Mercurial Bats Advance Notice

Public Service Announcement: The next Mercury Retrograde is Feb 23 until March 18 – in Pisces.

More specifically – for those of you who like to have a little bingle over their chart and draw interesting conclusions – it’s between 5 and 19 degrees of Pisces.

Super-surreal, poetic and potentially inspirational. Not so good for extended away-from-real-life type benders, delusional Love Zombie episodes or investing in fantasy futures.

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120 thoughts on “Mercurial Bats Advance Notice

  1. Hits my Sun at 10 degrees, Mercury at 8. Please tell me it’s not one of those really batty Merc retros where everything short circuits. How about a nice gentle one where we all have the urge to communicate via limericks?

  2. So weird. I keep dreaming I am looking at my astro chart – 6th house Pisces. I’ve had the same boring dream 3 times already. I have Ceres (5), Juno (10), Jupiter (11), and Vertex (19) in Pisces. So, Mercury will be retrograding all over it. Well, we’ll see what comes up.

      • I feel like a dumb ass cause its a sign I can’t read. I figure its time for me to get specific about what I want in a partner – Mercury retro – re-visioning and all. I had an astro consult once that said I pull in partners through my Jupiter. I still don’t get it. I’ve got no situations in play at the moment.

        • i don’t think you can get jupiter transits beforehand. gotta go on faith and trust. i’m excited for you though- something’s definitely coming! xox

          • Thanks! I’ve had a Jupiter Neptune opposition and a Jupiter square Jupiter transit going on for about a year now. Those will be wrapping up this Spring. Maybe this summer I’ll realize what it was all about, but by then I will be under the influence of Neptune. I vow now not to legally commit to any new romantic interests that may enter my life until my Neptune transits are over! Ha!

  3. Natal Mercury in Pisces. Should be fun! Ha.

    I am so exhausted these days. Maybe it’s all the 12th house stuff for Aquas or something…

      • Thanks, this helped me put words to some things I couldn’t even define for myself! As a Taurus rising/moon I don’t do so well with change and transition, to the point where I resist it until I’m so much more off.

        Hilarious weird coincidence today. I was watching a video of a baby sloth my friend sent me and thought that they looked like little wise creatures, almost like cats…not so much like the doofy reputation they have. Still and silent philosophers. And I was like sloths are totally my spirit animal. I googled it almost as a joke and this page came up saying that sloths ARE ACTUALLY the spirit animal for Aquarians born in the year of the Rabbit. Like me. So now I have an astrological/shamanic excuse. lol

  4. Hmmm…. it will happen over my commune of Pisces planets: Sun, Saturn, Merc and Chiron, and close enough to Psyche to make things interesting!

    • I like the idea of a Piscean stellium being referred to as a “commune.” ^__^

  5. My Gem friend has been in telecom hell for a couple of weeks. She had to switch her phones + Internet + Cable TV combo out of her ex-boyfriend’s name and onto her account. She can’t keep the old number (her BUSINESS number for a decade) because he won’t play along. The new phone line is glitchy and has so many dropouts that I can barely hear what she’s saying. The techs are still working on it.
    Then in the midst of this, she asked me about some obscure blog bugs, I know just where to fix it but it’s best implemented from her laptop. 5 minutes, zap it works. I mean really really obscure blog bugs.

    I don’t really have any chart data for my friend, so I have no idea how her Mercury is placed, but I think Mercury generally respects the efforts of people that make the communications lines work and keeps the data flowing. And more respect comes from dealing with it well in advance of Merc entering the shadow zone.

  6. that would be my first and second houses – with Saturn at 4 degrees Pisces, Kiron and Moon … escape from reality bender…investing in fantasy futures…Moi? Mercury in Pisces will be hitting off trines with Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in my 4th…

    Started a new business in October 2012 and feel at the moment like I’m busking, with peeps wandering past, moving to the rhythm and indicating they like the music, but no-one is throwing money in the hat. Saturn conjunct MC now within 1 degree. Still settling into a routine and DESPARATE to get out of home office into real office so that I feel some separation between rest and work.

