Being Leo…In Darwin

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You know a lot of Leos are being displaced at the moment? Moving all over the place. Relocating is the latest Leo form of chic. It’s not always easy, but it’s part of the Leonic Journey…There are many Leos on the move at the moment – this is just one of them.

So i’m a Leo – fabulous as fuq, a legend in my own (hopefully paid for by someone else) lunchtime. So I followed all the guidelines to the Zap Zone. Stay stuck and be fuqed – adapt and get ahead. It seemed easy enough? In my head I was clearly moving to New York to pursue an enviable media career in a loft style apartment close to Chelsea, maybe, maybe the Lower East Side, definitely not Brooklyn. I’d wear Hermes suits and go to fabulous parties and fly back to Sydney and wonder how I ever lived in a city so small.

 After 6 years of living the champagne lifestyle on a beer budget I had done all the things I wasn’t supposed to, met all the people I had ever wanted to meet and had absolutely nothing to show for it. To top it off I just turned 30. 30!!

Broke, virtually unemployed, still working part-time in my university job with a bunch of socialist agrarian baby-boomer hippies I needed to start my career. So when I was offered a position working for Darwin’s biggest commercial radio station as a music announcer and producer in the news team I sort of freaked. Darwin is a tropical outpost situated somewhere between the Timor Gulf and Indonesia, closer to Asia than the rest of Australia, it boasts some of the deadliest wildlife in the world. In the words of David Byrne “where does that highway go to?” North!!

 In lieu of no New York job offers I packed up my life in Newtown, Sydney and left. The only place I was prepared to live in Darwin was in a brand new sub-penthouse apartment in what was described as an enviable part of town. The heat got to me first. After a week of persevering in boat shoes and American Apparel nautical trousers with tan pre-aged belt-buckle I finally gave in. I bought a ten-dollar pair of board shorts from a meth-amphetamine addict in a mall. Brianna explained black board shorts and a black singlet was considered formal wear in Darwin.

 I threw out all the ironic vintage Hawaiian shirts next. Irony doesn’t exist here. I shaved off my hipster moustache too. It’s as if the early 90’s never ended. Anything that’s intended to be taken ironically will be taken literally here. As for my blue Mercedes-Benz with Greenpeace stickers? Forget it. If you’re not driving a white Toyota Hilux covered in red dirt with a couple of rifles in the back seat then you might as well just order a mineral water from the Humpty-doo Tavern (DO NOT ORDER MINERAL WATER FROM THE HUMPTY-DOO TAVERN!!).

 But of course the most pressing issue was who was going to have the privilege of cutting my mane? I did the sums and the price of flying to Sydney, as loyal a Leo as I might be, just to see my hairdresser, was slightly insane. Even by my standards. The zap-zone was meant to be all about innovation I reasoned. I would have to adapt!! I noticed a red and white pole in the city. I had my ah-ha moment!! I would get a real barbers do from a real barber. He would be 100 years old and probably charge me five dollars for a shave and a cut. I would return to Sydney for fun-filled weekends with glamorous friends as a pre-eminent Darwin celebrity with hipster haircut from actual old-school barber. Not tattoo-covered Generation Z charging me $80 for a men’s cut in Surry Hills.

 When I walked into the barber store I was shocked to be greeted by ‘Shane’ – a tattoo-covered Generation Z LEO with diamond stud. He explained that he couldn’t be bothered going to the bank anymore, besides cash is so 90’s, and would I mind using my credit card? As I sat down in a ironic barber salon surrounded by photos of Madonna and Sting and plastic indoor palms he assured me $80 for a men’s cut was pretty standard in Darwin. We’re going out for sushi next week. What have I learned? There are Leo Enclaves everywhere. Just bring it, Darwin.

Nick tweets @NickHose and is a broadcaster at NT station Hot 100

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118 thoughts on “Being Leo…In Darwin

  1. Hilarious and so true! And what about the crocs on the front page of your newspaper EVERY DAY!

  2. LOL! From Newtown to Darwin – Geez! Quite a cultural diff and definitely not NY but hey, if that’s where the flow’s going, why not! Love the photo . . . you’ve clearly assimilated to Darwin by not being too bothered about your photo taken with only one thong on!

    • The majority of men who move to Darwin – regardless of where they are from seem to find a common link in fishing, camping or beer. Cultural barriers cease to exist after that point… They seem to revert to some paleo version of themselves. Lol. This Leo will find his pride fairly quickly.

