Asteroid Bast On Chiron

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Asteroid Bast – the Cat Goddess – is conjunct Chiron – the Maverick Healer – on Tuesday.

I love this cover pic of Capricorn Georgia Jagger with her cat.

The Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday are up…Pandora, Bast and YES the Moon in Virgo.

I’m getting my Mars on – trudging through cyclone to do two hours of Pilates.


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33 thoughts on “Asteroid Bast On Chiron

  1. Chiron is transiting directly ON my Moon which is at 7 degrees Pisces…now Bast there too………so much emotional healing trying to happen for me right now…….Also, I grieve my cat. She passed away six years ago, but I still heavily grieve her and miss her so much. I talk to her, still…. Maybe this is a time that I can work through some more of this grief..?

  2. Chiron & Bast are hunting in my watery 9th House, across the sea floor they lope!
    But what are they hunting for? Maybe a centaur & a cat goddess hunt for pleasure & pain.

    They squarely set against the Mercurial Ascendant & Neptune, launching arrows & roars & claws!! The battle is on but they all stop for wine & chats.

    Soon Chiron & Bast will converge upon Jove, Juno & Ceres who inhabit a Piscean sea garden. Garrilous, mystical, fertile & philosophical, together the triad trip out discussing the merits of their herb garden over mugs of mead.
    What a party it will be when the cat & centaur arrive!

  3. Hey if anyone’s downsizing their linen closests, and finds they have spare/old/too many towels, your local Vet is a good place to hand them over to, for wrapping/comforting up cats and dogs after ops, accidents, etc…Am sure Bast would give a little nod and a wink your way.

  4. So, I am still learning how to bond with my cat. I got her in April and she’s, obv, not a dog. Last night, she sat on my back while I did some yoga, so I did the poses I could with her there (cobra, whatever). Ends up cat-on-your-back yoga is awesome, lol

  5. Is there a number for Bast? I couldn’t find it! πŸ™

    Chiron is natally stationed 19 degrees in my 5th house and it has been transitioning 7 degrees in my 5th house for a while. I hope Bast has a healing affect.

  6. YES! Thanks Mystic(x) for calling Oswald a Cyclone because guess what? I actually was fricken one! I am SO Pissed off with the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) for pussing out on calling it exactly that. I am seriously at a loss to understand the reasoning for them downgrading this storm to a ‘Tropical Depression’ For fuqs sake every weather model and organisation on the planet besides the BOM has for warned this major flooding event for a week prior. The BOM just decides to notify people as their town is actually going under water. Where is the warning and preparation ? If I was the BOM boss I would have had the balls and wisdom to say ,” hey folks there is a high to very high possibility that there will be major flooding from Bundaberg to Byron Bay and to pack up your shit if camping , holidaying etc and head home early and for others in low lying areas to move shit to high ground. Who cares if you are wrong, theres no harm done..
    I am OVER the incompetence of these public servants, its as if the BOM is censored by some major important politician…? What are they scared of ? And when the fuq did a category 1 cyclone become a tropical rain depression? I saw this coming a week ago too and though ‘ here we go”.
    Lo and behold no warnings given, the local and state news with the same old story and reaction times, waiting inside their cushy offices for punters to send footage for free via mobile phone. SES staff risking their lives to save Fuqwits who want to cross flooded roads and causeways to get home and watch the 5, 6 or 7 oclock news of other Fuqwits being rescued by SES from swollen rivers, creeks and drains etc.
    BOM and local government please WAKE THE FUQ UP and dont be so arrogant to ignore or disregard what state of the art technology, computer weather modelling, years of combined observation and the young crew passionate about the climate and weather. The weather aint what it used to be folks. Look whats happening around the world all sorts of odd weather behaviour, some never seen before in the history of the earth.
    I can tell you one thing too from my experience in domestic construction of project homes that the hoards just love to live in now days on the coast in often reclaimed tea tree swamp and sandy low lying lands is that I have seen how these blokes build these ‘houses of cards’ and the lack of pride and workmanship and relaxed building codes I can say and pray that we never have a category 2,3, let alone a 4 and God forbid a Category 5 cyclone to cross our coast between Bundy and the Tweed cause folks , we will never get over the destruction and devastation.
    Sorry I had to jump on my soap box here but it does apply to this post as I have really got my Mars on at the Moment.
    P.S. I called my girlfriend on her bullshit too during the peak of the storm as 10ft seas and 80km/hr winds and sand lashed my beach abode. I awoke to find I actually do live on the beach now with the frontal dune moving 50ft West into my driveway!
    Love, Damon.

    • Hey Damons, I so agree on the WTF re EX tropical cyclone call. I drove in it, I live in it and have family member with tree across front and back blocking car exit. I’m on the Goldie and have never seen the ocean like it is now. Only 6 days ago I was lunching at Elephant Rock SLC with my son and friends on the most gorgeous day. Blissful body surfing at 6 o’clock in the afternoon; now it’s mayhem… Mother nature’s power awesome in the true sense of the wordd.

    • Totally agree Dams. I just went through my first cyclone on the FNC and the best updates were via Facebook. The TV news can’t be everywhere and the BOM was showing clear skies when it was 90km winds and 100 + mm rain in my front yard.
      No warning at all. we thankfully didn’t lose power and I didn’t lose my front window thanks to a neighbour tying it down. SES didn’t show…. ther were a lot more buildlings worse than mine like the local hospital.
      I did freak a bit but had a friend here and skype to talk to family who didn’t even know it was happening down south and it was heading therir way. I rang my brother in Sydney to warn him.

      Man this country should wake up to more funding for SES, better warnng system , emergency plans coming with every electricity bill, First aid courses to be taught in schools and on the spot fines for idiots who stand around the surf, swollen rivers, drive through rivers etc
      There is my Moon in Leo rant.

    • I must say that when following NSW bushfires last weeks, the RFS www and social media were pretty good – esp twitter and the web site – maybe BOM needs to get on board with it – I defo think twitter the best in emergency – obviously many orgs are very behind the 8 ball in devising social media strategy and responding to emergencies. ironically many private sector companies have nailed this vis a vis agenda setting in PR however. once you introduced user-generated content, it becomes very complex – interesting issues!

  7. Bast conjunct Chiron (and Sekhmet is also transiting) is conjunct my natal Psyche. Thinking of cat as the family therapist.

  8. Ohh so that means this week I have Chiron and Bast slap bang on my Sun/Saturn/Merc. Funny but I was just sitting outside in the sun thinking about how Chiron is exact conj my sun stellium and how that won’t happen again in my lifetime, and how I should/could be making the most of it. Atm it seems to boil down to trusting my own wisdom.
    Mars is also on my Venus right now.

    • My daughter has the Sun at 3 Pisces trine my Moon/Neptune in Scorpi- we work in a kitty foster care every week and meet adoptable felines. Also have two ginger feline sibs at home. Today the boy was talking- which he rarely does. I agree they are our healers/therapists! Also addicted to Downton Abbey- we escape there every week!! Turning points with cats in tow!

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