How To Tell Someone’s Rising Sign

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It’s annoying when people say “what’s my sign?” in super-cocky style, especially when you’ve just met them.

As that’s when you’re just going to clock the rising sign, you know?

But F.Y.I. here are some quick cheats to guess peeps rising signs – they sound trite but they work a treat.

* Aries Rising – head pokes forward, pugnacious stance (like a boxer) talks fast and/or clipped, can’t hide boredom or impatience.

* Taurus Rising – juicy looking, like they make more collagen than normal people, cow-eyes, moves slowly, big-bonded.

* Gemini Rising – tends to being thin, the ladies like things that jangle, fidgets, flings random talk bombs into the conversation just to change the subject.

* Crab Rising – Bony and/or muscular with bulbous eyes, often remains super quiet and then when they open their mouth, it’s a quality statement.

* Leo Rising – looks and acts just like a cat, sometimes has flat face & big mane, a la a Lion. Can crack a tantrum when attention is off them.

* Virgo Rising – quick, effective movements, like a martial artist or dancer, nimble, thrums with nervous energy. Likes to impart useful info.

* Libra Rising – they look like the elves in The Hobbit, symmetrical features, easily disturbed by discordant or coarse environments. They just bolt. Possibly with your partner.

* Scorpio Rising – if the person looks like a vampire or descendent of aristocratic but vaguely evil New Orleans Witch dynasty suspect Scorpio Rising.

* Sagittarius Rising – loud, long legs & a ready laugh + they’re always just back from someplace exotic or going someplace exotic soon.

* Capricorn Rising – mournful countenance in repose but lights up beautifully, cheekbones, seriously good strategic planner & likes one upmanship.

* Aquarius Rising – if they seem like they could plausibly be an alien or a walk-in, suspect Aquarius Rising. Also: hates jewellery, body clutter, small talk, most traditions.

* Pisces Rising – Goo-goo eyes, good skin, deceptive air of bland innocence – fluctuates alarmingly between hyper-gush/you-are-my-soulmate and genuinely not giving a shit.

Your Thoughts?

Image: Natasha Poly by Terry Richardson for US Vogue

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140 thoughts on “How To Tell Someone’s Rising Sign

  1. “Capricorn Rising โ€“ mournful countenance in repose but lights up beautifully, cheekbones, seriously good strategic planner & likes one upmanship.”

    I can see much of this. I often get queries as to the assumed negativity of my emotional state regardless of how I’m feeling. I’m often read as “sad,” or, “stern,” depending both on my state (restful is often read as sad, concentration or thoughtfulness is often read as stern) and the other person’s inclinations. That said, however, I’ve often been told as well that I have a beautiful smile. I’ve often been encouraged to smile more, but I prefer not to smile when it’s not genuine or unless it has some social purpose. Not that smiling is bad, it’s just that I don’t see the purpose in adjusting my expression to suit others. My face is fine as it is.

    Not so much cheekbones as my face is round and plump which I honestly think could be moon in the first, honestly. Strategic planner usually out of necessity as I often find myself in positions (regardless of whether I want to be there or not) where a lack of strategic planning would be problematic and lead to unnecessary chaos which would cause unwanted stress.

    One upping people not so much. I’m sure people might perceive that, but that’s not what it is. I simply strive to excel because I see no reason not to. When others do better than I do, I do strive to improve myself not to one-up them, but because I assume I must be lacking or failing in some area and am therefore on the verge of being an enormous disappointment to others.

    Something to note that has also been a repeated theme which I would think ties in with the concept of Cap (and Saturn and Time) would be the way my face seems to be aging. When I was younger, I was always read as being much older than I was. Now that I’m entering the 30+ stage of life, I’m being read as being much younger than I am. I’ve had many acquaintances comment to me that I really haven’t changed in a decade.

    One other addition/point I would like to make. I’m often read as a “know-it-all.” Again, I see this as a misinterpretation. It’s more simply that I know that I know what I know, and I know quite certainly. So, though I most certainly don’t know everything (much to my dismay, yet as an appreciated homage to the accepted limitations of my humanity) what I DO know, I know very well.

  2. Ain’t that the truth! Of course I love my scorpio risings. Sexy beasts. I’m a cap rising. Yes, under all that seriousness is actually another sexy beast that knows how to crack a whip!

  3. What a crock or sarcastic crap.

    Clearly, the author of this blog is unbalanced and has worked her way through several signs, pissing them all off one by one.

  4. I do act like a cat. (I rub my face like one and sit like one too!) But, I mean, shouldn’t the attention be on me? It seems like a must.

  5. Scorpio Rising was completely on point…the most accurate of all. I get the “omg you remind me of a *insert creepy / sexy aristocratic factor here* ” thing all the time. Comes with the territory…and I rather like it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Scorpio Rising conjunct Pluto in Scorpio

  6. I am an Aquarius Rising and I love jewelery, ha! My daughter is named Jewel, even funnier. I’m Scorpio Sun and Virgo Moon, so maybe those signs influence me more. I do HATE small talk though. People always describe me when they first meet me as either cool, detached, hard to read, or very innocent…and I am definitely not innocent.

  7. lol Descriptions are funny though like most, I have to disagree. Libra rising here and I look nothing like an elf from LOTR. Most people compare me to a lion or a wolf… Probably because my venus/mars is in leo.

    • I figure I write a little more since I came on here to look for a pattern and see who wears red a lot. I wear a good amount of red and so does the girl I like though, I don’t think she’s a libra rising – I think she’s an aries since she’s mega bratty (though mega hot).

      Most people would describe me as charming, mischievous, fun, and well dressed. I’m good with small talk and can talk a mile a minute about nothing.

      I don’t think I’d run off with anyone’s girlfriend or wife knowingly – if they lied, that really isn’t my fault. I do have a code of conduct.