you cant hide, your not a pisces or anything, I dont mean hide, I guess its just a less is more kind of thing, most people cant handle a direct line to pluto, im lucky I have found friends that do(all more plutonian then myself), I guess all I mean is be political in how you are direct, if that makes any sense, like, kind of give them an option, eventually they will learn not to take you on too much, say what you think, but dont explain it, give them that look if they challenge, and kind of be like, do you really want to get into this, eventually people will learn to avoid what they are not ready for, and you have to surrender the rest, so its a matter of going deeper, to the point even if people dont know what you mean you are still ok, does that make sense?

              • like, in most cases, going that deep doesnt matter, so you have to give up trying to convey it to others, all you have to convey is a warning, this goes deeper then you may be prepared, challenge at your own risk

              • It does make sense and I know what you’re saying is right. I don’t want the spy drama with no stakes, you know? I don’t want that…its just like my family is a bunch of archetypes. Not personal.

                Adyashanti the American Buddhist talks about how he was lucky as a kid because he recognized everyone was crazy. And I was lucky too because that was true. I just didn’t know how true and right I’ve been.

                I just want someone to speak plainly with me. No reason to spy. Just ask. Let’s just do our best.

                My standards of best are ridiculous. I don’t need to work harder. I am good at my job. My Saturn first house transit got me clear on that. I am a consultant, so my reseacher and narrative-drawing-out qualities work for good too.

                Thanks, David. I know its the advice I need to take. I have to let it seep in. Again. And again.

                • spy drama with no stakes is the perfect way of putting it, if you make the leap I am trying to convey, people will give your words more weight, more power, you wont need to explain yourself, people will just know your on to something, and if they choose to not listen so be it, you wont suffer fools, also it might free up that libra youve got, its probably suffocating under the weight of all this, it just wants to be nice and polite without having to wade through the other stuff, and Im going through stuff I know, but am trying to act out too, well get through it, theres no turning back

              • Plus, its like right on my AC. All that power right there. And I’m 12th house Sun. So, its…weird. Like power no one can deal with. And I can’t just gun it and try to do good all over the world cause that’s annoying.

                Its so much simpler. I have to trust. And that hurts.

        • DO you mind if i jump in? I have Mars square Uranus opp Mercury square Mars, then Mars square Pluto opp Sun sqaure Mars. It isn’t the same, i realise, but my intensity and not-suffer-fools-gladly type has not always been very easy for relating casually. Socially i had heaps of strong friends who loved me but i noticed they would often step between me and more easygoing surface types, whom they knew aggravated me. At work, though things are really different because you have to mutually get things done and you cannot just ignore people there. Let’s add my Merc in Aries to the mix…

          Insincere pretense of tolerance backfires on me every single fqing time, just to make matters more difficult πŸ™‚ It seems like the harder i try to get along the more mistrustful people get. My face shows something they can’t understand, interpret personally and can’t handle. Then i read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and the part about overcoming the “putting out fires” work method made sense if i transferred it to the social aspect of work.

          So instead of trying while there’s something at stake, i tried to change how i communicate when there’s nothing at stake. When things go dipshit at work, i’ve already bulit better relationships so it’s not a weak point that will crack under stress.

          I love my space and you would often find me with headphones on or a frowning curt response to someone’s chitchat. In fact i was famous for unwittingly ‘doing a deNiro’ – “You talking to me?” with probably that same look or tone, right?

          Now i make sure i have little chats with people i normally avoided, not just people i love talking with. Those chats have to be sincere, and i have to make sure i can respond too instead of trying to slip away from anything too personal (sometimes this takes some prep!). I still often need to close into my own bubble at the start of the day, so i say a big cheery Good Morning and pop on my phones. It’s important to follow up at coffee with a quick chat later. Recently i even talked with some of the gals about my idea of studying, and they had some terrific ideas – i don’t have to take any of it on board, but the point is i would normally not even ask these people. I make sure i voice some of what i genuinely admire about others instead of keeping it to myself (this Venus Saturn square grew up without compliments so that was a big one to work on).

          I haven’t changed – i still need my space and i still often wear headphones and sometimes sit alone at lunch (though people always come and sit by me or talk to me when i do – i’m a Sag Asc after all πŸ™‚ ) I’m Uranus opp Merc and Merc in Aries – it’s so hard to keep up with my ideas and thoughts and list of things i think need doing, so i truly need that space. But there are people at work who were very estranged from me in the past and can now understand there’s no malice or snobbery in it – even the Virgo chicks i mentioned on the other thread πŸ™‚

          You cannot be insincere. I can’t even imagine you giving lip service, 12HV ! You have to stop thinking of people as in your way or creating a lot of irritating buzz that drowns your inner sound (that may be just me – change to whatever it is for you). Accept that some people probably need your patient guidance in another language. They can help you speak it, too. They are in their job because they bring something to it in their own way.

          If you like the Bee idea, just remember humans love the hive and the hexagon and the honey and the heirarchy, but it’s aspirational.

