Astro Lena Dunham

Jupiter over her Sun-Mercury in Taurus last year was good to Lena Dunham – i’m sure she’s Leo Rising (she’s cat-like, creative and brazen enough) and that would make it Sun/Mercury in the 10th House being oomphed by Jupiter – a total fit.

I get her as a cultural phenomenon & all but can’t quite get hooked on Girls. This might be cos i’m not Gen Y enough  – i am Gen X/Pluto in Virgo – she is the self-proclaimed voice of her generation, Pluto in Scorpio.  Or it could be ‘cos i’ve tried to watch it with Not The Typical Virgo who shrieked in horror the whole way through.

Peeps polarize radically over this woman eg see this supportive interview here & compare with Gawkers hilarious takedown after Random House advanced her $3.7USD for her memoirs/life guide.

She’s mouthy too – Mercury trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. Sun in Taurus trine Mars in Capricorn. We’ve talked about this before. Mars in Capricorn is the strongest Mars you can have. Their work ethic, stamina, desire to prevail no-matter-what and pure raw resevoirs of ambition are unbelievable. These peeps don’t stop, they don’t shut up and they probably sleep standing up lol.

I totally see the Sun-Mars ‘fuq you’ at work in this New York Post thing on her AND i’m seeing her Venus-Lilith-Chiron in Gemini conjunction. Lilith often shows up as the wise-cracking bitch, the scorned or ‘other’ woman turned rogue and rich because of it. Girl got wounded and she’s also got an awesome armoury (wits, guts, nowness) with which to avenge.

Over the past year, the 26-year-old director/writer/actor, daughter of two New York artists, has been a lightning rod for praise and controversy. Her graphic, warts-and-all HBO show about 20-somethings in New York premiered last spring after much advance buzz, then received a flurry of criticism for being too whiny, too self-centered, too nepotistic, too white and — in the most cutting attacks — too naked.


Dunham, possessed of a seemingly Teflon self-image, powered on, selling a book of essays and advice for a reported $3.7 million in her downtime from the show and tweaking the media’s obsession with her normal-girl looks by hitting a press line in an outfit that seemed pantsless (it had barely visible short shorts).


“Get used to it,” she told Page Six, “because I’m going to live to be 100, and I am going to show my thighs every day till I die.” She also appeared naked in an opening skit at the Emmys, stuffing her face with cake while crouching in a bathroom stall.


Thoughts? Like/Love/Loathe Girls?  Pluto In Scorpio People – is L.D the voice of your generation? Mars in Capricorn peeps – how does it feel to be you, with that Exalted Mars and all? 


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79 thoughts on “Astro Lena Dunham

  1. It is true that planets have there effect on the life style. But i never get the answer for why they are so much affective when there is some problem in the work process….

  2. Pluto in Libra here…. I LOVE the show. Amazing. Fun. Self-loathing. Imperfect. Brutal. Bitchy. And sometimes Annoying.

    Shock jock Howard Stern should shove a fork in it, he’s not the only one with something to say. Yeah Lena!

  3. As far as I know Dunham never labelled herself ‘the voice of a generation’ – that’s just a throwaway line her character says in the pilot. Just a minor point, but I think if people attribute that quote to her it makes her look a lot more egotistic, when I feel like she’s far more self-deprecating than that.

    The show itself is entertaining but not ground breaking for me. I like aspects of it but the characters are cringey and unlikable. And I can’t understand the shock over Dunham’s body being exposed on the show. I know she’s an atypical TV body, but really aren’t we evolved enough for that now?

    • It’s a line that her character said when she was high on drugs too, lol. so it’s not some egotistical statement her character made.

    • Neptune trine Merc opposite Uranus for me. Wondering about this…more swearing and temper than sharp criticism? Unless i’m beyond heat and get ice clear.

