D.I.Y Astro: Chateau Pluto

One aspect of Pluto that it is always worth looking at is when Pluto changes houses – yes you need your chart to look at this.

When Pluto changes Houses, there is often a sort of crystallization of all that has gone on and been learned during the process of Pluto through that house. Given that the Transformation-Planet tends to take over a decade to traverse a house, this can be quite profound.

And if you think about the themes of that house (see The Houses category in the drop-down menu on the right for more on each House and what it means) and how they have evolved during the time Pluto was there – VOILA, major insights, perspective and realization that you’ve been rebirthed. Pluto right at the end of the House is around about where you burp up any meconium and maybe cry a bit to exercise your lungs lol. 

In 2013, Pluto is between 8 and 11 degrees of Capricorn – so if you have a House Cusp anywhere near those points (eg; my 12th House cusp is 13 Cap) you’re doing this too.

Oh and all right, even if Pluto is nowhere NEAR the end of one of your Houses but you’re feeling it or have something strong going on 8ish to 11ish degrees of Capricorn, this is your forum to share rebirthing tips.

Image: Archeologists Of Shadows

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182 thoughts on “D.I.Y Astro: Chateau Pluto

  1. Pluto has just moved passed my midheaven at 7 deg Cap. Have definitely been to the underworld and back with my packed 9th house and years of on-off university study. Learned hell of alot, that’s for sure.
    Here’s hoping career awesome is on the horizon!

      • I’ve got a Cap mid heaven too. That was in 3008, and I started saving $$ to go back uni as a mature age student and get my qualifications. 2009 I start uni and the same month, my team leader goes to maternity leave. I don’t go for her job cause I have too much on my plate already, and the woman who dies get it, gets really sick. So I’m left holding the baby at wk on my own for three months. And doing uni!

        Pluto hasn’t really eased up in my 10th since. But my mercs at 8 Cap. My mars at 15 cap. And my Pluto at 15 Lib…that rides gonna last a while I think. Major ambition time!

        What I wanna know, is how are you feeling Uranus in your 1st? Or is the double whammy just too much to sort out what’s coming from which direction?

        • Uranus hit my ascendant last year (twice) and will be going back over it in March/April, but I didn’t really ‘feel’ anything as such. I’m hoping that when hits for the third time that things will look up……but I do feel that I am turning a corner in my life, albeit slowly.
          But yea, you are so right – double whammy with the transits right now and not sure which to roll with. To top it off, Neptune is currently squaring my mars in sagittarius, and later on this year saturn starts squaring my mega aqua stellium. Freaking out about that one!!!!

          I totally relate to what you have been through! Just finishing my BA and hoping to get into med school (still waiting to hear back), and I’m currently doing the sums as to how I’m be able to pay for it, which is so hard right now as finding a part time job is proving to be super difficult!

          Has Uranus hit your first house yet, and you finding it? x

      • So pertinent! My MC is also at 10deg Cap. Only Neptune at 7deg Sag and true noce at nearly 12deg Sag in the 9th house.

        I’ve just had an epic 3yrs, which I put down to Saturn transiting the 6 planets plus asteroid lust I have between 7degLib and 10degScorp. It neatly coincided with life transformed and almost exact period of relationship with v.beautiful sag/scorp cusp yoga teacher. Her venus almost exactly on my Uranus & same for my mars on hers, plus her Mercury on my Neptune. It was compelling but dysfunctional and ended badly for me taking more than a year to stop the LZ desperate effort to be satisfying enough. She also has moon sq pluto.. During this period I quit my permanent job not knowing what was next, moved house 5 times, went thru mild depression..

        But I digress. In terms of 10yr cycles, I did have the 1 job in politics – very belief systems, for nearly 10yrs finishing in Apr’10. And last year, at the age of 37 I started a uni degree. During that 10yrs same job I had plenty stability – 2 houses, 5yrs each in the same suburb; same adequate $$ arriving in the bank every fortnight.

        2012 was a bit hard work, $$#$, hours of study, not being the man who could pay for dinner. My last move wasOct’12 just before exams and I’m living by myself for the first time ever, it’s no palace but it is mine. It feels a like I’m slowly starting to land in my own power. For 2013 I’m hoping to bank all the Saturn work and have an easier run of it. If a love interest with some ease to it arrived that would be great, bonus if she’s hotter than the yoga teacher _and_ supportive.

        • Wow, thank you for sharing! By the sounds of it your relationship with the yoga teacher was very much saturn going through your 7th house as well as going over all of your planets!!! How did you see her moon square pluto manifesting? The guy I’m um, er love zombie for has moon square pluto too!

          P.S. My moon/saturn conjunction in sag is bang on your neptune! :)

          • Well I’m a bit of an astro novice but when I showed a nee friend her chart friend said, wow that must have been hard for you with that moon-Pluto square, so controlling; which made some sense. Just now I read this:
            And this:

            Good luck with your LZ man. Letting go was one of the best things that happened to me; I would’ve said hardest & best but I didn’t actually do it til there was no choice. Now I have too much self respect to go back if it was offered. I deserve equality! :)

          • So I tried to reply to this last night after getting back from dinner at my friends but phone fail.

            I’m a bit of an astro novice but when I showed ex’s chart to a new friend of mine she said wow, that pluto moon square must’ve been hard for you.

            I read this:
            and this:

            I would say this manifested in a kind of emotional manipulation that I couldn’t see until I’d finally let it go in the last week of Nov last year.

            Best of luck to you with your LZ man. It was groundbreaking for me to achieve a conception of the relationship as a kind of addiction. I have too much self respect to subject myself to that again. Genuine equality here I come. Even tho I still remember the good – Healthy but Naughty, Tantra, Powerful beam of Love that _could_ be turned on; I do also remember the truth of the bad, and I deserve better than that.

            Moon & Saturn conjunctions with Neptune sound helpful but not all easy.

    • My MC is also in Cap (7.56).

      This past year, as I shouldered a lot of responsibility for my aging mother, I began to realize how little credit I have given myself for all that I do to make my small world continue to turn. For years, ever since I left my chosen career because of multiple health issues, I have struggled with my public identity. I have suffered attacks of panic, guilt, shame in the middle of the night as the result of not having a job. I have hidden my lack of paid employment as well as my health problems and disabilities. I have done everything I could to avoid or make a joke of the dreaded question, “What do you do?”

      The lesson I learned from Pluto crossing my MC and opposing my Mars at the same time is:

      To hell with all that! I will live my life on my own terms and if someone’s got a problem with that, well, my Aries ASC will make short work of them.

        • I think that’s the Pluto 10th learning curve, realizing our own strengths and skills and becoming way more self focused rather than worrying about job-house-family western tick boxes of what makes a person worthwhile.

          Uranus has been and done its dance all over my ascendant. It’s well n truly into my 1st now, heading for a date w my Chiron n sth node. That prodded me to go walkabout (to nz) and I’ve come back n realised that I have almost nothing in common with my friends any more – I’m presuming that’s the 1st house shake up.

          I’ve also got Neptune on my moon in early Pisces … Staying clear of intoxicants is hard! But the huge arts n culture theme to my Plutonian ambitions is lovely 😉

          • I’m def finding I have moved on from some peeps too of late, think its the dawning of a new era :)

          • Interesting! If the 1st house is the window through which you see the world and it sees you, I can totally see how this would effect your relationships.

            Uranus nudged my Chiron in 2011 and 2012 and it was definitely part of the breakthrough in self-acceptance I mentioned above. Feeling free to be me was just what Dr, Chiron ordered. :)

            I have been feeling a domino effect in my chart and life. First, it was my Saturn Opposition in 2011, then Pluto-MC, then, next year, Uranus will be crossing my ASC.

            May I ask the signs of both of your Suns and Moons? I have my Sun in Cancer and Moon in Libra. I am far too cardinal for my own good.;)

            • Now I’m not posting form my ph, I can put a name in :)

              I’m an Aqua Sun (1deg). Picses moon (2deg). Though I feel more ‘ruled’ by the squares in my chart than anything else!

