R.I.P. Linda Pugach – Piscean Patron Saint Of Love Zombies

The tale of Linda Pugarch is such a totally sad, macabre and fuqed up Love Zombie saga.  I mean, seriously, w.t.f?  I just read about it yesterday.  She had a ten years older married lover, dumped him when he still wouldn’t leave his wife, he hired hitmen to blind her with lye & she married him when he got out of jail.

She was 22, a sheltered, dark-haired Bronx beauty said to look like Elizabeth Taylor.

He was a decade older, a suave lawyer who courted her with flowers, rides in his powder-blue Cadillac and trips to glittering Manhattan nightclubs. He was married, although not to her.

Linda Riss Pugach, whose blinding by her lover, Burton N. Pugach, in 1959 became a media sensation, and whose marriage to Pugach in 1974 became an equally sensational sequel, died at Forest Hills Hospital in Queens, New York on Tuesday at 75.

In the decades after their marriage, the Pugaches seemed hungry for limelight. Although reporters who visited their home wrote often of their unremitting bickering, the couple just as often appeared in the newspapers or on television to declare their mutual devotion.

They received renewed attention in 1997, when Burton Pugach went on trial in Queens on charges that he had sexually abused a woman and threatened to kill her.

At the trial, at which Pugach represented himself, Linda Pugach testified on his behalf, telling him in open court: “You’re a wonderful, caring husband.”

The alleged victim in the case was Pugach’s mistress of five years.

From the SMH

Well, well. One freaks, yes?  She was a Pisces…Moon in Leo. He an Aries. Moon in Sagittarius. Aries-Pisces relationships can go a little crackers – Pisces playing subservient helpmeet to Aries ubermensch but this is ridiculous.  And such a brutal, cruel crime.

Still, as there is obviously some major Love Zombie action going on here, let’s look at her Venus….She should probably have had a Love Zombie Intervention early on, the poor thing. Venus in Aries quincunx Mars, Lilith and Neptune, square Jupiter, square Pluto and sextile Chiron.

The Evil Prick? Not so much going on with his Venus (in Gemini sextile Mercury, he would like the ingenue vibe) but his Mars in Kataka (in its ‘fall’, technically) and square Uranus. He’s probably out & about looking for someone new to hook up right around about now.

It’s like they did the worst of their mutual Venus-Mars merde: Her Venus sq Pluto and his Mars sq Uranus.



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63 thoughts on “R.I.P. Linda Pugach – Piscean Patron Saint Of Love Zombies

  1. Those Aries-Pisces relationships are pretty scorching hot if they can last. But yeah, most of the ones I see are pretty bonkers from an outsider POV.
    One comes to mind of an older Aries female proff with a younger Pisces. He was always so freaking jealous and snoopy through all her stuff, and she just thought it was “okay”. She thought it made her feel “wanted”. ugh.
    needless to say…divorce…when she got bored.

  2. OMG… really? Crazy woman…

    You know, I was actually starting to wonder whether I was starting to turn in to a love zombie coz there’s this guy who’ve I’ve become like besties with and I have this super crush on but kinda scared to say something incase it fuqs our friendship (lame I know) and also he’s only just come out of a long term relationship and I have no intentions of being a rebound.

    So anyways he’s overseas for work atm and I’ve been missing him and wanting to sms him to see how he is etc and so I’ve had my birthday while he’s away and he totally Facebooked me a birthday message the day before saying that he’s busy and forgetful so he’ll just wish me happy birthday in advance and I was kinda cut by this. OMG lame right.

    But now I’m thinking after reading this, “Fuq, I need to get over that coz it’s not like he’s hired a hitman to blind me.” That shit is whack!

    • i think it sounds nice he contacted in advance – take it as a truthful and genuine message, and try and relax about this 🙂

      • That’s just it… It was just nice… No where near the sexy time and effort heart felt sentiment handsome is hoping for. Run!!!!!!!!!!

    • Honey… Seriously it’s got disaster written all over it!!!! I know we sometimes can’t help who we fall for but…. The man whether he called off the relationship or not,is nursing heartache and his strength being fueled by a sense of freedom… He is not anywhere near perfect for you.

