Are You Ready For Your Full Moon In Leo Close-Up?

So, are you ready for your Full Moon in Leo close-up? One way or another, most of us will have to put on a performance before Feb. Let’s keep it functional, gorgeous and attention-grabbing for all the right reasons, yes? Saturn square everything just = no short-cuts. More in the special Full Moon In Leo Close-Up Edition of the Daily Mystic going to subscriber peeps on Thurs. Hotness, hair and proper elocution won’t hurt in the meantime.


Image: Madonna – Who’s That Girl

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114 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Your Full Moon In Leo Close-Up?

  1. Just looked at my astro for the weekend. A Persephone return with transiting Saturn conjunct. Sun is applying conjunct Ceres in Aqua. Bit of a mother daughter thing happening there. Planning storage of my mum’s household goods as she moves into support accommodation. Full moon in 8th.

    • Ah, it’ll be like returning to springtime after the Juno and Venus returns so soon after conjuncting transiting Pluto last week.

  2. Have been super shitty in the build up to this full moon. After three days of moping and pissing myself off, I remembered that when one is in la doldrums, to do your moon (thanks Mystic!). As my moon is in Leo, I got my hair done. Check.
    I am also currently suffering through hideous stomach flu which by Saturday eve – the largest party this little town has seen in quite some time – my stomach shall be flat, my skin glowing and my resolve steady. Check.
    Until then bed, fluids and peppermint tea.

  3. Yes Leo Moon ready. Feeling good after some challenging exchanges. Realised I have been off with the fairies too much and feel quite grounded atm.

    Someone asked me, are you always so goddamn happy? Are you on drugs? I said yes I take anti-epileptics which are sometimes used as anti-psychotics, but if that is a side-effect it isn’t working… πŸ™‚

    Leo is in the 2nd house for me & Taurus rules my 12th – does anyone know if there is meant to be a relationship between these two things?

  4. Bring on what is ever meant to be with this full moon. I don’t know about other peeps out there, but there seems to have been a monumental build up to the change that is coming. It seems to have gone on for ever, and nearly everyone around me is tiring and growing wrestless. I know that It will not be immediately good for some people, but it will hopefully give some power back and allow life to move forward in a different or new direction if you want it to.

    • I agree, I felt this delicious anticipation feeling yesterday and today like I get when I feel the beginning of Summer……which is weird when it’s already super sultry!

  5. If i can give a little unwanted advice: DO NOT go to the beauty school for a haircut when a full moon in Leo is approaching. And I have Moon in Leo natally. Seriously, is Saturn transiting my palm to face? Oh well, nothing a updo, new earrings, and polish can’t remedy.

  6. Just seething right now….reaffirming my ‘Army of One’. I just saw a video by emily Hartridge on 10 reasons why women should not get married. I realize it’s supposed to be light cheeky humor, but it just torqued me the wrong way.

    “Marriage does not complete you” was one of the lines.

    If marriage doesn’t complete you, what does?
    Having riches? Success in business?
    I find the notion of ANYTHING completing me both bizarre and disdainful. I find it insulting that there are people going around thinking they are mother-fucking Picassos just waiting for that final stroke to make them perfect…or worse yet…they think I’m that way. I am a work in progress and I will never be complete. NEVER. I am a mystery that unravels as I go.

    So fuck marriage.
    and fuck dating and relationships too!

    If marriage doesn’t complete you, why bother dating at all? Dating sure won’t complete you. Let’s take it a step further. Why bother reaching out and knowing humans at all? What’s the point?
    Why not just jump off a cliff?

    We come into this world alone. We go out that way too. Why prolong it?
    I’m not suicidal. I just want to know what the point is?

    What is this “completing me” bullshit?

    • you know, i disagreed with you about marriage before, but more and more i’m coming around to your point of view. there is something to it. not the legal piece of paper and social framework, but the partnership, the intimacy. i’ve been on this big jupiterian kick about trust lately, and what i came to see is that i can’t do it alone. i can build the army of me, piece by piece, day by day, and i am, and it’s amazing, but there’s a part missing. i can trust myself 100%, but the ideal of completely being able to trust another human being is part of the package. the idea of eros is as compelling as it gets. i imagine a committed partnership is the most common way to find it, though a deep friendship truly might work too. and so many marriages/partnerships aren’t ever going to get there- once the trust has been broken it is gone forever. but still we try, and yeah even when everything else is fabulous this one little piece nags. it’s a fanfuqingtastic revelation when it is nowhere in sight. rrrrrrr.

      ok i tried to watch that. don’t want to comment even but i would like my 5 minutes back.