    • I’ve been working from home for over 10 years now, it takes a while to settle and be fully productive.
      What worked for me was forgetting the 9-6 pattern and find your own. I work extremely well between 10 -12 am and 10-12 pm
      In those 4 hrs I can achieve much more than I did with an office in 10 hours. Don’t rush the move, it’s worth the effort to make it work without the expense and time wasting an ‘office’ environment brings. And the long lunches are excellent schmoozing hours for customers.

    • Yes – check the Mercury Retrograde category (drop down menu on the right hand side has various categories that i wish peeps would use more often as opposed to emailing me to ask if i have ever written anything about Pluto) as there is a lot of material in there.

  7. Ohhhh shit. That is right on my mars and my north node. 1st/2nd house cusp. I am waiting to hear back about my doctoral admissions by March 20th. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN. Waitlists?! Delays?! Oddly enough the application got a week extension for my dream school because of “technical difficulties”. AHHHHHHHH. Help, advanced astrologers, to ease the panic!

  8. merc rx will be sitting in my tenth, but I also have the end of pisces entering my 11th house – so ruling the 11th? (most of my houses start with just a little slice of the ruling sign then large chunks of the succeeding sign..

  9. yay have stopped smoking which is good
    feeling a lot of anger coming
    slammed gate hard and annoyed taras landlord
    he calm abt it infact he avoids i if he can
    i too pluto for he
    i threw a tray of his out and he is dying to ask abt it
    FCK they love their things sooooo
    he will give i notice when he finds it gone

  10. no planets but MC, which is enjoying a Chiron retrograde at the mo. 3rd hit 2/6. first two chiron hits to my MC initiated epic leaps toward higher consciousness. What will a merc retro do for this quest? The last 2 merc retros were total shitstorms where I emerged bruised bloodied and totally victorious. (july-over natal north node, november, over natal uranus)

  11. Ah, that retro will be encompassing a transit of my Moon at 7 Pisces and my Mars and MC at 17 Pisces, then. Wonder what’s in store…. things are already weird…. *sigh*

  12. My sun Jupiter Conjunction spans 0Β° Pisces but I have Venus at 9Β° (which tightly aspects mars, Saturn, Ceres, moon, Pluto, and Chiron all less than 2Β° orb) and natal mercury at 16Β° Pisces (which trines my Asc) But to be honest with you, my progressed mercury is retrograde (has been for some time) and mercury retrogrades barely phase me. Perhaps I’ll get some random insights/info into my home life (4th house) and how it affects other aspects of me, but I don’t foresee anything dramatic.

  13. Mystic I’m wondering if peeps could share their ideas on how to stay on brill fitness regime during dark moon?
    3 days ago I was sweating it out doing my fab regime and then boom! So tired I can hardly go to work, let alone get up at 5.30am and greet the day w more sweat, I have a short tether, and after a major massage last night have a weird under shoulder blade muscle pain, that makes me feel even more exhausted…

    I have succumbed to my m.o. which is to have Epsom salt bath eat chocolate drink tea and hope to eff that I get back on it tomorrow… V. Pm btw : )

    • You can pick a rep or stretch or miniroutine that takes say 20 mins ish. That way you can continue to do a little each day until energy returns, or do a spot in the morning and a spot in the evening. Exercise doesn’t have to kill us to make us stronger. And there ARE times when recuperation and more sleep is vital so as not to run down the bod. Best wishes for your health

      • Yep, dark moon is my excuse to snooze. Bodies need rest as much as exercise. Change up your routine when you get back to it for a bit of a shock. Dark moon is only a few days of the month. Routine won’t be too affected. But, yeah – perhaps some stretching. I choose strong yoga poses and hold for five minutes for each.

        • Thanks guys….much appreciated… I try to do a more gentle routine, but lose the glue that holds it all together, maybe this is something i could work on a bit more…. thanks for the reminder… sleep is def good xxx

  14. Almost all my natal planets are retrograde, so these cycles don’t really bother me. I’m actually looking forward to finishing up a big project I’ve been thinking about but putting off for way too long.

