Are Taureans All Music Snobs?

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Taurus Musical Taste is obviously insanely varied but they’re all music snobs.  I am rarely nostalgic but today i was recalling a Taurus I dated yonks ago.

The reason? I was scanning my gym iPod playlist & realised it’s become even more hopelessly naff than usual. I mean super-naff.

It is full of weird remixed versions of songs that were crap in the first place BUT the point is they’re all at some perfect beats-per-minute for cardio frequency.

For Taurus, Music Is their Life Soundtrack – Their Existential Soundscape.

They do the trick. But for Taurus, music is their life soundtrack, their existential soundscape.

Anyway, I was thinking that the Taurus-Ex would FLIP. He was such a Music Snob. I personally don’t care if another person doesn’t want to talk about/understand/think about some astro-vagary or Wiccan trivia or essential oils, scented candles, whatevs.

But Taurus-Ex would act stunned if i didn’t realise that some stupid drummer had LEFT whatever-band & contributed deeply to the harder basslines in the new group formed by…blah blah blah. He’d go gobbing off. And when confronted with my music collection/preferred radio station, he would act like a Virgo finding cockroaches in the fridge.

And I think ALL Taureans are Music Snobs. I knew an older one who, when I said I hadn’t heard of some harp-playing guy, went off as if I still thought the Sun revolved around the Earth. My dreadful ignorance etc etc.  IN the Taurus-Ex’s defence, he was brilliant to relax with. Taureans make it easy to sit around the couch, drinking wine & rambling on. Plus they will dish out massages.

Whereas you try just stuffing around in Zen-Sloth mode on the couch with a Leo or Gemini & you’ll know all about it real fast. Leo will be pissed off that it’s not in public, nor fabulous. Gemini will short-circuit with boredom. Oh and a Sagg…They would barely sit down before dumping you for someone “less sedentary.”

But this may be my baggage – what do you think? Are Taurus People all Music Snobs?

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26 thoughts on “Are Taureans All Music Snobs?

  1. As a Taurean, I ask you, is it so wrong to know that S’Express sample Sly and the Family Stone, or that Pet Shop Boys’ “Go West” is just a disco version of Pachelbel’s Canon? Or that Händel’s “Ode for Cecilia’s Day” ripped off Purcell’s “King Arthur”? Or that while Madonna made a motza from “Vogue”, Malcolm McLaren got there first (she even copied the opening sound of the track…). Have I just proved the point you were trying to make??

  2. FA you crack me up!

    The celibacy hasn’t been self-enforced, but more a result of circumstances – finishing my PhD (that’s Dr Typical Taurus to you!), moving cities, starting a new job etc. But in the last couple of months I’ve actually started to feel like I have room to breath – my house is tidy, i’m eating better, i’m exercising more, i’m kinder to my family & friends, I’m reading for pleasure etc – and so I feel like soon I’ll be ready to get back in the game.

    And with that in mind, I agree with you that a bit of training never hurt anyone. Bring on Mr Right Now!

    P.S. I did go speed-dating a few months ago, but that is a whole other story that requires at least two glasses of champagne. Another time!

  3. OH, and TT, not to sound like an anti-celibacy Nazi but I did have three years of self-enforcement under my belt, I would urge you to break it. I have come to believe that we deeply deeply need touch, affection and connection, even if it isn’t the best and most ideal partner i.e. not The ONE, but the One RIGHT NOW. 😉

    It sounds naughty but is just a personal opinion… you feel the loneliness in your skin and I think it affects one’s perspective when someone just ok comes along. Of course, just my humble opinion.

    Oh and I never think exercise is passe… I think it is very Femme Ruthless to remain in training and ready for war. Specially the kind beneath the sheets (or above it, you pick!)

    time for dessert!

  4. Oh, sweethearts, there has to be a term one can use when sorrow has made everything a blur, and you stand there with only the essentials remaining. I KNOW it sounds like a reduction sauce but am flummoxed for an appropriate word/phrase.

    Pluto’d? Phoenixed??