      • I think a well balanced marriage is great for having children. When I look at my 3 growing up i realise how both my wife and i add variety, flavor and stability in our own way to their lives while they give back so much love which strengthens our relationship. It is a circle of love and trust.
        I think without the kids it would be unnecessary to tie the knot.
        I totally understand the paradox though. In my case I definitely wasn’t looking for marriage and kids, it just all seemed to happen very quickly while I wasn’t looking. If I’d had the time to process it all I don’t think I would have gone through with it. It’s definitely illogical.

        • Haha! Ditto that thought Dl. But while I cannot say another person could complete me, I could say I feel counterbalanced by my partner as we are opposites. Best of luck in love to us all!! Xx.

      • in her favour i do have to say when i was in my 20’s marriage sounded like a long time to be with someone.

        but she also sounded like she had a hygiene problem with sheets.

        marriage is great if you want kids.

      • exactly…marriage is dumb. so by extension dating and romance are too. people are just better off by themselves.

  7. Lee sun/venus/merc/mars/midhaven. Scorp rising. Cap moon. Lots in house 9 and 10.

    Travel/training at the moment for new work. At new cross roads. Big evolutions. Change is good, and MUCH preferable to the fall, which was stressy and SUCKED but was necessary. Have been cutting stale habits and things. Must streamline everything. Feeling better even knowing serious long hours in store.

    Looking forward to leo moon weekend. Better call the Pisces beau πŸ™‚

  8. “Tonight the role of sane, self-actualising woman totally over her ex and moving effortlessly towards post-grad completion (btw check out her hair and her abs) will be performed by Chrysalis” πŸ™‚

  9. There’s Vesta going direct on Sunday Full Moon. About integrity, sexuality-sprituality & sanctuary, some of my most fave descriptive words, better pay attention & search my Vesta placement before Sunday & work it.

    Hair? My new real hair balayage pieces, fringe & volumiser should arrive tomorrow, lip service to Leo. I will have HAIR to shake (money to make?).

    Elocution? Good sounds abound when the mouth is round.

    • My natal vesta is 11 Scorpio and getting mixed up in this full moon. It doesn’t feel good. I didn’t have so much a dream last night. No visions, just the words/thought over and over that “I don’t know how to be a woman.” Bummer.

  10. Full moon in Leo will be in my 12th, I am late Leo rising. For some reason – maybe Chiron now exact conj my Sun/Saturn/Merc in Pisces and Pluto zapping my Cap stuff – I am all over the place. Just noticed retro Jupe is squaring my Pisces stuff, and my Uranus/Mars/Pluto – that’s six planets plus my ascendant.
    Got bodywork yesterday for the first time in more than a month and predictably am dealing with torrents of emotional merde that always rise up afterwards. I know to expect it but wasn’t prepared for its ferocity. Sensibly, I self-soothed with junk food and hooch bender last night so fuqued my sleep up. Woke at 3am and wrote a tell-all letter to ex-lover’s wife. Why shouldn’t she know what a lying arse she’s married to? It’s like my Cap moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno-Vertex – to borrow from FA above, all ma bitches – have suddenly gone completely apeshit with rage. All I know is I am tired of lugging everyone’s secrets around. First – addict parent; second – gay husband; third – married lover. I know the pattern is mine to own but fuq! Why should I continue to cover up for these people????
    I know, I know, I probably won’t send the letter but sheesh it is VERY tempting. (Uranus at the tail end of my 8th perhaps?).

    • sounds like you need a lovely arvo OFF Chrys! Pisceans are always helping other people, always giving (and keeping secrets is a form of this IMO). I totally let my sister and father have it the other week – so over being the go-between, fixer, personal bank, etc. Totes relate re the hooch/snack hehehe – my current self-torture is to track how each time things went ‘wrong’ with the Lax Libran, I was stoned/drunk. Fuq it!! Go easy on yourself and do something nice x x x

