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“For me, a woman who is absorbed in her work, who does not care about gaining one’s favour, strong yet subtle at the same time, is essentially more seductive. The more she hides and abandons her femininity, the more it emerges from the very heart of her existence.”

Yohji Yamamoto 

So i read this and thought INSTANTLY “this dude has Venus in Virgo” and voila – i am right. Heh heh.

 Venus in Virgo also likes the faint hint of a pine-based soap. Better still, Dettol. Or the simple smell of clean skin. Rain even.



Image: Yohji Yamamoto – Design Musuem

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128 thoughts on “So Venus In Virgo

  1. I am a Pisces and most of my boyfriends have been either a Virgo or a Capricorn. I have noticed that the Virgos preferred the smell of soap. They all hated when I wore perfume.

    • Very true!! A formative memory of mine was watching the men in my family shave and groom themselves before their day started!! It’s a pleasure to see a well-groomed lad who smells good!!

      I have Virgo Sun, Libra Venus & Moon 🙂

  2. I have found Astrotheme’s interpretations are sometimes harsh. For example in Yohji’s chart the Mars in Gemini is “Unless the natal chart strongly indicates otherwise, this degree heralds that years of prosperity are followed by ruin and destitution.”

    Has anyone else found felt this way?

  3. Hello, yes, I have Venus in Virgo and, if I wasn’t clear in my comment on the saggo post, it’s pretty fuqing strong in my chart. And in my Life. venus in virgo Rules my Sun, my Moon, in my identity house and yes, only a venus in virgo would say ‘absorbed in her work’ NOT obsessed (when actually, that is what they are). I like to wear a suit when I’m working as well as wear feminine heels and Dior perfume, hide in an office with no distractions, and my best friend is a Capricorn woman whom I completely admire with all my virgo venus heart.

    • i’m a little lost. If it’s not going to induce a facepalm moment, i wouldn’t mind understanding how Venus (and specifically in Virgo) rules your Sun and Moon. Does this mean your Sun and Moon are in Libra or Taurus?

      • I read the comment and suspect Virgo sun. The syntax was just a little off on a sentence, Venus in Virgo, Virgo rules… I think is how it should read. Of course, I could be wrong. Blessings.

        • Thank you…that would mean Virgo Moon too, if i’m following correctly? And, if i may be so cheeky, it is apt that a Capricorn explains it better than a Virgo.

          (oh i’m going to be shot down in flames)

          *no – stands up tall grinning*

          • Don’t thank me, as I said, I could be wrong. Being a Capricorn, the more I think about it, the more likely it is that I am ; ) Hopefully we’ll have definitive answers soon.

          • 😆 a friendly mud fight between a Cap and Virgo. Would love to see that. 🙂 Let’s throw a Taurus in the mix..

            Or should the fixed signs fight it out in the mud? Will the mutables lose interest in five secs flat? The Cardinals will organise it all of course.

            How will the other element/signs do it?Fun to think about. 🙂

  4. The quote really resonated with me, and I have Venus in Cap conjunct Saturn and my NN. Lol.

    • I have Venus in Cap too and I hate wearing perfume!! I can only really stand natural scents (eg coffee, rain) and prefer a very very subtle deodorant scent. Actually, I think the deo I got has a slightly ‘masculine’ scent as it makes me feel oddly sexier. Weird.

      Saggo ex-boyfriend would ALWAYS buy me perfume, every b’day and Xmas. Ugh!! When he’d go away on business, I’d flush 1/4 of the bottles down the loo so when he’d ask if I’d been wearing it, I’d go ‘yes, look! See?’

      I’d subtly (then not-so-subtly) hint that I probably had enough perfume to last a lifetime,probably shouldn’t get me any more just yet, etc. But no. Saggo wouldn’t hear it. XMAS STINK FEST. Yuck! (And it was always expensive stuff, as I found out later in my usual Cap ‘how much was this exactly’ snoop around the shops. Felt like such a waste. Just give me the damn cash next time!)

