Fuq Yeah Jupiter Direct!

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Fuq Yeah Jupiter Direct!

I just literally sent out the Daily Mystic email for Thursday with some good guff on this AND obviously, it’s like a major feature of all the Horoscopes at the mo.

To make up for skipping Leo in the Fixed Sign rant, i’d just like to say that this will be great for the Leo social life (think: Return To Fabulosity) and chances of actually meeting someone sane/valid/relevant/attractive/available in a party context.Β  Leos will also, with a shuddering jolt of their psyche, finally release some randid old relationship residue this month. Or some sort of a nervous tic from the previous era.

If you know your chart, look to where you’ve got 6 Gemini for a good time. It’s really all ON (Jupiter-wise) in April-May though.

Biz, commerce, blow-hardery, enterprise, study, travel, politics, personal dev, debating etc all get a bit louder, faster & more flamboyant now that uber-Jupiter is moving forward again. Watch the media for some crazy press announcements.

Go-go Jupiter Resolutions anyone?

Image: Roy LichensteinΒ  & Die Antwoord

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126 thoughts on “Fuq Yeah Jupiter Direct!

  1. Love Die Antwoord – and was JUST thinking about her hair about 20 minutes ago. Thank you for her! I’ve had a rough day but i s’pose at least i went in to hosp super early when it wasn’t too busy, and i was one of the first to be put through under a brand new triage system. I was going to post earlier about Rising sign indicators and exotic places but today i just encountered lots of doctors w accents and exchanged travel/live abroad stories. As for laughing out loud, it did hurt, but it was one of those moments where i thought this female nurse’s name was Sean, and she cracked up. Then there was trying to invent a manly job title for a male nurse, who came up with some silliness. I was doing my best to channel Maxwell Smart but i was pretty sad most of the day. Next exotic places note: apparently i picked this virus up from someone i was inducting at work fresh off a plane from Eastern Europe.

    When Jupiter hits 10 degrees and is OUT of my 6th house, i hope all the work i’ve put into improving my health starts paying off. Right now he’s EXACTLY opposing natal Jup. Big Daddy-o Zeus Off! He does his last retro moments with a bang, no?

    • Oh Mille, what wonderfully gracious and observant words, but it sounds like this was a tough experience… are you ok hon? xx

      • Oh yes all good, thank you, Chrysalis. Pardon my whinge about it πŸ™‚ You know the toughest part? It is mentioned in the Pisces Dailies…”that dark sort of nameless guilt” that it’s all mind over matter and if i’m not well yet it’s because i’m not trying hard enough.

        Where on earth does the psyche come up this kind of self defeating bs, and why does a reasonable mind let a heart hang on to this??? I think that’s why i hate that diagnosis that each illness is a psychosomatic symptom of soul malaise – it’s corrosive on the part of us that needs acceptance and rest. I don’t rest well when sick, and it’s that driving guilt that i should be a better person then i wouldn’t get sick.

        Zeus, if you’re so big and effective, help me drive this out!!! Saturn – shut up and make yourself effective – be a good teacher – noone ever bitched anyone into learning anything.

        • Oh I get that Pisces, guilt / its all my fault big time Millies…. epic ouchy, self loathing, yesterday… like I could never do anything well ever again… and it wasnt even attached to a real life situation, just old old angst. I asked my higher peops as I was going to sleep to hand it all over and dispose of it and had some wild and symbolic dreams of death and cleansing…. v graphic!!! So heres hoping that clears some of it up hey?
          I hope your feeling better and going gentle on your self lovely one
          xxx (Leo Fish rising)

          • Hey FF I am Pisces w Leo rising and pretty much my whole week has been like that…massive self-guilt over uni. Epic insomnia for days on end. Weirdly I feel better today- Jupiter direct maybe?- despite no sleep.

            • I do just have moments of super gratitude for this forum to meet other peops and see such similarities in their experiences and find out that we’ve got these crazy little planets in common!!! x

          • Thank you, such warm liony love here, both of you.

            Did you find Jupiter lifted things too? I love how our deepest self, who writes the dreams, is wiser than we’ll ever feel awake. How can one not have the deepest core of faith and optimism, even in a really low moment, knowing how much wisdom we actually hold.