  3. God, its like worse than wuthering heights, jesus, people they bring on maury or jerry springer or whatever would even be morally outraged

    ya know, honestly, her venus sounds just as bad as mine, minus some pluto but plus some other stuff, I know deep down I could be helluva a lot worse off than I am, for example my neighbor was born on the same day as me, and we grew up together as childhood friends, and her love life was always pretty awful already, maybe things just leaving things to be desired isnt such a bad handling of it as just things being absolutely horrible, there are people out there who have it a lot worse than me, and I might need to be even a bit thankful maybe even, hmm

    • Gem daughter got so upset with Wurthering Heights, said she threw the book across the room…Her Mars in Gem no doubt.lol

      She has portrayed a healthy dose of self esteem, thank god. She is married to a Pisces with Moon in Leo conjunct Saturn and has had her own challenges..

      • Wuthering Heights is one of my fave books !!! and I have seen every single movie version. 🙂

        But of course, I’m a Scorp with a packed 8th house and venus in Libra, it appeals to the incurable romantic in me. Of course I wouldn’t want that in real life!!! Not with a Cap Asc and Uranus square Saggo moon in 11th. Hehe.

        • Oh no, can’t see you putting up with that…Thats the tragedy. Would like a little romance without having to excercise ~The Power~…”but you made me…you made me do it.” lol

    • haha, wuthering heights had a polarizing effect on my grade too, I liked it personally, other people found it too complicated and stuff, I understood everything pretty easily and im a good reader/story follower(if fact, I usually knew what was going on in lost, ya, thats right), I dunno, all the characters felt real, and i just enjoyed them interacting and this whole drama playing out, I understood all of them as people, I didnt expect to like it though, but it surprised me how much it sucked me in, its like, the only soap opera done right or something

      • I actually never read the book nor saw the black and white movie in full.

        But yes, I have a romantic side… Venus opp Nep…Hello? Or shall I say I have a delusional side..( a mix of both)

        ha, at least this time I caught it in time. I’d say I progressed a bit, no? 🙂

        • My Mom is fond of Thorn Birds. Lovely, yet depressing epic of many long parts. Have seen it many times, like it or not.
          Generations of sadness. Um…pass.

          Linda LoveZombie is so sad. Holy moley, give it up already. Wacky even by my Ven/Jupes squ Neptooney standards.

          Her Venus attracting perpetual metamorphosis with Venus squ Pluto. wowsers. She IS a ringer for Liz in top pic. Weird and a Pisces too.

          • My Mom was into Thorn Birds too! And it grossed me out because it was about a priest falling for someone and I just thought “Are you for or against the whole priest thing or what?!” Raised Catholic. My beliefs have to make sense to me totally – in all circumstances – or I drop them. No longer a Catholic, lol

        • Glad to hear you are doing well (farther back posts) and so anxious to read your thoughts/ viewpoints. Know you are/ were working out some stuff. Similar here with a younger dude. When ya get older, wiser – they ar more like speedbumps than roadblocks. I admire your Aries / Cap drive Sweets, I think of us on separate yet similar journeys… and it helps me to keep going too… x

          • Hey Roxie. Yes, this was a speed bump of sorts but did not leave me unaltered to some degree overall. Karma…over a year and a half this took…Wishing you luck darling tho with your own younger men. One of the things new Cap patient said to me was that she had dated/married men two to ten years younger than her and in the end, she wanted someone more her own age, which she now has and he is a patient of mine also and he referred her to me as a matter of fact. She may be on to something there (even tho I had not been looking for someone younger at all. Someone called me a cougar and was like “I beg your pardon”..never even noticed the younger Toro..it was karmic is all and our spirits set it up. Is okay sans the titles.

            Toro has 7 life path..he is a born lone wolf and thats okay. To an extent I am too. He doesn’t want company..Unless his 5 comes out to play with my 5…if you know what I mean numero wise.

            Add to that his astro and sure I scared the crap outta him as he scared me..considering how much I processed things and re-evaluated my values.

            I mean at a point, was told I would have to “compromise” for him…meaning, be a friends with benefits and all to accomodate his fears of being “trapped” until possibly exclusive…Uh, don’t think so.

            Honey, I never needed you that bad and I ain’t startin’ now.

            Was a bit fun today tho as in coffee house caught this younger buck looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

            Then driving along, this other guy literally kept coming up and making a sign to “call him”…Was amused and smiled. Honestly, must be
            Veenie on my Cap Moon right now.