      • I’m a Venus in Cap perfume despiser too. Having said that, I’ve just discovered some beautiful natural perfume oil blends by Aromantik that I can wear without feeling like I’m getting instant brain damage from toxic perfume inhalation, so I’ve turned into a bit of a perfume whore this week…

        • Yes! Sun cappy having a hard time with peeps flushing perfumes down the loo.. and wondering whether essential oils are worth a try. I love the original Vanilla by Body Shop, still my go to until it expires. I also suggest trying floral oriental perfumes.

      • I have venus at 9deg Libra (plus pluto at 7, sun at 16, mars at 17 and uranus at 27) and I’ve never liked perfume, rather prefer to know my lady is also an animal, just got back from yoga? – perfect.

        • Girls who dont like or wear perfume????? Dont get it……….
          Though am venus in Scorpio………. 🙂

          • I have Venus in Scorpio and despise toxic chemical perfumes. there’s just a few do like in moderation.
            I switched to pure essential oils years ago and feel much better. I am allergic to the chemicals and they create migraines, so that’s why I stay away from them and those who drown in them.
            Headaches are severe and debilitating.
            Your lucky you can wear them.

          • Same here, CANNOT STAND all that fake, overheaving, crap “scents”!!! Makes me gag honestly, and I esp. avoid males and females who wear loads of the fake crap. Artisan, bespoke perfume, however, made of the best materials, many organic, are heavenly………… I keep a file on people whose vocation is just that, so when I can afford it, I’ll go to them, or at least one of them.

            • I was trying not to cough into a woman’s hair today as her product was gassing me out in the tube. like perfumed hairspray and scent. It’s amazing how oblivious people are to things like that. Do (straight) men knock women back because they hate the way they smell? or is it just pussy and they don’t care? I would not be able to get with someone who’s scent made me dry reach in close proximity.

              • I’ve found that most men have a really poor sense of smell and if they smoke it’s even WORSE.

              • Hehehe, some would ignore a lot of things just to get to the pussy 😉

      • Both my father and I (both Caps) despise perfume. It gives us headaches! There are some scents I don’t mind, and they are usually the more masculine ones.

        One of my single biggest pet peeves is those people who seem to BATHE in perfume/cologne/body spray/etc before leaving the house. The kind of person that, if you are in an enclosed space with them for any length of time, you end up with a massive headache AND you smell like them, too.

        • It’s one of my biggest pet peeves too (the other 2 are secondhand subwoofer beats and incessant dog barking). There should be a fuqing law against wearing perfume that anyone outside a 5cm radius of your person can smell. I actually avoid going out socially, and dread having to go grocery shopping etc, because all it takes is one inconsiderate stinked up with perfume bitch to completely ruin my day.

          I get the headaches, I want to vomit, the stench sticks up my nose for hours, all I can taste is chemicals, and I can’t think straight, it’s like instant brain damage for me.

  5. The lovely lady I’m currently seeing has her Merc & Venus in Virgo. I LOOOOOVE it 😀

    Then again, I’m biased, Virgo Sun/Merc and all..

  6. Thank God I’ve never dated anyone with V in V.

    Could not handle the styling. I mean I can do the simple white linen dress and no make up thing like the next gal with Sun in Virgo, but….I LOVE my perfume. And eyeliner. Big hair, fabulousity, mystery.

    Yoji would be in heaven in a nunnery! All that repressed femininity.

  7. Yep!! I’m Venus, Mars and Mercury in Virgo, Sun in Leo and i agree…my partner knows that she pretty much always has to shower before bed…. i love the smell of rain…. but even more, the smell of water from a clean healthy river… that earthy watery smell… favourite smell!!

    • OMG I misread what you said and had to re-read it again.

      I had seen “clean healthy liver”…. lol…

      yes. yes, I love the smell of a clean healthy liver as well. LOL!

  8. Fresh smelling clean skin . Is the most erotic stimulating arousal experience that creates an expanding opportunity to share some serious intimacy.

  9. Venus, Asc, and Saturn in Virgo. Mmmm…yes, love my partners to be clean. Love spa day when we stay home pampering each other and love to make love after a bath. Of course this is always after all work is done and the next task is organized. Can’t truly relax until then.