  15. Hits my Venus & Moon. I’m actually pretty excited about this Merc retro! I’m looking forward for some juicy poetry all-nighters. And I’m starting therapy few weeks before it, so I can go crazy-bats in a safe environment, haha.

  16. hm, it starts on pholus but that’s it. i don’t quite understand him so well but when doing retrospectives he’s often somewhere significant. all i’ve picked up is “turning point.” maybe we could do centaur week here?!? πŸ™‚ pholus, nessus, asbolus… it’s interesting that it’ll also square the same sector that jupiter’s been retro on, right after he goes direct. my guess is it’ll be all about processing those jupiter lessons. at least for me since that’s ma stuff. oh, and i wonder if the neptune squaring natal merc will intensify the wackiness or overrule it with this hypnotizing fog. perhaps, even though it looks like nothing at first glance, i will take this one seriously.

    • Great insight! Jupiter recently passed over my Chiron (9Β° Gem) and it will hit it one more time after this mercury retrograde. Definitely going through some healing and learning some lessons. πŸ™‚

    • Hm, good point you brought up there hdq, just made me realize this Merc Rx is gonna square my natal Neptune. Gonna turn on the fog lights, super strength!

      • oh shizzle, mine too, and your comment just brought up a huge revelation about crisis points. at 14 pisces it’ll t-square my neptune-jupiter and form the tip of a saturn-pluto yod. whoa. i’m going to be super conscious in prep for neptune getting there, though that’s thankfully years away. add that to my current aqua makes me spazoid insight and my 2 formation empty hemisphere chart looks a lot different. such a d’oh! moment, but thanks for triggering it!

        • That’s a heavyweight division yod with those planets.
          Good luck to all of us using our best fog lights!

  17. Yeah, been thinking about this.
    Just realized that it’s gonna go over my 9 degrees Pisces Moon, and therefore oppose my 5 degrees Virgo Sun and later 18 degrees Mercury.
    Since my natal Mercury is Rx, generally I’ve found Mercury Rx bingles don’t happen to me to the same extent as they have to others. Phew… Fingers crossed it’s a record that holds! πŸ™‚

    So anyway, am gonna be on alert from 23 Feb to 18 March.

    Thanks Mystic for the public announcement!

    • heh i used to think that too, and really in a way i still do. our time to shine, though my merc is not retro but in the 12th, so a similar flavor. it’s other people’s inability to deal that mucks it all up. i think, especially since we have all this fab mm insight into it, we are meant to be lights for others during retros. good luck!

  18. Well, it’s occurring in my 7th and is direct or exact opposite my natal Venus, Should I get a reply from a dark-eyed Jewish writer/painter then?

    • my rule every day of the year is ‘an ex is an ex’, don’t expect merc retrograde or any other retrograde to clear anything up.

        • ‘specially a pisces one. swimming in the ex soup! it just means he loves you. take the love into your heart and don’t worry about action or a future or anything. be loved, and let it go.

          i’m telling this to myself as much as to you, as every single time the moon hits his ceres-neptune-juno sagg conjunct i get a declaration of love from the dude. every single fuqing time. then he disappears for the rest of the month. it’s like a really bad 80’s song or something. argh. hang in there! xoxox

  19. Oh fabulous!… Merc will be retro all over my 3rd House…

    & That’s when I’m scheduled to be doing 4 days of readings at Womad.

    Well, that’ll be interesting!

  20. Okay, 1st house venus panged by opposing merc retro in fantasy fish ~ I’m most likely going to buy new beautiful neon colour glasses to wear in winter-fall seasons /or have laser surgery on my eyes.

      • I’m so there!!
        That actually sounds amazing..
        I’ll be having it opposite virgo nn/jupiter/lilith so I’ll swing by after my advanced sonar scream course where I will be able to have a fully qualified argument with a dolphin by the end of the week.

