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The Weekly Horoscopes from Feb 2 are posted and coming v.soon, the February Monthly Horoscopes (the new-style ones) & the Year Ahead Scheduler…And you know it’s a genius idea to totes unclutter & all before Chinese New Year, yes? Saturn in Scorpio, Year of the Water Snake…it’s like we’re all in Slytherin now.



Image: Kate Moss by Craig McDean

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26 thoughts on “Arm Thyself For Fab Feb

    • One of the things I absolutely slaved over was in the intro to my book and putting into words how my “near empty starch can’ was like an arsenal “that was just about empty”…and how giving it a shake “roused remaining forces to attention..

      Such was my dilemma and that of my housewifery days.

      An Aries armed with a starch can…how more imposing could one get? lol

      And that the glass of water “hung precariously on the ironing boards balance…ice cubes tinkling in rhythmical motion”.

      Such is the beauty of being a homemaker, no?

      And don’t fuqin’ steal my words or I’ll starch your ass… 😉

      Yes, even ironing a stack of shirts could very well be poetic

  1. One of the totems I got today in my reading was the snake…the healer…
    I’d say I’ve shedded a few skins here lately.

    In Chinese astro am a Pig…but rising, a snake.

    My frist appointment/patient this morning was a Cap and such a dynamic and interesting lady. She used to be a stunt woman in Hollywood amongst a plethora of pursuits.

    She was an inspiration and I don’t get terribly inspired by many mere mortals. She is a Reiki Master and I used to poo poo that shit. Not because I’m not aquainted with energies but becuse I don’t care for “formulas’ or methods per say. If the energy is there, it’s there…no further explanation needed..

    But there was something about her that I might venture further with.

    • After my upset with the Toro earlier this week and calling my Gem daughter and cried on the phone, she later texted and said “maybe it was insensitive of me to call him a bastard?”

      So cute,and just like a compassionate Virgo rising (Sagg Moon..Sun opposite Neptune, Merc and Venus in Kataka ).

      Texted back and said “that sounds about right”. And then she did an xo and smiley face.

      What would I do without my girls? She then wanted to know if I wanted to order girl scout cookies from Libran gdaughter..Next!

      But the lost Soul is no laughing matter but like spirit reading lady said today, “we all have to learn to tie our own shoes”

      If that ain’t the truth. And noone has done it for me, absolutely. x

  2. Hey it’s almost time for Setsubun on Feb 3. I always liked that strange Japanese holiday and the ritual that goes with it. This is a holiday for the Lunar New Year, but it’s considered the start of spring. So you do a sort of spring cleaning ritual. You take soybeans and toss them all around your house while chanting “Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi” which literally means “demons get out, luck come in!” As I understand it, the beans are supposed to scatter into all the hidden corners in your house, and scare out the demons lurking in the dark. But I think it’s mostly an annual Spring Cleaning ritual, since you can’t leave the beans strewn all over, you have to clean them up, and sweep under all the furniture you never move around during regular cleaning.

    I remember when I was a student in Japan, my teacher gave us a very strange short story he wrote. It was about a family that was forbidden to celebrate Setsubun by the father. Then one day dad comes home from work on Setsubun, and he can’t open the door. He goes around to the side window and sees his family tossing beans around and chanting the “Oni wa soto.” He taps on the window but they don’t hear him. He goes to the back door and can’t get in either. Meanwhile the family waits and waits all evening for the father to come home, but he never shows up. Mr. Onizuka was never seen or heard from again. ONIzuka get it? Oni (demon) get out!
    Yeah, that instructor was kind of weird. I suppose I am too, for telling you a Japanese pun.

  3. This Cancerian Goddess (Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon) has been in the process of removing extraneous crap from my environment both at home and at work. So far, the cull has removed- old documents that no longer have relevance (and there was bloody heaps of that stuff!!), a whole bookcase of books (I only kept my herb lore and Wiccan reference tomes and all my travel books) Two couches, a wine cabinet and a chair that always seems to be in the way and not used, 9 boxes and bags of crockery,glassware and linen I don’t use, clothing, knick knacks, kitchen appliances, 8 throw cushions. In the process, I also felt the need to throw out anything related to old relationships or dodgy friendships. No love zombie trinkets for me!!! Add to that a major fridge and pantry clean out. I’m starting on the garden this long weekend.

    Already the effects of all of this are evident – I feel SO much better energetically and have new appreciation for the gorgeous things that made the cut. I will be reorganising things in the next week – and have a new couch on order. Going to re configure my living area and study.

    As well as that, I have refocused my health/spiritual practice (I lost 15kg last year and this year I’m going to finish what I started and achieve my goal of being lean, strong and healthy for the first time in adulthood) I’m doing my meditaton/mindfulness practice every morning as well, and setting strong boundaries at work re: demanding, bats crazy work peeps.