  10. Mr. Yamamoto also says this: “I think perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things humans make, I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion.”
    Which I like lots, since I’ve discerned the difference between doing one’s best and “perfection”.

  11. I ADORE that quote! That’s going in my notebook. 🙂

    Love Virgos!!

    I have Mars in Virgo conjunct Pluto & Uranus in 8th.

  12. Venus in 12th house Virgo. Clean? Sure- that’s nice. Confident and engaged? Cool. But I don’t see it. I suspect Venus in Virgo is the Venus most likely to be turned off by random details. I hate having it.

    • Ha! Come to think of it – after not having sex for ages – I am not sure anyone on the planet is clean enough for me. Lol!!!

    • That’s true too. Random details that make one person cringe but the other person not notice at all.

      I dated another Venus in Virgo once. And like Grumpy Cat, I found it was terrible. We were like the owl and lark opposites of one another out of sync but similar. While we both loved being shower clean: I was a shower before bed beause bed was a sanctuary and he was drag dirty work clothes into bed and shower in the morning. He believed in using a clean utensil to get butter each time you used it, while I simply wiped my knife with a napkin each time (not clean enough for him). I believed in a clean fridge that did not contain any cooked leftover that was older than 5 days and he freq. keep items in there for MONTHS.

      so much angry making…so yeah…not all Venus in Virgo is a perfect match.

      • hee hee grumpy cat has made it onto mm. the meme domination is complete!
        funny story and reeeeaaaly easy to picture. 🙂

  13. Yohji, how I heart you! I’ve always considered androgyny to be the most perfect expression of femininity and a life immersed in the work as a life brimming with passion. I imagine Venus in Virgo with wrought-iron strength and desire bound by the smartest and most delicate of shells. I must admit the Virgo drive in general is still inscrutable to me (this from a Virgo Sun+Saturn+NN+etc.,) and am therefore curious on the Venusian Virgo’s truest expression of love and lust. Also, I say unblended citrus scents, nothing too confusing, as herbals can overwhelm, call too much attention and be distracting, what with correctly trying to pinpoint every note and all.

  14. Zero virgo in my chart, except a 6th house neptune.

    BUT … ohh hahaha you know i was going to write about how I looove the smell of a man who has just stepped out of the shower and smells like Imperial Leather or whatever, then I remembered that I liked nice, crispy, fresh colognes, THEN I remembered that I liked some of those other really luxe european scents like Rive Gauche for men, THEN I remembered I would want to get naked with a man if he was generally attractive, looked after himself and hot for me, regardless of the circumstances, sooooo …. *signs out of this comment*

  15. Woah, my Venus is in Virgo, hence my non belief in marriage or for ever, having to be real independant, would rather be on my own than trying to fit into something NQR, but must admit seeing we are anon, I do wear makeup to mow lawn etc LOL, you can still look nice while working hard!

  16. Fantastic quote. And I love him
    My most successful relationship was venus in virgo leo, my many virgo planets conjunct his, it was a working relationship and creative partnership

      • This isn’t meant to be a comment directed at you personally 12 V, but I’ll write it here because your comment brought it to mind… and I am curious. I’ve never understood how people get married when the sex is bad. I”m sure there are as many reasons (and definitions for ‘bad sex’) as there are people on earth…but… might one reason be because they’re hopeful that things will improve with time? or everything else is so good that the sex can be overlooked (is that possible?!) ?

        • Not to be presumptuous here, but having been coupled/married for 17 year to Scorp ex-hb, the sex was awesome to begin with but sucked over time as we grew apart….

        • Safety. I could make that a longer story – but that’s it. Now, good sex is pretty much all I want from a “relationship.”

          • Plus – we were young. Venus in virgo is really repressed. Took me ages to discover my kinky side and I still haven’t shared it with anyone other than my Neptunian lover – The Universe. But – I imagine for other signs, it’s the same: safety. Desire changes over time. Even though we didn’t last or have good sex, we had a great partnership and a great daughter an he’s a very dedicated father (not a player at all)

            • thanks.. appreciate your sharing, and based on how I understand people I feel like I can read a fair bit into your simple answer. BTW this was (is) Pi, didn’t mean to be anon up there xxx

        • His Venus was on my Sun. I felt safe with him the first time I saw him.

