Outer Planet Mastery For Time Short Peeps

A.k.a. Pimp Your Planet.

I am busy making sure the new Scheduler will be up for Feb – it is going to include Love Zombie Alerts!Β  So do the Daily Horoscopes, obviously, but with the Scheduler you will be able to check out dates up to a year ahead. No more than that though. This is not the Mayan Calendar and i don’t have slave-scribes.

Anyway, the Outer Planets – they’re always somewhere, doing something and basically hanging out in ONE bit of your chart for absolutely aeons.Β  And, you know, how busy we can get, sometimes one hasn’t got time wade through vast erudite texts or Jung out on some transit.

So…Straight Up so as to make it friendly for speed-readers:

* Neptune – where-ever you have early Pisces in your chart is where you will be soon blessed beyond measure IF you can make/keep/get your consciousness ultra pure & high. Go Love Zombie or on a Neptunian substances bender and this sector of your chart/life dissolves.

* Pluto – where-ever 5 to 13 degrees of Capricorn is in your chart you take responsibility, own it, confront your own personal demons/merde and change completely. Don’t even bother just half showing up for this.

* Uranus – where-ever 3 to 14 degrees of Aries is in your chart is where you can weird out in a brazen blur of genius, self-reinvention and eccentric audacity. Don’t even bother trying to fake normal here.

Image: Cher – Dark Lady

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155 thoughts on “Outer Planet Mastery For Time Short Peeps

  1. I have a question I’m a bit confused.

    E.g Astrodienist

    27 Aries 28′ 4″

    Is that Aries at 27 or 28 degrees?

  2. Neptune transiting 1st.

    Does Neptunian substances include high-vibrating plant hallucinogens or just low-vibing booze benders?

  3. My rising sign is pices so does that mean things are going to be blessed beyong beleif????

  4. OOh is Saturn no longer an outer planet?

    Because I was going to say …

    A) OK Pluto is at the end of my 7th house and I’m UP for taking responsibility for relationships.

    B) Uranus is conjunct my natal Chiron and bearing down fast on Venus in the 10th. I won’t go into details but I’m hatching a genius little plan for my career.

    C) Wahoo Neptune is transiting my 9th house and by GOD I would love to travel and/or expand my inner horizons or write a best seller.


    D) I have worked out just today with the help of Angel that my children (or lack of support with) are basically my Saturn transit (5ht house) and constitute a great big NO on any of my grand schemes to a) go anywhere b) do anything c) have a lover or any kind of romance.

    • this is my challenge as well (the kids, solo) but we can do it! it will probably involve some qualifications, but write the best seller and the travel will come! good luck x

      I have to become responsible re: sex :/

      • Gah, no TIME for qualifications, writing, travel etc – I’m working full time to provide for my tribe of little girls. I’ll have to wait until they’re grown up before I can go back to study now.

        • oh sorry Taurean Alchemist, I meant the ideal may have to be qualified rather than that you should be adding to your load with study!

          you’re right, you can’t do it all, and just raising your children with love is probably enough most of the time (let alone the paid work) but slowly, slowly, we can eke out time for ourselves, our higher wellbeing, and our projects. Your time will come, meanwhile keeping faith, keeping your dreams alive is probably enough x

    • Well, yes, you do have FIVE children to provide for AND raise as a solo act. That’s a serious constraint (hello Saturn) on one’s energy and resources, even if I do think certain things can happen i.e. write bits and pieces for the novel bit by bit, get more help, etc.

      I just think that in our day and age of believing we can do everything at the same time and be all that we can be, we tend to forget the parameters which present real practical challenges. Unfortunately, it can over-pressurize us and confuse how we perceive our self-hood – for instance thinking a lack luster love life is due to an lovability issue vs you know, working what is a 20 hour day.

      Maybe part of this is also about getting creative in obtaining help, creating more time or pushes us into B, hatching plans to make more money. Or as in my case (I have no kids but need to haul ass killing debt), refining the how-to day work with creating a livelihood beyond a job.

      • You have a real life Nanny Franny a few K’s away, Cherub.
        She’s there if you need her armed with Derwents, pens, paper & a car with most days free till 4pm. x

      • Oh TA hun, I didn’t actually think you believed it..of course not. I was more so pointing out a generalized sort of pressure that happens, a by-product if you will, of anything and everything that sells us this idea that we can manage everything if we just fill in the blank.

        It IS a heartbreak really to have to forgo the things that feed us in sacrifice of what we must do, I’m surprised you only have three heads when hydra-ing. I’d have counted on at least 7. πŸ™‚

        I’m not sure I would call it work, can we work on this kind of sorrow? Even if we know, we must wait, it’s hard. Personally, I feel some anger too but I think as long as I can leave the conclusion yet unwritten, it leaves room for the possible even if unlikely. I think accepting the practical limitations doesn’t preclude that, it just allows us to give blame/credit where it’s due.

        But with you – to be there everyday, to do, to love all these children is a great thing. Undeniably, you need something back that speaks distinctly to you beyond being mother & working, which is hard since so much of your time and energy is spent on both.

        Regardless of how you may feel you’ve not come to terms with it, you HAVE gone beyond enduring. Crafting the experience of family, doing the things that ARE love, the harsh and soft bits, not just speak or write of it, this is art. Of the kind it takes time to fully see, though judging by your daughters, much has bloomed well already.

        As for relationships, I was just thinking today that while I’d love to be settled, I’m actually extremely thankful I don’t have to pick up after a man – either that or it’s just been so long I can’t fully remember what it’s like to be in a fully committed one. Naturally I’d have to discount the last one, not really good as a yard stick you know?

  5. mm it’s seems like your always on time. it’s 2:33 am in los Angeles, CA and i’m up pissed as hell! I always have some drama in my life. smh. damn leo ascendant. but ither than that. i refuse to be in the love zombie thing definitely have some few degress in that also..i have cap @ 5 degrees and yes i’m definitely changing my out look on shit. i’m really hurt right now. must i explain my situation. fuq no. πŸ™

  6. Pluto is cruising my 10th – there has definitely been lots of upheaval in my career over the past couple years. Actually been considering a radical career change, which could be assisted by…

    Uranus, which is approaching my 8Aries Ascendant. Brazen image renewal, right? Reinforces my Pluto transit, I think.

    Meanwhile, my 12th house begins in Aquarius (and ends in Aries, of course). Neptune in my 12th is probably keeping me sane throughout all this change – going to therapy, painting on the side..

  7. Neptune in the 10th – interesting. I just interviewed for a job opportunity that combines creativity, teaching and social conscience. Deffo got a Piscean flavour to it yuh?