      • Hehe thanks q. Yes, you’d think at my age I would have learned by now that self-medication never improves a situation, lol
        I like that idea of tracking re the Lax Libran. My Cap stellium would’ve done a spreadsheet to max out the torture πŸ™‚
        Well done for setting boundaries w the fam! So liberating, and yes, can be tricky for Pisceans who can genuinely see all sides… they will benefit from your stepping back.
        I learned from Brain Pickings that today is apparently national handwriting day. They quote from a 19th century book: “a letter should be regarded not merely as a medium for communication, but also as a work of art.” In revisiting last night’s missive, I reckon it’s ace. I can smugly note that words such as ‘impervious’ would probably have had her tapping her cheap acrylic nails on her phone in search of a dictionary app. Tbh, much of it would have been wasted on her. I’ve said it before, but I can’t believe I got thrown over for a Twilight reader πŸ™‚
        Today’s list includes seeing my shrink, finding a kick-arse abs workout, some light lit theory reading and bashing out a few (non-LZ) words πŸ™‚ xx

    • I’m a little confused ? This lover was the one you recontacted after you left your husband ? Relatively recently ? Why now the letter ? Cause he didn’t reply to the overture ? By the way I’m not being rhetorical , I’m asking.
      Last question, will sending this letter be a positive for anyone involved ? Or just cause further damage?

      • Yep the sequence of events is as you describe.
        The letter – well, not sure. It just kind of bubbled up, and got written. It helped me get some anger out, and clarify a few things re my role in other people’s secrets.
        I won’t send it. The sensible part of me knows to leave them be. The residue of that time is my issue. x

        • You did the best thing with writing that letter and never sending. Such a great feeling to get it out on paper and then let it be. It will work itself out your behalf.. that is what I think! Good luck! xo!

          I wonder if my detaching my family is playing into this planet activity. My parents on vacation and I usually call them to make sure they are ok.. ummm.. no interest at all. Just detaching my family because I am tired of taking the blame.

          Anywho.. good luck Chrysalis!!

          • Thanks Ellie and to you too x
            Do you have much going on in your 4th house that is contributing to your new attitude towards your family of origin?

  11. Everything around me is breaking. Its like winning the lotto in reverse. Heating system at home is now broken. Freezing. Electrician scheduled to come today couldn’t because his car broke down in the street. Computer problems, printer problems, lighting problems, what’s going on? Its like the worst Uranus-Mercury retrograde ever, but its not.

      • Vesta in Scorpio? That’s the only thing in my chart I can spot that may be affected by this moon. Seems everything electric in my house is messed up right now. The fuses keep blowing, the door bell was randomly half-ringing even. Maybe I need to smudge the place. Too much. Hope it passes with the moon.

        • Hmm nope (my Vesta is in Leo but nowhere near in orb of the full moon). I’m more inclined to attribute it to Uranus (electrical) or Pluto (breaking shit down) transits… my house is ok apart from some lights blowing (but that’s pretty normal for me). I just have internet connection dramas, and appliances breaking down left, right and centre (including cellphone) – then when I go to chase up shit for the warranties, the emails bounce or I have to chase up the stores for receipt copies… so fuqing annoying as I’ve got shitloads of things to do (important things like trying to earn a living), but I’m being sidetracked by shit breaking downery and incompetent retail fuqwittery. Argh!

    • the oracle once said that electricity is indicative of fire qi (or something like that). add that to uranus and maybe you’ve just or not just got some massive creative project incoming. like the project of a lifetime, so far. whooo!

      actually it sounds quite unfun, and i’m sorry. maybe your energies are scattered and need to be focused. i’m picturing a superhero suit and lightning coming out of your fingers every which way as you walk through your home. train your powers? xoxo

    • That’s awful. You need this stuff for basic comfort! I wonder if Uranus too. Hope it gets fixed soon, you poor thing in the january cold xx

  12. Hell yeah I am!

    Hair & nails done, going on an epic and long overdue shopping mission tomorrow in San Francisco after some meetings with an old GIRL friend (finally; I miss hanging out with girls!). Don’t know what the weekend itself brings but Thursday and Friday are looking very Leonine themed.

    Leo in 4th and things with my family have finally resolved after a rocky 6 months. πŸ™‚

      • I credit it to being in recovery from being a love zombie. And this site it like the equivalent of an AA meetig for me! ^__^

        Seriously though, confronting love zombie tendencies made me rethink my whole life and past.

        • You know Rache I think you’re onto it there. The real positive of being a LZ is that when you come out of it you suddenly become the best version if yourself. Like making up for all the lost time. After my last LZ stage I went thru most productive and career enhancing stage of life so far.