  4. i’m also of the pluto-in-scorp generation, 28 year-old. i don’t have HBO but my sister does, so i was lucky enough to see all of season 1 and the first episode of the new season. i like the show, the characters, the brooklyn 20something lifestyle, and there have been a lot of moments that made me laugh hard, cringe, or nod sadly. i agree that she is A voice, not THE voice. i like her nakedness, think it’s great she’s so comfortable, that she’s gettin naked despite all the terrible comments judgmental people have of her “curvey” body (quotes because she’s more of a pear, rather than a bodacious hourglass). it’s also interesting to me that she has no qualms getting naked but we’ve never seen the other girls’ breasts. probably bc they want to be “proper, respected actresses” or do they have shame? don’t know. either way girl power all the way 🙂 interesting discussions have been had about how lena’s character degrades herself at times for the physical attn of a manchild (adam) & how can that be feminist? i think it is because autonomy. making mistakes & all that

  5. pluto in scorpio here… i havent seen girls, but ive seen tiny furniture. She is amazingly talented / hilarious / candid — but i think she has taken the “voice of my generation” thing too far. And her sex scenes really creep me out. I think she has struck a chord because of them (pluto in scorp has sex issues) but i wouldn’t like anyone to think she represents me.

  6. “Get used to it,” she told Page Six, “because I’m going to live to be 100, and I am going to show my thighs every day till I die.”
    I love the attitude in her response! You have to be tough cookie to be in the spotlight!
    Best photo I’ve seen of her yet.

  7. I have Mars in Cap in the 8th. It comes out most in career and in dealing with crises in family situations. And it’s been easier to acknowledge and use since I turned 40.

    The truth is I probably take this placement for granted. I’m ambitious, but don’t like to show it. Don’t mind working my tail off if it’s strategically necessary to advance my career, but can’t tolerate it when I feel stalled or have to work with f-wits and politely pretend I don’t see their blazing deficiencies.

    Am also prone to frequent bouts of status anxiety.

  8. Love love love Girls & Dunham. She’s iconic, hilarious, smart & I especially love her attitude to nudity. A role model for her generation – I love how graciously she took the comments about whiteness in the show. compare & contrast her attitude with UK feminists Caitlin Moran & Suzanne Moore who don’t know how to apologise for their whitewashing of privilege, apparently. I am gem sun in 10th, Leo rising & Venus in Taurus conjunct midheaven so there are some astro similarities perhaps.

    Will watch her next moves with interest. Only thing about Girls is that she is the most interesting character by far – others need more psychological depth.

  9. I love watching the show, I think it’s clever and it’s amusing. It’s doesn’t deeply resonate with me, maybe because I’m a Pluto in Libra Gen Y’er, just that bit older and my cultural reference points are different. I like Lena, to a point. She obviously comes from a privileged background but she has a lot of talent and that’s why she’s where she is. I just get the feeling she would annoy the crap out of me if I had to spend any time with her in the real world.

    I am SO jealous of Mars in Cap people, I’ve often wished I could have waited long enough in the womb not to be stuck with this infuriating, ADD inducing, Mars in stupid Sag. I don’t know a single Mars in Cap person who is not ‘successful’, at pretty much everything they turn their hands too.

    • I’m a Pluto in Libra Gen Y’er as well. Like I said before, I’m happy for her success and all but her characters didn’t resonate with me at all and they were downright annoying in numerous aspects.

      I watched the first episode with my boyfriend and we kept passing these incredulous looks to one another every 10 minutes or so.

      I’m Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorp. I think the privileged angle of her characters turns me off big time. Just can’t relate.

      • I try not to judge people based on privilege, especially since it seems to rampant. I don’t know, it gets boring to look at another semi-attricitve face modelling or acting because they have a famous or semi-famous parent. I loooove a story that involves struggle and graft and all those things. I feel like Lena deserves a lot of her success, she obviously come from a place of advantage but she wouldn’t be where she is now, eg not sailing by on beauty alone or name alone, without talent and she has a certain way that will totally resonate with a lot of people.

    • i think also, even though she’s privileged, she still sat down and did all the work to write her movie, write her show, write her book – that’s all REALLY hard work! it’s impressive when anyone does one of those things, let alone all three. i admire her work ethic.

  10. I can’t see anything cat like about this chick at all. I’d love to post a pic of me for feline presence, but my Saturn conj Asc forbids; even though T Neptune conj Asc/Saturn is like, let loose baby. Truly from your post pics, nothing feline at all. Pisces rising Leo Sun Kataka Moon Gen X.

      • She looks more doe like to me. The head of cats are highly domed with short muzzles and large eyes I always think of feline like my burmese cats, lithe and slinky, agile, stealthy and well … feline. NOT Garfield, although I concede there are Garfieldish cats around, just not in my conciousness.

