O.M.G – What IS This Place?

Have been in a Virgo Moon frenzy trying to figure out the location of this fashion shoot. The magazine online has NO info – anyone know?

Okay, yes, yes male model & check out the very now Slytherin sock monitor sort of a look BUT note the astrological frieze up there. Dude is standing beneath Scorpio, obviously and next is Saggo.  And the map?  Is this my castle from a past life?

Virgo librarians, scholarly peeps, well-travelled Saggos, general know-it-alls – thoughts?


Image: Giovanni Squatriti – Essential Homme Magazine

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29 thoughts on “O.M.G – What IS This Place?

  1. I agree, Italy. Maybe a palazzo? That’s a fancy name for a big house many of which are now museums and art galleries.

  2. Italy @ 15th century building – Latin experts where are you? Can only read sea (Mare) and virtue or greatest virtue (bottom right). Too tired to google it. Gorgeous model….

    • Map is def Italy but location could be Portugal??? I wish I didn’t read this as I was going to bed for an early night – Virgo Moon trans my Virgo Uranus/Merc/Pluto atm, thank you very much :-)

  3. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that it’s a Freemason lodge somewhere. Some grand Masonic hall. Very Essential Homme.

    • Good call! Yes, it kind of reminds me of what I imagine the interior of the infamous San Francisco Bohemian Club to look like.

    • Thank God because I have been googling loggias, frescoes, scorpions etc. while in front of the box for an hour and half and found nothing!

    • Way to go, I was just thinking about that. Sweetest, simplest, shortest route to the answer… Ask! LOL

      Unless it’s someone’s private residence (whoa) the photog should be able to tell you where it is!

      Wish there were more photos of the other signs though. Early depictions of the astrological signs from the Middle Ages, what’s not to love?

  4. Could be 15th century or earlier, and not necessarily Italy.

    Rib vault (the ceiling) is supposed to be Gothic architecture (circa 12th c.) but Gothic tympanums (the semi-circular panel on which Scorpio and Saggi are depicted) are supposed to be more vertical, as compared to Romanesque (circa 6th to 10th c.) which are more semi-circular (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tympanum_(architecture))

    “Ancestors of the Gothic rib vault in the Romanesque vaults can be found at Caen and Durham, both sites of early Gothic constructions, and elsewhere.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rib_vault

    So could be France or England too?

  5. Hey this lovely guy just put this on facebook as a comment – it’s 1.28am where i am so going to sleep (boxing first thing) but check this out –

    Nicholas Civitello Is it this?
    The temple of astrology – The Palazzo della Ragione in Padua
    Palazzo della Ragione stands at the centre of Padua, within the city’s ancient t…See More

    • What a find! You must be simply busting to go there and research visually this treasure uncovered……. Oh, to be able to fully recover past lives. All very exciting, maybe even a new direction….and the hydra for me makes sense of the logo for Leo….lovely!

      • Wow, I googled Padua and got this article…could it be the Scrovegni Chapel? The city is seems very Scorpionic and is a commune also, to top it all off! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Padua

        I bet that chuch has seen its share of ritual sacrifices…..what a foreboding town!

        Sun-Sag, Moon-Cappy, Venus-Scorp, Mars Uranus Pluto conj. Virgo, and yeah…Aries rising

  6. The fabuloso photographer Giovanni Squattri just msgd me on FB and said it is a private home in Milano!
    If you want to know which one, you’ll have to hire me ;P