    • Go for it!
      Makeovers and spending some quality time with true friends is great PLZD (Post traumatic love zombie disorder) therapy.

  13. Big thank you to you lovelies for your support. Oh god do i sound like a Leo with hands out the audience? Sorry it’s such an image right now. To further enhance this, can i tell you i have often thought the No, Gary, No support cheer team would be the BEST quit prop ever? Of course they would be saying No, Mille, No…Gimme an M…etc

    Chrysalis, your simple idea to draw on my Mars in Cap, my Saturn in Taurus and my power of Mutable to become what i want, is working nicely at this stage of things.

    Saturnalien, i sat in what is now my contemplation moment chair amongst all my plants and the trees and birds and sketched a kitty with alien eyes. She has a grey plume issuing from her mouth instead of a speech bubble that says “Easy and Pleasant”. She is unfinished…her fur and shading need work (it was very nice shading with a pencil and i’m finding that of all my pencils, the simple HB feels really good) so i guess she’s a work in progress.

    I wasn’t terribly surprised to find talk of Sekhmet in the dailies (mine’s in Capricorn) and Bast, both in my sign. My Ubasti is conjunct my MC.

    But everyone with ideas for me, thank you, because this is just the first stage and i’m in a little pain so it’s not hard to stay with this. It’s when i get healthy that i’m in danger – overconfidence – so Jupiter direct is going to be something to think about.

      • Ah it’s ok i guess i’ve had worse. going to work was a dumb idea today. I kept forgetting and using the fire escape stairs as is my usual style…holy mofo! Stairs! I think sleep or its equivalent is good.

    • *puts on green shorts and long white socks against better judgement of Leo rising, then does vocal warmups* :

      “Go, Mille, go Mille, go Mille, go” xxx

    • Love that you’re getting some alien-voodoo-hypno-kitty- magic on there with the good old HB (my choice of pencil grade since last year after I bought a Rotring refillable pencil which feels “just right” in my hand). She sounds adorable and therapeutic! xxx

    • Millie, aeons ago when i was in a serious crisis in a foreign country hardly anyone had even heard of, i found an HB pencil & drew a bottle of Moet.
      I could TASTE the bubbles i swear. x

      And Millie, it isn’t my business, but had a flash you need to change abodes or jobs to regain vibrant health.

      • That is fantastic! I am trying to draw flowers and plants but when i was last a serious drawing teen i liked to draw objects. My favs were a particular stapler(still have it) and half a lemon. Which somehow morphed into a picture of the pyramids with half a lemon shining in the sky.

        Move house or job??? Crumbs – That is really interesting, and certainly stuff i have considered deeply over the past year but wondered if i’m in a state to do so (or whether the economy is). This has me frowning over here, trying to work it out.

  14. I woke up this morning in complete misery. Recounting three years of my life where I felt completely utterly alone and unsupported.
    I have no idea why this thought suddenly decided to strangle the end of my nights dream but there it was.
    It was three years where I yearned for male acceptance and approval at work, my personal life was post apocalyptic and I was in debt to my eyeballs.
    I got the exact opposite acceptance wise.
    So I’m perplexed with the Leo thing right now. I feel like overnight some dark force has taken my mane away and I’m left powerless.
    Someone sucked all the Leo out of me.

      • Thank you.
        Trying to keep myself occupied with getting through all the jobs around the house that have been put off for way too long.
        Physical cleaning may help with the psyche dust too.

  15. it’ll be a degree between my pof and vesta, in the 3rd house. maybe i get my self-respect and dignity back? that would be good. and fix my mane! also communication… and ok the aqua full moon was the last time i saw the crab, the last time i had sex, the last time i saw venus. definitely a cycle-completing? i don’t know. we have begun to talk again with apologies on his side for his shit behavior and lost-ness and the acknowledgment that if it’s going to happen between us it will be in slo-mo. i don’t do slo-mo very well but perhaps this is part of my saturn transit. i’m torn between hope and cynicism.