              Aries rising: makes me too impatient, which also tends towards a lack of a certain type of discipline (if the best course of action is to do nothing, then you can be assured i’ll stuff it up by having to do *something*, almost anything)

              Aqua sun: does aspect anything in my chart, except a nice trine to my rising. it just sort of sits there, influencing my hippy-styles and general humanitarian outlook. though i was thinking the other day: i’m a librarian, and that’s about as aqua a job as i can think of – organising info in the service of humanity 😛

              Pisces moon: This kinda gets sucked into the squares which rule me. I have Venus at 18deg Pic sq Neptune 15 Sag, from the middle of my 12th house (to my 9th). It’s like a Neptunian quadruple whammy. Also sucks for the self discipline. And for falling time and time again for the most brilliant, and *broken* person in my life at the time.

              Merc 8 Cap. Mars 15 Cap Sq Pluto 14 Lib: The 2nd of the squares that rule me. And I walk this one a *lot*. Mars aspects pretty much everything in my chart except my Sun, and (like Venus in Pic) is exulted in Cap. Plus its my ruling planet, being an Aries rising. It makes me one stubborn arsed bitch in work situations.

              When Saturn opposed my Mars (years n years ago, yay!! begone horrible transit!). I got a great new job (helping manage arts spaces and community programs), only to have the man who was supposed to be my boss drop out and i got lumped with this horrible bully-bitch who had no idea how to run arts or community programs, and who left me coming home in tears a couple of times a week. (my home life was also uber stressful, due to trying to keep things stable while being hooked up with one of the a fore mentioned brilliant but broken men). I stuck at it, and stuck at it, and eventually, about 18 month later (after I’d left the jerk), I had a brilliant idea that she just couldn’t ignore, made a name for myself in the jop, and (get this!) *she* left not long after cause she was finding the work too stressful.
              (worst. transit. ever. mars/saturn energies suck!)

              To top off the squares, Mars and Venus form a yod to Saturn at 14 Leo.

              And that uber strong Mars/Merc/10th house is where Pluto is plowing its way through… I’m about to move back to nz to start a not for profit arts space (with no financial backing!). And I look at the risks, and the sheer amount of work and think ‘are you crazy girl?!’… And I look at how unsatisfying my once cherished job (it got heaps better after the bitch left) has become, and I think ‘Well really I have no choice. If I don’t leave of my own accord, and onto a path of my creation, then Pluto will hit my Mars and sq itself properly, and force the situation anyway’

              • I’m from NZ too! Cool. Follow the path of your own creation girl, I think if you don’t break out of your comfort zone and really go for what you are after, you always wonder ‘what if’. And as Mystic says – Stay stuck and our f*cked!

              • Happy Birthday yourself Sara :)

                I’m not from NZ originally (Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!) – but … and here’s where the Uranus/asc hit me. The day after Uranus hit Aries, I started having encounter after encounter with Islanders, about once a fortnight for like two months, until one morning I woke up and my first waking thought was ‘Auckland, I should start looking for work in Auckland!’ Which lead to two weeks in Aucks, which was supposed to be one but the Chilliean volcano had me stuck. Which lead to a change of mind as to where I wanted ot take my long service leave, NZ walkabout as opposed to Euro arts tour … which lead to… :)
                I love Uranus transits cause they govern ‘out of the blue’ it’s usually very easy to pinpoint what their effect has been – the day it shifted into Aries was the day of the Japanese earthquake! When it conjunct my moon years ago, it was a miscarriage for a pregnancy I didn’t even know I had (which in turn caused me to leave the jerk from my above post)

                Uranus’ third and final dance over my asc when I was over there last summer. Neptune hit my moon at the same time, bringing its facination with other cultures and arts obsessions (the arts space is primarily for the local Maori in the Bay of Islands – a few of who I met and was befriended by – to make use of).

                And Pluto makes the triumvirate! Adding a huge amount of determination and drive to all of the above.

                • Thats awesome. I love the pacific people here in Auckland – so nice and humble :) Welcome to NZ and good luck with the venture. Sounds like you are working your astro well, I’m still figuring out how/where Uranus is going to work with me when it crosses over for the third time. Getting back into my own place instead of being at my parents would be good, but maybe when jupiter goes through my 4th house later this year….sigh.

  2. The graphic couldn’t be more timely, along with your Pluto in Cap insight that it’s more Scarlett O’Hara survival passion than erotic/exotic/fun type of Pluto energy right now!

    12th house @ 13 Aries. ALSO: I just noticed that my 12th house and North Node are at the exact same degree (13.15 + 13.16); is this bad?

    I have so much 8th/12th house stellium confusion, everything says I’m going to die all the time basically. x_x

    • “…everything says I’m going to die all the time basically” This isn’t such a bad thing. My sun is in Aries right at my 8th house cusp… reinvention/death/reorientation along with the necessary process of letting go again and again to step further into what awaits… that’s been a HUGE theme in my life. Also my 12th house (Leo) has a lot of action. The process of death I find hard, troublesome, cathartic and unbelievably liberating… I hope you find the brightness in death as well!

  3. I have Uranus at 9 degrees Cap, my Sun at 12, and Neptune at 14. This year is going to be an interesting one, to say the least. I got a taste of it last year, before Pluto went retro.. definitely did the “burning up and turning to ash” portion of the phoenix rebirthing.

    The last time Pluto changed houses for me was when it was at 21 degrees Sagg- my ascendant. Pluto doesn’t seem to want to give me much of a break, ever. Not that I mind! I look back fondly on all my Pluto transits; the less fun they were at the time, the more I learned from them.

    • ” I look back fondly on all my Pluto transits; the less fun they were at the time, the more I learned from them.” – I can’t wait til I reach that stage! One day …

  4. Look, I just wanna crawl into a hole right? AC 11Cap38, Merc 12Cap, Venus 13Cap.

    • I’ve had the strangest low day for a long long time. Cancelled my day and stayed in bed (slept mostly, needed the dreaming). Felt really depressed and got really annoyed with my flatmate trying to wake me/feed me/drama queen antics re calling a doctor. Tried telling him I just needed to be alone (wtf!). Being a Gem he can’t shut up. He got the message eventually.

      Pluto exact opp my Moon and Neptune exact conj my Asc today.

      • Take care FF, nourish yourself, reassure your friend. Pluto opposite moon will be feel dramatic at times. I remember Neptune on my Ascendant. Can’t blame all my dreaminess on it though.Set a simple daily routine with occasional breaks for mindful meditation. Would have been good for me too.

        • What a brilliant idea! Neptunes on my moon at the moment, right at the beginning of Pices when it moves on it’ll be heading towards my Venus. All in my 12th… Simple daily routine. Rostered meditation. These shall be my mantra. Thanks!

  5. Timely, it’s about to change from my 7th to my 8th in about a month. Off to crystallize something…

    • Hi Aquaria, I’m in the same situation. What did you feel with Pluto in the 7th? Pluto has been screwing my Venus in the 7th forever now. The result was the longest dating drought ever and plus obsessing over a platonic plutonic love. Learning how to deal with control issues in a relationship the hard way. Which is not bad for a multiple Scorpio, but hey enough already Pluto! I’m scared about what comes next when it hits the 8th house.

  6. Great timing Mystic. Pluto is right on my third house cusp which is at 9 6 Capricorn. I’m very Plutonic: moon conjunct Pluto in the 12th with hard aspects (opposite Jupiter and Chiron, square sun and mercury), Scorpio rising and Mars r in the eighth house. Saturn transiting my Libra 12th house was vile and so I was preoccupied with that but will go and think about this instead. Could do with a spot of rebirth and have noticed that I’ve been hoovering up the Pluto Juice recently.

  7. If you guys want some excellent inspirational Saturn/Pluto reading check out “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll. He’s a guy who went from overweight hamburger binging, depressed lawyer to vegan ultramarathon champ in the span of five years. Reminds me of the AWESOME “The Iron” essay that Mystic posted some time back. Here’s a line describing the night before his 40th birthday when he changed everything:

    “Yet in that precise moment, I was overcome with the profound knowledge not just that I needed to change, but that I was WILLING to change. From my own adventures in the subculture of addiction recovery, I’d learned that the trajectory of one’s life often boils down to a few identifiable moments — decisions that change everything. I knew all too well that moments like these were not to be squandered. Rather, they were to be respected and seized at all costs, for they just didn’t come around often, if ever. Even if you experienced only one powerful moment like this one, you were lucky. Blink or look away for an instant and the door didn’t just close, it literally vanished. In my case, this was the second time I’d been blessed with such an opportunity, the first being that precious moment of clarity that precipitated my sobriety in rehab. Looking int the mirror that night, I could feel that portal opening again. I needed to act.”

