Megan Fox Is Having A Heavy Saturn Pluto Transit

On one level, Megan Fox is totally legit Sun-Mercury Taurus with Moon in Leo on the Midheaven.  She has a solid career, she says she hates being famous and wants only privacy, elegance etc. but poses on the front covers of magazines in her undies. That’s classic Leo Moon – “leave me alone,” sobs Leo Moon, texting her location to the paps.

But in her latest Esquire interview Fox went completely off-road with an epic rant about Aztecs, pagan sacrifices, the AntiChrist and so on.

Is this just an example of why media advisers tell their celebrity clients NOT to hit the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice/Space Dust before/during having a journalist over?

Or is she really feeling her Saturn-Pluto transit quite intensely? She has Scorpio Rising with Pluto tucked away in the 12th House and Saturn sitting on it till July or something. Some highlights from the interview, collated by D-Listed:

Check these out and then thoughts, puh-leeze.

“I’ve read the Book of Revelation a million times. It does not make sense, obviously. It needs to be decoded. What is the dragon? What is the prostitute? What are these things? What is this imagery? What was John seeing? And I was just thinking, What is the Antichrist? When war breaks out in the Holy Land, like it is right now, if that is a sign of the immediate end times, then where are the other signs? Is it possible that it’s the Internet or fame itself or celebrity?”


“I have seen magical, crazy things happen. I’ve seen people be healed. Even now, in the church I go to, during Praise and Worship I could feel that I was maybe getting ready to speak in tongues, and I’d have to shut it off because I don’t know what that church would do if I started screaming out in tongues in the back.

It feels like a lot of energy coming through the top of your head — I’m going to sound like such a lunatic — and then your whole body is filled with this electric current. And you just start speaking, but you’re not thinking because you have no idea what you’re saying. Words are coming out of your mouth, and you can’t control it. The idea is that it’s a language that only God understands. It’s the language that’s spoken in heaven. It’s called ‘getting the Holy Ghost.’ “


“I feel like there’s stuff literally buried there and buried where the Maya were. I would like to uncover the secrets of the universe. In my fantasy.”


 “I like believing. I believe in all of these Irish myths, like leprechauns. Not the pot of gold, not the Lucky Charms leprechauns. But maybe was there something in the traditional sense? I believe that this stuff came from somewhere other than people’s imaginations…. We should all believe in leprechauns. I’m a believer…. You and I are humans, this is not all of it. This cannot be, because we are so disappointing…. Films don’t hold the answers I’m looking for…. Would you not be so much more interested in finding out that Bigfoot existed than in watching a really good movie? … I believe in aliens…. I am childlike in my spirit, and I want to believe in fairy tales… Loch Ness monster — there’s something to it…. There’s the Bell Witch… What distracts me from my reality is Bigfoot. They are my celebrities.”

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163 thoughts on “Megan Fox Is Having A Heavy Saturn Pluto Transit

    • Yes!

      I don’t think she sounds crazy at all. I actually think she makes some good points. Perhaps not with the best examples, but still…

        • Don’t get me wrong, I go on these sort of random belief spiels – but at least I try to be cohesive about it to come off as sober. As for the Leprechaun’s… I work with one. Bigfoot…. Well my experience is Bigfoot doesn’t always wear a big sock.

          • …. And, you know, I’m not famous or being interviewed by Esquire. Of all the things she could’ve done with that reader space.

        • I did mean to post there but maybe I interpreted Woohoo’s comment wrong (?)

          I read MF’s comment and felt sane because I AGREED with a lot of what she was saying. I think she’s looking for depth and truth; searching for meaning.

          Thoughts of Leprechauns and Big Foot don’t necessarily fill my days but I look for truth, for more than what’s obvious. I don’t look to Megan Fox or Esquire for revelations and I felt this is perhaps the deepest thing I’ve heard her say. It made her sound as if she has a soul which is more than I had ever given her credit for.

      • when saturn was on my pluto, that was when I opened my mind to things most folks would consider batty, reading tarot, sacred angel circles, saying things like “when saturn was on my pluto”

        I give her credit for suggesting fame/celebrity is the antichrist.

        I was totally with her up until the leprechauns.

  1. I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with what she said. It’s her opinion. Okay. So be it. What is probably inappropriate is that she’s ranting this to Esquire. Not the best crowd to rant about all this to.

    But if having the ability to question everything and be willing to be open to mystery and magic is a sign of a heavy Saturn Pluto transit, then my whole life is probably a permanently heavy Saturn Pluto transit then!

    • Agree! She makes valid points, I think her ultimate questioning is death and meaning of life. This is exactly what your mind preoccupies with during Saturn Pluto transit, I just had mine and started reading a lot of Doreen Virtue, she discusses elementals in her text- leprechauns, fairies elves, it all makes sense.

  2. Sorry but this is a Leo thing . This is exactly how i talk to my trainer when he is making me do burpees, the hover or fartlek training. Or during pap smears. She was probably just nervous. Or off her face. She has crazy bong eyes.

    • Have you seen her thumbs, which are coincidentally not in this picture? It looks like she has toes there instead.

      • Huh, my daughter has thumbs like that. And while I don’t really care about Megan Fox’s beliefs and opinions, I do think stubby thumbs are kind of cute.

        • I had heard from the guy who did a palm reading for me that short thick inflexible thumbs mean the person has strongly-set beliefs!

    • Oh, EEL. Sure enough, I scanned for mention of the Thumbs and there it was haha.. But wot of the “epic rant”?

      This ain’t nothing new in H-wood, considering the industry is chock full of Leos/Leo Risers/Leo everything. I mean, one minute it’s once celebrity going on about quaint board games, the knitting craze, being terrible home bodies who want to do nothing more but sloth around baking cookies while reading something complicated – or – this, you know?

