Respect For Taureans

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Hmm.  Saturn in Scorpio square Sun in Aquarius. I really wouldn’t fuq with any of the Fixed Signs this week. They’re mostly doing Ruthless Clarity and looking around for shit they can drop from their schedule/life/list of things they give a damn about so that they can focus on their Awesome, Total Control & psyching out whatever it is that is in their way. Yes, this applies to Rising Signs also. But Taurus are especially copping it. Any appearance of placidity on their part is more eye-of-cyclone than an indicator that they’ve succumbed. They’re looking to overthrow oppressive relationship regimes. Aqua-Aqua Rising  seem – if anything – even flakier than usual but they’re actually planning Empire. Scorpio is never going to waste a nano-unit of time, money, Qi or attention again. Where you have Scorpio/Aquarius – at 11-ish degrees if you know your chart is where you’re insanely, brutally realistic, objective & calculating at the mo. More in the Horoscopes, obviously.


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96 thoughts on “Respect For Taureans

  1. An interesting thing about the day I texted the good-bye to the Toro is that trans Scorp Saturn was exactly conjunct his Dsc opposite Sun.

    (Still processing this off and on if you please).

    Robert Hand states it’s about learning to have one on one relationships. Perhaps I jump started his evolution by what Toro Love Doctor at work said “putting him in his place”…Or, at least being like, oh, I don’t know, ten years older than him…

    Perhaps he is pondering “emotionally unavailabe”…



    But did like the idiot.

    • Maybe this is when a 43 yr old male realizes that being a player ain’t gonna quite crack it anymore. Not if you wanna run with the big girl panty pack. 🙂

      So repsect for the Taureans? TA, always, Charles, of course…

      But this one? Ummm very questionable but we must make allowances for learning, you see. 😆

      • Aside from my jesting tho, I have had some heartache…a long lost love to annals of time?

        Realized I had not had heartache for years…So many years. With the Pisces, back in ’96, tarot lady said “you’re walking around with a broken heart”..

        God that feeling is just so hard…This one mild in comparison but you know…

        I like what Ekkart Tollie (prob did not spell right) but he said relationships aren’t to necessarily make us happy, but to heal us. Miguel Ruiz says the same thing and so did my teacher…x

        • Aww, I feel for you Sweetpea, I’m feeling sad too. 🙁 I shouldn’t have mentioned dinner with the Sadge the other day. He stood me up at the last minute for the lamest of reasons. He has Toro moon – so everything had to be according to HIS schedule. And with a Leo MC – everything revolves around him! Plus he has a packed 1st first house “me me, me!” 🙄

          Happened when Jupes went direct. Thanks for nothing Jupiter!!! I had this awful feeling it might all be over when Jupes moved forward because he contacted me last October when Jupes was retro.

          I think it’s for the best. I got tired of all the waiting… !! I think part of him preferred to imagine what things would be like instead of trying to make it real. He said he’d happily wait another 20 years for me. My Saggo moon is NOT happy to wait AT ALL. Life is short! He had too many insecurities – Saturn square moon and Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorp in 12th (fear of intimacy and sexual inhibition. Crazy high morals of an Amish person!).

          Mars in Libra – UGH. Never want to date anyone with that placement again! So lazy, indecisive and too much dithering for my liking. I want a man who takes action!! A woman can’t live off poetry alone (as much as my venus in Libra enjoys it).
          There’s a Cap Sun / Cap Mars ex-work colleague on Facebook who ends all his updates with “let’s go!!” *sigh* I want someone like that – a strong Mars.

          I also said five years ago I’d never date another Saggo again because it’s always karmic. Over it. (Saggo is my south node in 12th and Jupes direct hit that yesterday – exact degree too) But this Saggo sucked me in again. As they do! They’re great but not in a relationship. No thanks! They just run away when the going gets tough.

          I’m doing okay. I got so much on my plate right now. I try not to dwell on it too much.

