Gemini Event Horizon

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Any day now, Geminis will get a gregarious Growth Surge – thanks to Jupiter barging forward in Gemini again. Yes, it’s about time. It’s not like Geminis have not served their mission with Pluto in opposition (1995 to 2008) already. Jupiter is meant to be all about the fun, personal dev, easy money, good times and – okay – maybe going up a size or two lol.

BUT Jupiter Retro? Saturn in Scorp? Pfft. Geminis all over the globe have been waiting for the fab bit to hit. Even a Gemini can’t keep tap dancing and making cute quips forever.Β  Jan 30 = Jupiter DIrect Gems…Things move…Beautifully. Be ready.

But first (and this applies to everyone, not just our Gemini):Β  the blazingly egomaniacal, square-everything, control freak of a Full Moon in Leo.Β  The egos are so bright you’ve got to put on sunglasses to withstand the glare. Or get up there on the stage and perform yourself, backed by purely the Power of You.

Geo-politically, think sabre-rattling, think power-trippy flashpoint, think the rapidly escalating Japan & China situation.



Image: Eugenio Recuenco

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88 thoughts on “Gemini Event Horizon

  1. This couldn’t come sooner πŸ™‚

    I was going to come on here and ask you Mystic, how to keep on treading water at the moment? any HOT tips?


  2. stay cool, don’t get scorched by the full moon in leo – scheme BIG for Feb to April – are you reading your Horoscopes? Cos i am all about jupiter retro management for Gems at the mo

    • πŸ™‚ Yes, reading them religiously and trying to stay authentic.
      In my last meeting i was chanting in me head ‘dont act from poor ego, just be quite but back yourself’ over and over again πŸ™‚

  3. Yay, Jupiter direct in my 2nd house!!! I have a meeting with an investor on Friday in a sudden opportunity to make my dream of an alternative health center happen! And then other meetings all week for my new regular job.

    Leo in 4th house; I’ve been working on a lot of 4th house/12th housey stuff so I feel pretty confident I’ll weather this one. Hoping that it aligns with the business + makeover themes of the week, maybe I’ll have a new sense of home or community in founding this health center.

    • Woah. 4th house at exactly 7 degrees (same as full moon), midheaven in Aqua at 7 degrees. Fingers crossed.

  4. So maybe I shouldn’t go to that party on the Long Weekend…you know, the one where my current fling’s ex-with-an-already-blazing-ego-and-obvious-disdain-for-me is attending???

    Part of me wants to go, just for the drama of it all. (Merc and Mars in Leo–settle down boys!)

  5. omg PLEASE. i am so burnt on living on fake bravado… burnt on it all. jupiter give me a reason to live please. full moon is going to fuq me over first though… what is its degree? scared to ask.

    • yeah i’ve been filling up on the fake bravado too. fake it until you make it so i keep hearing.

    • This exactly! And now visibly crispy around the edges.

      Natal Moon 9th house Gem with Lilith-Jupiter and now this Moon right on top. It’ll be nice to reconnect to glossy Jupiter and get out of this Gem coma! And while I’m basking in Sun-moon-merc-jupes (despite the retro) trining my ascendant and making me feel all haute Libra to the infinite power, able to settle wars, cover Vogue, give TED speeches and levitate (because my Libra ass no longer feels like walking) – I’m staying home. Reality is I’ve shitloads of grunt work and skin to whittle away and need to continue to drive any awesome I get into actual productivity. Libraease + Gemmoonmania leads me into the woods, it’s a blast but…..the next morning and all.

    • It’s lovely! Thought it was just my Gem Rising love of yellow/Leo love of gold tickled pink (!), good to know it is the styling. πŸ™‚

      I am guessing La Medusa chose the image because the Isis wing earrings etc. are also sorta symbolic of Mercury? (If not Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus)

      Apparently the decans that were considered affected by Isis in Egyptian astro were: March 11-31, October 18-29, and December 19-31. But apparently this info via the Greeks to Egypt, so.. 50 BCE or so.
      Don’t know how this works with western astro as MM uses it!

      • Cool, that includes my birthday. Isis is 14 degrees Venus 16 deg in Aqua in my chart.

        Do you love how the kohl plays her space green eyes? Never mind the Mayans, it’s Egypt baby all the way down the Nile. I just had an idea too powerful to refuse – i have to do something extremely difficult and might actually waken their power by praying to the Egyptian Goddesses.