    • WOW – i love this. Going to get it. Adore this sort of book – and ultra is now an official new noun of mine. thank you! There is really cool book by Moments Of Clarity by Chris kennedy lawford – kind of similar although all about getting clean. There are some incredible stories in there too…

      • OMG this book looks incredible. I am not a fan of the melodramatic drawn-out addiction memoir and I really love the idea of short stories from different perspectives showing the similarities and differences in how we come to change! Thanks for the recc, purchasing now….Coming up on 21 days sober from booze and adderall (big mistake — got it prescribed for school and it just stressed me out and made me dehydrated and cranky) and while the illusion of being superwoman was fun at first I don’t want to go back, I want to have stable routines and a strong mind.

        There’s another ultramarathon book called Born to Run which talks about the Tarahumara Indian tribe in Mexico where everyone in the culture runs, the diet is vegan and low fat, and they look at running totally different — as a spiritual experience, as joyous, as freedom! I read that one first (and now I’ve taken up running in my geeky Vibram shows) and now I’m reading this one which is more personal and about the transformation. Really cool stuff, all these people who do the ultralong distances seem so fit, positive, calm and content. And there is something to barefoot running, I could never run before but being able to spring from my toes and shift my weight makes it a whole different game.

          • Oh goddess I love this thread….

            I want to run! I have too much weight on to run right now, but I sooooo want to be able to!

            I’m gonna check out these books : )

            You know that saying or question “what would you do if you knew you were not going to fail” and my answer is run!

            • You can do it!!! I am a TERRIBLE runner and I hate running, much of the time. I can hike and dance forever, but running? Barely max out at a mile. But in order to get my butt in gear and stick to getting healthy and being sober (all to fuel my fabulous career and fashion comeback after a gnarly breakup last year) I’m forcing myself and slowly liking it. Sometimes. heh

              The key is just showing up. It sounds easy. And it is. But it’s not! heh Already I’m doing two miles at turtle speed which is huuuuuge. Wow, I sound like a grandma, not a 25 year old.

              • hey, two miles at turtle pace is awesome. especially if you’re doing it barefoot! the first couple times i tried it i got like half a mile before my achilles said “stop, NOW.” it’s not how long or how fast you’re going- it’s that you’re doing it at all. showing up, yep yep. i too HATE running but it makes you feel like nothing else- disciplined. and barefoot is so much fun! it’s like being a kid, all bouncy and free and that revolutionary feeling of breaking some basic rule.

                my dad is an ultrarunner and while it seems amazing, it’s also hard on your body and a bit hard to watch. i’ve helped at aid stations and it boggles my mind these people on mile 72 or something just draaaggggging who’ve been running for like 12 hours straight with 6 more to go. at that point i think the tarahumara would laugh at them… silly manifestation of a comfort culture. plus my dad just got diagnosed with a heart condition caused by his running 200 miles a week at age 65. but he doesn’t do anything without taking it to the extreme. however, it has made him look 15 years younger than he, and there is a strong and supportive community. i’m just rambling on now but i think my point was to say whoo hoo, good job girlfriend and that kinda stuff. :) and that quote was amazing!

                • Dude, your dad is 65 and runs ultramarathons? That’s nuts!!! Understandable that at some point you need to slow down and I hope he recovers, but wow!

                  • ha, he’s probably certifiable. saturn-pluto conj in leo squaring scorp jupiter, 12th h aries moon. if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing to the 10,000th degree. and doing well even! also he has like 2000 facebook friends, writes great poetry, and is part of a noise band. thinks he’s a 25 yr old hipster. man it’s weird. but kinda cool… better though from the other side of the country!

              • Omg – just this past month I have been able to get up to running 2ks at turtle pace. Yep Kms are shorter than miles, but still :)

                I did couch 2 5k, and then mixed it up with the book ‘run fat b*ch run’ … Yes It has some terribe advice and I wouldn’t recommend it to people with a history of eating disorders, but some of the observations about accepting that running might never be enjoyable, but is nonetheless the ‘secret’ to being a functional person in all other areas of your life really resonated with me.

              • yes, the main thing is to just TURN UP! i never imagined in all my life that i would go for a run. ever. but i started last year (when mars was in sagittarius… that must have been the boost i needed) and gradually its getting easier, and actually enjoyable. now i just aim to turn up. even if i feel like crap and have to walk, that’s better than not turning up at all! and most of the time, after i walk a bit i start being able to talk myself into running… just to that clump of seaweed… just to that towel… and then suddenly i’ve done a couple of kms! and whenever i see women like me (ie not super fit) jogging in the street I give them an invisible high five; turning up is hard work, but it’s also all you have to do :)

              • all of you are inspiring me to go dig up my running shoes!!!

                Thanks for the book rec too, Raché!!

        • Wow.. that is one of my 2013 missions is to start running. I have been walking. Put on my sneakers this morning and did a walk against heavy winds and cool air and it was worth it. I just need to be more consistent and eventually start running.

          Thanks for posting!! xo!!

  8. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have Pluto finally move away from my IC/Neptune.

    Now I notice that Pluto is squaring my mercury/venus … Interesting, as I have just (in the past few days) realised that I need to get better at communicating, specifically the making myself vulnerable bit. I’m also taking my creative writing more seriously than ever, even contemplating writing something long, bizarre and wonderful. I know if i’m going to pull it off i’m going to have to dig deep. Would that be a good way to manage this square?

  9. PLTO in 9th hose and always thinking abt god or no god and woke today to distressing news abt dolphins being killed in Japan and i was thinking that all the psycho peeps that kill kids in schools why not channel that energy to kill all the bastards that are destroying all the dolphins in the sea there??

    They deserve it i hate it so

    soon there will be none left and the sea is all red there it is FCKEN EVIL we need to care

    • I wonder that too. If they feel the need to kill why not be a vigilante? I immediately think of Dexter.
      Why kill innocents. It baffles me.

    • I feel like that about all animal abuse, anon, my instincts say “just mow down the f’wits, the world doesn’t need ’em – and they shouldn’t be allowed to breed anyway, the world is overpopulated as it is”

      I’ve got round to thinking there must be a legal and lasting way to fight power abuses in my own life and I will find it

  10. Haha, it has been transiting my 7th house since forever. It first went over my natal conjunction of Saturn and Uranus and now is transiting my Neptune. Yep, I had my quarter life crisis already. So not fun. But I can appreciate it because I went through hell and came back. Although, I really wish it moved faster… really. Can’t we boost it?
    On a side note, knowing what it can do makes me slightly concerned for the time it gets to my 8th house. Any survival stories?

  11. It’s only going to trundle over asteroid Persephone at 11 almost 12 degrees.

    Mars is ON the cusp of 2nd house Cap, and i survived that transit. Pluto transitting Mars is a deep deep rage or resentment. There was none of the fire fuelled petty irritation and need to blow off steam of the Mars transit I had over Pluto. This Pluto transit was far more productive and important for the descent into my own underworld that i have been carrying out. Oh, there’s Persephone. Yes, i expect this will mark this layer of soulmining quite particularly. I am natal Pluto opposing Sun so i have found deep comfort from what i have unearthed, stuff that has always triggered me, or unsettled me to the core, shadows that i have feared and battled in myself. Turned out to be nothing but spooks, planted long ago when someone tried over the course of years to brainwash me as a child and teen. I’m not resurfaced yet, but i have a feeling i will be holding the hands of a number of lost girl and woman selves when i do. They can come home.