    Pluto in the 8th – yes I’m slowly coming around to the idea of breaking the “lurve” drought and there’s a certain Capricorn fella in my sights who I actually wouldn’t mind getting a leg over! Is that taking responsibility enough for ya’s? πŸ˜‰

    Uranus in the 11th – I’ve always been attracted to weird or left-of-centre social circle set ups. And I’ve never been one to play the wall flower. I like being a bit of a whacko/eccentric. Prolly coz I got Uranus and Pluto in the 5th! πŸ™‚

    • Uranus square Moon in Saggo in 11th and Psyche in Aqua.

      No wonder I like the whacko and eccentrics! πŸ˜€

    • i’m in the same boat as you. humanitarian career goals, renewed interest in sex after a long and loveless marriage all the way through pluto’s 7th trek, intense frustration at the distance away wacky friends are and at the mind-numbing boringness of small town america. or at least i haven’t found the local freaks yet.

      WHAT is it like having both uranus and pluto in the 5th? i love you forever obssessively madly but oops, tomorrow, who are you, fuq this noise?? heh heh

  8. Pluto on 1st conjuncting Lilith, Juno, AC, Mercury, Venus and squaring Moon and activating grand trine in earth.

    Neptune in 3rd conjuncting Saturn.

    Uranus in 4th conjuncting progressed Mercury.

    I am pulling the most awesome Tarot cards tonight!

    • Pluto on 1st. Learning to be authentic me, instead of always trying to be all things to all people.

      Neptune in 3rd. I like walking around water bodies. I’m meditating heaps. Getting on better with sibling. Being more open to communication of whatever sort. Trying to be more empathic.

      Uranus in 4th. Housewitching I like! Homefront has changed and won’t be settled for now but that’s OK.

      • Hey Juno I have the same – Pluto conjunct Venus (and almost Mercury… that’s coming soon though) in the 1st, then Neptune in the 3rd and Uranus in the 4th.

        I was just thinking how the biggest aspect of myself I want to change right now is the disgusting “people pleaser” part! So much anxiety around not doing what *other* people want, or what I perceive they want, but I know my life will be much better if I make that the legacy of this Pluto transit.

        Neptune in 3rd I’m not sure.. I have never really grasped the meaning of the 3rd house. I guess the only Neptunian thing I’ve been doing is yoga and that’s tangentally related to commication, perhaps…?

        And 4th house Uranus? Well, the house I moved into for a year (first one after 2 years of travelling about) was a disaster, and now I’m back with my folks wondering if I’ll ever grow up and have a real house of my own! Maybe I should by a van and formalise my life as a wandering Gypsy?


  9. Events right now are in a deep phase of morph.. all outer planet action seem relevant. Neptune end of 8th house continues to square (moon) and oppose things (mars) goal posts keep moving, without warning, without kindness. Plus side (if any) deeply prophetic dream state and due to the below in combo a great awareness about shared resources and the major clearing of some 4th/8th house family things. About to go over my south node again.

    Pluto continues its 7th house transit. Don’t even start. I did just meet a jaw droppingly hot and very promising Capricorn whom I am having a date with at some stage.. however I am still licking a few psyche wounds from the extreme aftermath that was hurricane aqua. Is there a good bit to Pluto 7th? my endings with partners have all been a bit frigging hardcore and very plutonian now I think about it.

    Uranus is coming in April for the MC. Deliver us from boredom.

    • Good luck with the date and take it easy, as in rather breezily. I know easier said than done, but I hope you know what I mean. Would be a nice change from all things Plutonian in the 7th I hope. πŸ™‚

      • Ah it’s fine I am cool either way y’know just as a proud manicure of feathers I need my preen and shine pride. I already said a bit on the subject so it’s cool. He IS cap so we can both bitch about pluto over some organic wine and I will try to stick to my don’t shag on the first date rule whilst trying not to slide off my chair..

    • So Ms, delve into the plutonian endings. what’s the pattern? how do you know it’s the beginning of the end? is there some emotional hook that you get caught on? I mean, you seem very self-aware and clear, but if there is some kind of repeated thing happening.. you know. maybe a second look just in case?


      • oh lala, don’t take my candid flirt on here for non delve, I’m a scorpio doll, if there is pain i’m on a mission to the root to pull it out. I’ve spent solid down time pulling this one out and a good hard look in the mirror (and a few hundred pages) to check the magnet. I’m not a fire to frying pan kind of girl but I’m not going to let him fuck me up so I won’t date anyone and go back to him, which is what he wants. x

        Gang: You know what, I was reading something above that made me click about Pluto’s crap getting activated, is it to do more with your natal lessons on the transit or what’s the relationship? astro fiends only pls, this is an astrology question.

        • Good question. I can’t say for sure since I have Pluto square Pluto and tons of outer planet transits going on. Plus, Saturn in Libra rolled over all my first house planets. I have Pluto in the first. I do KNOW Pluto demands authenticity, so even if you aren’t a first-house Pluto person, I would guess that Pluto demands you to be authentic to your desires/self/whatnot no matter where its transiting – and it has been transiting my 4th house since 2007.

          Its been rough. But the more I do my first house Pluto – transform myself, own myself as the power source, no pity party or bitching, just phoenixing – the more I can do to deal with the 4th house stuff. Its like the 4th house was stripped and the first house is where I power it back up from.

          Not sure if that pattern applies to others. I’d love to figure it all out. Too many transits going on in my chart right now.

        • I have been thinking about this and looking at the charts of people close, especially where we share life events, and how we’ve individually responded in the long term, how we’ve shaped ourselves in response.

          Natal is what we have to work with. Transits seem to trigger who and what we deeply are, and if we’re in the right frame of mind, uproot. Remember also that Mystic has spoken of people as transits? Surely one individual will have a different impact on you, and vice versa, compared to another woman. And i think how you respond to the individual may also in effect be a transit for them. Especially where Pluto is concerned, soulmining is going to be different for each person: some are outer planet peeps, for whom Pluto is personal, whereas others may resonate much more to the generational, social movement vibe, or a mix. Natal Pluto is in my 11th (think i said 10 before) but opposite my Sun in 5th so i tend to soulmine in the face of how i relate to groups, or people i see as representing a certain group. Pluto also connects to Mars in second for me so i respond very personally to Pluto.

          Hope i’ve interpreted your q correctly.

          • This makes sense to me. The natal chart is what we’re working with in life. Whenever I don’t know where to look in my chart, I work my North Node.

            I take Pluto pretty personally. I hear what you’re saying, Mille, and you’re right. I just can’t imagine Pluto NOT taken personally, you know? Dying and all that is about as intimate as it gets. I was thinking of starting a blog again just to write/illustrate out my Pluto transits. I have photos for it already.

            • Can’t wait to see that one! I really like your photos but i cannot explain why. Maybe also because i know you here. When i didn’t know you i looked at the photos and they didn’t have the same impact. But that’s not the artist, that part is what the viewer brings.