        • The picture is mesmerizing the heck out of me too. Great idea about the goddess prayer, I’m trying it tonight!

        • How gorgeous to have Isis/Venus conj and being in the decan!!!
          Isis is Libra (Venus Ruled) in my 5th – the only thing in my 5th actually – so pulsing my Leo sun.
          Isis is the glamour spot in my chart imo!

          The Egyptians did big hair, kohl eyes, incredible gold jewellery and the most chic styling for 10,000 years – what’s not to love? πŸ™‚
          Nice to pray to the Goddesses, they are so warmly powerful – Bast, Isis, Hathor, Ma’at just gorgeous.
          Been choosing with my new Egyptian Anubis Oracle Deck to pray one by one to the Egyptian pantheon – it’s amazing. I keep picking up on these really coherent streams of info from each one. I am writing it all down!

    • Too, Electric. This trundling backwards over my health sector is too much. 7th house is at 10 degrees Gem, with Juno sitting in it. Surely that’s better than 6th house hooha.

      • that’s the good part about juppie though. even when rx he still doles out gifts, it is just slow going and smaller, crappier ones. im holding out for the good stuff! gimme! πŸ™‚

  6. Yup, it’s my progressed Jupiter return on 7 degrees in my 11th House. I’ve been waiting for this….

  7. Jupiter, Lilith, Vesta all over my Asc:
    CafeAstro: “This fortunate transit occurs once in the twelve-year cycle of Jupiter and should bring a general rise in life, financial gain, some social distinction, many new friends and much social activity. It is a time of optimism, greater self-confidence, good self-expression and happiness”.

    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! she chortled in her joy.

      • I wanna go to the Jupiter party! πŸ˜€
        [I’m imagining an abundance of Saggitarians (both honorary & actual) and music and BBQ in a fabulous beach house.. ^__^]

        • I remember a Sag party which had camel rides until sunset, too. That was great! Three outdoor spas (which i wouldn’t get in) and i made my first ever martinis for the three really tall trannie ladies who walked in just after the belly dancer left. I went by neptunian instinct on the martinis – tick πŸ™‚ We left the next evening but mostly because we couldn’t get a munted Toro out of the spa. We all wore arabian costumes, in case you hadn’t guessed.

          Happy to go Egyptian this time.

          • Yay! A Jupiter party sounds fabulous. Jove was a sky god and I found one astrologer that said Egyptian astro finds the Sun and Jupiter to have similar qualities (Ra made the waters of the Nile expand & swell). So a sunny, jupiterian Egyptian vibe totally suits.
            Bonfires, oak trees, candles, wine, kohl, love, sunsets, feasts…?

            A jupiter

  8. Saturn in scorpio is transiting EXACTLY over my moon in scorpio (at 10 degrees) right now. I have also met a man with great long term potential. I was petrified that this saturn transit was going to be hell but is it possible that it could turn out to be good for me? Sun Pisces and late Virgo rising btw…..any thoughts would be much appreciated.

    • you must be harvesting[so to speak virgo-ly lol] your saturn or pluto energies well if you experience this as being good. i’m a virgo and i must say, virgo/pisces type people are good at harnessing the spiritual/pure out of things because of their humility. i’m virgo with late aqua moon so, you know, it can blur the pisces boundary hehe. but really if you are experiencing this as good it means i think that you are growing in a way that is producing beneficial material results in your life. so, i dunno, keep doing what you do best, apparently πŸ˜€

    • Being aware where there is Saturn-Moon Fear & Guilt .
      Instead Enjoy Timing & Stability of Emotions =
      Love conquers All!

    • You know Mystic has said somewhere before that you can actually soulmate under Saturn. I know MM’s a straight shooter and all but i wondered if it was a bit like the tooth fairy story, to make you feel better about losing a tooth.

      No planet can outweigh a good man or woman…if love is rock solid, don’t let a transit spook you. Best x

      • Thanks guys!! Really hope so. Yes, I have read that Saturn brings rewards for those who’ve paid their dues and God knows I have! But Saturn killed me when it transited Virgo (my solar 7th and natal 1st) and then Libra so maybe I’ve earned my stripes. But the moon in scorpio transit scared the shit outta me….it never ends. hence, sick of saturn.