  12. Bah! It’s still conjunct my sun (8 deg Cap) and my IC is at 11 degrees Cap. What joy. But I am finally making a move on my script. FINALLY. It’s been simmering for too long and I’ve gotten too attached, preferring to hide in fantasies of future greatness rather than just pursuing greatness/ failure/ reality. Bad bad habit. So I’m going for development funding, I’m handing my little baby over to unknown hands to read and tear apart and spit on, but maybe it’ll lead to something awesome. At least I will have DONE SOMETHING!

    As Rache quoted above: “….I could feel that portal opening again. I needed to act.” I have that vibe now. It’s so strong, like it’s now or never. Maybe it’s just because 40 is only two years away and I’m trying to do something significant at last, I don’t know.

    Interesting that Pluto is hovering at the end of my 3rd and I’m leaping on my writing. Who knew this astrology stuff might actually have some accuracy ;P

  13. Argh! Just learned I have been having Pluto transit my 7th House since flipping 1999!!!
    I mean, I practically don’t know anything else.
    What the hell happens when Pluto stops opposing my Venus/Saturn & skedaddles out my personal relationships sector?
    As a Pluto Moon person will I be ok?
    Pluto is 5 degrees from leaving my 7th.
    But that happens in 2015! I guess I will just relax & enjoy the intensity…

  14. Pluto entered my 7th a few years back and just finished a conjunction with my natal Saturn at about 7 degs ? went on for years. It’s early in the 7th for me. The conjunction was difficult for about 18 months and then bang the last 6 were amazing ! As Pluto in cap sextiles Saturn in Scorpio I now get a nice Saturn Saturn trine. My relationships changed in that time but nothing drastic. The real transit issue turned out to be work. I worked on one piece of software for the whole 2 year transit. It will soon have a full release. Patience ! Aha. That’s a rams hardest lesson.

  15. joy! roughly a year and its out of my 8th house..good riddance! I’m quite “friendly” with pluto generally but this has been one of the less fun decades, with a couple of potentially fatal incidents thrown in for good measure…

  16. Wow this is facinating!! Pluto is just heading over the cusp at 10 degrees into my 11th house. House of friends amongst other things and this really helps as there has been such a sudden and heavy emphasis in my life in the last few months on my friendships and social circle. Normally I’m a two friends at a time gal with other very close friends that I don’t often see but love dearly which affords me lots of alone time which i love But lately the amount of socialising has been overwhelming to the point that yesterday I put a ban on all social events until feb at least! It’s been super intense stirring up all my ideas of where I belong and what I want more of in my life. (Never mind the lack of sleep and interupted work/fitness focus This is all happening opp my moon in cancer in the 5th stirring the pot on all my mother ( and self care) issues that today have been simmering in my brain as I’m visiting her tomorrow ( also a Leo who has just recently moved!)

    So what do you think the big lesson here is with all the extra socialising? Boundaries? Loving this mystic! Thanks! Now I just have to get my head around what Chiron is about before he trots over my asc v soon!

    • heck yeah boundaries!! sounds like some internal alone time is the key, especially, as we just learned, chiron on the ac is a MASSIVE identity crisis… make space from the friends and find YOU. xoxox

      • Is this from MMs post the other day? Have been trawling through the site looking for all things on Chiron fuq!! An identity crisis!?! Really?! Right I’m on it !! Any and all info on Chiron pls send here! ) hmm just remembered another mm post on hotel Chiron will re read that too! Thanks HDG! Xx

  17. Bah! I have nothing even remotely close to 11-13 degrees on which to blame my shitty, energyless, flat, stuck, depressed, relationshipless, sore, cramped state of being.

  18. My Sun is 12 Cap and is right near the 4th/5th house cusp (5th starts at 13 Cap). This post makes sense to my life right now. I was writing in my journal last night about how I feel like my life is changing, especially issues of home/family.

    (Astrodienst always says that says my cusp is so close that I’m actually a 5th House Sun instead of 4th–is that right?)

  19. Pluto has just arrived in my 1st H Capricorn, conj my AC . . . I am that dreaded freak of of nature – a double Capricorn, with Moon and Mars in Scorpio. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I am one intense chick. Pluto in my 12th was a time of soul excavation, demon-busting and spiritual growth. There was a very dark time, but I came throgh it … More later. Am off to my ShrinkRap to strategize my Pluto/Saturn fueled Operation Phoenix plan.

  20. Capricorn is in my 3rd house. I don’t have my house descriptions but assume it is related to career after googling the house descriptions. Right now, I am on cloud nine with social life. Friends abound… I said to one of my new friends last night that she causeD this to happen.. in a good way. I met her and “bang” all of these new friends came out of the wood work. She is an incredible person.. so loving, happy and confident. No wonder she has a multitude of friends and boyfriends. She doesn’t turn people down. You want those type of people around you. They will eventually rub off. So, I am watching and learning.

    Anywhoo… am I on track with this pluto transition? I checked my chart and it looks like it will be with my 3rd house past March.


    • I also have Pluto in Capricorn in the Third House. I thought it was about Communications/Community.
      Do you work in Communications as a career?
      I do but as a writer, singer/songwriter not in a corporate setting. I did working in non-profit and in the non-profit Arts fields on and off.
      My communication style has always been intense. I prefer deep, thought provoking conversations about the arts, music, Jungian psychology, literature, politics, religions, to paranormal over gossip, fashion, makeup, shoes and small talk. I love great avante garde fashion and anti-fashion movements (underground streetwear biker, rockers, punk, grunge movements), just don’t enjoy discussing it all day long.
      I have alienated myself and been exiled from many female circles due to my Plutonic mercurial intensity. I am too negative and bring down my fashion loving friends.
      I do need to keep a balance though. If I get too intense I burn out.
      During this transit, I started writing a book, several short stories loads of lyrics and new songs. Very Pluto tinged themes.
      I dig Pluto, he’s kinda my Dark Passenger.

      VirgoEllie have you noticed Communications changed or go deeper, transformative? Just curious! :)

  21. I wish I could find an astro aspect to blame for my root-chakra-explosion kundalini-experience-thing-I-can’t-explain. It was seriously intense – like the hemispheres of my brain were being rewired together and I was on better-than-ecstasy all the time. But I can’t even pin that on Pluto on my IC – 26 Sagittarius, the galactic center no less. Pfftt…maybe…Pluto is a slow mover. It crossed my IC in 2007, I was divorced and having my spiritual-awakening soul-mating madness by 2009.

    I don’t know, guys. I don’t see that astro predicts anything. Its useful to know the cycles, that we are part of cycles, but trying to pin these all down to something intellectually understandable is impossible. I mean, the energy is there, it has to be dealt with, but how it manifests…who knows? I’ve got Uranus in my 7th now – should be shaking up partnerships – but I have given up on the idea that I am ever going to have a partner again.

    Is any Virgo on the planet getting laid right now? Never mind, don’t answer…

    • giving up the idea of ever having a partner again IS a fundamental shake-up in partnerships… not the physical reality but the underlying assumptions. perhaps it is wiping your slate clean so that when a partnership does come you’ll be light and free of both cultural and personal baggage. how could an uranian relationship begin otherwise? i can’t imagine, just from all you’ve shared, that your soul could tolerate anything less than full uranian visionary brilliance and revolution in a partnership any more. right? you’re holding out for an equal and i imagine he is a rare bird :)

      i miss my pluto on eros trining jupiter-lilith on venus kundalini awakening. that was amayshing. sometimes you can’t trace it and sometimes you can… i totally agree with you though- predict it you can NOT. that kind of naive arrogant thinking is the easiest and best way to earn a cosmic slapdown.

      • You’re right – I want something authentic and evolutionary. I’ve got Uranus in my 7th opposing all my 1st house stuff – and nothing is budging accept my attitude. I’ve had Pluto squaring my first house stellium for years. You’d think the Universe would throw me a bone after that soul mining, but no its all “individuate!”

        There was a moment when I was going through my Venus-Pluto transit and I heard myself tell myself “You’ll miss this one day.” It def was a personal artistic renaissance.