  3. Love it! I’m sure Darwin is a hell of a lot more groovy than my country town move and possible hairdressing options!

    • as a Leo parent it goes with the teriitory (ha). Gives me an extra excuse to comb my mane. Its part of lice (sorry life (lol)

  4. Am Leo rising, and due to certain amount of Zap Zone zapping, got terminated (with extreme predjuce!) and horror of horrors, economically forced to leave my beloved Melbourne after 17 years. Back in the wilds of gorgeous Newcastle surrounded by family (eep) and finding myself absolutely loving it – Beaches mermaids die for, a music scene mind-blowing in talent, art taking off in all directions, and the family property chock with morning bird song, room to creatively breathe, and projects of environmental regeneration begging to begin.
    Could be crying tragically about my career and city life but instead, seizing all I have landed in with both hands and heart and embracing the now and the new paradigm.
    Must be said, all the warnings, heads-up and advice from this site have made all the difference. There’s a few of you out there freaking out and wringing hands at your current scenarios – trust and leap! You may just find the change you crave will find you.
    And of course, there’s always the Territory. When in doubt, get pirate, set sail. And never forget, the universe provides!!!

    • Wow, love this story, bravepoet. Mystic’s scopes have been very home-4th house focused for Leos lately and this sounds like a wonderful manifestation of that. I’m Leo rising / Pisces sun and I love your description of the beaches and the music scene… idyllic.

      • Oh, is it saturn in the fourth bringing these dramatic moves? Cos i am over it! Do we just hold on three more years? :S

    • Yes Newcastle is divine, I moved there from Sydney 12 years ago and have had the space to unwind, live by the beach, make art, make some really good friends and there are some great scenes happening there, eg Renew Newcastle which has done so much for people who want to start their own projects right off the ground…

  5. That’s hilarious! I know some awesome people who have migrated to Darwin. It’s the great collector. Glad your hair is in good hands 🙂

  6. So hilaire. For people outside of australia, darwin is a place our own prime minister at the time called the arse end of the universe, suitable only viewing from the plane on your way to paris. They say it is full of spies. And crocodiles.

    i am another leo forced into relocating just recently, it was a horrible wrench, i have been doing deep breathing anti panic exercises all the time but proved to be a VERY good move. I am just beginning to trust it. So good luck Leos on the move and to you in darwin.

      • Lol! Heh heh – no sweetie but i moved from a salubrious street into one with more character. it was seen by some as a step down for me but i am a lot happier and am now equipped with more LOOKS budget. But i saw my enemy in the street who i will just call Fat Bitch (not Adele or Glee fat, angry fat) and she sniggered and said “down sizing are we?”Very hard on a leo and my hair looked like shit at the time as was moving and had put it up in a zebra print scrunchie i found under sofa

        • I empathise. Nothing worse for a Leo than to be caught unawares or in the midst of private stuff “with bad hair” or similar. Good luck with the settling in TLS – from my experience it does take awhile but hell, more looks budget is NICE. x

        • Oh wouldn’t that have been a great moment to grin and whip out the old: “Stay stuck and you’re fuq’d.”

          The scrunchie probs blocked your witty retort thoughts. Lioness, kill that zebra!

          • Besides, f* b*ch will be on the lookout for you now, to gloat. Can’t wait til your metamorphosis from removalist to Queen – won’t she suffer smackdown!

        • angry fat bitch, yow, that’s rude even by Pisces standards!

          you know, this could be the trend-spotting (ugh) Gemini in me, but if anyone was going to bring zebra-print scrunchies back into fashion, a Leo could do it. Definitely.

        • What were you even doing with a scrunchie, let alone a zebra print one!? 😯

          Don’t care if scrunchies make a come back. You won’t see me in one! I never even wore them in the 80’s! Yuk!
          Fashion is such a joke. Designers running out of ideas… oh so let’s look to the 80’s for inspiration – AGAIN!! When will they leave that decade alone! Ugh!!!

          • i think designers should start looking to future decades for inspiration. and I don’t mean some dazzling foil-plated barbarella-inspired bustier or jetsons-lite carbon-fibre miniskirt that can predict your biorhythms. Designers – on the whole, not just the boutique types who can afford to (e.g. whose wares are advertised in Peppermint mag or Smith journal in oz) – no let’s say whoever selects and orders for Target or Walmart (K mart?) or sportsgirl or Marcs? Gap? … whoever else does mass fashion cycle cheapware – could be inspired by starting to build momentum for a closed fashion ecosystem in a hugely wasteful industry that relies for the large part on cheap labour and vast quantities of waste, raw materials, the dyeing process, power consumption, imports/exports, etc. imagine that, Fashion that isn’t trashy in every sense of the word. anyway, where was I…

              • Great post Pi, although I have been waiting for the Barbarella carbon fibre biorythmic fashion to be in store forever!