          I like that quote by Eckhart Tolle. I need some healing!! Sexual healing will do!! 🙂

          • Sheesh, I wish I understood more about astrology. I just read that Jupiter retrograde is a time to help failed relationships.

            How did it go when you met up with him in October? At least he cancelled and wasn’t a “No show”.. He’s a Sagg and if Sagg is all about their time then ours Toros are the same way. Toros sometimes think you understand them. So, he might think you are okay with it. Did he say anything like talk to you soon or anything along those lines?

            Just curious! Good Luck!

            • Hi Ellie,

              It’s impossible to know everything about astro. There are too many variables and it’s all open to interpretation. I’m a fiend but no expert. I consider it to be a life-long form of study.
              It’s best to read a few different astrologers to get a balanced view and then make up your own mind. It all defends on your own chart really.

              Saggo didn’t say anything. I’m definitely not okay with what he did. He knows I’m pissed off.

              So I’ll give him time to stew in his misery and consider how he’s going to dig himself out of the hole he created. If he doesn’t make it up to me. His loss. I’ve been more than considerate and patient. I can take it or leave it. I’m no love zombie. Thank you Cap Asc!

          • That imagining what things would be like instead of making a reality sounds a bit his 12th house placements, eh?

            Can see what you mean about Saturn and his Moon/Venus. The Pisces had Moon opposite Saturn and eventually his low self esteen was taken out on me…

            Amazing how planets going direct work isn’t it? And esp going over your South Node..

            He’s a big (Jupiter), fat (Jupiter) idiot lol..

            Woke up feeling great today.

            Dream last night was of a young/teenage, blonde girl walking through a neighborhood and guys were all over the place, watching her.

            I was watching from my car and knew she could be attacked and raped any moment. Felt I had no choice but to save her.

            There was a fence between my car and the street where she was and it had a little opening. I went thru and got her and we both went thru the little fence hole back to the car. Told her to get in and lock the door.

            I was in the driver’s seat; a good sign. I was in control.

            Think this is indicative of not having let anyone take advantage of me lately, if you know what I mean.

            In Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook, Debbi Kempton-Smith said of Mars in Libra:

            You like me? I like you
            You like me? I like you


            Saw a double Cap for about six months back when and his Mars in Libra flirted with all and sundry. Had to dump him too “sigh”.

            Can see with his Mars and your Venus both in Libra there was an attraction but geeze, if he ain’t gonna give it up…lol

            Have a good weekend luv. x

            • “He’s a big (Jupiter), fat (Jupiter) idiot lol.. ”

              😆 Hilarious!! He’s Jupiter ruled, Saggo rising too!!! Jupes rising peeps need to watch their weight. He was looking rather chunky last time I saw him for drinks. He told me recently he was on a diet. Probably another reason why he’s been delaying catching up again. Might be feeling self-concious about the extra girth. I refused to pick up when he called after cancelling. I was too cranky to speak (natal mars square Merc). In the voicemail he left, he said he wanted to be “presentable” when he saw me (how Mars in Libra is that!!). I texted back “I would rather you be RELIABLE!!!”

              OMG. Your dream sounds intense. Very 8th house / Plutonian!!! Yes, lucky you were in control.

              “You like me? I like you” A very apt description of Mars Libra! They’d prefer someone else to take control or do all the hard yards. I worked with another Saggo, moon, venus and Mars in Libra. Super flirt, but it never went anywhere!! Hate that. My Cap asc / Mars in Virgo want results!!! Haha.

              Hope you have a lovely weekend too Sweetpea. I gotta study for my exams on Monday. Feeling much better today. I’m rather excited and quite surprised to be honest that my ambitious streak has returned :shock:. Processing all that. Makes sense really. Saturn’s transiting my Neptune/Sun conjunction in the 10th. I have plans!!!! Saturn likes a plan 😀
              The last time I was this ambitious was back in 1983. I had just finished school and started art college It was the best year of my life!!!! Saturn was in Scorp then too. I got rewarded big time. Hoping for the same this time around. x

                • Thanks Sweets!!!