      I recall Evan Rachel Wood saying the Goddess Durga was her home girl, and apparently, Amanda Seyfried is into taxidermy whilst managing a depressive disorder. My point is, being in the limelight/famous/beautiful, definitely imbues one’s proclivities with you know more “interesting” qualities.

      I probably said most of that when I was like, 11 and still invested in the idea that mucking about the sparkly rocks in the empty lot next door meant I’d seriously find a diamond and blow out of there (impossible considering it was littered with glass mixed cinder blocks shattered to pieces but one hopes). It’s kind of harmless and I don’t think she was endorsing any of it, so much as just sitting on her thumbs and just talking.

  3. Clearly she’s not “ranting” but merely discussing the possibility of depth to the surface of what she sees. She’s exploring her life and wants to connect with us on a deeper level but is aware not all will be able to explore in this way and will consider her a “lunatic”. Their loss. I totally enjoyed the interview.

      • I have no idea who the chick in the undies is but I believe the daemonic reality exists, we don’t get to say which residents of it are real or not, we just choose whether or not to believe.

          • yeah i’m with you 12th H! I’m not offended by the content just the pushiness of it. Like…you *have* to believe. No i don’t. fuq u.

            • Seems Megan isn’t the only one having something heavy. That anyone is offended by a woman in her undies talking about leprechauns says a lot more about the offendee than the tripper talking.

              why so easily offended? you believe or you don’t – who cares either way? If I were going to choose anything to do with this to be offended about (and frankly I don’t have the time or inclination) it would be the objectification of women on the cover of esquire. but that’s just me.

  4. Oh yeah, that’s some mean Pluto/Saturn 12th House action!!… Fantastic example!

    A deep pulsing river of raw, hither to unaccessed/suppressed, molten lava crazy, seeping through from the unconscious… floating all manner of flotsam jetsam up to the surface, sans any functional filter…as yet.

    Its like she’s seeing & experiencing life as a huge scratch & sniff sticker & knows if she keeps sniffing & scratching, she’ll unearth the Bloody, Great, Fruit… The TRUTH!

    What I love most about this ‘Saturn/Pluto or Capricorn/Scorp &12th House’ combination of energies (which isn’t really represented in the text books), is that Saturn, rather than just being a censoring, limiting or structuring influence (as in prevention of sharing bizarre yet obviously very REAL concepts from the underbelly of the Cosmos) occasionally tends to make all that is Plutonic & unconscious, very REAL. ie: brings intimate experiences of the depths/mysteries/myths, & the corporeal/discorporeal, incarnate/discarnate into one’s present ‘reality’ & consciousness (both relative terms)… & all as very real concepts & experiences.

    As a transiting influence, it can be a real game changer for those who have always appeared relatively normal, lightweight or benign.

    Although for Megan Fox, with a Scorp Rising, it’s clearly not going to be too much of a jump 😉

    …But yeah, absolutely, where the hell is her Agent/Manager/Publicist/Mother/Dad/Astrologer?!

  5. OK – I am curious – how many people who agree or sympathize with her rant are generation Saturn in Scorpio? Hands up

      • I don’t mean to imply being Saturn in Scorpio is a bad thing. And I actually meant Pluto in Scorpio. In another post here awhile back, we discussed the difference in Pluto generations and discovered that generation Pluto in Scorpio is way more into the super natural and whole foods than, say, Pluto in Libra or Leo. Perhaps she’s one spokes person for this generation?

        • PS – Pluto in Scorpio generation is 1983/4 to 1995.

          “Dark Magic

          Through their drive to live from the soul, they will transform our world, and free us from the tyranny of the superficial, the healed-over wound, the burden of denial. Only the deep and real will do for them.

          Many grew up on Harry Potter, and have a compelling interest in what’s occulted (hidden). They will draw psychopathic death-dealing conspiracy out of the shadows, and rebuild society on the ashes of what’s been purified in Pluto’s fire. They’ll create powerful art, music, story from their journeys into the underworld, psychically and physically.”


          • I’m Pluto in Libra (despite being born in June 1984) as and was Vegetarian/Vegan for half of my life. Even worked for PETA for a few years.

            My Pluto and Saturn are in the same house though (5th).

            No longer veg (it didn’t sit well with me, was extremely anemic despite taking vitamins and trying to eat well) but despise factory farming and am very into organic.

      • It’s crazy but refreshing!
        I like crazy, hot chicks!
        I share her Scorp Rising and Leo MC.
        I love paranormal madness.

        • ha ha absolutely! my life’s goal has always been to be a crazy, hot chick. the hot ebbs and flows; the crazy remains… 🙂 this is called LIVING.

          • At least she’s not just stuck and boring and talks about expensive haircuts or shoes!
            Now, if I bump into her we can talk about paranormal crap. lol!

    • look, im quite metaphysically oriented, but you cant believe in everything, kundalini tulpas energies, all well in good, but it cant all be true, you cant believe every single conspiracy theory alien siting you read, my friends are pretty metaphysically oriented as well, but they would probably laugh at that last paragraph, nothing is wrong with entertaining these out there ideas, but she seems a bit too willing to just believe whatever, loch ness? leperchauns? really? I dunno, shes a sheltered celeb with an ego, its not even as bad as it could be or scientology so whatever I guess

      • like, her direction is find, shes just at that middle school phase of it is all, she is looking at least, but I would not say she is on to it yet or she has found the stuff, if that makes any sense

        • I agree. Its nothing that a good yoga practice couldn’t set straight. I hope she gets into yoga or something mind-body as opposed to conspiracy-survivalist projected physicality.

          • yah that would be really good for her, the amazing things end up being a lot more mundane than grand conspiracy themes, even the conspiracy probably going on is alot more mundane then most theories

      • to be fair, there are a lot of lies to wade through with this stuff in particular, invariably starting out, your going to make some mistakes and believe the wrong thing, hopefully she keeps looking and finds the significance isnt in the simple “shallow” stuff like loch ness and what not, these can be harmless fun, and a good place to start, but thats not nearly all it is at all, you mistakenly get caught up in a lot of lies trying to find the deeper truth, it happens, I guess the only thing is it seems shes at the beginning, and hopefully no one takes advantage of her for being a celeb, like some flase guru or cult or something

    • Ay ay here here Pluto/Saturn/Rising in Scorpio here…. she is NOT nuts at all. I really. really like her after reading this.

