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Hands up who LOVES this super-strength Scorpio Moon vibe – oomphed by Mercury in league with Saturn + Pluto.

Mars square Saturn is excellent if you use it like a magical knife or sword to cut through the crap. Like how you know sometimes some things have to be removed via surgery – no amount of affirmations, nutrition or medicine is gonna do it.

Cut-Through. Spiritual Elegance. Breakthrough. Triumph over psych obstacles. Ease. Intensity. Peace. Yes all at once.

And i am busy working on the 2013 Must-Know Mission Statement Horoscopes – they’re going to be fun, awesome and available soon.

Image: Tom Bagshaw via Suicide Blonde

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138 thoughts on “Go Scorp Yourself

  1. Just yesterday I commented on the previous post as an ‘off topic’ does anyone else enjoy the saturn-moon / scorpio-moon vibe now that saturn is in scorpio! But, my connection timed out and the comment was lost and I didn’t bother typing it again. So, I particularly like reading a post specifically dedicated to the super strength vibe.

    Yes, I enjoy this vibe for 2 reasons: because doing scorpio haute is something I do so well:) and because it grounds all the uranian and neptune energy that is going off or on.

    • Yes i think i do. Scorpio Moons without Saturn in past times have coincided with powerful emo, the kind you drown in. I feel far more accepting and less apologetic. Also have a tendency to be jumpy: jump in at the deep end, jump off half cocked, jump at shadows, literally jump on the spot when impatient, jump down people’s throats and jump on an idea train which should just be let go. Nice to have grounding for Neptune/Uranus natal energies being amplified.

      Spiritual Elegance…lovely term, Mystic.

      • That’s interesting about energy (prior to saturn scorpio) felt like drowning in powerful emo. It’s the powerful emo that has always made me feel heavy scorpio energy to be too earnest or try-hard. I really like this saturn scorpio energy – very grounding and forward moving. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  2. hey Mystic, while you’re working on your 2013 scopes, I’m working on my 2014 things.

  3. My sister has just gone into labour! I can’t wait to meet this super amazing little person born under such extraordinary Astro! What a night we have ahead of us!

  4. Fuq yeah. My lunar return in dark moon phase today, same as natal dark moon phase, I’m right in my element.

  5. yep! Loving the energy at the moment!!!! πŸ™‚
    Things are finally falling into place. It’s only taken me 4 years!! – since Saturn in Virgo hit my stellium, then Saturn on Venus and MC (the worst!!)
    Saturn in Scorp seems like a walk in the park.

    Thought I was going to stay stuck and be fuqed last year 😯 but managed to pull through.

    At least Pluto is off my Asc. Uranus still squaring though…

  6. Lovin it

    Have met my perfect match

    Her, ToroScorp, venus in Toro, Me Same, Mars in Virgo

    Stand back

  7. This scorp is loving it. Did all the things today that I was putting off throughout the last 3 months of 2012, and with awesome results too.

  8. Well, spent last night tossing and turning with everthing “getting to me”. It was like my brain was wired to think only of all the things wrong/needing to be addressed in my life. So, thought about your posts etc MM and got up today and, as I am on hols, did this MASSIVE clean out of all the stuff I have been holding onto for I don’t know why! Feeling heaps better – more to go tomorrow. This is super strong energy for chucking out!!!!!

    • I felt that, too. Spent a large portion of the day organizing and clearing out. Donated old stuff to charity. Felt so good to get rid of things. There is more on my list. I just have to attend to some administrative details before I hit it again. I may have to create a stash to go out next week as I nearly filled to recycle bin. Feels good to let it go…

  9. Feeling good, am working on my New Moon Happening List for the upcoming new moon in Cap.
    My rebirth chart a few days ago had a Cap stellium, so it’s very apt.

      • I did a rebirth ritual a few days ago, to go along with my new name(s). They came downloaded from the Multiverse. So much numerology info swirling around in me noggen….
        I suppose some might call it electional astro, but I see it truly as my rebirth, esp considering the preceding year. Am doing the legal name change some months down the track.