                  I know I’ll pass but I want to do really well. It’s the Cap asc ‘one upmanship’ in me. 🙂

                  What I’m studying now has nothing to do with what I REALLY want to study next year but it’s all part of the plan. 🙂

                • Love those overview master plans…Had one for years now and time to strike the iron..

                  Still, listening to Joni Mitchell “Blue”..not cuz I’m blue but cuz I love Joni…


                • Er, “Blue”


                  Blur is another group I beliv

                  Gem daughter had Blur on the car stereo first time I

                  went to Germany

  2. This aqua rising /Leo gal is gonna lie low. Still feeling a bit shaky after the cyclone and just want to go to bed for a week and watch vids and chill.

  3. Wow, the last two days have been very strange! I had some of the best conversations of my life giving me a lot of insight into myself and the things that are holding me back as well as conversations about huge, metaphysical-y concepts peppered with just the right amount of absurdity and humor. And then some other very dull ones with people I just don’t click with. Made me so appreciative of the handful of people in my world who I feel really understand me! It is so rare to have that and worth more than anything else in the world. I would rather have this than a massive social circle without much substance.

  4. all I gotta say is, it’s a bout freaking time Jupiter showed up. It’s been real bad these past couple of months for this 1st degree mule, plowing forward face first in the mud, front legs uselessly asleep, hind legs churning. going back to work again, going to be productive again, so that will be huge for the self esteem. “ruthless clarity” has been administered to past hurts/regrets/haunts. and to yee old flames, if ya care like you say you do, stop sending me vague-o texts and actually make the effort to call on the damn telephone

  5. Vesta at 11 Scorpio 2nd house. Jupiter at 11 6th house Pisces.

    I work myself really, really hard. I’m tired. I’m kind of stepping back from my to-do list still and realizing I’ve got it pretty damned good and not because of someone else, but because of how hard I’ve worked for so many years. I’m lucky, I know lots of people work hard and don’t get to enjoy the results. Its nice to stand back and be independent of all the emotional bullshit I’ve been tangled in since I was born. Free of family. I want a family. I have one with my daughter. And I am happy to be free of the family I was given.

    Mystic is right on in Virgo scopes. I am feeling much more assertive – and not bitchy assertive -just managing my business assertive. No more guilt trips!!

  6. This triple-fixed sign/double Taurus confirms and approves of this vibe.

    Enough BULLshit already [har har har]. Re-learning what I instinctively knew as a kid: trust noone but yourself (on a 100% level), but love everyone!

  7. Yep definitely feeling saturn all day and night. I am fixed on all counts- leo rising, aqua moon in 7th and taurus/mars/merc/mc taurus 9th/10th. Affecting all major areas of life. Overthrowing oppressive people,family, situations etc right now.

  8. God bless Bovinity – I have only a few Taurean friends but love them to bits.

    One is Toro + classic Plutonian media person and is being driven totally and completely nuts with power play issues in every sector of their lives.

    As for me, I’ve not experienced such an intense Transit-Crunch in months / years / decades. Have a fair bit of Aqua + Neptune in Scorp.

    Is this an Astro-Brat Camp for all ages?

    A perfectly made Martini please and let me answer that for you …

    PS: And Tom Ford should stay out of Australian politics!

    ( something for the regulars here – from last year’s editorial in the “News Of The Cosmic Vole” )

    • I recently wondered what to do with my cocktail shaker et al. now i’m a teetotaller.