        • exactly. authenticity or nothing. are vesta and lilith aspecting anything of yours? mine are at the base of a yod with eros and i had a breakthrough the other day when i realized that their desire for independence and individuation is key. the fact that they’re transiting gemini is why nothing’s happening for me. no eros till they get past my ac, hm probably till they get out of gem altogether. so be it. it’s not a lack of sex, it’s a lack of worthy sex. we could easily go down to the bar and pick up some random dude, but no! it’s bigger than that! patience… rrrr dying… patience.

          • I’ve got Vesta at 11 Scorpio in my natal – so Saturn is on it right now. And Lilith is exact on my SN (14 Gemini).

            Saturn is squaring my natal Lilith (13 Aqua) and my moon (13 Leo). Why didn’t a Saturn transit to my moon show up on astro.com? Whatever.

            I think that means Lilith is also aspecting my moon right now. Not sure what the aspect would be with Lilith (14) in Gemini and moon in Leo (13).

            Its like I have loads of info but no insight into what it all means. I’ve never been one to go for casual sex. If I can’t capture the guys body/mind/soul – what the exercise for? I thought Uranus may free me up from all-or-nothing, but so far, its made it even more all-or-nothing. It has to vibe on the spiritual level too.

            • yeah, i think those transits would do it. 😉 a vesta-lilith-moon t-square – how perfect is that?! with saturn grounding it at the mo. amazing priestess energy, ushering in the virgo regulus new age. :) :) :) i’ll lend you my 11 toro pan (yes, i’m obsessed, sorry) to throw in some pre-patriarchal male energy for balance. :) lilith sextiling your moon just amplifies the feminist theme. i didn’t realize she’d gotten all the way to 14 already- that’s my jup-nept axis- but it makes so much sense. onward!!

              • T-square, eh? I am SO bad at figure out transits and what they all mean.

                Feminist energy – I suppose. I feel post-feminist. Like – the war for rights has been won, now its about demonstrating, living that power. Why can’t that involve sex? lol!!!

                Thanks for the Toro energy!

                • i know what you mean about the feminist label… equality and the assumption of such is second nature and yes, can we just move beyond this already? but then there’s a cultural debate over, you know, what constitutes rape or some such ridiculousness and it brings home the realization that it is in fact not even close to over. so i claim the label even though it’s a box. same with witch and other words… it’s making a public stand i guess even though i’m personally beyond it.

                  it can and definitely DOES involve sex!! but it must be sacred and must be woman-centered. WE have the power. not to hold over men, but to rebalance the dynamic. hm, i wonder if it involves us actively chasing? the old lilith succubus myth… a thought fragment, not fully formed yet. interesting.

                  • As long as women keep having sex with guys for the wrong reasons, men will be to distracted to have sex for the right ones.

  22. Interesting. Pluto is currently transiting my 12th house. (Have four more degrees to go until it hits my Ascendant.) It’s been intense but fruitful, albeit painful at times. Feeling some ambivalence about it going through my first. Yikes!

  23. its just been opposing my mars in cancer, besides a new work out regime, I guess, i dont really know what thats doing, sides pissing me off!

      • Yeah. You have been sharing some important insights regarding how you present yourself in relationship to others. And that whole angry-at-hot-people thing….that’s something you need to take to Plutoic levels and get over. Your sexual identity and aggressive instincts are taking a beating. You’ll gain authenticity if you just don’t judge yourself or others and roll with it. Not saying that you’re judgmental, but Pluto is dark and raw and it can be hard to accept that part of self.

        • Ya I think there is something there I dont know about too, that was on the bottom of my list tho and now that I got that other psychological stuff out of the way I have been thinking about it lately, its weird, on a fundamental level, I am unwilling to admit to myself that I am attracted to whoever, it feels like I am losing or being bested, like literally for me, the feeling of really wanting someone sexually and anger are the exact same thing, I dont feel angry at them, just, angry, like, really really angry, I am just filled with violent wanting, natally I have that figuration, called the fist of god(not the finger) and it involves a pluto saturn square channeled into mars, which describes the energies it feels like, controlled and restricted but also heavy and intense, honestly, I dont know what to do about it or what to make of it

          • I have 3 things I want to tell you. It may be advice, if you recognize yourself in any of it. It seems random, unrelated, up to you to make the connection.

            1. When I was in labor, I thought I’d do it natural. But, for various reason, I got put on a drip. Couldn’t move. Went for the epidural. When it came time to push, the pressure was intense. I felt like a hefty bag in the commerical – where a person is trying to punch their fist through it, but it won’t break. The pain. The midwife said not everyone registers pressure as pain.

            2. My daughter is multi-Aries. We talked about her competitiveness. She said she feels the fire grow in her belly – and its like anger, but she’s not angry. Its just competitiveness, its an Aries thing – fire. (Note – Mars rules Aries)

            3. In the Seth book, he says if you fantasize about killing your parent, even that fantasy – if honestly followed to its ultimate conclusion – will eventually lead back to love.

            • PS – I told my girl about Virgo things – about the ever present to-do list of perfection I have in my head. She said Aries doesn’t care about any of that. lol!

            • hmmmmm, I do have venus in aries, uggh, I guess the problem is its such an out there all or nothing energy that I am kinda internally stalling, like, I cant care that much and be so unsure, what am I, crazy? dick swinging needless ego risk is so contrary to everything else I am, maybe its like a part of me I am disowning, and because of it there are metaphysical ramifications

              • also its a fire singleton, like, the only fire planet I have, so all my fire deficiency is centered around this venus hang up maybe

      • I thought it was saturn trining my sun and mars, but maybe it is just pluto, or both or something

        • Pluto is asking you to transform. Deep, earthy, worms, dark, aggression, spiders, snake, fear, passion, transform.

        • I think it’s all Mars. Accepting aggressive, irrational energy as part of personality is HARD!! Aries and Mars and Uranus and Pluto and Saturn are all players right now. And aren’t you having a Chiron transit.

          • interesting thread – david, I have mars natally in libra, which can really manifest as pass-agg with people I’m attracted to. to counteract this I am trying to increase my agency and healthy ego, so that I can better manifest mars energy and not have it go underground and pass-agg. At work, I have worked this less-good placement so that as a team leader, I am very good at seeing multiple points of view and mediating between options/people etc. Also, a weak mars placement is really helped by exercise, taking iron etc. Turn the energy into positives not pass-agg. good luck :)

            • PS to clarify further, in sexual /love relationships I tend to hand over power to the other, then get pass-agg towards them, feel frustrated I’m not getting what I want etc. By being more empowered, I am able to be assertive not aggressive.

            • hmm, that is an interesting take ha, instead of telling weak mars to man up, which only makes it pout, just give it a normal thing to start with, I work out regularly(3 times a week), but not everyday, and I should start playing pick up games of soccer again, for now though, until I get super fit, I am just suffering this anger inwardly, and it has to go somewhere first before I can use it on people properly is what your saying, its weird, when I think about my mars, I dont see it as pass-agg, just suffering, its a neurotic mars, a feeling mars, a nice mars but grumpy things arent already set up at least a bit, a mars that has to go somewhere, but for now is freaking out internally in the feelings realm, I will think on this, thanks for sharing, that other time you spoke up about mars in libra really helped too

          • it is hard, its like a whole subject that is necessary and yet I have not up until this point addressed it, I dont even know what to do, hopefully events will transpire that I can work through this, otherwise this is just too much on my own, and ya Im having chiron on my dc as well, approaching my sun

  24. yeah, moving into my 8th house has been interesting. first round last spring was an amazing escapade into the dark side, then retro’d back to my 7th while i destructed my marriage and clarified through oh so much fun what it is that i need in a relationship. fully in the 8th now (cusp at 8.33) and i guess my normal occulty interests have become less happy hippie goddessy and mmm, darker. gearing up for the pluto square and pan trine and i just found out last night, ephemerizing my “power moon” that the pluto-pluto square will actually be a t-square with uranus opposing natal p! 5-8-11. as saturn retro oppose my stellium exact. i love them all but honestly i’m a bit scared. i’ve already cleaned house, what more could there be? famous last words i know.

  25. Loving this DIY astro!

    In case anyone’s having a 6th house Pluto transit…

    The last time Pluto changed houses for me was from 5th into 6th (while still in Sag) – workwise, the first year was HORRIBLE. I freelanced on two projects back to back – one was Heaven and the other was Hell. I learnt SO much though. Major epiphanies about what my boundaries around work was. Things stabilised, but I wasn’t happy.