        • very cool. congratulations are definitely in order. cheers to the new you!! πŸ™‚

          • Mucho thanks, hdq!! Baptism by fire and all the other elements combined I reckon. πŸ˜‰

            • And just realized last night that my progressed Sun is conjunct my natal Pluto, so it’s been good fuel for tranformation-rama!

              • I’ve got Sun-Uranus-Venus-Mars-AC conjunct in Libra in my progressed chart. Its been A LOT of change the past few years. I’m working on a name change too. So much paperwork it seems silly, but must be done! Good luck with yours and happy rebirth!

  10. this feels good all of a sudden. when the moon squared my saturn this afternoon i got the most warm, supportive feeling, ala blue steel’s comment above. like a grandfatherly vibe. everything feels right. today was great- i burned all pictures of the beloved, setting us both free, spent hours growing with the amazing women of the RLZA support group πŸ™‚ , and was gifted a large amount of new oil paints. powerful.

    right after i burned the pics i did a horay and it was amazing. the aspects were all in minutes, moon and 4 planets within 37 minutes to be an astro-geek. πŸ™‚ so tight.

  11. this is my natal and favourite moon – what i am loving more tho is the pic on the dailies – BEAUTIFUL

  12. Not sure re the Scorp vibe but with Saturn conjunct MC from Friday I am swaying between a sense of urgency (everything yesterday) and a sense that calm paced effort will achieve the end results I seek. Really trying to focus on Haute Scorp.

  13. Totally feeling it. Am super motivated. City house getting a sprucing and looking forward to moving into beach house next week on the waxing moon! I always love the balsamic moon phase (prob cause its my natal moon) I always feel most creative despite it being a typically winding down time. The Scorp edge is tres inspiring and I seem to be going deeper…

  14. I think this is manifesting in a “PURGE ALL THE THINGS” urge. The clutter / uncontrolled space is like an itch that needs to be scratched. Would have taken my car apart today if I could, to get to all the filth I wanted to reach. As it is I did part of the car, pulled all my wooly things out of my “daily use” wardrobe section for washing and storage (pretty sure I don’t need a scottish wool scarf , beanies, gloves, tracksuit pants for a while when it’s going to be over 40 degrees C here tomorrow). More garments to charity.

    So, continue the car detailing tomorrow, clean infuriating mould spots off my AWESOME vintage suede / leather bomber jacket, sort through LP collection, throw out more paper piles.

    • maybe this is Saturn 30 astro-minutes away from my 5th house. “In order to create I must first destroy” … excellent since it will form lots of crunchy angles – conjunct Uranus, square mars, sextile Pluto, square natal Saturn (in Leo).

      • uranus-saturn is a pretty amazing transit, i have to say. resolves that natal square… though yours is exact? that’s got to be intense and motivating energy to live your life with!! mine is 5 degrees off, so i won’t get the saturn-saturn square for a few degrees yet. may your brilliance fly free and yet grounded! as above so below. πŸ™‚

        it’s interesting how we know axes to be crisis points but forget about house cusps. they’re so powerful! it sounds like you are finishing up the home sector perfectly. many blessings!

        • thanks HDQ, yes my natal Saturn-Uranus square is 1 degree apart, so that’s pretty close I think? In fact my saturn square is exact right now… will keep you posted on that experience!!

          it is kind of intense and motivating. Like, I want to still get out a bit and see my dearest friends, and experience things, but it has to be RELEVANT…somehow. Pluto in my 7th is saying “MAKE IT REAL OR FORGET IT” so whether it’s my second coffee of the day talking, or my desire to kick ass in my current field(s) of study, yep .. to use yet another one of my outdoors / driving analogies, like when you put the 4WD into low-range and head into the mud / soft sand paying close attention, and very determined to get through to the other side… with everything intact… while enjoying the experience at the same time!