                Seriously, fully agree and this might seem a dumb question (too much sun today!) but what is a closed fashion ecosystem?

                • hey anon,
                  I don’t quite know as I just thought of it on the fly, but basically a closed ecosystem (in biological terms) is more or less where everything that is produced and eventually dies / decays is taken up by something else in the system. there’s no net loss or gain. I think, anyway. another way to approach it it ‘cradle to grave’ design thinking. .

        • God I love this story’s killer ending! zebra scrunchie from under the couch face off

  7. Love it, hilarious! But $80 for a men’s haircut in Darwin is crazy. My extremely fussy Virgo rising Leo son (12) will only go to an inner city upmarket barber shop to see his French hairdresser – Xavier (totally gorgeous) and I always tip as we get straight in every time now. But my point being – they do great haircuts and I’m sure they don’t charge more than $40 for a men’s cut.

    On the Leo Loyalty – I get it. I still drive for an hour (or more in bad traffic) to my old city (Brisbane from the Gold Coast) to see my fantastic hairdresser. My Leonic Mane is my pride and joy.

  8. Why is it Leos never ever appear singly? If you’ve got one in your life, heads up, cos there’ll be more, stalking the savannahs of your wandering. They really do get about in a pride.

    On a side note my Capricorn bestie, whom my former Sag bestie declared had the best tits in town, was once a page three girl in the Darwin paper.

    Do we all dream of New York? I have had a few conversations lately where people have mentioned letting go of their old New York dream, or realising it would never come true.

    • Interesting! I have had so many dreams about New York but I’ve been there twice (physically) and many more astrally.

      I had a fling with a Gem guy from NY. In one of my most vivid dreams, I was walking down the street, a block away from his apartment, then stopped on the corner when I reached his street, because I suddenly realised I was in my pyjamas and thought he’d probably freak out if I dropped in unannounced. Woke up absolutely convinced I was really there!

      All the other dreams are similar – walking down various streets, heartbroken about having to fly back to Oz. The very first time I visited NY, I sat in Central Park and was emotionally overwhelmed. It felt like i was finally home. Think I lived there in a past life for sure!

      • Either kind of travel, i don’t mind. Can’t believe you were still in your pyjamies. Don’t you get changed to astral travel? Do you astral travel as a Taurus?

        • 😆 comfort is everything!!!!!!! – Jupiter in Taurus in 4th house. And “I don’t give a stuff” Saggo moon – happy to wear the same thing for days… I DON”T because I’m always out’ n about of course but just hate having to change every day.

          The only time I like getting dressed up is for work – Cap Asc.

    • ahhh, just realised you mean to actually travel there? Not a nocturnal dream!
      Haven’t read the rest post yet.

    • In my “perfect dream life” I get to move to NYC.

      But reality and duty just made me buy a house here….right on my Saturn line.

      But i still dream….. NYC is right on My Moon and North Node lines.

      Everytime I am visiting, people think I belong there. I had a “psychic” lady read my tarot cards for me when I visited last time and we argued for like 10 min because she thought I was a local. I assured her i was not. Of I was all like….you not too psychic (in jest)….of course too funny. She thinks one of my past selves must have lived there.

      In my new reality, I supposed I can do a dual life of Persephone and spend 6 months iin the Underworld with my “King” (if there will ever be one) and do 6 months of mom. Very Venus-Pluto and Uranus in Aries (in relationship house) if you ask me.

      • Oh Goodness! Turns out Darwin is also on my Moon and North Node lines too! Guess i would love it there as always! I live in a hella casual place. You eat out at 4 star restaurants dressed in your flip flips and shorts with a t-shirt.

        • Dumb question – how do I match up places with my planets? Is it the lat/longitude of each planet? I would love to know how to figure this out!

          • Go to astrodienst…goto the free horoscopes section…click astro travel. Then look at all the places that you have lived and see what all lines are there. It gives descriptions!
            Also click on boyfriends/husbands/best friends/ past and present’s birthplaces….

            nothing short of amazing in many cases.

            • I’m officially freaked out. My sun and IC lines run directly over where I now live – I wasn’t born here and have always had a love-hate relationship with the place. Must investigate further!

      • Oh I must have a look at my lines for NY!!! Thanks for the reminder.

        Townsville in far north QLD is on my venus/Jupiter line, if I recall correctly. It was something wonderful anyway. I had the most BEAUTIFUL time there!!! Words can’t even describe. I was really sad to leave. It’s very tropical (hence my name) – I love the heat.