    • I don’t mind it (her rant) don’t mind her actually. Pluto in Virgo, but Scorp moon & Neptune

      Am sure she got edited by journo too, to make her look silly, and she still said what she thinks, knowing that. Good on her

  6. i am not saturn in scorp but i’m cool with what she’s saying. it sounds like a thought process I went thru in my early20s. although I think someone up there mentioned that Esquire mag might not be the best place for these ideas, which did occur to me… then again, who cares, they’re the ones who interview her and she can say what she likes. if all the stars sounded reasonable or appropriate in their interviews, then, like, that would be boring.

  7. Her ideas are somewhat interesting, but she should really hire someone to write that stuff for her for eloquence before she gets logged by a recording device/vid/whatever since she is so famous and all. A lot of people get on camera saying some jackassery at age 20. Then they realize for whatever reason that the footage gets famous 30 years later and they are all embarrassed then. Let’s put it this way; I know some real life examples. LOL

  8. I dont even like megan fox, or well, I dont care either way, I just got super irked at how much my peers raved for her, she hot I guess but shes not that great, lots of girls are hot, someone like kate beckinsdale on the other hand just makes me seethe, on the other hand I am not one to talk and I never even look for images for her on the internet or have a proper celebrity crush like most, something about super hot people I cant have makes me angry, like I am being bested by them, screw you super hot celebrities, I dont need you

    • hehe – there is such a cult of self-satisfaction and entitlement with American celebrity – eg they always have the (self-proclaimed) ‘best’ spouse, the most ‘beautiful’ baby etc. I have to admit to a mean sense of delight when things then go pear-shaped for them ;{

  9. Someone could easily come to this site and poke fun at us for believing in Saturn transits, the influence of asteroids like Lilith and Chiron, Love Zombies, Qi Vampires and Good Housewitch cures.

    I agree that Equire was probably not the best publication to share this information with, and in the sort of, rambling, stream-of-consciousness way that they clearly presented it.

    But for the most part, I don’t think peeps that believe “unconventional” things should throw stones at other peeps that do.

    I have Saturn in Libra … dunno if that means I’m just wanting to be “fair and balanced” here? LOL :-p

    • cool. bravo!
      Those that live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.
      Astrology is considered pretty out there stuff for the average person.


      Why is it all right for Mystic to interview perfume making doula chicks with astro questions, drawing out their beliefs, but worthy of ridicule when an Esquire interviewer begins the whole interview drawing her attention to a detailed tale of a handsome Mayan sacrifice?

      Because Mystic questioned with integrity and respect, on common ground, while the interviewer totally manipulated Fox’s weakness – her gullibility combined with fame monster contradictions. And he probably halped himself liberally to her stash and enjoyed the whole thing hugely.

      • You make a totally valid point. The general media at large sucks. 🙁 They make their living from causing sensational headlines and marketing despair and panic.

        However she’s rich. She can afford a writer to write her perfect little responses if she wants to. Lots of famous people hire somebody clever to Twitter for them. I don’t see why Meagan didn’t.

    • My question for MM would be that if this stands out as a candidate for the label of ‘blue devil/hoochie juice’ induced talk, then what qualifies as acceptable?
      Could it be that there is a tension or fear regarding your personal understanding of reality versus what the public as a group experience as acceptable to talk about?

  10. I like her. I also like what she said in the interview. this doesn’t sound contrived or intoxicated. Her energy through the head experience has been described in Shamanic and folk magic practices directly. “Breaking Open the Head” is a great book about this, as well as-oddly enough- sacred drug use. Possession is described as such- fire of the body.

    her last quote is powerful. It basically says she is only captured by that which possesses her. It has to be fantastic, other, unreal to be a real thrill. Films are highly structured, organized fantasy possibilities…when you work on them, you don’t see the glamour after the hard work. I found this a brave and legitimate statement to make, especially considering her claimed interest in Christianity. I wonder if she reads up on Gnosis?

  11. “I am childlike in my spirit, and I want to believe in fairy tales.”

    Is this a Leo Moon thing? Because I am SO feeling it.

      • Yeah well, for mine writing a summary of an interview with the rhetorical equivalent of a roll of the eyes is far, far lazier. Good example of how “entertainment news” is an oxymoron though, a self-cannibalizing oxymoron. God I love Peter Serafinowicz’s parody “O News” for skewering this shit.

        How is Megan Fox like an Aztec sacrifice? –she like so many young female celebrities, is treated by the likes of Michael Bay as a consumable. If you want a really excellent rant, read Megan Fox on her having to change costumes for Bay and another douche in what she describes as nothing more or less than a private strip show for which she wasn’t being paid. Fuckers. She isn’t professorial, so what, she knows how totally misogynist her industry is and she ain’t going quietly along with the BS. The other way she and Spears, Lohan, Winehouse etc etc are like sacrifices is that they are treated by the public much like the biblical “scape goat”. All the hatefulness and dysfunction we wish to deny in ourselves is projected onto them and then they are torn down in public, just because it is bloodless and in print or in blog comments, doesn’t mean it isn’t violent, creepy behaviour.

        • I laughed at the piss-take & I love what you just said!
          The way of that world is creepy, but she agreed to it the minute she did the strip show. Having said that I think the famous need to learn basic energy work to protect themselves.
          They become the focus of extreme unpleasantness and need to buffer themselves.

        • Bravo Anonymous

          “She isn’t professorial, so what, she knows how totally misogynist her industry is and she ain’t going quietly along with the BS”.