          The sense I have for the next year or so is really knuckle-down and do the creative work. Eventually Saturn will trine my 9th house sun-merc so that hopefully means even more support to build a stronger creative-worldy foundation. .. Maybe even around the same time as Jupes reaches late Cancer too, oooooh! for a big old grand water trine in 1st – 5th – 9th houses… hmmmm……. *ponders the exciting possibilities*

          I’ve noticed big changes – retrospectively so far – when outer planets cross a house cusp. so, will keep an eye on

      • I cut my ex out of my life almost the min Saturn hit my 5th. It’s been huge for sex/heart/love values. I could not have planned this

        • cool Ms… maybe saturn transits are easier in some houses than others I wonder… 4th house is so complex imo… 5th house easier to deal with as an adult perhaps..?

          • the 4th was full on and rival to my saturn returns/ saturn over all virgo planets. 5th feels very empowering and so far I am liking it but I have to say so far as its not ‘hit’ anything yet…

    • I created a thorough filing system, threw out tons of crap, and redecorated today. Feeling this.

  15. is that what it is? This scorpio who has been dabbling in too much blue devil hoochie juice and mooning about in bed had done a full days work by 9am today and just cooked TWO meals so I don’t have to turn the stove on in tomorrow’s heat….finally, I think I’m ready for the new year πŸ™‚

  16. well I got scorped today!!! I copped a tongue lashing from the hierarchy! It had nothing to do with me personally, more of a go at the service I work for…. Unfortunately one of the side effects of working for the type of organisation I work for…

    Though it wasn’t cool… and I can see that the professional was exasperated with our service, welcome to welfare, its a dogfight! not the compassionate service we all thought it would be! So after a super good cry and water, I got over it, and realised it wasnt my story to carry… I only wish the person had gone off at one of my seniors, they get paid to take more responsibility… Anyway that was seriously scorp of me to transform the intensity… I work in a very pluto driven industry, life… death… on the verge all the time…

    I have had the two most weird nights of not sleeping…. and totally weirdly exhausted and on the weekend relaxed and chillaxed totally looking forward to sleep and it just did not come… i wonder if this transformational energy has anything to do with it!

    Ive also started amping up the health and fitness and am possibly detoxing as well as feeling fantastic, i feel super tired! Im not detoxing proper and that might have something to do with it also, Im actually still indulging in things like home made pizza and red wine tonight but will get back to green smoothie tomorrow for ultra extra nutrition… amping up the excercise as well and excited to start changing!!!

    • i could go Love Zombie on all Tom Bagshaw’s artwork. Pretty sure last time i scoped his site i had my tongue out.

  17. i was wondering why all the purging and take no prisoner reality thinking today. been journalling like a demon to mine for insights. my natal moon in scorp is purring alal

  18. YES loving the Scorp vibe. Best I’ve felt in at least a month. When shit gets Scorpy I get Zen; intensity is soothing to me.

    Dropped some mayjuh shit this weekend and woke the hell up. I am excited about Venus in Cap, it’s my natal placement; I feel like it’s an important part of my chart, maybe because it’s trine my Taurus stuff, at 0 degrees, and the placement of my chart ruler? Also went through some huge Pluto in Capricorn stuff in 2010 + Neptune just into Pisces-ish, so it feels relevant. To me Venus in Capricorn says strategic, stoic, and strong. All things I wanna cultivate.

  19. My moon is in Scorpio and for years a certain astro intelligensia gave me merde for it, until I met a really intelligent astro person, who told me that given time and understanding, it was incredibly gutsy, so yep vibing with my very own vibe (but not in terms of self-love, even if Scorpio is a tage sexual on a number of levels). Was about to fall stupidly into Love Zombie mode until my ex told me the reason he hurt me was to push me away. (This involved him happily rooting a number of ladies whilst with me, and none of us knew.) Today I told him to faq off for good, because that’s what moon Scorp peeps do – take no prisoners et cetera. It all came out after some research, and some simpactico revelations because yes, that’s kind of Scorpio too. Weird also, considering Conan Doyle who wrote Sherlock Holmes was a Gemini with a moon in Scorpio. The powers of deduction apparently can set you free. The chase is afoot.