        Darwin is incredible. LOVED it. Everywhere you go, the smell of frangipanis and mangoes 🙂 and the most incredible and surreal storm clouds.

        Are you in California?

        • I <3 frangipani but i'm allergic to mangoes. 🙁 =D

          Central U.S. time zone! I swear I grew up hick. I can do crazy things with a Jeep in mud, skin squirrels, and shoot beer cans. But i think I was meant for greater things in life. LOL!

    • Strangely I don’t care much for heading to NY as much as I’d like to be in California.. maybe it’s the beach scene I go for … I need to see horizons like other people need to breathe.

      Now I’ve said that, i’ll probably end up there doing some thing somewhere without really meaning to.

      Struggling a bit with understanding the Ambivalent Leo. Tropic of Scorp, maybe you can help. I think he has Cap rising, but definitely venus-pluto in Libra. Now I know scorps and leos might be at odds, but it’s the Venus in Libra thing that’s possibly confusing me. (He also has Mars in Taurus.) All my Libra venus research tells me they like pretty things, love being nice, live for partnership bla bla. ok, sure. And pluto seems to sort of add “Ultimate” or “extreme” or “deep” to each of those descriptors. but I can’t work out
      if my mercurial pisces with trash-talking Aqua mars/aries venus is vastly at odds with his form-loving, uh, form. Leo-Libra-Taurus.. is it all about appearances?

      • Haha…. the last line made me laugh, because I have venus in Libra and it IS all about appearances for me. It’s the one (well, ok maybe I have a few) flaws in my personality. It’s not necessarily just looks but all the other Libran things – subtly, nuance, harmony, manners, dislike of vulgarity etc.

        “mercurial pisces with trash-talking Aqua mars” Hmm… could be. My venus in Libra is very sensitive to SOUNDS – music and the tone of voices. The TONE of things in general – COLOURS especially.

        Ambivalent Leo is very Venusian with that astro!
        What exactly is it that you can’t work out? Has his ardor for you diminished? I have a Cap Asc too and I’m SO pragmatic. It might sound cold but someone has to add VALUE to my life (another Taurean thing) or be useful in some way. One of my favourite sayings is “love ain’t gonna bring food to the table”

        That said, the line up of all the Cap planets is a bit heavy and not conducive to romance at the moment. It could be dampening his spirits? It is Zap Zone afterall. Maybe he’s got status anxiety and romance isn’t his number 1 priority. Pluto on my Asc over the last few years has been hell for me! I thought I was going to be one of those “stay stuck and you’re fuqed” peeps. I have finally embarked on a new “vocation” 😉 Things are looking a little brighter this year.

        Another thing I’ve been thinking about lately is the whole “dating” thing. It’s not what it use to be (a bit like nostalgia LOL) Things are so different since Neptune in Aqua. It feels to me like people are just too self-absorbed and not looking for a traditional type of relationship. Have you danced the horizontal tango with him yet?
        I’m trying to get there with a Saggo/Toro moon. He has Mars in Libra 🙁 I was the one that suggested we do something this weekend. If I had waited for a Mars in LIbra to take action, I’d be waiting forever. *sigh* I thought I was done with Saggos but this one waltzed back into my life after 5 years. His Mars in Libra is devastatingly romantic (might also be his Scorp Venus). My Venus in Libra swooned, so I’m giving him a second chance. He’s good with the poetry but a women can’t live off that alone!!! 😆

        I just looked at MM’s Mars-Venus Compatibility for you and AL. Okay, so this might explain things:

        This could be a non-starter, given that Venus finds Mars infuriatingly slow-paced and Mars thinks this Venus is a bit full of herself. She’s goal-oriented, he enjoys the journey. What might make it work? Money? Blackmail? If the Mars is extremely sure of him/herself? Venus tries to bug Mars on the couch and all hell is unleashed”

        The Mars in Aqua / Venus in Libra is slightly better. Let me know If you don’t have MM’s guide and I’ll paste it here for you. Hope I’ve helped? Mars in Virgo likes to be of service 😀

        • ToS, you’ve gone above and beyond! thank you so much o dark sagacious one.

          I do have the mars-venus guide and have consulted it intensively.

          Yes neither of us are quite in the relationship zone, at ALL, for our own reasons which we have talked about. Intermittent romance with respect, yes, and we’ve chatted about how we fit into each other’s lives. Being a Leo he is of course – or at least comes across as – extremely sure of himself. I think it’s because as soon as I start dating (or whatever) someone, I instantly start thinking I need to be one of those types who always… oh well someone who is, says and does the direct opposite of me in every way. Hey insecurity, go f*ck yourself!