  16. Greetings,
    Hey has anyone else not go the dailies these past 3 days, or know if Mystic is having a break from them .. or is gmail going radio rental on my arse/ass ? –

      • Thanks Saucy !
        Will send Mystic an email … mwa, hope it was a lovely relaxing time down the coast, and that the bush fires didn’t impact on you guys.
        Blessings David & Fam ! xx

        • Just got home a few days ago. It was bootiful as usual. No bushfire issues our neck of the woods.
          Big hugs to you and your ramlings x

  17. Yikes, I have a Leo Venus in the 11th house AND a Lilith Leo in the 12th, all ma bitches be in Leo. So I did a bit o’ reading on the Lilith Leo (because I just can’t even fathom wtf the full moon will do to my Venus Leo) and interesting to note that it speaks of “recessive power” or being the power behind the scenes.

    It sort of makes sense given how much of the influence I exert AND receive is very much so. For instance this current situ @ work where the person the Sagg Boss is tapping as a potential assistant for me is already a friend, he just has no idea. There’s a lot of that which goes on, not so much back room deals but I definitely feel a protection in that I happen upon information as well as impart it at critically relevant times.

    Lilith in the 12th house is also described as idealistic and prone to ignoring facts, and of course, Lilith herself is dark rage, creativity and independence.

    Maybe what this all means for me is a reconciliation of how I love with darker, shadow and scarier parts of myself. Maybe it’s the day Venus and Lilith get together? πŸ™‚

    • Oh, and I have to mention coincidentally, that I actually do have a real life situation sort of playing this out – the full mooning in my 11th house Venus may have to do with my recent distancing from my beloved Frugens.

      Because I was enraged (Lilith) in particular with the very poor behavior of Frugen #2 over New Year’s eve. And now that i think about it, it really was rage, a sudden exit off the stage for fear I’d completely lose it. That’s not as important as the fact that I’ve less tolerance and even less intention to gain tolerance when it comes to that.

      • I have Venus in Leo 11th House too and incidently was writing a comment regarding that earlier but xd the site by accident. I really wanted to know how the full moon would affect relationships.

        Currently in a really sad place with it, any chance it will bring about positive things?

      • Hmm, I don’t know anymore. I’ve pleaded the 5th when it comes to understanding whether or not events as regards love are truly sad.. which isn’t to say your sadness about it isn’t real, but that whole spiel about the necessity of endings for beginnings etc. etc.

        Frankly I’ve just been realizing that I really am quite unapologetic, even to myself, about how I’ve partaken of lovers and haven’t actually looked for the “normal” progression usually expected in courtship. But this could be my Uranus in Libra. At this point, I would be more shocked if something finally stuck. Rather than someone/something ending as that’s been more the norm than not.

        I am sorry you’re in a sad place, but I do take heart in what MM often reminds us of, the time you really feel you need someone, is the time you ought to embrace being alone. I think essentially that means, we’re really looking for ourselves in our experiences with others, and that perhaps finding that during the most awful times will really free us to be more present in a sharing, engaging relationship place when we have the Other.

        Hugs, babe. I’m a little there too.

          • Much love for the kind guiding words. I needed tenderness and so for that big hugs to you!!

            I feel sad because there are family members getting in the way of this relationship. My bf is hurting because of this but has been kind and understanding thus far…but lately it’s been a little too much for him, poor babe.

            Our relationship is beautiful – I’m a Leo Venus 11th House and him Mars Aquarius 5th house: newbie q: does it mean anything? So it just adds to the sadness that it’s right there and i can’t have it.

            But i’ll sit there and reflect a bit more on your words.

            Love xx

        • Auuw fanks, guys. Hard earned that last paragraph was, but it does hit home.

          VSLR, I’m not sure what the precise circumstances are but it is hard when family members figure in the mix. A relationship certainly has its challenges on its own to begin with.

          Are you a subscriber? Because the sleazometer is a peppy little tool that can inform you loads about your Mars-Venus synastry (am I using the right term?). Also, I LOVE my Mystic Medusa’s Sun signs and soulmating book.

          In fact, it’s so funny that my picking up that book one random afternoon really changed my life. I suggest you get that if you don’t have it yet. ALL my dates get vetted by The Book. haha

  18. 7 Leo is my north node!!!! and ground zero of some epic personal astro over the last year inluding the pluto-chiron sextile yod to prometheus at 7 Leo last July. Circe and Apophis recently conjuncted there. This should be a good one!!!

    • that’s pretty interesting! i’ve been thinking about the aqua-leo axis, how one incubates and the other executes. pluto-chiron-prometheus into circe-apophis seems so archetypically perfect in that context! bringing the fire and the Will… it’s way cool. many blessings for amazement!