      • i’ll settle for some scuba diving… and coconut-palm climbing lessons πŸ˜€ OK maybe “Introduction to Voodoo”

      • In fact it retrogrades over my 8th-9th house cusp, so maybe a voodoo / money juju workshop is ideal…

        • The head shrinking class is what caught my eye. Someone has to deal with Tony Abbot this election year. πŸ™‚

  21. 12th house – suspiciously close to ASC. We will see how it works out.

    Meanwhile, darkest of the dark moon – I hereby declare from now on I will never click on any other astro site, even out of curiosity. From now on, as long as I am into stars and heavens, it is only Mystic’s blog for me.

    Why? I was checking a web site for 2013 predictions and this is what it predicts for my bday: typing from memory “Around November/December illness and sadness will occur, ending with possible hospitalization” (I am not checking there again to quote verbatim) But WTF?

    • Ha, yes, probably sub continent or Chinese site. They can be shockers. I remember reading one once about my feng. Apparently if I didn’t turn my bed around my testicles would fall off , my wife would leave me and my children acquire a variety of deadly diseases.

      • I had a Jyotish astrologer (indian) tell me that i would be assasinated by my in-laws. But that if i managed to survive that i would perish from veneral disease.

        ANd you know, i GET that i have an intense 8th House opposed by Saturn but there are OTHER interps. Hate that dark ages crap

        • “I had a Jyotish astrologer (indian) tell me that i would be assasinated by my in-laws. But that if i managed to survive that i would perish from veneral disease”

          I actually laughed my tea onto my hand. sorry that’s really funny

    • Do these people have any common sense? I couldn’t shake the gloom and doom for half-a-day. And I am emotionally at a functionally stable place. What if someone reads that with a depressive mindset? How irresponsible.

  22. I don’t appear to have anything in Pisces whatsoever. What does that mean? Is that even right? (bit of a novice)

    • having empty houses or signs is totes common.
      Look at the house that the retro is in or if it is near any chart angles e.g. ascendant, IC / MC / descendant . then lookup what they mean.

      • Thanks for the reply!

        Excuse my ignorance, but would that be the area Mystic said earlier? i.e. Between 5 & 19 degrees Pisces? Seems to cross between end of 4th & start of 5th houses for me. And that whole area looks completely empty of any other action.

        • Yes, that’s right. The retrograde will occur between 5 and 19 degrees Pisces. If those degrees cross your fourth and fifth houses, it could conceivably affect both of them and the areas of life that they rule (fourth: home, family, foundations, etc.) (fifth: children, creativity, romance).

          The experience of Mercury retrograde really depends a lot on how Mercury is placed in your natal chart. If your Mercury is strong and well-integrated in your chart, you usually won’t have too many problems. Perhaps minor little delays here and there.

          If your natal Mercury has a lot of challenging aspects, then you might feel the retrograde a bit more.

          But one is never going to feel retrogrades as strongly as transits of Saturn or Pluto for example.

          • Thanks for that!

            Those are the areas I’ve already had a lot of delays and struggle in, so perhaps Mercury retrograde here will help resolve them.

          • On closer inspection, I do have something in that area – Lilith at 18 Pisces. In 5th house. Not sure if that is better or worse than an empty 5th house, fertility-wise. Will have to do some reading tonight.

        • Hi Natalie, google cafeastrology for the Merc retro stuff, they have a good section on possible stuffs regarding which houses the retro occurs in.

    • no social media / public appearance slip-ups? Review how you are / appear to others in public? Think twice before FB posts, twit updates, etc? No drunken table dancing (unless solely in the respectful company of one) ? Work on your workplace comms?

    • thought of something else too. Merc isnt just tech FUBARs. It’s also the flow of information. So, allow time / space for conversations or some personal thinking-time about your career or direction in the world, who you are “out there”, send letters (emails?) ph calls etc, maybe a good time to job hunt? others may tell me I’m wrong. but MC to me often is about what i’m doing in the big wide world. xx

  23. I love the Pisces time of year. As a Scorpio Sun conjunct Neptune, I always feel like I can relax after the drive of Capricorn and the hard-edged brilliance of Aquarius.

    And it seems like Mercury Retrograde gets a bit of a bad rap–it’s a great time in which to tie up loose ends on things, or revisit an old idea with new inspiration. Revising drafts, catching up on emails with old friends, re-reading your favorite books, that kind of thing.