          I’m glad to hear that a saggo type is back on your scene…the good thing about Libra influenced types is that they go along with whatever you suggest? mwaha so I assume he’s said yes to your weekend ideas 🙂

          I wish I could do proper romance, I’m terrible at it, I just want to talk about my favourite guitar solos and why I love stupid versions of Haiku poetry, and go mountaineering with a backpack full of home made chocolate dipped strawberries that we can eat at the top of the cliff. Then guys think I’m wierd. or ..oh whatever. Well, I am generalising. a lot.

          I think the ‘adding value’ thing counts for something and I totally get it. Frills and sweet nothings are exactly that. substance dammit! Leo likes my company but I am painfully aware that I can’t do as much as I”d like with him for budget reasons… and having been involved with broke-ass men for too long I KNOW how annoying it is…sigh. Maybe it’s the uber-independent streak that’s tripping me over.

          so in conclusion, i have to make sure my hair looks better more often (sigh), and re-locate my progressed Leo asc to smash hot outfits all the time. Which I do, but the face and hair have to match.

          your toro moon / mars libra friend sounds like he likes a solidly enforced sensual indulgence comfort zone, with that saggi edge that you would know all about being sagg rising…. you have a good weekend now…maybe buy him a book of modern haiku written about the food in New York restaurants or something 😀

          • You’re funny. I’d date you! But of course – you’re a Pisces 🙂

            Where’s the AL’s moon? That’s important too.

            I can see how your Cap moon could be tripping you over. Probably why you’re a little hard on yourself? Your moon is Saturn ruled. Can’t be easy. Saggo guy has Moon opposite Saturn PLUS Saturn conjunct his Venus (a bit inhibited). Nothing like a Scorp to sort that out ;). He’s afraid I might only want him as a fling. Said he wants something “low key, sustainable and rewarding” So sweet, but enough with all the pondering, philosophising and chatting (he’s a Saggo rising too!!). I want some ACTION! and let’s see how it goes… My Saggo moon likes to dive in and deal with the consequences later. Not sure I can do “low key”. I’m an outer planet girl – Uranus/Pluto/Mars in the 8th. Intensity is my core competency! 🙂

            Yes, of course he said yes to my idea but he had to know EXACTLY what time (Toro moon & Merc in Cap) I will be arriving and was happy with late arvo as it meant he didn’t have to give up his morning ritual. Ha! Last week when we had a drink, I asked him what time he wanted to meet up. His response was SO Mars Libra: “well, I finish between 5 and 6pm but if you have a time in mind, maybe I can work around that” 😆 Fine by me, my Mars in Virgo/ cap asc likes to organise things but it can be a little frustrating trying to get a direct answer.

            Have you complimented your Leo enough? They like that. My Leo sis once said to me (all pouty) “You NEVER say anything nice about me” 😯 Which only made me more determined not to! LOL

            Sounds like a mutable or air sign might be a better for for you Pi.

            • haha! love this. ‘low key, sustainable and rewarding’ that’s so sweet…. I can just hear your Scorpy mind rubbing its hands together with glee about how you can shred his preconceived ideas of what he *thinks* is rewarding.. or something lolol.

              yes of course you are saggi moon not rising.

              Scorps male and female do have a good way of creating a space where inhibitions serve no purpose. It’s like, they’re neither a currency nor a language that is recognised in Scorp-Land, but they will trade in your taboos for boundary-busting sexytime. Freedom from inhibition is simply common sense as far as I can tell with scorps. which obvs makes, you know, sense.

              I am also annoyingly indirect re meeting times and things – I have learnt to just pick a time and say “let’s meet at 6 unless you have a better idea.” or “would noon suit you?” that way I get to keep the other person’s needs in mind AND, like, just make a decision.

              Anyway, complimenting the Leo. I have learnt thanks to this site that compliments are gold to Leos. I am practising being more attentive – only a mercury ruled person could say that surely – and he is of course worthy of them. He is relatively low-maintenance but he does have that Leo chest if anyone knows what I mean? Leos never slouch. Not like that. so Yes, I do, at least once every time I see him. Including his hair, lol. I mean, I dish them out to anyone in my circle whenever they are deserved – It’s nice to know when others notice one’s efforts in front of the mirror, or at the gym, or at work! Interestingly (as an aside) I only learnt to truly give decent compliments when I learnt to graciously accept them too.