    • mmm, gemini man with a scorpio moon. there’s something to manifest! maybe he can look and act like robert downey jr. in sherlock holmes… yes universe, i am putting it out there for you. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  20. I dunno about this, or even if my circumstances have to do with a Scorp moon. I had a vivid dream, usually I can’t remember my dreams. I remember I was sitting in a chair at work, clicking buttons on my computer, and wondering why it isn’t programmed so I can click the buttons 1 through 12, instead of looking up 1 through 12 on a chart and then deciding whether I click buttons labeled A0, A1, A2, A3, B0, B1, B2, B3, C0, C1, C2, C3. Isn’t that the sort of crap a computer is good for? Why do I have to do those calculations before I can even click the buttons? So I dreamt I sat at my computer for an hour, fuming at the stupid design of this program. Then I woke up. Now in about an hour and I have to go in to work and poke those stupid buttons on the computer all day. My job is miserable enough without dreaming about it over the weekend.

    • Oh man, that’s sucky Charles…

      On the upside, it IS cut-through Astro and you DO vibe far more capable, versatile & trouble-shooting-extraordinaire than that particular job calls for.

      Perhaps its an opportune time to begin, or seek out something somewhat more stimulating?…

    • well, the first thing I thought of was a matrix format when I saw the A-B-C, 0-1-2-3 combinations.

      1-12 is – if you like – months in a year, or whatever else comes in dozens.

      maybe there’s something new in that. new ways to input or read information, data? that may at first be confounding. What house is “the workplace” in astro… 6th? 10th? any action there?

    • to me this speaks about patterns and flow. where in your life are you blocking the flow by setting up unnecessary checkpoints for yourself? what ingrained habits and routines could you simplify or eliminate to get your juices going? what neural pathways could you reprogram?? taurus much? πŸ˜‰ look to your pallas, also your uranus transit! and the SN is on your s/m, isn’t it? lifetimes of accumulation… root it out and transmute it! perfectly scorp moon.

      • In retrospect, this might have just been advance warning that I was about to totally crash with a severe cold. When I came home that evening, I suddenly felt very ill, I had a fever, so I went to bed. A few hours later, I felt even worse, so I checked my temp, I had a fever of 103. This is the first time I’ve gotten out of bed for 24 hours.
        So I figure I this dream was just part of my ongoing worry about my toxic workplace. There are too many people shoved into too small a place, and colds and flu spread like wildfire.

  21. I retired to my boudoir after breakfast this morning and slept off and on for most of the day; so tired, maybe because of the heat, maybe because I’m a week into my annual January detox.

    Later, when the sun had gone down and all my systems were back online, I put an instrumental chakra breathing meditation track on loop and worked on my 2013 vision board.

    I’m reclining in bed looking at it right now – and I am very happy with what I see. πŸ™‚

    PS: My Scorpio moon is coveting that headdress something wicked.

  22. Hi All. New Member here, and given that I have six planets in Scorpio (sun/moon/rising/Venus/mercury/mars), I’m on some kind of high alert due to Saturn and Pluto, and have new motivation to learn more about astrology. Like, right now!! The Saturn thing has felt like a slow build over last months, but today it truly feels like I will be able to slice, so powerfully, and efficiently the BYE BYE SIONARA things of old. While I write, tears stream, but there’s an overly sentimental thing to them, and underneath, a hardness and regretfullness? Still, though, I want more of the power πŸ™‚ and more of a clarity of harnessing the power that others say is possessed by so much Scorpio juju and present aspects (lots of big aspects of my life are up now- housing, relationship, livelihood, geography). I will endeavor to ceremony newness and presence! Again, seems time to learn more. Thanks for your great posts and info, Mystic. It’s inspiring.

      • Part of why I’m on here is to see if there are others that have this kind of configuration….!! Greetings to you, Ms.