    When Pluto was hanging out in the last degrees of Sag, I got inspired about my next steps, quit my job, left my country, moved to Japan, started a new life. By the time Pluto settled into Capricorn, I was working in a completely NEW area, plus trying out my hobby as a side business. That was end 2008. Now, I’m gone independent and am trying to build both into a business. Keeping my fingers crossed that by the time Pluto leaves my 6th house, the biz will have its kinks worked out and ready to rock~ ^^

    oops that was a bit of a ramble – hope it helps anyone who’s with Pluto in the 6th. It’s still not easy, but I’m so much happier and I can’t see living my life any other way. :)

    Anyone wanna share on their experiences with Pluto in the 7th? It’s hitting me in 3 years!

    • when pluto entered my 7th i left my long-term relationship for some random obsession which didn’t work out. when he left it i left my now marriage to the same guy for some random obsession which didn’t work out (or maybe, in slo-mo, who knows, not the point here). in between, on the second pass of the dc i got married. had children, learned to be a partner (NOT something that comes naturally), learned to accept responsibility, and learned what not to accept. realized that ultimately, i could only change myself. the balance of give and take. hope that helps!

      • Thanks for sharing, hiddendragonqueen~ (love the name, reminds me of Game of Thrones :)) Hope things will go the way you want them to.

        What’s really jumping out at me is, “learned to be a partner” – non-existent in my natal chart, also why I’m single most of the time. Don’t even have any planets in my 7th, and its house ruler, Saturn is all cozied up with my Kataka Sun in the first house.

        • thank you! the name is an homage to la melusine, my most fabulous ancestress, but game of thrones works too.

          learning to be a partner is complicated and as hard as it gets. i can’t pretend i’ve gotten it down, but i’m better than i was… it will have to do. 😉 maybe, since pluto only transits a few houses during our lifetimes, those are the things we’re meant to get this go round. hm, especially with a 1st house sun… yep. good luck to you!!

          • that’s so cool! ^^

            omg, thanks so much, I’ll be needing tonnes of it! All the best for your 8th house journey too~

  26. I’ve been under Pluto square transits for years now. I have Pluto in my first house Libra between Mars and Mercury. Going through Mercury and Pluto square Pluto now.

    All I can say is it empties you. Everything I thought about myself was gone. Nothing in my external life really changed. I feel this desire to change (Uranus opposition) but nothing seeds. For example, I interviewed with a company in a town I want to live last summer. The energy of the connection was great! Took 6 months to get my financing straight and now that it is, I looked them up again and their out of business. WTF? All romantic interests in this time have been unavailable – got Chiron transiting Venus and Neptune opposing Venus too.

    I know I am more powerful than I ever thought or imagined – and I know that because of Pluto. I have everything I have ever wanted: nothing posh – but I have my life and the house, the clothes, the car, the career, the beautiful-amazing child, my pets are healthy (thank God), my job is flexible. I have room to grow. I just have no DREAM any more. Its hard to explain. It helps to have a goal. Save money. Work toward something. But…I am not anchored to anything any longer. Again, hard to explain.

    • Pluto transiting the 1st House/Scorpio was rough. It happened to me when I was a teen/young adult.
      I experienced intense abusive relationships during that time period. Here I always blamed Saturn in Taurus/7th House natal for difficulties, but I think Pluto played a part. It’s toughen up or get beaten down vibe. Do or die.
      I survive with many scars physically and emotionally.
      I did work hard with Saturn’s help in my 5th House and plowed through college maintaining straight A’s even dealing with abusive alcoholic/drug addict boyfriends and a full-time job.
      Seriously, do not know how I did it.
      Pluto in Third has been a lot smoother sailing for me. (thank the gods).

  27. Has anyone heard about the football (American) player who got busted for having an imaginary girlfriend? Since we’ve talked about love zombies and debated male/female love zombies here, I thought the story may be of interest.

    They’ve made a marketing campaign out of it – complete with fake guests and give-aways…has love zombiedom gone totally main stream?


    • Even The Onion is making fun of him, poor love zombie:

      “Why? Because I love you, Manti Te’o. That’s right. Lennay Kekua, an imaginary human who does not exist, is telling you that she loves you. I know it’s crazy. I know we’re probably all wrong for each other on numerous physical and metaphysical levels, but I don’t care. I want you back in my life, or rather the system of non-actualized identifying descriptors I refer to as “my life.” We can still make this work. We can still be together, albeit with a somewhat looser definition of what constitutes “being,” exactly.”

      lmao – I SO get what the non-existent being is saying!

    • I read about that, I feel bad for him, thats like, really really embarrassing, like, why the hell would he do it, people dont even know, hopefully hes just gay, otherwise its a pretty weird thing to do

      • Dude – I can’t believe you threw the gay in there. Projected masculinity is a fine line to walk, eh?

          • Just that male sexual identity could be question by foolish fantasy. It’s not mean, just a painful assumption. Everyone is susceptible to falling in love with an illusion.

            • i thought the point wasnt he had an imaginary gf, but that he lied to the press that his gf(not real) died, that could be a pity play, a cover so people wont bug him about not having a girl, or any number of weird things, I thought he didnt actually “have” an illusionary mate, or fall in love with a made up person, just that he lied about something weird

            • Gee, I think I have only ever fallen in love with an illusion. The person was flesh and blood though

              • That wasn’t meant to be a comparative statement in any way other than whether the person exists flesh and blood matters not, an illusion is an illusion. If it’s a publicity stunt, well, whatevs

  28. Pluto is sitting exactly on the cusp of my 8th house. Wow, just checked and have had Pluto transitting 7th for around 13 years!! In this time have been married, divorced, met soul mate although that meeting was found in a world of shit and have since married soul mate! Jeez! Power of Pluto, 2 marriages & 1 divorce! Also just had beautiful bubba and have found myself in the best place have ever been in in terms of relationship. Pluto into the 8th scares me a little!

    • Sorry but whilst have Pluto transitting the 8th have Pluto square Pluto going on. Anyone have any experiences with this transit they can share?

  29. Pluto moved into my 12 house (at 6 degrees, Neptune is at 5) back in late May. I had to figure out exactly when this had happened.

    What a wonderful transformation that was; it was like literally entering a dream world. In the months prior, my grandmother had died of breast cancer, which was beyond horrible considering I was very close with her. The living situation I was in got drastically worse seeing as I couldn’t find anything better than a part time min wage job, and to make matters worse, my boss there was a huge bitch and absolute Qi Vampire. She was verbally abusive on a regular basis. One of two days I’d called out while working there because I’d gone to the hospital with my grandfather when he’d had a massive stroke; she couldn’t even be bothered to curb her rudeness then.

    Thankfully in late May I FINALLY got a significantly better job (right in time for the first zap zone hit too!) in my field, and the place is so much of a 180 from the last. It’s not to say that things are always perfect or that it’s never stressful, but I actually feel welcome here, and I really like most of the people I work with.

  30. Jesus! I’m still wrapped up in hotel chiron. That DIY astro turned into a 3000-word essay and counting about how the chisel of depression tore delusion away from my soul, culminating with my total awakening over the last year with his rerograde over my MC… anyways thank you for these DIY ideas, you are keeping me off the therapists couch for the rest of my life.

    • but I will briefly add that 29 sag is my DC, so pluto in cap was simultaneous with pluto in seventh house. and of course this coincided exactly with meeting my sun-moon-mars-merc-in-cap abuser.

  31. I have Pluto in my 1st house Libra, conj Mars + Venus + Asc. Going through Pluto, Mars, Venus and Asc squares and MC opposition.