            Can you tell i’m a first rank Jupterian (15%), second rank Neptunian (13%) chart? πŸ™‚

            • Jupe did lift things! Yay! But a great reminder as you so eloquently put that there is much wisdom and freedom available in our dreams! xxx Lovely to have other lion fish peops to share the experience x

        • I understand the guilt feeling. You can’t get rid of guilt by guilting. And you certainly didn’t ask to get sick. But you can be compassionate toward yourself and accept as you are. I hope you continue to give yourself the best care and hope for healing for you.

    • New triage system..???? it’s Australasian and not new.I imagine you were diverted through fast tracking. ( Taurus sun/ ascendent… )

      Anyhoos I celebrate your joyful treatment under trying circumstances and wish you a speedy recovery!!!

      • mmm of course not triage!!! what am i saying! it was just a new emergency admin system -yesterday was day one at my local hospital – for better patient flow. Noone mentioned the word fast tracking, but i get why that might be. i could hear all the admin talk along with the medical stuff – it was very Moon in Virgo!

        Thank you for your good wishes. Every time i deal with emergency staff i have to say they are pretty funny, even though they often look a bit wide eyed at some of my remarks.

        • bless you Mille big *hug* and hope you feel well soon – and if you’re sick, you’re sick, its not your fault – glad you post about it and good to have a chance to send best wishes πŸ™‚

  2. Well I’m Leo Rising, and interesting enough, an unplanned trip to the creek to cool off resulted in a very interesting conversation with a couple who had so many similarities with myself and my partner it was freaky! We lived a stone’s throw away in neighboring suburbs at our previous addresses, both couples were interracial with one Asian and one Australian, both couples only just recently moved up to the very same suburb and we are now only a couple of houses apart! It was a very pleasant conversation and one that I haven’t had in a long, long time and we all very much enjoyed it.

    And 6 Gemini is in my 11th house. Go figure.

    Social reboot? Yes indeed!

    Am hoping that the Jupiter Direct vibes will also help with business, marketing and writing! *crosses fingers*

  3. eventually im going to see that one girl im basically in love with passing by, and im going to do something about it, never felt so ready

  4. Its magically summer in annoying weather land ( north eastern of North America generally. ) It smells and feels like summer all of the sudden. It wont last forever, but it really came in with jupiter direct. I believe it!

    Its really all happening for teh leos huh? I have mars in leo and my hairs been looking good… its working for me, too.

  5. I LOVE Jupiter. He aspects all of my personal planets in a friendly way. (except Mars – a square from Aqua.) I feel that this 12th house forwards shift in energy will help me find the buoyancy and joy I need to complete some things that ground to a halt in early October.

    • same Pi – I really felt it this morning and its well aspected in my chart too – thing with jupiter, even squares seem positive!

      • Me too! Actually really vibing more expansive today, getting more done. Jupiter natally trines Mercury and my Moon – he’s like a good friend (plus Jupe rules my 7th thru Saggi!).

        Happy Jove Direct guys. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh man, I love Yolandi & “rich bitch” was my pissed-off stripper anthem. Weird times this week, I’m finally seeing avenues towards potential career awesome but simultaneously missing that phase of my life.

    Weird facts: most strippers I worked with were either Aries, Scorpio, or Aquas (we had a few girls who were right next to my birthday). And I never worked with a Taurus, ever!

      • That’s too hilarious! I’ve noticed of my friends that do strip, they are either Aries or Scorpio (female) and Aqua (male)! Amazing!

    • That life is pretty irreplaceable and not one all people get to explore. Of course you miss it. I miss a lot about past times, places and people that i would not care to revisit, but occasionally think i would. It’s a sexy buzz, a risky sizzle of danger, a different energy and confidence in the people around you, brittle and warm differently from other common places. That’s for me, anyway, and even the loveliest people in my life cannot replicate the relationships i had back then.

  7. I don’t have anything at 6 Gemini, but I do have Neptune at 7 Sagittarius. Ugh. I am under too many outer planet transits right now. I’m not very impressed by Jupiter in Gemini. Just saying.

  8. 6 degrees in Gemini is my 8th house. I guess my moon in Leo can be included in this announcement? Interesting.

    I am feeling low right now so I hope something exciting comes of this! xo!!

      • What are your placements in your chart. I always find it interesting when people are similar and how current energies provide the same result.

    • PS: are there still some drama queens in action out there.. sheesh after just about an hour ago. Delete, delete, delete.. I can’t stand drama!

  9. Jupiter return. πŸ™‚
    resolution? umm. maybe use it to handle with a little more dignity the crushing, grinding transit of Saturn square my Venus. πŸ™

  10. 6 Gem is my ascendant.