  9. Am trying to be more ‘in my body’ in awareness at the moment. I think it should help me lose weight?
    Read that spiritchool types tend to put on weight as they progress (maybe because they are too blissed out to care?), theory being all the water/fat in your body helps ESP or something.
    Meanwhile being out of body more frequently means you are not as aware of it’s needs.

    Anyway, I hope this helps me to control the fatty boom boom happy planet (along with low carb, paleo diet & daily 5 mins of interval bike training + walking).

  10. In third week of flu. Working a dull job to pay rent, for which I have to stand outside in the snow for half of every day. Feel appalling. Jupiter, bring it ON!!

  11. Jupiter moving forward in Gemini = Good. I feel like I learned a HUGE lesson last time (I HOPE!) and now understand the whole Jupiter bender… My midheaven is in Gemini conjunct my natal moon (still in the 9th in Sagg) and one million fantastic things happened all at once, like high after high after high! Oh geeze, it was intense, but when one of the initial highs turned out to be more of a burning firecracker in my pocket that I had to let go of, well then came quite a low, which eventually passed, but it was a challenge.

    On top of all of that I was also taking an “abundance” flower essence too… hopefully lesson learned… this time I’m definitely going to moderate!!!

  12. Yay! Clothes already feeling too small. Ready to let the genie out of the too-small bottle and have some fun!

    • I don’t watch these sort of shows, actually, as i don’t believe they represent our very diverse country at all. It is awfully boring and i loathe commercials with a passion. I work with a Gemini who used to be in advertising and she says it’s worse than you think in terms of prejudice, stereotyping and narrow minded decisions.

    • Yeah, Link I’m still cranky about this! Not that I like morning tv but Sunrise will never be seen in this house!

    • Well I don’t watch those shows at all. The mainstream media is a diversion from what is really going on in the world.
      The top % want us upset by sex & violence so we are paralysed into fear/inaction. They make all their $ from war, those shows celebrate war and guilt us into supporting ‘the diggers’. Drawing on antique trauma to justify new traumas.
      Kochie & his ilk aren’t going to challenge the status quo or he wouldn’t be there.
      Like Mille says, don’t look to the tv for a representation of a cultural reality…

    • Wonderful article, and very very true.

      Babies need to fed when they need to be fed. Breast is best if you can manage it and everything is going well. Put the two together and the logic is that breastfeeding mums do not have to answer to anybody especially as Clementine points out, a privileged white male.

  13. Bronchitis has forced me to move forward my three week plan to quit smoking to NOW. My 6th house is so flipping ironic. I’m just getting the other condition under some semblance of control, via some strange healers, including the white witchdoctor. He’s a med doc who does acupuncture that keeps me awake so he does an insomnia point and i’m struggling to stay awake at 8:10pm – he says i’m a Strong Reactor which is common in creative types; i think it’s Neptune in Pisces. He laughed when i told him i wrote all over my remaining cigarettes, all the negative things they do and represent. And he tried not to laugh when i double checked that i wasn’t going to die in my sleep tonight. It feels like Jupiter retro through my late 6th house is telling me to do all the things in my daily 24 hours that make a difference, like NOW, not in three weeks or anything else. Guess this’ll be even better for Jan 30 then. I wondered why Cap physio was talking about my breathing and the whole muscle group thing connected to it…i must have been sick then though i thought i was getting over the virus i had.

    Today i honestly thought about finding a pistol range for some nice guided shooting under close supervision. Instead i’m flat on my back doing some Bear Paw and Tiger Claw moves with my hands. That is how i feel about Jupiter’s creakingly loooooong retrograde. Poor Geminis! By Toutatis, eight days never seemed so long! Shall i pass you a stick of nicotine gum?

    • Face those ciggies down, babe – such a hard addiction to kick, I know only too well. Am I right in remembering you are Mars in Cap and Saturn in Taurus?? Get them on the case…. not to mention all your mutable energy… just reinvent yourself overnight as a non-smoker? πŸ™‚ xx

      • Thank you, Chrysalis. Oh god it’s hard. I had the one i wrote “Immaturity” on. Says it all… i began when i was fourteen. So there are 9. They have terrible things written on them. I’m thinking of the Nine of Wands, with the guy grimacing, holding one of them. Well, i feel stupid for having Immaturity but at least i didn’t do “Holding onto grief”. I’ve just put all the lighters into a bowl of water.

