The Spooky Astrology Of Claus Von Stauffenberg

Claus Von Stauffenberg

“Let’s be blunt, I am committing high treason with all my might and means.”

Claus Von Stauffenberg


The Astrology of Claus Von Stauffenberg is a study in courage. In case you have not heard of him, the German army executed him in 1944, for being part of a conspiracy to kill Adolph Hitler.  Tom Cruise played him in the 2008 movie Valkyrie.  The name of the mission to take out Hitler? Operation Valkyrie. This is evocative because, in Norse mythology, the Valkyrie are a variety of angel who greets slain warriors in the underworld after their death. You get the sense that the people involved in this assassination attempt knew their chances were slender but gave it a crack anyway.

His astrological birth energies are fascinating and reflect his commitment to principle.  Von Stauffenberg was a Scorpio with his Sun conjunct Mercury, in sync to Saturn in Pisces. That alone speaks of someone with a serious life mission. Mars in idealistic Aquarius squares his Sun-Mercury – that’s a risk taker, right there. His Saturn? Square Pluto. This is like the Ground Zero aspect for people who end up playing an important role in history or within their culture. 

Claus Von Stauffenberg’s Spooky Karmic Moon’s Node Placements

But where the Astrology of Claus Von Stauffenberg becomes downright spooky is in the placement of his karmic Moon’s Nodes.  Uranus conjunct the South Node in Capricorn and Neptune conjunct the North Node in Cancer. The Nodes in astrology signify where we came from – our past lives, if you like – and our path or ideal direction in ‘this life’.

He had these immense ideals regarding how the ‘ruling classes’ – of which he was a member – should conduct themselves. And even when it became apparent that the plot would likely fail and all involved be executed, he cared desperately that the world know not all Germans supported the Nazi regime. He loved his mother * country and he died for his ideals.

*The sign of Cancer is associated with the archetype of the Mother, among many other things.

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9 thoughts on “The Spooky Astrology Of Claus Von Stauffenberg

  1. Synchronicity: when your washing machine breaks down and your next client is a washing machine repair man..
    And thank you, Kim, we need all the support we can get in these Neo-Ancient techniques of transformation & growth.
    Onwards & upwards.

  2. hmmm Tom as valkyrie man might be “too small” for his pedigree family’s taste:

    I take that to read Cruise cannot pull off scorp intensity, ball of atrophied plasticine fluff that he is. But i will reserve judgement.

    Interesting that it was all about the “mother country” for Von Stauffenberg (and that cancerian energy in his chart). What’s the sign of Germany (or prussia, more’s the point)?

  3. Oha, thanks Kim for that Astro lesson. Fascinating. Neptune is our Divine, huh.
    I use this word fairly frequently and it has a positive resonance within the body.

    My Neptune is in Libra (and Moon) so this explains my use of positive words (when bodyworking). To create balance.
    My first experiment, eons ago, was to ask the person to close their eyes. Then see the word……….insert whatever uplifting word you choose or what they want more of……then tell them to see it in CAPITALS….then imprint on their forehead in their minds’ eye, then dynamically breathe into their bodies. The cells listen to you, i say or is it the subconscious you can direct?
    When used in Aromatherapy, one can describe the flower or plant/bark etc
    to the receptor to double the effect.
    As most don’t know what they want, you may decide for them:) (for the higher good and all that before choosing!
    An easy intro to visualisation skills.
    To the heavens.

    • I like that technique, Pegasus.

      A belief is a simply a thought we keep thinking. Your visualisation allows for a new thought to ‘override’ the old one, creating new experiences and healing. Excellent! 🙂

  4. He does have those dreamy Scorpio eyes!

    What I find so interesting about this is his North Node and Neptune in Cancer–an idealization of his purpose to the point that he could become a public martyr. Neptune is where we look for the divine and with that NNode, it may have felt to him as if he had a divine purpose to carry out his plot–a divine right.

    He could also have been a famous novelist but in the stories he told we would have seen this theme of idealized vision of ‘Mother Land’ Cancer meeting the sudden and immovable wall of Capricorn S Node and rebellious Uranus.

    The nodes are an axis that need balancing, especially when one end is ruled by the extreme nature of his Saturn with its aspect to Mars and Pluto–a powerhouse engine that could derail. But it gets even more tricky. His North Node was ruled by the Moon and his South Node by Saturn and these two planets where conjunct for most of the day. I get the image of tension as tight as a piano wire between his rebel nature and the desire for immersion in a cause. Because the nodal rulers were conjunct, he had less chance for objectivity and more for obsession.

    I’ll have to watch the movie to see how he is portrayed.

    Note the final Nodal theme: Count Von Stauffenberg was shot just before 1am on the 21st of July 1944–on the Solar Eclipse in Cancer (Sun, Moon and North Node conjunct)–just before his exact Nodal Return.

    I think he would have felt that he gave his life to a ‘right cause’ and would have done it all over again. No regrets.

    🙂 Kim

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