      My drinks are legendary and generous… and the martini glasses are handblown from Italy. Let me go into neptunian bartender mode 🙂

      *pops on black apron and sympa smile*

  9. I wish I could see the bright side of the Taurus currently… One we (workmates and I) have to contend with is all about power tripping, dominating and strategic relationships… In our minds, so last paradigm. Waiting for reality to catch up, and her hierarchy of power to fall…. Patiently… Meanwhile couldn’t really give a rats about her… So Jupiter was direct for 30min and all of a sudden l am acutely aware of the weight I’ve put on… Not happy about this Jupiter, felt sorry r myself a seriously confused about the state of affairs and remembered not to do this but stick w plan of awesome, which was mostly on track, despite a natural disaster, and w turn in myfirst my soberness of spirit will not allow any deviations …. Ha ha.. laughing at myself at the same time, just finished a 14hr shift….

    • My dad is a sterotypical Taurus and I’m Taurus rising and moon. God, the power struggles were brutal when I was a teenager. No room for grey with most Taureans!

      I’ve come to understand things differently and as not black OR white as I get older but I totally cop to being stubborn by nature and refusing to budge when it comes to things I feel strongly about. But yes, I know what you mean, and it would do many Taureans some good to pick their battles and know when to agree to disagree!

  10. I have Saturn Aqua in the 11th squaring Saturn Scorp with Venus/Neptune in Scorp and Jup in Taurus…..hmmmm wonder what this means for me??

  11. (1st House) Hmmm.. I have Saturn transitioning and placed exactly at 11 degrees in Scorpio (1st house). Does this mean something good or bad with my self-image. Yesterday was very low in regard to how I feel about myself.. ugh! I was hoping the Jupiter direct would spring it up a bit. Let’s see.

    (4th House) 11 degrees of Aqua is in my 4th house. I have Mars transitioning at 9 degrees of my 4th house. Family? I have been stepping away from them. My parents were gone for 10 days and I usually call them when they are away.. nope. No call.. totally forgot and they were home and I didn’t even know it. Maybe I am growing up. LOL!

    I feel the need to lay low again. I have been quiet lately and just vegging. Spending time trying to create some energy at work. I love the company I am working for but a little bored. I need to adjust.

    Thanks for any comments! xo!!

    • PS:.. “Dreams”.. wow!! I have been dreaming a lot about my last job. The people I use to work with etc.. last night it was like I was there. I was laughing with some at the end of last nights dream so.. I don’t know. Something about an Academy award.. LOL!!

    • I don’t think it means something bad will happen. But the introspection and mediation on your image you project towards the world, perhaps?
      This is what I am going through right now.

      Saturn transiting Scorpio/1st House have had on and off issues with self image, personas and masks we wear in society. Also dealing with shallow projections others put on me. Some friends get bent out of shape if I discuss health, spiritual issues including discussing art and literature. Those friends tend to see m Scorpio Rising/Leo MC sides out in the music scene or industry and think I am one dimensional being and would like me to stay that way. They think my love of literature and art is way too uncool and nerdy for them. lol!
      My responsible Virgoan side bores the crap out of them.
      Scorponic Saturn is squaring my eccentric Aqua in my 3rd House.
      Scorpio Self Image vs the eccentric artist.

      • That’s a shame. I love art and literature and have bonded with some really different people over this shared aesthetic. And how beautiful that you can be responsible, thorough and eccentric! My experience with musicians in variying genres is that they often have a plethora of deep interests. Mathemeticians do, too, in my experience, and can really discuss art & lit. May Jupiter bring you more incredible people x

        • Thank you!
          There’s a big difference between the rock n’ roll party crowd vs real musicians. I can appreciate both sometimes you gotta party, dance and fun but sometimes I just wanna be left alone to create esp. lately.

      • SR.. I think you need a new group. I can feel the tension with everyone challenging your talents. I totally understand. To me it’s a little like drama. They don’t like what you do or say and they want to see you react to it.. hence drama. Ohhhh.. once I feel that I get out.

        I am with your on the boring Virgo trait.. however, I sometimes get the feeling that it is an impression they hold onto. I know SR that you can be fun too.. so if they think you are boring then they are self-absorbed.

