61 thoughts on “Must-Know Mission Statement Horoscopes 2013 Available Now

    • Did you find it? Just click the sentence under the picture where it says “Hey beautiful peeps – the 2013 must know…are available now!!!” That’ll take you two them :)

    • Did you find it? Just click the sentence under the picture where it says “Hey beautiful peeps – the 2013 must know…are available now!!!” That’ll take you to them :)

  1. guys, I just wanted to let you know, that I am better now, definitively so, I just havent posted about it because I wanted to wait a good week before I can process how big a deal this was, I had a breakthrough and life moment more intense than ever, it was like this private baptism into actually being myself and believing things can actually work out for me in all areas of my life, I will maybe post the bit longer happy ending once I have given it enough time to air, but for now just know I am in a better place of mind, and im better then I can ever remember feeling, this was the breakthrough all the other ones were leading to and all for, whatever that was, its over, and I came out on top and finally got to the bottom of what has been ailing me fundamentally for this whole time, I did not see this intense period coming, or have time to reflect on its magnitude in the midst of it, and in such a state I have made an inconsiderate mistake, I posted all here on mystics blog, and brought this terrible thing I was going through with me. I am sorry, I am really really sorry for it guys, but I am better, and thank you so much for being there with me through my, what would have been a private, episode. Im ok, thanks for caring so much, and im sorry about it all, dont worry about it anymore, its all over, I am back to normal, plus even better off
    Thanks guys

    • and enough time has passed that I can say for sure, this is not a pendulum swing, this is not crying wolf, I am through it, its over, I still have life to live, I still have world to conquer, but this was a real thing I went through, and I am through it

      • glad to hear you’re feeling clearer/better David – you have been on my mind – its great we have this community to express our deepest stuff and get feedback. enjoy the rest of your hols x x :)

    • Hey David, sharing here wasn’t a mistake or inconsiderate. If someone doesn’t want to read your posts, they don’t have to. I for one, skipped some of the longer ones… and I’ve found a lot of your posts honest, interesting and insightful.

      Glad to hear you’re feeling better and more positive!

  2. The Leo one says $9 and each time I add cancer to the Cart, the Gemini scope gets added. …just FYI :)

  3. Had a similar issue with the Libra one coming up with Virgo – so figuring they’d all dropped to below – I tried the Scorp one and ended up with Libra – as I’d wanted …… :-)

    • yes. the download is connected to the one below so I had to press sagittarius to get scorpio

  4. The link for cancer download does not seem to be working no matter if i choose the link above or below

  5. AWEsome as always MM. Loving the Aries and PIsces mission statements. You’ve just brought me from a low low to the highest of HIGHS.


  6. Oh Mystic, you are so friggin awesome chick- ya do me head in babe! Thank ya loads for all the rad energy and fab words you bring into my life.
    Really, truly, deeply from the bora bora of me heart luv. You rock!
    Round of applause….
    fanks darlin
    massive hugs
    huge grin
    lotsa love and money beans

  7. Hi M, this is some good stuff! It confirms what my female intuition has been telling me for the past few months. Thank you!

    P.S. I accidentally purchased the Leo report instead of the Virgo, and then purchased the Virgo for a little less… It wasn’t to be stingy or to double-dip cos I know creative peeps need respect and $ to pay the bills!

  8. totally cool, thank you. love all the specifics.

    hey beautiful people. i have a request. my crab (who is not mine, but is and always will be too) is losing it. he’s like the poster boy for the zap zone- pluto is exactly squaring his mars as uranus heads back for it and pluto will soon oppose his sun. he’s just over pluto on his nn and dc and he is, as far as i can tell, evaporating. in hindsight, i am grateful to not be physically there as it’s energy i don’t want around my children, period, but i don’t want him hurt or hurting anyone else. so if you have a spare second perhaps you could direct some sunny energy or prayers or whatever form you feel towards the freezing cold sunless center of the us and a very wounded, suicidal, beautiful man-child there. thank you so much. xoxoxo

    • happy to do so Hidden – hope he feels better soon – mid winter not helping, yes? but yes, its good he is not infesting your children – all kids deserve freedom from such emotional turmoil x x

      • thank you so much- i truly truly appreciate it. midwinter, yes, is dismal there… insidious how it gets to you. i never understood until i moved away. the things we take for granted. and blessings in disguise re the children for sure. some things are best gone through in solitude it seems. thanks again. xoxox

  9. Is it just my current developing perspective on fqing everything i thought i knew – or is Mystic’s language far more pointed and focused than usual?

    You’ve always had a cool writing style, Mme Meduse, but i’m telling you the Pisces scopes speak to me like nothing i’ve read before. Yet to read the rising.

    Thank you as always for your haute womanly Piscean support, delivered with panache xxx

      • thanks guys – i am being more direct as this is going to be a huge year when we are really going to feel Pluto in Cap…The bubble era is over…

        • Yes please Mystic!! More directness. Give it to us straight. No sugar-coating required for this Scorp. :)

            • No! Didn’t intend for my comment to be taken as criticism. My Saggo moon just had to speak 😀

              You once said that sometimes you go easy on peeps going through a Saturn transit (perhaps during Saturn in Libra?). My comment was in response to that.

              You got the balance right. No need to change a thing.

              As you were…. :)

  10. my sun sign mission statement is incredible. you have totally got how my year’s been so far…i feel excited to keep going in 2013.

  11. oh dear – things have really hit the fan here – but finding all the wisdom, MM posts and other comments sheer brilliance in the grey-expanse of my life :0

    • Yikes, that doesn’t sound good. Hope you’re navigating it ok… sending supportive thoughts your way x

  12. Nowhere else would I find ‘gut bacteria’ and ‘Qi Vampires’ in the same sentence. I’m all about the healthy gut bacteria. Thanks Mystic xx

    • Lol! I actually have a theory that if your gut bacteria are out of whack – for whatever reason – you attract negative people. OR EVEN – omg – parasites.

      (runs off to fix probiotic drink)

        • Yes there are vegan pro-biotics; fermented vegetables or fruit (e.g. sauerkraut, pickles, lemons, etc) are full of good bacteria.

          Also coconut milk or nut milk kefir (though kefir grains can be a bit borderline and are considered an animal product by some vegans because often the grains are started off in milk).

          Also, some vegans wont eat any of the above as they consider eating live bacteria to be equivalent to eating an animal product.

  13. Hi beautiful MM, still cannot get past order page for 2013 mission statement! Am happy to give my ph number but there is no field for it! Help! Desperate!! Much love xo

  14. Um, the instant downloads aren’t working for me this time, unlike the first e-book (that worked super pronto).

    What do I do now Mystic?

    I click on the link, it just keeps taking me to the order page.

    Advanced thanks!

  15. Wow – how astro appropriate was Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech? The fathers-who-weren’t-fathers, real intimacy, sexuality, confession. So Saturn-in-Scorpio-Pluto-in-Capricorn.

  16. LOVE LOVE MINE. Got sun and rising. Will read and re-read to stay on track for the year. Thank you Mystic!

  17. Greetings Mystic,
    I paid for the 2013 Mission Statement Horoscopes at Paypal and have yet to receive confirmation from them or you. Very excited to read them. Seems I’ve got glitches all over the place the last couple of days. Thanks!