          I hope I have good sex again before I die. Lol!

          • LMAO 12th… Is it a Virgo thing that from the start we know if we will be safe with him and wanting good sex before we die. LOL! I am just laughing my arse off reading your post.

            It will happen. You just sent that intention to the universe. Keep us posted. Maybe Mystic will have a blog on which sign wants or can give the best sex before we die. LOL!! Enjoy! 🙂

      • Not knowing anything else obviously, what about his and your Mars connections? I’ve found that Mars is how we “do” it, so to speak.

        • well he had venus mars conjunct so it was more like that than mars mars. we did a lot together. a lot got done and there was oodles of chemistry. the minute he met me.

  17. Yamamoto met one of my fam who wears a lot of his work, and he adored her. Asked her to stay in the city they met in to spend more time, but she was passing through. Her partner was jealous even though he believed YY was gay! Shhh!

    Venus in Virgo – i can well see pure artistry with this placement. Think i’m having a pang of chart envy *sigh*

    • lovely story (bar the jealousy)

      I’ve seen it work really well for some, esp creative with a technical approach to their work. When technical craft turns artisan.

      • Aww the jealousy was expressed verbally and honestly with a self deprecating laugh, and didn’t manifest in trying to stop her… better out than in.

        I don’t think i have that technical craft into artisanal bliss. If i try it’s more like scribbling a pen round and round a point…although it may be self perception. It is so admirable in others.

        • OMG – so right about the artisanal bent. I have a half-baked religion in my head dedicated to the Artisan. That shit goes deep with me. Its like, too sacred to speak of. lol

          • Yes i have not been able to express it in conversation, and can only mention the idea here, without description. I think it is a very powerful thing.

            Personally, i think this is 6TH HOUSE MAGIC, the alchemy of it.

            • Mille – I keep dreaming I am looking at my chart, at my 6th house Pisces particularly. Jupiter-Ceres-Juno there. Frustrating, boring dream as it tells me nothing.

              I’m scared of my upcoming Neptune transits. I live half-dream every day. Maybe it will be sobering? Am I wrong that you are cursed with Venus square Neptune too?

            • I’m Venus square Saturn.

              You know those reprogramming dreams i have mentioned at times? They are always connected to my chart, the astro wheel. And they are not interesting at all! They tire me but i feel like something happened in my neuro centre during them. However, i also have a neurological condition, so it’s hard to say. Still the programmers often had a lot to do with Saturn (which is in my 6th house) but not always alone. Uranus and something i can’t define…well there you go, i have Neptune with Jupiter with Moon in a bang in 12th so quite possibly they’re the indefinable engines of this.

              These happened a lot when i was overtired from 6 day weeks, hindsight reveals. Body, but also mind, from trying to hold so many plans and so much info, while also mentally escaping from work by, er, studying, anlaysing, reading. Mentally was in overdrive. So my dear 12HV, i feel a little concerned for you in that regard.

              I am having Neptune square Neptune transit. It’s weird. I’m of an age (not chronologically, but experientially) to really know myself. And i feel like i finally GET myself but at the same time, even just walking from a client meeting today through a corridor, i felt like everything i think i know, my WHOLE PERCEPTION OF THE WORLD is fragmenting like a mirror suddenly in shards. Everything and everyone “speaks” to me right now. There’s a lot of synchronicity, but it’s as though i already knew. I even had another unguessable language i don’t speak (Chinese) pop up in a recent dream, and asked some Chinese people what it means and it means Opportunity. It was the name of a tiger i had been training.

              • Wow, what a powerful dream! I remember reading smth about being able to speak/understand a language in your Dreaming Life, which ordinarily in Waking Life you don’t speak, means that you spoke it in a past life
                But wow, mille, go train that Opportunity tiger, that’s powerful!