    Thank you so for your loving sympathies TT, my Mum was an intense personality who managed to live each second to her fullest, even if that meant she was full on yelling at you. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, and I will always treasure knowing that passion is never a bad thing as I learned from her.

    Salacious, you’re more than welcome to aim one at him, he probably needs it.. am just too tired right now that it actually evokes a “This again???” response from me when “resolving the situation” comes up. So sweet of you.. it probably baffles him that I am this calm.

    But to me love is a liberation, something he does not understand completely.

    Is ok. It isn’t about him anymore (though he tries to make it so!) I know you understand how it is living with your own Scorpo Male Classic, eh?

    On the very upside, my uber philandering and functionally alcoholic brother, the Valentine Aqua who was my antagonist all these years, now emails me little notes to see if I am ok. How I had longed for him to truly be my brother all these years, and on New Year’s it made me cry after he rang me whilst I was with Le Scorp, and the VA had no barbed remarks, sarcastic comments of any sort.

    Just a hi, hello, are you ok? I know he’s still what and who he is, but it’s a good bit of a change, no?

    I think my Mum would have been proud even for such a little thing.

    hugs back,

  5. Dearest Dearest FA, as I read about the passing of your Mum I feel so sad and I so ache for you Dear Heart. May the beautiful memories that you wove together make you smile in joy and love through your days. I am glad you found a rainbow in the midst of your sorrow. I truly believe in the midst of darkness there is always something to be grateful for. I am glad you have your Dad to make you smile with fun family memories.

    Your patience with Le Scorp continue to amaze me. Me being a Sagg and all I feel like wacking him about his head with my arrow saying, ” you numbskull, FA is pure gold, grab her and flee you twerp”. Grr!

    Huge hugs xx00

  6. FA – okay, maybe a little bit modest…but given that I broke up with the Virgoan Quantity Surveyor more than a year ago and have lived in a sexual desert every since, i’m actually having to exercise to maintain a reasonable weight – how passe!

    But seriously, so sorry about your Mum. I hope that with time the overwhelming sense of loss will start to ease and all the fabulous memories will come shining through. It’s so wonderful that you were able to be with her at the end.

    I love the story about your Dad too – what a champion!

    With big bully hugs…

  7. Hey LL, eclectically discriminating i so agree with. as for the gym, it just has to be 128 to 136 bpm. i worked it out, LOL!

  8. I’m a Taurean, and I love country music, so I’ve been told that means I have NO taste in music at all!

    And as far as workout music goes, taste has little to do with it, it’s all about the beat!

  9. Thank you, dear LL… I rather feel like I’ve been living in the spin cycle of MM’s Thor-Gone-Mad machine, but I do love your heartfelt sentiments.

    On a funnier note, my dearest Dad – he of the ever stoic Chinese facial expression burst into tears as he sorrowed over my Mum, burbled about their 60 years together and how they never ONCE disagreed on anything – I had to turn my face away at that very moment when the thought of my Mom’s litany of complaints that started with “YOUR Father…(add unsuitable behavior here)”popped up and the giggles almost took me over.

    He’s 85 now, keeps Mum’s urn in his bedroom and talks to it as if it were actually her… sometimes the best love stories are the ones you never expect.


  10. As a Leo I’m definitely up for fabulosity, although it can be private (might be my Scorp moon’s influence) …slinging my rising sign, Taurus into the fray …I wouldn’t say I was a snob… I would ‘label’, my musical taste eclectically discriminating.

    Ah fallen angel, I feel for you with the passing of your Mother. How very like you to be able to weave a positive into your situation, though. To be able to see the unexpected gift of time shared with your Mother early 2008( although brought about by scorp associated turmoil) …

    There are no words adequate to losing someone we love. Most things just sound a bit trite, and cliched…but truly you are in my thoughts, in the warmest way.

  11. Typical darling, are you being modest? Of COURSE it goes to follow that the sensual predilections of the Toro, whether food or music, runs to er…activities that would halt any weight gain? From my recollection, those appetites run quite deep as well!