    • She looks nothing like Leo Rising, I agree. Leo peeps have amazing hair, which I don’t see on her, and the kind of personality I don’t really see in her either tbh. I’d say either Virgo or Scorpio Rising. Or maybe even double Taurus.

  11. Scorpio Pluto and I have a Saturn Mars conjunction which has similar attributes to mars in Scorpio. I agree with most others. She’s cute, fun, whatever. She’s not the voice of our generation. I think our voice will be sudden, massive, and it will be heard. But only when the time is right.

  12. well, for me it was around the time i had drained itunes of gossip girl eps that girls became pretty much the only tolerable screen time option and also correlated with sat decamping to scorp so it was a nice segue. so far i like ‘lena dunham vision’, allot of the criticism is way too earnest .. it is only tv afterall. anyone seen the new quentin tarantino? looking fwd to THAT.

  13. I like it for the same reasons a lot of peeps have cited, the friendships are real, the characters are more “regular”, it’s definitely not Friends that’s for sure. But I will say that I don’t think the show is that ground breaking, at least not in the way it’s been hyped – I feel that’s been confused with the more (shock, horror) astounding news that a show featuring an average girl, and I do mean, real-life average, not Hollywood average whose character isn’t pushed into being boxed into a quick stereotype (thought that may eventually happen depending on the plethora of this type of dialogue) is having some presence.

    I’m Gen-X, I wouldn’t say I’m on tenterhooks for the next episode but I wouldn’t mind watching another one either. It’s a lot of how I feel about the hype around the United States of Tara, and the whole Diablo Cody was an ex-stripper-sort-of hoopla.

  14. Gen X but enjoyed 1st season – taping 2nd haven’t had time watch it yet tho. I think it’s awesome in a kinda you-go-girl way! I love that she doesn’t give a crap about all the publicity re her nakedness – so what she’s not picture perfect, she’s real. The US isn’t as used to that as say the UK – UK shows usually have actors who look real & I love that. I just find it amusing that’s what is getting her so much press. Yes it was a little whiny but it was honest – & sag moon here, I’m all for honesty!!

  15. I have mars in cap in the 12th house. I don’t know, its squared venus in libra and i have saturn square issues. When I get to work on something I’m like an insane person I don’t stop, and I don’t chill out, but I think it kind of scares me almost so I feel liks sometimes I avoid getting started. I have saturn discipline issues! If anyone out there is reading this send me a wish that I can find something to put all of this mars in cap energy into, and that I don’t turn into a work zombie.
    I’ve been working out my career goals, AHH! I need universal guidance and to get my SH*t together.
    So thats how this mars in cap person feels.

    • Ok sending you a wish hun. You can do it (without excess!) & you will! Balance, it’s all about balance (- & gem here not libran!)

    • Is Saturn square your Mars? Apparently Jupiter is a good balance to Saturn. So how bout i send you a nice big fat Jupiter wish for you to find a way to work the Jupiter in your chart or transit.

      May i add Jupiter is called Guru in Sanskrit. Have you ever thought of someone to mentor you through this in some way? I mean i’ve got a Saturn square and i find it difficult, but it’s to Venus. I have four squares to Mars and that just creates ‘fight’ or resistance or rebellious frustration (read: explosion). I benefit a lot from sage advice. Half of it is ‘common sense’ which i already ‘know’ (with my yeah-yeah-whatevs Merc in Aries style) but it isn’t the point. What you won’t naturally find in yourself is nurturing encouragement. And that is precisely what a good advisor does for you but on a really good solid practical level, not just like some doozy cheer squad with pompoms.

      • Thankx! both of you. Sending good wish energy back!

        I would love to have a career mentor. Lately the universe has been blessing me with motherly type mentors which is great because my relationship with my mother is pretty difficult.

        I don’t have saturn square mars but my saturn is square my sun moon and midheaven. So I feel like it sort of all ties into my career. I do have jupiter trine my midheaven and I’m just hoping that it will help me out! lol, funny you mentioned the jupiter business.

        I think I’ve had to get a lot of my pride knocked out of me so that I can take instruction and guidance and appreciate it. Before I was fiercely concerned with doing things my own way. Now I’ve had a couple of bad endings because of not taking the guidance offered to me and I feel like a space has been formed inside of me that is ready to receive guidance. So here’s to trusting that things will work out and jupiter will hook me up!