    I’ve been looking forward to Jupiter direct. I have a job interview (yes, another one) tomorrow (Thursday). Current job is not working out. It’s only been 2 months here but when something isn’t work, it’s just not working.

    The interview is for a ocean and wildlife conservation foundation and my midheaven is in pisces conjunct with Neptune at the moment. This feels right or I’m being utterly delusional about this position (yet again). Hope for the former and that I get this job.

    So nervous/excited, don’t think I’ll be able to sleep a wink tonight. I’m already planning what to wear to the interview and going over questions to ask the interviewer πŸ™‚

  11. so this morning [as in maybe 2 hours ago?] i had a dream that i was walking with a friend at night and i kept pointing to the sky. because: first i saw what i thought was bright orange venus going by really quick? peripherally?
    THEN i was staring at some massive thing with black and white stripes, stnading still. i told my friend “hey look theres jupirt!” we watched and the moon was passing right by it… going up and down! but directionally to the right and much quicker. then jupiter started rotating much slower and backwards. and i could make out the black and white raggedy[lol planet looking?] stripes spinning, it was really beautiful. i don’t know if jupiter ever stopped or went forward again though, like it actually did, lol. also moon was/is conjunct my natal sunmars so could be why the moon was a distinct and rather bouncy feature… heh.

    btw, i absolutely love yo-landi. and die antwoord!!! she is so bad ass, shes an aqua [w aries moon] and as i have NN in aqua, she’s as close to a role model as my aqua energy may possibly want to aspire to. its just that shes SO original and weird, and also with such a total ‘kiss my ass if you dont like it cuz i love it!’ attitude which i have and love also. πŸ˜€

  12. Team Jupiter Here,

    Jupiter Conjunct IC
    Jupiter Conjunct Venus
    Jupiter Conjunct Mars
    Jupiter Square Asc

    Coming up in May – Jupes conjunct Moon

    So far so good…

      • Hello You Saucy Minx !
        So, with Jupes on my Moon, Must mean you’re coming up for Jupes on your Sun in May … WooHoo ! xxx

          • Coor Blimey BGemmie,
            Lucky You !!!

            Hey speaking of amazing Gem’s with Pisces Rising, I wish our TwinFish would pop back, i have been thinking of her the past few days …

            Happy Friday ! xxx

    • This will be me come June 26 (my bday). Jupiter in cancer will conjunct my sun, Venus, and mercury. Gosh, I can’t wait.

      Cosmic, how is the transit going for you?

      • So far so good, it’s all in the start of the 4th house…It;s turned into a training zone for ”Tough Mudder” in October … Ropes about to be put up in the yard, to scale and balance on … 2 children now at school full time (woohoo) , things getting taken to Op Shops left right and centre … emptying the nest, getting a lean house, and lean body hopefully ! …Started getting up at 5.03am (8 being lucky in Chinese!) and doing laps of the local oval/football field with the dog 5 mornings a week….mission mode…
        What house will your big Jup transit hit ?

        • CF, that all sounds amazing. I love being able to sort things out and progress.

          My transit is in the 1st house and I can only hope that it goes somewhat well, because Gem Jup in the 12th and 1st have been a little tiring.

          Kataka Jupiter will be conjunct my Sun, Venus, and Mercury .

          Gem Jupiter in my 1st house is pushing upheaval of all sorts. It’s making me want to start a million things at once. A month ago I wanted to end a long (2 years) loving relationship just to “see other people”. No real reason, just curiosity. Glad I overcame that.

          While Gem Jupiter was in retro I was practically sedentary and gained 10 lbs.

          Lately have been dying to change jobs just because I find myself utterly bored with the current and I don’t care for the people much. Nothing wrong with them per se but I am craving social connections at the workplace and literally no one speaks to each other for 7 straight hours here. Sometimes when I walk out of the building at the end of the day I feel a need to scream just to remind myself that I have a voice.They all have grudges from petty slights several years ago and the culture just reeks of bitterness. I’ve only been here for two months but find it all intolerable. That and the fact that they seem rather fixed on making me the scut monkey that does all sorts of meaningless and tedious tasks.

          Not to mention Saturn return is going on and Pluto is opposing my sun for seemingly forever. It’s like everything is happening all at once and it’s constantly exhausting and slightly scary. Oh, and can’t forget about Neptune hanging out on my mideheaven.

          A girl just wants some satisfying stability.