          “The other way she and Spears, Lohan, Winehouse etc etc are like sacrifices is that they are treated by the public much like the biblical “scape goat”.

  12. Interesting!

    I find the fact that she’s attending (what sounds like a Pentecostal church) and feeling like speaking in tongues, and on the other hand talking about here beliefs in leprechauns. It smacks of an open mind, or a somewhat random (hoochie style) rant. From what I’ve heard a belief in the “occult” is fairly frowned on in Pentecostal circles.

    She’s either quite broad-minded or she’s sick of them always yammering on about her body/looks so she thought she’d throw in some mystical stuff to break the monotony.

    She either believes it or doesn’t. Who knows, maybe she’s quite the expert on traditional Irish mythology and there’s a lot of depth there, or maybe she’s just tossing around terms like faeries and leprechauns for fun.

    I mean, I have some pretty bonkers”spiritual” views myself…which I generally refrain from sharing, lest people start to back away slowly, heh.

    • Ya, speaking of bonkers views, remember Y2K? Well, I used to work with this woman, let’s call her Toro Prue who incidentally got promoted over me (that was fine, I left the industry before it crashed). She was the epitome of “sensible professionalism”, had a can-do, reasonable-leader type answer for most things EXCEPT she was a raging born-again Christian, ex-partying of course. And by ex-partying, I’m not talking about a compact when she powdered her nose.

      Anywho, she’d been living with this man for yonks, appeared to have settled down, had the sort of quiet but steady rep in the industry until she revealed to us, her then newly minted minions that she and her hubby had built a BUNKER for Y2K, stocked with supplies etc. and that they were in fact ready for both that and the Rapture.

      This was of course, all made even stranger when one of the girls at work who waited tables part time came back one Monday morning to dilemma that she had seen Toro Prue’s bunker building, gun-wielding long term partner bouncing who looked and sounded like that old Latin fire cracker Charo on his knee over drinks while declaring himself “king of the world”. Obviously borrowing liberally from J. Cameron.

      Was it an odd discussion to break up the bunker-survivalist talk with, Oh BTW your live-in’s cheating on you with the epitome of your diametric opposite? Yes. Yes it was.

      I wasn’t sure what happened after that really, I was too busy telling my boss I was quitting to be a hypnotist (seriously, though I didn’t end up as one) and running away from the loonies. The office predictably was located in the outskirts of the city were there were naught but planes and desert.

          • My stories? The unreality was bizarre, she tried to sell us on it. How there would be a massive energy shut down stranding everyone for miles, how we all needed to stock pile cash even if, potentially currency may be meaningless and the value of her seed catalog in a post-apocalyptic world would be much much more – this, THIS is the person selling you certified aircraft parts for the commercial plan you may find your self flying in.

            That I spent a good amount of my time with an incredulous expression on my face is an understatement, you know after having earned the nickname “Princess” simply because I thought getting married at 18 was not “on” and people had a right to question the existence of God vis a vis, trying to dodge the advances of our swinger female boss because her husband thought “it was a good idea” to get me “on board” like literally, or that I had the mad concept of suggesting guns were possibly not the solution to one’s bank card refusing to spit out cash at the atm once Y2k did us all in.

            It was just this bizarre other-world. Worse, they used to harass me for not putting up photos of my family/dog/plants round my desk – like I would really want them to know what my loved ones looked like?

            It really is a mad, mad world sometimes.

        • Yes, HER!!! That chick. Apparently this one was doing the “Hay, Papi, ju so cray-zee” giggle giggle bit. I mean, I met the guy – he looked like he wandered off the set of a John Wayne movie.

          You know I live a so-called charmed life (cough). 🙂

  13. So.. I’m into occult and New Age stuff. But there is a fine line between “content with reality and simultaneously interested in/open to unseen phenomena and alternate realities” and… psychotic. One tip-off that Ms Fox is closer to psychotic:

    “This cannot be, because we are so disappointing…”

    A lot of crazy people (usually the ones with a substance abuse problem) succumb to psychosis because they are profoundly disappointed with reality– of their world and of their own minds. These interview snippets are sad!

    • I think she is frustrated with herself and people generally, it isn’t psychosis to be frustrated. I hope she finds her way though. The fact is the human brain isn’t really geared to being able to ‘know’ everything let alone communicate what it does ‘know’.

    • You know what, I think this kind of comment should be removed, it should be against the mores of this community. NOBODY has any business making a “diagnosis” of psychosis in a person they have never and will never meet and then publicly sharing their totally uninformed “diagnosis” with random strangers.

      Totally NOT cool. These are flesh and blood, living people you are discussing, if you wouldn’t say it to their face why the hell are you publishing it?

      In fact, it’s enough to wean myself off this place, there is enough random spite and hatefulness in the world, why the hell am I subjecting myself to more?

      • Fair enough to say I’m in no position to diagnose, but who says I’m feeling spiteful? I don’t look down upon anyone for their mental condition or think psychosis is a shameful condition– it’s one that arises from lack of social support and requires even more support to stabilize. It exists in my community and in my family, and my experience with the mentally unstable has only increased my compassion. I’m sad for her because she is disappointed in humanity!

        And if I had the opportunity to have a heart to heart with Megan Fox lol, and she and I were analyzing her personality, substance use, motives etc (as we are all doing here on MM), I would have no problem telling her, lovingly, to consider talking to a mental health professional.

        Peace be with you, my anonymous critic.

        • But you are not having a heart to heart, she is not your intimate, you are publishing comments anyone can read about a stranger and correct me if I am wrong, you would NEVER use the word psychosis to random strangers about one of your loved ones who had no such diagnosis, nor would you even discuss their mental health with said random strangers without their express permission if they did have a diagnosis, because you have respect for their humanity and their right to privacy and their right to determine who does and does not know about their private business.