  19. Oh right my.Leo in the 10th too… So it will be some work thing! I’ve just gotta keep.on working on being fabulous, which for me currently means getting as much good sleep, excercise, and orgasm as I can… Hee hee….

  20. I don’t feel ready. I’m an Aquarius, my birthday is next week on the 31st and I’m not sure what to expect with this moon.

    I just went through hell the last three months dealing with a low-vibe Leo housemate who emotionally and legally terrorized me and who I ended up evicting through the court system. (Yeah, it’s me again.. )
    She’s gone now, moved out, and bound by the court to not mess with me further but I’m still reeling from the experience, emotionally and financially.

    Perhaps this moon, highlighting Aqua/Leo, will give me some final emotional release of this situation?

    I don’t want to have any more housemates due to this experience, but I have to right now, for financial reasons. I am also working on getting more work, so that in the future I won’t have to have housemates, but right now I’m frightened of who might live here with me next. Feeling VERY wary of others….

    • There is no way this is out of your system, and perhaps instead of waiting for it to pass, you might actually need to keep experiencing all those feelings. A Full Moon in Leo is dramatic – it may be scary to have those feelings? But it’s great drama. It’s time to pantomime? Let it out, with something, someone to make sure all tickets are paid for, no scalpers at the door, and the curtain is working perfectly.

      Until those feelings are out, and this means open not necessarily vanished, it will be very hard to get someone in. Didn’t you say you were working with a counsellor? When you’re too frightened to know what to do, it’s great to have some help. Good luck, Anonymous. (Can’t wait til you pick up a nickname so you can identify as your cool Aquarian self, not just connected to this bs energy vamp who was so mean to you.)

      • sympathies – sounds like you are defo still dealing with it – could a friend help you select and interview new housemate, if you have no choice but to get another one?

        • Thanks for your understanding mille and quintile.
          I am going to counseling and found a really good therapist. Talking with her has helped me already.

          I have asked a couple friends’ advice on what they thought of a prospective tenant or two and I am being of the utmost careful about this process and am really listening to what each applicant says and does as well as doing reference and background checks.
          The good thing is that I have chosen other good housemates before, so the qi vamp was sort of an anomaly.
          I’m still feeling terrified of the process, though, so it will be good to have the therapist throughout this time.

          Also, I am afraid of drama. It’s been too OTT in my life lately. I’ve been enjoying some good boring down time recently, mostly by myself….I do ‘recharge’ on my own. That’s why, ultimately, I’m a live-alone person. Having housemates is stressful for me even at its best…
          Ugh….sometimes life is too hard!

    • I’m sorry this happened to you. πŸ™ But the good thing is that if you are renting out the house then you can set the terms, maybe make it so that the tenant has a month by month lease if that makes you feel more comfortable?

      Birthdays are often hard for me too, I usually get really depressed and hard on myself for not being where a past version of me thought I “should” be. When I was a kid I always seemed to get into trouble on my birthday for reasons I couldn’t understand and I think that set me up for expecting bad things to happen.

      But this year I am actually looking forward to it and being extra careful of what I choose to do with myself before the birthday so that I feel upbeat, give myself props instead of internally beating myself up.
      Happy early birthday!!!

      • Thanks for the birthday wishes! πŸ™‚

        I do get a bit wiggy around my birthday in recent years. This year I’m turning 45, so that’s a bit daunting. I’m definitely do that ‘taking stock’ thing and at this age it’s very easy to get down on yourself for what you may or may not have achieved. I have achieved quite a bit in my career, though sort of haphazardly, and I’ve never made much money from it. My life is absolutely nothing like what I thought it might have been when I was younger.

        But yeah, as you suggested, I have tried to set the terms here in my house, but some people have been completely defiant about it and ignore the terms. It’s been amazing to me, really, the audacity of some…..particularly the qi vamp that I speak of. Originally, I asked her to leave and she actually refused, even though it was in her month-to-month agreement that I could give her a 30 day notice to vacate. That’s why I had to resort to evicting her….totally outrageous!

  21. Speaking as a Gemini, I fervently and passionately appreciate the contributions that hotness, (good) hair and elocution can bring to many a challenge. Thank you, Mystic!

  22. Leo Mc/9th/10th Houses. Travel, Education, Career. yes! bring it on! taking new classes expanding my knowledge, trying/learning new things.