        • I’ve been thinking a lot about Pluto too as it’s been clearing out my 5th gearing up for a transit over my loaded Cap stellium, plus triggering my grand earth trine. Natally I have the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in 1st so I agree with what 12H says about needing authenticity. I actually get physically ill if I move too far away from who I really am.
          I think that Pluto activates our unique journey in this lifetime, because Pluto will only ever get through, what, maybe a few houses? in any lifetime. So while its energy is the same, how it acts on/in individual lives will be very different. That’s how I’m seeing it operate in my life and those around me, anyway. Hope that makes sense!

          • Also, this bit is probably astro 101 but I have only recently grokked it πŸ™‚
            I am beginning to see my chart as less of a snapshot (static, birth) and more of a chart that plots my course (dynamic, future).

        • This is interesting. I can’t really contribute to answering the Q, but pluto in my chart, like Ms is conjunct the IC. So it’s sort of double obscured, to me. Mysterious but omnipresent pluto at the most inward-focused angle of my chart. It also aspects all the outer planets but none of the inner planets so the only way pluto would seem to express itself in my life is by way of transits from personal planets, or, transiting pluto itself e.g. Changing houses, which seems to kick a bit harder. And even then it’s in slow motion and there’s always another planet involved somehow. Pluto sq pluto across my 4th-7th houses will be next but I can’t figure how it might manifest, given pluto’s propensity to unearth issues you never even knew you had, and its “broad brush” approach to fuqing with one’s shit.

        • this is probably parroting the above, but what i found was that a transit took latent tendencies that were pretty well integrated into my personality and well, plutoized them. ripped that piece out and made it overwhelm everything… raw bloody heart to chew on until you’re choking and blood is pouring out your nose and down your heart and it just doesn’t end. my natal is in the 5th and it has manifested as an abhorrance to superficiality in art, music, and romance. i do one night stands or long-term know the second i saw the person relationships. dating seems like such a meat market- the thought of it makes me physically sick. but it wasn’t until pluto transited my personal planets and erotic grand trine that the full “fatal attraction” (as cafe astrology so nicely puts it) aspect reared it’s head. whew. glad i didn’t go through that at 16. anyway, to use an old analogy, maybe it’s like the room in your house that you know is there, you clean and shit, but you never hang out in. and then suddenly you’re locked in there and you get it all- the details and the big picture. eventually you’ll get out of that room, but you’ll never see it the same way again.

        • After reading the learned answers of the peeps before, I’ve found that for me it’s mainly my own Pluto placement, how it relates to whatever transit is happening, whether through outer events or through people. I’ve also wondered, thanks to Robert Wilkinson mentioning it yonks ago, what outer planet I play in others’ lives (Pluto, Saturn, etc.). I haven’t had the opportunity to look at the others’ charts, in order to compare and contrast (what transits they may be personifying in my life and vice versa), so can’t comment much on that.
          Apart from that, great Q, Ms., pondering material.

  10. “Is there a good bit to Pluto 7th?”

    Yeah when it’s over! Soz that’s a bit negative …. but Pluto in my 7th was hideous for the love life. Just awful, depressing, obsessive and yuck. Mind you I was not very mentally or emotionally well at the time and you know how Pluto likes to poke our messy bits until we’re provoked into doing something about them.

    • ha. no I love honesty I prefer actually. I thought I was doing ok considering but I seem to be erm, dating pluto. At least I am not sinking to viciousness but it’s not doing favours for abusive.

    • it’s different for me, sort of. Definitely agree with pluto poking the messy bits.. shame that it seems to happen so slowly we don’t realise until we’re right in the thick of it and ready to commit ourselves to an institution. other than that, Pluto in my 7th – mind you I am trying to remain v aware of the energy – seems to be about kaleidoscop-ing numerous experiences , like some kind of multiverse high-speed time travel or the closing scenes of 2001: a space odyssey, where once you encounter the mysterious object, you find yourself confronting all sorts of strange ideas and thinking and people and feelings / experiences and realise that letting go is the only way to survive. Anyway, that’s sort of how I am seeing it in my 7th. friends and circumstances coming and going, *being* in that space as wholly as I can .. you know that kind of thing

    • Aw it’s not that bad! I’m on my way out of Pluto transitting 7th and whilst have had major relationship upheaval in this time (2 x marriage 1 x divorce!) have now worked thru all the crap, left the past in the past where it belongs and found myself in a mature and whole soulful relationship. It’s been rough but necessary and am really glad have been thru it all and come out wiser and stronger x

    • so you are officially out of it then?? and your love life has come back?? you give me hope!

      • Yeah Pluto exact on cusp of my 8th now. The transit has been intense but oh the growth!! Good luck x

  11. ok..

    * Neptune – where-ever you have early Pisces in your chart is where you will be soon blessed beyond measure IF you can make/keep/get your consciousness ultra pure & high. Go Love Zombie or on a Neptunian substances bender and this sector of your chart/life dissolves.

    VE = Neptune and early pisces is in my 5th house (babies / art and light romances) I can’t comment.. these areas aren’t standing out in my life right now.

    * Pluto – where-ever 5 to 13 degrees of Capricorn is in your chart you take responsibility, own it, confront your own personal demons/merde and change completely. Don’t even bother just half showing up for this.

    VE = Pluto and Capricorn are in my 1st house (your image, your look, self-image in relationships, how others see you) I have been thinking about this and maybe some realizations have been coming out of it. LIke the over abundance of new friends that are coming out and how I treated some friends recently. So, I am evaluating this.

    * Uranus – where-ever 3 to 14 degrees of Aries is in your chart is where you can weird out in a brazen blur of genius, self-reinvention and eccentric audacity. Don’t even bother trying to fake normal here.

    VE = Uranus and Aries are in my 6th house (work & health)
    This is something that I have been really worry about. Work: I feel a little less focused so that is what I was saying to myself all day yesterday. Health: is a big one right now. A little worried about a condition I have but I have been juicing (sticking with one juice) and hoping it will make a difference.


  12. Help please, because I can find the numbers but don’t know how to interpret.6 Aries Chiron and 22 Pisces True Node. Any hints on that. I feel thunder though.

  13. Arien Uranus (8th H) for brazen plans & genius, tick.
    Capricorn pluto (6th H) highly sustainable revolutions, tick.
    But Piscean neptune (7th H) continues to draw all kinds of baffling, inspirational but weird into my world. The only way I can understand this transit is to let go of any and all fixed and rigid ideas and replace them with more flexible forms of living (which is a contradiction because the more flexible I need to be, the more rigid I find myself being without noticing).