          This is just gossip, except there is no “just”, public speculations of this kind are not harmless You could think of me as a critic, or you could think of it as a public plea that we treat everyone, from lowest to high, with the same respect we would treat the people dearest to us, instead of as inanimate symbols on which to project, exorcize, kill time, shoot the breeze, speculate for our own gratification and all the other myriad reasons people find for saying things they would never say in public to the latest sacrificial object offered up by the media.

          This subtle dehumanisation of people is a kind of collective violence, it can seriously harm its target, but it harms us all ultimately, because it naturalizes the conversion of human beings to objects. I think maybe this isn’t the place for me, as these posts with celebrities as their focus always end up in that place and I always feel like a witness of and participant in the lowest expression of human community. I need to take my foibles offline, it just really hurts to see how easily we (it isn’t really you, there are plenty of comments much worse on these kinds of threads over the years) can fall into what I believe is the most pernicious and destructive of behaviour and think it’s just a harmless pastime.

          • I feel very compassionate toward Megan Fox– I don’t understand why you think that I specifically am objectifying her. (I certainly understand why you might *expect* a stranger to objectify her, as that is a common dynamic in the celebrity-public relationship– but why assume?) As a celebrity participating in a magazine interview, Megan Fox is willingly offering the contents of her mind to the public– to me and you. I doubt she’d be surprised or disappointed to find that we’re all down here analyzing her latest public offering.

            Maybe it *is* “just gossip”– but considering there is no ill-will or disrespect in my words, I feel secure that what I– and other participants in Mystic Medusa’s comments section– am participating in is analysis of human nature, flaws and all. What else is astrology really about?

            As for your beef with my use of the word “psychotic”– I do know what psychosis is (thanks for the link anyways, Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot), and I use it openly and carefully because it needs to be de-stigmatized. And discussion is the only way to shed light on it. Maybe because I’ve had enough face time with mental illness, I no longer find it to be a shameful state worthy of the stigma that you, Anonymous, and most of the world are nurturing by treating the subject with fear. We do a great disservice to our fellow humans if we perceive suffering and do not address it. We need a greater collective dialogue about mental illness. Like I said in my initial comment, people with mental illness should not be stigmatized and tiptoed around– they need honesty, compassion, and support.

            You sound very stressed out by all of this. I hope after considering my position, you are feeling less so. I am grateful that I am in the position to speak my mind and will continue to engage and communicate openly. Peace.

            • Soz but seriously, you are defending this comment? “A lot of crazy people (usually the ones with a substance abuse problem) succumb to psychosis because they are profoundly disappointed with reality” ??
              You speak about people as ‘crazy’ and call it honesty and compassion? You think the state our world is in isn’t disappointing? One tip-off I might be psychotic is that I am almost as disappointed as anon right now.

            • You are mistaking the discussion of ideas with personal comments about an individual. There is absolutely nothing wrong with “Fox’s ideas are wrong/strange/dangerous” whatever, there is everything wrong with saying “Fox is psychotic”. You don’t destigmatize mental illness by speculating, without any evidence, without any knowledge that a celebrity is mentally ill. You destigmatize mental illness by treating people who are known to be mentally ill with the same respect as any other person, by coming out as having a disorder if you feel it will help the destigmatization(eg Catherine Zeta Jones), by discussing mental illness IN THE ABSTRACT openly, not by making proclamations about a public person, without any evidence or the consent of the person involved. That is dehumanizing the subject. And let’s not forget the long and disgraceful history in Hollywood of stigmatizing women actresses as “crazy” and ruining their careers and often their lives as a result.

          • If “kamachine” were a medical professional, officially diagnosing Ms Fox with “psychosis” based on an excerpt from an interview as a public press statement, there would indeed be cause for alarm.

            Perhaps “kmachine” is unaware of the meaning of the term? Perhaps they should read this, and brush up on their mental health first aid knowledge:

            • Oooh interesting… I wouldn’t say she is psychotic, she is experiencing what is called magical thinking in psychiatric speak, which can be a symptom of psychosis, or new ageism, or spiritualism or religion, or grief or mania…. Many things can lead to these kinds of thoughts, discussions, statements, oh and peak experiences, that’s a good one for these kind of presentations,oh and drug use of course…. I think its just what she thinks and its kinda boring…Its fairly inarticulate, and makes no solid points. Shallow even. But I don’t really mind.

  14. Go Megan!

    This is totally normal behaviour in my world.
    Leprechauns are just small energetic beings that are folded into the fabric of the natural dimension in my view. Mini earth spirits in the matrix.

    Didn’t she just have a baby? It can be a huge perceptual shift.
    Questions of pain/healing, reality/illusion, life/death, unity/separation, Big God, Mini Gods, Self as God are all totally shamanic and natural at such a creative time.

    Credo Mutwa the famous South African shaman says,
    “You are either a shaman or an intellectual. You are either a green person, who lives according to the chaotic rules of the moon and the earth, or you are a dry and dead thing that believes that two plus two makes four”.

    Reading ‘Shamans of the World’ atm, I guess Credo would advise she tame her ‘curiosity’. His belief is if you go around asking questions about the intelligent forces that live through us, you just end up full of superstition, better to let it flow…

    Certainly she will get lots of opportunity to forgive others their unkindness being famous and having a big mouth.

    Shine On Megan Fox, Shine ON.

    • I totally disagree with Credo Mutwa, if that is what she believes!!! how insulting, to both types, and closed-minded to believe that someone who loves and follows a more intuitive path cannot approach things in an intellectual way, and vice versa. It strikes me that people who old these beliefs have not encountered enough members of society who balance the two, or who can accept both approaches – and more – and see, or create ways in which they can work together.

      • I would like to see science and shamanism find a common ground too. 🙂
        Still, I think Credo Mutwa is really saying you can’t have it both ways, the rational and the wild intuitive energy in harmony at once.
        He isn’t talking on a personal level about intelligence, it is the transpersonal level that healing is achieved within.
        Healing works properly when there is profound openness, the very nature of reason and intellect is counter that. I would say he is right ultimately on a transpersonal level.