    I’ve been wrung out, terrified, terrible, stuck and also hounded by my dreams all because I’ve been furiously resisting my shed. Negotiating ways around the phoenixing, exploiting the strengths and bargaining to avoid my weaknesses, unwilling to accept the great big awesome that will only come after some painful confrontations. I have a humbling confrontation like this tomorrow, the first of many, I’ve been putting off for a year and devised a lot of strategies around it (re: lies) but have finally, fearfully, reluctantly given in and accepted the consequences. The crystallization of Pluto through the 3rd? I’m looking forward to seizing the amazing energy I’ve been denying myself and diverting into maintaining the most worthless of status quos. Time to stop kicking and screaming and finally break free and usher in the age of revelation. I don’t feel empowered, I feel dread but I’m beyond exhausted so I’m almost relieved. It’s just a very, very solitary Plutonic undertaking.

    • wow… thanks for sharing. what a beautiful and perfectly described pluto transit. sounds extremely similar to my pluto DC transit and the ensuing process of how I almost reluctantly (!) broke free from abovementioned abusive relationship, after years of believing lies because it kept the status quo… pluto and chiron were sextile in a yod formation to Prometheus on my north node, on the day I finally rose up. The Cosmos is no doubt supporting you too.

    • “I’m looking forward to seizing the amazing energy I’ve been denying myself and diverting into maintaining the most worthless of status quos. ”

      EXACTLY! Mars+Pluto+Mercury first house Libra here.

      I don’t WANT anything any more. Its weird. I’m just done. D-o-n-e done. Que sera, sera. Pluto square Pluto+Mercury transit going on right now. Over it.

    • i’d like to share a short film a friend made as he went through massive pluto transits. it captures the pre-phoenix essence for me that your post so beautifully summed up. big hugs to you… that’s way intense. and total apologies to everybody for blathering on today. 😯 http://vimeo.com/49853819

    • Wow thanks so much for the energy everyone! I woke up too stressed and lonely to think straight and am feeling a little braver now. Just when you feel so low, a shared story and the outstretched arm make all the difference <3

      Tks dragonqueen for the riveting video!

      • awww, all the love in the world to you. and a stressed and lonely community with occasional displays of bravado to at least pretend to be ok… xoxoxo

  32. Here’s my crude analogy. If we think of my first house as a room a room decorated by Neptune (which is in my natal first house)… Well Pluto is the puppy dog running back and forth shitting all over everything. And no matter how angry you feel… It’s a puppy. It’ll bring you joy one day.

    • I hear you – but Pluto can’t be a puppy. Its much more like a cat – doesn’t give a shit how you feel or if you’re happy – just keeping it real.

      • Hmmm, good point. Although my cat made herself sick once when we had to keep her housebound as she will only go outside when no one is looking. So…. Maybe instead of shitting all over everything: like a cat sharpening it’s claws on all the furnishings.

          • Oh hell, I forgot that part.

            I really need some happy transits to my seventh house. Pluto in first is killing me…. And in actuality is a transit to the seventh isn’t it? It’s in opposition to my darn seventh house stellium. No wonder I feel rubbish!

  33. It won’t be until this time next year until Pluto rolls properly over my Ascendant, so I am experiencing the end of 12th house stuff still and it’s been 16 years! of uncovering my true flaky nature, or alternatively alchemically transforming my secret self ready to unleash on an unsuspecting public. I like the graphic and will include a couple of dragons on each shoulder. Here’s to Phoenixing 2013.

  34. I found this little gem in Dana Gerhardt’s essay on Pluto in Astodienst (here she is speaking of Pluto transits):
    “It’s not the transit, but our resistance to it that creates the pain.”
    Pluto has been going back and forth over my 12th house cusp since early 2011 (7 Cap) and I for one like this approach – just go with it and practice gratitude for the opportunities it throws at us.

  35. Pluto is almost going to get to my 9th house cusp at 10’22 Cap, but then go back into the 8th for a while. Frankly, Pluto in the 8th has been no or low drama after a lifetime of Pluto transiting almost every planet in my chart – more like a rut. No sex. No inheritance. No children. Paid off the credit cards. Nobody died, knock on wood. Pluto in the 7th was just a hard, hard siege. My true love left just as Pluto hit the descendant and the last 20 years have been trying to get over it. Yeah, I know, Love Zombie. I hope Pluto in the 9th brings some good surprises; I’d love to see more of the world (in a good-hotel Capricorn kind of way) and I’d love to go back to school and learn, well, everything.

  36. I too have Pluto entering the 12th at 9 deg Capricorn. I have shed a LOT of friends/illusions about other people . I have Mars/Jupiter/Eros conjunct at around 4 degrees Capricorn. Neptune is part of that clump, but it’s in the latter degrees of Sagg. Let’s just say I feel a lot different about men/what I will tolerate in any kind of relationship. . I have reached this utter culmination of facing every one of my dysfunctions and my role in interpersonal relationships and I am SOBERED (it’s the only way I can really describe it).

  37. Natal Pluto in late Virgo square Mars in Capricorn, Pluto trine Saturn in Taurus. This poster is the story of my life! Trouble is when you don’t have to fight anymore. Today my physio told me a body story about anger, breathing and connections in the body, from neck to shoulders to chest, ribs, small of back and flexors.

    From my struggles with certain exercises i’ve been doing, the way the struggles grow as the days take me further away from my last physio, i understand his story because these are exactly the places i note, with breathing changes. He told me about sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system functions (and i was embarrassed because i should and do know this, but i’m Merc in Aries and tend to yeah-yeah over the top of what i know) and the story of my body was complete.

    My whole routine has been my focus on freeing myself and feeling joy, and the further i’ve been getting into it, the more i notice the most subtle workings and connections. Actually this may be Saturn transiting 12th opposing natal Saturn 6th, as much as the Mars grenade pin of my natal chart being activated by transiting Pluto, now separating.

    Things i refuse to do without seem very 6th/12th axis, but i cannot discount the 2nd house Mars in Cap connection: physio, acupuncture, yoga plus (other stuff), psych, feast of food, hairdresser (ok ok maybe that part is my Leo MC/5th house Sun making sure it’s not forgotten). And let’s not forget the ubiquitous coffee, fresh, black and beautiful! I, a Piscean, have a fqing ROUTINE and anything not on my list right now just gets a vague smile or a vapid stare if it insists on getting up in my face.

    • ‘Trouble is when you don’t have to fight anymore’

      Reminds me of :

      whats a man got left to fight for when hes bought his freedom

      Matt Johnston

  38. Yep! My 7th house cusp is………10 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is approaching it right now…..

    Wonder what Pluto will do to my 7th house of ‘marriage and partnerships’? Ha ha! Oh man…..

    Well, I’m not married and have no boyfriend or any prospects in sight, but this may play out in business. I want to start a new business so maybe this will bring a heavy duty biz partner…? What do you think..?

  39. OK I don’t think anyone has mentioned Pluto transiting their natal Venus? Well, that’s what I’ve got going on, in my first house (Venus @ 8 degrees Cap). I guess this is supposed to be about the rebirth of my self-image as a woman…?? But the last year of this (I think it started around Feb) my self image… dunno, all I can think about it trying so damn hard to get anything started career-wise, and as yet, almost nothing is happening. I got a very small contract happening… that’s it. For a whole year. And the rest of my life has just sort of stewed… but then I had Saturn Return happening at the same time in my 11th. And that whole time I was trying to “follow my heart” re the kind of work I wanted… I know first house is not about work, but it’s about how you are seen in the world. Dunno. I think at the moment I try not to think about how I might be perceived by others!! Anyway… the idea of Pluto conjunct Venus morphing me into something else just seems SO far away… I feel like I’m missing some vital key to it all. And, of course, trying not get the Pluto Blues about the whole damn thing, but it gets pretty tiring trying to look on the bloody bright side all the time! Meh. Pluto. Meh.

  40. Well that explains a LOT.

    Pluto is right at the end of my seventh house… 8th house cusp is 11 Cap 22.

    Pluto is also also trine my 10 Tau (11th house) Sun and square my 10 Aries (10th house) Venus. I suppose my 9 Gem ASC must be affected somehow too.

    OH boy. Are my relationships completely transformed. YES. I haven’t had one for years but I’m a different woman than I was when Pluto transited my natal 7th house Mars (and I left my ‘husband’). I relate to others differently.