  14. Chiron? Please Chiron!! ?
    I’m a little (ok loads) obsessed right now and heaven help me its about to go over my asc in Pisces and well I”m in super full on research mode here MM!!!
    I remember you saying that Kimmy talks about the Myths around this and that Chiron trained warriors. I had a super delish aha moment today as I was treating my first client (acup/massage) that perhaps this transit isnt all doom and gloom on my ass as I was fearing I might be in for some health shocks etc but perhaps its going to enlighten my work in a real warrior kind of way. AND then I remembered that my last name MEANS warrior in German!!!
    So Ok i”m having a bit of a ramble here but I am curious as hell to see what other Chiron stories peeps have …. and then Neptune will toddle over my asc shortly after., so clearly I will be as buff and amazing as hell by then to avoid low neptune and become super physic ….or something…. yikes!

    • I was born with Sun square Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Pisces on IC (4th house), directly opposed by an exact stationary Uranus on MC and loosely opposed by Pluto conjunct Ceres, a few degrees off MC in the VIrgo 10th. So that’s a big tight T-square natally. That T square is being activated like crazy now by both transiting Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, as it is also my natal Chiron return which happens as you approach 50.

      Saturn crossing my heavily tenanted Scorpio 12th, conjunct my natal venus/ neptune/lilith/Asc and squaring my natal Saturn and Mars (which are natally in opposition to one another) is probably adding to the muck, but Chiron was approaching its return while Saturn was still in my 11th, so I think it Chiron has an independent effect.

      Have a look at this link, particularly the Key Themes chart. As usual Liz Greene provides such an insightful interpretation of Chiron and how it can play out


      The unhealably wounded turned warrior healer is one theme – the one you hear most often – for Chiron, but this is actually not the original myth, in which Chiron is civilized and learned and a teacher adept at healing before he is accidentally given his unhealable wound.

      However, while I have definitely lived the warrior and healer consciousness I’ve also struggled at times with loss of the will to live – another side of Chiron that Liz Greene mentions, and that you hear less about. In the myth of Chiron, after being wounded with a terrible poison arrow because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he is in terrible physical and psychological pain but being immortal, cannot die. He begs the gods for death and they take pity on him, granting him mortality, which brings death and an end to his suffering.

      • “However, while I have definitely lived the warrior and healer consciousness I’ve also struggled at times with loss of the will to live – another side of Chiron that Liz Greene mentions, and that you hear less about.”

        Fi, may I just say a massive Thank You for this link.
        I’m an astro.com devotee, and also love Liz Greene’s abundant, insightful writings, and I don’t think I’ve come across this particular one. Thank youx5!! Will ponder this point, esp. poignant in light of the 2012 I’ve had. Thank you Fi, thank you POTM, thank you Mystic for the provider of this blog – thank you all three for this moment IN synchronicity.

        Big Bright Blessings,

  15. At the moment i’m just trying to work out how to thank a man for a grand favour this evening without having sex with him. That was a very weird realisation…i guess i’ve always traded in sex. I never would have thought of myself that way.

    I’m just having a lot of rad realisations. Who have i thought i am? It’s weird but normailsing rather than unsettling.

    Neptune over 4th (square Neptune)
    Uranus in 5th (opposite Uranus)
    Pluto in 2nd over Mars (separating but intense as Mars pins two t-squares)

    It’s transit lounge central here…(and the Aqua stuff is going over Venus, IC, NN and those asteroids Circe, Aphrodite, Diana). But thank god. It’s not that i didn’t like who i was but i need to get a fresh take.

      • Oh doll, I just cook for people or take them to dinner. or massage voucher depending how well I know them etc. fucking is expensive.

        • yeah it’s like credit card debt…seems so easy then suddenly the interest rate applies

          ah but do enjoy a generous helping of delicious capricorn πŸ™‚

          • shag for the sake of sex, intimacy and love not favours. take him to dinner and then shag him a month later so the power is not messed x

            • yes to that. but he is also an unattractive man though a very good person. i just realised how sexualised my sense of power has been. Some things don’t require it. I wouldn’t act this way now but my thought patterns under the surface follow old paths.

              • i think women take a while to realise this. Learning to be present and authoritative *without needing* to have sex appeal. Also, realising when sex/ sexuality / attractiveness is not at all relevant to a situation.

                • Yeah. And guys find it even more scary-sexy that you don’t know/care that you’re sexy. Not that you’re trying to scare anyone πŸ™‚

                • frankly i think it’s men who often have to learn when this is not relevant. not to shut down the desire but to stop waving it around all over the place like it’s a godgiven right: women don’t do this to men in general socialised conditioning.

              • wow. full on. I’ve never traded sex (in that way) for anything despite being deeply bent. do people do this? must do. If someone helps you that is nice but the guy can sort himself out, y’know. good to catch the pattern mille but pussy is priceless darling, they can never ‘have’ you. It’s a bit of a pattern catching week non? xx

              • You’ve got it, Ms: it’s about catching the deep layer of pattern. It isn’t about needing sex appeal at all – i’m very comfortable with my relationships that are not founded on sexual attractiveness. I have a strong presence and authority by nature and have learned to bring it back a bit as respect: my presence can eat others’ space if i let it. It’s about how i follow this pattern when i am disturbed by someone’s attraction to me and do not reciprocate it. It is not conscious and it does not translate to action (since younger days!) so it interests me to find that pattern still operating emotionally, primally. It seems to have been a response to being desired by people i don’t desire. which, being female, you understand happens quite a lot and even from shockingly young. I think it has been a way of bringing this into MY control, and seeing those men with their threatening desires as ‘weak’ because i can walk away after they’ve fallen under my spell. I’m not a ghostbolter – i’m much more upfront about being finished. So in real relationships i have loved strong men, with whom the power of attraction is equal. I recall as a teen, like from 12, attracting older adult men. And as a little girl, even three yrs old, the looks and responses. I believe that maybe my size and colour evokes some historical views of the ‘place’ of some females. I recall also seriously considering an offer to do sex work with men who are culturally very much in a patriarchal tending to misogynistic paradigm. Fortunately i met and fell in love and began a very long relationship at the time; i shudder to think what my temperament would have become. Imagine a Piscean using intimacy to detach and wield power – yuk. Sneaky, damaging, yuk. But also as a subtle undercurrent a different kind of damage. Ti9me to go, Undercurrent. I’ve got real power and it’s not to be inflicted or trivialised, even at the most subtle level…Things You Can’t Tell by Looking at Her πŸ™‚

      • Could it be Pluto transit in 2nd house hitting your 8th? A deep understanding of self-worth and other-worth in reciprocal relations? Just musing… πŸ™‚

        • Quadrupled, could explain that concept (Pluto transit in 2nd house hitting your 8th) A novice player here but when transits occur in a specific house it can affect other houses at the same time? This will be a huge learning step for me. I see all these posts and I have my jaw open with deer in headlights look. LOL!!