        • That’s a generation thing most likely due to pluto being scorpio generation now. I’m sure there is a small hub of you lurking around about to do powerful and insane things (yet highly structured..) on your enormous saturn transit

    • WHOAAA 6 planets in Scorpio… I’ve only seen that once and it was my old boss, 6 planets in Aquarius. Coolest dude ever.

      • πŸ™‚ The other stuff is mostly water, too. Just swimming my way on through- phoenix resurrection by phoenix resurrection! Thanks for the comment, ABFAB. Do you have any scorp in ya?

    • Heya superScorp Lorna! Good timing to learn more and harness positive power, so kudos! And yeah, wow, SIX planets!
      Are they all in tight conjunction? Or spread from 0 to 29 degrees of Scorp?

  23. I was getting indications I need to slow down, but I wanted to take advantage of the dark moon time to deep clean and now I’ve got the flu. Ugh. And a deadline and I forgot my battery charger for my laptop. Ugh. However, my libido is doing fine! lol

    Noticed something going on with the 16 degrees – void moon at 16 Scorpio, new moon at 16 Capricorn, and my natal Saturn at 16 Cancer. Not sure how all those play off each other – if at all – but I feel like the Universe is demanding I do nothing but self care at the moment.

    • Are you referring to the new moon coming up later this week? It will be at 21’46” Capricorn, I believe.

      • Ahh – I looked on astro.com and it said 16, but then another site published 21. There goes my theory. Still, I feel like crap πŸ™‚

        Isn’t there some YOD thing going on with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto at the moment too? Whatever. Astro is pushing for intense evolution these days.

        • Well for one thing, abfab, having new moon conjunct your own moon is that it’s a great time to initiate projects, open the door to whatever you’ve been wishing for. It’s lucky lunar magic for sure.

          • Wow πŸ™‚ cool. You know, It’s quite weird how everything I’m intentionally focusing my energy on is actually manifesting in front of my face at warp speed.

            Met this guy on the weekend that had me struck in awe and vice versa for him. Feeling it feeling it!!! Applied for a few amazing job opportunities fingers crossed woohoooo!

    • nurse virgo to self-care, stat! take care of yourself sister, you take such good care of us. yay libido. 16 reduces to 7- withdraw and focus internally at the very least… xoxox

      • ah! the 1 (ego, self, blahdeblah) plus the 6 (balance). you’ve been giving a lot, both on here and from what i’ve gleamed, in real life. perhaps it’s time for you to receive. sending healing blessings and energy your way!

  24. ME, ME!!.. (I think)… This w/e was amazing and this morning I was bubbling with energy. I got SO much done this w/e. My apartment is more organized (hence de-cluttering before the 11th), just working on getting into shape which means the juicing continues, I started walking and getting out there and meeting new “peeps”…

    Does this apply to me? LOL!! xo!!

  25. Love Scorpio Moons and esp. dark moons.
    Getting my zen noir on. Feng Shui on art studio. De-cluttering, detoxing. Feel good.

      • VirgoEllie Are you a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Rising too? i know we share many plants, natal placements.
        I love this Scorpio energy. Feeling great. Haven’t good in awhile. Getting lots done practical to-do lists to writing, studying, de-cluttering but not in a frantic pace very calm, centered zen like vibe.
        Good luck to you as well.

        • Hi Scorp.. Yes and no. Virgo sun with Libra rising. Moon in Leo.

          Yes, feeling great lately. Major plus for me is getting my apartment in order. WOW, is what I can say. What a big change with the energy when you feel organized. Hopefully I can attack the files that I am avoiding. xo!!

  26. on the subject of feng shui… i moved my kali wall hanging out of the kitchen yesterday. literally 10 minutes later i was hungry and sauteed myself up some yummies… and realized it was the first time since moving in 4 months ago that i’ve actually cooked for myself. i used to cook professionally so this is no small deal. apparently the whole “be conscious the cycle of life and death by having severed heads and a bowl of hearts over the stove” thing worked a little too well. ha! there’s an insta-success feng shui story!

