Dayglo Saggo Moon

Sagittarius Moon zinged up by Mars in Aquarius…a ten day phase of Venusian Voodoo starting any moment…Untold planets in Gemini + Capricorn making us fluent, multi-faceted, avaricious and ludicrously resourceful…what’s not to like?

And you know, the Saggo Moon is always excellent for Radical Candor – even if it is purely between you and your impossible to decipher secret diary. Keep your outside attitude breezy and your mood high in light-hearted (cos you have no baggage and thus travel light) haute hipoy way…

Image: Playgirl Magazine via Sighs & Whispers

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46 thoughts on “Dayglo Saggo Moon

    • My heart drips tears for the animals at lear peoples have cars to make a getaway. All those sweet ghekkos lost.
      Yet regeneration after fires is something to behold.

    • Heart goes out to everyone affected….been very lucky so far in SE QLD crazy when Tassie is hotter than Brissie

      • My prayers were answered when the Tassie fire missed my parents house by kilometres. She was in hospital at the time so anxious time for her but all good now. More prayers now to all those affected everywhere including my brother outside of Canberra who is on high bushfire alert.

        What does the astro say about all this destruction?

  1. Damn. Must be the Saggo in me … but i *love* those pants. Actually, everything about the photo. :)

      • Just the best pic!! I want to go out and buy a pair just to wander the trails in (with my ass!! lol) Totally satisfying my Neptune in Sag on my MC (colours perfect and all!)

        In other news my niece was born before the moon went into sag. pluto conjunt mer venus, sun AND mars all in Cap… pluto and merc squaring uranus of course and mars squaring saturn in scorp….. What an deep eloquent little hell raiser she is going to be!!! SO glad I’m on board her journey!!!

    • Ditto!!

      No Sagg but wearing a pair right now (like her’s not the donkey’s).

    • I’ve given up hope. All this Venusian voodoo that is going around for years now hasn’t panned out for me. I love my daughter but …sex life = nonexistent

      • Yeah, I gave up too. I had sex….. “like they do on the discovery channel”. But, I want some beautifully Venusian (and reciprocal would be nice too).

        Had my lovely tarot reader give me a 2013 read… I had the Star and the nine of cups. If I don’t hope and wish with those cards – well that would be giving up!!!

        Hey, part of my wish is for some action for you too 😉

      • Its Mystics term for cosmic weather that supports soul mating (or the temporary illusion of it). “Technically” I think its when Venus makes lots of aspects, particularly if there is some Venus-Neptune action going on in the skies. MM knows better…

  2. After the saturn square which felt like the 7 dwarfs of weird emo a blast of day-glo hippy shake is just what the cosmic dr ordered.
    My own Sag moon is somewhat deflated and frazzled from warding off the yuletide rampant consumerism, the Mayan apocalypse and the Plutonic full moon.
    Can I just say HELL YEAH!
    an fanks darlin

  3. Love this MM

    “Keep your outside attitude breezy and your mood high in light-hearted (cos you have no baggage and thus travel light) haute hipoy way…”

    Going on the wall!

  4. All I am feeling is the flu. Had a dream last night that I was looking at my astro chart and Chiron and Neptune were on my DC. They aren’t in real life. But I have had Chiron opposite Venus for over a year and have Neptune square Neptune opposite Venus coming up. I had it’s like the antidote to my natal Venus-Neptune square. As you can see, not quite living in the moment. Nonetheless, tips on how to deal with Neptune transits appreciated.

    • Hi,

      Hope that flu is gone soon!
      Bach Flower Remedy Sweet Chestnut got me back on land when Neptune dragged me out in the undertow.Neptune moved across my 4th and brought- Grief. Overwhelm. Anxiety, all the textbook stuff. I took Sweet Chestnut with Rescue Remedy.

      Presto- I am cleaning/pitching the past and my house like crazy. Like I woke up from a bad spell. Maybe it’s Saturn on my Scorpy Asc but its been great. I’m refining the physical space. Singing sacred music. My Neptune’s in Scorp in my 12th conjunct Jupiter and the Moon. All my girlfriends are social workers. Really!