            In contrast to that, was sitting in my car using the wireless and some crazy was looking thru the trash for stuff…Knew he was going to come over to my car…windows were up thank God. Said he had a question..My car was suddenly in reverse…sorry, no time for questions doll..

            Just keep “Walking Toward Paradise” lol x

            • Yes, my young friend was also a bit of karma, psychic saw his energy coming.
              He is kind, yet still getting it together. His Virgo moon on my Sun/Ur/Plu stellium, so his Moon also trine my moon. His Mars on my Moon. He helped me fix something, then asked me to read his cards re a possible pregnancy.
              umm.. wtf are ya kiddin me ?! (shakes head) Nose back in the books… lol.

              • sevens can be slippery fishes in my experience. vastly intelligent; not so great at one-to-ones.
                My 7 was def. a learning experience x

                • Was refering to the aspects you mention above.

                  This guy is an absolute recluse. I mean I never saw such a thing in all my days I spied on him… lol

                  But ya know, the universe made me able to do so for a reason 😉

                  No, he lays around all day high on his home grown watching tv. And who knows, he may grow the stuff legally and sell to the dispeneries out here because that is legal for medcal reasons.

                  This is just his nature. Also, Toro co-worker’s fiance said that he has never had a long term relationship and so became a player I guess to get some here and there…haha

                  He will be popping up again apparently and knowing what I know now, I will simply say, hey I can be your friend and thats it. And then who knows, maybe I will just have a fling lol. I mean really, I could just say, hey lets cut to the chase, do you want a screw and would you be available for that once in awhile.

                  Scorp co-worker seems to think that after 8 yrs, once I “pop” I’m gonna be needin’ lots more so it’s important to know if we could do a booty call kinda sitch…haha

                  I’m just kidding…I think 😯

                  Preggers, eh?
                  What the hell indeed. x

                  • If someone’s Venus is on your SN and you were obviously lovers before maybe that ~is~ all it’s supposed to be.

                    Yeah, he’s intelligent too…(although it certainly doesn’t sound like it here)…Mercury trine Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter.

                    No, am not talking myself into him again…but he thought I wanted more and I chased him off…Was high myself and so all kinda crazy shit came out haha

                    Next time I’ll entertaine the fling idea a bit more cuz dammit I wanted that option and I blew it.

                    • And next time a cute younger guy, like in that truck is so blatant think I will pull over and exchange numbers. I mean what the heck. It has been like a desert for yonks. Next thing you know, Mystic will be featuring one of my trashy novels “Nympho Granny Gone Wild 😆

                  • Yeah, perfect sit-com material first and last dates.

                    May as well have their dinner in a bag at the door. lol.

                    I felt comfy right away with synastry. Good friends.

                    You know what you are able to accept with your guy.

                    I am less able to let head rule in a sexual relationship Ven and Jupes squ Nep from 8th.

                    Is why I don’t do pro massage, need boundaries there.

                    Chiming in that I love your spiritual work – whatever you do, pls make time for that

                    You have an unusual voice, I love it. xo Rox

                    • So sweet of you to say so. Yes, my priority. Doubt I would ever bother with him again really.

                      Spirit lady told me that situation was just holding me back and of course I knew it was a distraction.

  4. She does have a Liz look about her.

    Uh, the most….I can’t even put into words (but am seeking to with my writings as part of my path), is that of me, Aries, with Pisces. He was a love of my life.

    I’m not even going to try and explain as have done much here over the years. But no, was never to that extreme..I can see, sure he can still see…I hope so…he was emo and mentally abusive but he was my shadow…these people seriously needed some spiritual and astro guidance.

    • One of the things about the Pisces and me, was that he didn’t want to let go when he knew he had made a committment to marry the other gal back in Iran.

      Was absolutely maddening because every time I let him go he came back. I could never heal. And I started to catch on to the fact that him seeing me hurt over him was what made him feel loved.

      Remember doing some journaling one day and got so frustrated with the whole thing that I took the pen and just scribbled as hard as I could…Ha, Mars in Gem/Asc way of freaking out..

      In the end, it took Mars in 12th(one degree of my Asc), with like I mentioned before, VOLCANO in 12th and PELE, to just feel the absolute rage rise up.