            • I spent about 12 years operating my life on a totally intuitive artistic musical frequency, made great work, lived in magical warehouse, public acknowledgement, overseas studio grants, llots of world travel but couldn’t really make a solid living, got very burnt out and tied.

              Next 12 years, moved to a smaller town, big saturn transit over tight mars, pluto uranus in virgo, studied for a new profession, accidentally realised I was good at it, became precise, details oriented, super organised made good and regular money, finally bought a house. Which I have wanted soooo much since I was kicked out of home half a lifetime ago

              Now I want to balance those modes and be able to shift into whichever frequency I need, cos I have really missed the beautiful art/music neptune vibe but transitting pisces neptune now moving in natal house to help support that.

              But the tighter, intellectual vibe has really helped me operate in the material frequency and I am grateful for the stability it has brought me

      • My best work comes when I detach (11th house Neptune) and let the tuning fork do her thing. Mars quintile 9th house Uranus tweaks long distance healing vibes. I feel I use both the collective unconscious Neptunian seas :and: the energetic spectrum associated with Uranus.
        They tag team in my experience, just part and parcel of the polarites working in tandem with my Neptuner.

        As far as Megan, don’t know a thing about her, except the above. Very curious about the speaking of tongues bit. I was drug to an evangelical church (sun/ur/pluto Virgo 9) when young preteen. Glossalia prominent, went on all the time…just when the sermon was boring me to death – up pops someone shouting / blurting some otherworldly message. Usually a dire warning of impending doom, of course. Reportedly messages only come if someone in the congregation speaks that language and can readily translate.

        Youth group was thriving, tried to coerce me on my first go ( ! ) into the laying on of hands bit.
        As if. (In the words of Han Solo, ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this.’) I didn’t know my astro then, but now Venus/Jupes in 8th house square Neptuner in Scorp 11 explains my reticence. Saturn Rx in 3rd trine Mars in 12th house sign – not. gonna. happen. Hands off.
        Nothing gonna download while I check out – don’t care what it is. Was perfectly content to watch others have their space out / happy fit / waterfalls. Usually a holy than thou attitude followed. If it is your gig, hey knock yourself out – just not for me, fascinating though. peace

        • Not sure if this was re my comments but ‘checking out’ for any old energy/entity to step in and ego enhance along with make doom & gloom prophecy is obviously nothing to do with aligning with Spirit.

        • You are right to be careful if you haven’t found a teacher/practitioner who can show you how this works in practicality btw!

          • Agree ! Was just talking to my Mom, she said in the adult group some gal talked in tongues all the time. eg while in the bathroom or cooking dinner or whatever. okay. hmmm… My Mom said it didn’t ‘take’ with her, the lady laid hands on, prayed, no tongues for Mom.
            I def. get the ‘electricity through the head’ bit because all those in the throes would jerk like they were haviing an epileptic fit, (surges of neuron activity) followed by glossalia and a river of tears.
            Not sure if I get the ‘turn it off’ thing Megan refers to above – if glossalia is angelic / archangels and Uranian (divine messages/ brain downloads) in nature, there is no stopping that in my experience. It is either electricity ON or OFF like a light switch. That was where I was going re: your comment, Andie. Is hard to separate my 11th house Neptuner from Aquarius bits there. I have a sci-fi approach…sci- fi is often a precursor to sci-fact. Snake handlers are shamans of a sort, I suppose: getting right with god through faith/ nature/ instincts. Similar to Dune & Bene Gesserit spice essence / poison transformation. I could go on, this fringe spiritual fascinates. Wondering how glossalia comms differ from chanelling to the person experiencing it. I would love to hear from someone who has done both. Good talking to ya, been awhile …

              • Gneiss, when you channel it is denser and it , er, ‘doesn’t touch the sides’. You’re still clean. You are bringing in something to be expressed, a message. Anything else is trying to be absorbed into you, become part of you. I have spoken unkown languages in my sleep and funnily i’m ultra fluent in some languages i’ve learned, ONLY when asleep. It’s always ME talking. If someone is talki9ng to me during my dreams i get a rebus: image + text. In other words i READ. It would be just plain old rude for something to try to talk through my voice. A violation. That people allow this amazes me, and frightens. How do they rid themselves of residue? How do they not have such strong sense of self that boundaries are weakened? But these are real questions, not the rhetorical judgments they might seem.

              • Interesting, you get text, fascinating ! And learn languages, so interesting – is is astral, guides ? Sorry if too personal a ?
                I don’t think I have ever talked in sleep, Merc at MC and well aspected, but my Neptune has blocks, squares to 8, opp to Moon.
                But I get words popping in my in my head, or electric currents when something important is happening. Current comes re important future events. I don’t always know what it is, just note time place etc..for later.
                Also wonder about the residue, people who had the hands on thing had to be helped out of chair, visibly shaking, etc.. That they asked me on first go around was a more than a bit off putting. Saturn ruler likes control of Mars in 12th house sign (Sag). How looong is the kite string, ya know ?

              • The notion of guides intrigues me, Gneiss. I don’t know who they are. A gifted clairvoyant/energy reader did once say the voices of my ancestors are very strong around me, but they do seem to be busy telling me what to do in the old parent child guilting way…not very good at guiding, huh! In addition, she said the healing i do will work backwards and forwards through the generations on the women in my family. i’ve seen some of this at work already but she also told me it’s not my place to talk about it with them.

                Your Saturn ruler is right, Rox. Some people almost seem to need to be guided, or dragged on a string because they have not the means to get there themsleves. It’s a little fixit bandaid. But if you have the means to think and power yourself, a bandaid is never going to be enough for the work you need to do. And you should always be wary of ceding control to any human, or so called energy coming through a human. That sort of energy is not for you.