      • I can’t STAND advice. You know, unsolicited. And i rear up when people try to mother me – it happens a lot with certain types of women. They must think i’m younger than i am, a lot of people do. I have a really strong mother so i’ve no need to handle any more of them!

        The big thing for me is finding the right people. They’ve absolutely got to be someone admire for something, because in general i don’t admire a whole person, just aspects of people ( i remember having a fight with a nun because i couldn’t write a composition on someone i admire at school!)

        The good ones tender their advice as their own ideas to take or leave, but they’re usually good ideas. I don’t feel hemmed in or patronised, and i know they have a reasonably good understanding of my complexity, where others don’t or oversimplify. You should have read my (unposted) reactions to smoking advice…14 yr old girl whose personality can only be likened to Kali…the eater of men and rageful protector of children…i honour that girl in me because apparently i should not have survived and i know she spent two years getting me out. But she’s like having a runaway foster child to look after.

        So if any of that rings a bell for you, i say it isn’t just your pride has to take a knockdown, it may be the reasons that pride exists are valid and you just need to find the right people to be your teachers/mentors. They can help you do things YOUR way and get it right 🙂

  16. I’m a Gen X Pluto in late Virgo and I loved Girls! I found the friendships on there quite hilarious and more realistic than in other shows. They’re supportive of each other, there’s love but they’re bitchy and jealous and sometimes just plain weird. Characters are annoying but human and compelling in some ways. Wouldn’t say i’m hooked, though, and couldn’t stand to read her memoirs. But i found the show funny. Admire Dunham’s success. Really like the complexity in the characters.

    THIS Mars in Capricorn is having a couch day, doc’s orders.

    I guess it’s true i’ve spoken to my r/e agent (would you believe i paid too much rent and had to adjust payments?), my broker and a sponsor. I’m also about to see if i can win some dosh. Writing and laundry done by 9:30 this morning. But i haven’t done my exercise and I can certainly see the visage of Cap physio looking politely disappointed hovering over my day. I had better get the squeezee tube thing out at least while Tchaikowsky’s symphony is getting to crescendo.

    How does it feel? Guilty guilty guilty. Did some video research on Michelle Obama (to get a feel for her body language, but it was all staged, except for the eye roll) and she made me feel like there is so much more in life that could get done if i wasn’t so freaking l-a-z-y.

    • Ahh that’s your mars cap issues – not lazy!!! Just health/physio issues – give yourself a break! – as you are 🙂 – no point grinding yourself down. If you don’t look after number 1 then you can’t get anything done! Think of it as a deposit in your bank! More energy/better health for later – mars in cap can understand that …xxx

      • Thank you, gracious Hummingbird. Yes that is definitely the lesson, and learning it actually helps my health. i still revert to the stage where i catch the thinking, then try to turn it around, but i hope in time it’ll be more natural and easy.

        What i wonder is, do people like Dunham work the drive, but WITHOUT THE GUILT in the first place? That sounds so much more effective. I’ve noticed when i can ease up on myself i actually get more done, which is really satisfying. Thing is only half an hour ago i was speaking to this guy from Hong Kong who compared people who think they’re busy working long days here in Australia, and what a normal work day (why not just call it work camp??) is in HK. I told my Mars in Cap to take a seat in the waiting room, please, and read a finance mag or something.

        So where’s your Mars, h-bird? Is it in a cool placement? Is he good to you? 🙂

          • Ha yes – well mine is mars in sag – so know all to well to take a break & run free 😉 ahem perhaps a bit too much! Need a bit of your mars in cap – shame we can’t swap for a day! But yes lessons everywhere darn it!

            • That’s ok i’m actually a typing dyslexic but my Capricorn 3rd cusp makes me stop and edit. It’s weird when i play piano my right hand is stronger but when i type i think my left fingers hit before the right.

              I would happily swap for a day but i think i’d be unbearable!!! I already have Moon Nep and Jup there and it’s my Asc! You’re lucky i’m not typing this in all caps.