        • Yep – one of the hardest substances to give up so kudos for being determined to give it a bloody good go. And just accept you’re probably going to feel shite for a little while. Can acupuncture help w symptoms / cravings?
          I know you’ve probably heard every suggestion under the sun – I have none, unfortunately, it took me several attempts. In the end the clincher was changing my social group – it just sort of happened – far fewer smokers, and a bloke I had begun to sleep with was a vehement non-smoker. Typical Piscean strategy, right there πŸ™‚

    • Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking book makes giving up smoking an easy and pleasant task. Best $14.99 I ever spent in my life.

      • yes i rememeber it well. used it years ago and was so pleased with the results i gave it to my neighbour

    • Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking book makes giving up smoking an easy and pleasant task. Best $14.99 I ever spent in my life.

      • but you did make me grin then… “easy and pleasant” are you for real, saturnalien?? love it πŸ™‚ i would write that on a cig if i had room but it’s going in the nonsmk notebook. thinking of sketching a cig when i start missing the first one tomorrow and writing that on it might even do cat with alien eyes saying it in speech bubble if room. just had a drumstick and cherry ripe while typing. jove will find me jovial already. knowing my luck i’ll save my lungs and give myself diabetes.

        • “knowing my luck i’ll save my lungs and give myself diabetes”

          πŸ˜† Then you’ll be back on the ciggies.

          • holy jeebus cigs + diabetes = gangrene doesn’t it?? i’ll be like one of those poor suffering sinners in the bible, cursed with leprosy and sores and no feet, getting spat on at temple.

            i’d prefer to look like buddha even before jupiter goes direct. fat with feet is ok!

            • Negative association doesn’t work so well. I know it sounds odd, but you CAN smoke if you WANT to, if it DOES something for you. That’s what the book I read was about – being mindful of what you’re getting from the addiction. I like that way because the negative associations tend to be fear based and nothing makes me want to smoke more than fear.

        • Seriously – READ THAT BOOK!!! Its the same one I recommended. Its weird, but it works. Just give it time.

        • Yeah, negative associations really don’t work. When you start feeling down or negative, you’ll just think, “what da fuque” and have one anyway.

          I don’t know you except for this forum. here’s what worked for me. I just picked a week when I didn’t have much to do and on the first day of that week, I quit cold turkey. Then I spent the rest of the week exercising and pretending I was attending Red Door in the Byron hinterland. I had to keep thinking of myself as the most luscious, deserving goddess who simply couldn’t even countenance cigarettes.

          Warning….years later you will still see people smoking and think “No, really, that is cool and i want to do it regardless of all the consequences.” At this point you have to use strong moral force, like an outraged English nanny who screams “Naughty girl, how pathetic, where is your moral fibre etc etc….”

          I swam a lot. I mean, A LOT. Which both calmed me down and helped my lungs to regain capacity. I really recommend swimming as a good quit technique. Go buy yourself full membership on a monthly basis to some expensive pool. Keep telling yourself that a. the money for ciggies is in the pool membership and b. you want to get the best value which means that you go often and sometimes twice a day. get the right gear. Get beautiful skin cream for putting on afterwards. Get a bath bag, thongs, and a robe. Turn the whole thing into the most pleasant displacement activity ever. PS, added advantages to swimming – nobody can talk to you when you’re under water, nobody can see you, you can think evil thoughts and scream, and when you’re over all of that, it’s just incredibly relaxing. Swimming is meditation for people who can’t sit still (me).

          I won’t say good luck, you don’t need luck. I’ll just say – Gosh you’re a strong, beautiful healthy woman, on your way to becoming ever stronger, more beautiful and healthier! xx

    • I am struggling to fight off a cold. Its been WEEKS. And, yes, I am a cig smoker too. I did quit once – for a few years. I was under the influence of a Saturn return. I read this book called “Easy Way to Stop Smoking.” Sounds bizarre – that reading a book could work – but it really did. After that, I was so confident that I had my addiction under control that I started again – one little innocent cigarette at a time. Ugh.