          Thanks for responding if you can! xo!!

          • This is my interpretation so check how it fits for your experience:

            Whenever a transit shakes a house, the mirror of that house is also affected. For instance, when Saturn was trans(h)itting my 7th house (how you relate to others), it was also about my 1st house (definition of self). Now Pluto is transiting my 10th house, the changes are also relevant for my 4th house..Hope it helps πŸ™‚

            • I am finding my natal relating to transit much more relevant than opposite houses right now.

            • So cool… big help and now that I understand this I will look to see how it relates to my current conditions. Thanka.. mucho bieno!! xo!!

        • OH QUAD! Genius. And i have Kataka in the 8th with nothing but asteroid Karma there.

          • i mean Capricorn and Kataka do relate to power concerning others – ‘using’ and ‘needing’ to be really shorthand about it.

  16. I have my moon in early pisces in the second house, so I”m pretty excited. What will the saturn trine to neptune bring? More moneys? New wonderful location to life in? Just a general sense of well being and home-iness? New friends that will last a lifetime? Hmm.

  17. Neptune in 4th- trine Moon and Nep in 12. Glugg! More meditation less java!

    Uranus in 5th-rap concerts and MMA with kiddos-

    Pluto in 2nd – squaring Lady LibraVenus in11th. Shedding book/possessions of family – being last one standing. Constant struggles with mega Pluto mate re:money-media-food-utilities shut off. The struggle is real say my teens. Sorting out my beliefs/ stuff vs family.

    Tuning out attacks on working mums vs dads- who asks a man “who watches your kids?”

    MM- sometime please muse upon current Lilith /Jupiter Gem dance?

  18. you mean I have to think about Uranus at 14 Aries already? I’m not ready and don’t know where to start… too many lines in the water and no nibbles. This isn’t happening until 2014 surely!

  19. hm, let’s see…

    Neptune in 8th, opp natal Venus/Moon + trine Merc/Uranus
    ? trust intuition and take the high road re: all intense Love/Sex/Taxes, give in and be ready for zap transformations, esp. re: mindsets

    Pluto in 6th, sq natal Pluto + trine Moon/Venus
    ? optimised work/health framework/routine, esp work since natal moon/venus is in 2nd.

    Uranus in 9th, opp natal Uranus + trine NN
    ? more mind-zapping + sudden trips for self-transformation

    guess that’s a plan?? ^^

  20. Bewdy! That’s half my chart. I have drastically cut down on the hooch, am eating better and exercising. Imagine my shock at how much better I feel?? πŸ™‚ I’ve also begun meditation. So yes, it’s early days, but I reckon I get a gold star for my 7th house Neptune transit, in prep for it wafting over my sun / Merc /Saturn /Chiron next year.
    Pluto is about to do my 5th house moon et al but I reckon I’m ready!

  21. Seriously, reading this blog has helped explain so much!!!! Pluto AND Neptune doing it in my 7 th house shiiiiiit. I am hoping it goes all transformational and madly romantic but in real life…..Also have natal Venus in Leo in the fing 12th just to make it more interesting

  22. Pluto transiting my 4th. This has been a hellish transit.

    Uranus in my 7th. Whatever.

    Neptune in my 6th. I already got a new pet. What other awesome magic can Neptune bring to the 6th house?

    And, hey, what about Jupiter!?! Jupiter coming up on my MH is the good news in my chart, right?

    So many outer planet transits going on right now. So tired of it.

    • Ah ha! I just read this about 6th house. Never heard it before. Clearly I am not an advanced astro student:

      “Advanced students of astrology know that 6th house is the derivative 12th house of the 7th. So the 12th house dynamic of β€œself-undoing” could happen in a relationship when the partners fail to cooperate with each other in meeting various responsibilities.”

      Not sure how it applies since I am single. I do need to train my Aries girl to do more around the house…

      • Tips on getting the Aries gal to do more around the house… give her some room to do it when she wants to do it not when you want it done. Also, openly appreciate the effort she makes – remember as head strong and independent as we can be, there is still a VERY vulnerable lamb inside too.

        Definitely try to make it fun as fun as possible – like get her personalised gloves or her own cart of cleaning supplies, or a special apron to use – red is always welcome as is pink.

        Best of luck!

        • Thanks! These are GREAT tips! And, funny, I did buy her an apron the other day.

  23. Neptune is in my 10th house: Recently started a new job to escape one that was a nightmare only to discover that this one, while not a nightmare, is an utter bore. The good thing is that the work is super easy and I have tons of vacay time. Still searching for something that lights my fire though.

    Pluto is in my 8th house: Am dealing still with my father’s death, sorting out his estate. Trying to sort out taxes regarding inheritance. Confronting sex (lack of) issues with partner, and trying to break hedonistic habits.

    Uranus is in my 11th house: Looking for authenticity in relationships (friendships). Have been very blunt lately. Telling people off left and right (somewhat unusual for me). Distancing myself from those that I feel haven’t been supportive over the last year.

    I’m in Saturn return mode everything seems to be waking up. Things are not satisfactory and changes need to be made.

    • We seem to have the same planets in the same houses, but my Pluto is about to hit the 8th house. Saturn in Scorp is in my 6th house and whaddya know, hubby broke his leg. Having Pluto in the 7th was all about transforming our relationship based on who-supports-who, now I’m supporting him. I’m scared of Pluto in the 8th, since I’ve gone through death before and it’s a true sense of loss. Not good.

      • I can definitely say the death aspect of Pluto in the 8th is quite difficult but we have to remember that death is inevitable and from the end of one thing another begins. It’s been very interesting and in a way needed. Not to mention Pluto in the 8th does also cover sex, secrets, and money to an extent (loans, inheritances, taxes, etc.). It’s not necessarily all bad. It could be amazingly brilliant for you. I hope it is.

        Best of luck to you!

  24. awwww. Pluto in the first since 2008 has changed me so much. Its incredible. I almost don’t even look the same,physically speaking. If you would have told me beforehand I would have called you a liar. Amazing.

  25. Neptune in early Pisces 12th house – I can’t wrap my mind around this house. For insurance purposes, I stay clean and try to meditate. My challenge here is how to separate intuition from a full-blown delusion..

    Uranus in Aries 1st. This house is intercepted, I always have had trouble in expressing my thoughts and in taking initiative. The pattern is changing, but in a surprising way – I am learning not to care about how others take my point of view.

    And Pluto in Cap 10th – a long haul to transform. I planned a lot of job related stuff as soon as Jupiter goes direct in my 3rd house. That is when I will push the Pluto in 10th transit.

    • Intuition vs full blown delusion. This one always makes me wary. Sometimes i think the more carried away i am with it, the more confident i am, the more likely it is that i have glammed myself. Of course in the throes of my confidence i say this one is really true. Later i start laughing. But then my Neptune is wrapped up with Jupiter in Sag, so confidence is bound to be part of it.