        I admire artists.. what ever art you are involved in. Your talent is is so broad which I think just shows how smart you are. People who like to read are extremely smart. Just saying.. but I know that if we are feeling low it may not made a difference until we get the spark! It will be back!

        Hang in there! xo!!

        • I agree a new group or at least a few new faces to liven things up in a good way. No more annoying drama.

          Saturn in Scorpio is a challenge esp. in the 1st House. But, I think we’re up to it!
          thanks for the encouragement.
          We can cheer each on the Saturn in Scorpio/1st House transit Lounge. 😉

      • Ha! Ha! Love the Leo twist! My Leo Sun is getting a mighty bathing from all the Fishy action of my Pisces rising right now!
        But hey I have I my path of fortune… is that what its called? the circle with the cross? in it at exactly 11 deg aqual???? I have no idea at all what that POF does…. will look it up now 🙂
        Might explain some seriously heavy phyche stuff going down… but then so would mars in Pisces…. 🙂

        • Path of Fortune sounds fitting as it must be ~worked~. But it’s traditionally known as the Part of Fortune.

          How to calculate it depends on the time of birth, either day or night having to do with the Asc/Sun or Moon. Cafe Astrology has and easy and understandable way to grok it. Neo Press has a calculator too with lots of Parts one can look up also.

          Scorp Saturn is currently in my 5th, inconjunct Aries Sun and Part of Fortune/Nodes…And square Leo Uranus in 3rd.

          I’d say I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed lately as feel the crunch to do the crunch time to take a new leap.

          And, Saturn is coming up to oppose Toro Venus in 11th, 14 degrees. The world, full of people is there, Spirit is there, but feeling terribly alone at times to make certain things happen. Most days I can handle it but sometimes, like today when I am bone weary of bodywork and hurting and feel nailed to the wall and no escape except for ~that~; The Part of Fortune Path, just want to cry. To master our reality is no easy feat.

          • So this week buying a little lamp so can write at night round where my computer sits. Gosh feels like torture tho. However, any clarity of late has been of all the things I’ve put up in the way of my path as far as distractions…Booze,men,gambling.

            And just got that realization today and my resolve was strong (until I had too much time to think during massage and along with the physicality was worn down). They say Cap Moons are late bloomers..ha

  12. Mystic, you as always are uncannily accurate, with this post and with the dailies. I have indeed been fighting a lover turned foe vibe precisely since Christmas. Me Toro, He Pisces. Casn anyone tell me what the fuq is going on with Pisceans at the monent? Okay, Mars void about to hit Pisces (yes ancient angst, in this case re family of origin). But what the fuq? Do Piscean boys ever become Men? Okay, after 8 years together we have had some difficulties of late (mostly financial). We have a farm of rescued animals. Christmas time Pisces boy left for a week with no notice (turns out talng drugs with brother). # weks ago comes he comes down with Bell’s Palsy (methinks three all day/night coke benders would lower one’s immunity to the point where the virus (if that is what causes the condition) would take hold. Pisces is on steroids for the inflammation. Pisces turns psychotic as a result and on full Leo moon weekend just past (he Leo Rising) goes mental and gets voilent (no biggie, I can handle his pathetic aggression). However, me being Toro digs heels in and states I will not be with someone like that, what next a knife in the back whilst I sleep?) WE have no money at the moment with he not working, Centrelink is fuqed and might pay sickness allowance in 28 days (they’ll back-pay, mind you, but is the point, i ask, of backpaying a dead person who has dies of starbation after 28 days of not eating??) So Pisces disappears for the last four days (not the first time) and is uncontactable and not returning calls. Meanwhile, for the last month I have been the Rock – working full time, doing everything around the house and farm, making it all as easy as poss for him. And I’m starting to think… Why can’t I, for a change, be the Glenn Close/Fatal Ayyraction Bunny Boiler? (Not that I would ever boil a bunny, I am vegan, but you get my point?)