          Sorry for such a long response/ astro rant!

  13. True for this lion sun domiciled in my 11th (square saturn, trine mars, sextile midheaven) & Jupiter 1st (conjunct pluto/uranus, trine midheaven, sextile mars, square venus) house! My awesome is so on right now and friendships are firing back up all over the place, creating so many amazing opportunities. This Leo is BACK, baby! πŸ˜€

  14. Thought about ex-lover all weekend and reasoned with myself that it was just the full moon a little too close to my Mars. Then BAM he texts me on Tuesday… As though he didn’t just get into his car and drive out of town two weeks ago. Selfish Prick even asked some questions that touched a little close to my heart that he already knew the answer to: must’ve needed an ego boost.

    I wish I could ignore the daily Mystic and not think of this as my “omen”… Actually. I went to bed super early last night and missed the direct time. Have been majorly tired and have been thinking that my sleep health might be the omen to my Future Awesome. I’m starting to think I’m developing chronic fatigue.

  15. Jupiter is conjunct my Midheaven in Gemini right now and I am going to continue to milk it for all it’s worth! It totally feels like a time of fully getting into the groove of setting up life and cashflow! Also I start back at Uni in a few weeks and am in my last year, studying Marketing, which is all about communication! My plan is to shine as bright as I can, pave my path as much as I can and own it! πŸ™‚

    Here’s to Jupiter Direct!

  16. Always love Yolandi and die Antwoort. Respect!

    Saggi rising here so loving the prospect of Jupiter going direct. But 6 Gemini, this is opposite my Neptune and North Node in the 12th house conjunct Ascendant. Won’t this act as a brake on me, even while Sagg Asc is happy for free flow again? Have been feeling the brakes recently in my photography (12th house Neptune) career (NN).

    Saw my acupuncturist today and have bit of Qi stagnation. No shit – ruler of my chart stagnation more like… !!

    So Jupiter going active on my descendant & opposite my Nept/NN/Asc – will it keep me further stalled? (sighs with further qi stag frustration!)

  17. OMG my fave mystic magic and my fave band!! Happy jupiter direct INDEED…..

    Totally fuq the last week – hello??!! I mean goodbye!!

  18. really felt it waking up this morning and that was most welcome! yay! its been going back and forth over my IC since last July – might do some more research on that later today. hmmm.

  19. PS just signed up for one of the Feng Shui consults for Mystic subscribers – very exciting as I’ve never had this done before…

    • I did the same and got my report last week! Very interesting stuff. It’s really got me caring about my house again, which I haven’t in the longest time. Good luck with it! x

      • I got a full consult from Liz Wiggins last year and I can honestly say that it was worth every cent. We’ve sealed up the money leaks in our house and improved our relationship, which is what I wanted. The extra creativity, calmness and joy has just been a bonus !! Highly recommended – in fact, I’ve got to get my yearly top up from her πŸ˜€

  20. haha that’s great that you included us Leos in this post to “make up” for skipping us last time. The omission only made me question whether or not Leos were fixed signs like I thought.

    Am ecstatic to see that Leos’ “chances of actually meeting someone sane/valid/relevant/attractive/available in a party contex” are good, but only because 10 days ago I had a brief meet-cute (my 1st in years!) after a concert with a nice guy who turned out to be well-read and unique. Only problem is we could never work unless I get serious about moving more than 600 km to one of my “dream” cities, where he lives.

    regarding the topic at hand, Jupiter is ON my Chiron, and 4 degrees away from my NN. i need to do some digging to figure that out, but the 1st thing that comes to mind is that i should use my role as a nurse (healer) to reach out to people so that i can heal & grow.

    Also have to marvel at how eerily accurate the oracle is! it said for me to check on my progressed moon i never have before, and lo & behold, found out mine has JUST entered my 2nd house. it’s well into aquarius too (i’m natally cap moon) so that revelation was a big deal to me. so many things learned!

  21. yippeee.

    I have Saturn at 0 degrees Gemini and Venus at 13 degrees Gemini both in 9th house….. looking forward to the venus transit. Then Jupiter will be all over my sun, moon and mercury in first two degrees of cancer. This can only be good?

  22. 2nd house, so I’m hoping Yolandi is on the money. Love Die Antwoord! There’s a hilarious twitter war between those guys and Lady Gaga.