    I feel like the Chinese New Year is a kind of cut off point and that I’m working to get my declutter, rearrange, reinvention all sorted by then. I am planning a transition ritual on Chinese New Year’s Eve to ensure that the old crap is well and truly on it’s way and to get on the super highway to what comes next….. I’m totally digging all this prep work and clearing. I’m seeing change manifest with every moment that passes. Inspiring stuff!!

    • You sound amazing! I loved your post so much I reread it three times. 🙂

      I have Virgo moon in the 4th house, so my home needs to be clean and clutter-free. Thanks for such a great post!

      • Thanks for the lovely comment Aqua Meg 🙂 – you are right on the money with the clean and clutter free thing! I never used to be like that, but in recent years I can’t even think straight when things are not in order!

        After posting yesterday, I added to the list – cleared out my spice collection (ditching old stuff), cleared and rearranged the linen cupboard, all of the kitchen cupboards – I was RUTHLESS, re- configured all the stuff that lives on the kitchen benchtops, arranged a council clean up to get rid of another couch that lives in my study – and made a start of the garden, cutting back all the dead stuff, emptying old pots and preparing for new potting mix and plants. Nearly there – I should meet my Chinese New Year dedaline!

    • Yep great story! I feel that CNY is my new New Year too, last year I did a ritual of rolling 9 oranges through the front door ( had to be my parents cause had just left my marriage) and made it fun with the twin nephews helping.

      Many things have changed and am in such a better place emotionally and spiritually. Love a good ritual to help put myself in the right headspace to move with the times and get in my groove.

      What are you planning?

      • Yes! Nothing like a rirual to focus intention and get to the heart of things 🙂 My ritual will be in two parts – the first to release what no longer serves and to give thanks – the second, to welcome and embrace the snake energy for the next 12 months. Lots of shedding of skins, burning away the remnants of old stuck ways – and then stepping through the gateway of the CNY with eyes open, grounded and aware. From there, riding a wave of energy forward.

  4. I am waiting for Jupiter to turn direct, that’s for sure. It’s been stationing in a totally aggravating square to my Uranus and I am overwhelmed with all of the things I have had to accomplish in January to set the stage for good things to come a few months from now. Come on, Jupes, it’s time to get this show on the road!

  5. Funny.. I just checked the Oracle, Tarot Card and got the following: “First clean and declutter your house or get acupuncture – the Qi is not flowing right at the moment. Something is blocking it.” #1 I will declutter and clean this w/e. #2 I JUST posted a question to an acupuncturist asking if they could refer me to someone close to where I live. They are like 2 hours away (the one I posted my question to). Then I checked the Oracle just out of curiosity. LOL!!

    • Becausd it makes you one hell of a woman/bitch babe…

      Did anyone see that video of men going through (electical stim) of what its like to go thru birth? Saw a bit on Good Morning America…

      I dare them…and STILL I’m Walking Towards Paradise..and only after two TA.. Kudos on you darling…Your’re striving for it all and why should you not be? Whatever that means for you personally.

      Don’t give up the fight. xo

  6. Looking forward to Feb.!

    January was a bit of a drag. Not sure if it’s because of Neptune aspecting 90 percent of my natal planets or something else but I’m constantly tired despite how much sleep I try to get.

    Oh well, looking forward to a direct Jupiter on my ascendant.

  7. Looking forward to it .. I guess! Still having too much fun. I will try to lay low this w/e like I said but I went out last night, might be going out tonight and then tomorrow is a big event in the area that I might go to. ugh!! I don’t know I have to go with the flow. SO many fun activity ideas have been showing up. Boat license, learning ride a motorcycle, running.. umm what else can I add. LOL!! xo!!

    Virgo Sun, Libra rising, Leo Moon.

  8. I am ready for a little of the fab Feb action. I lost my main income at the started of Dec and have not yet gained new employ.
    All the oracle keeps saying to me is I need a professional feng shui-ing, but I have no readies for such an extravagance!
    Need a little bit of faith and something to pay off!

  9. is it OK to apply the Feb 2 scopes NOW!!

    LOVE the time management overhaul – might get my arse in gear (& out of the bikini that’s been second skin since pre-Xmas)

    #godIlovesummer #life’sabeach #timetogetcrackingitsFebruary!!

  10. Fingers crossed in jittery anticipation.

    Declutter has started. Inspiration drawn from having “hoarders” and ” how clean is your house” playing in background.

    When you find yourself wondering whether to keep a notecard from 1996 you just look at these poor people wading through junk and know… This will not be my future

  11. excellent! slytherin has always been my fave. and love the pic- i have caught myself wondering out of the blue lately where my sword and horse have gotten to. i need to ride off!

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