    • It was hard for me, still kind of is hard for me, to stop seeing my home as a place to show off the art I like or ideas I have and, instead, see it as a natural, nurturing space. I ended up taking down a lot of artwork and adding more houseplants. Anyway, I say that cause I dig Kali and can see why you’d want her up. But, eating is WAY more important. Glad you’re taking care of you. Going Zen is really…different.

      • oh she’s not gone, she’s in the living room now. the first thing you see as you enter the house. it’s very good. she’s happy.

        • i was starting to say you know why can’t you have both nature and ideas when i realized that was a taurus maximalist thing to say and the nature of virgo is to parse down the accumulated raw materials of taurus and pass them on to cap for perfecting. with perfect discrimination and wisdom. cool. i am aesthetically less zen and more mahayana… but both are good. πŸ™‚

          • Virgos can be hoarders. If something may be useful someday, they may keep it. I want to bring more magical artwork into my space – totem animals, elements, but – I wouldn’t say that desire came naturally, more of an evolution.

  27. headpieces, breasts and ravens. sigh.

    I actually had a nice day, I think I did my square early..

  28. On Sat, the 5th, Libran Moon was on my NN opposite PofF and Sun…Did a nine mile walk..As Moon moved into Scorp on Sunday, did a six mile walk…today…did three (had to be at work by 9). But feeling great…And oc course desert sky still gorge even tho almost dark moon. x

  29. I just got a postcard from Mystic telling me to have a rad 2013! Right after being invited in for an interview for a really good job. These two events are totally linked because they both really cheered me up and are awesome! Thank you MM!!!


  30. This Scorpio Moon feels like one segment in a long arc that began with the Scorpio eclipse in November. I can feel the Universe pushing me to shed my skin and conceive of a new way for me to carry myself–mentally, emotionally, physically. Maybe this is intensified by the transiting North Node conjuncting my natal Sun next week.

    And Saturn in Scorpio is in full swing: I’ve become more disciplined about my finances, have eliminated refined sugar on weekdays, am exercising, and plotting out my 2013 wardrobe purchases on a spreadsheet. This from someone with Sun conjunct Neptune and Venus in Libra in the Fifth House, for crying out loud! I need to remember to enjoy frivolous things and laugh about the follies of the world with friends and family, to mix up the heavy, focused energy of Saturn. We’ve got until late 2015 with this energy and I don’t want to burn myself out.

  31. Holy Motherload of Pluto – this was the one of the most dramatic Sundays. Dark Moon with Mercury aspecting the Chiron-Pluto sextile is something I will watch out for hereronin.

    Mother had car accident – she is a multi-Scorp.
    Proceeded to have a mini-nervous breakdown.
    Piscean Pa freaked out and sent her to me for a healing (bizarre if you knew him). Did some powerful healing work on her while her aura was open. It was intense.

    Concurrently, dear friend on his way to job overseas calls demanding a synastry chart and freaking out. Turns out he got a girl he likes – & only known 3 weeks – pregnant. What to do?

    Amazingly, his is on a plane back home after 12 hours at his destination.
    He gave up the job, they are going to move in together, get a relationship counsellor and try to make a family!
    Romance is alive!

    • Wow. I hope their synastry chart was amazing. Cool you got to work with your Mom.

      • Actually their synastry was pretty good!
        He is Rising Cappy, she is Cappy.
        Her Moon/Venus on his NN.
        Lots of trines to Saturn, I told them to get the relationship counsellor due to the amount of Saturn in their charts.
        And she is a career woman who is very well off and she must be terrified this guy she barely knows is moving in with her.
        His descendent ruled by Kataka and her Sun in the 4th. In fact they had mainly positive aspects and few negatives.

        As for my mum… Well I will have to trust Spirit will bring her back – Spirit brought her to me. She has since the session gone to Church, spoken to a priest who clearly believes I am a devil worshipper… etc. etc. But I just tell I love her, she is doing great, her angels look forward to being closer to her when she wants more contact.

        • Wow, what a story!
          Nice to hear romance is alive.