                Are you very Uranian? I feel text is somehow my Uranian side as it sextiles Moon and Jupiter, and is in mutual reception with Venus Aqua in 3rd. I am charged as well, but not constantly, it’s just machinery often acts if it’s merc retro permanently when i use it, while others can have no trouble at the same time.

              • I remember you saying healing the generations now, that is so relevant ! I am doing similar, though is not only blood family with Moon and 11th house in the fray.

                I have Sun/Ura/Pluto conj in Virgo 9. Uranus sextiles Neptuner in 11 which is semi-squ Saturn ruler. So is like I have a lock and dam thing going. It has taken what seems like a coon’s age to figure out how to manage the mischief of the dualities of Merc coupled with the polarities of Uranus.

                Your aspects sound like far reaching sensitivity to family for sure. You have a kind loving patient energy too, so you are working it here, I am getting it.

                One thing is a Uranian friend called on the phone (first time we had spoken, so excited) and I had to jockey all the crystals outta the room, cause the phone lines were just zapping in and out, went dead a couple times, energies were just going bonkers ! Don’t have many Uranian friends, but when I do meet up with one, it can be whammo !

            • I agree with anonymous, the energy is different.
              Different again is the energy quality of an entity that is not out for your highest good versus a high level frequency being who is an expression of love. An entity can fill you with awe or fear but is unable to fill you with warmth, calm or clarity.

            • Also before you embrace the experience of entering the superconscious, in my experience you first triple-check with whom you are interacting – THEN you let go.. An unconditionally loving guide or being will be patient and kind ALWAYS with questions. This is not science fact or fiction behaviour nor is this mere courtesy. Engaging on an energetic level is a commitment that has repercussions for healing or otherwise and people who are in love with authority, abase themselves or refuse responsibility are natural victims. This is not the same as the behaviour of a shaman who goes without ego and knows when to let go.
              (Saturn conj Merc trine Jupiter trine Moon = know the words, know your feelings, know gnosis!).

            • Thank you anon & Andie. Yes, agreed. Not letting any energy interaction take place that is not for highest good, benevolent outcome. Aware of this I am a sensitive, empathic, etc.. What I was referring to is I embrace both a natural shamanistic viewpoint :and: a intellectual scientific viewpoint – both are valid and work best when used in tandem. Too frequently nature is tossed aside for so-called ‘progress’ or vice versa.
              Anon, thank you I imagined the channelling would be denser due to both the translation and duration of message/ interaction.

              • Hi Gneiss, soz was so abrupt here btw, I am organising my littlest’s birthday, he is 3! Can’t believe it.
                It’s fascinating to have both hats on of course science hat & shaman hat, as I said above, I don’t believe you can entertain both simultaneously while in a superconscious state, language muddies the water or koans wouldn’t be what they are! 😉

                • Happy Birthday little one ! Is okay Andie, I know your voice here, I get you.
                  agree, swithces back and forth, but I do use both the Uranian zip and Neptunian plunge ! 🙂 Happy party x

            • I would like to add, I am by no means an expert on glossalia, just one experience of mine. There are perhaps more positive messages coming through for others. Dunno, will have to reasearch it.

              • my first experience which set the precedent for those that followed was very positive and nothing to do with church. it happened spontaneously and there was no doom and gloom although it can only be described as biblical. I am not a christian but I what I saw was definitely icons from their system. It was quite beautiful. I think the environment and people you are with would be the key to to the frequency. Strangely, while typing this my rib cage spontaneously opened up and cracked and my posture has changed. I can only speak from my own experience and it is that these energies and realities do exist. I do understand though that many people cannot reconcile that, but I know what I’ve experienced. I believe the ability to enter and leave those realms safely is the key to a lot of what is being discussed/labelled above. As children some were not taught to leave a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest or even that the forest exists. I’ve just started reading about Jung and so far his ideas and theories seem to resonate with my innate thoughts / instinct to do with these realms. Maybe it’s safe to return to the forest now gneiss moon?

              • I have had more than my share of weird experiences, they just came along later. More time, earth men related. Saturn (my ruler, trines Mars which quin Uranus) I am making my way, via a new path through hitting up my Mercury sextile from the depths of the 8th house. If I trusted those involved in the laying on of hands, I would perhaps answer differently now. When I am doing energy healing I get info dropping into my head regularly. (Saturn in aries 3) I move back and forth between worlds, hard to explain – thank you for the encouragement, Anon. x

                • 🙂 Am familiar with your good works hon. because my experiences were spontaneous I didn’t connect any of those religious things to it so my comment might’ve been read in a different way to that intended – laying on of hands? no idea what that is or how it works but I would definitely be off that kind of thing if people had been laying anything on me when it happened. so, sorry I wasn’t suggesting you return to THAT forest, just that there’s no reason to fear that stuff. You seem like you know how to move back and forth so you’re not going to get ‘lost’ now is what I meant. Laying on of hands sounds culty. Can’t even be bothered googling it. xxx

                • Oh I WAS lost for quite some time, on the way back now though. Being really sick for so long was what ‘cracked me open’. The laying on is rooted in pentacostal prayer, so well intentioned I gather, yet I have been churched out by folks, and having Uran in 9, I split that scene asap.
                  The organic, natural thing is where I am going…Uranus does it’s own thing, but now I work on tuning the fork, lol.
                  Thanks Anon x

                • Forgot, I love that you saw iconagraphy. I am a fan of symbology, fascinated by martyred saints (not catholic) how they are represented in historical art and they have come to my aid when in dark times. So not churchy but a spiritual seeker, most definately. x

  15. Ive been a pyschic/tarot reader/practising witch for 30 years. I was also a PR/Media professional for 20 of those years.

    My two worlds never met, accept for checking my pyschic side for ‘correct messaging’ re mass communication magic.

    I have always felt that the esoteric life and wanderings are a deeply personal thing, to be shared in like-minded circles, definitely not with the readers of Esquire magazine for whom the undies pic is perfectly adequate.