    Salacious, darling, so happy to hear your Scorp has mellowed out. I don’t actually think I can use the word “mellow” in any sentence applicable to Le Scorp. Though like yours, he needs a minimum amount of incubation sans the outside world, intensity requires a certain degree of creative festering methinks.

    As for my life, well..hold your breath. In the month of December alone, I hosted a huge hols event, met le Scorp in New York for 4 days, got back, then had to fly overseas 5 days prior Xmas as my beloved mother, the Latin Piscean went gravely ill. I arrived just in time for her to leave us all the next morning and held her till she was gone.

    Le Scorp was in the UK doing the family thing whilst I was again in the depths of Asia, I returned just before New Year’s to fly out to Chicago and meet him there during which he managed to resign from his work and make plans to return to the UK to “resolve” the situation, with no promise of return.

    But in a twist of fate, his resignation was refused and his nemesis, the reason for his departure, was fired and instead he is to remain here until a possible transfer back to LA late this year. Naturally, this made the time difficult for us as he agitated further, even while trying to be supportive.

    So…my grief is rather deep, and I think beyond words. Many friends have been kind though I miss my mother so horribly..and of course, it has not been easy to be greeted with more loss or issues.

    I don’t think about it anymore, or try not to..I just want my mother to be at peace. I tried to bring an Ipod into the ICU so she could listen to one of the songs I wrote but couldn’t because of the machines, I don’t think I’ll ever forget how amazed she was when she had heard it for the first time earlier in 2008 when I went back.

    It has been odd to realize that had I not been driven so far by my pain from le Scorp, I would not have taken a hiatus back home earlier in 2008 and had the time I had with her. And even more so to think that all that’s happened has probably prepared me for her passing.

    I was the only one who could be with her while the doctors did what they could and I hope she felt she was not alone.

    angel falling,

  12. MM, you could be onto something there. My Jupiter is in Taurus (12th house) and yes, I am a music snob. And a food snob. Although, I prefer the term ‘aficionado’ 😉

  13. Mystic, how interesting about relaxation modes and sun sign reactions to it. My Scorp likes to relax in Zen Sloth mode, as you say and it drives me insane, making me regularly fantasise about a less sedentary partner! : o You are truuuuly scary, as you so rightly pick my very being, even though I think its just me!

  14. Fallen Angel, you had me giggling reading your comments as per usual! : >
    How doth your life fare Dear Heart? Not poking pins in a wee little doll with Le Scorp’s features?? My Scorp has mellowed and seems very content at present. Little jig here, little jig there!

    Talking about music, I played an old tape – yep tape I used to play in my dear old car that I used to drive a few years ago. It was a tape full of all sorts of music I loved from all sorts of time lines- Blue Moon by Dixie Chicks, Louis Armstrong – Its a Wonderful World, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd etc. Well my Scorp had such a pitying, sympathetic look, as he gazed at me with his blue, blue Scorp eyes. So your remark of ” being raised by tone deaf wolves” fitted perfectly!!

    At the same time, I must say I will only listen to music if I like it, I will not just sit and listen ( unless someone else is there and is listening avidly). Stress Princess I am a Sagg and I tend to flick the stations until i find a song I can bear too

  15. Love your new site, Mystic!

    I’m thinking the music snobbery comes with Earth sign territory? I’m a Cap and am a complete music snob. I will leave a store if there is the wrong music playing. Even if I have found THE PERFECT OUTFIT! Nup, will leave because the beat/ tonality/genre/ whatever is all wrong. I also get v v agitated and threaten to kill when I’m stuck somewhere and the music is “wrong”. I get utterly psycho mad. Weird.

    Saggo boyfriend can’t understand it. He sits on one radio station, regardless of the song , while I neurotically flick until I find a song I can bear.

    No Taurus in my chart – just lots of Cap. BTW – what planet/ house would “represent” music taste?
    Tra la la xxxxx

  16. Hey Mystic – love the new site! Such a clean look and feel – very nice indeed!!!

    Not exactly a music snob – but I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. And I’m a bit like the lady who had rings on her fingers and bells on her toes – I have music wherever I go….cars, planes, buses, hanging out at home, walking to the shops – there’s always something on and it can range from australian hip hop to Classic FM.