              I think he as a Gemini moon. Possibly Toro but gemini makes more sense I think. In which case this might balance all that luxe-venus business and explain better what he sees in me 🙂

              • 😆 oh yes, I can’t wait to ravish him and say “was that rewarding enough for you?” 😛
                He’s hilarious of course being a multi-conjunct Saggo. Drinks last week was like an episode of Seinfeld!

                Gem moon… okay.. Yep, he would probably love your mercurial mind. He has a lot of fire and air. Glad you find him appealing. Leo men do nothing for me.

        • he is very beauty-oriented tho. I don’t just mean perving. also art etc. will mull over your comments further.. xxx

          • I had a quick look at Jessica Adams’ astro book for women and read the men with Venus in Libra part.

            He’s looking for: “a gentle femininity, someone easy on the eye and ear, soft, refined and glamourous… a “lady”.

            He’s a sucker for feminine graces and you won’t get him into bed unless you glide around the place”

            Can you learn to glide Pi? Hahaha 🙂

            Double all that for his Leo sun, I reckon. Especially the glamour part.

            I once worked with a Scorp sun art director who had venus in Libra. He only dated models :roll: He was such a wanker. I really don’t like the male Scorps. Except for Joaquin phoenix!! 🙂

            • oh dear! hahaha venus in Libra description…

              I refer now to the newspaper headline “If i had to, I could” but I would also experience some kind of implosion. but seriously it’s the 21st century, do men still really think like that?

              this is the crux of the (my) problem I think. I seem to concern myself about whether I need to be more , well, whatever a venus in libra chick is like – you know, calm, pretty, neat… NO ONE LIVES LIKE THIS SURELY! and the only person I know who has that is the Libran Scorp Frenemy ie deceptive psycho. So, I see any semblance of Stepford-ism as outright manipulation. lol I only just realised that.

              Also, I am a fish, I float…not glide 😀 but this seems to have worked as he’s rather happy to have my company *suddenly turns modest*

              i’ll see if a progressed leo asc will help any 🙂

              • Pi, I know it’s the 21st century, but some people are taking a bloody long time to catch up and I doubt they ever will.

                There ARE women out there who live like that and guys do like to look at pretty things. Hello!! Why is Hugh Hefner allowed to marry someone old enough to be his great grand daughter?!!! Imagine if a woman did that. Peeps would be outraged!!! Why are female dentists earning 17% less than male dentists? We are so from equality.

                A guy at work once said I had anger issues just because I liked to express my opinions. Ugh! Of course it was a gay Aqua male who was always keen to hear what I had to say. He loved to shout out across the office “Oh this interesting – what does ToS think!!”. Bless him 🙂

                And another guy (Aries) said “what’s wrong with you?” when I mentioned my longest relationship was 2 years. Unbelievable!!

                I could go on but … yeah.. fuq ’em I say. Just be you and hopefully someday someone will like you for it. I would implode too if I had to be something I’m not (Uranus square moon!!)

                My song dedication for you today is “Float On” by Floaters. 🙂

                • ohhh fabulous, I like your gay aqua colleague already 😀

                  “what’s wrong with you?” lolol

                  we’ll see. I think his leo sun / venus in libra might also be manifesting as a lot of female friends (ok cool, whatevs, I am not cool with receiving jealousy so I try not to unleash it on others) several of whom I suspect are also flirt-lite objects, you know, feed the lion, I mean ego, libran social butterfly type. then again I love my guy friends and would be mortified if a lover accused me of shagging them, so who am I to get all wierd?
                  will listen to that song, thanks… *floats upstream*

  9. Love it! I lived in Darwin for 7 years from the late 90s. I strangely feel myself being drawn back to the thought of moving back, but in a whole new way. Darwin changes people’s lives and outlooks. This Leo is in for a memorable chapter. I wonder what Darwin’s chart would look like?

  10. So hilarious! And so spot on! I lived in Darwin in the late 80’s and obviously it hasn’t changed. I miss the crazy lifestyle but not the actual people I met. It’s madness still by the sound of it!

  11. It’s a great letter! Witty, amusing… why write this to MM though? I don’t get it. But it’s nice to know if I am feeling ebullient I too can contact Her Loveliness with my progress.

  12. “I threw out all the ironic vintage Hawaiian shirts” WHAT? You really missed something Hot 100 man, Vintage Hawaiian IS Darwin shirts!