    My advice to MF – ZIP IT ! Vsit your local Theosophical Society for discussion on the arcane.

    • That’s a fascinating mix of worlds! Can’t help wondering what would happen if those two worlds ever met. 🙂

      Silence is golden… agree.

      • Ive always been of the opinion that the world of PR is like the Magician card in the tarot.
        You use words to create new perspectives, new realities. You affect mass consciousness and it requires a strong ethical position because its so open to dark manipulations – as we’ve witnessed in the Weapons of Mass Destruction ‘lets go to war’ scenario.

        I did a Masters paper which subtly eluded to this point.

        However, I would never, never announce my other life in this professional setting. Its just to personal and precious.

        • I am happy to hear there are such ethical people of yourself in the world of PR – how comforting!
          The Magician seems perfect as you suggest in the role of juggler of perceptions and the bridge between the material and the conceptual.

          It is interesting to me the different views on the personal vs the public and how we handle our inner worlds in the face of that.
          Maybe it is a very 2013 discussion what with so many people expressing their interest in the Mayan calendar and asking if their views on reality relate to our own.
          I know people who hold their spiritual or personal world precious and do not discuss it openly. But I myself tend to discuss my beliefs quite openly as I find I can’t help wanting to share my happiness & excitement. Then I think, if people react a bit, that’s ok because I can handle it. And perhaps it will make them think, it isn’t so crazy afterall, I can have spiritual experiences and not be afraid.
          There is no right or wrong way of behaving of course, everything has a positive or negative associated with it. It is a defining conversation to have with yourself and Spirit though and something this post exposes.

  16. I think Megan is very lonely…maybe so lonely that she’s trying to connect with the interviewer and the public at large who like her for what she really thinks?

    It seems she doesn’t have any friends other than her husband and is wary of making friends in Hollywood.

  17. im pretty sure all of us 1989rs ish are having this going on. plutos been on my natal saturn neptune conjunction and saturn is inching to natal 13 dg pluto. its just that she knows shes famous and people just like her cuz shes hot but shes like i’m way more powerful magic fuck corporate celebrity propaganda bullshit. but she’s of course a celebrity so her soul is a little pinched by being allowed extreme egomania and endless [to normal person] money that the neoliberal economic globalizing seems to get support off of from many societies. glamourized by hollywood bullcrap…. in turn. or maybe i’m just another dumb american. agh! anyway in case you cant tell from the rant i can relate to the jist of what shes getting at lol.

  18. Women can be more critical towards women than towards men. Men and women pick on women. We project. I’ve done it too. Trying hard not to do it anymore.
    Megan is hot, and wacky possibly a bit of a nutter, but I’d like to get to know her know more so after the off-the-wall interview. At least she isn’t just falling into the clique of being a ditzy airhead bimbo or bitchy self centered mean chick that just talks about her looks and loves to go shopping.

  19. Wow, look at that mane of hair and she has Leo Moon on MC! Astro is so telling there.

    I have Taurus Moon on MC and wondering what that says

      • Yep, fake! So is her face!! Have you seen old photos of her? Just google “megan fox before & after”
        So much surgery. Why, why why did she do it?? She was stunning before!

  20. She’s searching is all. We should all be allowed to our search. God only knows what mine would look like and am writing about it, warts and all. How can you otherwise be real? Or of any assistance whatsoever to the human race.

    With Saturn on Pluto (I have just the opposite in 7th right now). Her Leoniness no doubt feels the superficial vibe of her MC career in Hollywood.

    “There is something more to this bullshit”…She was just not so crass to say it outright, and when we’re still young an naieve, we don’t know how to say it…

    The most enlightened (eventually),often appear mad to their contemporaries), initially.

    We should not be so glib. Teacher said “as soon as you think you know (so much,and not leaving anything to the mystery) you are screwed”.

    Years before I met him, after reading Seth, remember having thought “my mind is like a window”…not a box.

    • Went walking today at 5 am..saw a meteroite fall in the desert sky…what a lovely surprise…

      If we just relax, the universe comes to us..

      It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the ocean but like I mentioned elsewhere, Norah Jones….”Rosie’s lullabye”

        • water “pulls” so strong, but I imagined “pools” 🙂

          Lovely Toro Moon adds to the sensuality of her voice

          Megan who? 😉

          • But really, “energy coming thru the top of the head” is her own Higher
            Self” energy…it comes in thru the crown chakra…lower energies come in thru the solar plexus and relate on a ego/fear based level.

            She may just not understand what is happening to her which is understandable. Sounds like she needs a qualified teacher to guide.

            The seven seals/churches in the biible are the seven main chakras.

            The 12 trumpets that blow/the 12 tribes of Israel are the twelve energy frequencies times 2, make the 24 Elders (The Ancients, which “sit before the Throne” are not coming back until the Earth is ready) We are yet in preparation..

            • Can just say I asked a tarot on line a question about L and me…

              Got The Fool card..well, at least it was very ~me~ lol. x

              • And like Neo, who the heck makes it the first jump ? On the first go, really with no mistakes ? Hell I am a multi-Virgo forgiving self is a biggie, mistakes are why we are here. Had to fall pretty far, stubborn Toro Moon cuss I am. Now I Rise UP. Thanks Sweets, great stuff love.

  21. Okay… So, though maybe not the most tasteful of places to vent, I totally understand what she’s going through. Rising Scorpio with Pluto at 7°19′ here. Aspects most of my chart too. But the need to solidify a belief system and sense of spirituality I am totally going through. Lucky me, I have Neptune on my sun at the moment so it is a pretty easy transition for me. 😉 Now just have to keep faith to get past Pluto opposite my moon and Uranus squaring it. @.@

  22. My transiting Saturn on my natal Pluto was the worst time for me, the darkest days. The window to Hades was blown open.

    No thank you. If I had not have had my 3 kids, I wouldn’t be alive.

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