    • Hey gbs,just wanted to thank you mucho for insight re revising drafts. Been thinking bout it all day and now am doin’ it

    • Actually, the reason gbs you like Pisces is because you have Sun conjunct Neptune natally. That makes you an honorary Pisces

  24. Those are the dates of my annual 3 week vacation at the beach yoga ranch, where yoga is done for 5 minutes where the sea meets sand: sun salutation & the lotus position. That covers it.
    Communication consists of what we will eat for dinner (if it’s caught) and another gin & tonic?

    Just had a hunky door stop from the Sagg Adonis whilst i was in the shower, to wish me happy new year. Was movie-like, with me in a white towelling full length gown, dripping wet, reaching on my toes to kiss his cheek *sigh*
    He said ‘im wet now’. (gulp that’s MY line πŸ™‚
    He is so handsome, so built, so tall, so hot in his reno outfit, you know The Look, cap, shorts,on legs like long tree trunks, camel boots, & heavy socks, tanned to golden brown………
    One day i’m going to say YES i swear. Even if it’s just for those of you going w/o and just do it for womankind.
    Now i”m distracted said Barbarella.

  25. Alrighty, well that will be in my *yawn* third house. I suppose I will work on communicating better. Not that I communicate terribly badly – but I do about some things. Like communicating feelings. I will work on communicating my feelings. Sounds like a plan. For now.

  26. ugh. Daily scope particularly helpful today. thanks mystic. I read cancer scopes (not gem asc) as that’s how my houses roll out. If this “exposing the scummy dregs at the bottom of the barrel” feeling is attributable to the dark moon, OMFG I hope it’s gone by 7am tomorrow (sat). Pathetic financial situation and *absolutely no* energy to rectify this today! even job-searching is energy-sapping. I think i might just put away the 3 cubic metres of clean laundry on my bed, then make my bed, then go to bed, and read a good book. Even though it’s barely 2pm right now.. sigh.

    • I have sun (and the rest) in Cancer, and my financial situation is also decidedly pathetic at present.

    • Where are you Pi? I’m in Melbourne and during this dark moon on a hot day like today job-searching is defo energy-sapping I’ve found.
      And your plan sounds good for a dark moon pasttime anyway.

  27. Yah it is a heavier dark moon than usual for some peeps – esp crabs – as there is such a gravity of the capricorn stuff….Sorry u didn’t like the scope but it was accurate, yes?

    • Freakishly, ingeniously, always accurate!!!…

      Couldn’t believe it when i read my scopes the other day, & you’d suggested editing one’s undies, after i had actually just spent half an hour editing my undies…
      There it was in black & white!!!

      Gobsmacking πŸ™‚

    • no no I DID like the scope, it was useful… sorry if that came across the wrong way. the “ugh” was for my state of mind not your writing xxx

    • This little crab is actually quite chipper today. Hope I won’t be having a delayed reaction!

      • Either i am paying more attention or have finally
        ‘got’ astrology, because they are surely so intune
        this year with my day to day life.
        There seems to be an age of skepticism one goes through after years of occult interest & research where you find growing orchids to be where it’s really at πŸ™‚
        Always there are wonders to behold in the form of Mystic Medusa and her weirdly worldly words.

  28. I don’t care about anything right at this moment but if the retrograde will bring a reversal in the central Australian top temps of 42c +!!!! farking weeks of it! Went away for 3 weeks SA VIC and it was hot everywhere I went :/

  29. The heat is intense here in Australia and everyone is talking about it and being effected by it… Super tired peeps all over the place… I was late for work practically every day in the last week but oft stay late so have much time in lieu… But whatever w that…. I’m also so f3kkin angry but not completely… It hasn’t completely… But I am angry pissed off and trying to keep turning up!

  30. The dates are in my diary, thanks. Mercury is in my 11th. This retro grade will be about spending.

  31. was planning to do a vipassna retreat from the 13th of feb might work cos ur not allowed to talk for most of it…