    I feel I’m finally ready to have the marriage/partnership I’ve always wanted but I reckon I vibe SO independent and self-sufficient/contained these days it feels unlikely I will. BUT the very idea that I won’t ever have it makes me feel angry – and sad and filled with all these, um, unfulfilled dreams and desires. I’m working on it. And I believe in miracles. Well, I have the tiniest shred of hope left – enough to have frantically fixed up my feng shui (including doing the peach blossom cure – which I hope will start working SOON).

    I’m too young to be on the shelf. But too old and knowing to go for just any guy that shows up.

  41. Getting through with mala beads and cupcakes.
    Dependent on both as everything is firmly shifting and changing.

  42. My ascendent is Cap at 13 degrees and Pluto is almost at the end of my 12th house. Finally. It has been there FOREVER. Apparently it buggers off for good at the beginning of 2014. I board a plane on a one way ticket to Paris to begin a new life on Tuesday. Have been crying buckets the last month though, as terrified that I am making a mistake. Quite how Paris can be a mistake is beyond me. Today was a big day though. Today I finally became EXCITED.

  43. Went and looked up my previous Pluto house action, and the death throes of the previous (1st) house were no match for the ugly transition into my 2nd a little over two years ago. Wow. So much muck around money, resources, income, and job stuff for our one-income household. As Pluto’s been slowly trucking along in my 2nd house, though, it’s been getting a little better. And clearer, but I’m impatient.

    I have nothing natally in the 2nd house, so this is making sense.

  44. I’ve had Pluto in my second house for some time now. But recently has been the worst! Lol. I have natal Pluto at 7° Scorpio, Mars 9° Sag, Saturn 10° Sag, Venus 9° Pis, Chiron 9° Gem, Psyche 10° Gem, Moon 9° Cancer, and Ceres 10° Virgo. Grand square, grand trine. He’s also sesquiquadrate my MC at 25°.

    Obviously, money and work has been an issue. With the SQD to my MC, I’ve been looking to change my career, but so many things are being affected by this transit in every aspect of my life. Needless to say, it’s been very difficult and have had to see a therapist because things became more than I could deal with on my own, but finally coming to terms with everything. I think the trines from Saturn in my 12th are helping me out a lot too. (Getting some real spiritual assistance!) Now if only Chiron would just move past my Venus already! My Chiron/Psyche in the 7th have gotten enough from Jupiter. Lol. :-) Best of luck to everyone and embrace the transformation! Don’t fight it, love it! :-)

  45. Cap is in my second house going into my third house at 15º; both houses are completely empty; nothing in Cap at all. But Saturn is *killing* me. Saturn will be on top of my Scorp Asc in about four months, but I’m feeling it now. Thing is, Neptune is conj acs and in exact opposition to my natal moon. Last time this occurred I was sixteen and attempted suicide.

  46. Hardcore Pluto fatigue. Too tired to even contribute and kind of rational, non swearing based advice or comment.

    • i don’t think rationality or lack of swearing are prereqs for posting here! xoxox

      • haha, do you know how many drunken posts I’ve done over the years full of cuss words and I rarely swear in person…lol

        • Ha ha! I know! Me too. I’m just on a different schedule (time wise) from everyone else these days so I feel like I come here, blurt my stuff and don’t have enough time to contribute before things move on or there’s 9’000 comments!!!

          Had Pluto on the ASC, square actually, yuk. Just backed off but now it’s hitting my Venus, with the exact same sitch. Tired. A Pluto zombie and I’m Plutonic within myself, transforming and phoenixing is the name of my game but this is to much. Especially with Uranus following the same path in a conjunction, ASC then an opposition to my Venus. Come back Saturn, all is very much forgiven!

  47. For a minute there, I thought maybe you were talking about Pluto in a progressed chart. I must admit, this has been a little more daunting than Pluto squaring my Moon by transit…

    • Pluto progressed from my 4th house to my 3rd. It has changed the main women in my life (4th house) AND guiding/father-figure men in my life (10th house).

      Sister and mother: significant health problems. One with gyne probs associated with age. The other, sudden death is a very real possibility due to her health condition.

      Beloved, guiding grandfather died (10th house) along with a mentor who was on the same page.

      At least when I cry lately (not excessively mind you, but when it happens), it’s from missing and remembering those who have passed instead of life’s trivialities. And, I feel stronger for the little things not moving me nearly as much.

      • Strange I didn’t think of it immediately- when Pluto crossed my 4th house cusp my parents got divorced and my sister got cancer and later died. And then I got divorced. It’s been a rough 6 years, but I am stronger at my core now.

  48. Pluto is currently in my 5th and has been there for a few years, the cusp of my 5th is 24 Sag so as far as I can work out he’s been in my 5th since the end of 2005/beg 2006. In this next year or two I’ll have Pluto transiting my Cap conga line of moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno-Vertex…
    Pluto’s retrograde through the end of my 4th coincided with a major physical illness which led me to therapy where I finally dealt with my family-of-origin issues once and for all. It was hell at the time but such a valuable experience and central to the (better) person I am today. Pluto was obviously determined to get me one way or the other :)
    I’ve also seen the might of Pluto at work in my bestie’s life. Within days of Pluto transiting into her 6th, she collapsed with a brain aneurism that almost killed her. Apparently she was born with it, and it could have happened at any time. She is 100 per cent well now and better than ever, but as you’d imagine this was a trigger for a lot of other powerful changes.
    In my 5th now, well I’m not so sure. I think all my fantasies about what it means to be a creative practitioner have been dismantled one by one. Brutal process of stripping down to bare bones, but ultimately liberating.
    Interestingly according to my transit chart I have no ‘difficult’ aspects at the mo from transiting outer planets. Pluto is making sextiles and Saturn is making trines. I have all this power available. My challenge is to flick the switch to ‘on’.

    • 5th house is also the house of ROMANCE, Chrysalis, and i would say you’ve been dismantled there for better things to come x

      • Oh fuq yes Mille, I forgot about 5th house and romance!! Shows you where my head’s been at :) Thanks for the reminder xx

  49. I’ve had Pluto transit my 1st house, now it’s toward the tail end of 2nd and what a hell of a fuqing journey thus far. Looking back, when Pluto was on my Ascendant was when I first tasted liberation of sorts, the authentic friends, the authentic environment, as an escape from “home”.

    Pluto goes into my 3rd house late January 2015, and I can feel some of the things brewing, esp. siblings and communication.
    I’m in no rush re: both, and am taking the time in cutting off the association with a half-sibling, esp. since with our “family” (for lack of a better word) there are many, many tangents, layers, secrets, which I’ve been uncovering ever since I was 9 years old. The few people who know some of the details thought it was like a soap opera, even a psychologist remarked that it was complex (really? I thought all your clients’ things were complex)
    It’s like, enough already, I already told the Multiverse the buck stops with me, all the lies a la family tradition (parents – in the biological sense – not acting like adults, abandoning their responsibilities, not communicating with each other hence kids were/are caught in the cross fires, etc, fuqing grow up none of you were in high school and yet continue/d to act like it, etc.) and I’ve given ‘it’ what I can, and there’s a difference btw giving up and knowing when you’ve had enough, and I’ve had enough. I’ve been true to my word, and the buck has stopped with me, all that fuqing mud, excrement, blood, tears, lies, more deliberate lies, I’ve been unearthing them all and deconstructing the flimsily built house of identity from back then, and now at the bottom of it all I finally have my gleaming, new solid foundation, replacing the old one, and I’m slowly building my new solid house, on top of the new, totally my own solid foundation.

    My values have been morphing, as befits Pluto Pluto-ing through one’s 2nd house, and I’m more than ok with who I am, and that includes who I do and don’t want in my life, esp. as I’m taking my time adding the flesh and bones to the newly rebirthed me.
    When Pluto enters my 3rd house, I’m open to the positive power in my communications. Not that my comms has been fake, coz my Scorp rising would hate to look at herself in the mirror at that, but there’s pride in knowing I’ve held on to my integrity, even when I thought there would be no payoff, or that no one would know but me.

    I’ve always been a believer of “I’d rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I’m not” – now even more than ever. Bullies can fuq off, rude mannerless disrespectful people can fuq off, energy vampires can fuq off, I decide who is and isn’t worth my time communicating and spending my time with.