D.I.Y Astro: Chateau Pluto

One aspect of Pluto that it is always worth looking at is when Pluto changes houses – yes you need your chart to look at this.

When Pluto changes Houses, there is often a sort of crystallization of all that has gone on and been learned during the process of Pluto through that house. Given that the Transformation-Planet tends to take over a decade to traverse a house, this can be quite profound.

And if you think about the themes of that house (see The Houses category in the drop-down menu on the right for more on each House and what it means) and how they have evolved during the time Pluto was there – VOILA, major insights, perspective and realization that you’ve been rebirthed. Pluto right at the end of the House is around about where you burp up any meconium and maybe cry a bit to exercise your lungs lol.ย 

In 2013, Pluto is between 8 and 11 degrees of Capricorn – so if you have a House Cusp anywhere near those points (eg; my 12th House cusp is 13 Cap) you’re doing this too.

Oh and all right, even if Pluto is nowhere NEAR the end of one of your Houses but you’re feeling it or have something strong going on 8ish to 11ish degrees of Capricorn, this is your forum to share rebirthing tips.

Image: Archeologists Of Shadows

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182 thoughts on “D.I.Y Astro: Chateau Pluto

  1. Hardcore Pluto fatigue. Too tired to even contribute and kind of rational, non swearing based advice or comment.

    • i don’t think rationality or lack of swearing are prereqs for posting here! xoxox

      • haha, do you know how many drunken posts I’ve done over the years full of cuss words and I rarely swear in person…lol

        • Ha ha! I know! Me too. I’m just on a different schedule (time wise) from everyone else these days so I feel like I come here, blurt my stuff and don’t have enough time to contribute before things move on or there’s 9’000 comments!!!

          Had Pluto on the ASC, square actually, yuk. Just backed off but now it’s hitting my Venus, with the exact same sitch. Tired. A Pluto zombie and I’m Plutonic within myself, transforming and phoenixing is the name of my game but this is to much. Especially with Uranus following the same path in a conjunction, ASC then an opposition to my Venus. Come back Saturn, all is very much forgiven!

  2. For a minute there, I thought maybe you were talking about Pluto in a progressed chart. I must admit, this has been a little more daunting than Pluto squaring my Moon by transit…

    • Pluto progressed from my 4th house to my 3rd. It has changed the main women in my life (4th house) AND guiding/father-figure men in my life (10th house).

      Sister and mother: significant health problems. One with gyne probs associated with age. The other, sudden death is a very real possibility due to her health condition.

      Beloved, guiding grandfather died (10th house) along with a mentor who was on the same page.

      At least when I cry lately (not excessively mind you, but when it happens), it’s from missing and remembering those who have passed instead of life’s trivialities. And, I feel stronger for the little things not moving me nearly as much.

      • Strange I didn’t think of it immediately- when Pluto crossed my 4th house cusp my parents got divorced and my sister got cancer and later died. And then I got divorced. It’s been a rough 6 years, but I am stronger at my core now.

  3. Pluto is currently in my 5th and has been there for a few years, the cusp of my 5th is 24 Sag so as far as I can work out he’s been in my 5th since the end of 2005/beg 2006. In this next year or two I’ll have Pluto transiting my Cap conga line of moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno-Vertex…
    Pluto’s retrograde through the end of my 4th coincided with a major physical illness which led me to therapy where I finally dealt with my family-of-origin issues once and for all. It was hell at the time but such a valuable experience and central to the (better) person I am today. Pluto was obviously determined to get me one way or the other ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve also seen the might of Pluto at work in my bestie’s life. Within days of Pluto transiting into her 6th, she collapsed with a brain aneurism that almost killed her. Apparently she was born with it, and it could have happened at any time. She is 100 per cent well now and better than ever, but as you’d imagine this was a trigger for a lot of other powerful changes.
    In my 5th now, well I’m not so sure. I think all my fantasies about what it means to be a creative practitioner have been dismantled one by one. Brutal process of stripping down to bare bones, but ultimately liberating.
    Interestingly according to my transit chart I have no ‘difficult’ aspects at the mo from transiting outer planets. Pluto is making sextiles and Saturn is making trines. I have all this power available. My challenge is to flick the switch to ‘on’.

    • 5th house is also the house of ROMANCE, Chrysalis, and i would say you’ve been dismantled there for better things to come x

      • Oh fuq yes Mille, I forgot about 5th house and romance!! Shows you where my head’s been at ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the reminder xx

  4. I’ve had Pluto transit my 1st house, now it’s toward the tail end of 2nd and what a hell of a fuqing journey thus far. Looking back, when Pluto was on my Ascendant was when I first tasted liberation of sorts, the authentic friends, the authentic environment, as an escape from “home”.

    Pluto goes into my 3rd house late January 2015, and I can feel some of the things brewing, esp. siblings and communication.
    I’m in no rush re: both, and am taking the time in cutting off the association with a half-sibling, esp. since with our “family” (for lack of a better word) there are many, many tangents, layers, secrets, which I’ve been uncovering ever since I was 9 years old. The few people who know some of the details thought it was like a soap opera, even a psychologist remarked that it was complex (really? I thought all your clients’ things were complex)
    It’s like, enough already, I already told the Multiverse the buck stops with me, all the lies a la family tradition (parents – in the biological sense – not acting like adults, abandoning their responsibilities, not communicating with each other hence kids were/are caught in the cross fires, etc, fuqing grow up none of you were in high school and yet continue/d to act like it, etc.) and I’ve given ‘it’ what I can, and there’s a difference btw giving up and knowing when you’ve had enough, and I’ve had enough. I’ve been true to my word, and the buck has stopped with me, all that fuqing mud, excrement, blood, tears, lies, more deliberate lies, I’ve been unearthing them all and deconstructing the flimsily built house of identity from back then, and now at the bottom of it all I finally have my gleaming, new solid foundation, replacing the old one, and I’m slowly building my new solid house, on top of the new, totally my own solid foundation.

    My values have been morphing, as befits Pluto Pluto-ing through one’s 2nd house, and I’m more than ok with who I am, and that includes who I do and don’t want in my life, esp. as I’m taking my time adding the flesh and bones to the newly rebirthed me.
    When Pluto enters my 3rd house, I’m open to the positive power in my communications. Not that my comms has been fake, coz my Scorp rising would hate to look at herself in the mirror at that, but there’s pride in knowing I’ve held on to my integrity, even when I thought there would be no payoff, or that no one would know but me.

    I’ve always been a believer of “I’d rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I’m not” – now even more than ever. Bullies can fuq off, rude mannerless disrespectful people can fuq off, energy vampires can fuq off, I decide who is and isn’t worth my time communicating and spending my time with.