              • Thanks, Mille!

                Over-analytical, over-working…who me? 😉

                I’m glad to hear chart dreams exist. I’ve never had them before and I usually don’t have repeat dreams like this. So boring and I feel like its a clear sign I can’t read.

                I was just looking at my chart from 2009 – Saturn on my Sun, Pluto crossed my IC, Uranus crossed my DC – I don’t know what planets to blame, but my psyche exploded then. I am glad it happened, glad I know what I know now, but scared its going to…sort of come back. I still am trying to figure out what having that experience “means” but I realize it just is. I didn’t have the benefit of astro back then to see it coming. Its largely why I’m into astro now. I am Virgo – trying to make sense of this messy existence of ours 🙂

                Anyway, that experience has made me nervous about Neptune, although from what I can tell Neptune wasn’t involved that time.

                Its a push-pull. Neptune is the magic you can’t control. If its shards of reality, I can deal with that. I don’t want more fucked up karmic soul mate crap. If the illusion I pierce in waking life is the separateness of beings, cool.

                Love your dream. Opportunity!! I hope your tiger brings you peace and healing. xo

        • Bath & Bodyworks use to have a scent called Orange / Ginger that I love’D!!! I don’t think they make it anymore but I would buy everything with that scent. Energizing and cleansing IMO.

          Right now I use rubbing alcohol to clean. I just love that same.

  18. yes!
    Sun and Venus in Virgo here.
    the smell of rain!! spot on Mystic!
    strong yet subtle – rarely this venus placement is described so beautifully and to the point.

  19. I have venus in virgo… Just love this vibe! Suddenly the post xmas exhaustion and frazzle is clear and crisp and I have dates and times for everything and despite desperately wanting choc I simply and easily choose not to! Bliss!!!

  20. I’m ordering on right now, and wanted to share with Venus in Virgo types my favorite cleanser/scents:

    Caldrea – sea salt and neroli
    Ms. Meyers – basil

    A-MA-ZING!! Got turned onto it by a Libra. Have a lot of planets in Libra. Can’t do pine smells. Ick. The sea salt and neroli scent is clean and fantastic. The basil is too – I like using it for my feng shui money areas since basil is a money herb. Don’t know if that works, but I like the structure. Virgo, out!

    • What’s a good money area? I am growing basil on my window sill now on the North side of my house.
      Unfortunately I don’t have a good window on the South-Eastern side of my house- darn.

      • You have to figure out your baguas or flying stars or whatever. I had a Feng Shui consult done that told me what areas are good for attracting money. Truth be told – I could have (and did) figure out the map by google research. You have to know what direction your home faces – take a compass reading – and what year the home was built. The woman who came took a reading with a fancy Feng Shui compass and it took her ages since the plumbing exits the front of the house and messed with her instrument. My iphone compass figured it out for me and ended up being right.

        Feng Shui is super complicated. Basil is good. 🙂

  21. Had a boyfriend with venus in virgo and waitresses always had a thing for him. Every time we went anywhere, a waitress was close by, looking transfixed. Just waitresses. There’s a Bette Midler quote there somewhere……..

  22. No one that I can see has mentioned HIS YYs scent for women which is one of THE most evocative, downright hedonistic perfumes I have ever smelled, and I love perfume so have tried loads, it is obsolete now, I have one treasured bottle, it is a very strange smell, so sweet it should be sickly but is not with a very sexual undertone.
    I have Venus in virgo conjunct my Leo moon.
    Then again I like another men’s cologne which smells a bit like sweat but in a good way so maybe I’m weird 😉 it’s heavenly but just got that little edge to it and I’ve stopped wearing it as I worry people might think I’m sweaty!

  23. hehe – yes, true for me about a lover’s scent – I have ‘a 1 cm test’ which tells me whether our bodies like each other (sun, merc, venus, pluto in virgo). My current ‘friend’ also has venus in virgo and we have baulked at consummation because one or other of us feels less than ‘prepared’ in body or soul – he always arrives freshly showered smelling of soap.

    venus in virgo ‘hates a mess’ and thus can defer/withdraw from messy human relations and live out the vestal virgin archetype (might have sex for enlightenment, especially of the ‘other’, rather than live in the real world of human relations)

    • “live out the vestal virgin archetype (might have sex for enlightenment, especially of the ‘other’, rather than live in the real world of human relations)”

      Aw…you just described me!!