      • No planets in Leo though, but would explain my love of theatre, performance art and singing.
        I like the vibe of the last two days!
        Is tomorrow a good day for hair? It’s time for a cut!

  23. This Moon is going to square my Moon-Mercury opposition from the Third House. Thinking of taking a vow of silence all next week…

  24. I bought a waver-crimper thing. I am trying to perfect the retro hair style. I like having short hair, but can’t stand to have only one hair look. Natal moon in Leo/11th.

    Also, I am getting (considering?) botox. I have a line in between my eyes. Most of the times, its doesn’t bother me. But – I don’t know what I am doing – if I am scowling or what – sometimes it gets really red and deep, like a cut. Then, it gets all flakey like a healing cut. Over it. Appointment with liquid face lift tomorrow.

    Funny – we really aren’t supposed to talk about those things, are we? Liquid facelifts, that is, in general.

    • sometimes a vertical line between your eyes has to do with your gallbladder or some other system…but who knows…can be from sleeping smushed on pillow too.

      • Oh that’s interesting. My Mum had gallbladder issues. I’ve been watching that wrinkle closely just waiting to Botox it! Hmmm may be I should remember to also watch my gallbladder !

          • Thanks. Liver, eh? I tend to run cold as a body type. Maybe time to visit the acupuncturist. If only I had more hours in the day.

        • A gallbladder cleanse ie. olive oil and lemon juice might be worth Googling if you are genetically predisposed to gallbladder problems:)

    • What if your daughter doesn’t know after the ‘box when you are cross at her πŸ™‚
      Alternatively you can place some magic tape on your frown line of a day to train yourself to keep a straight face.

      Just don’t ‘tox the smile lines at the sides of eyes as the side effect is to lower the lines & create ones where there’re normally are not. But seriously only YOU can see them!

      • I think I spend way too much time scowling judging from the lines I have. The ones by my eyes don’t bother me at all.

  25. No, no I am not. I hate this time of year, it’s just one long Square fest for me. First all the Cap tickles up my Libra stelium, then the Aqua irritates my Scorp and the Leo full Moon Squares my Sun, then Pisces comes along to scratch around on all my Sag. Can’t wait for Sun into Aries!

    Also I’m having a hair crisis, conveniently enough.

  26. The moon lands in my 9th semi-sextile the vertex in my 8th. Been rather forward about a newfound philosophy of life. Using an orb of 3Β° this aspects most if my chart and I definitely feel my life heading toward a bright new future. πŸ™‚

  27. am looking at the waxing moon – glowing and golden – will be in my trining my Lilith when at full moon – hotness, hair, proper elocution and Bitch? Hmmm

  28. So Leo is in my 10th house. I guess the Full Moon activity relates to career.. Oh boy! Just started my new job in October. Although it seems like all is good my Virgo perfectionist is showing. (Am I really as good as they had hoped). However, there is public image and fame! Yikes.. I keep on hearing about being in the public for some reason. That I will have to change my appearance somewhat to cater to the affects of the changes going on. I will say I have been VERY vocal lately about my opinions on how the US is doing. This is unusual. So.. let’s see! xo!

        • Same! Multiple Virgo and moon in Leo… twin just asked me to help colour her hair from 75% grey to deep auburn tonight!!! How full moon in Leo is that!

        • Me too! My leo moon is at 6* in the 12th house.

          I have been retreating like mad.

          Right now the moon is in Kataka still and I am emotional….Kataka sun and Saturn here.

    • I guess time will tell.. but double whammy for all of us! I do need a haircut and color but I won’t be able to plan anything that soon. Have to clothes shopping soon though!

      I feel the need to keep a low profile right now. I haven’t had this feeling in a long time. Just staying quiet until next week. πŸ™‚


  29. wow , ok, I have saturn heavy in leo….moon in virgo, feeling good…. better than ages. coming back…. have been smoking fags heaps more, ( i know deadly right!) and hitting the blue devil, not in major excess, but still def more than ever. facebooking more than usual.. had the odd rant… what do i need to knoew> also, had awesome hair cut today, wardrobe re up, and scheduled glory tat for sat…. fuq!

    • schmoke away, drink up and cheers! i don’t miss those things right now but i remember enjoying the fq out of both – let me hold the other end of the scale for you, and you go off and enjoy πŸ™‚

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