  17. I have been keeping up with girls without watching it, through my sources(im a tv person), supposedly, it is barely hitting its stride/ starting to be good and saying something just recently. Otherwise it seams like this whole big thing I dont want to have to watch think about and have an opinion about, also, its kind of encouraging, I think me and my friends are way more interesting, but if we made a show, its gonna be way more sitcom-y, and probably wont be polarizing or anything. Also, I have seen her in interviews, and I am kind of scared of watching now,I am terrified she is going to be like a worse off version of me, neurotic wannabe writer/artist type(I dont think I can stand to see a failing artist/writer main character, im scared enough of that as it is without being directly discouraged), I could barely handle relating to mark corrigan from peep show, let alone some un likable character causing all this controversy, also thats supposed to be a point of the show, kind of at times unlikable characters in their own little world, and now that its built that up, its just started calling them on their bullshit,
    also I am too young for her to be the voice of my generation, at the very least she is addressing internships and stuff like that, but I dunno, people thinking they can make it in new york, it takes a certain type ya know, you have to be really really talented to make it, and otherwise you might be delusional, so the whole new york thing probably makes it more specific, new york is its own thing

    • you know i think i’ve only recently consciously let go of the fact that i am not going to go and live or stay in NY for any length of time. I was still making some plans with a buddy who used to live there and returned to a different part of the States, only three years ago, before i picked up this unwellness business i’m dealing with.

      someone i know is packing and prepping to take her incredible art/body accessory work there. Thanks for reminding me to put myself on her mail. It’s going to be so interesting seeing how she goes!

      • good luck, hope I did not discourage you or anything, i have just heard horror stories of people trying to “make it” there without really any solid plan besides wanting to live in new york, but the horror stories were not about artists, if your just some random person trying to make it in new york, I dunno, its a rich people city, unless you are an artist or have a solid in, then all you can do is at list live there for a bit, even the people of those horror stories say it was worth it, so at the very least try, good luck, it seems like a crazy amazing city

        • oh boy no you didn’t discourage me – i realised myself that if my body wasn’t in top form it was going to be hard to carry out such an ambitious plan. I didn’t want to be famous, i wanted to learn from the best, take their classes, and yes just live there. basically i’ve got a lot of learning to do and i find ny exceptionally stimulating. dream’s not given up but MONEY yes i’m pretty practical and i know if you don’ have that you have no in. Dreams aren’t built on desire, they’re made on hard work and careful preparation. Possibly which i am not capable of making anymore for that dream…just for now at least. Pisceans never say never, right? 🙂

    • also, i really really do want to make a show with me and my friends, so also I am kind of feeling competitive towards her show, hey thats my hypothetical thing, but I dont think I could make the characters as shallow and oblivious as what I have read of her characters, maybe I would make them ultra crazier exaggerated versions of us for comedic effect, but I havent seen the show, and it seems as if she is making her characters like that on purpose to tear them down, so the jury is still out on the actual substance her show will end up having, I dont know I would try and have a message if I made a show, I would just try and make it funny first, also really really crazy(like community), but I think if you wanted to tackle generational things, it would have to be as a side effect, the drama or comedy or art should be first, and through that maybe a generations ills can be spoken to, like a bizarre new setting, but setting is backseat/ background, for example technically seinfeld spoke to its generation, but it didnt have to have a heavy message, and the speaking is obviously going to be colored by the creator, be it larry david or lena dunham, so people are going to be offended at her for having her own unique lens but not really speaking to what they think of their generation, at the very least it is its own thing, and better to exist than not, it seams kind of a comedy, and sometimes comedies take a while to find themselves, so give it some time

      • When i first watched Larry David i couldn’t stand him!!! he irritated me to all hell. Now i think he’s absolutely hilarious. All the characters on Curb Yr Enthusiasm are obnoxious in some respect. I feel like i have these encounters too, and the jarring of behavioural expectations. It is very clever, as you can’t enjoy it and feel terribly smug at the same time.

        • I LOVE curb your enthusiasm, and I saw it before seeing larry david, so I have always liked larry david, also i knew he was the real george castanza, so there is that too, I saw a documentary on how they made seinfeld, he kind of inspired me, like, a lot, he was a failed comedy writer,super neurotic, 40, and had only written a few skits for snl, and then he pulled off seinfeld, apparently he thought he wasnt very good/it would get cancelled around every turn, and when he found out they bought more episode he wept that he would have to be in charge of all of it, it was pretty hilarious hearing about his antics through it

          • I actually had a very good friend who was the epitome of George Costanza. I think i still have a photo of the three of us (one went from total school rebel to respectable journalist). We were friends for years, and he was completely hilarious. i thought i actually lost his friendship over telling him so one day. bloody sag candid foot in mouth thing. He said, George? In what way? And like a fool i answered. I think it was when i got to the bit about ‘not too popular with the ladies’ that i finally realised his expression… turns out it was actually because i was engaged that our friendship fell apart. But he was just like George in so many ways. I love that L David wept at having to be in charge! That is so funny! He is totally neurotic and inspiring. Do you think Mr Costanza reflects his own father? Mr and Mrs Costanza were my second fav. They never ever smiled. I’ve been told i’m like elaine’s character but that made me really cross.