      You know how they train you to look at stars in the military, by not looking directly at them? That’s pure Neptune – don’t look at it directly.

  26. Born with capricorn rising 10′ in first house. Um mmm yes (nods) don’t fake the core, change everything that isn’t working… I’m totally gearing up for Saturn return…. Eek!

    Pisces in third house (do not give up intelligence for a man, ie play dumb in all developments that are less then stellar-note to self: ‘get people’s inner vibe, impressions count & read the body’ also this year I’m traveling, small trips not huge bender πŸ™‚

    Aries in fourth house, born with Venus in Aries at 10’… Hmmm I’m not sure about this one except in relationships whether this is just a: don’t you dare lie to yourself for one minute and let yourself be gimped. Which if it is, trust me I’m getting that vibe and acting accordingly (although being I’ve never been good at that: letting go, moving on, charging forward) its so interesting how emotionally barren-stuck peeps seem to be attracted to gorgeous little peeps with hope in their hearts despite all the stuff they’ve been through.

    No faking self, no faking intention, no faking relationships and interactions…That’s a lot of honesty of intention going on there…

    Am I sounding even vaguely on the right interpretive path?

  27. Neptune – early pisces is like 3rd-ish house. Blessings here? ugh. i guess having good neighbours? boring.

    Pluto in the 2nd fucking with my natal Juppie. redo finances. check..already working that since Saturn on my sun. One can’t rely only on luck and genius to get by. One needs a plan.

    Uranus in Aries up to 15 deg. …right on my chiron in the edge of the 4th and 5th house. So maybe i’ll get my dream wish of moving again. But i just bought a house. So i don’t know how that will work out.

    Anyone with a chiron in Pisces natally? What was it like when Uranus ran over it?

  28. Sun/Merc/Nodes in the ZZ..

    Neptune is planted on my MC-Sun/Mn midpoint opposite natal Pluto and trine natal Neptune, 5th…opposite Venus.

    Yes, high high Neptune..Meditation/writing on my spritual stuff and walking in nature. A little hummingbird came to me today as sat on the patio.

    No booze,no pot, no men…lol..Really the Toro was actually not good for me for those exact reasons. Thanks for the info Mystic. Actually, glad I pushed the envelope with him so can get on…Yes, think our karma is completed. He was the second Toro with his Venus on my SN…please God, let me be done…Thank God I didn’t sleep with him!

    • Totally, you took the initiative to check it out, and now you can put it aside… My impression from other comments you wrote way back is that it kind of woke a part of you that wants to feel feminine (in a desired by an attractive man sort of way)

    • Yes, Sweetie, you needed to know if it was a yes or a no, so no more of your precious time was wasted. He was setting up camp in your mind not on your doorstep.
      Lucky you got outta that one alive & intact ready to concentrate on your own evolution w/o him & his messin’ you around with his bad manners. He was no gentleman.
      Hummingbirds are JOY πŸ™‚
      Had a visit from a frog last night ribbiting away in the bird bath in the driest state in the driest country, so unusual, so i turned the sprinkler on for him.
      Is it tragic that ‘little creatures’ bring me more joy than men? Their only angst is staying alive & they don’t watch porn…….

      • Pegs, I found a frog in my water pot I put outside under a tree. I put a pot plant close to it, so it gave him/her shade. Am also leaving water out for a day and slowly adding it to the pot so that fluride(sp?) in our water does not harm him. The sprinkler idea was tres brill-yes little creatures are so uncomplicated and lovely-not tragic at all …..just in tune

        • Fellow Archer, i believe love of creatures is a Sagg trait being animals ourselves who love the freedom of outdoors.
          Hope that Scorp has left you alone to find a Real Man now the divorce is final. Best of luck
          & love to you.

          • Ah I did not realise it was a Sagg trait, as I have such an affinity with little and big creatures and they seem to be drawn to me too. Now to fall for a guy who loves animals too would be bliss. Thanks for remembering my Ex the lovely but druggy Scorp. I cannot believe I went for another Scorp, except this guy was stone cold. My Ex still sms’s me saying he misses me etc. He was unique and I miss him loads but have moved on, as well I must! It is such a pity as we were such a great match with everything except the drugs part! πŸ™ Ah well, it was all great learning.

      • “Is it tragic that β€˜little creatures’ bring me more joy …”

        I love those you care for the little folks. I adore frogs, and toads. I love all creatures, but have a fondness for frogs.

    • Thanks guys.

      Knew when I was over at his place he just didn’t seem good enough for me..you know, his lifestyle and how lazy he seemed. Huge pot head too I think and even tho I’ve had my bit here and there it is not my lifestyle and did I really repsect a lazy couch potato pot head…no..I wouldn’t have. haha.Tarot lady told me that a long time ago…he’s lazy esp in the relationship dept too.

      Maddening how he kept pursuing and then when he had the real woman he fled. Not the first time thats happened with men. My Kataka condo mate David said this guy is screwed up and like a 17 yr old. “Do you want to start from scratch” w/a child. lol

      But I did joke around alot the night I saw him, like for example when he asked when was the last time I watched a game and I said “when I had a man in my life”…things like that…But it was true…ha, must have scared him off.

      Was nice in my short text and it informed him that I know he is not emotionally available and maybe I wasn’t so much either because it was true. How can you know if you are tho if you don’t get to know someone or even a conversation about where you are. He really only wanted me when he didn’t have me and he just wanted a roll in the hay. Guess he found out I’m not that kind of girl with the kiss on the cheek esp as his face came straight at me until I veered for the side.I wasn’t ready for that. I simply wanted to be affectionate and friends first.

      But did say hope we can still be friends if see around. Just being polite. Also said, “I joke alot. April Fools birthday babe.Take care”…meaning, don’t think I was so anxious to have a relationship with you or screw you because I was kidding about some of the things I said. Anyway, had to be graceful but get my point across. I bet he was used to treating women like crap and they all were just falling around him crying and wailing. I’ll bet he thought he could just ignore and put me off until his convenience. Uh sorry hon, had to dump you pronto. And he never even got his massage. No, no more massage hanging out there in the ethers.

      Anyway (sorry this is long…I didn’t have to work today and have talked to noone, esp the Toro love doctor at work). She is going to be so glad this ended since as soon as she knew about his past (thru her fiance which was his old room mate), she was concerned and said he was just practice for the real one later. She said he was a pig woman wise. So that was another univese heads up and think it’s why I saw the owl…It was a warning of some sort…

      But it was a fun fantasy while it lasted and yes, karmic because of all involved emo wise and my South Node.