          • thats some good advice too, I never had to deal with a work setting figuring this out, just school, building a rapport even if it feels weird at first can go a long way, and it doesnt take too much, small talk, humor, but if you have been working there for a while suddenly being different is a thing to navigate, just bit by bit try for some unrelated small talk I suppose, complaining about something no one likes is a good way to do it, kind of a comradery kind of thing, it can go a long way

            • Yeah my friends at work know me as positive, funny and thoughtful, but i figured the others found me harsh and critical so i tried to establish better rapport over yummy things – nice places, their families/children, food, travel talk, some surreal story i made up about how the photocopiers work, a new word, some random facts – i’m actually a good conversationalist in a way as i can natter on – everything’s a story! But it’s a side i only used to let those close to me hear. It’s hard to drop the expectation that others understand you as well as you read their energy. And it’s hard not to feel you’re dumbing down. But you’re not – you’re meeting them on a different field – and that’s smart! I figure if i can talk to strangers, which i often do and quite cheerfully, then i can release the expectations i have of people to work as i do, and just have some random fun. As i mentioned once, i have Lilith in Virgo in the 10th House. The Bitch is in the Details! She’s good for me, balancing that Pisces fin-flicker, but she clearly doesn’t play well with others. I answer to an Aries at the mo. Everyone adores him but he’s pretty blunt too. It’s all in the manner…he has always conversed in a friendly and warm fashion with people so when they work on his team they’re not put out by what he’s actually telling people to do. He runs a tight ship!

              • Thanks. I appreciate the truth in what you guys shared. Honestly, I push myself too hard. Its all Virgo. I show affection by working harder. My Libra is lost. I think I’ll do staff interviews for marketing. I have loads of unbillable hours this week and it will force me to talk to people and shut up and listen and learn from them. They are all important to my industry. You’re right, Mille.

                But, seriously, I’m right all the time – lol. And I’m mutable so when I’m wrong I’m right again because I see that I was wrong now, right? Ha! I like arguing with colleagues. I should do it for fun.

                I have trust issues with siblings. I’m carrying some kind of invisible grudge I need to drop. My brothers are mean to me and their meanest came up in new ways this year. Got to let it go. I have 7 siblings and I can’t handle staying in touch with any of them. They just make no sense to me and I don’t trust any of them with emotional intimacy.

                So much Mercury stimulus for me right now! My NN is in 3rd house Sag. I think I’m unraveling something. I want to get along with others. I don’t just want to be right.

                Did you read the Bee dream story? Amazing. She sent me more of it. Would share it all here, but I am already ranting. I love insect wisdom. The Queen Bee is wise. Today, I got my snake ring in the mail. Its amazing! I love it. It was wrapped in layers of purple. I unraveled it, put it on and fell asleep feeling safe and protected. I can only be me, shed the past, transform into more me. Whew. I can do this! ha Having an amulet feels nice. xoxox

                • It was hard to learn what the atmosphere of surveillance at home did to each individual’s mind and emotional intelligence. I tend to forget not everyone had that psychological training as a child. I’ll tell you what – I get to the bottom of narrative. Obsessive. I try to obsess productively.

                  If that’s my specialization, I’d like to use for helping people heal. To have healing interactions. At least I have good intentions on my side. I have to stay true to that.

                  I’m going to re-read what you guys wrote here tomorrow at work.

                  • you heal here 12hv – you’ve often said just the right thing – sometimes not even to me, but i’ve picked it up and it’s been helpful.

                    i got teary reading about your siblings – my sisters mean everything to me -that’s why i was reading a wet comic in the storm – one of my sisters had sent it to me as a hell early birthday gift and it got soaked in my mailbox – can’t waste her gift! My Virgo sis just told me how deathly ill she was a little while ago. I was shocked – you Virgos – so independent! She could have gone…

    • full on full moon!

      this onion is what i need to ask you: why are you not your own boss?

      • This is what the Universe has told me lately – sometimes you need help. I do SO much shit on my own its ridiculous. I go, go, go and am my own boss in lots of ways. I am a consultant. I work for billable hours. I constantly do projects at home. I work all the time. But…sometimes, like when my heat and plumbing fail, I need people. Sometimes I need to miss work. Sometimes I need to fail. And I need people to be compassionate and patient with me. Not because its important conceptually, but because I’m human.

        This artist I found wrote about how she had a dream interview with a Queen Bee. The Queen Bee told her

        “The Bee Queen went on to say, “I want you to learn something from me: the next time you find yourself in public, in a crowd, wherever, I want you to pretend that you are the most desirable, most loved, and most important woman in the room.”
        She saw my look of horror at this suggestion and said, ” Of course you don’t really believe this! I’m just asking you to pretend. See how others respond to you and treat you when you do this. I think you’ll find the results eye opening.”
        “I am the Queen of the hive. This is not subjective, or opinion, it is simply the truth. I know I am meant to be the object of desire, love and respect. Let me be your example and teacher in this.”

        I’m trying to go with that. “I know I am meant to be the object of desire, love and respect.” I didn’t realize how low I felt until I realized I didn’t expect that.

        • I become boss of all sorts of things I have no business being bossy about. Its ridiculous. Pluto.

  3. Well, I didn’t really want to admit this, but the main insight was a feeling of guilt/being gimped plus a heap of paranoid, possibly mugwort-enhanced paranoid dreams. New motto: NEVER COMPLAIN, NEVER EXPLAIN. Thou shalt not gimp me, and I say NO to guilt–it only gets in the way of The Awesome.

  4. A woman in my tiny town of 800 drowned on this Leo full moon. A rogue wave took her off the beach.
    Our town is sad although she didn’t know many people here. It could have been any of us. My heart goes out to her boyfriend and parents.

  5. Fell victim at a dinner party to one of boyfriend’s female besties incredibly bitchy comment towards me at dinner table. Table stunned. Me too stunned to tell her to shove it. Seems I’m interfering with her social calendar by being around.
    Not too sure how to handle it as the BF loves these peeps.
    Wondering whether to dump him and his stupid nasty friends.

    Btw, issues the whole ugly episode raised in me seemed really chironic.