      I did want to kill him. I wanted to blow his head off with a shot gun. Instead I got on my knees and prayed to a power beyond me to fix the situation and They did by God, They did.

  5. I saw this movie at the cinema. I was gobsmacked throughout the entire film!!! I’m sure a few people walked out because they couldn’t handle it.
    There was plenty of gasps and OMFG’s as well.

    Truth is surely stranger than fiction.

  6. I knew i had to keep an eye on my Mars square Uranus…aaahh no pun intended, but i’ll leave it there @_@

    i hear an aries woman nagging and berating her piscean husband on the phone at work too often. She also often proudly complains about his jealousy and other foibles. It’s like she totally gets off on feeling/looking super capable and in control, while making him sound incompetent and immature. i don’t get them at all. i suppose he’s lucky he’s still got his eyes.

    • re your Mars square Uranus, millie, this guy looks to have a super-dark version, so don’t worry!. He’s gotta have been born in 1927, by the looks of it, which gives him Mars AND Pluto squaring that Uranus. Now that IS explosive, even if the Pluto square is loose (12 deg), because Pluto was only just out of its station at the time of his birth. And wouldn’t his Gem Venus be very closely opposed by Saturn in Sagg, Mystic? (and saturn in same sign as moon?).

  7. ok mm i am going to assume that this is dedicated to me. smh. my history of aries men never fails.

  8. He looks creepy and serial killer-ish.

    I was also getting increasingly disturbed whilst reading this as I am Pisces, with a leo moon and venus in aries. No unfriendly aspects though. Phew!

    I think you’ll find it was her Leo moon which fuqed her up. Everyone else sees it as abuse (correctly) but she would have seen it as drama which in some crazy people’s minds is the proof of “passion”. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came from an abusive family, too.

  9. I’m wading through some dark stuff right now and feeling really down. It was hard to read this story. I had never heard about it before. I have experienced domestic abuse, myself, so any story like this hits home…..though this story is definitely over the top.

    The theme of partner abuse has come up several times for me recently, including hearing an account from a friend who had been abused, including physically, by another friend of hers and finally ended that friendship. I also just ran across a TED Talks tonight that discussed domestic violence.
    This issue is just looming large lately. Maybe there is more I need to process regarding what happened to me, and these are signals. I just started therapy again, so I will bring this up to my therapist this coming week.

    Meanwhile, a sort of depression and anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks this afternoon when I got home from work. So far this full moon has been an internal nightmare….will be glad when it passes. I feel horrible about myself right now. No self esteem………..feeling worthless and incapable.
    I’m an Aquarius, so this moon is my full moon, right? ….I just want to hide and sleep, but I can’t…have obligations, stuff to do..

    • Dear Sad Little Aqua, take it from moi as a Kataka.. the keyword is “feeling” and yes, it will pass. In the meantime, I offer this perspective (as one who is so subject to the intensity of feelings yet who has Moon in Aqua): Think of this time as the process of scabbing on a wound.

      Essentially a scab protects the open wound from contaminants, but in the process creates an irritant effect under the surface (hence the feelings of lowness). But as you said, this is simply a signal that the wound or you as bearer of it isn’t quite ready for certain kinds of exposure.

      Your only job right now is to FEEL those feelings and let them pass through you so they can take with them in each wave and stroke, whatever detritus is ready to fall off. Maybe it will take so many rounds of scabbing, we don’t know. What is true is that healing of this sort can’t be mechanized, and that there is a wisdom to the soul in how it seeks its solace and succor.

      I know life stops for none of us, but your obligations can offer some meditation in movement, even in tiny measures. It can beget some yet un-mined energy which could alter your present chemistry. Sometimes the last thing we want to do, is the only thing we should do. Lastly, no beating yourself up over feeling beat up. It is what it is. You are where you are now. And you WILL be better. Hugs. xx

      • Thank you so much fallen angel. Your kind words help so much!

        Yes, I need to surf the waves of these emotions right now and let them pass on by.

        Feeling a little bit better today, but still a nagging feeling of dread there a bit……I will try to just push on through….

          • *hugs* you sound pretty low – just a thought – you wrote ‘things happen to me’ or similar – maybe look to your mars and uranus – how can you have more agency and ego, so that things don’t to happen TO you but are effected BY you? Please do not take this as me under-appreciating your experience of abuse just an astrological line of inquiry (me pisces rising, pisces moon and 7th house stellium lol)

  10. I always appreciate learning about the astro points that can indicate some potential weirdness in life. Would like to know more about how quincuxes and sextiles shed a light on relationships.