      And yeah, I did my participation also and I’m not mad at him and the rejection only stung a liltle for a short while. The worst thing I could have done was ever text him again…and say something lilke “what happened?” blah, blah because an insecure, desperate woman would have done that and I’m certainly not insecure having been completely single for 8 yrs and divorced for 18…

      Okay, so full force on my spiritual path but of course this was part of it too..x

      • Hey, a final note, ran a chart for my last text to him and Medusa (which I have conj. my Sun nataly) was conjunct my Moon in 5th trine the trans Toro Moon on his Merc…10th..

        Think he got the message?

      • Sweetpea, he will only realise later what a gem he lost out on. A similar thing happened just last month with a Scorp. He made me feel like shit. He was a surfer so ultra fit etc and big job bla bla but the manners of a rat! I bid him farewell and he was so surprised…so I said , ” well mate, you snooze, you lose-I am outta here” The interesting thing is I have noticed that guys with big egos seem to have ummmmm rather little equipment! I wish we could ask guys to drop their jocks before agreeing to date them…….sigh! Yes, yes-not ladylike at all…..

        • LOL!! I think the same thing with the ego / and small tools. It still works. Thanks for the chuckle. They have to be insecure about it and use ego to cover it up. sheesh!! xo!!

      • Onya (short for good on you) Sweetpea πŸ™‚

        You have handled yourself with dignity and class Befitting of a Cap moon.

        Sorry it didn’t work out πŸ™ but you are now prepped and ready for the next one that will be more evolved and up your alley. Toro was a dead-end street.


      • Hey guys, thanks, super sweet..xo. Yeah, it was not ever going to be anything more than the fling or one night stand he might have hoped it to be.

        Remember when I did his astro some time ago and mentioned the signatures of a player…well, my co-worker confirmed that and used those exact words when she told me her fiance knows about him. And if I had really been cruel and low, I could have rubbed that info in his face but was dealing with him on the terms I knew him on…

        But my point is, that he had Libra Uranus 0 deg, 6th, opposite his Aries Venus 10 deg, 12th. Wide orb but it fits.

        One book I was reading was about how this person (with that aspect), will have nothing to show in older age except for a string of affairs behind them and noone to really belong to due to such self absorbed and selfish behavior. I understand that to some extent because I have Venus square Uranus sans all the affairs lol.

        He actually has a complicated chart and I do have compassion for his challenges…Mars in 8th square Pluto in 5th…Compulsive sexual behaviors but he is too unaware to know how to move beyond it. It would seem with as much time as he apparently spends alone, that he is self rehabing a bit from his younger years perhaps but, my Sun was exactly 0 deg orb conjunct his Venus and so guess who his next “object” was.

        Thank you TofS…I do know I did the mature thing and swiftly. I was not going to go quietly without first informing him that I see it for what it is, he is emo unavailable and there isn’t going to be any further games.

        When I was truely emo unavailable due to healing stuff from the Pisces I knew I was not fit to be in a relationship but this is the Toro’s actual MO…he is not fit but perhaps its the only way he knows how to operate.

        I actually feel good today and glad this is over. Mars square Pluto are relentless in their pursuit and no doubt had not just flushed this all out, every time I saw him in public he would still be trying.


        • Mars square Pluto also, in some instances…criminal behavior. Like my old condo mate who was a felon…jesus..lol

          Think the Toro was actually a drug dealer from various accumulated observances.

          There I go again with my Moon in 8th rollin’ with the underworld.

          • He really should learn to be more cordial…I could call the cops right now and have him busted. He apparently has one bedroom where he grows what he calls “his girls”..I didn’t know this until this last time.

            But in a little bit of fairness, he did take care of his 90 yr old grandmother for a month to give his mother a break. I wonder how frail/coherent she was and if she got lost amidst the foilage…lol

            No, he is no great loss. My son in law had told me to run a background check on him.

          • I have Mars square Pluto, Sweetpea and i can attest it takes some maturity to handle it. It is also very strategic. I just wrote out this crazy story about one of my shenanigans but it’s too long, even if i trim it. I would make a good criminal, i think and what is worse i know i would get off on the scorn it shows for authority. Mars square Pluto is also scornful, bottled rage. I find it really hard to handle in myself! But i’m better at handling it than anyone else trying to “handle” me. And just think, i’m Piscean with a hefty dose of upfront Sag. Not a good placement for a Taurus, if you don’t mind my saying. You dodged a bullet, darling. How like an Aries!

            • Thanks mill for being candid and honest. Sounds like being aware of it as you are, it does not necessarily ride you but the other way around.

              Ha, being Aries helps but I did extensive research (Uranus and Pluto in 3rd), on his chart and then my co-worker backed it up. This way, when he shown that first sign of trying to manipulate (not respond to my text and think he was going to play me), I could nip it in the bud.

              He’s probably used to younger women who he could easily trap in his snare/use and throw away and he probably didn’t like it when he wasn’t the one in control as I was quite bold with him when I last saw him…

              If, as a man, you have Venus in Aries and want a strong Aries type…beware πŸ˜‰

              Toro love doctor said her fiance said “yep, he’s a douche bag” (and that’s an insult to women to use that term). She said I put him in his place and that he had wanted something since day one….

              And he never got it…

              Actually, saw his insecure side…

              When I talked about going walking, etc, he said “yeah, I’m outta shape”. He said he needed to stop drinking (beer..altho his is not overweight) and when a play happened against his team, he said “I jinxed it”. I said, “you didn’t jinx it”…

              There was a couple of other things but I observed it.

              Anyway, going to see my family, girls, gdaughter this weekend…can’t wait. They have been most supportive this week as of course Aries was indignant that someone ignore her…How fuqing dare…thats what pissed me off the most and made me cry…lol x

      • Thank you luv. x

        Still playing “Theres a Darkness on the Edge of Town”…haha, how fitting that song turned out to be last Sunday but it ain’t my darkness πŸ˜‰

  29. This is cool!
    Neptune is about to be on my Mercury, Pluto on my Neptune, and Uranus is in my 12th house. Definitely a Neptune/12th house vibe.

    I’ve made a big leap from low Neptune to high Neptune recently 100% sober and vegan after a bad love zombie and chaotic eating/boozing spell, getting into meditation and alt healing stuff again like I used to be. I can’t believe how intense my dreams are since I’ve made these changes.

    Cool book encouraging higher Neptune pursuits (transcendental meditation, sobriety, creativity): “Catching the Big Fish” by David Lynch

    • You must be so proud. 12th house stuff is really hard to do, as the traps there are set by your primal self. Your journey as i’ve been reading here sounds quite amazing.

      • Thank you…I got lost, and then I realized I was only lost if I was looking for something that I didn’t need to. ^_^

        Key 12th house word: surrender.

      • 12th house Virgo – If I may ask…

        I assume your sun is in the 12th house?