      I hate the smell of my ex. OMG – HATE it!!! Sometimes my daughter smells like him and I wash her and all her clothing. Don’t know how we stayed together so long with me hating his smell so very much.

      • I do have a theory about why some women hate a guy’s smell after they break up. It happened to me and I can attribute it to birth control pills. If you start a relationship off ON bcps you are only attracted to a certain type of guy scent. Once you are in it long term and you change to a non-hormonal bc method, your sense of smell will revert back to its primal norm and thus you will slowly start resenting the dude on a smell level. The resentment level gets worse if it correlates to annoying behaviour. Then…ta..da… breakup.

        • Well, I’m sure it wasn’t that in my case. Maybe connections just change over time? Body and all.

    • Yes funny how some people smell good or not. Even some people’s sweat smells nice and others stink! I believe with women liking the smell of men it’s to do with pheromones and whether offspring would be healthy?! e.g. if their genetic makeup ‘fits’ with yours

      • interesting point – I’ve been doing an anecdotal test of whether the ‘pheromone smell attractor’ co-incides with mars venus aspects in synestry – the results are inconclusive 🙂

      • I’ve watched docos on this, and from the numbers of women tested (smelling men’s tshirts and whether they liked it or not), they found that for each woman, the one she likes most is the male who on the genetic level, along with her genetic makeup, will provide for the most “all around” offspring gene-wise.
        I can’t for the life of me remember the doc’s name who carried this out! He has curly dark hair, big mo, lovely bedside manner. Thisis gonna set off my research bender…

        • And the contraceptive pill was responsible for many an awry mating as it interfered with women’s sense of smell.
          A way to heighten your sense of smell is to blindfold yourself so your visual input is more acute. Can try it with say 5 different spices or herbs or people (if they are willing for you to experiment that is 🙂
          There is also a way of looking using ‘soft eyes’ that with practise can have you seeing energy.

  24. I LOVE perfume but hate overpowering use of it (e.g. strong chemical deodorants e.g. Lynx, Poison-type perfume) It should be subtle. (Taurus moon) Could go on about scents, esp. flowers… love gardenia, violets, lemon/lime flowers, frangipani, tuberose (although I can’t keep them in my bedroom because the scent becomes too strong) and lovely old fashioned roses, that are strongly scented. Can’t see the point of roses without perfume.

    My favourite perfume for many years was Givenchy I’interdit… like antique perfume, powdery, a very subtle and complex fragrance. They have stopped making it. At the moment I use Verte Violette, and sometimes Stella (slightly rose-y) and Prada Infusion d’ Iris (really fresh and summery and fades really quickly). Love naturally scented soaps and essential oils (cedarwood, rose, neroli and lavender). When cleaning, I use lavender and eucalyptus oil and good old Ajax powder. Clean smells nice!

    • I have Taurus Moon and love all the flowers you mention! My favorite perfume is La Chasse aux Papillons by L’Artisan, a mix of tuberose, linden blossom, orange flowers, etc. Not the most complex scent in the world, but clean, fresh, hopeful.

  25. This Venus Virgo thing seems like a good spot for something I ran across today, reconstructing the hairstyles of vestal virgins. I suppose these scholars would be called archeo-hairstylists.

    But what I want to know, why does the model look so unhappy with her hairstyle that had not been seen in 2400 years.

  26. Well, I don’t know about Venus in Virgo, but I have Mars in Virgo, and I only like clean men – men smelling of soap, clean nails and feet etc – not yucky perfume covering up horrible things – just clean and fresh and simple ya. I also like men smelling (and tasting!) of salt – as in ‘just been for a surf/run along the beach and a swim etc’. But I’m Sun and Venus in Sagg, so maybe that’s to blame there…