    So, my question, can any PIsceans out there tell me what the fuck is going on with you guys at the moent? Or is it just unique to me, Neptune in Pisces, he being super-sensitive to substances and having steroids fuq with his brain?

    Me Toro Sun-Merc conjunction, Gem Rising, Mars Cancer, Venus/Jupiter Pisces. He Pisces Sun, Leo Rising, Mars/Venus Taurus. You’d think, as far as synastry goes, we’d be okay, no? I just don’t know what to think anymore. This placid Toro is just about ready to gore some bullfighter.

    • Oh hon I feel for you… there’s a lot going on there with all the Neptune / Chiron in Pisces, the fixed square slamming his Leo and your Toro – he will also have the Saturn trine going on?? Honestly I’m no expert, but why don’t you ask Mystic to look at it as an astro-query? x

      • Thks Chrysalis. Sad thing is, I still love this guy so very much, and feel his pain, I just have too much else to deal with (ie, the shared responsibilities he ran away from) to give too much of a shit. Feeling very alone (hence sharing here), but I have our 9 dogs here with me who never let me cry for long ( they literally come up to me and lick the tears away). 🙂 They are gorgeous loving beings. We humans could take a hint from them about what unconditional love is all about. They never lie about love.

        • Kick his sorry ASS. I hope you get to the last, final straw and do the Bull in the China shop thing!!

          Don’t worry or care anymore about his indulgent addictions, what about the prolonged impact on you??

          It’s not FAIR, to you or the dogs or the other lovelies. Can you get help from some other friends? like, some emotional support from work friends… or your family.

          Clear his s@# out from your energy, feng shui and other wise. He is a vamp, and your being understanding wont change him, and it’s clearly draining you !

          Thoughts are with you xx

    • Sounds like he has serious addiction issues.
      I wouldn’t plan to raise anymore animals with him or have children until he gets help or grows up. If he’s in his 20’s this would explain some of the bad behavior. Partying one night then coming home forgivable, disappearing for weeks on end to make you worry and not to help with your animals, that’s pretty serious.

  13. Totally. on every level. I am cleansing hard at night since back on the day job as not to absorb the poison darts flying around everywhere/house of daggers. Scopes could not be more bang on. Soon I can merge my fate with plans. Purr. Kicking arse in love life values realm too. Had proper sit down with actingoutbatshitinsane aqua and he clocked I had moved on. Created peace where all was fire.

  14. damn. if i’d known this yesterday i may not have opened my stupid big saggo gob and been the cause of a shitload of intense rage in a mega-taurean aqua-rising aires :/

    but at least i can lock myself and my big mouth away from the rest of humanity for the next few days.

  15. does anyone know, is there an easy way to export the scheduler stuff? or is it copy and paste if you want it in your calendar?

  16. My god you’re on the money! If I have to do any more navel gazing I’m going to shoot myself. Budget re edits to provide funds for following awesome (travel and studio-because we like to do everything all at once, we’ll I seem to!), meanwhile trying not to give away that I do not give a fuq about my day job. Not to mention the sudden influx of gumption re dating and stupid men (think Samantha jones-dirty martini, dirty…) who fail to demonstrate basic respect…

    I think I have been gritting my teeth since late last year and finally maybe…?

    Also I’m Taurean sun, Capricorn rising and Aquarius moon… Mmm hmm

    I take the ‘stay stuck and you are fuq’d’ as a personal mantra.

  17. Gawd. I just arrived at a networky startup thing. The girl who I sat near – who has a voice like an un-greased bearing in an industrial goods elevator – looked at my skirt hem as though I had sat in poo. (I checked, it’s fine.) As this was happening, I was looking in their direction with a friendly smile. Promptly ignored, of course! Sigh. Networking. Like masturbating with a cheesegrater: slightly amusing, but mostly painful.

    • Oh, dear. She sounds a treat. You know wot I do with vile miserable people intent on throwing me shade? I just smile all that brighter.