      Good luck! My bonds with women improved considerably- especially the ebb and flow of energy exchange.

      Watch for food sensitivities- gluten, dairy, molds etc. I discovered gluten was a big culprit.

      Enjoy the journey! Maybe you ‘ll start channeling!

    • ‘I used to dream sex
      I used to dream dope
      Now i dream light
      Thank god there’s still hope’.

      A ‘lo’l from a book called “God Jokes’. It had brilliant art work
      in it, alas lost somewheres in the jungles of SE Asia.

    • Wondered if i looked like the donkey in my exercise daks today, post xmas, you know…

      …didn’t really care once i had them on though…suddenly all the tired crankiness lifted and i was ALL SMILES…i smiled and sweated all the way through exercise class (especially when someone broke wind – twice!)

      this Sag Moon loves Sag Moon too 😀

  5. counting days the hours and minutes until venus rights herself again. i’m blaming the void venus [venus is the ruler of my sun, moon, in 1st house] for the past 2 days of very bad hair, very bad mood, insomnia, physically depleated.

  6. Saggo moon was just fabulous – really felt an immediate easing of tension.

    Venusian Voodoo always welcome

  7. Went to the gym to work out my low level fritzy energy, listening to Death Grips. Working on more tax crap.

  8. I keep wondering when the cut-off time (so to speak) is for my wearing of faded jeans & long hair. Forget the donkey, my horse is winged & feathered up.

    Sagg Moon & rad candour?Since Xmas have extricated myself from the Body Guru due to loss of interest, different mind sets, standards, ethics & his outstanding faith that the universe will deliver, while he’s at the beach, so add differing time frames to the above as well. But most of all, impinging on my independence and that’s worthy of not only a tongue lash but another type that’s used on stubborn donkeys.
    Men, truly. I don’t want to be around when whatever universe he thinks will deliver does so :-)
    Loss of faith? No loss in the hip pocket along with hips that needed no loss, having far more class than ass.
    Venus in Cap 12, my secret life has a secret life.
    Where DID i put those thigh high boots? Fuq thigh chi, beating up men til they beg for mercy just MAY be the way to go.
    ‘I love the sound of breaking glass’.

    • You’re having a Venus return Pegs!! But will you notice if it’s in the 12th? :)

    • Why would you ever grow to old to be yourself?!? Faded jeans sound right!

      Venus in 12th house Cap sounds like fun. I seriously pondered – and still do from time to time – getting paid to beat some guy for money. Seems like ritualized dating. I like to get to the point and not waste time :-)

  9. I can finally count the number of daily transits on one hand so I chosen to use this gift wisely. Shed industrial, punk, electronica, the spacey pychedlic LSD tripping bluesy rock for Chopin. Let it rip 9th house. you and me.

  10. An astro question or an observation i just found on bringing up my natal chart with transits is my Venus is sitting right between Mercury & Pluto right now that’s a bit of a kaypow, in captials perhaps.
    A little triangle.
    Saturn in coming onto Chiron’s placement in Scorpio natal chart.
    Flux, i’m in Flux, a where will i direct my energy now that i have had a taste of being in public by fullfilling my Neptune Moon conjunct 10th.
    This is where astrology is really going to help me with next incarnation by following the heavenly signs, hmmm?
    The going to the Barrier Reef and managing a spa in a luxury hotel, just supervision & test piloting the therapists, trying out the new products for quality control.
    ‘How to get to the top of your profession?’
    ‘Invent your own’

    • Sounds like you have a plan!!

      What house is where you have natal Saturn? How about natal Chiron?

      I’ve been reading a bit about both. How they are restrictive – that is they carry old wounds. But where Saturn is tied to our sense of time/responsibility, Chiron is more tied to the Uranian time. Anyway, the theory is there is something similar to their energy. Hope you can make that work for you!

  11. He…he..he..awsome…I have a saggo friend who was always threatening to get a donkey and go bush…….I am going to send her this pic…….and she is an ol’ hippy to boot…….I know it is referring to a sagg moon….I think she too would appreciate the jeans the donkey is wearing……:)