  13. Capricorn Sun, Leo Rising and totally got the call to just up and move just a few months back. Had a comfortable unit that I was sharing with my new partner (Libra Sun, Scorp Rising) in Yorkeys Knob in Cairns but got the call of the wild so strong, I knew the right thing to do was to give it up and now we’re holed up on the Atherton Tablelands temporarily, literally homeless at the mo because we’re still waiting for real estate agents to get back to us on our application.

    The call is totally to move to somewhere different, somewhere new, somewhere I’ve never ever lived or even thought of living in before. I’m a city born and bred person (Singapore) but now I find myself being drawn to rural towns like Mossman and Cooktown in the far north of Queensland.

    It’s unbelievable :O

    And typical Leo Rising, since giving up our convenient, near to the city apartment, I’ve been pondering about hairdressing options!

    • The Atherton tablelands are so beautiful – as is Mossman. You can get your hair cut in Port Douglas 🙂

  14. What’s wrong with Brooklyn?

    *files under*……………..why I don’t date Leos…….

    • Totally I have some great Leo girl pals, but the guys confused me mightily. And strangely the Leo gals I know aren’t this fussbudget mess either.

  15. Ha, I was wondering why I suddenly, surprisingly MOVED last weekend! It just sort of . . . happened. Fully, completely moved out of my house instead of the monthlong hiatus I was thinking of. I have been perplexed! This post helps me to stop scratching my head like huh and just kinda go with it.

  16. Good article.

    There are a lot of people fleeing London for same reason. Despite certain hardships I zapped myself back here and don’t regret it but I know this is part A of my zap relocation program. I actually moved on my saturnpluto 4th house transit.

  17. OMFG the NT NEWS pure genius I love that rag… best front page headlines ever

    you should call it “Lieu York” you know… in lieu of (i am sure I don’t have to explain this)

    I have a V sartorially refined Libran pal who when he moved to Darwin (cairns? somewhere tropical. No, definitely Darwin) eventually realised he had to ditch the tailored superfine wool suits, leather shoes etc…rainy season doom…

    it’s my theory after living in the sub-tropics for a long time that you keep a few (FEW) elegant pieces and tropical-ise the rest ASAP. Brianna was right. as long as the dentistry remains up to speed and you don’t get the under-nourished over-beered Oztropic silhouette, you’ll be fine…

  18. I didn’t realize that people from different signs were really having such similar experiences. As a virgo, I Thought the qi vampire thing was just something we all go through, but its really coming to the surface and getting dealt with lately, it seems. With leos, the travel/change of life thing is also a very obvious and outstanding thing. I don’t have leo friends at the moment… now I wanna meet some, if we even have anything to talk about at this point!

  19. I am in love with you Nick from Newtown! You had me when you caved and bought the board shorts from a meth addict.

    Mystic, can i write one on moving to Byron to escape the hipsters of Melbourne and instead being just as shocked by the overly-sincere hippies who believe sunscreen is carcinogenic and shoes are a conspiracy?

    • oohoo hoo hoo! I know the exact type you’re talking about! Love love love Byron, but yeah, wow.

      There is a guy at the healing centre who will “talk to your ovaries” for $50 an hour or something. And by “talk to your ovaries” I mean TALK– unfortunately it’s not a euphemism for anything more interesting.

        He is also into breastfeeding and has a program on Bay FM. It disturbs me.

        • Mind you, i just went for the most mind-boggling walk at sunrise to the lighthouse today followed by the most nourishing smoothie in the universe packed with 15 super foods – the hippies are onto a few things!

    • I am in Byron now housesitting. When in Sydney my Byron sea change fantasies have got me through many a banal patch – however being here now makes me a little sad. The vibe is so different (haven’t been here for a few years) it is full of bogans on holiday, retail is awful; chain stores, (no one seems to be buying, except at the bottlo) the arts & industry park has lost their local artisans (I think I saw tumbleweeds) and the locals tell horror stories of NYE (with drunk dudes camped in their cars on on their doorsteps from 4pm, picking fights with whoever).

      I haven’t found any old hippies at the markets or in town – where are the old Byronians?

      Also to Ms above – Byron real estate has dropped 30% according to SMH last week. If KFC opens as planned then it may just get a lot more affordable : )

      • *aghast* KFC in byron. after all the efforts to keep mcdonalds at bay.

        it was very strange to see Subway and fashion chain stores on the main street. how does it happen? does the rent go up so high that only the chains can afford it? the age-old boom-bust cycle of local retail communities made good and then too good, then the landlords get all cash-grabby

      • 1975. Was there then. A farmhouse on 200 acres with cows nudging up to the doors for $20 a week. Total shabby chic before it was deliberate style.
        A pub, a healthy food shop with carrot cake supreme, sheds for the making of surfboards & some Very Interesting Peoples (i will say no more about them:-).
        Main street had maybe 6 shops and the locals rumoured to be inbred.
        I believe it’s somewhat changed?