  23. I’m a double Sag (sun and moon) and Gem Asc. Jupiter is FINALLY going direct in my 12th–going to go over my part of fortune again. After letting my back heal (neither me nor my chiropractor can figure out what I did to hurt myself soooo bad. lol) and sitting around the house for a month and a half, I’m totally ready for the Jupiter direct.

    • Good god, double Sag w Gem Rising – sitting at home for a month and a half must have been sheer hell for you. Enjoy your health and Jupiter πŸ™‚

  24. Yay for Jupiter direct in my 10th, although he will continue squaring my sun et al for a while. I will welcome the forward movement in my 10th, along with any omens the universe may care to fling my way. I don’t know if I’m any good at reading/recognising them, tho’. I think I see stuff all the time but it hasn’t come to anything concrete. Maybe it’s a long game and I am too impatient.

    • perception is such an elusive event, and then its sometimes hard to distinguish an opportunity from a test

  25. OMG OMG, so Jupiter goes direct, and the dailies said something about getting an opportunity to use your talents in the raddest way possible…..and suddenly I get this AMAZING performing arts job offer. STOKED!!!! Hello long-time dream come true!!

  26. AAAGHHHHH Die Antwoord is NOT what I need before I’ve had my 3rd coffee πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Fatty Boom Boom breaks me out in goosebumps – there’s something post-apocalyptic, feral, totally chaotic about them that make my lizard brain want to run for the fallout shelter.

    But apart from that, all good. Am using hypnosis to reshape my life: quite literally.

    But no more Die Antwoord. I’m working on my lucid dreaming and don’t want THEM turning up in ANY of my dreams !

    • He heh i would love to rock up in a dream for an adventure with Yolandi, or more likely for me, AS Yolandi.

  27. Ooh and Jupiter just went direct in my 10th. Sextile my Mars, Venus and Moon. Squaring Pluto and Chiron. And Trining my ascendant.

    Good thing I’m planning on selling my Art this year πŸ™‚ Gonna need a bucketload of luck.

  28. Whoo-hoo, Jupiter direct!
    My area was smashed by ex-cyclone Oswald last Sat.
    I only got power back yesterday (in a community that only relies only on tank water this means no running water or toilet facilities) yet many in my community are still without and have to use community centers. There has been no work or school all week and one Hell of a clean-up.
    Must admit I’m counting my blessings today and even feeling a little lucky…

    • Warmest wishes to you from Washington, DC. I hope everything gets sorted out for you and yours ASAP!

    • Lots of love, Zai, and so glad you’re safe. Ah, the basics. We forget until something happens. I try to remind myself to love my running water as often as possible, and the “finger of god” – the lightswitch. I don’t know why i do this, or at least i just can’t recall exactly when and why i had to go without but it’s hard to forget.

      • Thanks M, yep I’m def a gal that loves all the comforts of home! In a way it is good to be reminded of how lucky we are to live in an age of mod-cons. I too give thanks daily, but it was kinda cool to be reminded of how grateful I am for the smallest things we often take for granted – a flushing loo is music to my ears, and a scrubbed body and clean washed hair….sublime, ooh and sitting down to my computer with a cup of steaming coffee…bliss…the list goes on and on.
        It was pretty post Apocalypse-y, even no mobile, felt very isolating. We sat in my car listening to emergency radio when it passed – our only contact with the outside world.
        Was half expecting zombie sightings…

            • We were rather lucky (as I live on a Mountain) so I only lost a gum tree and the contents of my garage – flooded when my driveway turned into a fast running creek!

        • Gosh that does sound lonely and scary. And thank you for not taking my comment the wrong way, as in implying you’re not grateful/mindful or anything. I only had a night of no power and i had (cold) running water. The grid sections meet near me so even tho not too well i was able to go out in the storm and get some news from the shop owners in the same boat but go next door to eat. It was weird.

          Flushing as music to your ears πŸ˜† and expecting zombies O_0

  29. jupe direct on my lilith as lilith is on my jupiter! and i thought this retrograde was going to be nothing. OMG. such deep healing of self-worth it’s been. and finally this week the most profound sense of freedom and liberation- for the first time in my adulthood i do not have to, nay, WILL NOT, caretake an emotionally unstable man. i can’t believe i held onto such a crap habit for so long!

    and yolandi. it’s so funny. i was asked a few weeks ago after i chopped my bangs if i was going for a look like hers, and while i laughed it off at the time, it’s been percolating. yesterday i found a fab stylist and made an appointment to get a modified version of… yes, her hair. it’ll be the first time i’ve been to a salon in 15 years, and i’ve never been professionally colored before. stoked!! and losing the glasses friday- i no longer feel the need to prove my intelligence to the world. baby steps, but steps! yay!!