          Trust a Cap riser to face up to his responsibilities πŸ™‚

          • Yes!
            He is Leo Sun, with Merc/Venus in Virgo. She is Virgo Rising with Merc In Cap & Venus in Scorp. Both with Mars in Gem.
            Arranged marriages can work.
            I told him, it may not work out long-term, but life is about having meaningful interactions. The Leo chick Wurtzel is much like him, he is getting an opportunity to escape that cycle.
            Ironically my friend only values himself as worker but his girlfriend needs his personal qualities as she has $!! Healthy challenge to learn to value himSELF before his net worth.
            Soz, long, but I am so excited for them πŸ™‚
            And as the girl told him, her chance of falling pregnant is 10% over six months at her age (she is late 30’s), why waste this opportunity for a family?

            • πŸ™‚ the story gets better and better!

              They have such lovely astro aspects!! I don’t see why it can’t work. It’s not really your typical arranged marriage. There was obviously an initial attraction there.

              I can totally see how your friend only values himself as a worker. I can relate with my Cap rising, Sun in 10th house and virgo stellium. In my younger days, I believed that guys would only really like me for my achievements (I have Saturn in 2nd). So I’ve had to deal with the SELF before net worth/value too!

              I wouldn’t worry about all their Saturn stuff though. I was always under the impression that Saturn meant longevity. Responsibility as well of course but Saturn is his ruler, so it’s all good. I hope so!!! πŸ™‚ Love a good love story (venus in Libra)

              Keep us posted! Your excitement is contagious! πŸ˜€

              • It is exciting! Fresh off the plane he visited today & he looked..stunning! Like he has been waiting all his life for this moment & taking this decision has made a man of him. Call me nuts, but his aura looked clearer!!
                Yes, not worried by Saturn, I meant they both love structure so much, a counsellor will be a pleasure. It could impose a structure they can be free inside? Longevity indicated for sure, plus he has Saturn in 7th, & Venus in Virgo – how much must he appreciate her Cappy ways? How beautiful to have Venus in Libra, you must have an incredible aesthetic. πŸ˜‰
                My Venus in Cancer, I admit, a little naff at times.

                • oh wow!! He sounds amazing!! I don’t know any Cap Asc guys. Of course he’s stunning πŸ™‚

                  I bet his Venus Virgo loves her Cappy ways!!

                  I’m a big fan of structure obviously. Gives me peace of mind. My chart is quite earthy, so I need the stability it provides.

                  Must say, I do have an incredible aesthetic 😎 It was a part of my profession for my entire life up until now. About to head in a new direction – which just so happens to be venus related as well. Libra MC too.

                  “a little naff” how cute! My Leo sister has mars in Cancer with similar taste. πŸ˜‰

                  • oh yeah, forgot to say . This union seems so fated!! Pluto on Asc is supposed to bring a soul mate. What degree is his rising?

                    This Friday there’ll be five planets in Cap!!! It’s call the crown of stars. Loving it!!! πŸ˜›

                    • Would love to knowabout yr career,but not bloggable I daresay!
                      Thanks forthe ‘Crown of Stars comment” that is divine. Will update elsewhere…xx.

                  • Beauty therapist πŸ™‚

                    Start on Monday after the new moon – perfect!

                    And Venus is transiting my first house! πŸ™‚

      • And thanks for talking, it is hard working with your family, extra responsibility implied or extra worry at least. Nice to chat.

        • Yeah, no prob. I can’t imagine working with family like that. Your attitude toward it is admirable, but I am sure that must have been really emotionally taxing for you.

          • It was! But as it isn’t talk therapy, I don’t have a problem working with her, though I am sure it wouldn’t work for some.

            • I find it courageous Andy, I’m not sure I’d be able to do that at this very moment, working with ‘blood family’ members.
              Hope you and your folks are all good now.

              • Thanks hon! There wasn’t much of a choice in the matter, she wouldn’t see anyone else anyway. This is the Big Shift, y’know?
                Everything is becoming more transparent for everyone… Time to get to work.

    • wow, healing blessings for your mum. and for you. intense. xoxoxo