        What do you think/know about the sun being in the 12th house..

        • I’d have to write a book. Highlights? Missing father; uncomfortable with popularity; aware of unseen energies; perhaps a martyr complex, but that could be Virgo talking. Every chart is personalized. I don’t know a 12th house sun that I know of. Except online. Socializing anonymously is very 12th house.

    • Yes, same re dreams. I too have been battling lower/haute Neptune stuff these past few months and the message from my psyche and my bod is pretty clear: keep it clean and feel/function SO much better. Even the tiniest change seems to make a huge difference, particularly to my mind.
      Neptune just in my 7th and within cooee of my Pisces stellium right now. I need to be in shape for that.

    • I like the path you’re on. I’m not a veggie or vegan but, I do love making vegan meals and having veggie days. It’s a step in the right direction for me.

      I love this book: β€œCatching the Big Fish” by David Lynch

  30. Neptune: In 10th house. Showing me how much I still have to learn in this career in development/fundraising that I stumbled into a few years ago. Neptune is opposing my Jupiter, so I have to keep my expectations realistic and my nose to the grindstone. (No problem with that, with Saturn opposing my Moon right now.) But Neptune also trining my Mercury, so my intuition is more accessible.

    Uranus: in 11th house. Really questioning my longer-term goals and dreams in life and where I am on the path to accomplishing them. Bonus: Uranus conjunct my Saturn and opposing my Venus, telling me to shake up the old conventional ways I’ve handled obligation and expressed my femininity. Feeling this super strongly at the moment.

    Pluto: in 8th house. Doing an overhaul of my habits and attitudes about money. But also generating lots of questions about how I use my power (or not) in the world.

  31. Question… Only 5 to 13 degrees of Capricorn Aries or early Pisces
    or any sign with that degree?
    What if you dont have anything in Capricorn Aries or Pisces ?

  32. Well, Pluto has been sitting in my sixth house for a little while and I was wondering what kind of health revelations it would bring… I came down with glandular fever on New Year’s Eve and was the sickest I’ve ever been in my life for the next three weeks. I’m feeling a lot better and obviously I could have been facing something a lot worse, but I’ve never had a longer term illness before. It’s weird because doctors are telling me to keep resting while I feel better because fatigue will definitely hit me again over the next few months, and if not managed properly could become a long term issue. I feel fine, but I know I’m not fine and I’ve never had to look after myself like this. I’m looking at the positive – I’m having to reevaluate my approach to my health and I am actually grateful to have a proper reason to cut out alcohol for a while as my liver recovers from the virus. I’ve gotten my act together and gotten health insurance and income protection insurance as well – I was lucky to have leave from work to take three weeks off but it made me realise how hard it would be to have to take longer and not have an income.

  33. Each of these outer planets is conjuncting a planet in my natal chart:

    Neptune will be conjuncting my Moon at 7 degrees Pisces in the 9th

    Pluto has and will be conjuncting my Venus at 6 degrees Capricorn in the 6th

    Uranus has and will be conjuncting my Saturn at 8 degrees Aries in the 10th

    Spirit, health, career………..good thing I have a career in holistic health already. I’ve been an acupuncturist for 15 years. I want to do something more innovative and ‘bigger’ with it, though.
    Also, I do have my own health stuff to attend to and have been but need to do more…..now is the time, I guess!
    Have taken my full inventory where love is concerned, too, and I have really changed my orientation to it and have looked at what went on in the past. Haven’t had a relationship or even a lover for a long time…still keeping all of that at bay. Need to get over my wariness since past relationships have never been good……I think this is what I have the chance to transform now that Pluto has been by….

    Anyone want to take a crack at what all these conjunctions will mean for me? Thanks!

  34. Neptune smack on my sun in fourth. Becoming more spiritual and dissolving the ego from home. Lots of meditation. I’ve more or less quit drinking as well. (We’ll see how long that lasts once Neptune mozies on to Venus at 9Β° ;-P)

    Uranus in 5th. Shaking things up in who I am. (Obviously with Neptune on Sun) also Squaring moon. So again, fourth house stuff.

    And Pluto in second opposite moon. (a lot of home stuff.) So purging bad habits and increasing my self worth. Looking to transform careers and maybe go into a more holistic field. πŸ™‚ Change that income baby! ^.^

  35. Uranus transiting 4th. Do want to move abodes, change of burbs or state even. The frog visit reminded me of how much i love the tropics & the magical sounds water & little creatures make. The MOISTURE & the colours.

    28-30 years of Pluto on Sagg Sagg & Cap Asc., 11th & 12 respectively. There is laughter lacking in my life, more internal adventures of the mind than geographical.
    Better go meet this Pluto dude and obtain summary.

  36. Pluto on my 6th conjunct mercury, Uranus, and Neptune…. is this my outer planets going crazy or what? I have been doing an incredible amount of self-healing lately and from the looks of things that can’t stop anytime soon. All of this is in my 6th too, so I guess it better stay a daily routine πŸ™‚

    Other than that… Neptune on my 8th and Uranus on 9th. Still trying to figure out what these mean for me o.o

    Thanks for the planet sparknotes Mystic!

    • On another note, am finally moving chez Sagg / Leo today! So so so good and am excited to finally start creating my sanctuary

  37. Neptune transiting 4th/Pisces:
    Taking a detox break and focusing on the arts, cinema, film, and music instead of drugs, booze. No hangovers and feel great the next day!

    Pluto transiting 3rd/Capricorn:
    Deep Transformative Ideas, Philosophy and Communications
    Working on memoir, short stories, scripts, lyrics, and haikus. Speaking my mind, being true to my word, bringing dark humor to loaded issues.

    Uranus transiting 5th/Aries:
    I enjoy weirding out! Great ideas coming to me left and right. Trying to capture them all in sketchbooks, journals. Have to decide which ideas to pursue right now and which ones to put on a back burner. Trying to find creative outlets for my “inner genius” that don’t involve low vibing dramas and drunkenness. In the music industry this is very difficult to avoid drama queens and qi vamps. Been a real challenge!

  38. Uranus has shown up in my 7th/8th house in the form of electrical problems at home. My chandelier suddenly stopped working and now the heating system is making nothing but noise. The worst – I’m self-guilting over it. I think I cut through a wire in the wall when mounting a TV. Shit. Its cold here. First day its really felt like winter. I need to keep the house warm for my pets.

    I hope Uranus gives me good 8th house juju on this. I bought insurance for the heating system post-divorce and it expires in March. Pray for me?

    Meanwhile, Pluto transiting my 4th house gives me plumbing problems every few years. Under ground pipes. Bathroom in the basement. Washer in the basement. Pluto. Some people get to work out their energies through relationships. Me? I get home maintenance issues.