            • I just though his parents were just bizzare ha, but also in a way to most extremely, passive aggressively react to him being a loser, like it was a conspiracy to irritate him ha, I love whenever george enters a scene just absolutely terrified over something, and at first it seems like nonsense, and then he starts explaining it, his worrying was always so amusing, I havent been told I act like any tv characters, but I have been told I look like a lot of different celebrities, I dont believe any of it, I relate to Mark from peep show, and kind of Abed sometimes from community, and I guess in an abstract way to ryan from wilfred, but only conceptually, I have a friend who is exactly the same kind of irritable and weirdly offensive as chevy chase, or at least his character on community

          • Hang on – you watched Curb BEFORE you saw Larry David? But he’s in Curb? Is there an eponymous show? Sorry mate i haven’t seen or heard of it yet. i’m a bit behind when it comes to television. I watch the thing for twenty minutes like once a fortnight or month.

        • I have a theory, that the neurotic interesting crazy types are cancerian, larry david, aubrey plauza, and lena dunham (who has moon in cancer), and some other ones I think

          • That totally makes sense to me – Katakans can be really funny – they can be emotionally sensitive to the point of neurosis but they are also eloquent and intuitive. Great comedy combination. They are often artists.

            • Its that mix of funny, but also hiding, the hiding causes the neurosis I think, and then spending so much time on your own feelings, its good to see it ended up relatively ok for them tho

              • yeah well Pisceans can be like this too, but the difference is Kataka is Cardinal. Cardinal energy is great, it just gets things done.

                • hmm, yes, but the difference I suppose is pisces kind of has an escape hatch built in and can detach, so they can be neurotic, but technically they cant get too too bad, in fact thats kind of the main thing pisces has to do, let go/ detach, cancer on the other hand has to go out there, but has to do so tacticaly, so cancer might have more to worry about in a sense, at some point in some way, they have to go out there, pisces has to accept they are different and just rise above everything, if they focus on engaging, then they dont have anything to protect them

                • so basically, cancer kind of has to be careful and worry , pisces will, but doesnt necessarily have to, if anything, they need to not worry, in a way, so worrying isnt a necessary stage of development, it will probably end up being one anyways, but it doesnt have to be, if that makes any sense

                • I mean, im sure pisces is number 2 or up there, think about it, being just as weird as aqua but sensitive about it, how would you not end up freaking out

                  • as weird as aqua lol how bout Mystic – she’s Pisces Aqua rising 😀 why we love of course!

  18. I’m Gen Y too so can’t totally relate but do like her brazenness and willingness to put herself out there. I saw Tiny Furniture before Girls came out and really liked that. It’s the same tone and characters and both…and she definitely has a unique talking and writing style.
    All in all, I say good for her. she’s something refreshing and maybe much needed after Hollywood blew itself out on lollipop headed, anorexic, troubled starlets who behave like full-time reality TV stars. She’s ACTUALLY real.

  19. I don’t think she is the voice of the Y gen. Mostly because I feel my generation is somewhat fed up with nepotism and privilege. I don’t think that the pluto scorpio gen judges when these more privileged artists have an easier time finding their platform but I do think we look for something with a bit more substance to be a true voice. I think the real voices of gen y have a bit more of a raw message than Duhnam if you can believe it. I think its something about making peace with darkness.
    I am hooked on the show girls however. I don’t find it that ground breaking, I find it more endearing and cute. Its like someone from the radical progressive community has a show that kind of touches on some things, so thats nice. The characters are well developed too.
    I think its cool she is naked all the time and I like her personality. Voice of the generation?! nah, she just has a pretty funny t.v. show and is one of many voices that I hope get to be heard from a generation. self fulfilling prof from her show I guess.
    THis is just me looking past all the hype. Maybe the hype gets to decide what the voice of the generation is? Season 2 isn’t as good as season 1 so far.

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