    That said, regardless of the astro, this strikes me as totally karmic. This is some kind of left-over drama that these two (I guess three, and probably more…) came into this life to play out. Oh, to know what kind of scenes/roles they played out in other lifetimes.

    Good grief. Spare us all having to take it to that kind of extreme…

  11. Wow!! Hubby and I are an Aries/Pisces combo. Him: Aries sun with Venus in Pisces and Me: Pisces sun with mars in Aries.
    My Venus is in Aquarius so I am much more detached than he likes but oh well it works.
    I would say ours in not a conventional marriage but so far it has been 20 years.

  12. I am a Pisces with a Leo moon, Gem rising. Reading this post made a light go off. It explains my taste in friends, not lovers tho. All of the women in my life, my mother, sister and girl friends are drama riddled. They have larger than life personalities, are a lot of fun and are a hand full. If I let it, they can leech life energy right out of me. They make my male water friends swim away fast.

    Over the years I have set strong boundaries and I am able to love these women with out letting it drain me (too much). Now that I think about it, a lot of my entertainment preferences involve theater, drag shows, real housewives, cocktails and bitching during girls night.

    One thing to note is I cannot stand this type of dynamic in my love/ romantic relationships. Not on purpose , most of my long term romances have been with earth signs. As soon as a lover starts to treat me like an object, china doll, calls me his muse, displays any stalkery-type behavior, I shut it down.

    In fact I have been called cold and detached in my love relationships. I’m just learning about astrology, so all of this is new to me. alsoI just found out that my Juno and Eros is in Capricorn, maybe that has something to do with it. Okay, thanks for letting me vent/ plumb the depths.

    • sounds like a well managed (cap) piscean with the heart of a leo – great! my lovable/infuriating ex is a double piscean with leo moon, but some other less good aspects sadly 🙁

  13. Horrid, horrid, horrid. Not doing anything to stem my tide of anger at male narcissism right now 🙁 Not that she of course is not to blame for allowing herself to be the victim, literally blinded by love, of this grim little saga.

  14. ~Star bright, star bright~

    Oh so watery Joni Mitchell today.;…”This Flight Tonight”…”shouldn’t got on this flight tonight….love is blind”..

  15. @Ariel I get how frustrating it can be to read such stories but please think twice before using phrases suggesting “she is to blame”. Everywhere in the world every day women are patted on the back for allowing men to abuse them – told to turn the other cheek, forgive & forget, see the good in actions that we ourselves would be villified for. Friends neighbours & authorities all too often ignore signs of abuse, as if it is disturbing or shameful to confront. the overall message these women get is that they alone are responsible for mitigating bad male behaviour and that any failure of his is actually a failure of ‘her’ (& in many cases these women grew up with an abusive family as well so they think it is normal, never stood a chance.)
    By saying she is somehow to blame you are ignoring the fact that male narcissism, and its female apologists, is not just an individual problem, it is a social problem… and will continue to be as long as men are overwhelmingly in control.

        • but note the double negative, sweets -“not that she is not to blame”. forgive me- it’s the virgo moon. mind you, i agree with anon – she was blinded because she had the temerity to say “enough”. the marriage that came later? that’s the really weird bit.

  16. Thank you:-) But it’s unfortunate that I only came to understand this through seeing girlfriends go thru it first hand. It shouldn’t be like that. I don’t think misogynist violence will ever stop unless it’s consciously connected to a much bigger picture of inequality & double standards.

    • Sad but true. The economic pay gap between men and women is increasing. I wonder if this is an indication of the value of women in society today?

  17. It’s been a long time since I saw the film but I recall that – years later, in the film’s present day – that she’s concerned he’s cheating on her, with a younger woman!

  18. Fabulous movie and such a heartbreaking story. Facinating really, if anyone hasn’t seen it, you should. She is/was a fascinating woman…Him, ehhhhhh, thats neither here nor there. Seriously though, watch it… it makes you think… I believe she stated that being married to her was the possibly the worst punishment that he could have received because he had to see what he did to her everyday I suppose? Sad, funny,odd and just a basically strange study in human behavior…