    Fallen Angel – i hear you on the food thing. I do love a good meal and the cooking process can be just as erotic. The only problem is that when you combine the two Taurean loves of food and sloth, substantial weight gain can follow.

  17. Ok. I have never thought that I am a music snob.
    But… I have had years of my Aries best mate stamping me down and calling me a Nazi when ever I suggest that her taste in music is sub-standard (I am never dishonest about my thoughts on bands, etc). I correct people when their information on a band/artist is incorrect or incomplete.
    I have learnt not to date any man that does not have an appreciation of music outside of the charts. I may geet violent if you tell me you don’t like The Clash (the hybridization of musical forms- the coming together of reggae from the punk clubs to the political revolution in the late 70’s early 80’s… COME ON).
    I used to judge people on their music tastes, therefore I rarely offer my ‘top 5…’ (as it were) is case others do the same. My job for 3 years was to identify what music radio announcers might want to play on their shows. I now book bands.
    I don’t like the term snob… I don’t think its apt, although it is convenient.
    I love to SHARE music with people… not laud it over them going ‘my taste is better than yours’… I do have the tendency to go ‘that’s a bit shit compared to this…’- but the key is, that I then show them.
    Just trying to make the world a brighter and more beautiful place…
    … that all sound terrible, but it is coming from good intentions…

  18. No. Not at all…well, OK, just a bit – its more that if the music is not to my taste I find it utterly intolerable. (Imagine what its like for my music-loving teenagers!)

    great new look Mystic – gorgeous in fact~ 🙂

  19. Music snobs, no – Food Snobs, YES. Least the Taureans I know. Once had the Adulterous Toro educate me about how to make a risotto with such excruciating detail that when I giggled, you know at the part where he has to stand there stirring what I blasphemously nicknamed porridge, that he actually went into aggrieved silence as if I had just somehow discovered the holy grail by accidentally defecating on it.

    He even used to say that an excellent dish could be better than sex??? (Not with me of course!)

    Le Scorp on the other hand is completely baffled as to why I would not be familiar with say a band that would never have been played in a media censored country, not to mention that it was about two generations away from me, etc etc. Except is not so much snobbery as pity… he likes to take my hand, pat my head and act as if he was taking me in from having been raised by tone deaf wolves.

    I like making my own mixes and once got into a strip class where the instructor dubbed me Alterna Rock Girl because “you are the only person I’ve ever had who ever thought of stripping to Radiohead’s Creep”.

    I think she missed the Irony.

    creep sweep

  20. Great new site MM!

    Well, I have Venus in Taurus and I am picky about my music esp. when working out. It must inspire and crank me up. (I’m also an Aries with Mars on the AC in Gem…!) Thanks for the link MM…I took a look/listen. Must get those tunes uploaded to ipod ~s.t.a.t.~ as I’ve started working out again after a long reprieve. Limping lately as muscles are sore but being a Venus in Taurus I’m also a massage therapist and do love lolling about on the couch! Not bored like a Gem, not needing fab like a Leo…Just ~being~ like Fernadad the Bull and taking in whatever is around (like a nap…lol)…

    Okay, 5:00 am comes too soon, but committed to workout before massaging…

    Thank you for the inspiration MM and love that you can include pix on your site!


  21. Word – Never really noticed music snobbery in my Taurus father or sister. My sister’s description of her gym music was EXACTLY the same as Mystic’s, in fact! All about the cardio rhythm.

  22. I am a Taurus. I am not however a music snob. In fact when I was searching for some songs on iTunes I thought the remixed versions were better than the original.

    I think you have to factor in a given Taurus’ notion of beauty and whether you are affonting that. I could see a Taurean energy being devoted to something like music and the beauty of a particular composition or performance of it and having their stubborn streak kick in and insist that is the one and only way it should be played.

    So I don’t think it is a music snob issue, its more generally how far you take a Taurus outside their comfort zone of what they feel/declare is beautiful.

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