      Now – I am just trying to be mindful. I want my energy back. I do think something with the astro right now is making lots of people feel low-Qi. Check out the write up on for January. Happy healing. xoxo

    • I don’t go religiously anymore (far from it) nor do I recommend it, but one Bikram session can fix your bronchitis and help with the smoking! I pop in once every 3 months or so after a particularly unhealthy week or when I need to sweat out an illness. Worst case scenario? Just do the breathing exercises in the beginning and take it from there, lie down as needed. Like an extended sauna. πŸ™‚

      • Love Bikram! So cleansing sweating out all those toxins. Would love to get back into it to shake baby weight ( or is that Jupes on my asc?!)

        • I am intrigued! I haven’t tried it yet. i love being warm, hot. I don’t do well in the cold.
          I love yoga but need to build up to this level.

  14. Well, I do hope it happens for the toro/gem I have been chatting about. He had been working so hard on a webbased business and did an amazing job of it. Then in April 2012 it went under the rug. He didn’t want to talk about and I did not pursue but it bothered me that he was not displaying his progress like he did. So I wish him well and look forward to seeing his accomplishments again. I think he is gonna a be a winner with this one!

  15. About bloody time. I’ve done enough forced growth for an army.

    Finally decided last week that I must back myself from here on in, and that if I do, the universe will back me too.

    And voila, Jupiter in Pisces/10th house. please let the work come together.

    Does this include love? a seemingly lost love has returned and its so right.

  16. By Jove!
    Quit my job October 5….
    Been a full-on but lesson-filled hiatus..
    Much self-governed career scheming.

    Can totally feel the chrysalis about to burst open.

  17. Saggi with natal Jupe/Gem combo going on. Been a slog. Details are not worthy of the essay it would take to convey it all and aside from that there is still good, still warmth, love and laughs in between so I had to cultivate a gratitude concept to just get up and keep going. Y’know.. it’s worked overall but f@ck me I need my ruler direct already!!

    • Ola Scorchy! Happy New Year… in advance, let’s say it begins with jove direct. was thinking of you as i cleansed the nuumite the other day. sending love sorry no capitals now eating the end part of drumstick

      • Ola Mille! Happy New Year πŸ™‚

        Hmm, for me it feels like the new year is direct motion and/or Water Snake beginnings yessss πŸ˜‰

        And of course you know chocolate on the fingers is much nice to lick off than ash πŸ˜‰


  18. feel bit relieved i was able to get a little cash for been kept awake for three nites by a lot of geM Men that holiday rented the place next door. They paid for these two gals that had to stand naked and be stared at for three hrs
    then i gave these naked ladies readings and their charts bit saMe
    both had Moon in aq ( like to shock and coMfortable doing it and they both had ven in cancer…not want to do naked work and looking for way out of being exploited by sexist men. One of them kept shifting her feet and it i dont know why yet it reminded me of a wounded animal.
    all the wog men stood in a circle whilst i read her cards
    so strange yet wanted total privacy when they got their stars/cards read!!
    even watched the women get changed again…so sad really
    now the landlords ex partner who is milking him for half of his place etc
    treats me like i am some kind of weird pervert as i have to walk past their bedroom to go to my car the only alternative is to walk past the other tenants window , who smoke bongs and hate it when i did and has a long scary laneway with spiders i not doing it!!!

    .landlord ex had her blinds open and low and behold i saw her friend in a towel ….oh god how terrible and now she is on the phone to toro landlord insisting i use scary exit..
    gee easy to shit peeps of i reckon

    so fucken uptight i think i will go and climb the back fence!!
    i find cap females with a planet or two in scorp to be so controlling in my experience and my aries fuck you does not help i know
    also re- neptune in 11th transiting is so spot on abt last post
    as now of drugs had a surge of popularity so that been healing

  19. The whole China/Japan island fiasco is just ridiculous. It’s like two boys fighting over a toy in the playground. I wish there was a “Mother” power that would just declare the islands the property of no one till the two countries can play nicely. So stupid. China is just throwing its weight around now it has the US by the economic balls. Makes me sick how childish these superpowers are. I say blow the damn islands up so no one gets them.

  20. I read somewhere years ago about countries having signs I think Australia was a Sagg and Japan Virgo maybe I can’t remember China but i reckon how controlling it can be to its people and in the region I’m going to say Capricorn…. Sorry Caps but its your way or the highway right?

    • “your way or the highway right”

      Not a Cap thing. It’s more of a fixed sign thing – Leo or Taurus.

    • Australia if I remember correctly is major Sago/Cap blend. Don’t quote me though.