  30. I’ve got a job interview at 10am tomorrow. For a job I REALLY want!! A rare part time graphic designer job that will pay enough to live on modestly and allow me time to study and do art!!! I’m feeling pretty confident, but Jupiter direct can only help.

    Please Jupiter, help me get the job!!! Thankyou very much!

  31. I will only allow Jupiter to expand my hearts capacity to love and feel loved, not my weight, to expand and increase my income, not my expenses, to increase the fun and joy, not the sadness, to increase and expand my time for play,…. Yes yes yes

  32. Here’s to Jupiter DIRECT – I finally got the electric restored to my home in Seaside Heights, New Jersey USA, ground zero for Hurricane Sandy in October (when Jupiter went retrograde, hello) AND I CAN NOW GO HOME. An open & shut textbook case of a giant planet moving – or so it seems to me!!

  33. Congrats! I can’t believe it has taken so many months, but I am happy you finally get to go home.

  34. hi there! what if i have chiron at 6deg gemini, 10th house?

    (*sun&venus in taurus, moon&asc in leo)

  35. Now Jupiter goes direct. I had a strange sensation that started happening since it went retrograde: parts of me felt like they were dragging like a broken muffler. Now I know why.

    In my natal chart, Jupiter squares my Mars and it hasn’t been a particularly bad aspect. I wonder if a natal planet is affected when something happens in current transits even though it wasn’t affecting my Mars. I just found that I really dragged with Jupiter retrograde…

  36. Ok.. I think I gave wrong planet positions for me before

    Virgo Sun
    Libra Rising
    Leo Moon
    Jupiter in the 8th / natally in my 9th
    True Node is natally in my 8th at 7 degrees
    Mars natally in my 1st house / now in 4th just about climb over to the 5th on the 3rd of Feb.
    Saturn / Chiron in my 5th / Neptune and Chiron hanging around

    [quietly saying “help”].. LOL!! xo!

    Umm.. why am I wanting to go hide and just cry. So emotional! Maybe PMS.. Such bad timing for it if Jupiter is suppose to make things happen with excitement.. bummer!

    • No, not really. It’s not always exciting. Jupiter just expands what’s already there.

      I’m over Jupiter. Give me Saturn ANY day. At least Saturn rewards if you work hard. You know where you stand with Saturn.

      So if you have natal Jupiter in 9th. That means Jupes is heading towards a conjunction with whatever planet is there. 9th house is travel, philosophy, higher learning etc. All things related to Saggo, as it’s the Saggo house. See what happens when it gets there.

  37. Things continue to break. Most recently, the sunroof rails of my car drained rain water directly into the electronics hub in the trunk. German engineering = shadenfreude. Borrowing my ex-father-in-law’s car for the week as he’s out of the country. My daughter’s happy cause there’s seat warmers in the back.

    Anyway – the only astro event I can tie everything breaking to is …Jupiter direct? I spent the retro months decluttering and revamping. Spent a lot of money on redoing wardrobe and moving back into my home. Kind of first time moving in although I didn’t move – I made it me post divorce. Feels right. Then, its like all these problems (heat/water/transport) to push home the message that I am not in control, really, no matter how hard I work/plan. Shit happens. None of the repairs have been as bad as I thought. Insurance will cover my car. Its weird how much broke within a week, but also weird that I don’t really care. Whatever. Got to do what you got to do.

    If I can stay with the “shit happens” vibe, I think I’ll ride the year of the water snake nicely. The message got driven home so strongly in the past few weeks. I do think its showing the energy of the year to come, which will be full of the unexpected.

      • Yeah – I am manifesting my life. Its funny. I’ve felt like a super hero of breaking things. Last week, I was out of the office most of the time. The one day I made it in, a pipe burst in the building and the elevators flooded. LOL!

        The message I got in these problems is that they are not so much problems but experiences and everyone has to deal when the unexpected happens. Plans change.I can’t articulate it – but its a big shift toward applying my desires to myself, my life, and withdrawing from controlling the outer stuff. Not every minor thing that goes wrong is a catastrophe. I feel like I should be more stressed about it than I was, but things are fine. Some things take longer than I’d like. The issues I’ve felt urgency around aren’t urgent, they are just things that need to get done.