      Once I was on a sailboat on its way to Castaway Island in Fiji, trapped as it was with whoever else was on it. There was a lady there with her husband and 2 daughters, both below ten. I was traveling alone as usual, and this wasn’t exactly a cheap trip, so I was a little surprised at how unnecessarily frosty she was.

      Naturally, I left her to it but proceeded to talk clothes with the little girls who adored mine. I thought this would’ve softened things but alas no. After a few hours of close quarters and rude staring from her, I was forced to do the only other thing I could. I promptly flirted with her husband, who it seemed like his daughters, also adored my outfit. 🙂 Or shall I say, the lack thereof.

      • it does make me smile, the sour looks from some. seriously, the lemon-face isn’t flattering…

        i think your ‘smile all the brighter’ advice is key here FA thank u xx

        • similar stitch Angle for me when drama queen leo ‘dismissed’ me by saying I was wasting my time with an appt with her husband ( the boss).
          I did the only sensible thing to do and went behind her back direct to husband and got the appt back that day. Needless to say she didn’t even look at me when I arrived back in the office. Had a great meeting and flirted a little too. Great tactic FA. It works.

    • lol. i found out shortly afterwards that she was actually one of the speakers. Young and inexperienced, a bit clunky but she was also kinda spirited and determined. Which I admire. I will put the behaviour down to her likely being a bit awkward and me being too sensitive because I semi-loathe going alone to these things but curiosity forces me to attend, plus some other stuff I can’t be bothered typing about

      • not quite right. I don’t loathe going to them at all. it’s just the mingling part when I am in a crowd whose business is foreign to me, and I don’t (yet) have that common ground / shared passion thing happening yet. Some kinds of biz events I would waltz into solo and LOVE every second of it. I am sure of it!

      • Totes get that Pi. I often have to show up at industry conferences that are glutted by scientists and attorneys. I’m in marketing so I don’t necessarily have the weighty know how either one of these groups would.

        I’m usually in listen-only mode but I’m surprised to find that anything I comment on or question is actually appreciated – mainly as there aren’t as many reps for mid-sized to small businesses who attend these things. I didn’t realize till I was actually told how critical my input was, because while huge companies can comply to regulations, smaller ones who tend to specialize in niche applications can get left behind.

        Moral of the story: sometimes you’re not the best judge of how much you can make a difference or how valuable your input is. 🙂

        Oh and yeah, smile brighter is always a good policy.

  18. MC at 11 degrees Scorpio – saturn conjunct early saturday (natal Saturn at 4 degrees Pisces) – Aq rising, Gem sun – empire planning is a work in progress with emphasis on ‘work’ cf ‘progress’ at the moment or at least not quick progress

  19. NN at 12 Scorp, Jupiter at 12 Toro, beginning my cow paddock of Toro stuff.
    Though right now Neptune kinda ruling the roost going about unpicking everything. Nothing is certain and I no longer believe. Happy now?
    Not sure what Saturn on the NN will do, but I could do with some structure to move forward with please.

  20. I’m feeling this too, Taurus sun, Scorpio rising. I have been overthrowing oppressive relationships but I’m doing it quietly, I’ve said my piece and after that I move on couldn’t care less as long as they don’t screw with my universe anymore. I’ve also moved house this week, enrolled in a postgrad course at Uni and i have a job interview for a new job in the sane field on Monday. Flat out busy at the moment and no time for idiots who try and suck the life out if me with D and M’s.

  21. Respect. A Taurean in sublime control and with their shit together though is one of the most infinitely awesome things. This fixed square thing is difficult, and not just for Taureans. Challenging but rewarding.

  22. Loathful love life now just a memory, new love a bliss.

    Reluctant debtor from December just quietly paid in full after one singeing demand.

    House renovations have quelled a longing for my personal comfort zone, transformed and beautiful.

    Thanks Saturn, anything i can do for you ?

