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To quickly answer a F.A.Q – the Scheduler is back in Feb. The new format means it can be done way ahead but clearly i can’t input a whole 12 months worth of Moon-Pluto Shitzones etc that quickly…So please be patient and it will be awesome. 

Astro-Bitch Yearly 2013 Horoscopes will be up with the New Moon on Jan 11/12…

But you can currently check out the Daily Horoscopes for Friday, Monthly Horoscopes for January (new, way more whacko, surreal and to the point version lol) and Weekly from Jan 5…Plus, of course, the Oracle.

Oh and lol the Moon is now Void in Virgo for TWELVE HOURS…Yes, the Void Moon times are on the Daily Horoscopes. CUE epic analytical genius & work/health breakthroughs if one is not too busy carping.

Virgo is of, of course, also the Sacred Whore archetype and Astraea – the Star Maiden. Just so as you know.


Image: Remedios Varo

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15 thoughts on “Scheduling…

  1. I sat in my home last night holding rose quartz meditating on what my feng shui mountain would look like. As I groped for clarity, it felt like someone put a falconers hood on me – over my crown and eyes. This artwork is creeping me out a bit. Maybe I will use the scheduler this year.

      • Its a metaphorical thing – so like an armoire or something heavy, rocks, plants to give weight to a particular energy space in the home. I put some stuff there but it didn’t vibe right, so I started zoning out on what gives weight or anchor in my material life, groping for goals and visions of what that may be like, and that’s when They put the hood on me. Or so it felt.

        • Something earthy small & very heavy would be a piece of polished obsidian.Tere are some highly polished egg shapes. Tends to absorb negative energies so cleansing often is advised.
          From personal experience 🙂

          • Funny thing. I was using a family amorire, a piece that was my grandparents and my dad told me I had to keep. I-ching told me to toss it. Gotta find a new place to stash my undies. 🙂

            I’ve got a salt lamp, some rough rose quartz on a small table and a selection of stones I’ve collected from beaches I love, smooth stones. Also, a painting of a mountain. I hope that’s enough. Thanks for the tips.

  2. *waves Mystic’s postcard* It arrived today. Thanks! 🙂 Love the new monthly scopes and looking forward to the scheduler and the rest.

  3. Three people in my office today got their wallets snatched from their desks by a guy “dressed like a consultant” who creeped into the office while I was at the mall getting coffee and heavily discounted dishes to replace the chipped ones I threw out. $ snafu averted? I’m keeping my eye on the scopes and trying not to Virgo out on what I could have done to prevent the crime.

  4. Got word that I’m retroactively covered under brill, uber-Soziale French health insurance, thanks to Toro ex! It’s beyond exciting for Virgos, particularly uninsured U.S. Virgos. Sad to say I live in a country where it’s more affordable and less hassling for me to hop a red-eye to Paris than get an MRI in NY.

    Otherwise I’m seriously heeding the bullseye advice in the scopes for Virgo/Libra….

    and really appreciating the lavish Remedios imagery MM!

  5. Does anyone else have an impossible time logging in from their Blackberry? I have to try a few times every time just to log in to the horoscopes. Have tried a few different ways, cleared phone cache etc, no luck. SO annoying

  6. Thank you, I’m excited by 2013.
    I affiliate most with the High Priestess card which could be sacred, depending how you look at it.

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