  20. This is THE most adorable post EVER. I just want to hug him (but not in Darwin, would be too sweaty).

    Good on him for pursuing his career and making the change…personally I’m really over all the “ironic” hipster stuff, well done for shaving off the moustache and transitioning to boardies!

    And yes, the NT Times is the most hilarious newspaper EVER. I adore it. I remember one article about a man who decided it was too hot for undies, and another about a stray pig that humps rubbish bins. Awesome.

    Maybe the vintage Hawaiian shirts were too hot?

  21. cute story. I am a leo and moving in a mere 3 weeks. To texas, and I’ve never been there! This made me feel good about the change I am going to make.
    Hope to meet some brave cool leos out there!

  22. Leo enclaves? Shit ya! I walked into one this year apparently, I realize it’s just past the first half of the first month and here I am in Leo Land stocking up on conditioner, gilt and creative hair compliments. The Ego cannot be denied.

    I agree with EEL, I think it was EEL who said they do roam about in prides. Or at least a memo goes out to your local pride and they cluster accordingly per Royal Decree. Also, here’s an interesting question. I know they accuse us Kataka’s of “once we own you, we own you forever” sorta thing but of late, I’m sensing such is true of our dear little lions?

    Like they will call me as if we spoke just yesterday (after a 6 month lapse) and understandably I would know whatever it was they were going on about (I don’t but it doesn’t take a genius). Or they will give me gifts that involve them having to come over and play in my space, or require further maintenance such as tickets to wherever I would have to go with them (naturally).

    It’s been… interesting.

    • If i said the Leo Pride Cluster thing it wasn’t in this post! It could’ve been in another post. =) I don’t know who said it here.

      Trixy little bastards! =D Gifts that are not self-maintaining!

    • Oh cripes, it’s mille who said it. Of course. Too many awesome peeps to keep track of. And you know wot?

      I just now realized I also live next door to a Leo. Coincidence? Or have I actually fallen into a Leo Snack Pack?

      Funny about one of the gifts, it was the latest wii Just Dance 2, says the Leo GF “so we can have game night at yours.” Ah, of course.

      • Leo snack pack ROFL FA
        Im finding myself being a little cutesy latley and rolling over and wanting my tummy rubbed and hey presto it worked. My Lusty Leo ( yes the same one as forevah!) has just been given a promise of my full attention ( you know pat pat extra services etc) and I got him out on our 3rd couples date.
        No intentions here to move but after my big van trip with the Lusty Im aiming for a trip around the magic Northern Rivers ( not byron been there done that) every month.

      • Leos ADORE playfulness, drudgery not so much. Luxe even more so. I have found one consistent thing amongst the Leos circling my little be-winged self, aside from the hair adoration of course, but there is a certain level of attention and service that needs to be kept up. And there IS a scale, not quite announced, by which they measure these things.

        It’s like somewhere in Leo’s Metrics of Significance figures hair of course number one what else, then the party vibe – yet a very specific one, nothing sloppy (at first) but newness, glam and fun, then your unfettered devotion. A statement common amongst the Leos prowling about me, “Well, we got along until (year, month) X when suddenly he/she wasn’t doing as much and it was less about us/me than it used to be.”

        Like they KNOW this time frame, almost like a supplier rating system you know? I sympathize of course. I have Venus in Leo. It’s harsh, but so true.

        Have fun with the Lusty babe.

  23. This is hilarious, he should write a sitcom… Looking forward to more!

  24. Yep, can confirm Leos moving away from NYC, currently have cows to the left of me and and sheep to right. I’m doing my own hair.


    • Nick hunny, just a little FYI from our own little Darwinian state of mind a la Los Angeles, “Roses” in Craigslist hooker speak is “dollars”.

      NOT that I am on Craigslist. In Los Angeles. Or a hooker for that matter.

      Hmm, not sure why I brought that up but how sweet! From a Leo I’m going with the flora version. 🙂

    • Tuberoses from the florist on the highway at Stuart Park are the way to go bro – being locally grown and fragrant (unlike florist’s roses!)

  26. Wow — So it’s a thing with Leos right now? Mine just told me tonight he’s off to Australia for a few months — “while he still can.” I said it’s not likely to go anywhere, but yes — to travel and adventure! Go!

    I had no idea this was trending among Leos.

    So hey Mr. Leo in Darwin, I am available and totally versed in Leo!

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