  23. yup leo rising .. Surprised my tauruean friend hit me up because that bitch totaled my car! also my Aquarius bff was apart of it too!

  24. 11 degrees Aquarius, you say? That’s my Sun, at 11 degrees of Aquarius! My birthday is Jan. 31st…..coming right up! My Sun is in the 8th house.

    11 degrees Scorpio falls into my 5th house, where Saturn is transiting right now. Could make for a lonely and un-fun birthday…? Not sure if this would be true…

    Yes, on some level I am planning my empire, but I have a lot of sh*t to get out of my way first. I’ve been putting up images of Ganesha lately…

  25. i am in ice queen mode. ruthless clarity and power indeed, and the strength to embody them. feels REALLY good.

  26. I have Scorpio Sun, Taurus Rising, Taurus Moon. Why yes, I am feeling the Saturn square.

    And can definitely identify with the overthrow of oppressive relationships.

    The reset eclipse from last November continues to reverberate. Massive career and living situation changes underway.

  27. I don’t quite understand why Taurus is getting it any heavier than usual. All that stuff in Aquarius is a trine away. But whatever it is, it will all be over soon. That is what Taurus, with his thick hide, always says. Soon it will pass.

    And where is it going? It’s already heading into Pisces. Neptune came home to Pisces and he’s going to rule there a long time. And now it’s time for everyone else to head there. Check out this chart of the upcoming Pisces stellium on March 11.

    Soon it will be Pisces Season. The Pisceasoning.

    • yeah, but is saturn hitting you yet? it will indeed pass, but in the meantime, it’s here.

      and aqua’s a square. 😛

    • Cool Pisces chart.
      But yes, Saturn. That won’t be over soon Charles. Though your sun is late Toro right? Not really begun perhaps?

      • Yeah, my sun is 27Taurus so no Saturn opposition until Dec 2014. I am sure I will feel the pain, long before then.

        Oops, yeah, that stuff over at Aquarius is a square, and in my chart, it’s all hitting my DC.

    • I can’t decide if I’m afraid of the Pisceason or not. Lilith, MC, Venus, Chiron and Saturn in Pisces ranging from 2 to 25D. I will have moved by then and will be trying to settle into a new space..yet to be found! Should be interesting.

    • I read Pisceasoning and envisioned my ex on a BBQ getting sprinkled with a tumeric-like substance. So thanks for that! ^__^

      I don’t actually want him to get roasted though. But a me of the past in the middle of an angry spell would’ve gotten a huge kick out of it.

  28. God, speaking of frustration – if anyone knows a person called Carol or Carolyn Lloyd who subscribes/ views this site please can you tell her that neither of her emails work – she is emailing to say she is not getting the Daily Mystic BUT it has been bouncing saying no such account since mid-Dec AND when i try to respond to her emails my responses bounce bk. Carol/Carolyn if you are reading this, i cannot email you.

  29. My DC is at 12 deg Scorpio between the 6th & 7th houses….I have no idea what this might mean! But I am Scorp with Toro Rising….so I imagine it could be intense 🙂

    • Basically your relationships / dealings with other people get a Reality Shakedown, wherein any flakey behaviour from you or others falls under the spotlight. And is managed out of existence. Your dealings with others becomes more grown up like. Mind you I am a pisces so I have no idea what that looks like, lolol

      • Lol! Thanks Anon! Is that because it’s the cusp of the 7th?

        Anyway, I don’t know if it’s related but I am stiff and EXHAUSTED.

        I had a work meeting today that went for 3 hours and precisely oh, I dunno 7-8 minutes of worthwhile stuff was discussed. I sat there in a zen cocoon, occasionally dabbing sandalwood oil into my hair.

        More pointedly, I think I am finally ready to let go energetically of the Aqua/Toro who left me just before xmas.

        It’s a fixed sign shift-fest.

        Appreciate your take on it greatly! xx

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