  21. This Gem Sun could use a break – since last October every seed I have tended gone bust even before a sprout. Jupiter is co-chair of my chart, so it will be interesting to see how things play out.

  22. I have to say I am finally starting to feel ok, almost optimistic even. Had a focused Yod thanks to Pluto and Saturn both inconjunct my Sun/Merc conjunct in Gem (my Mars is in Sagg in opposition to my Sun hence the focused Yod) leading up to the silly season and silly it was, no, actually, it was horrifying at times. I couldn’t leave my house without being the conduit/magnet of merde in some form or another, and sometimes it even came at me in my home. It culminated in a guinea pig incident on Xmas day – my dog got into my friend’s gp cage after lunch at her place and scared the poor thing to death in front of her son – no savaging or mauling, the bugger just keeled over. A mortifying experience for all and sundry but for this Gemini a tage too much. So please, if jolly japes Jupiter can now fix me or improve my lot, I would be more than happy for its conjunction of my Sun at the end of this month – faq knows I could do with it. As a creative writing bod, it’s difficult to keep the bard within in good form when under duress, I truly hope the largest planet in our star system in Gemini puts paid to my cosmic wobbles and gets me back on my golden path.

  23. FUQ YEAH! Jupiter direct COME ON! Every step forward is a step toward Jupiter in Cancer. I got plans: I’m getting fuqing awesome. Yeah! And fuq once more for emphasis.

  24. Funny – when Jupiter last crossed my AC, I was pregnant. How’s that for expansion of self? lol

  25. Gemini Rising here. I’ve lost A LOT of weight. Hope I continue to keep it off as it goes direct.

  26. So, Thanks to Quadrupled, I learned a big step in reading my chart. Looking at my chart now I have Chiron in the 8th (natal) and transitioning the 2nd house. In my mind it seems as though they are directly across from each but they are definitely in opposite houses. SO, to connect these 2 and figure out “how” it might be relating to me I guess I should evaluate my money / self-esteem / resources (2nd) and Sex / Occult and something having to do with Scorpio (8th)..

    The 2nd house definitely has some trigger points. The 8th house.. nada. It’s like I have no feelings of desire at the moment. The light switch is turned “off”… booo… well, I don’t have anyone but just saying.. LOL!!

  27. maybe just a few good carbs? to keep the serotonin levels smooth and skin (not body necessarily) plumped.. xx

  28. re – china / jap current affairs territorial disputes… more pissing on trees, but with big swinging dicks instead

  29. Have had jupiter retro in my 12th, definitely a “long dark night of the soul” scenario since mid-November… and definitely extra dimension added by a death in the family, beloved relative, just a couple of weeks before that started. Hoping the forward momentum also brings soul-ful forward momentum in projects I have to start (now) and finish by end Feb.

  30. Dec-Jan haven’t exactly felt Jupiter-blessed for this Gem. Capricorn was such a bitch to me this month too….all of the sudden I am required to save ALL my money for: new house, new car, new furniture, as well as pay off debt, improve credit, etc. Because landlady is selling my house and I have to move! After 4 years in my lovely, quiet little nest. I was well prepared for this to happen tho in that I knew it was coming. My car has been undrivable for months now, but I couldn’t get approved for a new car loan.
    Cappy making me take a step back and improve all my admin and finances. Yawn. I can see how it’s so necessary tho.
    Am even excited about moving and a new change. Why am I still hanging out in the house I moved into with shitty, critical, narcissistic Leo ex? Even if I did move in the love of my life. Why am I still living in this city full of discarded friends I wish to avoid? Time to leave foolhardy youth behind…I am ready to SOAR.

  31. Hmmm… well the second half of last year was pretty bad in all respects for me… after a positive first half. I became very depressed and fell into self doubt and criticism, the main problem being lack of work and worry about finances, which dragged on, and on.

    In Oct/Nov I started getting a bit more work and the past month has actually been quite good. Now I have a job interview for a job I really, really want… it’s a part time graphic designer job that would solve my money worries and still give me time to do my art (only the second job in two years of job hunting that suits me and that I really want!! Just missed out on the first one last April).

    The interview is on 1st Feb… I will do some research so I can ask intelligent questions and try and get some coaching/encouragement from savvy friends… excited, nervous, and scared to get my hopes up! (They’re interviewing 6 people)

    Dear Jupiter, can you please help me get the job?